The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, September 23, 1922, Page Page Two, Image 2

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HATimn.w, sicpt. si, iitru.
M, . BUi City KdMor
V. . mOKtdS AflratMag Manater
Publltbcd dtllr xcept Sunday, at
TM'ltmM Publlihlng Company of
Xlaaatfc palbi, at 118 Klf nth troot.
Kalered at the poatottlce at Klam
ath Fall, Ore., (or transmission
tnroaih the malls as socond-class
PnESB . ,
Tke Atsoetated Press It excluglve-
ly entitled to tho ate for publica
tion o( all news dispatches credited
to It, er not otherwise credited In
this paper, and also the local news
paWlshcd herein.
HATUItn.W, SKIT. 8.1, IM112.
WE WISH wo could Bay of
Chnrlos Hall's withdrawal ot
his Independent candidacy for the
governorship Hint nothing In his en
tire campaign so became him as the
leaving of It.
nut, truthfully, wo lannot. Hall
died politically as ho Ihod. an un
scrupulous freebooter who would not
play the came.
Even the misguided republican
voters who backed Hall In tho pri
mary must resent his demagogic at
tempt to bind then. In his withdraw
al statement, hand and foot with the
withes of the compulsory education
al bill and turn them over to tho
democratic candtdato for governor,
who'ls striving to make political cap
ital out of that measure.
T,ho "master minds" who engineer
ed Hall's withdrawal In. hope that it
would help Pierce place a low esti
mate upon the Intelligence ot th
Oregon voter.
They will encounter a deserved
rebuke for the gratuitous insuljs ot
Hall's statement at the November
P FURTHER argument were need-
that the direct primary, the Initia
tive and the referendum, are fail
ures and detrimental to the cause ot
good government In the state. It Is
furnished In the revelations ot cor
ruption before the Marlon county
court In the methods lined for ob
taining signatures to tho petitions
for the income tax and fish bills.
The bearing Is a rotten record of
forgery, perjury and falsehood. Not
aries, presumably at so much per
name, made affidavit that they per
sonally knew nil ot the signers ot the
On tho. stand they admitted that
they know but a trifling percentage
of tho signers. Some knew none at
nil. The notarial commissions ot
theso falso servants will bo rovoked
by Governor Olcott and rightly so.
Then they caii oponly Join the army
of self-seekers, opportunists and dis
gruntled ranters who havo been
righteously rebuked by tho common
wealth's chief cxecutlvo and exercise
their dishonest and unscrupulous
talca'UHn bringing about the gover
nor's political downfall If they can.
There Is a contest pn In this atate
between righteous government by (he
people In their own behalf, and n gov
ernment by Invisible forces seeking
to fatten their purzes and advance
tholr political standing at tho ex
pense of tho stnto.
Thoy liaia seised upon tho very
Inns that the pcoplo fondly hoped
would purify politics, and havo by
falsehood and unscrupulous manipul
ation, wiillo tho majority of vote it,
wero sleeping, worked through a
manipulated minority, by fraud, de
celt and corruption, to gain ends that
will hamper and restrict tho devel
opment, of the state it thoso ends
could be effected.
Fortunately tho majority Ib awaX
oulng, and as tho nefarious methods
possible under the present political
system are brought to light, thcro Is
n growing revulsion against tho falso
prophets of progress and purity, who
stand publicly arralguod as betrayers
of the people.
, The stato is due tor a house clean
ing from top to bottom of its politi
cal structure.
The evils that havo been exposed
offer too gravo a menaco to bo light
ly dealt with.
The voter who has his country's
welfare nt heart will swat every mea
surasMV the ballot.' Two that were
proposed are now proved to have
becnilaced thcro by fraud and are
eliminated by tho courts. Tho voters
of,, the state will attend to the re
waliider. Aspirants to office who have prov
ed, their unfitness for places of trust
by oponly bidding for tho voto of tho
, prejudiced .minority responsible for
tluj erlwlnally corrupt conditions now
MJjjaatd .must bo firmly taught that
their day is over,
WkV'ifoods,' bottle's, nipples, tal
. ttW'and many other baby nocessl-
ttekTOfl 'eemrortir uurrins
Talk nhnut optimists, tho buggy
makers will hold n convention.
A boy tolls in ho Is afraid hit
school has enough coat.
Tho gardener who planted fried
potatoes has given tip hope.
Our Idea of n girl who marries
tOr money Is she Isn't worth it.
Some think our coast lino Is three
mites too far Inland.
Auto kill 12,000 yearly not count
ing those working themselves to
death supporting one.
"America", a.xs a statesman.
"mado tho world what It Is today."
Always blaming America.
Soldier killed a man who disturbed
him at four n. m. hut all of us can't
do that.
A careful selection of congressmen
Insures taxation without misrepre
sentation. "Wo havo too many single men,"
says n minister. An old maid tells
us thcro arc even moro than that.
Another Armistice day Is coming
and wo will be reminded of the war
without buying anything.
Doctors say ton people In Trenton,
K. J. who thought they ato mush
rooms didn't.
!miw JkT - - -
Personal Mention
S. R. Rlack Is homo after a
week spent In the Dly district look
ing after business matters.
J. W. Crawford, a young attor
ney ot Portland, is hero this week
looking after legal matters for his
Paul Poster mado a trip Into
town from the Collier mill In
Swan lake valley this morning af
ter supplies.
'Mrs. E. A. Schrelner left this
morning tor Vancouver, Washington,
where she will visit with her daugh
ter, Mrs. George Kclley.
Freeman Tanner, of the state
highway commission. Is spending a
few days at the H. N. Moe sum
mer home at Recreation creek.
Q. 0. Johnson, who spent sev
eral days with hi family at their
summer home at Rocky, Point, re
turned homo this morning.
Leo Finneran was a passenger on
the morning train bound for Palo
Alto where ho expects to enter the
I.elsnd Stanford, Jrt, university.
Kenneth Klahn, an employe of the
Modoc Lumber company. Is expect
ed In from Klrkford tonight for a
brief visit with friends In this
Mrs. J. G. Coble wag a passen
ger on tho morning train bound for
Salem, where sho will visit with her
brother and also take In tho .state
F. F. Thompson, who bus been
here visiting his slater, Mrs. W. W.
Mc.N'eally left this morning for Sac
ramento whero liu will make his
Paul IJ. McKco and P. O. Craw
ford, officials of tho California Ore
gon Power company, are business
Visitors here thU week-tend from
headquarters in Medford.
E. D. Hoyt, who is connected with
the Warren Construction company,
arrived horo last night from Port
land to look after tho many Interests
of tho compuny In Klumnth county.
Miss Mary Williams left this morn
ing for Monmouth where sho will
complete her teachers training nt tho
Oregon Normal, Miss Williams has
26 weeks moro of school before sho
will complcto her course.
Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Sheets and
daughter, ' Vivian, havo returned
from, San Francisco after several
days visit. They accompanied Mrs.
Sheet's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Vaughn, that far on their way to ;
Kansas City. '
. NEW YORK, Sept. II. Three
Danes, one a joung woman, have
coins to New York to tell tho na
tional police conference how the
world can be nhrunk into a Kinnllor
spaco for professional crooks. They
aro here at Pollen Commissioner
Enright's special Invitation to dem
onstrate newly Invented "long
distance Identification system," and
to urge It International adoption.
"Tho greatest aid to police Iden
tification since tho Dcrtlllon sys
tem," says Mrs. Mary Hamilton,
noted New York pollccwomnn nnd
s'ud?nt of finger-printing.
After eight years. Hnkcu Jorgen
.sen. nnlstant commissioner of tho
method ot translating tho loops nnd
whorls of finger-prints, u well as
tho facial and physical characteris
tics. Into numerals.
How Method Work
You don't havo to l an Identi
fication expert to reo what that
means. Suppose jou were convict
ed of n crime. Your finger-prints
and Uertillon measurements would
bo taken In the regulation way.
Then, by the Jorgentcn system, tho
r .lulta could be reduced to n Horleii
of about 20 numerals. You Mould
.be tho only person In tho world
who Ktiuld exactly match those
figures; and, Inversely, tho figure
would bo tho only ones which would
exactly match you.
Your name nnd numbers) could bu
listed In n crook's directory, copies
of which could be kept In every po
lice station on earth. No alias, no
chnngo In nppcranre, no parsing of
the years, would enable you to con
ceal your Identity from any police
department which found It necessary
to (.heck your flngur-priuta nnd
measurements against your numeri
cal rating, or vlco versa. A tele
gram from tho Interested depart
ment would quickly bring your com
ploto criminal record from a cen
tral bureau.
Tents Sm crisf ul
Miss Iugeborn Charlotte Hulltiur
Nlclren Is thu young woman who
mado tho Journey across tho At
luntlc with Commissioner Jnrgcu
3 n and Military Judge Erlck Hchaf
fer. Her work la to claulfy finger
prints and Uertillon measurements
Into tho "Ions distance uystom."
Roth nt tho Hotel Pennsylvania,
where thu party Is stopping, and at
polite headquarters Miss Hellucr
Nlelson hns successfully met every
rigorous tost that Internationally
celebrated Identification expert
could devise. It takes her but n
few momenta literally "to get a
criminal's number."
"This Is nn auxiliary to tho Iden
tification systems used by the po
lice In various countries." mid Mic.
"It would not replace present
methods, hut supplement them and
enlarge their use. Every profes
sional criminal In tho world could
be listed In a book no larger than
a dictionary. And Instead of mak
ing It necessary to mnll actual finger-prints
or wlro long descriptions,
n few numerals would tell thu
whole story."
L'etter babies now means better
men and women for tho future. At-,
'tend tho baby clinic Tuesday. Cur-1
1 rln's For Drugs. -3 j
frank Wellington Arretted I'ldlmw
lug Ciniotiot h nr HU li'i i
Prank Washington, colored, was
arrested at his home, Third and
Plumb nt 9 o'clock last nlnht by
Patrolmen Mrl.ou'ghlln and McDon
ald following the report that .several
gunshoU had t)i- heard In tho
neighborhood, .j Washington was
drunk when arreste'd, tho offlc-r
said. He will L.'i hnlil In Jail pend
ing an Investigation.
Washington has figured In oth
er shooting strujies hero ami It
well-known to tho police.
Tho tono qualities of Hltt'NfiWK'K
RECORDS lmv,. made them u-ry pop
ular with local people. t'urrln'H For
Drugs. , 23
Myrtle Creek -Now water system
Medford to get armory.
Hums to get largo sawmill.
Eugene to build f 120.000 addition
to electric plant.
' Retld proposes $55,0(10 street till
pnnrmwits. Husebiin; to rrt $000 (lubhoiiso
IVndloiou - CoiistriKtlon to start
on now hospital.
Attend the baby clinic Tuesday.
The advice Is free und may bo of
grout benefit to your baby. Currln's '
For Drugs. 23
Portland Active building opera
tions start on Shrine hospital for
crippled children,
Wheeler I76.Q0O bridge to be
built across Nehalera bay.
Amity New electric light and
power Bystem Installed,
pqod quality linen paper, 24
double sheets, 24 envelopes. 37c
Saturday only. Currln'a For Drugs.
A combination of drama und romance, ipilnl.led with lauglia
and surprlsCH 1 wlutt we offer In
"Whatever She Wants"
and tho star Is pre ty Eileen Percy. As n special nilded attraction
toduy wo will ulnd up tho piogram with thu first chapter of
"In the Days of Buffalo Bill"
an our little h(u would not hold the crowd v ho wished to seo It
lust night.
SUNDAY Charles (Chic) Sale in "HIS NIBS"
Doubltesii thu most unusual picture over produced. Mr. Sulo
is the foremost delineator ot rural type in America nnd In this pic
ture he pl'ajB seven distinct characters. Wo can heurtily commend
thlj picture to yon as genuine, clean und unusual antartolnmcnt,
'! ' Wo know Hint you uri! buny, there- '' Jf ')'
. , fore, wo tiro tfoiiitf to lonvo out,- " o ,,
Vi) Miiofil of thirt loUiji but wo want ' ' j ,"
t f
vt'- Vv s (
. ' .
i '
. xl
1 v ,t ,'
." ' s! , w - T i(, T , i.
VOU to o.xaniino our slutoinont pub
lii'hod below which is a condensed
report of tho condition of this Hani;
made to the Comptroller of the Cur
rency as of September 15, 11)22.
Resources Liabilities
Loans nnd Discounts M,t:ai,.i7it.u; Capital Slok nnd Surplus .H i.MO,oim,iMi
u. a, liomts
llonds, warrants mid other I'mlhlilrd Profits :i,.17i).(ll
recurltb'i ?l,UUit,7i
Stock In Federal Resnivu ClrcutUton .. .. - . 0tl,0ii.Ni
Rank ii,::imi( ,,....
Real Estate. Furniture and -Unr Htwiee Corpnnilloii U;l,iu:m
FlX'tlreS IN,U"O.I ,,ll.r in 'inn i,i.
Five per cent Redemption HcdlKoimtB hwimmmi
Fund n.niHMiii niii H ,..,
Cash on hand nml duo from DtPOrtU ..- - I.H. ..I ...-
Hanks IHI.IM.H'J ' ...u..
?a,t 1 7Hd..-,a N2?:.w,7nii.ri-
Tie First National Bank
The Home of Over 4,200 Depositors
Member Federal Reserve
t j.-rtt' i.istf t.
Over 7i
and Safety
IN 2jogiu-:ss
The California Oregon Power Company
1 Preferred Stock
Sb ffc.K DtiAKIt. fitK MUIN 1 11 i
'Interest Paid On Parlial Payments
Present Price $92 Per Share, Yielding 7.6
l ' ,
Price $92 Per Share, Yielding 7.6',,' On the Investment
, , Cut Out nml Mnll the Coupon
Mcdfoiil, Vrrku, ''
(iraiilM 1'asN1, DiiiiMiinlf, t'ullfmiilii
Kliinmlh FiiIIh, Oickoii,
I'rlcu Hiilijei't lo CIiiiiiko
Without Notice
Jm' ' " t I
Inquiry Coupon
i i ( 1922
The California Oregon, Power Co.
IMonso Bend mo fiirtuo'r 'information nuout
your I'mfuiiod Capltul Btoclc.
Name fmn
Btroot .'.
." -i;
1. 't? t ji ji - -..(
MVL's, . . . , H t,
; y rr,rsw-M jhv.4.v nt t i. ,..
1 ,'. 7 --. i , ',.
l! -?', o, . ; ,-i-,ttt&
ivuy- ?: