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E. J. MURRAY, Editor
Klamath Falls, Or., Thursday, July 26, 1906
but the damaged material, h'r went
through one of there factories one time,
and passing by a large quantity of chub
ready for shipment, we were asked to
guess where it was going. Of course we
tailed to name the consignee.
gentleman who was taking ua through
were r.*l«u«l by l’uit«l Males lh.tr». j
Jiklx»- <J>i tri«*« npin haben» onrpue pro-
cMntitigs, Momlay. Th«*»«' mon were re-
tnamk«l in tin* custody of ihe United
State-* Marshal by Court t’oimmssionor
Kellogg al Appleton last week.sn.l were
sent to jail in default of *'.kkki liail.
Court Coniiniasiom*» Kellomt I'*’ l*«*n
cited l»v Jislgt* Quirlea t > allow eauw
why they should not la* giveu their free­
Tmtwliiv a deal waa mmle whereby
Wiu. AddiiHMi.hs* «obi his ranch ol LIS»1
seres on the east side of Hear Crm*k ami
atsiut (our ntili*a north of Ashland,
known as lhe James Wells plao* to­
gether with 175 head of callle, to F. M
an.) F. II McMayhon, two stockmen
recently from Alberta, Canada, lor a
consideration of * 19,«10. Alxuit 3UU acres
of the place ars* in cultivation and it is
admirably »limited for stock purpose».
Messrs. MeMayhan are stockmen «Im
have l*een engaged in the business sue-
OMsfully in the far northwest conntrv
and have devoted their Ilves to the rais­
ing ol idooded horses Iron» the finest im­
ported stock. They <s*ntemt*late turn­
ing their purchase into a fine stock
ranch and will ship in some et»x-k short­
ly, it is nnderaiool. Edwin I*. Hughes
negotiat»*»! the*leal.
la Ftarr« Naval Bsttl» Coimnandsr
Juaii'S Ovwrbuard and
Machias’a Fragrssk ,
dou l iik ui yiMingriera liiat hava thrlr
sevond lastit. luit ihs iski tilli« unen
You proliably klm* tbal ib» dvntal
irofcsalon for the lasi f»w yvars haa
advoeatsd rvtslrlng ths uillk trsth im
tll natur» I» rea.ty to gst rld of Hmm
livrself Of rouras. w» only pui In
temporary lllllnga, but ths proessa la
Ilot | sluleva
I find tbs children a
grsat deal more palleat taan thsir par
•nt» their fnthsrs, for »sampln A
maa niakvt * great dsal More fuss
Ihan X <hIlu I am glad lu ase thai
tuot b» rs psy a aroat d«al mor» atlen
tiun to thelr ciilldrrn s tsiftb Ihan th«y
uaed to Babyhood I» not* too soon
to baaln. The mother who Is really
up to-dais *111 gvt a Iitti» toothbrush
ivhen hrr Infaut gsta Its first incisors,
and «aah th»m daily with a mild to
,'utlon of boraclc aeld Thl» k»»|>.> the
Iitti» gunia In good eondltlon and la
th» foundatlon of a gcmd set uf Ueth ‘
*TC»»r» country h«> It» h»ro>s smt It
1» r»tr»»hina to read ».*m»thliis uf th»
hrrvlc |u th» history counlrir» »outh of
us." said a thuuahtful uisii to th» N< w
Orleans Tiniws-IWmmraL "In a recoil
hlat. ry of South Amtrlcs attrullou la
call»,) to a numberol thin«» whi<h bud
to »b<>» that th» popular eatiuiai* of
valor and heroism lu that sectl, n of tha
World may rot b*- all**»rth«r th» correct
oc» It 1» r»lalad that once th» i’> ruvlan
monitor llua.car tvu*bt asaiust thr«»
Chilean »hq a
"After both Admiral Grau and hl» fia«
Iteutauanl w»ra killed, rapt A»ulrr»
took command, waa kllltd, and than auc-
csadsd by Capt Carbajal, who waa put
hors d» <*ombat by a ahrll. Ths eotu-
m tnd dssoltsd th, n on l.lcut Kodrlsurx,
who waa killed, thru on l.l»ut Palacloua.
who waa tllaabltd. and finally l.i»ut Scantia» They Are. Higher the Cl vili-
antlou, la the Quatut Ballat
Oarsyoa. with th» ship on fir», thr»» la»t
of lalaudara.
of water In the hold, and with* luss of
half hl» officers and crew wax forced
The Japancae think they represent
to strik» hu Hag On July U. 1ST», ths
Huaacar was in aciion against the the highest In» of devol.>pa>»ni bo-
Chilean ship Abtao Torpedo»» at that cause la the process of evolution the?
time w»r» r.ot much untlrraUxxl. and out, have almost eliminated wh Inter»
To them a thick growth of under
b- Ing fired from th» Huaacar throush
returned bark brush In which the field mice may
straight upon the ahlp Seelu« thia, and build lheir neats and res- thelr young
knowln« that If the ahlp wa» »truck she does not repicsvol the highest type of
But »Ink. l.leut Dial Csnaeo «umped etvlllaatlcn
Juel how they learn to conduct ware
overboard and in th» water with hia
hands alter«! It» ccurae Just bators It says the Illinois State Journal, run the
politics of the country and pick the
cam« in contact with the ship."
«Inters in the horse races without
FILLING CHILDREN'S TEETH hanging around a barber shop la not
quite clear, but as they manage to do
Youngsters Kxhlblt Oraat Fortttud» these things it la evidence they have
some avenues of Information unknown
During Long Opérations OU
to the Caucasian race*
Th«it Molars.
If they are correct In their aurmls».
"Tou would ba aurprlaad to see the Is explain« why the beardlsse youth
fnrtltnds children exhibit In having In thia country knows ao much mum
their tcetb filled ” said a dentist lu than hta bewhlakered father.
the New Turk Cress tbs other day "1
The suggest itst contained In last
week’» Republican that two tncn
froui tlilk county go east, ha* met
Willi such a favorable reception that
*t Is al lie mt certain that the minlnn was a |w*n»onal friend, and lie volunteered
will lie undertaken. It I k recognized the information that the cloth was for a
an all aides that this county nitikt be big mail order house; that It was infer­
presented to hotueaeekers in such a ior in quality, having lx*en damaged in
manufacture, and that his firm wouM
manner that they will know what tn
not sell it to liis regular customers; that
expert when reaching hen*.
The they had a standing order for a'l such
heat anil m»«l effective way talhmogh material from mail order houses; and
personal representation and wdicita- that while it had all the ap|x*araiicvs of
»l«m, and If this ia done systematic­ first-class material it was in many re­
ally and thorongbly the remilts will spects worthless. This cloth, he further
inform«*d us, would lx* turn«**l over to
he amazing.
A movement la «>n foot tn present sweat-shops for manufacture into cloth­
a petition to the County (\>mniia*ion- ing. Anyone w ho ever visit«! or rea<l
alsuit sweat-shops knows the risk lie
era, asking that they appropriate this
rnns when he wears garments manu­
money. It is certain that, if the pc- factured therein. They are nothing
Jessie Brew is carrying hi. left arm in
Mtlon carries the names of a sufficient imore or less than pest-houses—the a sling.as the result of an accident w liich
number of names »»f the tax-pavera breeding place for consumption, small­ occurred the other day.
Sunday school every .Sunday morning
and votcis id lhe ennnty, tin* Bxtnl pox, diphtheria, scarlet fever ami the
will accede tn the request and set a- other infections and contagions diseases.; at 10o'clock, at the Fairy schtml house.
And this is the stuff you )*av your Everybody is invited. Mr». Oscar I jm *
aide the funds.
ia now the superintendent.
in advance for.
The one great thing needed by
In hardware, furniture, groceries ami
“Brown" Michael has taken the con­
Klxmatli county is publicity. While
»be Klamath IVojcct is well known other stuff the same condition ia true, tract of putting up John Fhook'a hav.
only in different ways. The material is and is paying *2.00 a day and l»>ard to
and a general idea prevails as to the
«lefective, inferior in <|uality or impure his help.
krallon. nothing is known almut the and unhealthful, and while you may
A party of German friends met at the
country to be reclaimed, the climatic save a little at the time it is louglit. you residence of Mr. and Mrs. Gixlfrev Beck
ronditiona here, the crops that can will spend more for repairs or for «loc- last Sunday ami |*ass«l the day visiting. Capital Stock. $100,000
he raised, the prkv and quality of tor’s than the article cost originally. “Solo" was the diversion of th» gentle­
Aside from tire fact that the An article purchase«! mun a mail order men present, and so greatly did tliev en­
the came that it was almost dark
ami rica x
people know that the government to house carries with it the assurance that joy
preparing to reclaim 250,000 acre» of it is cheap, defective, unbsalthful am! a I ls*fore they could break away from it.
Bill}- I'rlimann objects to being called
land, the people in the middle-west­ ;>ossible transmitter of disease, ami
should lx* avoidol as carefully as an in-
Urham" by the Repul*lil*an. He isn’t
ern and eastern states are igrmrant of
dividual afflicted with a contagions anxious for the fame which comes from
conditions here.
It is to enlighten
the misspelling of his name br the
them on this point tint this missum-
Aside from these considerations, which printer.
ary work was proposed.
In addition are sufficient reasons why mail order
Theae «lays are hot enough to suit a
Io coming into direct contact with hous«*s should ba avoided, is the duty
Senagambian. but the nights arc de­
»he people who are dt-sirous of asccr- yon owe to your home merchant. Who
lightfully root and comfortable. For
raining tlie facts, thousands upon is it that give-« you credit when cool summer night» Klamath county
In its New Building now under construction
thousands of others will be reitched you can’t pay? Who is it that will can beat the world.
through the publicity given our rep-
on the corner of Fifth and Main JStrccLs
I don't wonder that southern Califor­
Who is it that contributes
resentatives by tl»e newspapers In tbe
to the funds to help advertise your coun­
communities vtsiterf.
If thiaissup-
summer outing, for here they can get
try, in order to attract investors and en­
W/// do a General Banking Business
plementixl with a little biB-powting.
the best fishing extant, ami they also
tertain them awhile here? Who war it
»be rami* will Ur ex<-eed the experta-
irri^Um ' kir get surcease from the flea pest, while
»ions of the most optiimatic.
The Klamath county? Who is It that is al- here there are no fleas—the dogs, even, C1IA8. E. W orden , Pres.
F kep M ei .n ase , \ ico
are not annoy«! by them.
time is ripe for action, s<* let
wavs really to ext*m*l lhe helping hand
.1. W. S iemens , Cashier
James Wight retnrned from hto re­
go to work on it now.
whenever it is needed? Not vour mail
2, 100 acre dairy ranch; no limit
on holdings; surplusage of water
a snap at terms most reasonable
If you have property to sell, if
you wish to buy or exchange,
see me
Insure your property with Companies that
pay their losses in full. I represent five
cash companies, and solicit a share of
your patronage
*r. \v. js^rici’ii
Bank and Crust Co
Will open for business about
September /, 19o6
order house, but vout local merchant. cent trip to Portland last Sunday,whi'h-
You owe it to him as a duty of cot»- cr, rumor say«, lie went to help bis
, science to patronize him ; to help build brother in lanil matters—with what suc­
np his business ami not tear it down; to cess I have not heard.
It is rumored that several of Yonna’s
his efforts in your behalf ami
Scarcely had the Republican ap-
I reciprocate with your patronage. He farmers are soon to lx- call«l to Portland
pea red on tlic streets last we»-k lefore
I does'nt demand pay in advance; he a» witnesses in land cases before the I'.
we were congratulated over the plrine he does not refuse to pay the freight and 8. Court.
lor the attitude taken on the ques- stand the loss of breakage. Ifo docs not
J. Frank Adams, the hors«* king id
Mon of high license.
.Many of the reuse to guarentee what lie sells. You Klamath county, was in Dairy last bun
trading citizens have since commen­ see what you are buying, you get what day, enroute home from a lior»e-buying
ded and indorsed our stand on the you pay for, yon do not have to run the trip to the reservation. He Ixxight sev­
question, and the genera) opinion is risk ol breakage or damage in shipment. eral saddle horses in the valley.
»that the plan proposed is not only a That is why it pays to patronize the
Charles Mi-Cumlwr ami Bert Hadley
fair one to the city, but equally so to home merchant. He helps you and, if made a recent trip to th« Cay hart moun­
you expect him to continue doing so, tain region some 50 miles northeast of
the saloons. This is the only purpeae
you must help him, also. If anyone Bly where, rumor lias it, they have tak­
of the Republican. It has no axes to
imagines that the mail order houses do
grind. It has noquarrel with the sa- not make a big profit, we would call' en up mining claims which are said to
Nionkeepcr; nor is it seekiug to inflict their attention to lhe grow th of Bears. lie gond propositions—one assay run­
ning as high as *7il to the ton. May
a hardship on them. It is just as de­ Roebuck A Co. A few years ago Sears
gixxl luck attend lhe venture.
sirous to see them get fair play, a* if was a f>oor telegraph operator, ami his
partners were no better off in worldly
we were in the business ourselves.
Several times we have lieen iinpor- possessions. A few weeks ago they sohl
•noed to favor prohibition, but have
steadfastly refused to do so, for we do
Arrangements Made to Afford Our
Hot beHcve in If, and never will as stock does not lead one to believe that
they have l<*en doing business for their
Citizens This Chance.
Inng as the sale of liquor is conducted
health or on “narrow margin." It has
with that same respect for the law been done by fooling the people, and
Charles Redmond, the well-known
that is demanded from every citizen. selling them inferior goods. A wor«l to j>ortrait artist, of Portland, who has
Those engaged in the business should the wise onght to be sufficient: If you Iwen in this city for the |*ast two weeks,
be protected from persecution wilb want a square «leal, spernl your money has made arrangements with J. IV.
Tollman, the photographer, whereby
the same care as any other business­ at home.
anyone desiring to have anv portrait of
view enlarged can do so. .Mr.
Many »»pinions have been expressed
R»Mimon<l makes a specialty of thia
pro and con on the question of selling
work, ami his experience extends over a
the exclusive privilege to one person
number of years. Ihiting the la-wis A
•r firm.
It is generally conceded
John Cox came in from his Klamath Clark fair, he reproduml in colors a
that filO,000 could he realized the first county ranch yesterday and is looking great »leal of the beautiful fair views
year by this method, and we believe after business interests in the valley, that were offered for sale in Portland,
thia figure a conservative ooe. The lie says that Klamath Falls is soon to and so snccesatul was he that the de-
only objection raised was that it is an have a street railway in operation as the mand far exceede<l bis capacity lor out­
experiment, This we hardly think is tracks arc now nearly laid. The survey put.
Jlr. Tollman's reputation as a pliotog
aound reason.
We believe if this of the railroad from Weed to near Eu­
gene is being push«! and the peojde are raplier needs no recommendation. He
method was once adopted that it
looking forwaid to hearing the sound of
woo id result in greater satisfaction to the locomotive this fall. I-aml is now­ has «lenionstrated, since coming here,
that be has few «pials in his line of
»he public and add considerably more selling from twenty to thirty dollars per
work. Wilb this combination between '
Io the city’s income than if the old acre with a steady increase anticipated. Messrs. R«lmoml ami Tollman, the
method wa» followed. At any rate, Mr. Cox has the most ol his 1400 acre ] people of the county will have a rare
one of the two suggestions ought to ranch rented but be is pasturing cattle opportunity to get life-size and accur­
I m * acted on—either a 81,200 license on a 100 acre tract which lie reserved ate reproductions of portraits or other I
pictures in either colors or Lla«-k an»)
fee or the concession sold to the high­ lor himself.—Medford Tribune.
[AaiiLAKD T idings ]
white. The success of Mr. Redmond
est ladder.
J. If. Rice, manager of the Pelican while here assures him that he will do
Bay Lodge the well known resort uii Kla­ a good business along this line.
MAIL ORDER HOUSES math Lake, east of Ashland, has lieen
in town this week. Mr. Rice is having
It will coat the government *300,009
a good many visitors at the Lodge this just to M*eure the blank paper on which
The Merrill Record elates in its last season.
Io print lhe supply of currency for 1907.
issue that *1000 worth of money orders
Henry Truitt, one of the pioneers of This «ill prove a good inveMnient how­
were issued by the Merrill postmaster
Siskiyou county, died at St. Vincent’s ever, liecause Incle bain will manufact­
last month, and that most of these or­
hospital in Portland last Friday, says ure the paje-r into note« and bills with
der« were sent to mail order houses.
the Yreka Journal. He was 73 years the face value of STfi.’i,000,000. The big
If thia is correct, there is something
gelt item in this total is the ,"> denomi­
of age.
radically wrong. Either the people of
nation, of which there will I* *184,000,-
thia county who patronize the mail or­
one dollar bills and *110,000 of five-
der houses do not know when they arc trolling interest in the M«lford A Cra­ dollar gold certificates.
being buncoed or they are accepting the
catalog ststements an true. When they Fee Bros., ol Coudersport, I’«., to Web­
Have a carload of cement and wood
eend their money to theae mail order ber Bro»., of Michigan, who have also filler plaster for rale. Get in your order
houses they get just what they pay for.
la-fore it is all gone.—Win. W. Men­
If the article is quote»! for a lean price people. It is now expected that the re­ denhall.
than what they can procure it from habilitation and the extension of the
All kinds of solt drinks at Manning’s
their home merchant for, the purchaser road will go ahead.
Joseph Black, luhn Bla:k and August
Choice line of Cigar* at Frank E.
may rent assure«! that it to of an infer­
Anderson, of Shawnee, Wia., who wero Ankeny’».
ior quality.
Take the item of clothing: These mail recently arrested by a Unite»! States
Foc*i>— A wagon jack. Owner will
order houses go to the large manufac­ Marshal on indictment relating to al- pleimo call on city Marshall, prove pn>p-
turer« <d cloth, and buy, not the Iwffil, eged land frauds in Koutheru Oregon, erly and j«ay for this adverlieeiuent.
Horning & Casey
Have all kinds of farm pr”Pertv, improved
and unimproved, ranging from fifteen to
seventy-five dollars per acre.
DniEcTiiits—Eretl Melliase, W. T. Sltivt*. fins Melliase, .1.
W. Siemens, C. E. Wurden.
Have some choice to*n property cheap, also have some Business
Lots and some Fine Timber Claims.
Buena Vista Addition
rcady rasm. and lota therein will he pl iced on the market.
tract comprises .'>30 acres, adjoins Klamath Falla on the north ami west
and Itorders on Link River and Upper Klamath Lake for two miles.
From this addition can be >w>*n tin* grandest pummina on lhe Pacific
Coast, comprising Lake. River, Valley. Hill. Mountain and Hnow-cappisl
Peaks, blend into an harmonious picture of uti<*quallcd Is-auty uml mag­
Boulevards and Streets are now being graded, and these will be lined
with Shade Trees. Grading work on the Electric Street Railway
is now under way
A completo sewerage system will lie put in. Th<* entire cut of tin* Odessa
sawmill has Iwen piir< hase<l, and those building in the Bnmia Vista Addition
this summer will have first call on the output of this mill.
Flans for a magnificent hotel arc now being prepared, and construction will
liegin this summer. This hostelry will !>•■ locator! on one of tin* most pictur­
esque spots in the addition and will Is- rairrouml«l by a park.
If yon want a home in the most beautiful Heetion of Klamath County, buy
a lot in the Buena Vista Addition.
If you want to live where you will lx- siirrounde I with Iwantiful homes, buy
n lot in the Buena Vista Addition.
If you want to live on the street car lino then have your home in the Buena
Vista Addition.
If you arc looking fornii investment that will yield returns, pur« Intra« prop,
crly in the Buena Vista Addition.
Murdoch Build’
next door Postoti ice
Klamath Canal Co