Klamath republican. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1896-1914, January 30, 1902, Image 3

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I ir»
NkatluK *•
Wilbert lapman of Bly was In town
j F. King <>f
Will. Gracu of Portland
C II. White of
was In
town Mend*)’’
I, M. Whllneyof Merrill was here
|Ml Thunid.iy.
I, J Straw cam« up from the I »of-
rt, ranch Friday.
A. M. Zcvely «if Bonanza ttiUl ¡I
Fulls visitor Friday.
M1H il
Win. Wiliam of
Falls visitor Tuesday.
T II. Wat kins of Lebanon ii'rlvd
here Tuesday evening.
W in. Bntd of Lakeview was an at
rival In-re Iasi Tbursday,
A. Kershner was In from Ills ranch
the fare part <»f th«' week.
H. F- Martin of Merrill left fur
jhirtland I»"1 week.
Frank Adams of Merrill was in
Klamath F’’*11* "n ,,|i*|"rM Fiiday.
The eold wave Inis caused some I
alckn*«. though we have heard of no
iwriou* cam*.
W'a understand prep irat iocs Wi­
tiring mail«’ for a bill here mi the
niglil’if Febuary II.
F. |>. ('haiuls’rlln, lt lawyer of
Jutland, arrived here Sunday Cleti-
Ing <»n legal Imslm-sa.
Tlie I”« harvest has resumed, the
prietiKt having boan rwidvrvd excel
h-st t>y the cold snap.
la following nlwdulc time, III«
atage* have I ms - ii doing better lb.in
tbr trains this winter.
K <'. Ilamakcr and T. B. Kinsman
of Bonanza have been Klamath Falls
«laHurs lb« (Kvst w<ck.
Mrs. W W. Hazen left for Xstl.ind
l»a< Saturday. Iwiug called there by
U m wrioiui llhieM of her iiiotis*«.
W F. Arant, the staunch and op
llnilxllc repnldtean <>f I'liw Grove,
wax a caller st thin office V1ond.iv.
Mr. Silas ll.iwk an old resident of
Metlfurd, <ll«d there 011 Wcdiievi.iv
of last week, being ag« I *2 years.
Then- was no m I omi I Monday amt
yesterday in the high N»m> on ac­
count of the lllnna« of Hi« priuvlpul.
Th« Mcdfonl M ill M’l-ms apjiz lien
wive tlial the Sunset Telephone <
may discontinue Its
Dermott, J. <‘. Eu h miks
and S. L. Fa<ldle. knights of tlie
grip, arrived f-oni S ia Francie <i
It is reported ib.it nalxsUiHi In p.Vv
Ing quantities lias I* e|| dlM-oVel <1 III
the t'pj«.-r Appleg.ile dlsliict i>n lln
Hue win i„.,,| |>( A|h|rim ltl„| al Ix-m-s Mere broken ami lie was bad­
The Niinset ly Injured.
h is .1'. • ,i,
, |(| ,,|H,r in,,,, I,, ii «no
Yreka .Imirn il: Til« total expan
uml Hi. numb. r
iw-reiMlng dally.
sea Incurred by the grand Jury Incoii-
'l l" ladles «,( i |l(. m . E. chun II ncclion with the Mxikout civs s, Io
w 111 K1*' “ sup|H-r In the building un- January 15. Dm2, was, In round num-
*11 «••• 1 illlv iHi upied by th«- Duffy Co., I m m, ».I,lisg.:m. The expenses of the
commencing m 5 30 o'clock p. in. trini of .1. W. Brown f<x,t up 4 k, 302.-
tn morrow, and continuing until all 03.
This does not include nearly a
arc si-rvi-d.
month's f«<* due to lhe Jury an I
Tin- cam- of .1, c. Reach vs. Me­ court reporter mid the numerous
plit-n llirllliy nn action to recover witnesses Io attendance,
Poor Mo­
money v »-il tiled buforu a jury In line.
th« cm lilt court Tuesday, As it re-
Misirr’n Home Company will make
suit Hu |il.ihillff wns given a Judg­ Its next appearance at Houston's
ment for Him.
opera bouse In a triple bill oil the
Married i,v i,|,|K,. [,
Willits on evening of February 12. Two com-
Nature mid Philosophy" In
luesil.iv evi niiijf, III I |||. I'csldenci’ of cdles. “ Natlire
the bruks parents, yjr
Miller one net, and “Naval Engagements"
Io Miss \r<-liV” Keesee, daughter of In two nets, will I m - given, corn-hiding
Mr. and Ml l|. W. Keewe, all of with a side-splitting, one-act farce.
This promises to I m - the most enjoy-
Klamath I alls, I iri’gott.
Nee th.- new advert Iscinciit of T. II. aide entertainment yet given by tlie
lie has a fine company.
Ralph Moore, son <if W. J. Moore
stis k of goo-U lii his Hue, and his
M-hcdub of prices Will Is- seen by his of Lakeview, Is seriously afflicted
idvett.ht Call mid s<’e him ul i with blood [Masoning of one of Ills
legs, the result of the rubbing of Ills
Illi’ lliiffy stole.
lie Hist M io),lane«’ of winter tills Isxil while skating mid causing a sore
M-aSllll St I ||< k here last Thursday, but which became Infected by the color'd
The unfortunate
l.u.ti il only a few days.
The level h<«w he wore.
was i-ov<-ri-<l by alxiitt an Inch of young man has been taken to a hos­
It Is
sihiw anil tin. thermometers register- pital at Salem for treatment.
cd SOUK- I m ’I o W freezing.
I m * necessary.
Ml, Demorest, wife of Dr. O. F.
Ashland Tiding*:
Judge L. F.
D' in
I. dentist of Lakeview, «ll«il
«• bel I,..I”. || that place oil (lie Hull Willits returned to Klamath Falls,
Inst, she was lignd 32 years, and Tuesday. Mrs. Willits, who acconi-
1. iv s 4 husband and five young pann-d him to Ashland, will remain
tor a longer visit, hi the valley.
I'lilldreu to mourn her loss.
Judge Willitsaays that business In
•h s ph « i i.eymm, whocreated a
Klamath county, which was rather
v-i. it ion 1,1 at tempi big to kidnap
demoralized for a time by the alarm­
tlx 11 v it • I d.iughler of Mr. mid
ing reports M’lit out of I lie prevalence
'Its K-st, «-nal Grants I'ass, Dec-
of smallpox or Manila Itch there, has
'ml" » -- lias Is-cti udjndgi’<l Insane
resinned normal conditions again.
.md oimullted to the asylum ut
Ashland Record: Al*.nt a mile of
track has lieen graded on the Pokeg-
MIss I iirdwi-ll. one ut t lie teacher»
ama Sugar Pine Lumber Comp-uiy's
In Ih,- hl.iinath Falls schisils, II.IS
railroad up Klamath i river from
liei h . il|.-<l 11, Jacksonville by the
Lairds. There arc about 40 white
d> iih >>f her mother, leaving for
men employed and so Chinamen,
there List Friday. Her piare ill the
Wa Chung, the labor contraetor
m 'I msi I I s Is’llig tilled by Miss Minnie
of Ashland, furnishes the Chin­
A ppi« gale.
esc and Is slow In securing the
T» lai i f I lie ease of the Suninilt nu ll who do nut like the Job In win­
I rr , it Ion .ind Power I ’n. vs. Hayes ter monlhs. lie will si sin IncrcMe
and swart/.. Involving rights to ccr- . Ills force, however.
lain waler, w.is coneludid 111 Ule cir-
Likevlew Examiner: It has been
1'1:11 court here Monday,
The drei-
si -n of tlie e.nut has nut Ixirn render­ decided, positively, since the return
of F. M. Miller from San Ftanelsco.
ed as yet.
that the Lakeview Mercantile Co. of
<>n Monday, Louis Dennis, Henry
which Mr. Miller Is president will
A lilis and Major Worden were en­
build a flouring mill In Lakeview.
ta/ d ill viewing till’ road petitioned
The company has an option on a
fol by John Short and otilen to the
plant, and It Is m ire than probable
e unity liurd.
The [iriqxiM-d road Is
that the mill will tic In operation
on a ji.art of I lie route between Simu­
The company has
I next
lili l abs ind Bonanza.
to establish a branch
I als. i decided
V L. Michael, one of the stanch ineii'liandlse store at Blv, Klamat li
republicans of Dairy, made us a comity. in the spring, and may open
Ile eaux- up .1 like busllleas In other lo”.lllt les.
pi,-.:s.irit i-.ill, y.-sti rilav.
■low n on ol li.-r business, but Massimi- The fact that Lakeview is to h iv- a
iiiiiiii-d tn ad as Juryman III a c.ise il urlng mill of large capacity will lie
tu I«- ir !. il In the circuit court to­ good news for th.* farmers of G his --
morrow. lie.ice lie lias to slay.
Lake valley.
Fr.-d A<l.uns and family returned, The various mercantile establish­
her»- suim I. ii from Dairy, where t Iley- ment« have large lots of new giHMls.
Mr. and report that busincM Is gi-sl In
have I’sidisl since spring.
Vlains I i . in liccn engaged In carpen­ all lines, and growing better.
ter w-ii« there. Ho say» I. F. Dav- ' old smallpox scare which sat on this
i. s. i ■ wt master and merchant. Is a town like ail incubus. Is dead beyond
rustler and is iiistrument.il In making resurrectl<m, and fear no longer
I> tiri a giHHl town.
pi’oplc away. The laud-
lion It V Kmmitl of Keno made able and indomitable energy of In­
tis a pleasant call mi Saturday.
He lilian Agent Applegate completely
was last fall engaged fur several M|iieleh<*d all danger and fear on the
months In surveying an extensive ri'servalI si, and the prompt action
i rad of government land near The of people outside the reservation
Datlrs and has a contract to survey made short work of wiping out the
an . i lier Im/e tract near Bend, Crvsik dlsi-aw. There Is not a county or
Co. the coming summer.
town In tin* state which at lhe tirxt
C. II. Withrow Ims recently been was worse threatened, or which was
st’l.'hlv fixing up and arranging his sooner restoimd to It» normal condl-
. ......... . Mall! street. A new carpet, tioll of gissi heal111.
•:«< •? •.? •: $-i ■
4.-j.4.4 4. -•«
Steel Ranges, General Line Hardware, Stoves,
Tinware, and Crockery, Furniture and Burial Cas­
kets, Paints, Oils and Glass, Carpets and Lin­
oleum, Wdl Paper, Sewing Machines.
S tiletto -
are the best that
skill can pro­
duce, and at an
honest price,
fully warranted
for ten years.
Dry Goods,
* Clothing and Groceries. È
The Best Assortment We
For sale by
Have Ever Shown
New Stock Now Arriving.
Hardware & Furniture Dealer.
weather vvill favor the company in chief to hold at least monthly drills
its future efforts.
1 and put his men in tip-lop shape to
Messrs. Ream's A Jennings will meet any emergency, should one
shortly show their contldenee in the arise, Klamath Falls has reason to
growth, progress and future of Klam­ I h - proud of her tire laddies, as a finer
ath Falls and county, by commenc­ I hh I v of young men, enthusiastic to
ing Important improvements on their the core in their work can not lie
brick store, which will add not only found on the Coast, in a town of the
to Its at)lactiveiiess, but also to its size of Klamath Falls. Tlie election
size and convenience. Al the rear of of officers was hotly contested and
tile store is a wimk I cu building here ,.. , after the election of Chief Boggs was
q iii^ I assured, lhe whole department gave
tofore used :is a warehouse,
will lie moved across the street, andthree iheeis for their chief and a
In its place will Is built a stone ex . tiger, showing their love and confl-
.... , dence in their leader.
The chief!
tension to the store. Such extension
and cast |
will tie 3o feet long, and luving I...
same width as the store. 2k feet. I Ills eagle eye sternly on them when I
The j
When completed, they will h ive a they-subsided and sat down.
was j
store 100 feet long, 2* feet wide,
inside, and altogether will con­ the vice president who seems to have
trol HOOO square feet of floor sjiace. a very strong pull on the boys.
Hence they can find room for an im­ Their next meeting will be held on
mense stock of gissls, such a stock in the last Monday in February.
One who was present.
fact, as will be required in a city of
5000 people, which growth Illis town
will make in the near future.
On Monday was held a special'
will further add. that the interior
John A. Bovrr, aged 7.1 year», ami
will be greatly improved and that a sc I khi I imteting for district No. 1 at
For many years a rcsld. nl of .1.« k»m
new plate glass front of th” largest the town hall for the purpoM of levy­
vllle, died there oil Wednesday < f
and most attractive style will be put ing a special tax for school purposes.
last week.
The meeting was well attended, as
From Jaeksotiv III« c<irres[>ondcii< e
lhe citizens of this district take a
In Medford mall:
Hi»« Sutton, of
great deal of pride in their schools,
At a large and enthusiastic meet-
Klamnlh Falla, paid <-nr town a oliort
and a two mill tax was ordered levied.
ingofthe Klamath Falls Fire Is­
viait WislueMlay.
Considerable discussion was had in II
partaient held in the town hall on
On acrounl *f delayed truins, the
regard to the establishment of a
the evening of January 27. 1U02, the
Ager stage arrived with no mill
county high school. Messrs. Baldwin,
following officers were elected:
trim« th« railroad Monday morning
Willits. Hammond and others taking
Alex Martin Jr., president.
and yesterday morning.
part, and after much wah-wa a straw­
.1. V. Houston, vice president.
vote showed that everybody present
Rev. Ilarblt return«*! Momlay t<>
.1. W. Siemens, s-erct ny.
was strongly in favor of establishing
lflcard, I'al., to rvntlnui* spis’lal meet
C. I. Roberts, treasurer.
said school.
No further business
Ings, lie reports gmsl hitcresi and
II. L. Boggs, chief.
meeting, it stood
that several have already unli«’d with tallies and other furniture, together
.1. <». Ifasith and I*. II. Hath have
Geo. Bielm, Foreman N >. I hose
• be church.
wlib the mapa, pictures, etc., which returned to their homes at Grants Company.
Mrs. Mary Vlnzenl. a native of adorn (lie walls, and tlie cordial wel­ Pass from Alturas. where they were
Fred Shalhs’k. assistant foreman
Old Fort Warner. Lake county, died come which awaits visitors, make Ills (<«||ed as witnesses in the notorious No. 1 Hose Co.
Steel Cut Nails, to close them out.
at her home In Berkley, Calif., on the place a most conif irlable ami cosy Lnikout lynching case now on trial,
C. I. Rolierts, foreman No. 2 Hose 50 kegs, at ♦."> pei keg.
itth Inst., leaving a liiisls«nd and resort......................................................... On being interviewed, these gentle- Co.
The Hardware Dealer.
hair children.
Otto Hedrieh, assistant f ireman
( apt. O. C. Applegate, the popu- "" "
•" ll'»' ‘¡rants I'.iss Ohser-
Quite a nntnlier of other Aults in lar V, enl al Klamath Agenev, was ver that “much of the sensational- No. 2 Hose < '<>.
Chas. E. Ilumphery, sergeant-at-
the circuit court arc st III expected to at Hie Falls »11 business a few days i*m that is going the rounds of the
be Irl«*d before the end of the pres­ the fore part nf this week.
lie is n-’"s|> ip«is. regarding Mod.*- county arms.
1 have 10 acres of fruit land at
One new incmlier was duly initiat­ Ashland which will trade for Klam­
ent term, among them several mure kepi ahmz.1 eonsluntlw busv handl-1 mid Its people. Is gross exaggeratIon.
. fl„ dnllesof bls ollie., 'anil was They found tlx-city Of Alturas |.( Is- ed Into the depart ment and two ath Falls unimproved lots or acreage.
Irrigation cases.
1. A. D vffy .
Ben Rabin arrived from his moun­ ..specMlIv rushed during the qiiaran- n quiet and law abiding place, most names were dropped from the rolls Address or ca'I < n,
Klamath Falls.
tain sialhm Tuesday nnd rrports tine tn imnlrolling tli«> thuuiiand 1„.' <’f the eltIz.’ns licing of culture and on account of non-residence.
that there arc iwiw I to men employed
t wo drunken men during their so- tion, financially having not a cent in
In grading for I lie proposed railroad
After mentioning a recent case joUrn (here. They predict a great its treasury.
Registration for the coming elec­
There are now 31
up Klamath river.
lie- Vledford Mail says that "if A*!’", future for the county of Modis’ and memliers lielonglng to the depart­ tion was opened at the County
Hon. IL A. Eininllt and family
l.v I land ‘ ‘ is going * to ------
turn —
any —
num -, Mlrroundlng terrltorv.”
ment, who are div ided in two hose Clerk’s office on Monday, the 6th day
were up from Keno on Friday to al ...........................
i | ht <’f her citizens
It ose on Medford to
Justice of the
....... ........................
No. 1 under the leader­ of January, 1902.
The Inclement weather which vis­
• «nd the theatrical cntcrtalnnicnt of get “groggy" It ought tobe Impera­
Peace and Notaries Public of outside
Mtsirc’s dramatic, company nt the tive that they Is-supplied with funds ited this section last Friday and Sat­
by ('. I- Rolierts, and the precincts desiring Imoks and blanks
I sufficient to pay their fines and not urday hindered the success of the manded
Opera house that evening.
the supervision of Chief for registration pur|s>ses may pris’ure
two entertainments given by Moore's
A. C. Beals has the contract fur compel ns to board them while they Home Co., one here and the other II. L. Boggs, an experienced fireman same upon application to the clerk.
J ames II. D ioscoll .
making a coinimsllous, sulistanllal are "laying out " the sentence of the ■ at Merrill. As many ns could have who has had much experience In this
County Clerk.
wAgon for Fre«l Misirc's dtiiiii.it 1«
been expected considering the stormy line oi work in Port land and Ohio.
r,l,npnny, which starts on Its travels
Capi, \pplegatc reports that work .niter elements, witnessed the pre-
A full line of groceries.
from here early In the spring.
was suspended Novemls’r .11 on the Ml|llilt|(,|t of “The Waif of Sacrameli- regard Io buying uniforms and the medicines of all kinds- enough to
Imys will soon make I heir ap|x aranee kill you if sick, make you sick If not,
F rank WeC«mn, who assaulted 1». M ih I ih ’ Point irrigsi Ing dllcli and will to," here Friday night.
Mr. and
Halliday last September with a dan- I h - resumed curly in the spring with Mrs. Moore handled the leading roles togged out in the latest and best continually on hand at the Excelsior,
gfrous weapon at. Grants I'nss, has a force of fifty men. The ditch will In their usual, skillful manner, and style. 11 is the Intention of the Dairy, Or.
been sentenced by Judge Hanna to lie tlilitcen miles long and water were ably supported by the local tal- • ’
nlxivi’ 10,000 acres of land.
Il Is the ent. At Merrill a small audience
nine years In the penitentiary.
The coldest morning so far, was Hist of several Irrigating enterprises braved the cold weather and hovered
l*»t. Naturday.
Ono llieiinometci pi'iqxised for the Klamath reserva-; almtil the stove, while the company,
chilled by the alwence of sufficient
Mid 5 degrees lielow zero, other liter- 'hui.
presented three
nioinctera were more considerate mid
Jos. Stafford, a tireman ill the cm- nrtitielal
comedies “Sweetheats,"
reported from two to Itve degrees piny of lhe Southern Piu'lllc, was excellent
nearly killed by an accident nt Grant» ••From Germany by Wire,” and "Is
Lakeview Examiner:
George B. Pass recently. Stafford was In the Marriage a Failure." Not withstand-
McFarland, Coast Manager for the tender of an engine preparing it to Ing the cold, the audience was kept ,
Nunset Telephone Company, Is now receive a cargo of wood. Not know-’ in a roar of laughter during the pro-;
In Nevada extending the lines of that Ing lie was there, a brakeman dump- gress of the entertainment, mid was
it is hoped mild
ftnnpany. Next summer th..' Suns -t cd a big mti -s of wood on him. Sever- thoroughly pleased
Order your Easter
suit now.
Over 600
sample patterns just
received. For tailor
suits to order at $10
^to$25. Call in and see sam*
• pies and let us take your order.
L. F. WILLITS, Proprietor.
n 11
-I- .♦«.;«
.;««;«-> -;««;«•> •> ■?
FULL stock of
General Merchandise.
1. F. Davies,
Mail Distributor and General Roust­
about, Proprietor.
For General Stone Work.
Cemetery Work of all Kinds a
All Work Guaranteed.
Shop Opposite New Feed Stable.
$250.00 REWARD
The Klamath County Live Stock
Association will pay the above re«
ward for the arrest and conviction of
any person or persons found guilty of
stealing or altering the marks ov
brands of any stuck belonging to any
mendier of tills association.
Address Chas. Horton, President
or J. <>. IIamaker,Secretary.