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ol i n i ti, i-Ai i it nr
i l aging pai eh of
NM. Ili UN Olli
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should bling to us types of the boat
I »airy neu I leit Offlicra »11(1 Ap|H>lnt tools In uso in tbu large or small Flr»l Htep on 14». I luip of I Unin Mill
W. A. MaHserigill, A. Florence and ; Proivih-d You Maki- Your Applica­
The City Council Tuesday night re­
tion In Time.
( oiih I i urtimi To Till« < ity.
fused to accept a nice, well-shaped F. B. Light left last Saturday on1
Permanent < oniiiilttec«.
dulry or cliume factories, Joblx-rs In
j lemon which wus offered to It by their return to iuikcview with the [
these articles should not hesitate to
If anyone does not belh-vo that the the Reclamation Service. And well assurance of the County Commis-1 The directors of the Klamath
The Ktaiiuith County Dulry Asso- put tbclr wares in tho district on
elution held Its final organiiMllou commission or otherwise
Tin, <1.
railroad is coming, they should have it might, for If it accepted the offer «loners that work would begin next! Water Users Associa tion held their
meeting In the city taut Saturday velopniont <it tho dairy Industry in tx-cn In the vicinity of Ady Hurntay. ' it would be certain to mean only weekori the Klamath County end of regular monthly meeting last Sat-
Tho mieti ng wu mit the Middle West huM been helped | A large crew wus started to work >a lot of trouble for nniall pay. Soine- the Mkeview road. A meeting was day.
Many matters of Importanco
specially atended owing wry luigily magnifient ly by (lie campulgn of Haturday evening and worked all : time ago it waH intimated to the held yesii rduy between the Lakeview I to the project were discussed.
to the busy season tupldly opening od mal Ion curried on by dealers ami ulglit und all duy Hunduy, uuil today i Count 11 that if the city wanted the delegation and rhe County Court to letter was read from F. H. Newell
for farm work There wax not, how­ commission men.
lhe track is completed from tlie {Ankeny canal It might have it, at arrange details in regard to the road in reply to Inquiries by the associa­
Those te! be Improved. It was decided that! tion. The letter and answer ar«
Tlw committe«
ever u lurk of Interest, nnd already
l>r< sent terminus n< rows the channel I least for a term of years.
some of tlio commltteou uppolnted unlmals inis un i
and the gang is now continuing lay­ allrulHtlcally lacllni-d immediately what in known as the Reservation printed herewith. The first is the
1 lx gau to outline the advantages of road could be the easiost and quick­ letter written to the secretary of the
are actively at work on uKsIgmd duties to work upon
■ mg track across the marsh.
duties nnd arc milking fu vor abii' re lion of soiling crop
The Southern Pacific i vld< fitly did posseaelng such a useful article; for est improved and would be the most Interior:
“Dear Sir:—I am instructed by
nut wunt uny mti i fi rent e In the ! it meant cheap (Xjwer and lights; deslruble road for heavy travel dur-
uncoil food which
the Board of Directors to ascertain
Tho organization of tbu ima octa here, of new vui
| work, so threw on u big forte of men ! water for the street^, sewers, irrlga- mg all si asotis ot the year.
it was a pretty
lion Is io follows: W li lielieman, field peas, votili, etc
Commissioner Albert Walker left from you if the charge of $30 per
«» uk to complete tlie track aiTOHM | tion and what not.
President; Flunk Im While, Vi.
Piles plctuie. So much so, in fact, that this afternoon for his home at Bly. acre for cost of construction of the
ce«« milta for mukin
tlie channel during Sunday,
President, J. a lloicomb, Secretary; ns til tultu meal, the
vere driven und a bridge acroi , sh the tlie Council Intimat'd to the Service Mr. Walker will have charge of the Klamath Project., as announced by
G. W White, Treasurer.
water constructed und the truck laid that it would be “dee-lighted" to ac­ Improvement of the road across the the public notice issued by you
tho silo if ueceaary,
Thu routine mid active duties of
win« need all in twenty-four hours. Tl.e of- cept the liberal offer, and appointed Devil's Garden, which is one of the November 18, ISOs, is the maximum
the oigmihutlon us such uro In tho
the dairy liduta of the road have made no u committee to convey the informa­ rockiest stretches on the entire road. amount that will be charged for a
This committee made its re­ This will be one of the most difficult water right on the first unit of this
matement as to their orders or plans, tion
hmiita of un executive committee.
»miry now but u.i the truck Inylng crew is today port la t evening, and It had some­ pieces of improvement to be under­ project? Further, if upon the com-
The president,, vice president und
sci rt tri y of the uh nu tation are ex-
proc cdlng with the work. It Is evi­ what of the appearance of a faded taken, but after the big boulders pletlon of the prolect, the actual cost
dent that the Intention is to ruxh flower. Instead of marching trium- and rocks are removed and the road of construction should be less than
officio members of tbli committee.
would the landown­
The other llicluli' m of the executive
tho completion of the rond to Kla- phantly Into the Council Chamber graded, it will make an excellent ¡’he 130 per
r --------
nuitli Falla, us unnounc •! several with ti c Ankeny canal on a platter, road which can be easily be kept ’ era be given the benefit of such re-
commltti'o arc O A Stearns of Kia
the members humbly advanced and in good condition both summer and I duct Ion in cost? Thc Board respect-
muih Fulls, C G Merrill of Merrill,
months ngo.
fuly requests a definite statement
J. H Hhixik of Bonanza, Fred L oohi - attention. Study tho qiKStlon, read
Tbe unounci'ini-nt was made (hat presented the city fathers with the winter.
ley of Ft. Kluinnth.
The improvement of the road from you in regard to this matter,
dairy papers, get Informed.
The Hie road would be ready for opera­ lemon abov* r< ferred t« "The com­
The regutar com mil teen of the people of Iowa nnd Wisconsin und tion by May, und it Is now probable mltte had the honor to report” that across the mountain on the other as rumors are afloat to the effect
association mid their membership Minnesota didn't Import mllktrs. that the track will lie completed be­ iii<‘ Reclamation ofliciata had been side of Bonanza has been placed in that tbe public notice issued by you
1 hoy liurU'd to mils...nd they learil- fore that time, although the inau­ eeu and that they stated that the the hands of County Road Supervisor does not doflnately settle the amount
I l.ow io conserve tho business, und guration of the service rosy not take Service would be glad to donate to Phillipa. Mr. Phillips will be equip­ that will be assessed to the lands
Frank Ira White, It H Dunbar, tfioy found, also, early In the gtor place until tne early part of May. the City of Klamath Falls the An­ ped with a cook wagon and his crew of the first unit for construction
Judge lluldwln.
how to pay ofT obllgatlous and mort- in ton days the work trains will have keny canal but that the Service will camp on the road until the work charges,” etc.
The following answer was re­
Committee on l.lvewtock ('. G. gages.
crossed tlie marsh and will be seen desired to retain that portion of it is done. Everything will be rushed
Merrill, II E I’ointor, J. F Adams,
The county association Il IH < om­ coming up the valley, and It is quite north of the residence of C. E. Wll- -<» that the road will be in-shape by ceived:
"Sirs:—Replying fo your com­
Chas. Horton. Louis Gerlier. James inltteen as above mentioned, on nium- ilkeiy that then some of the people son. In other words, the city could June to begin hauling freight and
munication of the 24th ultimo, and
bershlp nnd good roads.
will wuke up to the fact that Qi*' I have the tail with Its forty water passengers for I.akevicw.
Commltte on Dairy Murkctn und
A little money is necessary to pay railroad Is coming The special cr«w rights and the Service would keep
It is estimated that the merchants' the fnqulrle* therein propounded I,
of Lakeview and vicinity • will re- you are advised:
Tradi' Brands W II llvllciumi, W. Incidental expenses, print und dis­ of 100 men that was working y<w- tlie li<ad with Its water power.
After the members of the Council celve 5,000,000 pounds of freight
"First—No Increase in the build-
A Dalzell, J. D Carroll, W <’ Dal­ tribute by-laws, etc., nnd every innn trrday bus been taken off and the
ton, Fred McKiudrcc.
ilioulil Join the movement.
The regular track laying gang will con­ got tiu. Ir faces straightened out and this summer, and in addition to this, <t>K charges for the project will be
their lips sufficiently unpuckered bo there will be from one and a half to : 1 effective upon water applications
Committee on Dulrp Implements,
tinue the work.
as to i xpresH their thoughts they un- two million pounds of wool shipped ¡hi d before the date of the order
Machinery mid Exhibits J A llol
I ho committee on good roads can
animoiiHty said thank you—but" out. The pa
nger travel will also asking such increase, in case the
comb,, W W. Baldwin, A. C. l.ewls. lust now serve a purpose They can
I Alli tt ELI, IO MK. Ml Ill'll Y.
and they immediately appointed be very heavy for the next few same should hereafter be found
Commltto on Food For Dairy
< lp to Identify tho Dulry Atuox ta­
.Councilman Wilkins to convey their years.
Stock <). A Stearns. J. D Carroll, lon with the good mails movement
At tho home of Mr. A H. Nattz- regri ts to tho Service with the added
"Second—A definite answer can
J r v.i.iu,,. N S Merrill, H E. ■ ii the county nnd directly Herve the
i wus held Frldny night a farewell «uggeHtlon that if the head goes with
; not be given as to this proposition in
Pointer, Fred lx>«»e<>ltiy.
i .octatiun by bringing to it Infor- ge
advance of an actual case and the
The officers of the usoclntlon, the iiHtloti on good roads, and by help­ reception in honor of Mr. D. W Mur­ the tail, the city would be glad to
It served a double purpose, gi t U»- canal,'but If It was to re­
consideration of ill facts in connec­
executive committee nnd the a,bov< tig to establish roads In the country phy.
named regular committees servo u it to deliver milk mid cream over ll lit Of affording all opportunity to ceive only the portion of It that car- ’that in a few days be will begin to tion therewiiti. **Jt Is not probable,
marly two score of the leading Lusl- tded with It the forty water rights,
however, that there will be any re­
term of ono year. Tim next annuul tn y duy In tho year.
and professional men and capit­ and their cons, quent troubles, it gather up ail dogs on which the lic- duction, as from the best Informa­
meeting far elections will bo held I
alists of this city to bid adieu to the would have to get along without it
tho first Saturday in Jnnnury, 1910
¡has been very succ .-sful this year in tion available, the actual cost may
Till: ALFALFA Itti Ni RY
retiring Project Engineer and at the the best way it could.
The following speclnl committees
I collecting tlie deg licenses, but there be slightly in excess of thirty dollars
■atne time extend a cordial welcome
It Is assumed that it is tbe plan are still a number of untagged ani- rather than below it."
have lieen appointed:
Th>' thousandH of acres ot fine al­ to hl« successor, Mr. W. W. Patch.
of the Government to eventually In­ I mals running loose,
Committee on Membership J A
According to
falfa land within a rad Io us of a It Is something over two years since
stall a power plant In the neighbor­ ithe city ordinance, dogs
Holcomb, Kluinnth Fulls; Fred Mr-
on which
dozen miles of this city cannot be .Mr Murphy came here as a represen­
hood of the Wilson residence and the license has not been paid shall
Klndree, Bonanza; li II. Iloyt, Mer­
•xcelled in extent and richness any­ tative ot tliugovernment and during
rill; Fred Loos ley. Ft Ktarnnth.
either use the energy for the Service , be caught and held l a few days, and
The forestry service is preparing
where on the Pacific Coast.
With that time he has won for himself the
dispose of it to the general public. i if not claimed they can be sold or to distribute 100,000 basket willow
Committee on Good Rond» .1 S
tlie nbiindiince of water tliut Is gunr- esteem and confidence of this com­ or
SI ook, Judge Nolan, l> It Camp intecd to the lands of this valley for
j killed.
The owner of all dogs cuttings from its experimental farm
bell. W. <’. Dalton, J G. Stevenson, ill time, a "dry season” I h a terror munity. This was the first opixir-
the police wil! have to at Arlington. Va. The Government
tunity that had ever been offered for
The committee on entertainment of tlio past
I pay a fine in addition to the regular has been conducting experiments
The farmers here will the repri si ntutlve men of the city to
Is at prison! planning n scries of iroduce more laming wealth than all
with several grades of willow to de­
J tax before he can get his dog.
pay tribute to his Integrity and abil­
II. Gates, member of the pub-
Institutes for the county
termine the best stock and its value
{old miners of the uni Ion.
ity and tho testimonial was certainly lie improvement committee of tbe
farmers' nnd
ami dnlrymen'a
I HOT HI’KINGN CASE SETTLED. under different soil and climate con­
The tunny acres of alfalfa near a flattering one.
Clamber of Commerce, has cir-
tie . i ii’>- i v. Ill M bdM In .'ill llkcll
ditions. with the idea of promoting
his city are being added to consider­
The evening was most pleasantly eulated a petition to Chief Con-
hood Homo limo In May, r.nd special­
Most of the willow
ably thin year and with the ab- spent, llgl t refreshments being serv­
A telegram was received Monday ■ the industry.
.ti uction Engineer H. P. Hoey to be
ists mid experts from Corvallis und unilunt supply of water Insured, It is
used in this country in the manufac-
ed and vocal and Instrumental selec­ forwarded to Chief Hood, urging that
Portland will hr in attendance.
ture of baskets is imported from Eu-
toped that l!>0!l will be a record- tions being rendered.
Mr. Murphy in the plans for a depot at Klamath Hot Springs Improvement Co., in-.
Tho committee on livestock will
breaking year. Barns filled to over­ left tills morning for Los Angeles
forming him that the case of Von rope at a high price, but it has
Falls the construction department
have some of tho most Important
flowing last fall arc now almost where lie will spend a brief period
L. Meyer has been dismissed bp the been proven that the best grades
give us as creditable a building as
duties to perform, which can come
imply, and the huge stacks of hay with his family before proceeding to i
United States Circuit Court.
This can be profitably raised in this coun-
P<>- ible. Attention is drawn to the
will In tho scope of Ho association
lave nearly disappeared from the Washington to assume tho highly re- j
case involved the title to the tract of try. Cons quentiy, farmers are ap-
act that tlie city is revising its
The work of thia committee will,
plying their attention more and
feed yards.
sponsible duties of his new office. ■ d arter to provide for street pave­ land now owned in this city by the
in fact, lay tho foundation for th«
Merrill lias long worn tlie proud With him he takes Hie best wishes i
Hot Springs Company and has been more to its culture each year. Only
ment, sewer system and other sub­
success of dairying In the county. It
title of the "Flour City," gained rtf a lost of friends who will always
in the courts for a long time. This, four varieties arc being distributed,
stantial Improvements, and also to
Is desired that all parties desiring to
Basket willows can be grown with
from tho superb quality of flour pe phased to learn of his continued .
det irion permanently settles the j
purcl as« dairy animals make their
the fact that the streets to ti e depot
ii.iniifactiircd from tlie wheat grown success.
qvition of title to this vvaluabie success in Klamath county as has
grounds will be macadamized and ce-
wants known to tho livestock com­
In tills section, far surpassing the
It r.d and brings to an enJ Htiga- been demonstrated on a p' tion of
The welcome extended to Mr nent sidewalks built.
TI i I h committee wishes to
grain grown In other parts of the Pntch was most cordial and was Indi- '
lie.i that has cost thousands of dol- Frank McCornack’s pine? above the
keep in touch with tho livestock
The Southern Pacific has been
iiounty for Its excellency. We might intlve of the earnest support that lie
lars in attorneys' fees and conrt city. Several years ago a quantity
needs of the district nnd do all In
constructing very creditable and
of cuttings were planted along the
■ iow say with perfect propriety and may expect from the people not only •
Its power to get dairy stock Into the
substantial wooden buildings at the
marsh, and today there is a heavy
good reason, "Merrill, the Flour City In this city but throughout the conn- '
county. C. G. Merrill, a member of
i smaller stations along the line of
growth on the place. Mr. McCornack
ind Queen of the Alfalfa Belt."
tills committee, has nlrondy sent out
! California Northeastern, and it is
states that the willows grow profuse­
Nowhere else In thin county docs
for ono lot of dairy animals; J. F ilils lies! of the forage plants grow has won tunny friends wherever he expected that this city will be given
ly and that he has any quantities
has gone and it is a safe prediction | m handsome building of more sub-
Adaniu lin.i 50 head on hand, and
He planted them as a
so luxuriantly, nnd nowhere else is that lie will continue to do so as long
from Merrill to attend the meeting of
Mr. Gerber is ill California with a
stnntlal material.
Tbe petition is
Its culture mote engaged in nnd as ho remains here.
the Dairy Association. Mr. Merrill protection along the dyke near tho
promise to Inform tho aswciatlon of
1 being r.lgncd by all the business men
lake shore line.
sclentIfically carried on Ilian In the
!<it the city, who express a willingness has just sold to E, Stewart of San
any good nnlmnta coming to ills
It is quite probable that cuttings
Merrill country, where many droves
Francisco “0 head of fine horses and
notice. A gentleman from ths Middle
to co-operate with the railroad com­
of beef cattle are fed every winter
mules. In the bunch were 26 head could be secured from Mr. McCor­
pany in any matter for tho better­
West la making inquiry regarding
for tho Southern market.
of two and three year old mules, nack by anyone desiring to make
tho ehnneo to establish a brooding
Joo Seeds wus found guilty Wed­ ment of this section.
No diought can affect this crop,
which averaged 1350 pounds each. further experiments in growing on
farm for dairy stock here, nnd states
ns the lands hereabouts are all under nesday before Judge A. D. Miller
Mr. Merrill says they were the finest dry land.
that ho could come with 100 ani­
the system of Irrigation put In by the of selling whiskey in violation of
bunch of mules shipped out of this
mals. These are matters which tho
and tho local option law. The Judge im­
county for some time.
association desires to carefully at­
known as tho Great Klamath Pro­ posed a fine of |200 and 15 days
J. Frank Adams, who was here
tend to for tho benefit nnd develop­
The new ordinance for the regula­
ject, ono of tho largest projects in in jail. 11. W. Keesee, attorney for Saturday,
received one of the
ment of th« dairy business in our
tion of sewers, cess pools, etc., is be­
tho semi-arid regions of tho West,-- Seeds, served notice of appeal to the I latest sago brush grubbing machines
Circuit Court,and tlio Judge placed | which w ill bo used on the Lakeside
Merrill Record.
Frank Ira White has Just received ing rigidly enforced, and the citizens
Tho committee on markets nnd
the bail at $2000. Seeds was placed | tracts near Merrill. Mr. Adams nas 1000 asparagus plants, which will be as a rule are not waiting to be noti­
trade brands will exert its influoncec
A prominent citizen yesterday re­ In jail awaiting securing of bonds.
¡another steel machine coming, Thero set out on his place near the city, fied by the Marshal, but have gone
and learn all it can about markets,
Dan ltyan, ono of the witnesses are live thousand acres In tfee Lake­ Mr. White experimented with the to work cleaning up. The cess pools
It will nlm to bring all It learns to
against Seeds, was placed under ar- sides tracts, and Mr. Adams states growing of asparagus last year and are being pumped out as fast as men
tho peoplo. It will, rapidly as our should glvo Judge Baldwin their un­
rest in the court room for being ho will attempt to clear all of It this found it highly successful, nnd this can get to the work. Many other
and animous support for mayor. That
drunk and disorderly,
Ryan was , year so as to be ready for water, ¡year eh determined to plant a larger Improvements in private property is
cheese factories develope, try to es­
loaded when he appeared to testify Ti ls property Is being sold Is small acreage, as he fully believes that this going on, which wil add to the
tablish or unify choice Ktarnnth
and his actions worn such that the tracts to farmers and homeseekers, will become one of the great indus­ beauty of the city.
brnnda of dairy products nnd put that the city should have a sewer Judge was tempted to fine hint for
and every encouragement and consid­ tries of this section.
theso on tho market. In name nnd system, and he wanted to see Main
contempt, but ns tho Mnrshnl was eration Is given to actual homeseck-
Geo. Chastain, the grocer, has
pnekngo such ns will help to estab­ street paved from the bridge to tho
present, ho ordered him arrested (>rs who wish to build a homo for
Robt. Garrett arrived on Friday just received one of the finest com-
lish tho Klamath district second to
and placed In Jnll to sober up.
tl I'inscivcs. The company proposes Ing from Ashland to attend a meet­ puting scales ever shipped to Kla-
none. Tho committee hopes to help lieved Hint Baldwin was tho man
to cl ar tbe land and get it tn readl- ing of the Oregon & California Trans­ math Falls. The scales are of the
tho peoplo In the towns of tho coun­
Joi n W. Shook of Bonanza at­ i '«s io tl ot tho farmer can make a portation Company. It is reported Toledo make and are without
try to got tho boat, wholesome, cer­
Mr. and Mrs Francis J Bowne re­ tended the mooting of tho Chamber - i <1 llvirg on the land tho first year that the company is considering put­ springs. The bearings are enclosed
tified milk nnd dnlry products ob­
turned Thursday from their wed­ of Commerce Thursday and spoke ’ ■ occupies It. The best of terms ting on a service between Klamath In a glass case and are balanced on
tainable anywhere.
agate pivots.
Falls and Lakeview this summer.
is allowed to all bona-fide Bottlers.
Is favor of the Lakeview road. '
The committee on dairy lmple- ding tour through the east.