The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, November 08, 1922, Page Page Six, Image 6

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Fiiiro Six
wi:im:mi.v, Novi:.uin:n m, iiwj
tiiclr wlW'M All iHlllisif UiPlilhfi'H
inn (Hpeclitlly llivlteil. Come anil
(ol iii'iiinlllliil.
- KIAmiilh l.tulite, No. 77 A. h'
.; . ,M . IioMh 7-!)
A , .nk ti'l' Un the mod llllmlll'l'ir
hi .i.l thluit I" prune
Beauty Dazzled Royal Eyes
Cause of Wcllesley Furore
IvJX'.t'!'!! rthllM, MdSlllH
Tin io will li' a uncial ciifl pari j
V'rlil'v eli'illm;. NiiiomiIum' K'lll, ill
lh M.i'Titc ll.iil. l.(Miul!i lllilr. . t
Which lli' l i ll '.1 nil IiiMcmi Htitr .
a id Ih.'d' Iiii hitiiil' uuil iitaHoiln n'ul
Shown in Shipments From
Mtllo of Northwest
,1 yp'jXiinie'
I mpus
j Increase of 91 Per Cent Is
tow mi HI 1 1 Ml s M
Oft ' iitVX't7lllXWaS V
xv ; f.iO-
yV rf".- ' OEK
Actcrilins to hWtcrv. r. v."
ters of feminine bofti.ty 1 '
beauty won the apiM'" f '
when theJ two mo&ir
n ar.1 dlsccrnlns ere in rnaW
v,i runMan ncire.
irnl tlio Shah of I'euu
fiench. capital. .
cttlcil that the com !.j tonal amend-
moat contains no limitation upon
PORTLAND. Nv. S.-'ii.'. ol. or
1 nil rrovlotit record for the iMlv r
of Pacific Northwest lumber c
tr. tlio mills of Wushltiiiio:'. tin
pivi ami Uritlsh Columbia shipl
ir.irsooB totaling 2.3S1.2u3.7. f i
during the flrst aim month. . i
1922 as comtmreil with I.2I9.ot,
nia reel for tlio like period In 192 i
Tlio tnrrearo la Dl per rent.
I.umt'or, delivered .by x.uter.
California market from Jmutary ti
jto October Ht this roar ntauutitcd to
1 1.10G.5SS.356 feet, which was a-i I i
icriaso of $4 por cent ovc tli- i"; "
forxla water dellverisa for the f:r-i
nlr.o months of 19S1.
J Kxclualve of California cargoes
I deliveries to other Unlic.l States
1 domestic market tncroasrd 117 :r
' cent. The movement, through fm-'
; ama canal, to North Atlantic roast
j markets Increased tlSS per cent eve:
I the first tilao tMenthe'of tast Mar.
in (be export trade Japanese buy
,'uk Incrcaicd 1JI per cent the first
i nine months of this rear compared
, with the same period iu ItSl. Au.v
1 tralia Increased its purchase of Pa
, clfic Norlhweet lamfeer 157 for cent.
. The oast coaat of South America
which has been dominated by South-
cm pine for tunny years, has at last
started buying heavily In Mr aad
1 spruce, ittereijlttg it use of Pa
cific Northwest lumber 125 per ceut.
! Cuba ha also been active with tin
Increase of !"0 jvr cent.
ICirope alto is bcglnnlni; tu show
a keen Intarcit In Pacific Northwest
foresu products, pttrchato for the
united kingdom and continent, the
first nine, r.iorlhs this yeiir bavins
incrcaicd 5S per cent over the like
period -f last yccr.
South Africa, taking about half
the volume rurrtin!Pd by Kurono.
shops an l-ctraro of 211
MCTi KVBsaxar:
Swanson's Barbel Shop
Closed All Day Saturday
Armistice Day
J. E. SWANSON, Prop.
When two pretty maids of WcllcHVy Jawed up tliclr freshman vr
by smoklmt clsarcts aud wcurlnit knlcl.cra. tlio faculty stertd in and.
ended their ccholattio career In tho Masjachunetts coIIcko. .Hero arc tho
Iconoclastic frcsluuin, Mildred Koth vf Slamfcrd, Conrt.. and Udna Dursi)
'sf Uarrc. Vt.t .
(Crttitlttued from I'.irw U
have beatea governor Nathan
or In New Yorti.
j SANTA CI.AUA, Calif , Nov. S -I
Anton l.anB. who plays tho part of
j Christ In tho Passion Play lit (iber
. nmraerRatt, hag sent a miii;o of
I f.r tlio comparative nlno montlt per
iod under review."
The flfiuro are from tho quarter- fjrowlnr;
Quoi!in--!i the c.uh li-ntta a frank M. Sloore n determine
Proporty rirht er a personal right ' Khethcr ptocovds of lora can he
that pase to nest of kin? . UMiJ for jnvwtment. Decision of
Suit filed by Department of Ore- jU(lsM nmsham and Kelly of
Kon, American Lesion. In behalf of ; Mark:, voUnly clrcut court 0n .May
JlarRarot Crane as administrator of ;5lh , neBatlve. Appealed to su
tho celato of her husband, to Uetor- j,u,,0COurt.
mlnu whother tho bonus Is a prop-! . . , . . ..'
.. ...... .- ... ..,..i ' Decision The supremo court de-
Utty slut tu i'U uuiiiniov4i;u tt
part of au octnt or a personal rlpbt
Hint iinvfina til Ihn finrt nf l.-In nn
, , ,, . . , , , an applicant it rlchts to dispose of
named In tho law. Decision of ' , ...
, , , . . .. ,, . , jiho money 13 lo borrowe.1 therc-
Judjfcii lilncham and Kelly of Clr-! , ,.,.,,,
,. . . ,, , i . ,. under, although It clearly appears
cuu luuri ui ..lar.on coumy on .unf,.. , .. ,...,., . , , w tminr, f ,hft IarfP Lumber In
Gth to tho effect -that It la a p.r- . ,oang made under tfcc 8?c,m, IjurMU wlc lmpetM 9S
ranal rlsht. Appealed to Supreme ; net ,n vhm mmey per P03l of aU t,1P bllIneci t
'nn n-, . , iaStould bo used In maklnK Invest- October 1 this year.
Decision Tho Xupremo court de-. , , . , , , ,'
iitriun lucr.Jii iu iuu iiiiBi(suii ut i
a farm or a home, and that It wa.i trainees of thin district an, k'arnlnr;
not within tho. power of tho legisla
ture to provldo by enactment, that
an applicant poszasslnR nil of tlio
roquidlto qualifications to entitin him
to a loan, and wlso tendored and
w&d prepared to rive the stcurily
for the repayment of the lean, con! J
not obtain a lean merely because ho
desired to Invest tho monc- bor-
SALT LAIUI. Nov. S YtstiTday's
cteetton was one. of the closest in
tho history of Utah. Thu results
may not be definitely known' until
lato tonight or tomorrow. Krnest
llarobcnto, republican candidate for,Clar.i I'atslon Play. Kucre mid
senate, has a slight lead over KIiiit. Cod's b'esstnr: on your play In 1U23.
encouraEomunt to the "Passion Play
of Santa Clara" which Is he'd horn
each year.
The messBgo wa written beneath
a portratt of hang and said: To
Martin Merle, director of the H.uiia
Toni&ht $10.00 Worth of Action unci Thrills
All for Ten Cents
With Amoricti'u Pl, Ncnl Hnrt
A wonderful Western picture full of fights, and
tho fifjhts arc. the real aluff, loo.
Also Good Comedy
Show Starts G:15. 7:45 and 9:15
10 cents
10 cents
democrat. Incumbent.
Anton LaiiR.'
Co m inf.; Thursday Two Vaudeville Acts and
Hair Trigger Casey in u Great Western.
CIIKVKNNK. Wyo., Nov. S V.
V. Monilol, republican leader of the
house, apparently haa lisrn defeat !
per cent for tho senate by Senator Kendrlck,
Iloralil classified ads pay you.
democratic Incumbent. Kendrlck Is
leading by 3,000, with his miirjcln
c.'ded Hut if the bonus is not KiId
to the applicant In lib lifetime, and
such applicant leaves surviving him
tho relatives named In the statuto,
tho bonus must bo paid to ouch rola
tiven In tho order dclgnatd by the
Htatute, I.e., the next of kin but not '
tliQ administrator of the estate. j
Question Aro tho relatives of '
deceased veterans entitled to the
'suit filed by Dzpartment or Ore
Ron, American Legion. In behalf oft
Baltic ("arson to iWermlae whether '
or not relatives of deceased vtr-,
ans nra ontUled to the loan. Dsel-1
slon of Judgog Uinehaai and Kolly ,
of Circuit Court of Marlon county
on May Gtli to the effect that rela
tives aro entitled to tho lpan, Ap
pealed to tho supreme court.
Dsclston Th auprsme court de
oidcJ that relatives of deeeaeetl vet-
WII.MINOTON, Del.. Nov. S ,
I Thomas I', ll.iyard. democrat, was
! clecled to auerned Senator Coleman
' ccrlrulltiral wor!t of various kinds.
Veterans' orRRil:atIci:3 every
where ere pushiss the congressional
measuro ns the Kntitson 1111
which will. If passed, administer
loans on far mortrcie security to
disable.! war letcmus cut to exceed
7" per cent of the tur.l value of the
farm real otate nor $2,000 tr. a man.
Tokio Now UndeiRoinp;
Era of Construction
Vnl r,.n- t'.Tr. 11 Hill .(.oil l n.l.
rawed for a purpose other than the J , .
. . , , vanciu at on? time.
purchase of n farm cr a homo.
(Note The liroc eds received
frcm a loan may bo ucd for nny
purposft tliat the borrower desh-cs,
except In the matter of dollnanent
liens, taxes, etc.)
Qucatloa Can tho proceeds from
a lean bo used to pay an encum
brance on property owned by a rel
ative? Suit filed by Department of Ore-
TOKIO. Nov. 8 -AUIu.jfch Ja
pan Is suffering from conomlc and
trade depression. Tokio I.i ik,w un-
rAl Antart. T aa.'nn In ItnliilF rf
orans are rio-t ontUW to Uio loan, i" """""'
but are enliUed to' tU cmU bonus ' "? F' Uoa . '? ,,e,',rmI?t
I w newer proceeus or roau ran ne
Qu:'.:ion Is a call to active duty
from '' c renrre to be consi'lered
r.n o;.R'ut.l entry into the service to
cstablhh ellgibilUy? '
Suit Hod bjr Department of Ore
ftoi, Aracrlcau LcjJen, In behalf .of
v. ill. am V. I'aulwan to dewrc.lns
I used ta pay oaeurabraaceo on prop
j ertjr ewtied by relative. Decision
of Judges J)lnj?tam and Kelly of
Marlon county circuit court on May
25lh tn uegatlvo. Appealed to tho
eupremo court.
lietisJon The mtpreme curt de
SAN M'lS oniSPO, Cal., Nov. S. I
HlShway officials aro preparing to !
open on November 21 tho now con-
J cretu road over tho Citcsta tirade, tne I
' last link to be completed In tho
! coast road bstwecn I.oa Angeles and ,
Saa Trancltco. I.ait of tho coacroto
' Is boing poured now.
Cuesta grade it north of San I.uls
, Obispo on the hlghwny and portions
jf the road can be uioil by uutolsts
taking the trip tunv. nltliouglt they
muft detour in plncos.
dergolng an era of er.ten:.!vo build- ,
lr.8 construetion. Several large
j business bulldlnji are under iwiy I.i ;
I Martir.ouchl. the big businew tea-1
i t-r situated between tho Imperial
theatre and tV.e ToWo station, fue
ling tl'.e Imperial palace, ileotcs of'
residents la foreign stylo nlso arc j
being built nil over tho city and sub.'
I urba. Thu now Imperial hotel Is '
aitnott completed and nnothur hand-', uuiiuing, ibo l'aiaco Hotel la a
four-Mory structure in ua
sto:o trimmed la marhlo ami
:tivo white S
and ijuartx N
The rcguibr meeting of thu St.
Pauls IC.Iitiuiial (lulld, will lie Jield
ut thu homo of Mrj. K. II. Pike. I -1 1 -can
City, t-jtion-uw ttftornion at
2:30. 8
wheth.r a call to OWe duty fra ! f,1 a "U""t,Ml '"",,,fanl n
tho rererve Is coIdered an eHgU.l j ,B ' "- '" " " r,a' W"",B "
,t ,. -i,. .T...i. . . ?.," etatlvo named la the net at anctir ly
rnlrv Into the servico to establiaa , ,
: iwc bwi, wiu vnni. uroeevus msy
! Carrying on for Gandhi in India
ct'ciblKty.. lac;loii of Judge
lllngltam ti'H Jfelly cf Marlon coua- I
ty circuit court on May 2fith Iu the
nonatlve. Appoalcd to murcmt
Doclston Thp lupreme ocurt !
riticd that anyone who v.os aaUste.l
he applied In a"cord.ine with du
Ahsiorf In "Uoore" cate above.
nf;cr Novemhsr 11. 1918, u soldier
iu thu tetiular army of tlio UnHod
fitatea, and whom ontiru eervloe
VMt performed under nn eilhstment
D'4Allcd war votoreas of this vi
cinity and the PaelfJe Northwest tak
leg agricultural traUIug under tho
beforu Juno 3. 1015, and was, t t "Pllon 0I ' fojrtrnmont on tiioir
and beforo Juno 3, 1315. aud until
fwn or baaed land projfrefs here
arte? be entitled in a maximum of
$300 frcm the goverr.mont for farm
equipment, according to Information
Blvoa out by 1.. C. Josseph of Seat
...-vo'vc t n ... . l"'' nomiweji iiisirici manager or
1 ";.. . . . ." w . "'a "nltort .States
i.iMiu.if .nun iiiu hiv r.ucu CS'3 IT--
uiieii'ia .rnriD .-.j..e. ara 11 T"t f
veterans' bureau
tei'avcd titer this provision wl
lltlailjr-to 8hao lit or r-.itj ony
.nioiioy ,itilte'7l?W K-Jt :fc Art!ll
1 ri.'i ula'o trtljtine nlnna narl' utural
, liars ci Mia pert of voternn In lino
uLl,M4-ir.. ........ .
vr-.v i i .i.-i-i ... i -.- s ' ruuB,ni3t m u'JUM' inn ciircr
- 41 .", t - -ii r.ruri ..
.- f" f !
further ptitci
roaann, Itr-v-f"
In thp'po""" '
iiv!ncv! n'-,"'i
ppnnntlon I- '
funds other v '
ruant to thn m
XI-c and Chaplur 201.
Qucstlpn Can tho
on roe no
'! nv. vitH-
i M-rVlMl-e, If
f T"0?'dl '"-
'alntlff out of
iv created pur
nni of Article
Laws 1921."
proceeds re-
rolvotl from u U -u ucd f6r Invent
distent? Suit filed by Department nf Ore
gon, American Legion, In dehalf of
of the veterans bireau, he rtt-
ttJ. Lsrt Money will le nee led liy
tn i-f.'iM to ostnbl.'sli lilm:f!f on n
';..; :,! 230 U iblorl war vot--.:
!n the Pacifie N'orthwust tram
itiS to 1'ocome capablo fnrmors on
their ova or loasod land at tlio pro
sent time, Mr. Joisopli Bald, These
mcji vecoivo JS0 n month or more
from tho government until they are
ab!o to handle their land projects
without outside alii. A total of tip
proximately 500 other vocational
jr "v4
JW V. . . Tk es
' 1
' f' 'ri .'If'.
i (Mlf )".
xtric Cookery
Coirect Cookeiy
Although Mahatma Qanilhi, Nationalist leader of India, la behind
'no bars, Ilia son carnci on for Mm. IIu la stnudlnc on the left beforo
Ms futhcr'a cell rcctlvlmi 'hl.i advice. On thu Immediate right Is Mot)
Kchru, Ibo fainouu leader from Afcahclud.
.1 . . -.-- - .
( i A '
for Perfect Electrical Cooking
T'HE Hotpoint Hughec oven is a
heavily hcnb-inculnted coeking:
chamber which assures a perfection
of result that can be obtained only
with the -
The oven iti lined with two inches
6f mineral wool to prevent the loss
of heat. Tho thermometer shows
tho ox3 ct temperature.
Tho inside comerB of the oven are
slightly rounded to allow convenient
denning. ' Thio samo nubatantial,
accurulely built construction is found
at every point of tho Hotpoint I Iughea
Electric Ranvo the range of upecial
Inquire about our special cookintf rate.
You will find that the cost of electricity as a. cooking fuel is less than
wood, and there is also, a great saving in labor and time. Wc buy Hotpoint
Hurjhca ranges in carload lots, and this enables those who buy to get their
runfjes at very reasonable prices. Call at our office and wo will be pleased
to explain the cost and advantages of electricity as a fuel for cooking in the
, home.
The California Oregon Power Company
uslm xiTrarTTHfVMCCEatrr'.arat.i mi , , , i ww i mi i iwwiar him wi taM:jMww "
H . i .lh . 'yKyV r tT.T j-T-r "-?' "V-J -L