Klamath republican. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1896-1914, November 22, 1900, Image 1

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K LA M A'I’ll
Epitome of the Tclcgrnphlc
Newt of th» World.
Rn luir tr«t Illg < «illcrlhtH t$f 11miai« Fr«
•lia îwu ll*»»»l»|»h«*re» I* ree » iu J
I m «• <‘ m $' I•»»!•«• »I Xr.
A •«•rimi» si»>w
Nouth Dakota
news .
* 'I
«term Is raging la
Ih» < hlhn«« emperor and
will raiiirn in Bakin.
I Ira dosiroyiid n ronsidarabla pur-
thin of t|ln < ureuii pulso,
Seoul re-
Fate of Thiity-two in the
Nova Scotia Wreck.
• terieral llotha has sent lxrr<l Rollarla
a atalemeiit <d the lerma ou which he 16 ROD!KNOF ViCHMs KKLOVKKKI)
will surrender.
The firm n( William I«. Hiring <8|
<'«. . <d N„,, Y.irk. has failod, witU
rn» Kasai a al l‘ kb. Has* l>»-r|<tr«| «»ft
I • »«« •• T«»i file,
lh«i I»| imio ' m , empraaa was atlai'kn-l
I'V a luimilc who Ihiiiw Ida purse and
ills sleiea H| In r.
The l'aria «'sposlHoii la elossul.
London, l.ov. 15. — Dr
wiring to Ilin '(lines from
lav, says:
*‘Pressed by th« common desire for
i speedy det< rmmallon of present con-
ilitions, the foreign eni>>ys have finally
sgr«««l to the following terms to lie
|>r«-s«nted in a joint note, which, sub­
ject pi the approval of riie government,
'will I* pressed upon China as the
Ini Sis ot a preliminary treaty:
“China shall erect a monument to
Baron von Ketteler ou the site where
lie wan mur>lere>I and send an nnperal
prince to Germany U> convey an apol-
“She shall inflict the ili-ath penalty
njs n II priucas ami officials already
named and suspend provincial exami­
nations for five years where the out­
rages occurred,
”.'n future, »11 officials failing to
prevent anti-foreign outragea within
their jurisdiction shall l>e di«m»»ed an«!
pnntah«-)!. (Thia is a uoalii flat ion of
Mr. Conger's pr<q>o»al )
“Indemnity shall he paid to the
steb-s, curisirations am! individtfllls.
’’The Taung Id Yamun shall be abol-
iahe<l and its function a veateil in a for­
eign minister.
“Rational intercourae shall be per­
mitted with the emperor, as in civil-
ized countries.
“The forts at Taku aud other forts
on the coast of China l.i «hall be razed.
■ ml th« importations of arms and war
maleral prohibited.
“Permanent legaHon guards shall )>e
nia>ntain«»1 an<l also guards of commu­
nication between Pekin and the sea.
“Imperial proclamations shall 1«
posted lor two years throughout the
empire, suppressing the lioxers.
“The indemnity is to include com­
pensation for Chinese who suffered
through la-ing emploved by foreigners,
but not compensation for native Chris­
tian». 'lb« words ‘missionaty’ and
*< Kristians’ do not occui in the note.
■ ««msratlna «r lbs Fopnlstlon of
Tsrrllory <:„snpls«»a.
Arbitration Rapidly Gaining
Favor in Indiana.
Orploreble Condition» Kslst In
bwralfliopi of New York anti
New Jersey.
Washington, Nov. 16.—The census,
bureau recently completed the nnu-'
mention of the district of Alaska. The.
schedule« have been received at the
1 office and are now in process of tabula-,
tion The director of the census today
gave out the following statement with
reference to the work in the territory:
“Hamuei O. Dunham, who had
charge of the work iu the northern dis­
trict, returned to Washington a few
days ago and submitted his final re­
port. He left Washington on this work
May 4, 1899.
“The native and mixed population
ol the northern district of Alaska is
12,652. The moat populous district,
with res|«ct to the native population,
ia the country lying between the moutn
of the Yukon and the Kuakoquin rivers,
and extending lack from the <x>ast 100
miles. Maurice Jolmsun, the agentjfor
this district, traveled over 2.000 miles
with a dog team during the winter,
and enumerated 8,018 persons, all of
whom were Indians.
The Italians iu
thia region are probably the most des-
t.tuts people on the North American
c< nt nent. Mr. Johnson reports that
from December 1 to March 15 he visit­
ed 74 iuterior villages, and during the
time saw but three fires burning in the
shacks. The poor creatures huddle to­
gether in their miserable dwellings
during the long winter, and subeiat on
frozen fish and a little seal oil, which
they secure ou the coast during the
The fur-bearing animals,
which formerly furnished them with
natural clothing, are nearly extinct,
■nd they have been forced to adopt the
white man’s garb, and. as their poverty
prevent« them from securing enough
to cover their nakalneae, there is great
suffering from the cold.
“The spiritual condition of those
natives ia no better than their physical,
as the mikhionanes tievote their atten­
tion to the more attractive fields in the
gold regions and along the river, where
their work may l«e seen.
“The Nome district is the most pop­
ulous in Northern Alaska. The enu­
meration showed a permanent white-
(opulation on June 1 of 6.7U4. During
the summer al«out 18,000 people landal
at Nome, about 2,500 of those coming
from Dawson. Aliout 12,000 have re­
turned to their home« in the states,
leaving a lout 9,000 people in the region
contiguous to Nome.
It is probable
that the population of the town of
Nome during the winter will be be-
tween 4,000 and 5,000.”
Yarmouth, N. H., Nov. 14.—Th«
Washington, Nov. 15.—The indus­
shorn of ibis country for 10 miles ««st
trial aim miss ion today heard the testi­
Henry Idling, n plou«H*r of .Montana and wiMl 1s ntrnwli with the wreckage
mony of L. P. McCormack, lalior com­
ami president of a|g lianks in that <d th» bull and cargo of tlm steamer
missioner of the state ol Indiana, and
»isle, ili,«| »J
home lu Virginia < ity of Monticello, which foundered
at Brofeseor Julio G. Brooks, of Cam-
baturday morning, aud 25 laidlns of
bridge, Mass., president of the Na­
tional Consumers’ League.
During the progress of a bull tight victims of the disaster have beeu recov­
Mr. McCormack’s testimony was de­
glien by aomeu toi*ea<l<ira al Alicaute, ered from the sea, which I. still raging
voted largely to the subject of arbitra­
Npeln, tlm Is ii , |ms oollapsed and eight with terrific fury. Many people have
■ssaioblml at Rockville, Deer where
tion. He said that mode of settliug
persoua W«r« kilted aud 2110 injured.
the first laaly came ashore, au«l num­
la I sir disputes was rapidly gaining
li.i'Ollng to <'oiiimiMionrr of Immi* erous relatvea of memlarrs of the crew,
t'iili» ■>* ar« worrlad l>y tha roMOl
favor In bis state. In some trade« ar­
gratini, Eltehll*, Ilf New York. Immi-
«zroullona al Bau 'ring )u.
who m<«rlv all ludonged to isiints <>u
bitration, he said, had almost sup­
giunta baie srrited In this i-ouuiry at.
llii. < o«.t, have arrived Vi identify th«
planted strikes, snd in many branche«
fleiiry Vlllar«l illwt al bla temi« osai
the rate of |,IHM) |«r day from all
al industry contracts between employ­
Debba leiry, N, V., sg«*l 65.
•outttriM since July
The I hx II i - s were arranged In a room
ers and employes prescribed that in
Marena Dalv. tha Montana copimi
Thirteen insane
Insane suldiera from the I > the public hail, ami the coroner
case of difficulty arbitration shall be
kiug. la daad, agril «10 y««ra.
I hllipplues, who had been confined In who held th« inquest gave an opinion
resorted to witboot cessation of work.
M okhxxi <la* Ilo«» tu P«y thè l'oltel
Hi« I o ai.iio hospital «t *>au Francia«'<>, of accidental drowning. All the bod he
The result iscon.tsutlv inreeasiug good
Mal«*»' >teu»sll<ls ter lll.lelulTly,
I ihvv iw< ii -«nt Io the governiiieui asy­ are terribly battered.
feeling tMitwoen employer and employe.
He urged the necessity and wisdom of
The hr.t body was found at «lay-
t'oligre». a ili l>p «»k»«l tu |>rol ld« fur lum al Washington. D. (J.
enforced arbitration in extreme case«
Urger alni mora «Issilo atmy.
Tai« i-. Ilrg>. will educate free of light, when the simi lileboot, which
where the interests of the public are
Ih» llrlllsh i<*<M*cupl«<l l'blteppdte.In charge fire I lllplima pnniilal young was sup|.ao->l by the survivors of the
concerned and where a long strike will
men o| .tcepiional filu<*.a ami high first laial to have la-eri swamped, was
Nouth Alrlca, aliar tour (toma' llgiillug
bring disaster to the people at large.
«ffiaracter I »«laotod l«y Judge Taft, of dlacovnred on the shore. A few yards
tui|«’rtall"ii of Auiariran slael lianr
Thi. method, he thought, would often
distant were the bodies of Mr. El­
the I'hlllppiii« commission,
throaleus «’Siiti* IloM ot Fiiglaud’s iu-
evert bloodshed, and he considered the
dridge, a passenger; second Engineer
Al Dntivar, In an action la-gun by Poole; Mr. Fripp, a traveler, of bi.
method more economical, as well as
(lean llatl Io prevent Nuuday theatri­ John, N. 11.. ami tlm laaly of a seaman.
more humane, than calling on the mili­
Tha sla flou ■•( Ita* Ebani, Daitioofal,
cal |«-r loro,an «aa police Justice T lumaa All four had life bolts around them.
tary. Mr. McCormack said that most
■s gmanuir ol Kaulueky. wlll u*«l l«a
d««*l«la| In lavor of the theaters, hol<l- At short iltteivals along the Imach 11
al the labor troubles were with unor­
coll te-te L
Ing that ih« . iiy ordinance on the sub- more tasli«« were found, making 15 dis*
ganized lalior or new organizations,
H;«i>lsh |Mp- rs putii a lattar fr«uu Ja I Is «o|i|
the <>l<ler organizations living the most
covered tip to team today. They had
|X>a t srl • comi.'iiiuaug III« racaul op-
Mr. McCormack said
The !*»ru«lan Imrk Fianclaco T»zo ■ II evidently come ashore in the life-
that while the la I sir organizations
elearal (run, A-t<*ria with a cargo of boat, and ««-re killed ou striking the
Dia relurm In tha llrlllsh army wlll 5 21» «151 tert of Iu111 I er. valural at
might not be friendly to enforced arbi­
n< l «me escaping.
raqalr» In tallirsi II) munlbaol ■■ irulifiu $5.784.78.
tration, the interests of the public at
M«a was luailed at Ilia
The watches in the (»icketa of two of
tfrill fur ihq suMlar,
Kliappt ii. Wash., mills, and gore to the men stepped at 12:45 and 12:25 GENERAL
REPORT. large always should 1« consulted rather
than the wishes of the few directly en­
o’clock, respectively.
A latal hotel file occurrad al Bo|a>- Callao, I'era.
llreottiMir n<1 ml loitn 1» y the A dj utant-Gen« gaged in a strike.
lar Bluff Mu., lu wblch lour porauua
The stale supreme court of Mitinear-
«•ml «»f the Army.
Professor Brooks’ testimony was de-
wer» burlHxl lo il’xUi.
ta I as rlrr-ot,MÍ iliat the so-call«-l "jag Monticello, was found at Picnic Point,
New York, Nov. 16. — Adjutant-Gen­ votwi to the question of work in the
The nilurwurkers «il America wlsh tu cure law ' I. uiicoiisllluthntal Irecau.e
eral Corbin, according to a Tribune sweatshop«, in the investigation of
bava operai-rs iu«<«l titani lo atr.ugs Il applies r-nlv irr counties of ovar 50,-
It is a coincidence that the ship special from Washington, has started a which he has been engaged for many
auausl * alo <■( » «c<w. '
movement to iuducecongress to remove years. He said the Massachusetts law
fit. t<r ■ certain uuinl.r in each county, Peter btewart was wrecked off Ulis
K> ‘-eustor Johu L.
Wilson so-
from the statute looks a law that works fairly well, but that in New
one |arr «car lu each 10,000 of ¡aarple. shore a few years ago In the month of
nonne«» hi» raiitaiuenl Iroui psillllcal
July, and a tsial load of men came in makes sn unju-t discrimination against York and New Jersey the conditions
A'lrea < arucgle has BU'>lhnr surprise where the Monticello's I m mt was found. W est Pointers in the army. It is al­ were almost deplorable.
Isadrrshlp in Washington.
In those
l->r iTltsbnrg, Iniidtiiig the ci|r«ndl- Half of the men were dead before the most inexplicable save the adjutant slates it was impossible to secure ade­
LI Hong i'Iistig saya damamla (or
tura of ssteral million dollars. Ills laail touched the land ami many las* that such legislation should ever hate quate inspection, liecause of the fact
puaisbnieiil ol l'rinca Tu»n and III«
pur|s«se is s«bl to Ire the establishment Hev« the same is true of those in the been enacted or bate remained in force that work is done in private apart­
duwsger «mprvsa ar» Usi bumlllatlng.
ot a |»rl) techlil« ». lav >1 (or the Instruí*, Monticello« ta.at. The fury ol Die sort 12 years, aa that which favors the pro­ ments. The wages were the loweet
There la stili «nata trietloo anioiig ti -ii in pr.<-ti<*al me* hatiica au<l the |«i-
motion of enlisted meu to commission» possible, and often were pieced out
Is apiailliiig In this region.
mUter» ami «iparaUiis lu Ih» SO t braci te dustrial scieucsu.
A Decisive InfHf»*m«nt May Have Been
Tba amount ot
lire laaly of <). N. Coleman, a com­ alove the young meu specially edu­ with charity, making the competition
wcllon, bui II may bo poa.elully ali- Inouey which will Ire s|«ul by Mr.
mercial traveler, who was not pre­ cated at government expeuse to till with high paid labor very tense, Pao­
New Y’ork, Nov. 16.—Late advices
< arnagie In loumllug anil cibh'Wing the viously known t>> have Man on la>ard cominan Is.
pie thus employed work from 14 lo HI
srliool i> $3,000,000.
In hie current annual re,ort. General hours per day, to the injury of their from Cartagena say a special from
The annua) n-|»irt of III« Uuited
the Monticello, has l»>en washed ashore
Fanama, Colombia, indicates that a
Htate» Itallau comuilsatouw a«ys Ilei leu
Aml-aas.'lor I'huate leclurvxl ou ami identified. He represeule«! a Ham­ Corl iu devotes considerable space tc own health and the damage of the coin-
decisive engagement may have l>een
|sipulall<'U ha- imi ila, rraaad sluca sai- i.lueolu al i.'linburgh.
ilton. <>ut., jewelry firm, and carrie«! the act of June 18, 1878, which pro­ tn unity.
‘‘In New York,” said Professor fought tietween the revolutionists and
lleiuvnl id Ilio couulry liy Ilio wbllae.
samples worth $8<l,0<)0. Due trunk vided for the promotion to the grade ol
Terry M«6iovem difaated Kid Broad
“politics get into the subject, government troops in Bolivar province.
h.is been fouud.
T wii pa-smgi-r trama collidali un a al Tattersails, Chicago.
General Rafael Unde, bead of the
Wreckage of all kinds litters the com missioned odicers who shall be tendering it impossible to make inspec­
earve un tba Missouri. Kansaa A lassa
The treaiy of Baris was danounoed shore—box« «, tiarrels. pieces ot «hip's found morally, intellectually auu phys­ tion. Unless there is some intiuence rebels, was still at Coiogal on Novetn-
railway, ta*twu«u Mbarmau aud Ib-uiil-
l ei 7. organizing his forces for an ad­
al the xpaliodi Amerltau congress.
l»>ats am! parte of the siiiw-rslructuro ically qualified foi promotion, and the brought to tiear strong enough to allow
■ut. Trias. I>. II. Waaver, tlramau,
vance on Barranquilla. He bad incor­
In lu.triwl commission hear, testi­ of the steamer. James Hall, a mer-
was klllwl, A. 17. Amliaws, vioa-|*raa-
people, the trage.lv will go on indefi­ porated into his army moat of the gov­
Idsnl ol tb« Gray«>u couuly batik, of mony <> ii lalsrt atrlkaa ami »«eritshop«. chant of Yarmouth, who was supposed all unmarried soldiers under 30 years,
nitely,” he said. He advocated the ernment troops he captured at Corogal,
Hhrnnsii, «a» prulaibly latally iujurnd.
Indeiiiuilv claims by Bhilippine cor­
ami is said to have been joined by manv
missed the steamer in St. John. Rup- tions, the privilege of competing, at substitution ot factories, ami argued
iurty Uvea wer» loat in ih« Bay ut porations will Ire submitted to «-oligresa. ert Olive was crossing the hay from prescribed examination*, for commis- that the result need not, with the use reerjite from the surrounding country
A bill Io disfranchise negroes was .St. Johu to Yarmouth to rejoin bis siona.
of proper machinery, be an increase of who had been attracted by his success.
That the law opera tini wall in at- the prices ot the goo.Is manufactured, With captured supplies and trans­
The Steel trust hai bonghi a flaat of infríalo«-«* I lu lln* Georgia legislature. own steamer.
port he was then practically ready for
lake steaiurrs.
I‘res Irbn I Mr Kinley a»k« the iiieiu-
Some difficulty ha« Iwn encountered trading to the ranks a superior class ol ribo change also would result in higher
an adavnee, aud it was lielieved he
A typhoou sunk a Brltlsh giinbofit al hers ill the >aabluet to relliaiu with in figuring i'Ut the total loss of life, aa strated by the yearly increasing num­ ineuts. He dwelt on the danger of would soon march on the important
a nnmtirr of |MS«eiig<-rs joined the Mon­
Hong Kong.
coast ports.
ticello at St. Johu n ithout first regis­ ber who obtained admissiou into the spreading disease through the sbop»,
General Ospina, with a strong gov­
American I dki I s and slioaa ara In da-
command branch of the army. There Hiving it is always inimin ut. Prices
tn grant lolna's demamls in regard to
ernment force on November 7 was re­
»■mi lu l.uglaud.
bought their tickets on board, A re-
coast lines.
said, that Americans very seldom en- ported as having arrived at Ovejas. a
Dietrich, Itcpubilcan, 1« «le, ted gov-
vised list ot the members of the crew, These men were compelled to sene in
in the work. Most of the sweat­ short march from El Carmen, where
Srtioi of Netirivska.
pteiMirt-d at th«1 head office of the Yar­
stale pi-ltloiis lu Wasinugtou uu4»r mouth Steamship Company here, shows la», and calling attention to this fact. shop work is done by immigiante from the first opposition was to lie offered to
Th« nmuitor Araknsns was laumlied u«*w regima.
the advance. El Carmen is a strong
lia»tern Europe.
that the officers aud crew numliered 28. Gem ml Corbin says:
• t Ne« pori Nawa, Va.
stragetic point. Should Uride defeat
Au lilaho dance hall tragedy result­ The total uumlier of |>eople on la>ard is
Struck a Rich Streak.
Ospina's army, it is believed at Pana­
Il i» rumorml timi Ah’utrullar Dnw<« ol in the death of two men ai the now placed at 86. The four survivors that two years is too brief a period in
Cripple Creek, Colo., Nov. 15. — One ma the government resistance in the
wlll ro<-c»e<i Nacraatry Gag«.
are: Captain Smith, a passenger; which enlisted men can tit themselves of the greatest strikes ever made in the east would lie practically overcome and
town ol Gem.
for the iin|M>rtsnt duties of command
Ntaamship Universo wlll |o«<i al
Thlrtveti |«-rsons were IIIled and 14 Third Officer Fleming, tjuartermaster ollie« rs. It is little less than travesty famous Cripple Creek gold mining dis­ Baianquilla aud Cartagena will again
Bori lami (or Vladi XitaUri'k.
other, injurrrl »«rlously in a lire «lamp Wilaou C«a>k ami Slewar<le»s Smith. to say that a man can qualify as an trict has just been uncovered in the fall iuto the hands ol the rebels.
Property of the Gold Bond Consoli­
(iovwrnor G«wr
Novemimr explosion in th«' I'luto coal mine, al The three men saved agree that the
officer by serving as an enlisted man dated Mines Company on Gold Hill, of
caumt of the disaster was, briefly:
Vaclflc Mall Presidency.
\\ losa, uear Brux. Germany.
7* ss Olegon’s Ihaukagivlug day.
The steamer was pouuded for hours I i one-half the time required for a ea which Charles N. Miller, of this city,
New York, Nov. 15.—A meeting of
In an explosion in a gelatine mixing by sea and gale, sprang a leak ami i’ei to complete Ids course at West
Nixto fsqaa says thè Ftlipinoa wlll
is the principal owner. The assays the directors of the Pacific Mail Com­
hoo.«> of a |«iw.ler oum|*any at lai- Oiled; she became
tentlnue tn tight ter IUd«|N<u>l«llcn.
unmanageable, Point. It is recommended that the law on a narrow streak of the ore tody runs pany is to be held tomorrow, at which
broke apart slid foundered. The sea is
Ktauiord University del. Hi. )l tha
as high aa $102,000 per ton, while the it is likely a president will tie electee
cisco, one white man aud two Ubinesa not remembered to have l«een so heavy •f two. This will put appointment«
Dtegon elevon by « S< <ire of 34 tu 0.
rein from which this assav was taken, to succeed the late C. P. Huntington.
from the ranks and military academy exclusive of the rich streak, has widen­ It was stated on good authority that
were kill««!.
on this const for maily years.
The Colombia relais nera c«iin|dately
A special rlispateh from Tien Tain,
ed to a width of (our feet and has giveu the man, if agreed upon tomorrow,
'Isfnatad by th» goveruiiinui Iroops al
Injuretl on thr Ml««ourl Hmrlflc
»ays a litre» of Russlaua has captured
an average assay of $200 to $300 per will be named by Southern Pacific in­
•iuena Ventura,
Pueblo, (‘«»Io., Nov. 14.-— The Min-
l«vre«-e,l Worih «f Vineyards,
lile arsenal nortlirast of Yong T'auil, louri Pacitic passenger train which left
ton. ~
The great »trike has created the terests. It as been further ascertained
The city <>f Chiengo haa officially
Berlin, Nov. 15.—Private advicei
with trilling I«***«, killiug 2i)0 Chines« here last evening ran iuto an oia>n
most intense excitement in mining cir that the recent extraordinary buying
trout Treves say that the Moselle vine­
tan lrral Ite $.I|.|HH).LHHI drainng» canal Mini rapturing a quautity of arms ami
on the stock exchange of Pacific Mail
switch at Sugar City, 65 miles east of yards hme increase«! enormously ip cles.
•** thè I ultnil States goviirnmulit.
shares was made for the Southern Pa­
Tien sure.
Pueblo, an I plunged into a freight ca- value, owing to the growing popularity
Cave-In tn an Arlvnna Mine.
A iimimmimt lo commemornte thè , Max J. Lasar, tlwdiamond smuggler,
I nkimi in which were four men. The bf Moselle wines. At Kern Castle, the
Bhoenix Aris.,
Nov. 15.—While cific, and that this company now con­
trols an absolute majority of the out
A,,",lr**1 Ih’wey al M hih I s pleaded guilty in the United States passi'iiger eiigiue ami caboose telescoped
celebrated I lock tor vineyard has just workmen were engaged in repairing
*111 lai erected in Nan Francisco,
court at Buffalo, N. Y. lie was fined and fell in a heap which at olice t>a>k iticeli sold for at 100 marks a square the timbering in a tunnsl at the Tur­ standing stock of $20,000,000.
The population of New Jersey, aa $5oii ami sent to th» Erie couuty jail fire and all woodwork was burned. meter. It was purchased in 1808 nt quoise Cop|>er Company's mine near
Ordered to I.enve France.
offlcisUy ■iinouiKwd, is 1,88,669, aa lor six months.
He smugglal dia- Engineer llueket jumped, but Fireman 60 murks a square meter. The prie» Tombstone yesterday, the Iwams in the
Paris. Nov. 15 —Caesar Della Croce,
•«»lust 1,444,988 in 1890, an iux nisa inotlds which were sold for $31,000.
Nelson remaiiwd on the locomotive and was 1,000,000 murks, which is said tc ceiling fell, letting down tons of rock who was naturalized in New York in
01 »0.8 per cent.
The liodies of 22 persona who were was pulled out of the wreck uncou- be the highest price ever paid for an and debris. Antonia I«aya was crushed 1898, has been ordered to leave France
' harlee If. Piiikliain, well known kill».I by th» colla)»*» of lionsei inshore ■oloiia. The passengers were uninjured equal area in Gtttmany. A few years to death and three other men were within 24 hours or be imprisoned.
and their cars went East later. The ago the usual price in the Moselle dis­ severely injured. They escaped instant Croce said the reasons for his expul­
“ » tnaliufa« turer of proprietary medl- by thn typhoon which struck Hong
death by the protection afforded by the sion were political. He has recently
c »••». died at hi. home in Lyuu, Mart., Kong recently, have been recovered. wounded mon were brought to tlm Pu­ trict was two or thre«' maiks a squart
•««I r.fl yMrg>
More than 50 hoilies have la*«ii takeu eblo hospital. The wrecked freight meter. A strip of unplanted vineyard timbers falling partly across their bod­ been dependent on charity, seeking aid
from the harbor, mid the remains of train was a sugar-beat tn in plying be­ land, about 24 aeies in area, receutly ies, under which they were imprisoned from the Uuited States embassy, con­
The president has appointed Fre.ter-
jfor many hours, while their fellow
brought $20,050.
many victim« are still to be fouud. tween Sugar City and Gluey.
sulate and
charitable institutions,
8. Stratton, „( < M11D.rniw. collator The damage to property aud crops is
■workmen laboral desperately to break though he conteuds be is about to come
Fire I h Copprr Mine.
J g0""'"1"" «* **••) Franolaco. vice enormous.
iuto a fortune. Last year be was ar­
Butte, Mont., Nov. 14. — Fire broke
J°hn 1 . Jackson, <lec«aa«d.
New York, Nov. 15.—A dispatch to Il-ate tonight the rescuing party reached rested at Toulouse, imprisoned and re­
A forest lira hna destroyed Brook- out in the 200 foot level of the Bell
6ho imprisoned men, wlvn were nearly leased at the intervention of the Unit­
D*1' populataii of Idaho, as officially ling'« mill, in Frpdallia park, Cal., mid mine, an Amalgamated Copper Com- the World from Rome says: “The
•ad from their injuries and hunger. ed States embassy here.
pope, in receiving Bishop James Tro-
s»*“’”< * •'•'**""
.... r' bv
bee, of St. Cloud, Minn., took occasion They will recover.
in tan» " lfll'77’« *•** "Hailist 84,385 The lire raged for many hours and thu
Jei«»e Jsinei' Widow.
to express the most cordial sentiments
iw. ’ ’ nl“1 ln,'r«»"« '*1 77.387, or 91.7 flames could be plainly soen 60 miles graie apprehension« are entertained regarding Archbishop Ireland. Refer­
General MacArthur, in his report on
City. Mo., Nov. 15.—Mrs.
W cent.
away. Brook ling’» mill I» the largest that it cannot bo extinguished. The
ring tu the recent elections in ths the conditions and piospeets in the Zeralda James, widow of Jesse James,
in Southern California and gave em­ ore lu thia mine ia free milling, con­
oi Col""»'’“-in HMM) ployment to 250 men. The damage taining a large percentage of sulphur, Uuited States, the pontiff said: ’I tPhilippino islands, says the future of the noted Southwestern bandit, dietl
pray God to so illumine President Mc­ the people is bright, and that educa­ at her home here today of a complica­
I» lui.'/1,’o,"l'Hr*"1 with a laipiilalion
ami fire one« started ia hard to handle.
‘¿2 ,”,4,2‘I#H‘ '<’l***«»l''it an in- «lone by tlm tiro is estimated at $100,
Kinley’s mind that be may avoid ths tion will eradicate the natives' distrust tion of diseases, after a lingering ill­ I
000. The mill was owned by Michi­ The loss will certainly be large. Ths
Of America.
dangers of imperialism.’ ”
w in"rt"K ***• ‘,e,'*',|o 0(127,502,
w 80 m pnr cent.
Rtisslati triaips ar» latlug wlthdraw Q
fniin l'nkiu
Tbemilltary loro« in Borio Itlro la lu
te radmxsl,
Admiral <'rowln-lil»l«l says olir navy
i» eripph'd I*y la*'k ol m»o,
The «Iivoy» al Ballili bava agrasal up
on a lati« «*l 0»g)>ti*tl6u.
t'alai Hallway Aeehlant.
Mole than 150 new school houses
have been built in Kansas within th»
last year.
i*“"»<’d a law to pro-
U,,,'"r ” ,u“r" of *“u 'rom
Apricots stand second to oranges ns
money making crop in California.
Roughly estimated, the present apricot
yield is worth $'.*,500,000 to that state.
rhe home of tlm late Bayard Taylor •
’’’"’•"'i •’«., kovvn as Cedar-
lafv ¿ "i"? H"1'1 “* »lieriff’a sale to sat-
‘"'J » claim.
»ill" ! r!"H"
limisi ""
formerly president
'**‘»1« OÍ i«*»i»-
to five years’
It has been discovered that Monon­
gahela river is ruinous to boilers, hav­
ing 10 grains of sulphuric acid to one
gallon—a disastrous ratio, according
to expert».
Omaha, Neb., Nov. 14.—By the col­
lision ol I lie iverlaud limited train of
tlm Chicago & Northwestern railway
with a freight train at Missouri Valley,
¡la., last night, Beter C. Beterson, ol
Omaha, a oarpeiitor, who was stealing
)iis way, was fatally injured. Before
he died Paterson said that two men
were standing on the platform with
him when the collision occurred. They
have not siuoe been seen ami their bod­
ies may be buried beneath the debrie.
I Their names are uukuowu.
Rice Trimt.
Chicago, Nov. 15. —The Tribune to­
morrow will say: 'The incorporation
of the American Rieegrowers’ Distri­
buting Company was announced today.
The capital stock is $16,000,000, of
which $7,500.000 is repored ]>aid in.
Local groceries circles credit John W.
Gates with being the prime mover in
the uew cor)airation princi|*ally to
control the shipment of the Southern
rice crop over lines of railroad lu
which he ia interested.
llrhcadcd by the Kmprena’ Orders.
Cotton Manufacturers of the
South Petition For IL
Saeretery liar Ashed
Oflteaa to Prava«
Market, to A
Washington, Nov. 17.—Secretary Hay
has received a petition from nearly all
of the leading cotton manufacturers of
the South to take such action as may
lie within his power to prevent the in­
terference by any European power
which might close the foreign markets
to the cotton manufacturers of the
United States aud injure other Ameri­
can interest«. The petitioners declare
that the "open door” policy is neces­
sary to secure the retention of the im­
portant trade in cotton drills and shirt­
ings with China, moat of which are
manufactured in Southern states. It
is declared the withdrawal ot thia
trade in Manchuria would seriouaiy
affect not only the manufacturers of
cotton goods but Southern cotton-grow­
ers and employers and employes aud
laborers in the cotton mills. The peti­
tioners represent fully $15,008,000
in capital ami declare they have lost
half their trade since the Boxer upris­
ing and are running on half time.
General Cbaff««e has cabled the war
dapartincnt the following from Taku,
under date of Novemlier 16:
“Sixth regiment. United
cavalry, will remain in China, under
command of Lieutenant-Colonel Theo­
dore J. Wint, with troops I, K, L, M.
Kvirtrnce Contained In Ancient Records
I nearthed in Pekin.
Monterey, Mex., Nov. 17.—The re­
port that American officers have un­
earthed ancient records in Bekin show­
ing that the Chinese discovered Ameri­
ca 1,500 years ago, and erected temples
in Mexico, has aroused the greatest in­
terest amoog the scientific men of Mon­
terey and throughout thia country.
The Chinese temples alluded to are in
the state of S odots , on the Bacifia
coast. The ruin of one of the temple«
was discovered near the town of Urea,
in that state, about two yean ago.
One of the large stone tablets found iu
the ruins was coveted with carved
Chinese characters, which were )>artly
deciphered by a learned Chinaman who
visited the ruins at the request of the
Mexican government. This Chinaman
made the assertion at the time that the
ruins wen* those of a temple which bad
l>een erected many centuries ago by
Chinese, but his statement was not re­
ceived with credence.
It has been long claimed that the In­
dians of the state of Sonora are the de­
scendents ot the early Chinese settler«.
They possess many traditions and
characteristics of the Chinese.
If the
report of the finding of these records
in Bekin is verified an expedition will
go from here to explore further the
ancient temples of Sonora.
Ulsh«nest Offlelals.
Yokohama, Nov. 17.—Several mem­
bers of the Tokio city council, having
been accused of accepting a hrit>e from
the Mitsui lead pipe factory, all the
members resigned en bloc, but were
sul>se«|uently re-elected with the ex­
ception of the incriminated member«,
warrants for whose arrest have been
Fire in a Brlcife Plant.
which started in the engine-room of
the Detroit Bridge & Iron Works early
today did between $65,000 and $75,-
000 damage. Five hundred men are
thrown out of employment. The lose
is covered by insurance. Repairs will
1« tiegui im ma I lately and the works
started again as soon as ;>ossible.
Queen Drag» Not Dead.
Baris Nov. 15. — Inquiries made by
a lepreseutative of the press at the
Servian legation here show that there
is no truth in the report published by
the Echo de Bain today that Queen
Draga of Servia is dead. The legation
officials have not even beard that the
queen is ill.
Wealthy Man’« Sulchle.
Fort Wayne, Ind., Nov. 17.— Frank
A Merman, a wealthy real estate man,
killed himself today. He walked iuto
a hardware store, purchaie«! a revolver,
loa led it and then sent a bullet into hia
brain. He is thought to have been in­
sane. He waa a prominent Republican
Another North S«*a Cable.
Washington, Nov. 17.—Consul Leia-
toe, at Rotterdam, in a report to th«
state department, says that a third
telegraphic cable has been constructed
recently between The Netherlands »ml
Englaud aud will expedite the delivery
of American cablegrams via London.
Farm Machinery Plant Burned.
Chicago, Nov. 17. — A special to the
Record from Geneva, 111., says:
totally destroyed the plant of the Ap-
pieton Manufacturing Company in this
city. It started in the paint shop.
The loss is $250,000.
The company
manufactured farm machinery,
Effect of Colombian KnrthquHke.
Washington, Nov. 16.—Mr. Russell,
United States charge at Caracas, re­
ports that the earthquake in Colombia
last mouth was much more severe than
at first discovered. The people desert­
ed their houses and slept in the streets,
snd between 12,000 and 15,000 build­
ings were destroyed or damage«).
Berlin, Nov. 15.—The fxtkal An-
■eiger publishes the tollowiug Jyom its
from Hankow say that the empress lie­
headed a number of telegraph officials,
who accepted a secret message from
Epnieror Kwang Hsy to Count von
Waldersee, informing him that he (the
emperor) was being kept a prisoner
Hubonlc Plague In Kgypt.
aud was unable to return to Pekin.
Cairo, Nov. 15.—Two fresh cases of
They also say that other executions oc­ bubonic plague are reported in Alex­
curred in connection with the matter.’ andria.
MacArthur Kctnovea the Censorship-
«Manila, Nov. 17.—The ceusorship
was removed today.
General Mac-
Arthur, however, has isaue«l direction«
to the cable companies ordering them
to furnish him with a copy of ail press
Return of the Logan.
Nan Francisco, Nov. 17.— The trans­
port Logan arrived from Manila tonight
and went into quarantine. The Logaa
brings 278 sick soldiers, 80 prieuMSi
■nd eight insane.