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    PACE J
Montgomery Accepts
Rocky Campaign Post
nority leader in the Oregon
House of Representatives, F. F.
i Monte I Montgomery of Eu
gene, has been appointed field
executive for tlie Rockefeller
lor . president campaign in 33
Oregon counties.
The announcement was made
Thursday by Rockefeller's state
chairman, William E. Walsh of
Coos Bay. Montgomery will be
responsible for organizing and
operating campaign headquar
ters throughout the state, ex
cept in the Portland metropoli
tan area.
Montgomery did not attend
the conference, but released a
statement saying he was confi
dent the New York governor
wauU carry Hie stale in ils
May 15 primary and "provide
l.ie Republican Parly ils best
n;)portuni(y for victory in No
vember." Walsh said bolh he and Mont
gomery will work without sal
ary. WaMi, an attorney and radio
station owner, said lie would re
sign ns president of the Slide
Roanl of Higher Education
sometime, this month, before the
Rockefeller campaign gets un
der way here.
Rockefeller will make his first
campaign visit to Oregon Feb.
B - 8, Walsh revealed. He is
scheduled to tour the Willam
ette Valley and Southern Ore
gon and attend a Portland
M iii his most chiuing pmthvu or tvit
flliai'v of a
J VMTIKUMItlHtllOH,! lllf.K
iiiilli:i:ii::lii:i!iiiiii!!iiiiiiii!iiii!!! 1!;,i"
Gary Grant Audrey Hepburnij
ploy a gam of danger and delight... jj
ill! - iSWL - s.- f-
James Cobum- .henrymancini
"Queen - Pirates"
Cartoons & Comedy
Children Under 12 25? Adult. 1.00
Board of Realtors luncheon Feb.
7 and a banquet of the Oregon
Junior Chamber of Commerce
in Salem Feb. 8.
There has been a "terrific re
sponse" from Republicans want
ing to help the New York gov
ernor in Oregon, Walsh said.
Gov. Mark Hatfield and his
staff arc expected to be friend
ly to Rockefeller, but nothing
more, according to Walsh. He
said he does not expect the
statehouse to offer any more
aid to Rockefeller than it docs
to any other Republican candi
date. lie predicted Arizona Sen.
Barry Goldwater will be Rocke
feller's main opponent in the
Oregon primary and credited
(lie conservative leader with
being ahead at this stage of the
Rockefeller's divorce and re
marriage will turn out to bo
minor issues in the campaign,
Walsh forecast, and he refused
comment on the fact that Mrs.
Rockefeller is expecting a child
in .Ituii'.
"I'm a firm believer that the
people of the country are so
close to their own real prob
lems that they want leadership.
The fundamental things the
country stands for will be de
cisive, and the fact that a can
didate has been married twice
won't enter into it," he said.
1st Negro
To Enroll
At Auburn
AUBURN, Ala. (UPD-Ala-bama
state troopers moved into
this college lown today on or
ders of Gov. George C. Wallaco
and began setting up a strict
security program for Saturday's
scheduled desegregation of Au
burn University.
Wallace, cx-officio chairman
of the university's board of
trustees, said he did not plan
another "school house door
stand" to block the integration.
But Wallace, who made an
unsuccessful attempt to bluck
integration at the University of
Alabama, added he planned "to
resist this in every way."
The Montgomery, U.S. Middle
District Court Judge Frank M.
Johnson Jr., was expected to
rule today on Hie demund of
Negro Hurold Alonzo Franklin,
31, that Auburn assign him a
dormitory room. Franklin, who
will become Hie first Negro to
enter this land grant college
when he registers Saturday,
claims Hie school denied him
housing because of his race.
Continuous Sat. It Sun.
From 12:45
George chakiris
Shirieu AnnE field
'Hincs of
the surf
ai ih
k SlANltY OONtN Piodutlion
i ' Walter Matthau
"r. .IttHNllULUne
Continuous Sot. an4
Doom Opn 1 :00
SHOW AT 1:30
NEWS. Klamath Falls, Oregon
it r-. U '; x
: 9 I
PLEASANT DREAMS High school student Randy Gard
ner of San Diego shows signs of weariness as fellow
student Bruce McAllister tests his reactions to a tuning
fork. Gardner hasn't slept since 6 a.m. Saturday and hopes
to break the present 260-hour record for staying awake.
UPI Telephoto
Sleepy Student Struggles
For New 'Awake' Record
SAN DIEGO, Calif. UPI) -Stay
awake for 130 hours, and
you lose your sense of humor
and appetite, but you may be
able to dream while awake.
These are conclusions reached
by Randy Gardner, 17, a Point
Loma high school student, who
Thursday reached the halfway
mark in trying to break a world
record for staying awake 2H0
Two other students are work
ing with Gardner and plan to
submit a report on his reactions
at certain times in his total
awake period. The report will
go to the Greater San Diego
Science Fair later this year.
Glenn Faces Long Waif
For Marine Promotion
less the Marine Corps relaxes
ils cuslom, astronaut John II.
Glenn Jr., of New Concord,
Ohio, may have to wail another
three years for promotion to
full colonel.
But the Army - Navy - Air
Force Journal, an independent
publication for the armed serv
ices, has triggered a movement
tlKit may get him the promotion
a little sooner.
In the tradition of the service
a Marine Isn't supposed to
hanker after promotion too
much because it's enough to be
a Marine. No complaint has yet
been heard from Glenn who is
now a lieutenant colonel.
The journal notes, however,
that the Army, Navy and Air
Force all have officers in the
rank of colonel or its equival
ent who arc junior to Glenn in
both uge and length of service.
If no exception is made, the
journal said, "Glenn will have
lo wait nt least three more
years than contemporaries in
other services for promotion."
Glenn became eligible for
colonel on a "below the line"
basis early in l!;t. "Below the
line" or "below the zone" in
the services means that an offi
cer can be promoted but is not
actually in line for it. The Ma
rine Corps rarely reaches below
the line.
There were some initial
thoughts in 1963 that the Ma
rines might do so in the case
of tlie first American to orbit
LONDON ilPt'-A year ago
today, Britain was suffering its
worst winter storms in centur
ies and cold and snow records
were being broken across tlie
Temperatures today were in
the SO's in most 'British towns.
KUmath rnu OrtM
PubtHhtd tfailr ' suiMtV
Strvlnf Stulhtrn Ortton
and Narthtra California
Klamath PwbHiMai Company
Va n at f-Mlartdf
MM TUstM 4
Cniartd at aacantf-ctata mattar at ft
t offica al Klamath Fall. Craoan.
an Auautl 1W. unfar act f Can
gratl, March 3. S card claw pott-
aa paid at Klamatn Fall, Oraiafd
and at additional mailin incatr
I Manth I 1 .Ft
1 Mantua lll.M
t Vtar m.M
Mall In Advanc
I ManiR 1 t.rj
Montha Ill
1 Yaar tli.M
Carrier and Daatara
Waahday, Caoy. . lie
Sunday, Caw - lie
Swatcrikara nat ractwin. dalivary at
ttiair Htratd and Ntwt, aiaaM a nana
runada 44M1 tofara 7 p.m.
Friday, Jaouary 3, 1964
'i." 1 .J
The mark was set by Tom
Rounds in October, 1959, at ra
dio station KPOI, Honolulu.
Gardner will complete 260 hours
at 2 a.m., next Wednesday, if
he lasts.
He started 6 a.m., last Sat
urday, and it was a normal day
of activity. On Sunday he was
unable to eat a normal break
fast. Now he's down to, two
meals daily and likes only tan
gerines. After five days without sleep
Gardner said his eyes bothered
him, and he stopped reading
and watching television. His
hearing become more sensitive.
"A tuning fork sounds like Big
Ben,", he said.
the earth and much their most
famous member, but they did
Glenn will be 43 and will have
23 years of commissioned serv
ice to his credit when the next
selection board meets this year,
but his chances in 19.14 appar
ently arc not much better than
Inst year.
other court order was sought
today to prevent possible
"widespread disorder and riot
ing" if blackfaced comics and
minstrels march in the delayed
Mummers parade here Satur
day. Mediators attempting to
reach a solution to the touchy
issue gained a last-minute re
prieve Wednesday when the an
nual New Year's Day parade
was postponed because of snow
and freezing rain.
A hearing was scheduled be
fore three Common Pleas
Court judges today on a suit
filed by former Stiite Supreme
Court Justice Thomas D. IMc
Bride seeking to ban blackfaced
marchers and "those who
would riot" if the traditional
blackface makeup was used in
the annual parade in Center
City. The suit was filed before the
Klamath's Baby Crop
Numbered 952 In 1963
Klamath County contributed
952 new citizens in 19G3.
That many babies were born
al Klamath Valley Hospital dur
ing the year, beginning with a
7-pound. 9'5-ounce boy born
to Mr. and iMrs. Ronald Hodge
at 4:49 a.m. Jan. 1 and end
ing with an 8 - pound. 3j
ounce girl born to Mr. and Mrs,
Melvin Foltz al 11:33 p.m. Dec.
As usual, there were more
buys than sirls born at Klam
ath Valley during Ihe year.
People Read
you are now.
Allies Will Draft Strategy
For Disarmament Meeting
LONDON (UPf)-British and
American disarmament leaders
will meet in Washington next
week to draft joint strategy for
the forthcoming 17 nation con
ference in Geneva, government
sources said today.
The talks, designed to bring
allied proposals up to date, will
be joined by Italian and Cana-
Rusk Denies
Cuba Claim
of State Dean Rusk says
that Cuban Premier Fidel Cas
tro was "emphatically wrong"
when he declared that the late
President Kennedy had been
contemplating a change in U.S.
policy toward Cuba.
Rusk told a news conference
Thursday that there could be
no change in the United States'
Cuba policy so long as the So
viet military presence remained
and Castro continued to meddle
in the affairs of his neighbors.
The secretary said he had
found no evidence that Castro
was willing to disavow the Rus
sian penetration of the island
nation or to promise to slop try
ing to subvert other Latin
American governments.
Cuba was among the danger
points listed by Rusk. . Others
included Cyprus, where the
Greek and Turkish communi
ties are again at militant odds;
Yemen, where the United Arab
Republic and Saudi Arabia sup
port different sides in the over
throw of the royal government:
Algeria and Morocco; India and
Pakistan; Indonesia and Malay
sia, and Somalia and its neigh
bors, Ethiopia and Kenya.
Sales Tax
slitutional amendment to en
able Oregon to establish a sales
tax was proposed Thursday by
Norman L. Easley, of Portland,
chairman of tlie Income and
Property Tax Relief Committee.
The proposed amendment
would authorize a sales tax of
up to 4 per cent and provides
that between BO and 75 per cent
of the revenue would be used
to reduce income and property
The lax would exclude fond
sold in grocery stores or mar
kets and drugs.
Tied to the sales tux plan is
a restriction thai present in
come tax rates cannot be In
creased nor deductions or ex
emptions altered unless such
changes would result in a sav
ing to the taxpayer.
Court Order Sought To Block
Mummers Parade Race Riots
same court that rejected a re
quest last Tuesday by the Na
tional Association for the Ad
vancement of Colored People
(NAACPl lo ban blackface
from the parade.
The court held at that time
that city officials "have been
quite diligent in seeing that the
Mummers parade is conducted
in a manner that is in no way
offensive to our city."
Srck Injunction
The suit filed before Judge
Theodore L. Rcimcl late Thurs
day sought injunctions against
the use of blackface and dem
onstrations by civil rights
Officials of the Congress of
Racial Equality (CORE) and
the Committee for Freedom
now said they would block the
parade "with our bodies" if
marchers use blackface.
Louis Smith. COKE chairman
and Stanley Branch, head of
There were ,"iO:) males and 447
And the boys have a head
start in 'M
The first baby of tlie year
was a son born to Mr. and Mrs.
Timothy Alverson at 7:32 a.m.
dian representatives. All four
Western powers are participants
in the Geneva conference. How
ever France, another member
of the North Atlantic Treaty Or
ganization (NATO i, is boycot
ting it.
The Washington talks are ex
pected to begin by Thursday.
The British team will leave for
the United States in the next
few days.
The Geneva conference will
resume on Jan. 21. It promises
to produce 'the first East - West
confrontation at a conference
table since the nuclear test ban
treaty was signed in Moscow
last fall.
According to diplomatic
sources here, the Western na
tions are likely to give priority
to the following three issues at
Proposals for a system of
international observation posts
to guard against surprise at
tack, either by NATO or by
members of the Communist
Warsaw Pact.
Measures to prevent the
spread of nuclear weapons.
Possible East-West non
aggression arrangements. The
West has opposed Russian pro
posals for a non-aggression pact
unless they are accompanied by
Soviet guarantees for allied ac
cess routes to Berlin.
Switch Engine
Smacks Truck
EUGENE (UPIl-Threc men
were injured Thursday when a
Southern Pacific switch engine
crashed into the truck in which
thev were riding.
Tlie driver, Wayne Franklin,
35, was treated for minor injur
ies at a hospital and released.
In satisfactory condition at the
hospital were Billy Pinnell, 41,
and Wallace Kragenbrink, 43.
All are employes of the Eu
gene Water and Electric Board.
The accident occurred at a
crossing near the EWEB plant.
Divorce Near
' LAS VEGAS.' Nev. (UPH -Singer
Eddie Fisher today
awaited word his marriage to
actress Elizabeth Taylor was of
ficially ended.
Fisher said Thursday iMiss
Taylor's attorney has gene to
Mexico lo complete arrange
ments 'for a divorce. The ac
tress, living in Puerto Vallarla,
Mexico, with Richard Burton,
was expected to marry the
Welsh actor sometime after
Jan. 16.
It will be her fifth marriage.
the Committee for Freedom
Now, were . subpoenaed to ap
pear at today's hearing alter
meeting with police officials
Thursday night.
Police officials cancelled all
leaves and planned to have 1.
lli)0 patiolmen and plainclothes
men available along the route
of the parade which stalls in
South Philadelphia and ends in
Center City.
McBride said Thursday he
was asking for the injunctions
"because of the possibility of
widespread disorder and riot
ing." He added that "I have
been informed that pickets
would come from as far away
as New York City.
McBride filed the suit after
he and the Rev. Henry H.
Nichols, co - chairmen of the
mayor's advisory committee,
sought a solution to tlie dispute
Thursday in a series of
meetings with representatives
of various community organiza
tions. Prayed For Delay
Nichols, who is president of
the Greater Philadelphia Coun
cil of Churches, said they were
unsuccessful in attempts to
"get other amicable solutions."
Get 'em out of
the house!
at the ODESSA
Wt'rt now e1ing at 8 p.m. for the winter teaien
Delicioui Fried Chicken, Sitiling Steoki.
Ham 'n Iqqt ai You Like 'cm!
Closad Mondays Ph. IL 4-J250 Rocky Point
Optn i to I P.M. For RtMrrotwni
Paul VI today devoted himself
to prayer and preparations for
his "journey of search and
hope" to the Holy Land Satur
day. The 66-ycar-old pontiff, who
began his reign little more than
six months ago, will be making
history in many ways on his
three-day pilgrimage to the
places Christ lived, in what is
now Jordan and Israel.
He will be the first Pope to
visit the Holy Land and the first
to fly. He will be the first to
leave Italy since 1812.
But since the Pope announced
plans for the visit last month,
world attention has focused on
another first the first meeting
between a Pope and anjastern
Orthodox patriarch in 526
Aim is Unity
Pope Paul will confer twice
with Patriarch Athenagoris 1 of
Constantinople. Then aim is
Christian unity, hut no une
looks for a quick or easy end
to the differences that have di
vided the 500 million Roman
Catholics and 157 million Ortho
dox for centuries.
Pope Paul's predecessor, Pope
John XXIII, began this drive
for Christian unity with the Ec-
Earns $50
For Dodge
Thyrc Dodge, a recreation
technician of the Klamath Rang
er District, Winema National
Forest, has received a $50 award
for a beneficial suggestion which
has improved work methods in
the administration of the na
tional forest. District Ranger
Bud Twombly reported Friday.
Dodge, 49, suggested that an
information check list be put in
use to provide faster and more
consistent administration f o r
people holding recreation resi
dence permits throughout Re
gion Six of the U.S. Forest Serv
ice. The award was made avail
able through protection and
maintenance funds of the dis
trict and was issued under auth
orization of the Federal Civil
Service Beneficial Suggestion
Program, which authorizes cash
awards from $15 to $2,500 in
recognition of accepted benefi
cial suggestions made by civil
service employes.
Dodge was born in Big Tim
ber, Mont., and graduated from
the Southern Oregon College of
Education, after which he taught
school in Ihe Ashland-Medford
area from 1345 through IWiO.
In the later year he went to
work for the Winema Forest,
where he is currently employed.
He said earlier Thursday that
he and his colleagues "prayed
for snow on New Year's and
we got it."
He said the suit filed by Mc
Bride on behalf of the repre
sentatives of Catholic, Protest
ant and Jewish groups was dif
ferent from the NAACP's ac
tion which sought to "enjoin
the comics."
"We are seeking to enjoin
the comics and those who
would riot," he added.
The dispute in the annual pa
rade, which traces its begin
nings back to colonial times
began when Magistrate Elias
Meyers announced that black
face would be banned from the
He later rescinded his order
after demonstrations in front of
his home by some Mummers'
groups but the city sa'd march
ers with blackface makeup
would not be eligible for the
$M.ooo in prize money.
The Greatest Hcadacht
Of Tht Yeor
Yir Income tax and beokkwpinv
problcmi will disappear whin yog
call and tea . . .
TO 4 MM 110 No. tOtti
umenical Council. In carrying it
a step further. Pope Paul has
had to seek neutral ground for
his meeting with the Orthodox
leader, who declined an invita
tion to send delegates or attend
the council.
In so doing, the pontiff has
abruptly cliangcd the tradition
of tlie Pope as "prisoner of tlie
Vatican." Until 45 years ago,
no Pope even ventured out on
an auto trip into Rome. The ex
ception was Pius XII. forced to
go to France by Napoleon in
The change brings with it un
jj9 SYR,A
-Moiio L5iiiiv &fym
lllfJ J i 0 RJJD A N
rrr I , " &
'ft) Lj5J
POPE'S ITINERARY UPI newsmap shows expected
journey of Pope Paul VI on his pilgrimage fo tho Holy
Land. The Pontiff will arrive at Amman, Jordan, Saturday.
Ha will cross from Jordan into Israel at Megiddo as he
visits Holy Land sites in both countries.. UPI Telephoto
Temperatures during the 24
hours ending at 4 a.m. PST to
day. High Low Pep.
On The Record
George R. Turner, 20, and Margaret
ta Dorrall, 24, both Klamath Falls.
Vernon Cerney, 36. and Patricia Age,
32. both Klamath Falls.
Joseoh E. Cor. 20, and Rose H. Wa
ters. 21, both Klamath Falls.
Alvin A. Portertield, 30, Alameda,
Calif., and Leslie A. Courtney. 21, Oak
land, Calif.
Francis J. Patrick Jr., 23, and Nan
cy O. Turner, 22, both Klamath Falls.
Lvle G. Soeegle. 22. Sacramento,
Calif., and Josephine A. Krok, 22.
Klamath Falls.
MAT SON Rita ys. Leonard.
HIRSCHBOCK Carolyn vs. Robert
FOSTER Cecile Marie ys. Robert
NICKELSON Sachiko ys. Gerald
CUNHA Gloria Dlna vs. George
The Slate of Oregon ex rel Sue El
len McClain vs. Elia Herbert McClain
The Slate of Washington, County of
Kinq. Lois Mae Wisecarver vs. Lester
F. Wisecarver.
Jim Olson, doing business as Jim Ol
son Motors vs. Ruben Sanders and
Dianne Sanders.
Thomas C. Emery vs. State Indus
trial Accident Commission ol Ihe Stale
of Oregon.
Johnnie Mayfleld vs. Slate Industrial
Accident Commission of the State of
Astoria 51 38
Baker "! 7
Brookings 38 .H!
Med ford 4 24
North Bend ."2 ;!.-
Newport 51
Pendleton 47 :14
Portland 4!l 33
Redmond 43 111
Salem 51 33
The Dalles 50 :;i
Chicago 43 39
New York 37 37
Phoenix 119 37
San Francisco Ii3 43
Seattle 45 42
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Children's Wear, Lingerie
and Foundations.
For Trip
precedented security risks. Jor
dan and Israel are teclulcu'ly
still at war and there is a lm-j
history of religious strife in the
Holy Land among the Moslems,
Jews and rive Christian sects.
Jet fighters of the nation he
is flying over will provide an
escort for tlie Pope's Alilalia
jet. and papal gendarmes, a
bullet-proof car, and reinforced
Jordanian and Israeli police will
protect the Pope on the ground.
Home has planned a great
sendoff and an even warmer
welcome for tlie pontiff on his
return Monday.
Washington 48 34
Bend, Baker and La Grande:
Scattered showers or snow (lur
ries tonight and Saturday; highs
40-43; low 20-30.
Northern California: Mostly
fair through Saturday.
Five Day Weather
Western Oregon: Recurring
rains; highs in 40's and lows in
Eastern Oregon: Near normal
precipitation; highs in 30's, lows
in 20's.
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