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0jj Klfnttt
OREGON: Fair tonlgbl and
Tuesday but cloudy or foggy on
tbe cout, tamperaturea generally
above normal In Ibt Interior.
Ueutle variable wlnde.
Associated Press and United Press Telegraph Service
Herald Advertisers Appreciate Your Trade
I'rU-v r'ivr" I'etits
Number 7312
Noughts We've
Been Thinking
rawing of George 8.
Long Takes From
Ranks of Largo Lum
ber Operator! Ono
Whoso Life Was Identi
fied With Tine Industry
. Directing Force of
Weyerhaeuser Building
at Klamath Fulls and
Looked Upon Local
Plant as Most Impor
tant of Company's En
terprises. How lioys In Portland
Are Wrifrgllng and
Twisting and Throw,
lug Thuir Stink Bom lis
They Won't Hurt
Anybody But Themselves,
TH8 passing of George 8. Long,
which occurred la Ihla city
Saturday evening, takea from the
ranka o( tha largo lumber oper
alora oua mora whose Ufa aa
Idonllfled with tha plna Industry
Mr. Long bad reached a ratbar
rlpa aga In yeara but In mental
lly ba waa ona of tha vary keen
eat rlllirna of tha nation. When
ba spoke at tha auuual chamber
of commerce dinner bera, at tha
aaina tlma rtalph lluild of tha
Great Northern railway apoka,
we thought wa had aeon few men
In our tlma who handled bla eub
Ject ao well, who know. Jutt how
to phraee bla nlterancea and who
watted no worda.
' Aa tha directing force of tha
Weyerhaeuser Timber company
be baa beeo Intimately conerted
with tha great building operation
of that concern In Klamath Falls
and baa watched Its progrese
e e e
11 1 R. I.ONO looked upon hie
company'a nndertaklng here
a tha outstanding ona. Jle held
that Klamath plna timber waa or
superior quality, that location of
Iba plant waa Ideal and that na
tore had contributed many Condi'
tlona to aid and aall the menu
factum of aa nearly perfect lum
ber aa la humanly poaalbla.
Thla community baa lost a
good frlond In tha death of
Coorge 8. f.onf. and hie family
have tha deep eyaipalhy of ua
e a a
f TOW the boya la Portland are
wriggling and twlatlug and
calling ereryone who la aupport-
lug Mr. Meier barah namea. It la
good for tho old city on the Col
umbia rlTer to become arouaed.
Too long It has amugly aat refue
lng to look outside of Multnomah
county for aentlment. Their
moat prominent cltliea la Jullua
Meier because ha haa alwaya
lectured ta tlx Portland people
that the only thing that will In
crease Portland la tha building
np of tha entire etato.
Those opposed to Mr. Meier are
Hunting their torchea and throw
ing their atlnk bomba at aome
of ua who 'happen to believe
Meier will make a good gorernor
and do not hesitate to aay ao.
KT ua aay to time dear broth
era that their brick bata In
jure nobody; that their ahota of
wrath fall to hit the tenter, and
that their or which we uied to
enjoy when wo could be of scrr
Ica to them la aa eaally forgotten
T ua aa It la by thcih.
Thla la a time In Oregon to
elect our beet men. It la crisis,
with wheal selling at 60 cente
iil lam tin at nickel: with taxos
hlxh " 'I questionable values be
ing received for the tux money.
It la a time to put a man on the
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Aunt Het
"F.lla Mac's girl has
got right good manners,
except sometimes she for
gets mi' pops her gum in"
v J
George Smith Long Was
' Vice President of
Aa Cliairmsn of EiecnUve Com
mittee of Great Lumber Con
cern, Mr. Long Feul Vlalt
Hero to Inspect New lloldlngsi
IVrpartng to Vlalt Crater Lake
WlM-n Krnl Came.
Funeral services will be
held in Tacoma Thursday
for Georgo Smith Long of
Tacoma, vice president and
chairman of the executive
committee of the Weyer
haeuser Timber company.
Mr. Long dropped dead
fn Klamath Falls Saturday
night from a heart attack.
He had been visiting here
at the local mill and had
Just completed an inspec
tion trip of the holdings in
this vicinity.
Mr. I,ong'a two daugbtere.
Margaret and Helen, were with
him when he died. They had ac
companied him to Klamath and
had Intended vlnltlng Crater
Lake. Mr. Long complained of
not feeling well, howover, and
an hour or ao later waa stricken.
Itettretl na Manager,
Until ho retired about a month
ago. Long had been general man
Kr of tha timber company. He
waa 7" years old when he died.
Ha waa known aa ono of the
most prominent lumber men
throughout the entire cation. He
retained tha title of vlre-presl-dent
of tho Weyerhaeuser com
pany and at tho time of bla death
waa chairman of tha executive
commltteo of tha company.
Frlenda who knew him hero,
where he haa Watted eevoral
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Hankow Military
Officials Behead
Eight Communist
HANKOW. Aug. 4, (AP)
Eight suspected Communists
wero beheaded In the streets
here tndny an Military authori
ng. ' l(httirl thalr rinfenae
against tho growing menace of
Ken uprising in ubiipow.
Arifttllnnal tronna natrolled tho
rltv Kvervnne waa atlhlncted to
search. The French community
formed a Tolunteer defense corps
to function In case of emergency.
Burrlradca In tho foreign sec
tion were strengthened Saturday
when reports said Communist
armies, flushed with their suc
cess In pillaging and burning
Chnngsha, wero marching toward
Hankow nnd Its sister cities,
Wuchang and Hanyang. Mnrtlal
law was declared.
Thousiinds of terrified Chinese
sought the protection of the for
eign quarter.
ronri.Asn. Aug. 4. ap
Hurolil Feu, 16. Olatskanto lum
ber camp employe, died In hoe
pltnl here lust night from burns
received when ho pfiircd gaso
line In a store to start a fire.
He thought It waa kerosene. All
explosion resulted, i
Gas Corporation Ready
To Start Work on Plant
Loula J. Rust, who la to lie
manager of the Klamath Falls
gus plant of the Natural (Ins
Corporation of Oregon, has ar
rived lu Klamath Fuls to estab
lish hla permanent residence here
prior to the actual conatructlon
work which . the company plana
to begin within a few days. At
tho present time Mr, Rust and
Thomas K. Ilnrtlett, who It
commercial nmnaKer of tho fom
paay, art lucking evar business
a ttack Fatal to Mill Executive
Old Motto Work
To Discomfort of
One E. F. Gilli
EVANBTON. III., Aug. 4, (A
P) "If at first you don't auc
caed, try It later" revised by
K. K. (illlla.
(Mills, driving home reeter
dar attempted to light a cigar.
Tolling out bla mechanical
cUar lighter ha anapped It It
clocked, but there waa no
spark, no flama. Changing
banda ba triad again with tho
aamo reault. Than bo tried
both bands; holding over tha
lighter to protect tho flame. If
any, ba gavo a vlcloue pueU
with tha other band.
Ha regained consciousness
In a hospital whero they told
hire bo bad run Into a tree,
that ha still held tha lighter
when they pulled hlra out and
that bo would recover.
Wreck of Plane Causes
Only Temporary Halt
In World Flight
4, (API Despite the wreck of hif
plane, Jobn Henry Meara today
set about making new plans to
regain the world circling record
taken from blm by the Graf Zep
pelin. Meara' plana, tha City of New
York, waa wrecked at l:4S a. m.,
(B. 8. T.) yeaterday When ho at
tempted to take off In tho dark
against tho advice of airport offi
cials. Meara suffered a wrench
ed shoulder, but bla pilot. Henry
J. Drown, waa unhurt. The plan
waa a total wrack.
Temporarily Down
"Wo are temporarily down, but
not out." .Meara aald. "Wa will
try again. It not thla year. Id
TJie plane did not catch fire
and thla probably eared the lives
of the filers and tholr dog niaecol
"Tallwlnd II," who acampered
away alter the wreck. Meara
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Raffety Asked to
Quit Traffic Post
SALEM. Ore.. Aug. 4". fAP
Secretary of State Hal Hosa haa
In hla office the requested resig
nation of T. A. Raffety. chief
of the atate traffic department
since Ha organliatton 10 yeara
ago. and haa requested the resig
nation of at least three of Haf
ferty'a subordinates the Capital
Journal, In a signed article, de
clares It la reliably Informed.
The three offlrere whose re
tirement haa been aummarlly
asked are Captain Kenneth
Bloom, atatloned at Albany and
commander of the American Lo
glon post of that city; Sergeant
W. II. Kllenberg, with hondqunr
ters In Orenon City and com
mander of tho Legion post there,
and Lieutenant O. O. Nichols,
stationed at Mvdford.
Mexican Journal
Lauds Mr. Morrow
Excelsior, Mexico City dally.
today In an editorial lauded Am
bassador Morrow and predicted
some day be would be1 president
of the United States.
"Not alnce the days of Am
bassador Clayton, who knew how
to live In peace wjth himself and
with us." the paper au1d. "has
there been such a business man
who came to Mexico In an at
mosphero which ninny of hla
countrymen declared erramedl-
ably hostile, within a short time
winning tho irienitsnip oi every-
"It la easy to foresee," the
PHper continued, "that the repub
lican jfarty will find Its strong
est cundldato lu Mr. Morrow
when tho time comos to sock a
successor to Mr. lloovor."
sites. They plan to establish a
combination store for the display
of their product and aa office
for the local manager. A de
finite location haa not yet been
Mr. Bartlett la returning Tune
day evening to hla headquarter
In San Francisco, but will prob
ably return hore again.
Contract Awarded
James Itonaran, field repro
lUoaUaued oa i'aga bight)
Soviet Cargo Ship
Their holda loaded with Russian pulpwood from Archangel, tha
Norwegian freighter "Christian Bora." abown above, and a British
freighter, were barred from entry by euttome officiate at New York.
It waa the first open clash between Soviet and American trade In
terests, and the embargo followed proteata that the pulpwood waa
of convict, or forced labor, origin. Forty more ahlpa carrylug elm
liar cargoes were reported to be on tbelr way to the United Htatea,
and theae too ware to be barred by order of Secretary of the
Treasury Seymour Lowman, pictured at right.
Mrs. Mooney Appears in
Court Wearing Suit She
Wore on July 22, 1916
tKS FRANCISCO, Aug. 4. (AP) Clad In Che aame black tail
ored ault aba wore July J3, 11(, the day of the preparednesa day
bombing, Mrs. Kena Mooney appeared today at the supreme court
bearing on the Warren K Blllinga application for a pardon.
Billings and Mrs. Mooney e husband, Thomas J. Mooney, are
serving life aentencea aa the bombers. Tbe current hearing called
to permit questioning of John MacDonald, Baltimore waiter, ta In
effect a new trial for Blllinga
with the aupreme court Juntos
acting aa Judge and Jury, .
- Mrs. -Mooney appeared that
she might ahow he roe It In the
aame clothing h was pictured
as wearing Prepuodneaa Pay in
photographs taken from the root
of the Ellera building more than
a nilb nway and a few minutes
before the bombing.
The pictures show Tom Mooney
atandlng beside her.
Nurse Recalled
Eatelle Smith, former puree,
whose testimony before the
Justices last week Included the
statement Blllinga told her he
waa an add thrower, guilty of
sabotage but not tbe bombing,
waa recalled for cross examina
tion by Edwin McKenxle, at
torney for Blllinga.
Before the examination began
Chief Justice William Waste
read a telegram from Duncan
Matheson. former Ran Francisco
police captain. In which he told
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Wife Slayer Faces
. Trial for Murder
BAKER. Ore.. Aug 4 (AP)
George McGlennen, who last Fri
day shot and killed hla wife.
Hatel McGlennen. In a rooming
house here, and seriously wound
ed Harold Gllklson, another
roomer, waa on the road to re
cover here today. He facca trial
for first degree murder.
Gllklson a condition. . at first
thought hopeU'sa. Is now better
and be has a fair chance to re
cover. McGlennon fold Sheriff Henry
McKlnney at the hospital he had
nover aeen Gllklson prior to the
shooting. Gllklson waa shot
when Mra. McGlennen rnn Into
hla room to escape her husband
after the firat shot was fired.
Last Minute News
SETE, France,' Aug. 4, (AP)
Because he had quarreled with
his girl, Jean Casternnd, aviator,
Jumped to his death from his
plane near Peyrnde. He fell In
to tho garden of his mother's
home., The .plane crashing to
earth g hundred yards further
Casterand left a note to tho
girl tilling her he waa killing
himself aa a proof of hla atten
tion for hcv-
Ted Lundgren, Hollywood avi
ator bound on a round the world
flight, took oft from United Air
port at :!, a m. today, headed
for Kansas Olt? and ltoosovolt
Field, New York. ,
.LAKE CITY. Aug. 4.
(AP) J. C. Jnck) Yoro, 13
year old prospector and Indian
fighter, reputed survivor of 160
gull battles and one of the most
colorful characters of the old
west, dlod yesterday at Carlin,
Nov., rocrt'HRns , received here Jy
frlenda of tha aged man aald. ,
Barred by U. S.
County's Cattle Placed
In Marketing; Group
At Fort Klamath
Over twenty thousand head of
Klamath County cattle were
signed up In the Western Cattle
Marketing Association at Fort
Klamath, Saturday. August t. In
addition to thla amount several
thousand head of Lake ' county
and other adjoining counties were
signed also. This ia by far the
biggest sign-up ever made
throughout tbe southern Oregon
and northern California territory.
With the algn-up now in effect
In Klamath County, over 11,000
head of Klamath county cattle
are now In the marketing associa
tion, this being over "5 per cent
of all cattle in the county. With
the Interest shown by other stock
men, no doubt nesrly 100 per
cent will soon be marketing
through the Western Cattle Mark
eting Association.
Mne Meeting
The Fort Klamath meeting was
the best and most enthusiastic
gathering of cattlemen that
southern Oregon has ever seen. It
is said. J. It. Howard, represen
tative of tbe Federal Farm Board,
waa one of tbe first speakers on
the program. Mr. Howard em
phasized the fact that the Federal
Farm Board waa strongly behind
the operations of anch organlxa
tlona as the Western Cattle Mar
keting Association. He stated that
the board had Investigated the
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LA GRANDE. Ore.. Aug. 4. (A
P) Andrew Blokland, about 40.
owner of extenalre farming land
near Island City, waa killed today
by a bolt of lightning. He was
In an open field. Blokland was
a member of a pioneer family
here. His was the second death
of this kind in Eastern Oregon
recently. Lightning killed a man
near Baker two weeks ago,
noSKBURG, Ore.. Aug. 4, (A
P) Ben Otis, missing sixteen
ynr old boy, lost since last Fri
day morning while on a fishing
trip, was found this forenoon
four miles balow Toketee Falls.
Otis was In somewhat exhausted
condition, but had had some food
having carried two lunches with
ATLANTA, Ga.. Aug. 4,, (AP)
The South today was-experiencing
charactoristle t August
weather with the Atlantic sea
board from Florida to North
Carolina enjoying the effects of
refreshing showers, tbe Atlanta
weather bureau reported.
Treasury Official
f: . VI i.
J; -k
H i? d-yr
New York 4 (
Brooklyn . 0 (
Batteries: Fltxslmmona
Hogaa; Clark and Lopes.
Philadelphia 1 I
Boston , ... , 3 10
Batterlea: Sweetland and Dav
is; Cunningham and Spohrer.
4 II t
. 11 IS
and Berry;
Batteries: Smith
Grove and Cochrane.
Chiloquin's First.;
, Annual Rodeo Set'
. For August 9-10
Chlloouln's first annual rodeo
will be ataged next Saturday and
Sunday. Aug and 10, at the
Chllqnln Rodeo grounds. Mr.
Gibson, an experienced rodeo and
race meet man and Jack Crlra.
Cbiloquln rodeo star, and arena
manager, are taking an active
part in outlining tbe various
The Chlloquln ahow will pro
ceed tbe Penedleton rodeo about
three weeks. A large number
of riders and horses are ex
pected to take part in - both
rodeos. Hundreds of bead of
racing stock will be on hand to
make the show one of the finest
ever staged In this part of the
i Calf roping, bareback riding
with loose rope and other sen
sational features will keep the
crowd Interested during tbe two
days. Blooded horses will race
as well as some cf their local
, Flan Annual Show
The promoters-are planning to
make this an annual event If the
first one should prove a success.
In addition to the race events
a baseball game to d !de the
championship of the southern
Klamath county league will be
played between Bonama and
Beatty. The game will be called
at ll a. m. sharp.
Friday night, Aug. S. 32
rovds of fast boxing will be
featured at the boxing arena.
The final event la to be a
Round-Up dance' to 1 3 held at
tbe Chlloquln dance hall. Special
prixea will be offered for the
best dressed cowboy and cowgirl.
Kansas Wardens
Try to Save Fish
PRATT. Kan.. Auk 4. (AD
Deputy fish and game wardens
throughout Kansas have been In
structed to devote all efforts
necessary to save fish which are
dying by thousands in the
streams which have fallen far
below normal In the drouth.
' The deputies equipped with
seines are capturing fish from
shallow streams and transferring
them to deeper waters. The
present condition of streams was
characterized by tne atate waraen
as the worst In his experience.
Zuta Killed
Too Much
CHICAGO. Aug. 4, (AP)
Jack Zuta was killed, police said
today, for telling what he knew
about the assassination of Alfred
(Juke) Llngle, Tribune reporter.
' And It was a woman, tho po
lice were convinced, who arrang
ed tbe slaying of Zuta Friday
night In a lake resort dance ball
near Dolatield, Wis.
Zuta, the head of the northslde
Moran-Alello gang's vice business,
"talked plenty" when he waa
Children Burned
At Picture Show
SAO PAULO. Braill, Aug. 4, (A
P) Twenty three children were
burned, ten of them probahiy fat
ally, alter their clothing had
caught (Ire from a motion picture
film at a cblld'a ahow this after
noon. The children had paid three
cents each to attend the ahow
given In the home of Carlos snd
Armando Scllnachl, who used a
small projector.
One child struck a match and
Ignited a pile of films In a corner.
The Inflammatory material biased
up and their clothing caught fire.
Both the Scllnachl brothers were
burned In trying to beat ont the
Gordon and Smith Say
Form Best
That the proposed change In
the city charter, calling for the
commission-manager form, which
will be voted upon next week may
be given due publicity, the Herald
has Interviewed numerous prom
inent citizens and secured brief
expressions from them. Tbe first
two expressions, both from mem
bers of the charter committee, are
submitted today.
J. A- Gordon, one of the active
members of the charter commit
tee which worked night after
night studying every phase of the
proposed new form of govern
ment, stated today: . -
"1 am very much In favor of
the proposed change, In city gov
ernment.- oosmeg or. conse
quence la handled by the city
manager, under the manager
form. A man who haa no other
business than to look after the
needs of the city should be more
beneficial, than a business man
who has to devote a large part of
his time to his own interests.
You cannot expect a man
who Is elected to office to serve
a two year term, to give up all
his other Interests and devote all
hla time to the city's needs, for at
the end of that time, he Is out of
a Job and has neglected his work
of a lifetime.
Many questions are now being
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Man Who Scorns
; Marriage to . Wed
H. L. Mencken, prospective bene
dict after writing jibes at the
tender passion for two decades,
had but one comment today on
the announcement of his engage
ment to Miss Sara Powell Haardt,
writer for magastnes.
"I formerly was not aa wise as
I am now." be said.
Mencken, editor and critic.
said plans for the ceremony were
very Indefinite."
On one point he is consistent.
The man who wrote that ''being
married with all your friends
about you Is as private and dis
criminating as eating In the win
dow of a restaurant," said bis
wedding will be very quiet.
"It will be very refined." he
said with a laugh.
Germans Halted
On Ocean Flight
REYKJAVIK, Iceland. Aug. 4.
(AP) Wolfram Hirth and Oscar
Weller, German aviators, in
dicated today they probauiy
would abandon the remainder of
their proposed trans-Atlantic
(light from Berlin to the United
They have been notified by
the Governor of Greenland that
there Is no suitable landing place
for them In the south part of
the country, where they had plan
ned to holt en route to Labrador,
and this morning they were con
sidering sailing tor the United
Statea aboard the Can-dlan Paci
fic liner Mlnnedosa.
for Telling
A bout Slaying
ouestloned several weeks ago
about the Llngle slaying, Pate '
Roche, chief Investigator for the
atate's attorney, said. The vice
chieftain feared an attempt on
hla lire.
Talked With Woman
Zuta hid ont In Wisconsin. He
had eeveral telcphoae eenveraa
tlons with a Mrs. Laura Nelson,
living on the northslde. One waa
Just a few hours before five men
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Serious Losseg to Crops
In Middle We.t Will
Be Experienced :
From New England to tbe Booth
and From tbe Atlantic to the
Rockies, Highest Marks Ever
Recorded Feature Suuday'a
Weather; Emporia Kaa., ' Re
port a 113 Above.
CHICAGbTAug;. 4 (AP)
One of the long-eat arid
most intense heat waves of
recent years held the ' na
tion in its merciless grip to
day. The effect of the blister-ing-
sun and wind were felt ,
in nearly all sections of the
country, but principal crop
damage was in the middle
of the continent where three
weeks of drought have
made serious inroads on the
cornfields. '
Government forecasters saw
no permanent relief In atght.
There n aome chance cf local
thunderstorms ' and very alight
rainfall, they aald. bpt tbe heat
is not expected to ' be broken
(or at least another week. -Com
Damage Heavy.
To tha farmer whose principal
crop la com. thla meant aerious
hardship. -Aaother week aa hot
and dry as the last two. would
seriously damage even late plant
ed corn. The earlier part of the
crop has been hurt to such an
extent private estimates suggest
loss of around 400.000.000
bushels already.
Pasturage has also bees burs-
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Democrats Name '
Donaugh to Guide
. Party's Destinies
PORTLAND. Aug. 4. (AP)
Carl C. Donaugh will guide th
destines of the democratic party
In Oregon through the next year.
He waa elected chairman of tbe
democratic ataie committee Sat
urday at the best attended meet
ing the group has bad in years.
. Donaugh won the chairman
ship over Joseph K. Carson 'Jr.,
by tliree votea. ' Carson then
took tbe secretaryship over Jack
Summervllle by two votes.
Mrs. Rosemary Schenck of Lin
coln' county was elected .vice
chairman. Treasurer and the
executive committee will be ap
pointed later.
Twenty committeemen, attend
ed and 13 others were repre
sented by proxies. The absent
counties were Harney, Malheur
and Yamhill.
PORTLAND, Aug. 4, (AP)
Police were called i- yesterday
to help out In a case of a run
away house. Contractors were
moving the building up East
Ninth street. A cable broke and
the building rumbled down Ninth
a block before It crashed Into
a light pole. Damage wai
Poor Pa
says when I wps
prayin so eloquent in
church Sunday she
though of the language I
used Saturday night when
I found she had taken
the light bulb out of my