The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, September 26, 1925, Page 5, Image 5

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, Hj'H'TFiMUFK 2rt, 102.T
Klamath Joins
Association Of
Rabbit Growers
Sounds good, looks good,
and is good to the last
crumb. Contains fruit, nut
oils and nuts. Not over
burdened with fruit and
nuts, but just enough to give
it that rich, nutty flavor.
Large loaves, J 5c at your
Made by
126 South Sixth St.
"For Goodness Sake Eat Better Bread"
. :
Everything in Electrical
For the home. Irons, washers,
Lighting fixtures and accessories,
etc-see us for expert house wiring.
Link River Electric Co.
Local Branch is Estab
lished at Meeting
Last Night
At matting of the rabbit ra's-
ers of Klamaln c. limy ami rcp:ev
anta-tlrai toon Ik KMUham Oration
Itahblt Brooders' m uncial Ion from
tl'ixuu river and Talent wbn iiama
over lo glvo th ' v, .r tanizittliui a
rlgUt Hturl, Dim Klamath branch Of
lb southern Ortfon laaocjatlon waa
Incorporated and officers Nr Lhfl .-a-biiIiik
year alootad M tollOWi! A. It.
Keener, president, Kluiiimti K.clh;
It. llrciinu.'i, vice-president, Kliim
uih Kalln; Lester Cuming1, etun
and acting lreitiurcr. It. K. I). No. 1,
KftnuMb KiiUm.
Tho three officers nre iPIMlfltOd
t. druw ji oonatltutten god by
laws and t.ic dues (IxhI at II. uO un
til January Int., when tho yearly
dUM will be decided upon. The
next meeting will ! hel I at Med
tord for Octdber 9lh., at which
Una tfha Klamath branch win be
properly entertained by the Mod
ford organization rabbit breeder
lait night about twenty rabbit en
thusiast attended tho meeting and
fried rabbit feed held In Mjoio 'hall
and aside from biio offl'ers of the
newly formed ush iclatlon Matt K ihn,
Klamath KallH, I,. M. (iober. Olone,
V. W. Close near Olene, W. W.
Donirt the furrier. -f Klamath Fall,
liertha Itenner and several other.
Jolneil the uHHociallon.
Tile primary purpose of t'ln
clatt n Is t Itajbaltsa tha market for
utility rabbits and seruro an asso
Clatbn price from the many chan
nels uili rabbit meat, such an tht
larger hotels and restuur.ints an J
butcher ti'iops. Also the polling of
pelu from tho fur bearing rabbit.
will later bo one of the vllul objods
of tbi' RMOOiatlOD. II. 11. Low
bit light ov.',- ,i purebred and ros
iHtered CblndatlU doa which was
tucttonad at the meeting, B-ing to
Lester Cummlng.
A parly of l.nkevlew women In
cluding Vesta K. hicks. Margaret
Adam, I'earl M. It. a, Wllma Hal. -man
and l.auru Waterman spent Frl
day In the city. Th"y were. guests at
the hotel Whllo Pelican.
MORTON 111113
Our expert doclom und art; con
x:llent f'""J und QUl-tl niirrun(llnirt
bring you r-;il
Hotel Sutter
Han I'ranrUro
Geo. Wutren Hooper
A populur priced Klrproof
H0t6li (Vritrally Located and
DOtad for Hm excellent Hervlce
und iinoxctjllcd uppoln I incuts.
In order to handle our ever increasing bus
iness and give our patrons the best in ser
vice and quality meats as has always been
the desire of this market, we are moving
into larger and more modern quarters at
818-820 Main St.
Monday, Sept. 28
The ('yrlo-Stormnfirtiph at TnriVr
wood'n pint Hilary showed a fall in
Intromit rlo nrennur( yesterday after
noon reriiiltttiR In the, elondlnrBH pre
vu II in r today. Tills mornlnc the ten
dency la upward and pleasant wea
ther is probable tomorrow.
Forecast for next 24 hours:
Fair with moderate temperatures.
The Tyros rerordinn thermometor
rcKlstorod maximum and minimum
temperatures today as follows:
High 6G how 38
l H. Weather Report
Weather. OreRon: Cloudy and un
settled tonight and Sunday, probably
local rnins. Cooler In , portion
Sunday. (Jentle variable winds.
When you hove tire trouble
you want your tlrei repaired as
good an new have tbcm vul
canized in the bet equipped
Bhop In Klamath Falls. Our
Ilclntr Electric Steam Vulcan
izcrs and expert repair men as
sure you of tbe best possible
Reed Auto
Supply Co.
S. llth Near Main
Phone 298
A f.w of the companies using
Piston Mugs as standard equip
ment: Huick Motor Co., Con
tinental Motor Co.. DodKe Bros
Inc.. Ford Motor Co. (Lincoln).
General Motors Co., Hudson
Motor Co.. Packard Motor Co.,
Peerless Motor Co., Ulcken
backer Motor Co.. Studebaker
VanDykes Paris Co.
With the Hub Tire Shop
' So 6th Phone 616
New parts for all cars
Main, near Eighth Phones 750 and 751
Four Deliveries Daily
Yearlings and Two Year Olds
Yearlings and Two Year Olds
Also some cxira good 3, 4 and 5 year old
Rambouillet4 that have been used by Mr.
Dixon that arc good for from i lo 5 years
service yet.
Will be sold at a bargain
Rex Bord
Klamath Falls,
YKBKA. Calif., Sept. 2.- (Spe
cial). Three htni?o coaches, one of
which will be driven by tbe man
who drove ft many years ago; an ox
team, cowboys, miners, a covered
wagon, olcl carriages und barouches
will all play parts In tho opening
pugc-unt of "Siskiyou Pioneer Days"
to be given here October 9, 10 and
11, by the Siskiyou County Fair
George h. Chase, who has done
much toward staging the event, is
the driver who will once again pick
up the reins and riding in the coach
will be pioneers who lode with him
In the days before the railroad was
uukurjAcn In northern California.
Chaso and J. P. McKamara, rep
resenting the fair association closed
y-hterclay with William Murston, a I
buckaroo of note; ('. tt, Gibson of
Klamath Falls and W. Qulgley of
llornbrook, to bring their string of
bucking bronchos and unruly steers
here for the rodeo that will be held
on the fair grounds, south of Yrcka.
Chase and McNamara declare that
event will be the best ever staged
In Yrcka and that it will bring back
the days of the late '50s when
Yreka was a veritable city of gold.
oAt the 'PINE TREE
A strong theme is offered In
"Sandra." Barbara LaMarr's latest
picture now being shown at the Pine
Tree theater.
Acting In the title role. Barbara
is depicted as a woman with a rest
less heart. She craves love, yet she
knows not where to find it.
Her quest carries her throughout
the capitals and gay spots of Europe
and she meets with numerous novel
experiences. Yet the real love she
seeks is not to be found.
What city has been most often
the scene of the action of a motion
picture story? New York has figured
in e. great many, and countless other
dramas have moved against a London
bac-kground, but ont of the cities
most familiar to the movie fan is
San Francisco. "If I Marry Again,"
which is the First National feature
at the Pine Tree theater Sunday is
another picture of San Francisco society.
The jubllc likes to be thrilled, al
so it likes to laugh and cry with
the people in a screen story that's
why "The Battling Fool" is bound to
meet with popular approval. The he
roine is Eva Novak at her best and
William Fairbanks co-starring with
Miss Novak. Mr. Fairbanks does ev
erything but fly in this picture, and
Is working from the moment it starts
to the end. At the Liberty today.
Human derelicts, drifters, amateur
adventurers, the flotsam and jetsam
of a waterfront, the scum of the
Seven Seas.
How would you like to embark on
an Arctic voyage with a crew con
scripted from these dregs of human
ity? Such were Terry Dunnivan's ship
mates In "Hearts of Oak," the new
film coming to the Liberty theater
J. W. Hunt, field representative
of the California Cattleman's As
sociation, is in Chiloquin today su
perintending the loading of several
car loads of cattle which have been
sold to California buyers. Mr.
Hunt's business is to secure buy
ers for Klamath members of the
California association. The cattle
shipped Is owned by livestockmen
who reside between here and Chiloquin.
11 Kit E FROM ALGOM.-l
If. T. Hunt, of Algoma, arrived
In tho v'.ly this afternoon to spend
a tew days ihcre visiting.
Joseph Curnnhan, well known lo
cal attorney, 1b in Portland until
the middle of next week to attend
to important business matters. Mr.
Carnahan left Klamath Falls Thursday.
F. E. Lane arrived hero this aftor
noton from Midland, Ha transact bus
iness matters.
Delwln Twbvle olio of the well
kti.iwn lumbermen Interested in this
section Is 'hero on business interests
from Oshkosih, Wisconsin.
Following Bossy's Footsteps
Of the total farm wealth produced last year, dairying
brought 15 per cent of the whole. Those who followed
Bossy's footsteps received TWO AND ONE-HALF BIL
LION DOLLARS from this greatest branch of agriculture
Hut there is probably no other farm activity which requires
as much study and analysis of modern methods as does dairy
ing. The Pacific International Livestock Exposition at Portland,
October 31st lo November 7th, furnishes the dairymen of tho North
west an exceptional opportunity to view the progress of others and to
benefit thereby.
There's enjoyment as welt as educational advantages to be had, so take
the entire family. Then come back and discuss your plans with us
here at the First National Bank. We are willing to assist progressive
farmers with the development of dairy herds.
First National Bank
Members of the Federal Reserve System
Dr. A. A. Soule
Physician and Surgeon
Downtown office 710 Main St, Winters
Building, over Square Deal Drug Store.
Phone 151-J
Uptown office 1909 Main Street at resi
dence. (Xray, library, laboratory, minor
surgeiy) Phone 151-M
Sanitarium postponed until sidewalks and
streets are built.
We have wrecked 150 cars of all popular makes
for their good parts. All parts sold at half
price or less.
We are just wrecking the following cars:
1 Dodge 1920
1 Paige Six 6-55
1 Nash Six 1920
1 Reo 4-cyl.
1 Reo Speed Wagon
1 Studebaker 1918
1 Cadillac 1913
2 Maxwells 1918
1 Chevrolet Superior
3 Chevrolets 1917
1 Chevrolet Baby
1 Essex 4, 1921
1 Buick K-45, 1920
1 Dort 4, 1918
See us when in need of parts
Klamath Falls Auto Co.
224 Main Phone 246R
f! 1