The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, September 28, 1925, Page 6, Image 6

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Coming of the Oregon Trunk. Wflj did not fil those
papers with the interstate eommeptffl commission they
certainly would not be filed by the Southern Pacific, for
that comDanv is not particularly anxious to have real
Issued Daily, except Sunday, By i nejpteraiu;facU submitted to that tribunal
Company. Ofhce: 119 N. Liglitii Street, Klamath rails, Oregon.
E T. MURRAY Publisher
W. H. PERKINS News Editor
Entered as second class matter at t lie postoilice at Klamath
Falls, Oregon, under act of March 3, 1S79.
Potentially groat as an inland city is Klamath Palla,
lying in a strategic situation adjacent to extensive pine
forests and fertile agricultural areas which constitute
"An Empire Awakening."
About Bali the size of the state of Maryland, Klamath
county depends for its main interests on the timber stand,
soil development, and abundant scenic attractions for
Lumber is at present the chief product of the county
with 28 mills and 87,000,000.000 foot of pine timber
I standing within the confines of the county. A payroll of
TJie Evening Herald is the official paper of Klamath County a million dollars goes to 3000 men engaged in felling
and the City of Klamath Falls. ' trees and converting them into high grade lumber, doors,
'.ashes, shinnies and boxes. Klamath is the largest box
(shook center In the worjd, and stands next to Portland
..iB.flft . ;is a shipping point in the state.
- I'll All industries are growing rapidly, but next to timber
'.' .A work probably the greatest opportunities lie in diver
sified farming. Former take beds furnish deep and
fertile soft. Lakes and mountain streams harnessed by
the United States reclamation engineers abundant ly
watered farms devoted to stock raising, alfalfa, grain
ml potatoes. While Klamath ships over 1,000 cars of
livestock annually, the raising of beef cattle having long
been a big Industry, smaller land holdings and more
intensive Operation will rapidly bring oilier agricultural
resources to the front.
Nature was "lavish with Klamath county when she dis
tributed beautiful streams, springs, lakes and fores:.?:
While notable scenic charm the score or
more of lakes in the county, the greatest q these scenic
wonders, is Crater Lake. This most spectacular caldera
in the world is the mecca for many thousands, of tourists,
an increasing horde from every state in the union, and
even for sichtseers from across the seas. Within
. . . WW' . '
Member of the Associated Press
The Associated Press is exclusively entitled to the use of re
publication of all news dispatches credited to if or not other
Wise credited in this paper and also the local news published
therein. All rights of republication of special dispatches herein
are also reserved.
ariiscKirTio ratks
Ii.iH.r.,1 hi Carrier Bt MU
On Vr 14.50 I On Tear
fu Month-; S.S0Slx Months ,
Three Momai 1.95 j Inree .Months
unt Month .85 One MontS
New Items Of
Interest From
Oregon Cities
The latest move of the Southern Pacific is an attempt
to stampede the people of this county, and particulary
residents of Tule lake valley, by holding up the Crane
to Odell line as a menace to the development of this
district and the carrying forward of the Southern Pa
cific program. We are toid by the Southern Pacific
publicity corps that if the Crane-Odell line is built it
will force the abandonment of the Klamath Falis-Aituras
line and this city will be left on the end of a 100-
,m'c1JU' a"u ""S uc rXt! a ,ven for siiRtseers from across the seas. Within sixty
age irom a transportation sianupouu. ... . rfth Fill, :.rn m, bW th:in uventv
The Southern Pacific has been working effectively on tiK arid Thiaferic attractions which can be corn
he people m Modoc county and has succeeded m having iaHzt( 1 t0 dl,uv tourists md whicn .irt. without
the Alturas chamber of commerce send a delegation here, ,. 'I ,'.,,
for the purpose of inducing our local chamber to step - JJBj ft
K,M o Trt ah empire is wgmed through
rXC V nil -n : jli ! clubs to co-ordinate the activities of town and count:
The Crane-Odell line will prove of immense value toi,. .j- , u m ;n ,i..voi.
I, ,.u i. Ti -ii iu- 'i- i 4. ! 1 i i ' United Efforts by farmers and business men in ueveioj
Klamath county. It will give this district the shortest 1 1 .cu r1 , 1 ..,.1 i,Ko.. mDnM ,;
it t -ii 1 1 i -i i. 4- i ment of the agncuiturai and timber resouice meat
route to the east; it will open up and make tributary to
fetters From The People
To the Editor. Dear Sir: ." i vclopuient. One traveling thru'.iKh
In Hip latter part of th.; Sn's tbc i.amorniB i-unnoi wo.i uu, uoim u.
Northern 1'acltic was piaylog thi-
same old Stone Age tactics of Irving
to keep the HurlinKion Railway from
l condition of railway tral-
This new inland
its Led: ratea community
activities of town and county.
i T.' 1 ,.,.,( U n.-not ....nrnton flMmUl lli. i Yi
; . . 1 ., . . . . y-; . .., . , PSS i.U ixliliuaui. vTlcclt uu u:ioc lwi vivtivn m-o 11.
ihid A,f. oil r. cftnthQfl.'lopti I li'orfnn if iT-ili ivll'. in lUl-,'Lfc0 ww v.. v 1 O
ftlarrtotV. Fnlk a thirH linPrhp TTnion Pacific fn,- if fhe eVlle awakening. OiegOIl BuSlHeSS,
Crane-Odell line is constructed the U. P. $11 undoubt
ed accept the invitation extended by the Northern lines:
io use the Oregon Trunk from Odell to this city; it would
be a long step in the direction of the much-discussed'
railroad from southwestern Idaho to Eureka, via Klamath
Tails, and the Klamath river.
While it might interfere with the construction of the
Modoc Northern, it would not prevent the extension of
the Oregon Trunk to Wendel, to a connection with the
Western Pacific, for such an extension would be just as
i atural a development as the one now proposed from
Bend to this city.
Instead of opposing the Crane-Odell line the people
of this county should give to it all of their support, for it
will mean greater development for Klamath county;
it will mean the extension of the Oregon Trunk to Wen
del, thus connecting this city with the fourth great rail
road system the Western Pacific.
It is plain to be seen that great possibilities are in
store for Klamath county, provided its people are not
mislead by dishonest propaganda to espouse a cause that
has for its purpose the tightening of the grip on this
community of one big railroad system. Paid agents of
the Southern Pacific are afield; selfish interests, seek
ing only to enrich their own pockets, are working early
and late to lead the people astray, but if the people will
continue in their wisdom, Klamath county will not only
secure the Northern lines, but it will be connected up
with the Western Pacific and Union Pacific, and it wont
have to pay $300,000 for it, either.
building into iiilliogs. Montana. And.
the tonnago haul quarrel wa.i up the
same old way. contending that the
territory was a grazins country and
therefore would not Justify t'.vo rail
way., but the development of that
country v.a surh that both railways
have had to put on tho very heaviest
type ot locomotives In order to move
the freight burdens placed upon
them, and later other road wer
1 have faitli In the future develop
ment of this country and nuiro rail
ways will hasten it, and. of course,
the tonnase will increase in propor
tion. One railway, or a single avenue
of commerce will certainly retard do-
Let us have two or more railways
in Klamath Falls. There will be suf
ficient for all.
Voum truly.
II. W. Paige.
MCs o siitt:i;r
Apparently trow force or imiiit.
Jerry Alieru, whose occupation would
be termed thtl of ' idiepherd'' If he
lived lu the old world, built ti fire in
the open near HarrlmM atropl be
tween crccuwood nnd Irving ayonuM
Wednesday ntSUl and laid down lo
rest Jimt iis he would have out In
tile open MM.
Kelly toil nHMSlm it'sidctiln in
thai part of the city noticed the fire
and nolliled the police. Officer Her
i'v Seldc uwoke Ahum, who first
words on ratalnlag oosielouaBeaa
were :
"Where's my fehaap?"
Ahem was sr rested on a charge
f drunkenness and fined J In. Ilend
t i l KIQHT or WAV
Right of way difficulties on the
route of the new Mellon of the I'rnlr
U ropd that Is both built to replace
the road airmling luruiiali Ihv 8.
I P, terminal site UeVM i- 11 seltl.Ht. iii'-
' gordtni lo Clinton liunl, county com-
t tuUslouer. mid grudlpt! on (be laud
In dispute was .expected to be slurt
od today, Mr. Hurd said thnt the
I grading probably m bt tlnlahed thla
week nnd thai It will not take long
1 to Kiirface it as there is plenty of
roil, nearby and the road b onl)
about a mil. loug.
The be. .. leek has all been laid mi
i the northern end of tile I'rnlrlo rond.
I the crew reaching Junction City yes
terday. The work of Unletting the
Iturfeclng win probably be completed
IB a week or ten days if the weather
. continues good, said the county com-
misaloner. Kimene Iteglster.
Affairs Ware attended to with kiis-
to at the mealing of the stockholders
jof the new iTi'Kiut Unen Mills. Inc .
I held Thursday lu the chamber of
commerce auditorium. Officers were
elected, by-laws udopteil nnd the
i board of ilirectors was named.
J T. It. Kay was elected president;
T. A. Uvealey, vice president and l(.
i). Bnelllng ucretary Ireaaarar. T. a.
Llraaley of Salem, James Middle of
Monmouth. Col. W. It. Hertrnui of
Salem. T. II. Kay of Salem. M. II.
Unoderton of siiverton. Juiiua i..
Melor of Portland mid John II. .Mc
Ntiry of Salem were named on the
hoard of directors. A director repre
iMBtlAI the Canadian interests in
the mills and one to act us manager
of the plant are yet lo be named. -Salem
I U i c is :i fiiniftcc tunl
itieotp Klliawtlt'l nfiod
- htimi rIiUj mtooq
eeonoitiiciui mio 60ii"
j cuicnil) . Lar g
1 eitoukli liold ;i
j wood fire ovir nighti
I ii i price tint is sur
: uriiai(l) low.
J, - ' ' sffrsi
on 6th near Main
Phone 371
We install and Guarantee Them.
t . t
Have a new stock of shot-nun shells; Kcin-
J tngtdn, Peters, Super-X and Winchester.
Sfea we have thai specia l"al you want.
i 912 Main
: ::::: ::..;.: . : )s : -.-: v.eaaag'apapgi
Boys Set Fire in
Old Court House
Through the door:i of "Klamath's
Mammoth Skeleton" the Hot i-iprlngs
Court house amoke poured Satur
day affrnoon and precipitated a
visit from the local firo depart
ment. It was found that mischiev
ous boys had piled sticks and tar
paper and then set tho pile on fire.
So damage resulted from the hlui".
The rmpiiia Chiefs are this week
! urRliiK everyone to Join w ith them for
I the trip to Salem next Friday, rot-
, pltallty day nt the stale fair. They
: have already signed foV the trip and
anyone who dcBlros to make the trip
I tliat way can secure a round trip
ticket at the S. P. depot for 15. 3.1.
The train will lenve Rotebarg ?rl
'day mnrniiiK at .1 o'clock nnd return
- huro abftpt midnight the same day.
The Chiefs, Spuaws and drum corps
j baev already hIkiiciI for the trip and
an effort is being made to aecure a
lari?e delegation who urn not mom
Jibers of the above mentioned ornun-
Thc Jolly Little Game of Tossing the Pancake
Following its well-gi-eased plan of deception, and in
lilie with the misrepresentation that has surrounded the
offorts of the Southern Pacific company to blind the
people of the county to the real facts, The Klamath
News has come out in criticism of the report of the rail
:.oad committee of the chamber of commerce, because
its "report was antagonistic in tone toward the Southern
Pacific." No one. unless he wanted an out and out in
dorsement of the Southern Pacific, can find the slightest ,
antagonism to that company in the report. We be
lieve that the members of the committee sought, to the
best of their ability, to suggest what would be best for
the county. It was a delicate situation that was splend
idly handled and the fact that the Southern Pacific can-i
not see its way clear to accept the report is no reason
for its rejection. v j
In its editorial the Klamath News at last tears off i
the mask and comes out flat-footed for the Southern '
Pacific. This was to be expected, for it is a poor servant i
that refuses to do his master's bidding.
The Southern Pacific'cditorial writer has again step
ped to the front, this time in criticism of the Evening
Herald's vote to ascertain the sentiment of the county on
ilic railroad question. He suggests in the company's
newspaper, the Klamath News( thai We also file with
our returns copies of the paper in which he claims we
nave criticized his chief, Mr. Shoup, and the Southern
Pacific coajutor, Ml. It. E. Strahorn, as well as the ;
issue containing strictures on the local "sign here":
lumbermen ftrfta have come put in opposition fco the 1-
a i . - , i
W ... ... V wHf&
laaUone to make the trip ami aid In
booatlng OoitKlas county.-- Ilesehuri:
The chauipionshiti herseshoe tro
phy of l.atie i-ounty. tmlr of sllrnr
hprseshoi'S. rested Willi II. (' t'uuk of
KuKcne yesterday, who in a thrill
in contest defeated l. I'mton and
Klttgle mid a field of other nklllnl
The chauiploii tlirevv 29 ritiurr.
nnd '!! double ringers durltiK (be
ctintest. wblM RlnglOi taaglng ti
ringers and Is double rlngnrs, dine
In aacond. Paxton threw u rl
and 31 double rini'ers, but
A InVte crowd watched iliel xlil-
bition during the afternoon ii
Kugcne Ouard.
K. U'. "BU(ikb0t" SIiiiiiiooJ Of 211
ontb Laurel St.. Med ferd, moti the
silver trophy cup awarded bf Vosng's
One Thin Woman
Gained 10 Pounds
In Twenty Days
Skinny Men Can
Do the Same
Thnt's going some - hut skinny
B !. Women and children Just can't
b ii puitlng on 'good, healthy flesh
l ie n Lbey take .diCoy's Cod l.lver
till Compound Tablets.
Ai i buck full of vltnmlnes as the
Baity, fishy netting cod liver oil
it'" it. Inn thaie i ncur sotted, tuste
laai tablets or" us i'ii.i. to take mi
candy ami won't uptal the itomaob,
one woman gained ten poundi in
twonty-two day, sixty tablet,
ilxty ei nts. Ask Dbderwood's Pnar
many, star Drug store, Wbttman'i
Uriig I'n.. or any druggist for
McCoy's Cod l.lver Oil Compound
I'alili (s. lilrecliiiliH mi, I MmnhmIn ....
each box.
"le t McCoy', i Im original and
genuine cod LlVer on Tablet."
Hardwire company, fur
deer killed In iaekabn
tween Sept. Ill and 2".
five point buck and the I
trilled deer ever hrolU'
foni. weighed 20
killed September I I
lain, about 45 Blllta
Medford, near the I
road, Just Innlile ,1m l
Mr. Simmon has 11
ley 'for ten yenrs ami rU-i IiIh luck
In native hills manylini'i. hul ad
mit this Is his "prlzir ht, in more
ways than one. The laltniil was killed
on the run. n first IhOl In tin lit
and tin- second eft I
the Jugular vein n
most instantly.
ntr. In -iIiht.
i black
Into Mi d
l rl if . It wns
t'ki't- ii u
UtfMll ol
math i'', ill".
n county,
d In the
latul one cm Hug
killing him al-
'Jacnon t'onnty
Stewart's Daily Letter
By t'ltAltivaJ i'. st:h.ut
SKA Servi.e UMler
WABIIINOToll i'"rf aviation
Bupor-enthualaBp comej the com
plaint thai unit oneinembor ol
Preildonl Coolklge's inid of lr in
tiulry Benatof Blngltn of Con-
neiili'iii u in. m 1 1 JJ -1 1 1 1 1 1 World
War Hying egnerleno
fllrijL-Jittiai hud it, icJnii tiio mlot' nf
A merlin'., Ulggc i a vl Ion field In
Blurope during Uio ilid conflict,
This Isn't suipoiieiii lie a board
hnnil-pl. lied tu deeli' lur ill ih
siiier-ei:thuulm ts' ifientinnn. Im
piniiiii cofuiiiii-rui loli.'i what' d
aired from It
fought hard ut the lust session of
emigre. ei for all they demanded.
Jame o Harbor andtRenr Ad'
mlral Pletchor, the army nnd navy
member of the board, am retired,
ti n worth noting, Nobody win have
any strings on thorn, to Influence
them lu reaching their conclusions.
Preeldeni w. p, Durand of the
Institute of .Mechanical Kngl
Is the strictly scientific and Pr0l-
deni ii. B. Coffin of National Air
Transport, inc., is the pre-eminently
practical m ber of the commission.
Dwlghl W. Morrow nf .1. I1. Mor
gan 4- t o. Iii the business mini,
Congressman Parker of New York hi
the civilian BViatlon specialist ami
federal fudge Don lion or Ornnd
Itapldt glv.s I In- caftn. Judicial touch
to the Invoitlgntlon;
The further hi
thai lllngh is i
Slllerlllg Cel. M
clailllii e.....!'el Ii' r'
tile COIIM"! vllllVi'll
Bohtatton on the
i he radical"
TI". hitler
iiini In Hnda
ecord as con
ill' :l villi Inn
i he It. A ! n't
Itll'll .to repre
rd IIS Well Its
iprosonlod, too,,
Ml Uflprftlo
Value in Tires
That'll what you get tvliot) villi
le v Plregtone or Uenornl Tires.
Tor QOallty and Service there
is mine belter.
Klamath Tire
"Cum" Cnlkln
Klamath Ave. & flth St.
Plraetone, Oenttftl ami
Old field Tiles.