Klamath republican. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1896-1914, September 21, 1905, Image 1

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    Official NewM)«P®r of Klamath
unty and Leading Journal
Of the Interior Oregon Country.
The Largest Circulation and is
the Bett Medium lor Reachln«
a Prosperous and Trading Public
NO. 85
priver and Seven Passengers Go Report is Allowed io Be Klamath County Can Furnish Man
Over Twenty Foot Embankment
Filed ÀI Salem Showing
To Defeat Geo. E Chamberlain
But Escape Death,
Decreased Population.
Have Two Candidates,
Mi../-!’» i<u«.y.
w |t,.;1>.*l*l- *!»•
w,io*i»iy ini"’*1
jCTtenlV .... ..
■ Th. ,t«r n»«Ha.i»«*l *•**’»•
ia--- - —
«Ina II
„Hl brlf < h.
*• «lni^
* kill*"
. I . i I
11f 1-,
t «w « 1 '' * "
„h'iva». Il*
l-‘*r ’""k"
tmf»»«*'1’1* ”""
)ht .ur-
r "
(Mitet"»» -",*
^9,1'led »nd »II‘”••J *l,e *'•'"
'th, bank <* ""* I »"* '* ’’’F
^4 k isrit' ii iw«"'’ l*M * *'• *h" ’••*"
ym lln««« »•'" U‘— •• I-”'1'*- w a«
the I m >t w ith the drive» and
Mtm>< "i> »■
.rh ••• oVsrtUrt»CTl, «I*" and
rm •
tksdnra*- •• '• *'•'
the ro* •«
fw,<4 th*
»rr» rauxlit <">•*” th*
» !>. »' 'I
gr. Slration *4 »'•“ Itami«"*. ■'• '1'-'
uj'r-g- ah» C«*a|»*l injury, wh-»
it wk * I I" •«.i.t it, »»¡.ing 111 h <*'>ai h lo
»viri»».- lIitfM. tit * I «-r I. «. a 111. r*4>i^d and
■laili I liiiDtihg li,r «
I he Invi along
■ ml » Ill' ll ha.l g'lltrn I'.'.u
It w mm nl
•<> ir|xi,tn| tl>4l t'l.ii < ( I),,, pn«*vi>g«H «
I,n •«•Pig II"',*
II frutti
fn,tn III
Mm «tag« did tiut
•lop Olii II ho latidi-d iti the riv* r
Hr. II H. Ila*un« at.4 Ali t .Martin
Jr. uriti io U.K te «•!!
x Maiorilav all««r
turili ttl|i| tut I". r«’ti|FU m tli«, t* vitii i n k
i»r Ila», i« •fai«”l (Lal .Mi»a Hi|««y ai «I
ill, limti »«mill« mil) two rnn.ii.li
lit) I" I, Mti'l tb«l lit.» lnl'1 l.i.'n
to K|MI>rr, *«.
Ml»« llt",y rri r lc'l *
li.’l i 'll Iti Ilio forrbr*«j »bit'll liucov
rimi litt »k ill « , .'it I,,,. .iav
M lolla,
¡.very town in the county Ln* in-nriy
Tli«* rligDc«»« an* v
• b'hl I* I in p*/|>u!atmu in the p.«**l llinm
Klamath county t«> I
l*h tin* next
year« and every recllun baa received it«
(iuvrrnur to sue**«*« d 1
Ji<*n. <¡ro. E
•»harr of new citiMha. yet, ec< or<ling to
the Hroi gm
| the !'*>« ii*ni**i« tukwn by ttie Aaa«-»a*>r I ('haiitbcrlahi. Tuu
and I h « dvptiliea,
k ¡Aíiinlh • omit y ca nd M m tea apok«*n of are J udg«- II« nry
' !*<■ w • « 11«•< rraM« in |iupulation of l.H. I*. Ih /1*011, wh‘> Iix< • m
k lamath i j)
*im r fl % o ) care ago.
an«l flon. Uenry J\ Ankeny, who i*»
According to the r«.|>orl »hub
heavily ltlterenl««f| ill the «'lUlity and
l--«-n f .id with the Secretary <4 the In­
terior ami a copy of wliidi i « in the ■penda n great portion of hi« time here.
Klaoiiith county wn«uia*j favored the
• Minty Clerk • office, Klamath county
• «»ntaiu 2 72 J males arpl 1010 Irutalr« l>a«l week with the presence of another
<>r a total population of 3036. In 1000
«liatinguibhed man who i« favorably
ih«* cenaua showed a population of 3970.
mentioned •« a poaxLIe * andidate fijf
Fhrie arr l*cl ivm 1 JO) and ¡200 Indi­
rio' M n. Libri «i»r t ut b I h . u I ll.it |s< r ana within th«« county and I«» j than a the Ih/publiran nominaUuD for Govern
■nd brill«. I up nlH,at Un buly. |t i. I doten of these have been enumerated.
or. Hon. E. 1.» Smith, of Houd River,
n* I kt>'*»n l«lti>|li*I) »hrlltrr •!,« i,
A caaoal glance over the census re preaj-lent of the Oregon Stale B ard of
iujutr.1 inirrually or n .t
Mi llryn turns as on fl.a will ahow a jucubled up
Horticulture and th** Northwest F ruit
OI. .Ilot 'luv. ' I" f.i II,.tri, k on Hm vollertiou of iiatnea. will out eyalciii, ar
’ Association, arriv«-*l iu the
lm. « oi Ihr hrgil «n I « p.rt'r <4 th. ratigrinunl <»r rlaaaifit-aiion. Il i« «im­
evening, arid is inveatigat-
»kuli ■Ixxil tl u ,"r <4 our*» th*1 u>li wu. ply a record «•! a farce prrpetraUxi upon
Pine limber
Dairy Now
In Operation.
Good Investment.
J. I Kelly, of the Booth Kelly l/im-
la r Company, and th«« (‘oinpany'a rep
H»rniBiiH*. U i« Mink. «4 Ijikwvicar.
aar » »ha •»•«•
were in tlm ritj la«i wm-k
The iLotb
g. C. Nni'.h, of Albany, who |"i'
Kelly C'
jfa—i p,o|x-rt» in tlaa illy a
iwail*«,," with the intonilo« of alar» of tlllilar ai. i other lamia <>n the Klaiu-
InftaaxJrrn da"», arrivi I tee last •th |nd| ii l{«*»«-t\a'.i-’ii, whnli they ar
,wk aliti '*0 brad nt » ». ■• r. •’itf 1 • *
I >'*l «|uirel I :n tl «* < alifurma A <hrg«»n
Militar \ K a I < mipatiy. an-l tfiev have
fndM J.' ct » eoa. and ,tart<*i I i . i
ha*! tlp'ir men e, .i g o\«?i the ground for
izw M<»d«t
Th. o^w'1..'» >* l<"'a(<*l iti I tintir» (hr pati two inonlha and working in
addite- wlien* Mr bmil.'i u>i< ha. roiijunction w tlh guv««. nm«*nt cruiawra,
bm at «"»k pulling Op .lafdra and In apprwiae the land.
The titk« i • th«« militatv r«*ad grant
battila.• for b J *»»• •■ lie ho. I<ra*«xl
talMmf, la Ilia lli’ililtv tor inunr-l all- Lal i«een in «pirati n ! »r ontne tune but
a* Mr. tallii
• Ilia! h, will gtiar tint ly the **u| i« in* Court decided m
MtMlli. prolu. I "I ll>. dairy an 1 that favor of thv r<*< I < ompatiy. Ill the
it .ill t» .«> )»•! to iti,|w ti ti at tin n»r«utime f.«»w<*vrr. th< government
tte. The
«VI all >»• »tail fed and I*ad g »ne ahead an«! ma*!«* all *(im-nta <»n
•ill to furnished will* puro bel and l*or<i<*u« «4 it io the Imiiatia, and now
there I« alami only two thing« (or the
(or the delivery of milk and g vi'fnment t«» do. One ia Io pav the
OB« will Iw run twirt, a day. A first !■ ■ ?h Krilv < «'Uildny , the am rv«eora <*f
the Kon*| ( m|-aiiv.a Liir an«l rraimn-
buUk •jr«t«*m will l„
Will ba ilrliv* red to ru»l«>iii«r* in «ir al h* pii* e for ine land, or to give them
l*««U lan«! I «< ( 14I value «ne*<hang«*. It
t tfbl flan jar «, ani the full ainM I*
livery, tha rmptim will th- culled« I and ia with ll.e * • ;«• t I arriving al a fair
| kv otiru left iu thru pit*«. Thia with value of the ian i that th«* government
th«ogre taken at the dairy will incute ai»«l th«’ ILmt 1» k« ley |>eoplw now l»4i r
lare milk and cream nt « Uniform n»en going * ver tin* land.
Mr. Kelly, who 1« a Well p»atr<i mm
on litnl*er matiera. stated while in town
I tl*at I ie ronaidertif Klamath count jr
I m* a g*»<«d I •.% at |i a th*» ¡«and stump
age, Iferetoforv. the niarkrl |«>r tim-
/. K. Ballard while bunting da k» ♦ *rr I*« ing hitiitr«l in thia section, there
ahy L««n n » r**tab!i«b«*d vai
ema eaek ago met with wn a- ,i lent L - 1 a
vftiakMy rau»e him to I om * th«« a.r* t ne |»I. u « m | <m our timlier. .Xnaily all of
the ti i er I'Urchu»« <1 in thia ar« lion baa
«(«•• >4 Mary«««
Ht ihot at < dark w hen the cap * \
lx vii la light l«»r rpi illation an i (be
|Ma>l eaeeing the firing pm to blow ' prue lia« landed Iroiu titty to arv**ntv-
A quantity of th«* jiowdrr «*ii!«- i .| I live celila |x-r tlimirand. The tendency
H* CT, .n<l prevented him from dtuing haa Ix-rn lor better prirea ati-l with the
advent of railroad« and the vast devel­
■ay■<»* .hooting that 4*v
totlwnd him ,o that be Im l |(> keep it opment of thw county, Il is ex|ircied
Mirrwl up, |„,t |,o ,||() ,1(lt
|hM| that the tnii!a*r l>u*in«*«a will liven up.
*tow would I m , b „ j ,
For «lian hh * a , «I)»vntcry, cholera
Ate he returne l lioma the e>e I
**”* **• Kt Friday morning lor in<*r* na ur miiiini«*r complainl, tak«* ¡
■* rr,n* iw <, t„ have it treated l*v a ll!a«*kl>ern (’< * l«al an i Jamaría Gin^ur
|in*|>an*«l at t Imw«»*!».
•tad« lui.
KUmaik Falla “®*
rw<nlal*i •••>»'
a lull»
-rial V»
Ballard flnv Lose Eye.
*<l kind« ut U,t< creams at Chitwood-.
the p«*oplr <4 the ootinty. An«l )et it ia
naturally presumed that lbw County
Court pna««*d UJ«*U the work <»f thia u(-
th e and allowed au<i paid the pill« lor
Ibwre ia one striking exception m th"
rep rt from Tule Lake precinct for w hi* h
the deput* Irmo thio «er I ion almuld re­ ,
ceive err lit. The report ie very neat <
and pr*>|M*rly arranged and no doubt
aliowa the a< tuil population of l»oih the
town of Merrill and Tulc luike precinct.
Thia is the only instance, with the ci
■ eption of Klamath Falla, where the
triieua of the town and the precinct arv
er pa rated.
sult < f t he work <4 his friend*, and
on his own initative.
Ikn* i>n, the Vote Getter.
It i« <*'>ner«Jed that < hamlierlain will
l»v a Lui I man to la*at. Hu ia popular,
a nu mber of many societies and a goo«!
talker. A» the time draws nearer it
lje< ■ me* • vi lent that if lie is to bo beat­
en, i! uill have to i/c on liia own ground
and at bis own garn«*.
ft is acknowl­
edged t>«nt no one is butter equipp&l m
do this than Judge lojnson.
La* a reputation a« a vote getter, and
when it conies to making *(M*ecbus, it is
admitted tliat he is the man to meet
( hnriiljerla'n ou the stump, an I there
a*«* many who contend that Benson is
by far the supeiior. Judgt* Bensun still
Las five y»*ars to serve as ju«igu of the
First Judicial District and Lis friends
have urge! him to resign. It is be­
lieved that in case he should declare
himself a* a candidate for Governor he
ing the fruit conditions here.
.Mr. would have no trouble in getting the
Smith stated tun Republican r«presrn- nomination.
Ankeny iq Favor.
tative that he was not a candidate fur
Henry li. Ankeny is another candi­
Governor, bat that no matter how
many time« bo deni«-d it they kept in date who would receive strong support
• luting on brir*girig his name up
He from »Sjiitbern Oregon. Mr. Ankeny's
mm «imply making a trip over the state iiomu ¡s in Eugene, but he haa property I
to investigate the fruit condition« interests in b«>th Jackson and Klamath
Klamath county had become ►> highly , Countie», and b(«enda much of bis time
adverti*»c«l that he had det ided to COlDc traveling and l«»oking after hit interests,
lie h |**rh*mally known throughout the
over here.
While Mr Smith is no doubt sincere entire state and ha« a large fu'lowing.
in stating he in not a candidate, Mt It will I m - remembcriM tliat his friend«
after a talk with him. the impresión put up a fight for him three y«*ara ago,
remain» that he is not • lt< gelber ‘lih­ hut lie was la*aU*n by Furnish. There
ph*a»ed with the honor oi l»eing une of are many who say that Geo. E.
the po««ibiliiies. If Mr. Smith liecotnes i Chamliurlain would n<»t have l»een • Gov-
a candidate, however, it will In« thu re­ ernor if Ai>k**ny baJ been oominateii.
K. K. K
Mr. Imepli C. Bmith. of thm city, and
Mi-« ('« <a Glen '••nning were n>arri«xi in
Ashland at the home of the bride'« »»*•-
ter. Mra. E. A. Bcullen. <»n Turaday
afternoon September 12, 11*06.
The ceremony war performed by Kry.
F. X. Baker <4 the Paptiat Church in
the presence »4 immediate metnl>era of
the family. The bride in wrll known in
Klimaih county, having recently proved
up on a hnmretrad near Bly
Bhe has
Iw-rn «pending the wimmer with her
aiater in Ashland. The gr<*'ni rarnr
here from •Michigan an«! hat Ixwn in-
tereale«l in tha timl«er buainera in Klam­
ath county f«»r •rveml war». Hr 1» at
¡ rt vriil city uiarahal of Klamath Falla,
having l**«*n appointed by the Council
tilnMii two months ago.
Immediately after th« ceremony Mr.
•nd Mrs. bmith left for Portland where
they will visit the Exposition. after
which they will return to Klamath
Falla where they will make their future
Bues ing—Sluter.
Mr. Aiiitn.i Hue.ln« and Mi«. T x .I m
hlat.r, Ixtlh <>f lln. l it». «<-»* married
nt Merrill on Tueaday, Septen»l>er III.
Il»)k. The ceremony * u« performed by
Iter. John M. Ferguaon.
Mr. Rueting
I.a. purchaned the Haren residence on
■ nil Main .Heel and the young couple
hare gone to hoii.elceeping.
bilvrrware, cut g’.ta«, clock«. novel-
tie«, etc. The finest line in Klamath
L. Alva Lewi«.
Once tried alwraya uaed.
(.’tuiir hqaora at the Bank Exchange
f«»r » • sirular |M*opl««.
Kt ore Chocolate!.
City Drug
The Most Complete
ind Up-to-Date Line of +
Fall and Winter
Bring in Samples
Water from Klamath
of Sugar Beets.
Lake Enriches Soil
ft i.eipnutel fh,t ,*l»ert¡dement, f *r
bill, for the first section <>f the ni.in
east «i*ie canal »ill lie ftdlnwcd Mntn af­
ter by ■ilrertiseinenti* fur the extension
,outh of Merrill. Right, of way for
this exlen«ii>ii »ill l*e <*l taineii a, Moon
■■ the rights ul wav fur thv first nine
unlra are in shape.
<>» in« Io the press ol other matter, it
haa nut teen |H «»i'’le to interview ull
the l«n<l owner, thr t;gli »h<we proper­ I
ty Hie first secU'in of the canal |',«ees, ■
but it i, *«fe to say there will bo no ob­ .
stacles iiiipoMel by the land owners. ;
Th, right, of way for tho tunnel, except I
for tlint portion under Fairview Second ■
Addition, »iu t'btaui 'i in the setth*
ment with the Klamath Canal Co. Mr.
li. W. White, »ho owns that Addition,
ba, given the right of way thriugli that
property. Arrangement, satisfactory to
the tioverniuent for right of way
through the hot »pring, tract werepraeti-
callv agreed upon when Mr. Naftzger,
president of the company owning the
tract, war taut here, and tha matter will
lie conclude 1 within a few day, up­
on Mr. Nafsgcr's return. Mr. Wm. A.
Wright, who has an interest in the com­
pany, stated there would b** no ditfie ulty
iu the matter of his private land,.
Mra. M. Summers anil Mr. >. I'. Sum-
racr, have granted the right of way over
their property without charge a, have
Mr. Ankenv and Mr. Cantrell. The
canal traverses a large portion of the
Innils owned by these last naunai an*l it
is all cultivated. The canal cuts diag-
onally across the .*) acres owned by
C. N. Meyer anti through cultivated
I land the entire distance taking a por-
lion of the orchard. It will lie neees-
sary for Mr. Meyer to move hi, house,
but lie asks no damages except enough
to cover the ex|wnse of moving the
buildings. Mr. J. W. Bryant and H. L.
Arant will grant the right of way
Ever Shown in Klamath County
Ix'et from the patch having its form as
nearly as possible in accordance with ,
the alove description of a typical beet.,
Lio not select one which is set abovu the
ground, but one which is well covered ¡
mil in topping lie sure to remove all
leaves to tbe root. Wrap the Ix'et in
oil< 1 paper to prevent drying in transit.
May Build New Hotel.
' B »ill Ixt adiirussed an*l sent to!
Washington for analysis the result cf1
which will l*u secured during early win-1
» X
I »'’»
Tinware, Crockery, Etc
Tailoring Co’s
Only first-class up-to-dat
merchandise carried
Klamath Falls may have another irn-
poring structure to testify to the grow-
ing im|>ortance of our town as a busi-
ness center. Rumor say a that a R'O.UOO
hotel building is being contemplated.
The first of the week Abner Weed,
capitalist, railroad man and lumber
king, purchased of Major Worden a one-
half interest in the Worden property on 1
Main (tract lying lietween the Lakeride
Inn and the Navigation Company's of-1
tlee at the east end of the britige. It is i
rcjiorted that it is tho intention of Mes-
srs. Wied and Worden to put up a dup-
lieate of the famous Weed Hotel al
Dunsmuir, California,
through their propertfe«, the ..tber _
owners have not vet been ,*cn, but
there is every reason to l«*lieve that
they will betislila'ral a- their neighbors.
East End
Phone Main
P' S T B H M «f
? LR U N D R Y
CKD-O- 0-0-0-0-00 ®
Will be ready for business
Monday, September 25.
(«) 00-00-0-0 O-O-O-O-O-O <XX><XXXXXXX>O>
The new high echool building il near­
ing compleliun and in n credit to the
Mrs. Mister, formerly of Klnmath 1
Full», »bo- ba* been conducting the1
Those peraon, who receive I and plant­
ed Ix'et r -i-d last spring will lx> kind
enough to provitle a sample ami bring
the same to the Reclamation Office as
soon a« it is convenient.
The following instructions should be
followed a, clotty as it is practicable:
A typical sugar beet which nuy la- less
than five |x>unds ave,age six«, or, small­
er, will generally produce more sugar
titan the larger irregular shaped ones.
Generally speaking, the best sort of Iteet
should be nearly triangular in shape. 1 ^»
rather flat on top, tapering uniformly j
from top to tip.
When collecting! L
-aui| lcH it is well to select an average' J*
Complete up*to-date
lines of Dry Goods,
Ladies' and Gents
Merrill Ifotel for Mivernl tnontlia, has
relume I to the Fell».
E. L Niles, formerly clerk at the
River»i to Hotel, ha« leiwed the Merrill
Hotel and will conduct the s»me.
Met W. W llrimdon has opened ft
tnWteeeJi e«t,ibli»hment in this city.
Tht «. J. Otlield I im gone into tlm pig
buairoM m a side iiMu.
D. M. Whitney of the Whitney Mcr-
WD'ito CftmpHny. t *tock rniser anti
thn hlng niaehim- m»n, set in town
tiM fore pa 't of the week looking lor a
«Nk for th« machine crew.
F(>« RENT —300 acres <4 farming |
land with or without seed, feed or farm,
ing implement,.
I.. P. Ward.
Ma«,rine»! at Chitwoods.
Get under a
These hats are worn by the men
who demand high-grade 'quality,
beauty of finish, and standard
styles. All
Latest Style»
aro Here
W« have a completa line cf tha Stet­
son Soft and Dor by Hat*.
The Boston Store
«W trio fre I *5111
’W'tigioix I ofh I n of
new furniture
nrriviny; titillar