The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, May 20, 1922, Page Page Four, Image 8

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HATtmn.w, may ao, him.
Auto Stealing to Be Made
Ht,rrdous Occupation
v Irom Now on
POUTI..ANY7. Stny 20 Automobile
IIiIotob wlll.fliiil Ve'r chosen occupa
tfcjn on0 of extreme hazard rum now
n r.-inliiJn . A. 1..SWM. head of
tho Irnfflc dlvfcdon, nnnountvd.
The police ptfltion Ih lo lo equip,
luui Willi n ri(ill."tiot or sulflclrnt slio
and power lo bnadrast to nlJ parts
ntltho Northwest. The 1'""' '"'c
tin, now scut oul J'V mull, will ho
broadcasted latent nlA1" ""' author
Itfc In nil parlft of Otcgon, Wash
ington and Idaho will b0 on the
watrh for cars reported stolen.
.Thin I the Plan of Captain fowl,
who Is now completing the details,
which will provide for co-oper.itlon
from various police organisations.
What Is proposed. Lewis mW. lo
bnvo each chief of tolleo and iberlff
In' tlio Northwest net up appaitus.
lijr Its iio closer touch can bo KiPt.
with nil district and tho scope i"f
efficiency of police can be greatly
v"In this day of science the pollco
cannot expect to work efficiently un
lets they uso the latest methods."
ilbwls said.
, "Hadlo work Is something that Is
of great value In apprehending crim
inals, especially those stealing auto
ttiobllcVor other means of transporta
tion. Word could be sent out giving
ttie number and make of the car as
well as data for other means of Iden
tification. Practically all parts of the
northweit epuld be reached simultan
eously and the net spread for the of
fender. Fortunately, the main highways
In the northwest arc few. Anyone
traveling along them could be found
with llttlo trouble It warning Is scnl
out before they can leave the state.
On th0 roads but little used every
traveler Is noticed, so there Is not a
great deal to fear from that nngle.
Anyway, the thief stealing automo
biles plans to get som0 distance from
the scene of his crime and sell the
. Jn addition' to the proposed broad
casting scheme, the police bureau Is
considering placing radio receiving
apparatus on the light cars now used
In the booth system. From tho cen
tral station orders could be dispatch
ed to any of the officer, directing
Tilm to the scene of action where he
Ih most needed.
This system has been tried In sev
eral cities and has proven successful.
In one of the trials an officer was
dispatched In a. car for a certain
"place. Ileforc reaching there be was
'ordered to another place where a riot
was supposed to be In process. This
.continued on several other changed
Tind tho officer was In communication
'with tlio rcntrul station at nllHlmcs.
jnaklng tho flying force particularly
Hero rests tho remain
Of I'ercival Sapp:
Ho drove his machine
With a girl In bis Up.
I.lcs slumbering hero
I Ono William Lake;
fo beard the bell
Hut bad no brake.
lleneath this stono
Sleeps William Kulnes;
Ico on the hill,
He had no chains.
Here lies tho body
Of William Jay;
Ho died maintaining
Ills right of way.
At fifty miles
Drove Olllo Pldd;
He thought ho wouldn't
Skid, but he did.
Here ho sleeps,
One Johnny Koukcr;
He rounded a turn
Without a honker.
'.i -v
-Columbus Dispatch,
He pawned his watch, bo boaked his
$ ring
And sold his bonds and ov'rythlug,
His homes and his sheep In flock
sVVero put upon tho auction block.
Ho also lost his herd of cows
And halt the fields dropped 'way uu-
dor par.
At last ho bad to sell his tools.
Krom bluder down to milking stools;
The houso aud ham and contents
9 went,
go at this point he bought a tent;
fl atill posses,' tiald ho, "somo land,
lly family und lots of tand,
iud daruod If I will sell tho car,"
"aWfcWWW-iJflrpIt jouma,.
Will llno Completed
snllr hy em! of )onr
HACUAMKNTO Mny 20 -lly tho
nml of tho present fiscal oar Cali
fornia will have vontploleil approxi
mately 3007 miles of Its stale high
way pivgram, or nboiit half tho mlti
ago Incorporate! In the stnto js
torn by I he- virions' bond and legis
lative aclu pertaining to highways.
In nM Won to thl 300 mile nro
!Mi miles of special nppropriu tlon
road which nr not Included lit the
list of completed highways. Soir e of
theso At" miles nro equal to the
state highway standard for finished
roads, but tho inajorlty will need
radical reconstruction.
i:t()l Miles III S, ".trm
The total mileage In the stale. .
tern for both building and innliitcn
mice Is oxer 6300 miles or clojo to
.10 per cent of all dedicated public
Incorporated, cities.
Of the 3007 miles by the Califor
nia highway commission, 1705 miles
nrv concrete base roads, with or
without nsphaltle surfacing; 303
inlVs nre paved roads of other types
and t'37 miles are graded road.
SM ,1,04)0,000 Xew Wotk
Since January 1, of Oils year, the
commission has contrartcd for lO'.t
miles of new construction. 4t ml'v
of gravel surfacing and 30 miles of
asphalt surfacing- Its program Tor
the year calls for SI.'.wOO.uOO In new
1,,'fcftway construction.
louring 1921 average costs fov tho
dHfofnt types of roads were roitghr?
as folic :
Grade roads. J 12.000 pet" mile.
UltumlL lIC, macadam, J2L.000 per
Concrete base. 130,000 per mile.
Illtumlnous" pavement, J 2 4,000 por
The total cxpc-ndltnre of the de
partment to April J, '1922; ecluslvo
of the motor vehicle funds, which
aro used almcwt cw'lushcly for
maintenance, amounts to J53.C4C.
OSt. and the csMmatcd unobligated
balance, available from all sources.
exclusive of motor vehicle funds, la
At tho present ratv of construction
theso funds will be largely obligated. 1
during 1922 and 1923.
Klamath Falls
Auto Co.
Phone 246-R
tor Expert
All work guaranteed. Ford
work a specialty. Stock of gen
uine Ford parts always on hand,
complete line of auto accessor
ies, used cars for sale, cars for
hire without drivel's.
The Pie that Made the '
Eskimo Famous
Sold by all Confectioneries and Peel Halls
Klamath Falls Creamery
ir oie month
Orcrs on Hand Now Exceed
Possible Output; Extra
Shifts at Work
1)I:tUOIT. May 20. The month of
May will Im the biggest production
mouth the Detroit district hat eor
known. Orderss now on hand In most
Vlants far exceed the possible output
for the month' and now orders nre
coming In every day. I'.xtra shifts
will bo .resorted to In all plants I
keep production to Its highest pas
sible lmlnt. In the meanwhile, ship
ments will be apportioned through
out tho sales territory.
Production of motor vehicles In
April closely approached a record. If
It dltl not actually establish one. It
may Vie found when the figures nro
compiled that more passenger cars trucks wore produced than In
iJiy single mouth lu the history of
I the Industry.
llecoril llrllcwd llrokcii
It Is practically certain that tho
record for carload shipments was
broken. The highest carload ship
ment cier recorded In ono month
wag Just under 30,000. The relsed
total for March was 27.3S0 and April
ran considerably In excess of this
figure. Whether a new mark Is set
will depend upon the number of cars
driven away from the factories.
Tho only possible deduction fr6m
theso production figures Is that the
automotive Industry is running at ca
pacity. For that reason any material
Increase In production will bo Im
possible this month. It can be stated
definitely, however, that May will be
as good as April Predictions 'beyond
that point would be hazardous, but
it would bo surprising If there were
not a seasonal decline In the third
quarter. Nothing like a slump Is
probable and It Is not likely that pro
duction or sales wilt fall below the
level of March, which was an ex
ceedingly good month.
The recovery In the parts branch
224 Main St.
of tli Industry has been almost as
rapid as hi tho passenger car field.
Sales of parts and accessories for
March wero tho largest In more than
IS months and ran about 30 por
cent ahead of February. April will
show n further substantial gain.
Truck plants aro booming ahead
ami one of the most encouraging
signs of continued good demand Is
found lu thnt fact that a sales con
tent for the first threo months of
the ear, conducted hy one of the
largo manufacturers of light trucks
was won by Its branch In St. Cloud,
Minn., rather than by one in an lit
dustrlal center.
The 1921 world's- cotton crop was j miles of work will bo umlnitaktm
ir,r93,0u0 bales, representing in this summer.
total decrease from tho 1920 crop) The kshIIoii undertaken will bo on
of about 5,000,000. tlrely In Slakljou county
Prosperity Talka No. 10
It is now up
PRICE if he
Prices Are
Const i utt Ion
nth ItUer
Will SlnU mi Ulinn
Lateral Of Highway
Construction of a icct.loii of tlio
Klamuth river lateral of In stalo
highway fiom Huppr Camp to 'i Junc
tion with the main state liUliwuy
north of Vieka has been authorised
by the California highway lommls
slon. Tho uorU will bo undertaken In
com la labor, tho eotixlet camp now
at Ingot, Shasta county, being moved
to the more Isolated Klamath section.
The summer n work will begin at
Happy Omp, to which point the ful
led States forest service Is now
building a toad. Appioilmutoty 20
Prosperity !
This is no time for GROUCHING, GRUMBLING, no time for utrife and
strikes, for distrust of the other fellow.
What Klamath Falls needs is loyal men and women who have faith in the
FUTURE of their city, and who will do their full share towards its REALI
. . ,
To meet the world's competition we must
speed up production
THE FALSE VALUES OF THE WAR are a thing of the past. We are Ret
ting back to normal, which means that every businessman must watch his
COSTS- - -'
to him to increase his output, HOLD DOWN
expects to stay in BUSINESS.
To do this he must have the co-operation
of his employes
DO A FULL DAYS WORK EVERY DAY, pull with your house, not
against it. - . .
THE WAY TO EARN MORE FOR YOURSELF is to earn more for your
employer. ... v r J r ,
THE WAY TO INSURE YOUR JOB is lo do all you can for the success of
the concern you're working for.
Down, including the price of
The value of the Dollar is going up
It will buy more today than at any time since the world war :
It meant Prosperity for Klamath
Klamath Falls
Ma m WshSw sHWsllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllW
Your Own City
Ic You Help Yoi
Tim ounvlii worli. which bun been
In progtesii ou lb" Alturns lateral
from tlm fiutiti nt liiRi't, will now
i taken oxer by a free labor organ
Uallon under tlm dliectlon of Urn
California highway enminliilon
Sunday EXCURSION Sunday
Motor Hunt Oakland and Spray
Rocky Point Resort
MDItMf) 'PIMP leaves mall boat binding -l
II 00 a m l.o.i)o llocky Point 3
Think How You Can Help
us have BUILDERS
labor. ' "" '
rrrt i
This spucc. paid for by ,ot
the buHlutuHiueii of Klum. '
-oth Kalla for tho benefit oV 'tB,"U'
thy community, ' .
. ;
Pugo Foiff
00 p
arrive n Itorky t'ulni
- I'our hours for r.oo,
Klamath FalU Crow!
n "'v'twi'i'!1"1-."""
sMWf-s iwf-. wxnwr r-