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    Flatbush Baseball Fans Already Howling
"For Seats at Next Fall's World Series
Ebbets Field,
Packed, Holds
34,000 People
NEA Berilee Sport! Editor
NEW YORK, Juno 4 Brook
lyn'! Inimitable lans already or
itewlns about world aeries a
You hrar thorn lamenting ovor
tvory Flatbush br ond hot do(
lUnd with ears clomped to lourt
rpeakers aa tlio holoved Dodii
or, continue tholr sustained
march In tha hinterland.
"Why, tho )rrnt Isn't one third
big enough," they moan.
"Larry MacPhall can't cram
mora than 34,000 Into Ebbeta
field with a ahoo horn.
"Thoro'll bo that many from
aroonpornl alone, and a hunnert
ouaand arala won't bo enouih
when our burnt uut the aluf on
Bob Feller and them Indiana."
They might not bo far wrong
at that. With tha Dodgcri' gomee
played at Yankee Stadium, the
Brooklyn and Cleveland cluba
easily might art an attendance
record after a 21-year famine,
e There waa much talk of circu
lating pelltlona when It waa
learned that all reaerved aeata for
tho Memorial Day double-header
with tho Glanla at tha Polo
ground!, where 60,000 can ba
equeeted In, had been sold out
by mall order and there would bo
no public aalea.
"That will bo a Brooklyn
crowd." declare the Flatbuih ail.
dicta. "New York now caret leu
about Bill Terry and them Cianta ;
than we do.
What tho Oowanua Gang want
la tho Brooklyn end of tho world
Svrlea played at Yankee Stadium,
V. hero 00,000 can bo Jammrd In.
"We never heard anybody con
nected with Notre Dame or Army
equawklng about their football
team! playing at Yankee Stadium
Inatoad of at South Bend or Wert
Point," la the Brooklyn argu
ment. "Tha way them Yankee! are
going, they haven't much uao
for the etadlum anyway."
There la a precedent for play
ing world aerlea gamea In the
park of a club In a rival league.
Tho 1014 Bravea played their
homa world aerlea gamea at Fen
way park and tha following year
the Rod Sox played at Bravea
field. The St Loula cluba ahare
Sporteman'a park, tha Philadel
phia team! Connie Mack Sta
dium. A There would be about 30.000
reaerved aeata for the world se
riea at Ebbeta field. The Ucket
prlorltlea of Commlejioncr Lan
dli and tha major league! would
require almost half of that num
ber. The Brooklyn Truat Co.,
mortgagor of the Dodgera, un
doubtedly would aak large block!
of tlcketa for client!.
A normal advance eala for a
world aerlea la 30,000, and any
more than that In Ebbeta field
aland or hang on rafteri.
Tha Dodgera play their firat
homa night game June 6, and
thouaanda of addicta some time
back found they were ahut out
of that ona. A pre-aeaaon group
purchaae plan accounted for the
choicer paiteboardi early In Jan
Cleveland haa 80,000 aeats In
Wlta municipal atadlum, and there
are that many within a quick iud-
way ride of the Brooklyn cui
tomcra ... at Yankee atadlum.
And Brooklyn fanutica, the
Ilka of whom there are nowhere
elae, do not Intend to liiten to
tholr buma' homa world aeries
gamei on the radio. Not after
frequently getting up at 8 o'clock
In the morning to stand In line
at Ebbeta field during the regu-
111 Mm.AH In nrrA 1 1 mail nrt
bad. They threaten to take tha
ticket lame to Judge Landla.
When a Brooklyn fan want!
aomethlng or accka to win an ar
gument, he usually doea aome
thlng about It. Ridden bit too
hard about the Dodgen a couple
of yeara ago, one of then? went
home, got gun and returned to
ihoot up tavern. He killed a
fthloke whom he thought was too
-vuB, v,i van milium wuiiv u,
some other Brooklyn bum. Bum
' la a terra of endearment In
And If you luspect tha Brook
lyn bumi aren't going to win thli
year, don't say anything about It
In Flatbuih.
Someone la liable to go home
and get a gun.
Originally, butter was spread
with the thumb, with Charles II
of Sweden setting the fashion.
Head the Claislfled Pago.
Sunday - June 15
Broadway Hall
5 r P tl
Brooktm fan In btrmm lamrnt
lake world arrira ml luuc to Judfo
A raincoat or at least a water
proof Jacket will have to be
part of the fishermen's atandard
equipment, if the weather con
tinue aa moiat aa it haa been.
An umbrella would be ideal, but
these Inventive geniuses haven't
devised a harness for one.
After all, I have aeen a time
when a spare pair of hands
would come In handy tn help
land some of these fish. Tha holi
day and this weekend was not
one of the times, however, for
moat of us. Fishermen from this
area scattered to all parts of the
country In search ol the illusive
trout and his kin, but very few
could produce very much in the
way of evidence to the contrary
that a nice quiet weekend wasn t
spent at homa mowing the lawn
or fixing the back fence.
With fingers crossed, a good
number decided to try DIA
MOND LAKE, Just In case they
might be wrong. There were to
my knowledge about one half
dozen limits and the fish caught
averaged about two per fisher
man. Most of the fish caught
wore on bait, either single or
cluster eggs. Trolling Just didn't
work in any of the many variet
ies. Tha opening of the UMPQUA
RIVER found a goodly number
of fishermen and all kinds of
conflicting stories as to the type
of lure used. Some of the best
fish I saw were caught on flies.
In the same party a limit was
caught on Tandem spinner and
files with an occasional switch
to eggs. Some steelheada were
!i ii
You'll like our easy
pay way of buying
Famous U. S.
We believe this is the fairest, most
convenient easy pay plan ever of
fered in Klamath Falls you pay
no interest or hidden carrying
Main and Spring Dial 3671
caught down around steamboat,
but moat of the fish I under
stand, are spawners on their way
CREEK have improved a lot and
should be good from now on.
The best catches were made on
spinners and spinners with a
worm as bait. Some fish were ta
ken on files with bucktails most
Some hardy pioneer! wound
up at COLD LAKE. The beat
and almost only fishing was the
very early fly fishing, with grey
pattern flics doing the most dam
age. The last report t had on
LAKE HARRIETT was the lake
still had ice on It, but even off
shore some fish were caught on
was really hot. Moat of those
that made the trip caught fish.
Flies were mostly used and
grey hackle yellow body, grey
spiders and buck coachman us
ed mostly. The fish ran around
8 Inches for the most part.
SPRAGUE RIVER, even though
a little high and roilly, had the
holiday spirit and the visitors
were rewarded with some nice
fish, mostly on cluster eggs.
wound up its spring opening,
on Sunday In a blaze of glory.
Some of the nicest fish of the
year were caught and mostly
on flies. Don t forget to keep
the KLAMATH RIVER on your
calendar for Its two months of
fall fishing, from September 1 to
the end of October. This should
be some good late fly fishing
ODELL LAKE'S best fishing
was for those that trolled. This
lake has been very consistent
for most. Some of the boyi who
aro catching the big one use
featuring thm
. . . Itlla toroush bartoodor
Land Is.
o GrroterproteetlonagalnatbloirouUl
o Greater protection agalnat oUdat
o Greater protection against wear! Ao
much aa S8 more non-skid mileage!
a acertaia laafruto Uut he'U
strips of white fish six Inches
long about two feet behind their
trolls with 4 ounces of lead.
PAULINA LAKE was fair on
trolling with some fly fishing
in the late afternoon. Red ant.
small bucktail red ants, and buck
coachman flics worked best. The
most popular flasher is the ford
fender with worms.
EAST LAKE fishing was
good, with fish running around
10 to 11 Inches. Worms aa bait
produced most of the casualties.
ROCKY POINT reported
another 10 pounder on wobbler
with almost everyone catching
fish. Some nice fish are being
caught on cluster eggs in the
deeper holes. Two-bladed flash
ers, of various kinds, are becom
ing popular.
v m
ed quite a few fish of from 5 to
8 pounds caught on wobblers
for the most part. The out of
town visitors at the lodge are
amazed at the size of tho fish
To work your best upTVjc?0f
...pause and fVL:'
f' "
A semi-weekly aerlea ex
plaining In brief history.
lAttninAlAa and varloua
phases of horse
Starring the Bangtails
A piece of news welcome to
race followers who Ilka to watch
tha bangtaili run but don't care
too much about tha usual start
ing trouble was announced this
week. It's the disclosure that
the Parker automatic starting
gate will be used this year at the
coming meeting of the Klamath
Jockey club which begins next
Wednesday night. .
Parker himself, the Inventor,
Is bringing the gadget from Dem-
ing, N. M. Longacres In Seat
tle Installed his device last sum
mer for the first time and oper
ated it successfully.
The geegees. Instead of being
hand-held before the getaway.
are steered Into the starts and
released simultaneously by the
upward flip of a gate.
Inman Signed
Lee Inman, veteran and ab'.s
race announcer, is slated for the
post at the local eight-day meet
Calling the bangtails readily
and Immediately as they hit the
quarter pole, the half, etc., is
easy work all that's necessary
is to know the names, the col
ors, be able to spot a length dis
caught and usually catch at least
one good sized one to write
home to the folks about and
brag on Klamath Fails fine fish
ing. GERBER DAM. if you like
plenty of perch and crapple. The
bass Just aren't working. Some
kind of a wage hour difference I
imagine, my friends. It will soon
be straightened out and you will
all have all the bass you want, if
you can catch them.
We will really have to con
tinue this to Friday when we
will have a lot better idea of the
conditions and bait on some of
the smaller lakes and streams.
Our fifth columnist are work
ing night and day to get this info,
and we will pass it on to you. In
the meantime give some thought
and be careful of lighted mater
ial in the woods.
Michigan Normal
Doused by Cal 26-9
YPSILANTI. Mich, June 4
(UP! The University of Cali
fornia baseball team Tuesday
opened Its seven-game invasion
of Michigan with a 28-9 victory
over Michigan Normal college.
When you're hard at work en the Job, ease up
a mement and give yourself a break. Enjoy
the pause that makes for better work, a re
freshing pause for ice-cold Coca-Cola. Hs clean
taste pleases.. and a refreshed feeling fol
lows. So when you pause throughout the day,
make it the pause mat refreshes with ice-cold
riNDtJt authorjtt or m coca -com company bt
1 J
tance from nearly a half-mile
away, pick out a horse which Is
running directly back of an
other, etc. And at the same
time keep up a running line of
Add to all those the ability to
speak over a mike, do the whole
thing in little over one minute,
and It can be understood why
there are only a few good race
mlko men In the country.
Naming Tough
Naming of horses is getting
tough. More and more are being
named each year, and a name
can't be repeated for at least
10 yean.
Approximately 15,000 year
ling! reach the races each sea
son. A name, granted by the Jock,
ey Club of America, must be in
good taste, not offensive, and
not named after a person unless
a letter from that person accom
panies the application.
Naming horses is an art and
It's surprising that more persona
don't make a living with the big
ger breeders and stables sub
mitting clever names. It's one
field that should pay big money
and the profession is not over
crowded. Byron Nelson
No. 1 Choice
In US Open
FORT WORTH, Texas, June 4
(VP) Byron Nelson, the likeable
PGA champion, is riding a ris
ing tide of popular favor that
appears ready to make him No.
1 choice for the U. S. open golf
championship about the time the
first round gets started tomor
row morning.
Everywhere you go, whether
you ask player, sideline expert
or pure spectator, the name that
almost invariably comes to their
lips first is that of the long, lean
Toledo pro who came up like a
rocket from the caddie pen at
Fort Worth's Glen Garden club.
The tide has grown so strong
that in some quarters they look
on Nelson as the hottest favorite
since Bobby Jones was bowling
them over right and left.
Just because you have a nice.
soft Job doesn't mean that you
should he down on it.
The British dirigible R-34 was
the first airship to cross the At
lantic in both directions.
af ;
Phone 5S32
June 1941
California Puts 'Do-Pass on
Horse Racing 'Breakage Bill
A state horse-racing bill propos
ing a $500,000 increase In state
revenue from tracks and a bet
ter "break" for the bettor was
reported out with a "do pass"
recommendation Tuesday night
by the senate governmental effi
ciency committee.
The measure was the result of
weeks of committee hearings
and, in general, followed some
of Governor Culbert Olson's
recommendations in a message
to the legislature Tuesday.
Of the greatest interest to
horse-players, was the com
mittee's suggestion that "break
age" the odd cents over multi
ples of ten now retained by the
Row Raised
Over Salinas
Coach Firing
SALINAS, Calif., June 4 (JF)
A citizen's committee, appointed
to investigate the ouster of
Coach Marlon (Tiny) Hall from
his position at Salinas Union
high school, said his dismissal
was based on "trivial and petty
reasons," which, in themselves,
"did not Justify" the school
board's action.
Coach Hall, who won football,
basketball and track champion
ships for the school this year.
lost his position after he was
not recommended for reappoint
ment by Principal A. M. Davis.
The board upheld Davis who
said Hall had "failed to cooper
ate." For two days after that action
students paraded the streets in
The citizens' committee report
today vindicated Hall "of any
offense of consequence.'
Hall, who coached here three
years, is a graduate of Univer
sity of Oregon, where he played
on the Webfoot football line for
several seasons. Before coming
to Salinas he coached at the
Springfield, Ore., high school
yew and years
Get Dodge Quality in a Truck That Fits Your job
Prepare for defense program demands and the "long poll'
with tracks that are built to work longer hours, more days,
more years . . . capable of extra thousands of miles of depend
able, low-cost operation! That's what you get when yon invest
lit Dodge quality truck construction. Tough, long-life mats
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truck design are com-
Chassis..'50O? Pick-Ups'630.
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lege raneis .. fu
Stakes ..740?
l n,i; invwfc mm m hcn urn l w,i m, i
424 South Sixth Street
tracks In paying off wagers
be to the nickel. By breaking te
the nickel, tracks would lose five
ninths of the "breakage" retain
ed under the present law.
The bill proposed the state's
license fee should be four per
per cent of the first $10,000,000
handled; five per cent of the next
$10,000,000 and six per cent of
all amounts In excess of $20y
The tracks would be authoris
ed to retain nine per cent of tha
first $10,000,000; eight per cent
of the second $10,000,000 and
seven per cent of amounts in ex
cess of $20,000,000. The commit
tee estimated this, together with
the reduced breakage, would cut
track revenue $415,901 annual
ly. Conn Quits Title
To Fight Lewis
Billy Conn gave up his light
heavyweight championship Tues
day, and then signed commission
contracts with Joe Louis for
their heavyweight title fight a
the Polo grounds, June 18.
Old Oscar
now m
BeM Wbh.
ktj m BlrmL 06
frawVtrt Di
tiUtrin, Int.,
LtmiirilU &
Also m errs.
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Klamath Falls, Ore.
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