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OREGON: (leueraltr fair to
night and Sunday, but local thun
der storms In th east parllon la
dr: cooler In the east porllun to
night. Moderate wst wind iitii
fun on lbs coot.
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Number 7317
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'Thoughts We've
Been Thinking
What to do In Vacation
Time. .
What Ono Writer Thinks
of the Furin Situation
of tho Future.
Whoro tho 13,000,000,000
Tut in Circulation by
VucatioulKlH in Spent.
Hoy of Today Need En
couruglng to Surge
Forward and Work.
1VJOVV Hint vacation llmo ! with
ill, an easlorn newspaper re
late thU lu itt ii n whut tu ilo:
A mun Ml tu Hint this year
lie's going tu spend hi" vacutlon
t houie, and tu enjoy It he plans
tu et the alarm tu gu oft at the
regular Hint every morning, then
villi It In rltiln. he gonna
to It out th window nd
Hi on IH way I'M It "hat be
think of It after which he'll
rull over and o to leep for the
rent of th day.
Thort'a only ona catili to that
when a man doesn't bar to
get up b wake up about two
houra earlier thau usual, and
can't get bark to sleep aaln to
nt bla life.
fkCCA8IONAI.LT writer tan
'"'find comfort In anything.
With tba farm altuatlon on
reryon' Hp thla writer any:
Ituy ought to look well to
tba farm aa a career. Neil gen
eration farmer ar going to
be richer than I iday'a. Hindy
th lowly cornstalk. 1'aper can
b mad of corntalk. aud now
cornea th nnouncemcnt that
cnrnntalka yield stili.ianc Ilk
hord rublier. It will do th work
of bard robber. A whol new
et of value la likely to be
built up for farm cropa befor
th century In much older.
Jl'Lll'U KI.KIN, assistant e
retary of commerce, tell un
American vsratlone pu' IS.ono.
000.000 In circulation. We apend
half a billion at hot dog ntandn
and such place along lh broad
highway. Vacation put Of In a
fro and easy mood. They mak
pendcr of ua ' all for two
works, at lcat. Vacation help
business, llul they do more.
They build up what Hie lork-atep
of th routine teara down. After
too long application to on Job
we tend to think In groove.
We develop no new Idea. Vaca
tion oil up th thlnklug ma
chine. fllE boya of 'today need n-
couraglng to urg forward
and work. Th constant talk
of all ivunuea being closed la
a mlatak. There aro still many
rbanroa la good old America for
th chap who will apply blm
slf. Thirty-five year ago Albert
WIlKln, president of America'
largest bank, th Chan National.
In New York. wa a clerk In
Ilostun. II wa obscure. Ho
noticed no mor thnn thouand
of other young men. How many
lull of :0 renllre that at 50 or
H they may b th biggest busi
ness men In th United Slate;;
Nat many r thinking about It And Ihey all have a
chance. That la tho beauty of
tba American system. W'e re
not hold down by a deadly com
munistic lerel. tho Russians
i. or even held back by too
great cln consciousness aa our
good friend, th KhkIIIi re. .
J. r. McClellnn , and Oscar
Anderson, who bad rocontly been
adjudged Insane were tuken to
tho Slut Asylum todny by an
atlcndnut from that Institution.
Aunt Het
"These $8.95 Bilk dresses
keeps poor folks lookin"
dressed up, but when you
see a fresh gingham dress
you know it ain't been
wore threo weeks without
Tin ker Interests in Combative
Will Ask Government to
Deny Importation of
Russian Lumber
Treasury Department' Altitude
AxtUmvI lu HuuU'a HuUig
ood la 1 1lia Country Three
Time the Value of M bat Hhc
Hella llerei IHsoa I'rgr
I Letter Kaleenianohlp.
PORTLAND, Ore., Aug.
9 (AP) Resolutions call
ing upon the treasury de
partment and administra
tion officials to deny impor
tation of Russian lumber
ifte expected to be adopted
by tho National Lumber
men's association here to
day. '
Dr. Wilson Compton. eecretary
manager of tba association, told
the lumbermen lilt night In bin
opinion adequate evidence bad
been auppllrd to nhnw Russian
lumbar admitted recently had
been produced by rtueslan con
vict In th Whits Sea, region.
"We hold the burden of proof
that goods 'are .not eonvlrt-made
hould bo placed on the Import
er." lr, loniploii aald. "The
ltusslans ar buying American
machinery In order to produce
good at a low cost to tell u In
coniieiltlon with American Indua
try. They ar trying to encour
age admlnlitlratlou official ta
forget about enforcing th tariff
act prohibiting th Importation of
good mad In w hoi or In part by
convict labor."
Treasury Timid
Dr. Compton charged "political
timidity" waa reponlbI for lb
treasury department' action In
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Eight Fatalities
In Industries of
State Past Week
SALEM. Or.. Aug, . (AP)
Eight fatal accident out of a
total of 70 caatialtle occurring
In Oregon Industrie -that operate
under tho workmen' compensa
tion act were reported tu th
ntto Industrial accident com
mlRi'.ou fur th week ending
A muni 7. Th fatalities were:
J. E. 1'roTenrhar. Owyhee, murk
er; 8. D. llnniulst, Hllvcrton.
qunrrymnn; Nets Swanson, Sllv
orton: . Mnngua (illlle. Chltwood.
powderman; C Bhortrldge, Cot
Ingn Cirovo, thovcler; E.- E.
Klckard, Salem, ppr mill work
er; Ivo Splrl, linker, elRorman;
J. 0. Crombli', Eugano,, wool
grader. .
Endurance Fliers
In Twentieth . Day
'. ST. LOriSk Aug.' 9, (AP) -Lous
than 100 hour, today Mood
between Dal Jackson and Forest
O'Jlrlne and a now world record
tor sustained flight.'
They had reeled off 45 hours
In their monopluno Greater St.
1oul at 7:11 n. m. (C. 8. T.)
wheu they began their twortiotb
dny In tho sky above Lambert
St. Louis field, and had (8
hour to go to heat, tha 164 hour
record of tha Hunter Drolhrrs.
Tho Greuter St." J.oula now Is
using considerable' mqro gasoline
him It did at tho.sturt of Its
long grind.' hut' otherwlso little
chimes hn been, noticed In. tho
Additions Will Benefit
Under City Government
While the proposed charter
chunge has occupied the atten
tion of many people, another im
pnhtnnt mutlor, to be "voted upon
In Tuesduy'H election, hon, becli
lost sight of. This la the ques
tion of voting sererul additions
Into the corporate limits of the
city of Klnmutlt Falls. The Im
portance of this la cited by K. M.
Chllrote, prominent member of
tho Klamnlh Uoalty Hoard, who,
In th following article, sayi:.
Veteran Pilot To
Dare Ocean
A' J J (5
llopwiK to IMpeaL Loloucl Lind
bergh a feat of a solo flight
cross th Atlantic, Capt. J. Er
roll Iioyd, above, baa announced
ha will take off alvn from
Koosevelt Kleld. Long Island, for
lAndon soon In a awift Bcllsnca
monoplan. Captain iioyd wa
lb first Canadian aviator to en
ter th World war and waa pilot
of th Columbia non-stop flight
from New York to Ilermnda last
Irene Schroeder and
Dague to Die in
Electric Chair
NEW CA6TLE. r.. Aug. .
(AT) Mr. Irene Schroeder and
W. Glenn Dague. both of Wheel
ing, W. Va., today war entene
ed to die In th electric chair
for the killing of highway patrol
corporal lirudy Paul near here
last December ST.
Judge It. L. Hllderbrand sent
enced tbe pair after rafualng to
grant them new trials. Th date
for (he execution will be let by
th governor.
With th passing of sentence,
th fate of tbe woman bandit
and the man who deserted bis
wlfo and children to accompany
her on a career of crime passed
from tha hand of tbe Lawrence
county courts. The two were
convicted last spring after pro
longed trlala following their
rapture in Arizona In a gun bat
tle ln.whlrh a deputy sheriff wa
wounded fatally.
The condemned pair heard
their doom pronounced without
change of expression. Neither
had a word to say.
Work Starts on
Modern Dwelling
' Work has commenced on a
modern dwelling In Weatover
Terraces for Mildred M. Gyger.
The residence Is situated on Al
borrparlo Terrace, and will cost
In the neighborhood of 13.000. .
The goneral contract tor the
home ban been let to McDonald,
and McNeil, and nb contract
have been Utf to the following
firms: excavation to Jack Kent;
sHnd and gravel, to the Qulnn
Construction company; and lum
ber,, cement and hardware, to
tha Concland Lumber company,
Construction will be rushed to
GALATZ, Rumania, Aug. 9.
(AP) Eire today flestroyed a
largo block of warehousv in
which considerable, foreign goods
were stored, tho damage being
estimated at more than 200.000
1ft (about $1.180.000)
"Only a few day more, Au
gust 12th, tho residents of Dixon,
Htllsldo, Tho Terrace nd Sixth
Street additions .will Tote to do
cido whether they will become a
oart - of tbe city - of Klamath
Falls, and it may be that tbe
writer ran throw some light on
this question.' '
"Those who live outside want
to know what the extra cost will
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Searing Scourge Even
Crotse Rockies and
Smite Idaho
Onty Slight Damage to Late
Wheat Cmp LookeJ Fori
Southern Illinois and Indiana
' Experience Klv Da of Wi
and loe A bote Weather.
Illver Dropping Rapidly.
CHICAGO, Aug-. 9 (AP)
Heat and .high humidity
ruled jointly over most of
the nation today.
Parts of middle America
were .wilted. The searing
scourge even skipped far
into the northwest, across
the continental divide.'
In Idaho, Orofino was
burning up, experiencing a
high yesterday, of , 111.5.
Temperatures . in most of
the northwest: ranged up
wards from . 90 degrees.
.Only, slight damage the
late . wheat crop was re
ported, however. . , ,
In Southern Illinois and Indi
ana. In th valley of the dwind
ling Ohio and .Mississippi rivera,
the intense heat bung on. For the
fifth successive day. Evansvllle.
Ind., yesterday roasted with the
thermometer at 10S. At .Wash
ington, Ind., It wa 106.
Ill at ("aroondale
At Carbondal. 111.. It w 111.
Johnston City reported 110. The
Utter town broadcaat a report a
setting ben deserted her brood a
week ago because of tbe beat; J ea
ter day the egg hatched.
To tbe west. In Missouri and
Kansas, th beat ware centlnned.
Lamonte, Mo., reported 1104 yes
terday. Kansas City bad 103.
Farmers felt concern for their
stock due to the shortage of wa
ter. Th Kansas City weather bu
reau held out hopes for rain by
Monday. Six died from the heat
in SL Louis yesterday and today.
The Ohio, Mississippi and MIs
' (Continued on rage Five)
Volcanic Eruption
Submerges Island
BATAVIA. Java. Aug. 9. (AP)
The Island of Anak Krakatao.
or, translated Into English, Child
o: KreKatao, wnicn yesteraay
had a height of 170 feet, today
disappeared beneath tbe surface
of the sea during Intense activity
of nearby Krakatao which is
throwing out fountain of fire.
Krakatao is a small Island of
the Malay Archipelago, In Sunda
Strait, between Sumatra and
Java. From . May to August,
18S3. .there occurred there prob
ably tbe most tremendous vol
canic eruptions of modern times.
by which two-thirds of the island
was co'mtiletety blown away. A
gigantic war waa formed by
which 20.000 people perished
tbe wave boing' noticeable aa far
away aa the English channel.
iJast Minute News 1
rijir jxnj-L-ir n .''
MAJ18HFIELD. Aug. 9, (AP)
.Sharks 30 to 33 feet in length
have been sighted by fishermen
off thla "coast. . Ono boat crew,
which returned to dock today,
anid' they, .hud- been worried by
fn,,e larrn nhnrks which nearcd
their boat with, nn eye to raiding.
Fishermen sola snarus seinom
follow fishing boats when lines
are draws up and another fish
ing spot Is located.
Treasury department estimates
today show-ed money In circula
tion In tha United States July
31 amounted to J4.-tS6.611.703,
equivalent to S36.48 per capita.
These figures represent de
crease In per capita circulation
nf Hl.M,ni,"nvnr Inst month.
and loss of 12.86 over the cor
responding period 01 last rear,
What's One's Loss
: Is Another's Gain
P It'e an III drouth thut
doe nobody good, take It
from Dr. W. W. Duke, hy
fever pclallst.
It tha ragweed, which :
th ncineal of hayfever suf
ferers. Dr. Duke says, aad
due- to the drouth tbe crap is
unusually short. Enema this
year, be aald, will lack their
oiual force.
. c.c.
Emergency to Be Met in
. Drought Areas of
- East and South
Th Interstate Commerce Com
mission today ' Issued an ordei
authorlrlng reduced freight rates
by Tallroads In drought stricken
Tbe Commission asserted an
emergency bad been created b
tbe long dry spell and tbat all
Interstate carrier were authoris
ed to lower tarlffa "on livestock,
teed and water and upon such
other article of traffic a may
ha found necessary to and from
atrfeken areaa." without observ
ing the usual requlremeLU aa to
nuhllcatloa and notice In rate
cbangea. Thai authorlxatlon ex
nlrea Oct. 11.
The commission bad been In
formed tbat a number of rail
roads, eastern ' and western, iu
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Trio Arrested on
Arson Charge for
Burning Sawmill
The distriot attorney's office has
announced that Kudy It. Norton
of Derltt has revealed In a signed
statement his part in the burning
of the Shanghai lumber mills at
Devitt on the night or August x.
Norten. with W. J. Merrick, man
ager of the mill, and 31. L. Schus
ter, watchman, waa arrested yes
terday on a charge of arson.
Schuster signed a statement de
claring he knew when and where
tha fire waa to be set, out aid noi
see it done. He said Merrick aid
ed aid conferred In the destruc
tion of the mill, but was in Port
land at the time, by a pre-arranged
Four fires were started In t
tempta to destroy tbe mill, Nor
ton's ststement ld. Th first was
started June 1. two othera were
set June 10. and tbe final one on
August 1.
BOISE, Idaho, Aug. . (AP)
Civilisation doesn't eeerd to hae
brought premature deaths to In
diana on tbe Fort Hall reserva
tion. Of group of death certlf
lcatea received by the bureau of
vital statistic today, one wa for
Jane Eagle, widow of Eagle By,
who lived to the mturo ags of
111. Bronchial pneumonia caus
ed her heath. ...... ..
Tbe Cyclo-Stormagraph at Tn
derwood'a pharmacy registered
slight upturn In baromterlc pres
sure this afternoon, which may re
lieve the humid conditions pre
vailing but otherwise little change
may be expected. . ...
The Tqcos recording thermom
eter registered maximum and
minimum temperatures today- as
follows: : '
High. 8 Low. 81
Forecast for the next 14 hours.:
Fair and warm.' . ' - .
The exlstenco of "much unoasl-
noss" in the city of Hankow was
reported to tbe state department
today by American official sources
In China. The messages said the
concern was growing, despite aug
mentation of the local garrison
and the arrival of 150 Japanese
marines and the preparations ol
130 British soldiers mid addition
al Japanese troops to depart from
Shanghai for Hankow. Tne city
ot'Changsha was reportod quiet.
FKKDBUICK, Md.. Aug. 9, (A
P) With the - drougtit In it
forty fourth-day, the-wuter short
age bere baa' become, ao acuto
that the police aro making night
ly patrola looking for "water
bootleggers" persons suspected
of violating tbe city edict, hg.ilnst
nse ot water for purpose except
In th household.
Louisville Paper Puts
Loss to Crops High
As $100,000,000
Coonty Agents, la Respooae to
Inquiries From eVcretary of
Agriculture, Mak nnrvey and
' Estimate Loasen a Compare,!
to 1029 Crop When Condi
tions Were Considered Normal.
9 (AP) As seared crops.
burned pastures and dried
streams gave mute ' testi
mony to the extent of the
drought damage in Ken
tucky, estimated today by
the Courier-Journal as al
ready in excess of $100,
000,000, state and county
officials were busy collect
ing data to determine what
steps should be taken to
relieve the stricken areas.
At Frankfort. Governor Flem
D. Sampson announced he would
go to Washington next Thursday
to attend with governors of other
drought stricken states the meet
ing called by President Hoover.
In response to telegrams from
Secretary of Agriculture Arthur
M. Hyde In Washington, county
agenta throughout the state were
making surveys of drought con
ditions, and tbe early reports
termed the situation as "serious,"
"very acute" and "alarming."-
"Dumping" Livestock.
. Officials have received reports
from various localities of the
"dumping" of livestock for from
one to three cents a pound be
cause of lack of pasturage and
(Continued on fage Five)
3200-Acre Blaze Near
Chewelah, Wn., Routs
Dozen Families
CHEWELAH, Wash.,' Aug. 9.
(AP) A doien or more -families
were out of their homes today
while men Joined crewa of several
hundred to fight a 3200-acre for
est tiro that menaced this region.
The blazo. fire days old, sprang
Into a conflagration yesterday be
fore a brisk northwest wind. Leap
ing down a valley. It licked up
several miles of a magnasite com
pany's tramway, several miles of
high power electric line, and de
stroyed at least one farm home.
The fate of other homes, hemmed
In,' was uncertain. '
' W. T. Smith, deputy state fire
warden, said it was possible about
SS00 acres were afire, but it was
Impossible to tell the conflagra
tion's extent.
Farmers and their families col
lected at the John Savage ranch,
heiievinr therflre would not reach
there, but a few houra later they
von, driven awav.
From the Deer Park side of the
hinm came renorts one home was
destroyed and at least nair a oos
nn nlhnr, were threatened.
Klrhl men were lost lor several
hnnra hut at midnight the" work-
-i ai-niinH the flames to safety
At first it was feared they had
perished. Ira Mauann, a iigmoi,
was badly burned.
Oregon Warned of Need
To Save Wafer Supply
BURNS. Ore., Aus. 9, (AP) A
warding to Oregon that there Is a
paramount -need of conservation
of water through wise use of "this
greatest remaining natural asset."
was given by both federal and
state authorities at the concluding
session of the Oregon reclamation
congress here today. E. B. Deb
ler, representing the federal bu
reau of reclamation, and Rhea
Luper, state engineer, wcro the
principal speakers.
Editor, Author
to Be Wed
One of ffenry L. Mencken's
"prejudices" no longer Is against
matrimony. The engagement of
Baltimore's . fiery . editor-critic
(below) and Miss Sara Powell
Haardt (ibx)r ttwiujtm een
tributor to bis magaOne, the
American Mercury, and to other
Journals -has been - announced.
They are to be married on Sep
tember 3. when Mencken will
abandon the bachelorhood which
he baa praised , in numerous
R. H. E.
Philadelphia 17 3
Cincinnati 3 t 2
Battarles: Smythe, Hansen and
Rensa; Lucas and Gooafa.
R. H. E.
New Tork 10 15 1
Pittsburgh . 15 2
Batteries: Fiusimmon and
Hogan; French, Spencer, Pru
ett, Swetonic, Kremer and Bool.
First game - -
Chicago 111
Philadelphia 9 1 I
W alsh ana rate; ttommeu ana
Cochrane.- '
..." ii . r. it. e.
Detroit. 3 6 0
Boston . 0 9 0
Batterfea: i Sorrell and Hay
worth; Lisenbee and Berry.
First game R. H- -E.
Cleveland .... 13 .14.3
Washington - 7 13 3
Batteries: Miller, Bean and
Mratt; Llska, Burke, Child, Fish
er, Brown and Rucl.
Second game
Chicago ...
Philadelphia -..
St. Louis
New York
Airplane Crashes
Through Gas Tank
CHICAGO. An. 9.' (AP) An
airplane cruising through a sud
den electrical storm crashed into
a huge gas tank northwest of the
Loop late today, bored lta way
through the top of the container,
and fell into forty feet of water.
The number of occupants of the
plane was not immediately ascer
tained, but' one witness said hn
saw the pilot attempt a parachute
Jumv Just before the crash.
First reports said tbe pilot was
With Increasing demands for
Irrigation, power, cities. Industries
snd recreational areas, the Colum
bia river Is the only river in the
west with a water supply greater
thau the Indicated needs. Dehler
told the congress. He said Irriga
tion cannot stand the full expeuse
of development of thla river, and
suggested power companies, pri
vate or public, should share in tho
expense, as should other projects
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1 -js
: w -'
Noon-Day Crowd in Ft,
Worth Bank Sees
Two Men Die .
Approaches President and De
mand f lo.ouo and While
Waiting for Cashier to Count
Ont Money Drops Hstrbel Con
taining High plolvee Kill
ing; Himself and Cashier.
Aug. 9 (AP) Fred L. Pel
ton, vice president and
cashier of the Stock; Yards
National bank, and an un
identified man were killed,
several other persons were
injured and the bank waa
practically wrecked today
when the stranger dropped
a bag containing nitro-gly-cerine
after demanding
L. W. Marshall, assistant
cashier, was seriously,
wounded by the explosion.
Clifton Magers, 8, was bad
ly cut by flying glass.
Th blast occurred shortly Be
fore noon. A man carrying a
satchel came to the desk ot W: L.
Pier, president ot the bank, and
demanded 414,000.' - ,
"I'm desperate."' hi ' said, "X -want
the money autck. There Is
a price on my head, and I don't
care what happens to me. There
is nitroglycerine in this sntenel."
H warned Pier not to notify th
Demands 910,000
While Pelton. whoae desk ad
joins Pier's, engaged the man la
conversation the bank president
went behind the cages and told
the tellers to count out 1 10,000
in currency. Then he went to a
telephone and called police at th
(Continued on t'age Five)
State Police Help
To Restore Order
In Indiana Town
MARION. Ind.. Aug. 9, (A
P) State police aided local of
ficers today In guarding against
fresh outbresks of the mob Vio
lence which Thursday night was
climaxed by tbe hanging ot two
negroes dragged from their cells
In the county Jail. Fear existed
ot possible retaliatory action by
young negroes for deatba of,
Thomas Shlpp and Abe Smith.
Colonel George H. Healey ot
Indianapolis. In command of two
companies of the Indiana Nation
al Guard arrived from Camp
Knox, Ky., last night by plan
in advance ot the troops. .
Yesterday and last night pass
ed quietly except for curious
throngs which crowded th
courthouse square wher' tho
mob lynched Shlpp. accused o(
fatally shooting Claude Deeter,
23, of Falrmount, and Smith
who admitted attacking . .Miss
Mary Ball, 19, of Marlon,
Deeter's girl companion.
Miss Ball was to have selected
her engagement ring today. : In
stead she will attend the funeral
ot her fiance at his father's
home at Falrmount. '.
Poor Pa
"Our daughter-in-law
left without sayin good
by.' Her feclin's was hurt
because I give her baby
my old watch to play
with instead of lettin
him break ray good one."