The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, December 16, 1925, Page 8, Image 8

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    gi Eight
Wednesday, December H25
JIELGItADK, JuRO-SluvIn, Dor. 10
Hp) Karln shocks occurred to
dy In tunny parts of the. country
Considerable damage ... reported
You can't expect your
engine to give you the
best service unless you
give it good crank case
Tires are the best
Klamath Tire
"Cap" Calkins
Klamalh Ave. & 6th St.
Firestone, Genernl and
Oldfleld Tires.
Plenty Of Speed And Action
To Feature Heavyweight Mix
On Thursday Boxing Program
Both McGreer and Keeler Have More Sneer!
Than Usual in Heavy Men; Main Event
To be Hard Fought and Fast;
Winner to Fight Nig Yeager
When Sugar Willie Keeler and Jack McGreer clash
in tneir ten-round mam event at Scandinavian hall.
Thursday night, they will be fighting for more than
the winner's end of the purae. According to Matchmaker
Sylvester, the winner will' be signed with Nig Yeager of
Portland for a return match on a New Year's 93rd.
Nig Yeager, seas.-ned ring vet -
IB, is known all utenjr the coast , prising the fans by their ability to
from San Diego to Grays Harbor,
and both boys are anxious for a
chance to squelch him.
Fans arc turning out to the work
outs In greater number than for
any previous card held hero this
summer, proving, for this once at
least, that local talent likes to see
heavies in action.
Both McGreer and Keeler are sur-
ttep. With both men the 200
mark, and with both of them fast
and experienced, the fight, should
be the best heavyweight mix ever
seen here.
McGreer in bis workouts sho.vs
up as a real simon-pure hard hit
ter, lipping them across in a way
that shows he has been tbore aud
ulso supplying a rer-son for the fact
that he was ' such u good drawing
curd down below.
Jack Crlni and old Herbert aw
working hard and mylng not much,
In preparation for their six-round
"battle of the century". Herbert
has been out of the ring for soma
tlmo and figures that Crlm Is a
g.od peg o climb up on. Crlm
figures otherwise, and that's what
fights are for to settle such argu
ments. Kuockcut-Hogan of Mullu, local
budding world-bealei. stepped n tew
fast rounds with Sugar Willie Keeler
yesterday and as a resiiit Keolor Is
prophesying fame, fortune and flock
of gloves for the local lad.
llogan Is matched to go four
rounds with Jim Flomlug. whom
be knocked out on the last fight
curd with what Fleming calls u
fluke. Fleming Is ' In excelleut
shape, says It really was a fluke,
and Is milling to abide by the re-
suu ci mis ngni ior a public ver
dict. Which Is as It should be.
Kid Olson and Mike Mussollno
will-start off the firoworks with a
four-round preliminary.
Monday, duo to the meningitis
epideml.-. all activities, except out
door hikes, iwero called off by th,o
scout executives.
Open Every Evening Until Christmas
Sugarman's Before the Holidays Sale
1 - .'- if-- "
Thrifty men are taking to these
prices like kiddies to Santa. Measure
up to all the social occasions now in
order. Entire H. S. & M. stock in
cluded at these prices. -
Select any garment in stock
and stick 1-4 of the price
back in your pocket.
1-4 Off
Single Breasted
Double Breasted
2 Button Sack
3 Button Sack
2 or 3 Button D. B.
Slim, Medium
or Stout
Twist Worsteds
Fine Metcalf
Ombre Checks
French Backs
Etc., Etc.
"Your Size at Your Price"
L- I :' fit l HrtS4aa I9JS
Han Scliiffncr Mir
Santa's Gift Distributing Station
Dress Gloves
A gift that a man will remem
ber. Choice of Mocha, Kid,
Suede, lined and unlined, all
sizes and all colors. Price
$3.00 t0 $5.00
Any style that a man would care
for. From the cambrics to the
finer grades of silk and silk
stripes, crepe de chine
$2.50 t0 $10.00
Linen Handkerchiefs
Fine hemstitched border, also
with the drawn thread border.
The finest of Irish linen. Plain
white, a man's gift
50c, 75c, $1.00
Smoking Jackets
In a way of a finer gift what
would be more pleasing than one
of these jackets. An all wool
garment made up (1ft (f
as men like them 1 U.UU
Men's Belts
Novelty belts in bx, $1 and $1.50
Ties, of Course
No matter how many he has, one
extra is always welcome. Choose
from several hundred beautiful
$Sand. $1.00
A nice French flannel in checks
and plaids.' Large assortment of
patterns, fringed ends. For the
man that dresses QQ
Belt Sets
Famous Hickok initial sets. 3
piece sets, belt, buckle, belt mon
ogram. Any initial you want
in several different io Aft
styles f :PO.UU
Dad and big brother wears them
Of the finer dress kind in dif
ferent colors and in a nice holly
box ready to (1 ff
present f 1 ,UU
Initial Handkerchiefs
Fancy borders, 3 to box
Garter and Tie
Sets complete in a nice Christ
mas box. Various colors to
match. For those who wish to
give something and fc 1 ff
yet very inexpensive
Men's Sox
A man's favorite sock when it's
Phoenix. 8' patterns in either the
silk or the silk and wool. Buy
by the box, j1 OC
all sizes, pair ..
Collar Cases
For the man who travels thdse
cases are invaluable. Designed
to carry ties in as well. Keep
ties, collors d0 C
fresh and clean 6,JU
Toilet Sets
A nice assortment. Genuine
leather cases with 4 to 11 of the
most essential articles men use.
Appreciative gifts
$4.50 t0 $12.50
Comfort Slippers
All sizes, cuff top, pr $1.50
Stationery is always needed, you'll
do well to present her with a box
from our charming display.
Paper, of linen, rizzletone and
water wave. Also some with
feather edge, ajso gold and silver
edge, price
19c to 1.49
ciulc a nice worm mulller or
a flitfnl Colortd lumlirrjack
iwcnlei Who it the Kill wlio
will nut welcome dainly, soft,
ilk underwear? Who it the
man who doci not rejoice in
a new collection of necktici?
Ilcrc at PilcWl we have an
inclusive aorlment of every
thing for the man, woman and
child. Shop curly 1
5! Yon Can't fii'vp Him
Too Many
Good Shirts $1.79 to $4.98
Handsome ties, bows, cut silk and
knitted, in Christmas boxes
49c to $2.39
Modish Socks 49c to $1.98
t Heavy and light weight socks
19c to 69c
X Soft handkerchiefs ea . 10C to 49c
A Luxurious Mufflers 98c to $2.49
A Fine pajamas, the best sleepers use
them $1.98 to $4.49
Y Sweater coats to keep him warm
Y $2.98 to $6.75
X Warm union suits ..$1.39 to $6.49
A House slippers $1.19 to $2.75
A Bath robes $4.98 to $12.50
I To Cheer The
X Feminine Heart
She'll need silk under-things
Y trimmed with lace and color com-
Y binations of radium silk, crepe de
chine, in all the latest colors and
French styles 98c to $9.90
Handkerchiefs, give her a lot of
good ones, 10c each to, box $1.29
A Under arm bags and beaded bags,
A we have a large assortment from
A 98c to $11.50
A Fancy silk novelties, powder puffs,
A pin cushions, sachettes etc
if 65c to $1.49
Y Jewelry de luxe Chokers in col-
Y ored beads and pearls 49c to 98c
J? Pearls, single, double and tripple
strands 49c to $3.49
A Pins ,in all the latest styles and
A colors 25c to $1.29
A Bracelets newest styles 49c to $2.49
Y Kid gloves with fancy trimmed
Y cuffs women's auto gloves, wool
Y lined to keep hands warm $3.49
Make It One
of These For
Practical Luggage
A Welcome Gift
All Leather Bags Steel Frame
There's some
thing snappy and
trim about these
genuine leather
luggage. It looks
neat and wears.
Price $2.98 to $18.75
Ladies' Suit Cases
Steel frames, silk lined, patent leath
er. Just an ideal gift and useful,
too $5.95 to $15.50
Travel Hat Boxes
Silk lined", patent
leather and other
strong materials.
Buy her one and
save the hat
$1.98 to $6.98
Suit cases, all leather, steel frames,
good substantial handles and rein
forced corners for better service.
These will please $5 to $20.75
Wardrobe trunks, 5 ply, 3 hinge
Extra heavy reinforced edges and
brass corners braces, good fabric lin
ing. Built for hard handling. Nuf
sed. Prices $37.50 to $47.50
Steamer and Standard Trunks
best grade made. Price
$9.75 to $22.50
Suit Cases
Metal reinforced
corners, good
durable tough
fibre. Substantial
hand crips
$1.98 to $5.49
toys and wheel stock
Y You will find many useful and interesting
Y that will last Built for hard service.
V Wagons, Radio Steel Flyers, Roller Bearings
A. Wagons, our Kite Coaster. Roller Bearinora
Doll Buggies, Best Grade Rubber Tires
Carts with Disc Wheels, Metal Body
Wheel Barrows, Disc Wheels, Metal Body
Don't Wait You'll Be Late Tricycle
Electric Train, American Flyer - -
Best Grade of Workmanship '.
Don't forget we have Christmas Decorations
$4.49 to $8.49
$5.49 to $14.50
from 10c to 25c
cDenarttnent Stores 1
I lM
4 f
4 P
iiz Vvhereo1j