Klamath republican. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1896-1914, November 21, 1907, Image 6

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Not ke for i>ur«ha«e «»f School land.«
lfepartinent of the Interior, United
I State«
ljind Office Lakeview, Oregon,
Oct. 17, 1907.
Notii*e ia hereby given that the State
of Oregon has, under the provision« of
the Act of Congreaa of August 14, 1848,
and the Acte supplemental and amenda­
tory thereof, uiade application for the
described unappropriated,
non-mineral, surveyed public land as
indemnity for losses to it» grant for com­
mon school purjxyses, to-wit:
List No. 23.8, for the nel4swl4, Sec.
34, se^asw1«. S« k *. 32. nw^nw^, Sec.
S3, r. tt
B. .■ s I... W. M.
Any and all persona claiming adveraly
th«1 above descrilxxi lands are requested
to file their said claims in thia office on
or before the 14th. day of December,
.1. N. Watson, Register.
The above notice will be published in
lite Klamath County Republican, a
weekly new«pa|>er printed and pub­
lished at Klamath Falls, Oregon, for
five successive weeks before the 14tli
day of December, 1907.
10-31-11-28 .1. X. Watson, Register.
sun MONS
In the Circuit Court ot the State of Ore­
gon for tho County of Klamath.
A. O. U. W.—Linkeille
Jam«1« B. Burns, Plaintiff,
l.odg«1 No. lit) meets in the
A. O. U. W. bull every Tues­
Julia E. Burns, Defendant.
day evening. Visiting Broth­
To Julia E. Burns, the defendant.
ers always welcome. Walter
tn th«1 name of the State of Oregon : Lennox, M. W.
J. W. Siemens, Recorder.
You are hereby requirtsi to apiM-ar
and answer the «.■oniplaint flltsl against
Evangeline Lodge No. 88 Degree of
you in the above entitled suit on or be­
fore Thunklav the 21»t dav of Novem­ Honor laslgo meets in the A. t>. U. W.
hall every second and fourth Thursdays
ber, 19v7, being the last day of the in the month. Nancv N. White,C. ol H.
time pre*«:ril>ed in the order for publi­
Jesse Marple, Recorder.
cation of this summons, .nd if you fail
so to answer, for want thereof, the
W O. W. E««nnx I’zmp. No. 7'8» W.
plaiuliff will apply to Hie Court lor the O. W„ meets every Tuesday evenin
relief «leinandtHl in th«> complaint, to­ at 7:30o'clock at Saujeraon'a hall. A
wn: For a decree dissolving the bonds neighborscordially invile«!.
C. K. llrandenburK. Clerk.
of matrimony existing lietw«*en plain­
tiff and defendant, ami for such other
ami fiirtl er relief ns in «*<|Uity may lx1
meet and proper. This summons is
served by publication ill tho "Klamath
Republican,” by onler of Hon. Henry
I.. Benson, Judge of th«1 Circuit Court
for th«1 County of Klamath, datixl tin1
8th «lav of October, 1907, which said
T. '
'•'*'«l'‘erN.i.tH, m«-«t»
order requires that this summons la* i
publish« d once a week for six siicees- m tin1 Masonic hxll evury svimi ami
Ionstli Im-sihiv I'vi-iiiiigx in each month.
sive weeks from th«1 10th «lav of t'etolxT, I liruiine Murl.wh, VV. M. Jennie E.
1907, said day living th«1 first day of Realm*.«, ."•«•» r«* tar «.
publication of said summons.
Attorney for Plaintiff.
Great Britain own, morn land In
North America than th«1 United Stat«1,.
The Icefields of Grevnlami. Hires oi&
are estimate«! to l>e a mil«1 and a half
Johannesburg. In the TrmwvaaJ. has
a prosperous American elute and tw,
Aaak.v Las« ba 11 nine,.
The 10<H dollar is th«1 on’y one of
the last pattern fssu«1 Hint la of suffi­
cient rarity to commaml a premium.
New York city I, th«1 «•.•nml In the
Union for ,ixe of per capita «lebt. ft
being $113.25. Newton. Mass.. coming
And, with $ 125.5s.
In Philadelphia a gnat chewed off
the tafia of Policeman Gilbert's «'««at
while tn«1 orticer waa watching a pair
making love.
Recently a two-year-old Fall River
baby's Teddy bear fell out of a aecoD<
story whitlow, th«1 baby tumbled after
It, and th«> d«M1tors couldn't tiud a
scratch «>u either Ix'ar or lutby.
While C. L. l>erby of Ludlow, VL,
was plowing recently Ids wife picket!
up from the dirt thrown out by the
plow a British copper win of the issue
of 1747. just 1® years old.
Teddy Scboappler at his hotel in the
Bronx. New York, recently held n raf­
fle for a tombstone, th«> winner to have
his name, date of birth and death en­
Notice for Publication.
graved on it fre«1 of charge.
Depariment ot tbe Interior, land Office at
After a stillneea of mor«1 than a year, Lakeview Oregon, Nov. 6, 1907.
due to a broken roi»e. the curfew bell«
Notice is hereby given that Theodore 1 Sev-
In a Plainville (Qonn.) mill are ringing more of Klamath Falls, Oregon, has filed
again. This ancient custom has t>eeB notice of his intention to make final commuta­
Notice for Publication.
observed m the towu for a half cen­ tion proof in su|»j»ori of bt» claim, vis: Hoinv-
stead Entry No :W01. made May 2, 1906, for the
United State» Laud office, Lakeview, Oregon,
Loti. Sec. I. fp. 87 S. R. 10 K . W. M . and that Sept. 27. 1907.
A Kaffir iu Cape Colony l>onght an «aid
Notice i» hereby given that in Compliance
proof will be made before the clerk of
American broom some months ago Klamath county. Ore., at his office at Klamath with the provisions of the act of ('ongrv>> ot
and, noticing some seeds in the straws, Fail», Oregon, on the A)ih day of December, June 3,1878, eulitled “An act fur tne »aloof
planted them. He now has a fine field 1907.
timber land« in the State« of California, ore«
of broom straw growing and may have
He names the following witnesses to prove gon. Nevada and Washington Territory," a*
his continuous residence upon, and cultiva extended to all the Public Land State* by act
found«*! an important industry.
ot August 4, 1892. Rosa E. Hager, ot Dodge
One Bowdolhham (Me.) residence has tion of, the land, vis:
G. E Bensinger, E. H. Monaghan, « llliam (’enter. County ot Dodge. State nt Minne­
an unusual night watchman. It is a
and John Kenney all of Klamath sota, has this day filed In this office her
fat woodchuck that guards the prop­ Lashua
Falls, Oregon.
sworn statement No. 3788, for the purchase ot
erty carefully from cats and dogs.
J. N. Watson, Register.
the Lots 8, 6. 10 and 11 of Sec. No, 20. in Tp
Every evening he nwius over the
No. 39 8., R No. 6. E W M, and will offer proof
groumls aud disappears at sunrise.
to show that the land »ought is more
A schoolteacher in England noticed
valuable for its timber or »tone than for
Notice for Publication
agricultural purpose«. and to e»iabli«b hvr
that it always rained when the in­
spector happened to call ou her. One United Stales Land Office, Lakeview, Oregon claim to »aid land before the clerk of
Klamath County at his office at Klamath
day she mentioned it to the inspector Oct 25. 1907.
as a curious fact and received the an­ Notice is hereby given that in compliance Falls, Oregon *»u lueaday, the 10th day ot
December. 1907.
swer, "That's because I piay golf OU with the provision» of the act of Congress of She names a» witnesses:
June 3,1878, entitled “An act for the sale of
fine days.”
Waller Anderson, Roy Anderson. James
One of the Ohio girls who recently timber lands in the States of California. Ore­ Whitcomb and Clarence Hager all of Forest,
gon, Nevada, and Washington Territory," as
visited London aroused the ire of some
extended to all the Public Land States by act
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
of the editors by remarking that Lon­ of August 4, 1892, Hayden J. Lockwood, of
don was the biggest she had seen "on Klamath Falls county of Klamath, State above described lands are requested to file
this side of the ocean.” The Globe of Oregon, has thzs day filed in tbit their claims in this office on or before said
acornfuily asks whether "Onehorse- office his sworn statement No. 3*»ll, for loth day of December, 1907.
J. N. WATSON. Register.
villc, Mich.," is bigger.
the purchase of the
and w^ne1^ of
Up to this time the diameter of the Section No. 29, in Township No. 38 s. Range No.
Notice for Publication
globe has not been arrived at within 10 E W M, and will offer proof to show that the
United States Land Office, Lakeview, Ore-
a thousan«! feet, but Nikola Tesla says land sought Is more valuable for its timber or
stone than for agricultural purposes, and to ' gon. September 27,1907.
that his system of wireless telegraphy establish
his claim to «aid land before the
Notice is hereby given that in compliance
will lie the means of reducing this Clerk of Klamath County, Oregon, at his
margin of error to witbin fifty feet or office at Klamath Falls, Oregon, on Fri­ w ith the provisions of the act of Congress of
June 3 1878, entitled “An act for the sale of
day, the 10th day of January 1908.
timber lauds in the Mates of California. Ore­
He names as witnesses:
The dreaded nun butterfly Is nppear-
gon, Nevada, aud Washington Territory," as
Ing everywhere In Bobemia. threaten- *■11. 8. Grigsby, Geo. Weber. W. H. Webb and extended to all the Public Land State» by a< t
ing the devastation ot the forests. The W. O. Webb, all of Klamath Falls. Oregon.
of August 4, 1892, O«cra L. Brown, of Klamath
neighboring woods of Saxony and Sile­ Any and all persons claiming adversely the Falls, county of Klamath, State of Oregon,
above-described lands are requested to file ha» filed in thin office bi» »worn state iue ni
sia are also threatened. The ministry their claims in this office on <»r before said
No. 8774, for the purchase of the nw‘-4»e‘4 Her.
of agriculture has named a commission 10th day of January, 1908.
1 I F A M
to investigate.
J. N. WATSON, Register.
and will offer proof to »bow that the
Yale is far less honored in England
land sought is more valuable for its limber or
than is Harvard. The residence of
stone than for agricultural purposes, and to
Ellhu Yale at Plas Grano has been
establish hi» claim to »aid land before the
pulled down, and it is difficult to iden­
Clerk of Klamath County, Oregon, at bis
Notice For Publication.
office at Klamath Fails, Oregon, on Monday,
tify the site. Yale's tomb, a solid mass
the Vth day of December, 1907.
of masonry, at the base of Wrexham
Cnited States Land office, Lakeview, Ore­
He name« as witnesses:
church tower, Is almost his sole visible gon, Oct. 19.1907.
Wm. Hnow.C. N .flnow, W.O. Webb and B. H.
Notice Is hereby given that in compliance
Grigsby, all of Klamath valla, Oregon.
The costliest lot of land in Boston with the provisions ot the act ot Congress of
Any and all persons Claiming adversely tbe
was taken the other day by the Boston June 3.1876, entitled "An act for the sale of above-described lands are requested to file
transit commissioner to provide en­ timber lands in the States of California, Ore­ their claim« in this office ou or before said 9t h
trance and exit for the new Washing­ gon, Nevada, and Washington Territory." ar day of Dec., 1907.
extended to all the Public Lan«l States by act
J. H. WATSON, Register.
ton street tunnel. The lot, which con­ of August 4. 1892. William Lashua of 10-3-I2*u"
tains 1,955 square feet, is located at Klamath Falls, County of Klamath, State of
Winter and Washington streets, and Oregon, has this day filed in this office bis
Notice for Publication
the price paid was $2o0 per foot.
sworn statement No. 3306, for ibe purchase ol
Cnited State» Land office. Lakeview, Ore­
Dennis J. Buckley, president of the the n*4ne*4 of Bee. no . 6. in Tp. gon, Sept. 27, 19»7.
Kerry Men's P. and B. association, No. 41 8. R No. 6. E W M. and will Notice i> hereby given that In compliance
has made the statement that the peo­ offer proof to show that the laud souxht I« with the provisions ot the act ol Congress ot i
ple of the famous County of Kerry, more valuable for iu timber or stone than for June 3. 1878, entitled "An act for the sale of
agricultural purposes, and to establish his
Ireland, have decided to officially re­ claim to said land before the Clerk ot Klamath limber lands In tbe States ot California, Ore­
pudiate the title of “kingdom." which county, Oregon, at his office at Klamath gon. Nevada. and Washington Territory," a»
extended to all the Public Laud State» by act
baa hung to it for 1,726 years.
Falla. Oregon, on Friday the 20th day of
of August 4. 1S92, Della Mae Harlow, of Klam­
The Ixmdon Express says the golf December, 1907.
ath Falls, county of Klamath, Stateot Oregon,
He names as witnesses:
links of the country are fast becoming
has this day filed in this office her sworn
J. T. Johnston, Minto Estes. W. Seehorn and
"vast hairpin cemeteries" and that un­
statement No. 3799, for the purchase of the ne!4
fortunately most of the millions of hair- Ben Milton all of Klamath Falls. Oregon.
se% Sec. No. 23. and nw‘4aw>4 of Sei. No 24,
Any and all pezaons claiming adversely the
plna in them are only half buried, "with
in Tp. No. 37 8, R No. » E W m. and will offer
above-described lands are requested to file
their business ends uppermost,” to the their claims In this office on or before said 20tb proof to show that tbe lan«l sought is more
valuable for Its timber or stone than for agri­
annoyance and even danger of players. day of December, 1907.
cultural purposes, and to establish her claim
The volunteer fire department at
J. N. WATSON, Register.
to said land before tbe clerk of Klamath
Rockville Center, N. Y., must have the
county, Oregon, at his office at Klamath Falls,
reputation of the proverbial messenger
Oregon, on Wednesday tbe lltb Hay of De­ I
boy. At a recent meeting of the trns-
cember, 1907.
Notice for Publication
tMS of the Tillage it was suggested
She names as witnesses:
Department of the Interior. Land Office at
that when a Are breaks out the mem-
R. E. Dunlap, Merk L. Burn», Jesse C.
Craven and C. W. Harlow, all of Klamath
tiers of the department be notified by Lakeview.Oregon, October 15,1907.
Notice Is hereby given that James K Bal­ Falls, Oregon.
postal card.
lard of Klamath Falls. Oregon, has filed
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
Tuberculous patients that live and notice of bls Intention to make final Five
grow fat are reported by Dr. Gullbaud, year proof in aupportof hiaclalta, viz: Home above-described lands are request««! to file
• French physician. He has found a stead Entry No. 2397 made June 17, 1901, for their claims in this office on or before said
form of tubenevtoala*that remains In the tbe«e>4 of Sec. 4, Tp. 40 8. R. H. W.M., and lllte day of Dec., 1907.
10-3 -12 5
J. N. WATSON. Register.
condition of a local lesion, is usually that said proof will be made before the Clerk
associated with an excessive deposit of of Klamath County, Ore., at hla office at
Notice for Publication
adipose tissue and Is curable. He be­ Klaq>atb Falla, Oregon, on the 29tb day of No­
lieves It arises from Implanting atten­ vember. 1907.
United States Land Office, Lakeview, Ore- t
He name, the following witnesses to prove
uated Koch bacilli in so called scrofu­
bls continuous residence upon, and cultiva­ (on, Hept. 27.1907.
lous persons
Notice Is hereby (Iren that in compliance I
tion of, the land, viz:
Mrs. John Hays Hammond, the wife
the provisions of the Mt of CoD(ress of !
! Tbos. Martis.Chaz. Ayer, W. N. Wilson and
June >, 1(78, entitled "An act for the sale of
of the clever engineer of 8outh Africa, C. D. Wilson all of Klamath Falls, Oregon.
timber lands In the States of California, Ore-
has a most wonderful bathroom in both
J. N. Watson,
(on, Nevada, and WMhln(tos Territory,” as
her New York and Washington homes.
extended to .11 the Public I-*nd States by act
The tub is an Immense affair, the shape
ol Au(tut 4,18(2, Harsh A. Mulkey, of Ki.m.th
of a shell, and when the lights are turn­
Falls, county of Klamsth, State of Oregon, has
ed on and the tub Oiled the bottom of
Notice for Publication
thia day filed In tbleoKc. her sworn state­ I
the tub appears to be full of water
No. (793, lor
the purchase Of
lilies, reeds and waving grass The
floors and walls are of tinted marble.
of dec. No. 17, in Tp. No. S3 8, K
Notice i, hereby given that Edward Miller of
The New York courts have decided Fort Klamath, Ore., ba. filed notice of hla in­ No. 10 E W M. and will offer proof to abow that i
that a huge automobile filled with two tention to make final Five year proof in .up- the land sousht Is more valuable for Its lim­
dozen sightseers lias no more rights in port of hi, claim, via: Homeatead Entry No ber or stone than for a(rlcultural purposes,
to establish her claim to said land before
the public streets than a pushcart. The 2616 made April 2». 1902, far the s'^nw>4 and and
the Clerk of Klamath County. Oregon, al hla I
machines that stand on the street in nS»w‘4 See. 8», Tp. 32 8. R. 7J4 E. W. M„ and I office at Klamath Falla, Oregon, ou Tues­
wait for a load of passengers most that »aid proof will be made before the Clerk day, the loth «lay of December, 1907.
move on at the command of a police­ of Klamath County, Ore., at bia office at Klam­ She names aa wltneases:
man and must keep moving. “The ath Falla., Oregon,on the Sth day of Decem­ Charles Moiander, J.C. Cravens, Hamilton
Mulkey and K. E. Dunlap, all ol Klamath
streets belong to the people, not to in­ ber,
He name, the following witnesses to prove
dividuals," said the police magistrate hla continuous reaidence upon, and cultiva­ Falls, Oregon.
who announced the above as the law. tion of, the land, via:
Any au«l all persons claiming adversely the
The manager of a line of "rubber net V
J. C. Weiss, Asa Fordyce. Edward Leever and abo.«-described lands are requested to Hie
their ciaims In this office on or before said
wagons had pre-empted n part of H B Loosley all of Fort Klamath, Oregon
10-24 11 28
i. N. WATSON. 10!.. JS) III IHc., IV07,
Broadway to the large advertising it
10-1 -12-4
J.N. W A180N. I'.egisier. i
hie business and a saving of rent.
make thè lx?st Cakes, Pies, Bread, etc. out ol the
very best flour.
Everything is neat andclean in our baking department
and open to your inspection.
Van Riper Bros, handle our bread and will deliver it to
your door if you will mention it to tlieni.-^^^
Pure Cream
Delivered Daily from the Altamont
Dairy. Wholesale and Retail.
A. F. Jt A. M.—Klamath
l.oige No. 77. Meets e«-c«-ii<(
ami fourth Momia«« of v.u-h
month in th«1 5|.-«v<>ni<- Hull. W. J.
Shi ve, W. ,M. M . Bowiloin, Secretary.
*• '-rlfl
B3 J
/ W II W/ / HAW
I kd’Prftit^dl
IN 4 8. H » OHI» \
The American Bank and Trust Co.
Capital Sluck Siuo.ouo
K of P.—Klamath Lo>lge No. 9,j
meet, in Sanderson's hall everv Mon­
day evening.
Bert Bamlx-r, ('. C.
John Y. Tipton, K. of R. and S.
Open for buiinru «very <fty in Ihr year excepting Sundays and legal holiday,.
Open Saturdays until 7: JO p. in.
M. W. of A.—Ixxlge meets in th«’ I
A. O. I). W. hall everv first and third
M«xine»«lav in the month.
W. B. M< l.auxhlin, Consul
W. A. Piielps, Clerk.
4 M.
Prosperity Rebekah Ixxlge No. 104
I. O.O. E. meets in the A. O. U. W.
hall every first and third Wt-dtresdavs
in the month. Mary E. Fish, N. G.
Lair inda M. Sauber, secretary.
Intrrrst Paid on Saving« Deposit,
A/. r lit ML/ //4 S/. /« dMrw ol •»» log • Jspï
Foresters of America—Ewauna Camp,
No- 61, meets in the A. O. U. W. hall
(very second and fourth Fridays in the
C. D. Willson, C. R.
E. E. Jamison, Rec. Sec.
General Blacksmithing and Wagon Work
Livery and Feed Stable
Both Saddle and Driving Horses
, M omen <>t Woodcraft, Ewauna Circle
No. fil., meets every weconii and fourth
Friday in Sanderaon’a hall.
Mrs. Difillo Virgil, G. N.
I raternal Order of Eaglea meets
«•very Monday «■veiling at .8 o'clock in
A.O. U. W. Hall. Henry Boivin, W.
1*. Otto Heidrich, Sec.
Klamath Lake Railroad
in connection with the
He Inti re Transportation Co
Holder of License No 20.
Ore. and Cal. Transportation Co.
The only through lint* for freight and pas­
sengers between the Southern Pacific and
the Klamath country. Quickest service
and Lowest Rates. Tell your troubles by
Phone or Letter to
Ueterinary Surgeon
Office in Exchange Barn
Phone 601
E. T. ABBOTT, Gen. Mgr,
Thrall, Cal.
to MclNTIRE TRANS. CO. at Klamath Falla or Pokcgama
Office over Klamath County Bank
Every drop
Of Old Continental Whiskey
Water Hill Whiskey
Normandie Rye
F. F. V. Rye
is as ¡jure as Government inspection can mako
it. It is bottled in bond under Government su­
pervision and that carries-the guarantee of abso­
lute purity.
Office in American Bank A Trust Com­
pany’! Building
All kind* of engineering and draughting
is the word that tolls the story, and when the
government places its 0. K. on whiskey you may
he sure it is pure.
Sold by
Wlthrow-Melhase Building
Wholesale and Retail Dealer
Klamath Falls, Oregon
Joti Work
A.t tlæ ReptiljlîeGxi