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burning Umilii
Tuesday, July 15, l!)30
O. O. Crawford-
rblltd evry afternoon except Sunday by Tn Herald Publiahlns
Coaipasr at IvS-lSS South yitta strot. KUwU rail. Orosoa.
Entered M second class matter at tba postofflc ot Klamath rails,
Orefoa. oa August 1. 1U(. under act ot C'onsria, March 1. 187S.
Br Mall Delivered by Carrier
In Outalde la UU
County County On month IQ.SS
Three months .11.1 $1.7 Three month!
Ma pmntni . I.H 8ia months .0
rrn. Yr i.OO t.Vtt One Year .
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U. C. MOUaUNShlN CO., Int.
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the asking at any of these office.
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tton ot all newe dlspatchea credited to It or not otherwise credited
la thia paper, and also the local newt puuiisned tnerem. aii riguu
of republication of pedal dUpalcbea herein are alto roaorved,
Tuesday, July 15, 1930
A Good Soldier Passes On
rpHE marine corps lost a good soldier and the nation
' lost a valuable citizen in the recent death of Jlaj
Cen. Wendell C. Neville.
Entering the marine corps in the early 'nineties, on
'graduation from the naval academy, General Neville
found enough action in his military career to satisiy any
one. He fought the Spaniards in Cuba, served in the
campaign in China against the Boxers, went to the Fhil
ippines to help put down the insurrection there, served
In troublous Haiti and the Dominican republic, won tne
Congressional Medal of Honor for bravery In the expe
dition to Vera Cruz, and took an extremely active part
in the fighting in France.
I As commander of the famous fifth marine regiment
rat Belleau Wood and later as commander of the fourth
brigade in the hard fighting at Soissons and in the
Meuse-Argonne, General Neville rounded out his career.
His death removes from our midst a very fine soldier.
During his 60 years of life he served his country as
' whole-heartedly and gallantly as any man couia ao.
An Exchange Of Visitors
AMERICAN motorists are expected to spend around
5300,000,000 in Canada this summer. The great
dominion north of the border has unrivaled attractions
as a vacation land and we're not speaking of Its liquor
" laws now. either. Citizens of the United States are dis
covering the fact in increasing numbers every year.
However. Canadians do a good deal of touring, too,
'and a lot of them cross the border to do it. In 1929, ac
cording to dominion government figures, Canadian tour
ists spent more than $111,000,000 in the United States,
and more than 619.000 Canadian automobiles went south
over the boundary. The figures probably will be higher
this year.
Here is reciprocity of the finest sort. That famous
unfortified frontier is in no danger as long as the two
nations exchange friendly visits on such a scale.
Alas! The only one that doesn't give honorary de-
rreea is the school of experience.
If you like a Sunday picnic in a quiet place far from
the crowd, you can use the front lawn.
Nobody bats a thousand in everything. Washington
.was first in many particulars, but he married a widow.
The chief difficulty in establishing parity is the fact
that a fleet is no stronger than the man in charge of it
It's a sad commentary on American culture when a
reporter's possession of a bank account looks suspicious.
The Price of Food la Going
IVxtn. but It Appue to tho
u noioiiairr More Thaji to
tlie Retailor Thue Far II
Hasn't Dropped Kajough to
Help the lloasewlf Much.
" Spokane Spokesman Review:
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's resig
nation from the Society for Phy
aicai Research la explained by
an official as "an honest differ
ence of opinion. Sir Artbnr Is a
spiritualist; we are an Investi
gation society."
Of that society Conan Doyle
bid been a member tor thlrty
elx years. From investigation
he passed to conviction, but it Is
elgnlticant that tbe society as a
whole, after forty-eight years of
painstaking Investigation ot psy
chic phenomena the world over,
has not found, In its stupendous
anasa of reports and studies, con
vincing proof that the dead com
municate from the spirit world,
or that they can be summoned
from "the undiscovered country
from whose bourn no traveler
By an Impressive coincidence,
news ot Sir Arthur s break wltb
the Society of Phychical Re
search came on the day that Mrs.
Harry Houdlnl, widow ot tbe
internationally known magician,
confessed that she bad aban
doned hope ot communicating
with ber husband In the spirit
world. Before Houdlnl's death
the twain had formed a pact
binding tbe first to die to com
municate. If possible, with the
. Thar Is pathos now In the
disappointed widow's admission
that "tbe alienee la Impene
trable: there is only a void."
Chicago N'ewa: Hitched to an
xpreaa wagon, an aged horse,
"his every bone astare," col
lapsed In front ot the connty
building the other day and the
erowds that came to gaxa caused
a traffic blockade. To onlookers
the spectacle called up a past
which, though only recently de
parted, seemed already as remote
y lbs era ot stage coachea and
A year eapvsss.
Tbe practical disappearance of
the horse from, large centers ot
population is one more example
of this nation's thoroughness in
getting rid of anything, no mat
ter how excellent, it thinks it
bas no present need for.
There were too many trees In
tbe country, so succeeding gen
erations waged hereditary war
upon the forests and succeeded,
tor all practical purposes. In
eliminating them.
Millions of buffalo ranged the
western plains and manifestly
could stand thinning out So
the sanguine and sanguinary
pioneer managed to kill them alL
Wild flowers once grew In
riotous beauty In every wood and
meadow. They now flourish,
less riotously, under the protec
tion of shotguns. -
Instances might be multiplied
indefinitely to Illustrate the gay
Irresponsibility ot a people wise
enough Indeed to lock the -stable
door after tbe horse la stolen
but too sunnily optimistic to
take the obvious course before
hand. In ancient days It was tbe
custom to write "Peace" on tbe
bells of the horses. Being no
longer able to hitch up a horse,
the ever-hopeful city dweller Is
trying, with indifferent success,
to write it on tbe horn of his
Washington Star: "You are
recognised as a leader of the peo
ple," remarked the friend.
"What you are talking about,"
said Senator Sorgbum, "la a sort
of optical Illusion. I manage to
get out a little In front of the
crowd and then run with all my
might to keep ahead of It-"
In 1827, the most recent year
tor which figures are available,
there were 1661 deaths due to us
ing poisonous drugs by mistake In
the United States.
MCA hrrrlce Writer
tall prices of food have been
coming down, but by no means
as rapidly as wholesale prices.
Auax never ao.
hen the farmer gets low
prices lor his products the con-
suuier sometimes eventually gets
a utua 01 tne benefit, but not
until tbe middle man and tba
retailer get theirs. If than.
C B. Dennian of the Federal
Farm Board recently pointed to
snarp aecunee In tba prices ot
beet Dressed beef in Chicago,
he aays, haa been selling for
irom xo to 17 per cent less than
a year ago. tbe areateat
ductlons being In tbe cheaper
cuts, netau prices lor beef, be
assured all housewives, ought to
reflect the full reduction noa-
sioie nnaer present prices.
(Meant Help the Housewife
But none of tbe covernment'a
figures available hare Indicate
that the housewife haa been get.
ting much ot a break on sir
loin or round steaks, or rib
roasts or chuck roasts.
On a rough estimate, however.
It is said that wholesale prioes
ot food are about 10 per cent
lower than the high mark last
year and retail prices about
per cent. The monthly survey
ot retail tood prices made br
the Bureau of Labor Statistics
covers S3 ot the most commonly
used articles of food and Its
wholesale aurvey 1S1 items, so
no exact comparison la possible.
The bureau depends upon about
ISOO retailer for the Informa
tion for its surveys, so It never
com piles comparative wholesale
and retail prlrea, which would
make the retailers sore.
Retailers are reluctant to
change their prices, either up
wards or downwards. It la ex
plained. Sometime they feel
that alight Increase would be
Justified and yet fear to offend
th consumer by making them.
On the other hand, it la natur
ally much, easier to refrain from
cutting prices when wholesale
price drop. Th retailers never
notice lower wholesale price as
quickly aa thsy observe Increas
ed wholesale prices.
Usually there are two step
between tbe producer and the
consumer the Jobber, or middle
man, and the retailer. Tbe
wholesale price, aa commonly
understood, is the price paid by
the middle man. The middle
man usually gets a slice during
the invariable lag between de
clining wholesale prices and de-
cllninr retail prlcea, but experts
on these facts believe the retailer
usually gets tbe larger slice. The
wideawake retailer knows his
price trends and he can make
the middle man observe mem
easier than the ultimate customer
can persuade the retailer to fol
low tbem.
Soma blame la placed on the
consumer, however, tor increas
ing retail costs. It costs more
to retail food now tban It did.
Time waa when people bought
Dotatoea br th bushels, flour by
the barrel, applea by tbe peck.
meat la bug chunks and eggs
at least by th doxen. In these
days of kitchenettes the retailer
finds himself doling out two or
three eggs or a single lamb chop
at a time and flour, potatoes.
pples and auch food are bougnt
Often in one-pound lota.
The middle mans margin oi
profit Is usually more or less
fixed. He used to get a lot ot
blame for tbe high cost of living,
but lately the tendency aha been
to squeeze him out. Mass buy
ing by chain stores and grocers'
leagues, establshment of chains
by producers and farmer co
operatives axe among the factors
threatening to eliminate tbe Job
Latest complete Bureau ot La
bor Statistics figures on whole
sale and retail tood prlcea are
for May. Figuring on an annual
family budget, the bureau finds
that food costing $1.63 In May,
1929, cost XI. 601 in May, 1930.
Food sold at wholesale for
100.977 in May, 1929, cost only
92 cents In May, 1930. Tbe
wholesale and retail prices given
are not relative, however, and
should not be compared with
each other except as to tbe com
parative ratio of decline.
Local Battery Has
Perfect Attendance
At weekly drill of Battery D,
249th Coast Artillery, last night
In the armory quarters, it was an
nounced that non-commissioned
officers school has been discon
tinued for the month of July.
Capt. Walter W. Abbey also re
ported tbat tne battery ratea iuu
per cent attendance for the
months of May and June.
Men who have received dis
charges because ot leaving the
state are rapidly being replaced.
but there are still several vacan
cies and anyone wishing to Join
may do so Monday nignta wnen
drill Is being held. New members
ot the battery are Newton B. Nel
son, re-enllsted, and Harold B.
Gaussoln, transferred from Nam
pa, Idaho.
Judge A. L. Leavltt, who Is
greatly interested In securing
connection with th California
highway through Klamath county
la ot th opinion that th great
eat argument thla section could
offer would be the benefit to
th resident ot California who
deelr to mat thla trip, by the
construction ot a road from Weed
to Dorrls.
Judge Leavltt statea that
there Is already a good road
from Weed to the northwest
of th Cascades, and with th
extension ot til highway to
Dorrls th tourist travel would
then hav a cholc ot th two
routes, which would be a great
er ben(it to the residents ol
California than would slmulv
wis roao.
With th announcement that
th (topping placee In th vl
clnlty ot Crater Lake are now
open for business, an Impetus
oas oa givn th tourist travel.
and yesterday th roada leading
to thla country wr fairly over
run witn outald automobile.
Sykea Hamaker reports tbat
th mammouth traction engine
engaged in hauling lumber from
th Doan-Hortoa mill waa loaded
Monday and left with about SO.-
000 feet ot lumber tor th 8a-
vldg Bros, yard at Klamath
Falls. The engineer had the
misfortune to cut oft hi fin
ger while cutting som wood
for th engine. It waa dressed
by Dr. Harris. Bonansa Bul
W. F. Hopka, although he haa
visited thla city every aummer
fur th paat four years, and had
no Intention ot coming her thla
summer when he left Sacra
meuto on a two weeks' vacation,
arrived here last night, and will
spend the balance ut his vaca
tion In thla vicinity.
Mr. Hopka U with III well
known firm ot Weluatock-Lubl
and at one time owned property
in mis city, lie la pleased wit
th prospect here, and experts
to make some Investments soon
C. II. Lowry, of Klamath Falli
visited Dorrls people Wednes
day aud It our reporter reports
accordtug to the Gulden Kula,
Mr. Lowry Intends to take bark
to Klamath Falls mure than fish
when he returns. .Dorrls Ad'
Th first automobile I make
th trip thla aeaaoa from Mad'
ford to this city by th way ot
Crater Lake arrived la th city
Sunday night.
J. A. White, proprietor ot th
HUH pelican saloon of thla city,
sustained a broken leg Sunday
afternoon while on a visit to ML
Hebron. Tbe Injury waa sus
tained by stepping into a rut,
throwing him In auch a manner
to break th hone In his right
aukl. Th injured member waa
dressed and Mr. White brought
nom oa th evening train, and
placed la the ear of Dr. Atkla
on. Dorrls Advocate.
Know Your Tunnels?
I i i7 is
ii E 3-
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" a it ""
st tr
ST sg-
3JT 37" " " 5e" " "
ST .5T ""3T
3S ' b 35"
3? J 4t
' ' ' ' ' ' I I I L i
80 Golf device, a lo acoora
40 Where la . pllsb.
Edinburg? T Lrm.
T Mountains la 84 Piece of thw , u what range ) ?v
Switzerland. ber. i. Moon 10 To harden.
is Banaio.
1 Where Is th - beU.
Moffat tone -u S2 Container. ,
el? , S3 Prejudiced.
It Constellation. SS Room.
12 Since.
13 Xolse of a
f ruin pet.
14 Southeast.
15 To bind.
IS Young lion.
18 To become.
10 Soar.
SI The divine
22 Elista.
24 Obstruction
in a stream.
23 Daisy.
26 To moisten.
27 Deity.
28 To nakatt.
SOIn this place.
3d rata ap a
poker atak.
37 Snake.
38 Color.
is Mourn
"V ' ,13 Thick shra.
2 Gold quarts. - ....
Minor aotr.
4 Foray,
IT Edge.
18 Nodded v
SO To oxidis bf
beat. -ti
23 Emitted
24 Tumor.
28 Gets ap.
20 Old woman.
81 To devewr,
82 Wrap.
88 Ball rlnK
84 Card gam,
8.1 To iMfftrv.
87 Before Christ.
88 ExrtawuitrOw
Pile Sufferers
Ton can only get quick and
permanent relief by removing
the cause congestion of blood
In the lower bowel and weaken
ing of the parts. Nothing but an
internal medicine can do this
that's why cutting and salves
tall. Dr. J. 8. Leonhardt discov
ered a real Internal pile remedy.
After prescribing It for 1000 pa
tients with success In 960 cases,
ha named it HEM-ROID. Drug
gist everywhere now sell it, and
guarantees money-back It HEM
ROID does not end piles In any
form. Underwood's Pharmacy.
houghts We've
Been Thinking
(Continued from Page One)
road president's chair Is
ardous undertaking."
a has-
T ABOR bas bit at a vital need
- for the prosperity of this na
tion, and that Is to keep factor
ies at home.
, When large manniaeearlng
concern seek foreign field where
I cheap labor can be bad and then
I want to ship their manufactured
products Into tbia country there
la a double damage don. If
foreign countries offer such In
ducements the least that an
American concern could do would
be to establish citizenship in
tbat country and become a part
ot it.
For Result Use Herald Cla Ada
ITS fflrtlLMI?,
Arte rn '
KNOW IT, n'i ,
:. j
Dearly beloved.
There are at least four mistakes in th above picture. They
may pertain to grammar, history, etiquette, drawing or whatnot.
See It you can find tbem. Tben look at th scrambled word bslow
and unscramble it, by switching th letters around. Grad your
self 20 for each ot th mistakes you find, and 20 for th word If
you unscramble It. Turn to the back page and we'll explain th
mistakes and tell you th word. Tben you can see how near a
hundred 701 bat.
News Letter
Convict' Time)
Reading Popular
Their Choices
Get Encouragement
Timely Quotations From People
in the Public Eye
SALEM, Or., July 16, (UP)
Couvicts at lb Oregon stal peul
tenilsry her spend their spare
lliu doing something ls other
than brooding over their 111 fat.
KKALMNQ in 011a ot the most
popular pastimes ot tha Inmates,
according to Henry W. Meyers,
superintendent ot th prison, aud
th prisoners' tail lu literature
run iu gamut trom gunmen
yarua and wild west stories to tba
very highest classics In all litera
ture, with scientific subjects hold
lug promlusnc among tha read
ing preferred.
Farther Dealr
TUB PKldON library la a mod.
el la modern select literature.
More than 1100 volume of very
description, from fiction by th
foremost writer to th well
thumbed volume ot the Encyclo
pedia Brltannlra and th most In
triguing solenr, are contained In
tbe glass Inclosed shelves.
BUT 8ELKCT10N8 are not lim
ited to the book on hand. Th
deslr to read aud study la fur
thered by prison authorities.
Twice each week a list of 1(0
volumes is forwarded by th stal
librarian to th prison librarian.
Th latter circulate th list
among th Inmates, each choosing
tho books he desires. The list
Is then returned to tha stal li
brarian and the book are tor
warded to th prlsn.
Mechanic Popular
MOST POPULAR, are those
volumes on mechanic. Neat In
line are books ot adventure. Au
thors who are most popular as
writers of this type of fiction ar:
Orey, London, Sabatlnl, Ibanea
and Cooper.
THKHH ARB Inmate who de
slr th mar serious typ of
iwadlng and for thla purpo
many of th books oa th list ar
listed under such titles as geology,
chemistry, hanking and element
ary economics and even the "Out
line of Logic"
Philosophy In Deaaaad
WILL DUKAXT'8 popular ver
sions of philosophy are also much
a demand there la no better cir
culated volume than hla "Hlatory
of Philosophy."
"Let's play Indian." Michael,
deposed boy king of lliiiusnla.
iiupoii!blll(y for Chicago
can be traced to llllct lluuor traf
fic." Colonal Robert I. Ran
dolph, of th Chicago crime pre
vention enumltt. -e
"Undoubtedly mauy who voted
for Morrow ar oppossd to lluuor,
but saw no dangar ot dry law re
piiul by th tleotlon of Just sn
otber wet from New Jar
soy." F, Hcott Mcnrlde.
"To a those rows aud rows
of cross would b th grsataat
appeal to all young niolhrs for
world rear." Mr. Charlotte
llutler. Hold Hlar mother re
turning trom Franc.
"All slump ar th liieiorabl
cnnsmiuenr ut III dMlrurllr
forces ef booms." President
"What Is nseded Is not mora
respectable mediocrity, hut high
Idealism end adventurous dar
ing." Iter. Dr. Jams Ratten
bury, of Eugland.
BOMB OF tha Inmates nrtfer
books portraying a mora tragic
and rtallstlo sldo of III. For
thos who prefer them, many vol
ume of th Russlsus, Dostolveeky
aud Turgcnav, are sent to th
rOR TH08K wno prsr.r lo
work out playa on th checker and
ohvss boar,) 'here are "Chens Mas.
terplecee" and "Chckr and
Chess Plays."
"THE MEN are allowed to r4
anil) nine o'clock." said superin
tendent Myrs. w desire to
encourage re ill 11 g aa much as
To all points North
East and Wtst
For CeaveaJeair
Economy. Safety and
Phont 999
Terminal Stage
830 Klamath Ave.
Union Stage
First in sales
Because it is good to drink and good for every
body, more Horlick's malted milk has been
sold than all other brands combined. Its
richness and quality have made it the world's
standard and the safest milk for you. Send
us ten cents today for a sample and mixer.
The right la for tummsr
thin. WhoUiom, full
ftavorwci.,.porfwCf whn)
H4wr P
Only $9j55
7000 Miles of Travel
Now NOW NOW I WhiU th rat is 10 low,
mak this glorious trip through th lovaly North
west. Clear up th coast to Seattle. Clear across
th continent to St. Paul, Duluth and Winnipeg I
And in between, you can stop at cities; visit
national parks; take your fill of snow-capped
mountains. Ride in luxury, too, on the
New North C oast Limited
Here's the vacation you'v longed for. Northern
Pacific's special low round trip summer fares mak
It possible for you to take two or three weeks and
spend them in romance, adventure, excitement.
low round Hp xcuaion fares to aft poind
asf until Sepl.mb.r 30 - rf um limit Octobr
3J. Ut ui plan your trip tor you jnywfcr.
T. A. Murphy, 0nrl Anl, sy Mrfct Strt,
ern Pacific
tint ot fh Northern rroniconr(nnroh