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MOMI.W, fl( J
Fit Two
!wuv, ' tv -vrtinsmfrwr
The Evening Herald
"V. B.;-OCTJB. .Wdlto'r tf feblteke
H. R.iJULIi. 4 . . .City Kdttor
V. C. MCKLfi Advertising Manager
Published dally except Bunday, at
The Herald Publishing Company of
Klamath Falli, at 119 Rlihth ttrcet.
Enttrod at the postoftlce at Klam
ath Fall, Ore., tor transmission
through the malli aa sccond-claM
The Associated Presa la exclustre
ly' entitled to the ute for publica
tion of all saws dispatcher credltod
to It, or not otherwise credited la
this payer, and alto the local newa
poMlikod herein.
tm UK only place whcro readers of,
A The Herald will find any ex
predion of tin) 0dltorl.1l policy or
attitude of thtt pa per Is in tho ed
itorial column. And .my Interested
person may accept till statement a
mean log exactly whst the words Nay
We are prompted to ay them be
cause of certain statement that The
Herald Is allied with tint chamber of
commerce In a campaign of propa
ganda to advance tho intertill of
the Southern Pacific In the railway
Such criticism I unwarranted
'and doubly unfair. It l unfair to
this paper and unfair to the cham
ber of commerce.
The contents of the news columns
of any paper and it Is so of this
paper cornea from many source.
We endeavor, as far as humanly
possible, to print the facts. State
ments made by Individuals or organ
isations, through their representa
tives, are credited to the authors of
the statements.
In the news columns we endeavor
In every Instance exactly to Identify
tho source of overy statement on
controverts! topics, so that the In
telligent reader may gaugo the mo
tives behind It and weigh it accord
ingly. We know of no fairer way to open
up matters of public concern to
public discussion. It both parties
to the dispute arc honest In their
convictions, they will avail them
selves of tho opportunity to lay their
arguments before the public. If
one, or both, should misstate mat
ter that are or common knowledge,
the Intelligence of the readers will
quickly nail the falsehood. Should
one party fall to challenge a reason
able argument of the other, his
failure b entitled 1 be considered
a reflection of fear that ho cannot
successfully controvert the truthful
assertion of his adversary.
In carrying out this policy wo
open our news columns, without
price and without condition except
that the sourco of ? all statements
which we do not know of our own
knowledge to bo true be clearly
Identified, to a great deal or matter
.raafla not pertinent, and possibly
for that reason misleading.
nut It Is the reader's privilege,
and bis responsibility, to estimate
the truth and pertinency of all states
meats. In other words we can fur
nish our critics material upon which
to exercise their reasoning powers,
but we 'cannot control the degree of
reasoning that they individually ap
ply. We arc uitlto willing to share our
opinion of the railway dispute with
any one who Is Interested, as fur at
.that opinion la formulntd.
We do not Relieve that It Is to
ihu best Interests of Klamath coun
ty to take any side In fbls matter.
The Issues are. so Involved, the ef
fects will be so far-reaching, that It
would puttie the wisest to decide ut
this minute the course that will beat
serve our future destiny.
This opinion Is opposed to the
findings of the chamber of com
merce cemmittee: but we know
them as honest men, and believe
them to be honest In tbelr conclu
sions. If they are In error, or If
they do not represent tho sentiment
of the majority, time will rectify
rbe mistake.
The Klamath community, by vir
tue of the traffic It can furnish, Is
entitled to transportation service.
It seems to us that Instead of re
lying upon any carrier to fulfil tho
obligations Imposed upon them aJ
corporations operating In the pub
lic 6ervlce that we should luslst,
upon that serlce as a matter of
right, It it Is our right to have It.
The Interstate commerce commis
sion Is representative of all the peo
,ple, certainly empowered, and pre
sumably competent, to decldu tho
question as to which sjstom cuu
lwat. most expeditiously and most
economically, give us tho service we
require, and tho manner In wblch
It should be given.
And -we 1 not believe that ap
peal to toe Interstate commerce
commission on any other than such
cqultnblo ground ni this will In
fluence ,thom one oU. ,
This U the, opinion of Tho Herald
nnd tho editor of Tho Herald. In or
rordanre with this opinion. has
malnlnlniil nnd will contlnuo lo
maintain n neutral attitude u long
as the question Is In a controversial
!lut ho holds It of equal llRht that
other.s may have differing opinions,
and every column In TI10 Herald e
rept tho editorial column Is open to
their free expression.
As upards tho advertising col
umns, spurn Is a commodity we sell.
There Is no restriction on what thn
adverser may do with the. spare
after Its purchase, or what he may
put In It. providing it does not 111.1K0
Ihls paper 11 parly to the violation
of existing laws
Letters from (he Peopl
1 1
v a tasr .
Hprcnnal fflpminn
a viwvii" .
V : J
Mr. and Mrs. James II Hockley
nre In town today from their ranch
nt Fort Klamath.
Alfred Collier of Swan 1-iUe was
In town this morning unending lu
business matters.
L, Haiel Williams, of Portland,
arrived hero last night and Is reg
istered tit the White Pcllian hotel
Andrew Collier. It. K. deary, and
J. V lloeller were out after quail
yeiterday and report fair suites
V. O. Kortman, an Insurance
agent, is In town today attending lo
business affairs from his headquart
ers lu Portland.
h I .Montgomery was a county
seat visiter over the week-end from
Klrkford, where he Ij Interested In,
the lumber business.
Win .McNcaly and T. A. Stevenson
spent Sunday hunting deer near
Keno. They saw several tracks but
no deer. ,
CSeoree Illehn arrived Saturday
from Portland and will be In Klam
ath Falls for the next few days at
tending to business uffalrs
Hen Porden of Portland, a timber
cruiser, was here today en route to
I.akovlew where he will spend several
da looking over certain swamp
Pred D Klctcher locked his law
office this mornln and started out
on, a two-weeks' huntln trip. Ho
expects to bo back In town about
November I..
I). V. KuvkonJall. Sam Walker
and Claude Daggett left today for
the eastern part of tho county on
their annual hunt, expecting to be
av.-ay a week of 10 days.
Another wedding Saturday which
create! a great deal of was
that of Mrs. Marguerite McCrath
Armmand to Henry A. Ilumli. of
W. II. Denno, who for the past
nlno months has been driving Jitney
for the Houston-Kropp Jitney com
pany, has accept si a poslllno with
thn Mecca pool hall.
Prank IlurnR left this morulas for
Sacramento, where ho will spend sev
eral days ultendlug to affairs con
nected with lil-s lumbi r Intervalx In
that section
Traffic Officer J. J. McLoiikIiIIii.
who was Injured during fair week.
Is still confined to (ho hospital with
an injured leg and, nciordliig In re
ports today, would not ho fit for
duty for ubnut tuu weeks.
The wcddlnK of MIm Mildred
Thrasher and Paul Hilton furnished
a surprise to the many friends of.
the roupln Saturday night liy tint
unexpectedness of tho event. Hot li
are well known members of thn
city's younger set, and havo spent
the greater part of their lives heiu.
The marrluge was performed ut the
Christian church parsonage early
Saturday evening and after the cere
mony, which was read In the pres
ence of relatives and friends, a wed
ding supper was served at the home
of the brlde'a parents, Sir. and Mrs.
Qeorge Thrasher.
Three-Fourth of Annual
Toll of 15,000 Lives
CHICAOO, Oct. 16 CarilessniMS
Is the cause of three-fourUlK ofylhe
annual fire toll of lfi.oiio llveiMnnit
property worth half a million dol
lars, according to (loorgq'fjl Mul
ilaui. general agent of tjii under
wrltuni' laboratories, In tin nildre's
hto.idc.tst simultaneously from 'in
rndlit Mtutliiiw iiu n.irt df 1I1. 1 .
I ' I " '
jiuice of fire prevention du. the an
niversary of the Chicago fire In
"The time to put out a fire Is be-
jforo It starts," he said. "No amount
of fire extinguishing apparatus can
cope with universal e.ireleisiiefot. Ily
the education of the public, Indus
trial orgauliiitlons and s hool child
ren to avoid rarolessiies. Indiffer
ence mid selfishness, III,, vleslred re
sult can he brought about
What do oil know about the.
flro hazard existing In your own
house' When did ou last go over
the house with a vdw of seeing If
any danger exists? Where Is lln
nearest fire alarm box? tin you knn
haw to operate It? What do )mi
know about thn condition of your
children's school? Is It fireproof
Are they plenty of exists? Has It
fire escapes? Do they have flro
drills? Are tho motion picture thea
tres to which you ami your family
aro In rhP habit of going properly
"A clean house is u safe house
Safety from flro Is largely a matter
of good housekeeping An annual
house cleaning Is us slovenly as a
weekly bath. The house should
kept clean at all limes, not period
ically. "Place flro extinguishers where
they may b0 readily got nt and
train yourself In their use. Pro
vide yourself with homo Inspection
blanks and see that they urn filled
out at regular Intervals ami thn
Information thus obtained placed
In the hands of tho proper elty authorities."
Thu airmen saying they staved up
3.1 hours havo nothing on prices
which havo been up for years
Hoses aro red and violets are blue
and so are w whn the foal lamps
are few.
Many n dull man acts smart."
Ilurlesquo shows report business
much better nn account .f thu long
er skirts on the streets.
When people marry for money
that Is all they git.
Monkey gland operations succeed
hecausu thu glands am transferred
from monkey to monkey.
Th man worth while Is tho man
who ran sinllo hefnru breakfast.
A politician on a speaking tour
jual.e.3 man) speaking detours.
Only reliable thing ulioiit some
people is their lllirellahllily.
Many .1 man whiiworked up from
holoiu has a sou who Is working
down from tho top
Honor Law gaj llrltaln tannot po
llen thn world alone. Will, Ireland
Is roll' lug Ainerli.i.
lu Itus3la, r tall trailing in done
with wholuralo money.
I.owi mists hatch plots.
l.augell Valley, Oct, 1(1.
Kdltor Kvenlng lleiald:
Note In Into edition of jour paper
that the eonimltteo of ehaiuber of
couimerie have gone, on record um fa
il ., , 1 1
vorlng Southern I'.teirie tontrol o(
Central lcjfle imipiiVjiles, 'giving
tie v mil ik.i'soiis fni Ho'ltolng Imt not
n't niiilng to tuko Into' nctoiiitl tho
tossllillt)('tif operating' tho pioper
ties li Joint uwnenhli) ami muni
tion Piisldent Huron lo of Hut
Southern i'uelfle miinetlnie ugo came
mil with a stiiteiuenl Hint' Jolnth op
eratid linen would he a ileti Inient lo
Hie country served, requiring dupli
cation if shops ete I helleve that
this statement inailo before n hod)
of r.tllio.ul men would he met wild
ridicule as there are at the present
time many tulles of Jolntl) owoed
and operated lines that aro serving
the public with Hill per tent Her
vice At the present lime we have
two large H)stemn neel,lng to gain
iont,rnl of Oregon and ' California
traffic Whv go 011 record as favor
lug am particular sjsteni1 We nnisl
admit that the service and latex I
have liei 11 he) olid comparison ami I
have had a strangling often tin our,
routil) Lot ail) one H.xtttetu gain1
loulrol and we will suffer as before
from I a el, of eompetltlon In the
central west iimv one has let 11 he.
come known that lliey contemplate 11
trip of any disunite they will have
repreientntlles of all thu systems
visit them, glvliig nil the data need
ed as to tho trip ami the beauties of
their routes Could not hut nolo thel
difference here, whin one has to pn ,
sent oneself at a certain time, stand
In line ami lecelve the most meager
Information This Is not the fuult
of our lo. al officii ns they havo 110
time to go Into details, and cannot
possibly l.eep posted up,' hut the laek
of eompetltlon, whlih allows Hie
rallrond people to rut their local
force to the minimum. And as long
us they havo 110 competition they will
continue to so operate, being as they
urn a sunless corporation, a body of
men who are employtil to see that
every dollar spent br'ags a certain
return. If -J( Is not forthcoming
presto, ihauge, another man takes
his place. So If the dear public
think that tho large sums being spent
to Influence public opinion on the
lllllilt rgcr question is for their bene
fit ami to protect tbelr Interests
would suggest that they take an
other nap. Possibly they would havo
better dreams It would seem that
Klamath county Is In a splendid pos
ition with two large systems fighting
lo gain rontrtl This old proverb
still holds good, "when rogues full
out. honest men get their due "
And, believe this Is thn time for us
lo set on thn fence anil sle them on
Wn tannot possibly suffer worse
servile, nnd wn Htand to win I can
not forget thn mouths of haggling
In prevliuis years to get a reduction
of freight rates, and tin, recent ef
fort to get rt'iliirlon on rate on po
tatoes, which shows that now that
things of vital Interest lo thu railroad
aro at stake they enly need presen
tation lo thu proper official ami a
question of n few hours turns the
trick. Competition surely Iiiih had
Hh effect, or rather fear of competi
tion. Au long as things am coming
our way, let them fight
II. J. T'l'KNOK.
Kl'OI'.NT, Ore.. Oct II 1'iom
July in, IU33, when thn Culled
HiatcH iinuv iilipliiiiu patrol of Oie
gau finest began, until October 1,
I'I22, when It reused, thu uliplane
ulmervoiH spoileil iippiDxImntoh font
hundred fires lu different paiU of
llm western section of the state, ac
ini Hint: to 11 leport made by Colonel
Lowell ttmltli, eonimandant of thn
!lsl aero Kiuai!rim, stationed time
during thiil period
DurliiK thai period, Hie iiiiuhluiis
spent "' bonis Hi actual rlvlug time
mill traveled over about five million
sqiiaio miles of llinbei, iliionllng to I
Hie report
No member of thn squadron lost I
his life dining the summer's woiki
and mil) two planes worn wrecked mi
lauding fields outside of Kugene 'I'liej
local municipal uvlallou field has 1
been leaned b llm government as lyj
pet mam nt hmo for the airplane foi I
est fire patrol
To Poultrymen
We me making n lailoatl of Poulliv I'mK 0,1. M
lo those who plion Hull onlci wllli Hie null vv make (,e i
lug pi In 1
l'gi Mah. pee
Hi 1 11I1I1 I'eed. Pie "' -(
Meat Hemp, ln '
,V Meal Hi tap, pel i".
Ilimiuil llniie, ht ml
(ill, pee vl.
Ovter HI11 lis, pel Kit,
( hmtonl, per ("
110,1 x
1 no
1 HO
Murphy Seed StorJ
ryi hoi 111 si ru hi.
. , j - j' 1 1
Don't fail to read the Herald ClaMified Ad
$1000,000 li Given
for College Improvement
SAN JOSK, Calif. Oct. 1C Ap
propriations amounting to more than
$1,000,000 for constructing a gym-j
iiuslum, swimming pool, tennis
Lourta and 11 nassumbly hall ut thtv
Han Joku Tunthers' College uro to
Thn right to grant degrees also will
he asked of thu next legislature,
bn requested.
Would Widen Channel
Of S. F. Harbor Bar
san rrtANcisco, oa. h. a
project for widening and deeping
the main channel across the bar
to San Francisco harbor ha.s been
favorably received by many members
of congress and thu possibility of
apeedly action Is very encouraging,
according to Charles F, Curry, con
gressman from the third Callfornlu
district w'bo hag Just returned here.
"The necessities of commorco lu
wotsern waters amply justify the ex
penses ot the barbor entrance," uald
Mr. Curry.
Today At The Liberty
TI10 Feature "
"The Hands of Nara"
Waning Clura Kimball Voting '
The Comedy "ONE WEEK"
Hlairlng lliisier'Keaton
mill vve admit It Is M)MH toiiihliiallnii! There Is
11 Millie uiii! a tea 1 anil Just eimugli of holli.
Tnil) 1111 r(Joable evenlnu.
M'eiln'suhiy anil Tlmrsilay, II. W. Oilffltli'M
lienor veil Heats lire now on wile nt the bov nffltn
rf?WiVM'Sii1W,,W't ' r .4
" A fo A 1 v j v
Jl It
TiW'W 71' WWStailff! "?'W!'l!ll!
October 20
Is the Last Day
To Submit Your Essay
Subject:- "Whv the Mis-Named Compulsory Kiltication
al Bill should be defeated."
The following are the rules of the contest.
1. Etiaya mutt be limited to 500 words.
2. Mutt be written in ink and on one tide of paper only.
3. Mail all Ettayt to Ettay Contest, Box 427 Klamath Falls.
(Letters will be delivered unopened to the Board of Judges)
4. No Essays bearing a post mark later than Oct. 20th will be ac
cepted. 5. Essays will be judged on subject matter and construction,
spelling, punctuation, grammar and neatness of the work
Judges of contest will be:
F. R. SOULE, Herald Editor
CHAS. F. STONE, Attorney
REV. H. T. MEYER. Lutheran Minister
For the best essay on the above subject a ciwh prize of
$20.00 will be given.
For tho second best essay $10.00 cash.
For the third best essay $5.00 cash
The above contest is being conducted by the Catholic
Civic Nights Association of Klamath County.
D. H. CRUMP, Sec'y. Manager.
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