Klamath republican. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1896-1914, December 31, 1908, Image 5

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'-"«g li
We Have Moved to Our New Building
where we will be glad to welcome all of our patrons. « We have great things in store for the
put chasing public of Klamath Cobnty, and as soon as we are settled we will tell you about them
♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦
L. JACOBS dr CO., Proprietors
S' I I ! Y 1 lt:t -i Ilf I’ \HT I II I
Those ultendlng umuuskud
Mrs L. M. Fitch mid Jesse Uniter Scott, lleutli Vulley Miner,
♦ | Hiuu."
Muken Applhution to Ehlter
Mi mid Mrs
Mil ’ll ni ber
Miss Nett Drew came home from
I nil« <1 Staten Navy.
spent Xliiiis with Mr und Mis Kuri
lhe Fulls to apenil Hie week of vu
Adums, of I'ppei Voiinu
cation with her mother, Mrs N. H
Chinile l.lskcy. of Hwmi Iuik' . lias
CHICAGO, !>«•<• 2»
Walter Scott,
been In You mi this w«vk riding for
W II Illi«« Is building u wood shed otherwise known us "Death Valley
hls hoises mid cuttle
on Ills place.
Scotty," entered the United States
Chus Mcl'umbet mid Km I Ydmiis
W I. Simpson killed u largo I) n» r> • i ultlng office today and declare«!
will go to th«' Fulls a,.alli tills week
a few duys ago.
Ills Intention of enlisting In the n
to attend court
Mrs August Flaekus und grand
rinu •crvlce.
Jacob lluwek la limiting stiuw from
son. Edward, visit««! at Fred H< ck
Hl«< peters!« Ilo-r place to feed ills
"Scotty" «an «- into prominence
hum«« lust week mid heard the new
f« -z years ago when he arrived
A few of Mr and Mm Mike l<u««k »
Mr. Fmight, wlios" hoin«- Is In Chicago on a special train with the
friends s|«enl Xmu* wlili them Those
Siutn Yonna, wns awukcm-d 1 «nt Hai
announced Intention of g«-ttlng rid
presami weie Mr ami Mrs Guo Itlt
.irdny night . j thè sound of hindi d
ter. Mi mid Ml < Hulls Htoolilcr. Mi
part of hls fortune suppos«-d to be
sh.'lle explodlng
He foun<l hls home
mid Mrs Jacob Hueck. Mr ami Mrs
wa» <>n fire, Il wus lotally d«-»l i <»>«'* located in Drath Valley. Hls efforts
I. A Hiersi, Henry Stoeahler, John
u* was also the furniture.
to «'StHbllsli a reputation as th«* cham­
Hitler, Curl Ruea k. Ward Hue« k ..Joe
Mr. und Mrs D Y Gray, Mr and pion spend'-r of th«- world occupied
Hiersi, Curl Hitter. XV tu I'hi man
Mrs Klrkputrhk and Mr mid Mrs columns In the paper* for a time.
Manuel Vierra la now riding for
XX’ It. SlmpMin spent Xmas at the
Ills lattlu In the Spi agile River Val-
” •
horn«- of C C l*«arson
mid It Is
Claude Clopton and Willie C<»l»urn
Musici Ernest Nall, u ho I h tu» Ing «,'mc down from th«' ««serration Iasi said has nev« i b. -«*n cleared up.
with hls unci«*. J <> Wight till« win- week with a band of cattle for C! •»«
"I have set the | a«’«' long enough,
lor. took Christmas dlnnnei with Mr Horton, which arc to b< f«'d at Hi ■
Mr t'ol.-ilun ranch In the upp«l pm ' of said 'Scotty” today, ''and this
mid Mrs Vierra anil family.
«1 < ies not agr«
with me. ] am
Wight was away from* home, b< Ing 1*11» tl'Ua'y.
at th«' R«*servuHon where h< 1» f <■••«!■
l> lloppe, of I'ppei Yonuu. is « X
Ing hls cuttle
It 'Scotty” passes the physical
pei'tlng a visit from hls brother, who
John Anderson runis bu< k from will soon arrlv«' from Germany.
mnlnaiion, In- v III joiu another batch
Klamath Fulls when' he has I men
Ilarrlxon Gray was in Dairy Mon­ of recruits and be sent to New York
II«- will return to day.
attending court
tomorrow, from which port, after ten'
tti<* Falls nume tino- next werk
Mrs. N S Dr«-w was In Dairy on
«'*)• silent In «losing up his affairs,
Mr nnd Mrs Godfl ••) II. , k mid busln<*BM Friday.
family visit««!
visit« «I with Mr and
Mik«' Hu<-<k has purchased Some h«' will b" sent to Cuba.
Henry Hchmohr, of Hwmi Lak«>, lust 'uigs from Hmis Stoeshler. of Dairy
Many of the farmers of this s«-c-, X«TI XL I Cl ElMi.M <»I < I BA.
Chas Horton has purchas«-«! th«' tlon ar«- putting up Ice though P
< oinph’tc hi«l«-p. o<len<-e Mill Ih- E-
old Ciilnhan place In th«* uorlhern has not I mwu very thick as yet.
Jam«-* Colahan. who live«! for year»
purl of Yonna Vail« y. from the heirs
tul>ll«li«-d I«; Ih’iiarturc
Emil Egerl mid family w 111 !!»<• there In Yonna Valley, tia«l the misfortune
American Troop* ou
to fall and break hls leg aleiut a
this winter.
X«w Year*».
W L. Simpson and C (,’ Pi-arson week ago The way It happened was
are hauling wood for Hielt winter's very strmig«« for he was walking
HAVANA, Dec 2» -New 1 ear's
along on frozen ground when his foot day will witness the beginning of the
Thoiu' on the Holl of Honor for the twist««!, breaking the bon«*a of the
evacuation of Cuba by the army of
month ending Dec tt. twos, at tb«' ankle
pa< ifii atlon, whl«h has been in pos­
Hildebran«! echool, were as follows
l.oulsc M Egert, Carl Hu««ck. Henry ley’» young men enjoyed the skating session of th«* island since the begin­
A Stanley. Joe Sterzl, Nelli«' Bliss. here.
ning of the provisional government.
The tem-her and pupils of Hilde­ In October, lk«»«’>
Bertha Beck. Ernest Nall. Waive
Tile first provl-
Drew. Ward Hueck, Elizabeth Vierra. brand enjoyed a pleasant day last
| atonal regiment of marines, number­
Theresa S gtz I. Mary Smyth. Clara XVednewlay at school The older pu­
Smyth. Maude Kirkpatrick
1 bos«’ pils am! teacher had prepar««! a beau­ ing 90(1. which will be among the
having th«' most i>crf«*ct iMaons, as tiful tree, and even old Santa mad«* first troops to leave, are now concen­
shown by th«' Star board,• were. 1st them a visit which hel|>ed consider­ trating from various |e»sts at Camp
grade, Earl Beck. 2d, Maude Kirk­ ably with the merriment. Each child Columbia
patrick. 3d. Clara Hmyth. 4th Willie i<«-«'ived candy and presents and all
About half of this regiment will
The children sail In January on the cruiser Pral-
and Georg«« B<«’k. a tl«'. Sth. Waive hud a very nice time
Drew. 7th. Viola Pearson; Sth, Ern­ sang, played and told stories until rie, w hlch
arrived here Christmas
est Nall. Th«* picture giv«m by the time tn go nome, when they left as
for Newport News The
appy us children coubl be
teacher to the grade having the most
I Miss May Robinson and Hal rlson ' Prairie will return about the middle
pupils on the Roll of Honor, was won
- —
by the 7tl> grad«' It
I whs a rvproduc- Gray, of Yonna. went to Merrill to of th»’ month and embark the re-
1. .. I»..I.
with UI-.
Mis* 1,1......
Rob- malnder. lhe final embarkment will
Hon of one of Edwin Lands«wr's fa­ spend Xmas ..1,1.
mous paintings, a St Bernard I mg Inson. Primary teacher In the Gale not occur
until April I.
among the Alps, searching for I rav-1 district, They enjoyed a fine pro­
ar«- greatly pleased by the
gram nnd Christinas tree. and sino I
•lore lost In the snow
They re­ departure of the American forces, as
On Xmas day a good dinner and had Xmas dinner there
| marking the complete establishment
a Xtniis tree furnished a pleasant turned to Yonna Saturday, bringing
of Independence All show the kind­
time for
est feeliugs toward the troops.
home of Mr. and Mrs Geo. Smyth, who will visit a week with her sister
of Upper Yonna Valley. After dinner
the young folks enjoyed n tin«« sleigh Tuesday evening He was riding for 1 TEACH EIU4' INSTITI TK
ride, and each rimelved a preaent horses.
Miss A Welch, who Is teaching
from old Santa Those pretu-nt Were:
A local teach«»rs' institute will be
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Hammersley school at Lore)la. came home to
and son, Leonard. Mr. and Mrs Tom sp«*n<! Xmas with her brother. XVm held at Keno, Friday evening and
Saturday, January S and 9. Please
Michaels mid children, Mr. and Mm Welch.
Mr Williams bought some oats of attend if possible. If you can attend
Alf Wallla, Ludwig Sterzl, Mr. and
1 kindly Inform me or Miss Pitney,
Mrs. Chas. Woelk anil children. Mr. Godfrey B««ck last week
A I. Michael, of Dairy, Is now Keno, as soon as possible, as she de­
and Mrs XVII Bllaa, Grandma Logtie
H«' is hauling It 1 sires to know for whom to arrange
Miss Nellie Bliss, John, James and poning up Ice.
1 accommodations.
Be at Keno by
Will Logue. Chas Sherman, Chas from th«' Shook ranch.
Master Frank Beck has been rid­ '.'»;30 Friday as something good is In
l.lskey, th«- Misses Anna, Mui' mid
! store for that time. The folowing Is
Clam Smyth, Orville Smyth and John ■ ing for cuttle on the reservution.
T IInniniei sley , of Yonna. r«'cently th«» program:
Friday Evening.
Geo. Smyth has been hauling straw had th«’ misfortune to break hls foot
Chits Carlson enjoyed Xmas din­ Song—The Fhig of Truce. . .
from the Della Callahan place.
............ Keno School.
John Donnell Is working at Mrs ner with M. P. Nelson, who Is now
Heading. , .
Prof. C. A. Howard
"baching'* at hls home near Dnlry.
N. 8. Drew’» ranch.
Mr. mid Mrs. Win. Spurks, of Bo- Address. . .
Prof. R. H. Dunbar
C. c. Pearson and family were vis­
Prof. J. T. Butcher
iting at I Im home of XV. L. Simpson nmixu, went to the Fulls last Satur Address. . .
1 Song ....
.Miss Doten ,
last Sunday.
Keno School
Chas. Llsk«'y. of ! Swan Luke, was ' Wand Drill
Last Friday evening a crowd as-
Sat urihiy.
enabled at the bom«’ of Will. Welch In Bonanza Sunday.
Marlon Martin Is visiting at II. J. Primary Heading............ Miss Jensen
and a danc«> was given. Those pres­
Intermediate Ki nding, Miss Davidson
ent were: C. C. Pearson nnd fam­ O'Brien's this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Tucker will spend Advanced Reading................. Miss Bell
ily, XV. L. Simpson, J. R. Welch ami
family. Mr. ami Mrs. Vierra, Scy Pool the winter In Los Angeles, Th<»> ex- The Teacher nnd the Community
.......................................... Miss Pitney
anil firn i.y, Miss N"tt Drew, Jesse, p««’t to start In a few days.
Karl Adntns, of Yonna, hauled a Arithmetic.... Mi s Anna Applegate
Drew. Ernest Nall, Mr. mol Mrs. D
Y. Gray. The music was furnished Ion«! <>f w<»od to Chas. Sherman, of The Teacher and the Parent....
.............................. Prof. W. E. Faught
by Jerry Pearson, Hey Pool mid Wai ' Dairy, anti on hls return bought onts
tor Simpson.
Everyone enjoyed a «if L. A. Sterzl nt 2 cents per po\in<l. Hound Table.
| O. Hoppe, of Upper Yonna, was In
A boat will leave Klamath Falls
pleasant evening.
nt 2:30 Friday afternoon.
Mrs. N. 8. Drew will spend New ! , Dairy on business Monday.
.1. G. SWAN.
L. A. Sterzl brought aome nf hfs
Yeur** with In r daughter, Mrs. XVnl ,
¡cattle to Dairy to lie f«»d hy Henry
County School Supt.
ter t’ampbell, of I.orolln.
Mr. mid Mrs. Godfrey B«« k and' Stoehsler. ns hls own . feed Is very
Mrs Helen Schofield mid son Louis
family spent a happy Xmas at the scarce this winter.
left for Ashland Sunday morning af- '
homo of Mr. and Mrs, Emil Kgerl,
of North Yonna.
Miss Katherine Skinner, who has ter a few days visit with her brother.
Those attending the masked ball been upending Christman with her Eldon Dennis.
nt Bonanza from Yonna were: Miss parent«, returned Monday morning to
Hrlng us your nutter, Chickens,
Theresa Sterzl, who masked as n Bonanza where she in employed In
nnd Turkeys and get CASH for them.
"German Girl;" Miss Hazel Fitch as the Bulletin office.
Monarch Mercantile Co.
The Right Kind
of a
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