The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, May 18, 1922, Image 1

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8ttje lEuimtttn Iterato
'lO.VItlMT AM) VltlllAV, HllOW-
i:iw, mount i.v i:aht ih-
Member of the Associated Press.
Hlteeiltli Vi'iir, n, IlifJII
rates fits cm ii
Letter Show Investigation
Was Made at Far Back
An September, 1921
IIAI.EM, Dm, May IK. Thai lnv.
iTimr OIhiII'h liriicl.iin.illiiii Wnni'il
IhTcp lliiturilny In which ho nilli'il
ilium nil Judges, nhorlffii uinl other
low enforcement nrniit of llm Male
In I'.winl cirefolly uitiilnnt Infraction
T I ho (Iri'Kiui Mntilleti uinl In insist
Hint 1 1 1 1 1 h w f 1 1 1 1 y iIImkuIhimI men b
UiI of f lhi street Hint lint prepar
iil nil III,, Kpltr nf III" moment, hill
was Ih" result nf ltieltf,.ithiiiN nf
t ho K11 Klux Klnii dating hack mm
(,ir uk llcplemher, l2l, It lh" mili
staiim nf record nl tin nxectilh,, i(
flren xlvi'ii nut liidny
On September 23, 19 2 1, Ih" rec
nhts n( I hi. executive office show
(inventor Olcoit received Uu follow
liu; li'lPRrmu from Urn New York
'Tor the purposn of learning I lie
nllllilitn of llm chief ejecutlvo of
each American state lawanl Ihn Ku
Klux Klun ih II hag been revenlid
during tlm hint Ihreo wcuks, the
Worlil rt'tii-tn yuit lo oblige with 11
definite statement ut yimr on posl
tloii. (iitiraU (JmrriHT Apprtilr
"An our record stand now only
nun governor, llardwlck of Ucorgl.
Rlit Ihn organisation turlt tipprovul
Oii.i other has ovuded thn lun. A
largo number of llm other American
Riivvriium luvo tmircnnl unqualified
dUuppoiut of tho Invlilhlu order's
alms uinl methods,"
llayard Hwopo, cu-cullve editor .ut
tli Worlil.
OoMTtmr Olrott sent Ihu followi
lug reply lo tho Worhl.
"Ilt'cntihtf of whujeiomo conditions
In Or-K)ii, with Uttto ilUconti'iil ami
n satisfied people. Ku Kim Klan, al
though endeavoring to Invade the
stale, has mmlo WHO or no prunrrn
ami nm Informed It U now folding
k tent likn tlm Arab ami aH lJnt
y tcilliiK nwny.
Oli-nlt SHM Pimlllnll
"Tho Klnn has been takin lightly
hero ninl bncuiisn of Ihn fact It has
made iirarilrally no Impression on
nur peopln or our Institution .Ihu
meriilUn nftlen of till Htato has
il n.'.l action nr uny particular com-
iiiciil unnecessary. I, feel our novi-ni'
niriit iiH-iln no niihiilillary.' m-crt-t In
lnllil" uirimratloii lo omIkI It In
forciiiiii'iit of liu law or to lrotTi
tho llhi.rlliM nf lln poopl". In Ori'Kon,
cri'at intnm of imhlln not only haa
illhtlncl haiul In iiiaklns tho Iuwh, but
fiM.ln uinl hIiowh lool ri-5pt-ot for
tliftii uflor Ihi'y arr mniln.
"Our rltliriu anl( ahl from no or
l-anliatlon thai mimt work In tho
ilnrlc nrtil wTot jiIuci'iT nl ''
nuch mi orr.uulxutlon han no plurn In
their couiiHiilit or octlvltle."
llmliir ilnto of August 8, 11121, Cov
rnor Olcott rccolvoil from J. K.
rortwR, rcitlilont uf KprltiRflolil,
Oro 11 lntti-r nnil petition Hlgnml ly
112 roitliliuitH of that vicinity proti-nt
lm- nituliiHt tho Ku Klux Klan anil
iiBklnc tho MPCUtUa lo Invoku tho
poworH of tho main, olthnr by procla.
iiiiitlon, martial low or by colllnc a
Hppclnl Piilon of tho legUloturo to
curb 1110 "activities of tula nnurchU
tic gaiiK."
Mr. Forbes' lotlor to tho govornot
"IncloHoil plcuo find a petition,
which Ih Holf inplanotory. which 1
circulated uinoiig tho bURlnciw anil
profcHKloiml cltlionB of Hprlngfloltl
ItiHt Hatunluy and agalu on Bubbath
' "About thrt'o-fourlliH of tho puo
lilu who mud tho petition Hlgned It
Inimodlaiuly und of thono who did
not hIku uboul oiio-liulf ubkjKl for
inoru llmo to think ovur tho pro
poHltlon, tho othoru of tho ono-fourth
flutly rofuHlng for vurloiiH ruimonH.
"It won tho gouonil linproMiton of
thOHu hIkuIiib thathq pcoplo of thin
Hliitn run roguliito tltolr ntfulrB thru
coiiblltutod uuthorlty, nd voiiHldor
tho uppllcutlon and Intruidan of tho
Ku Klur Klun it munaco to Iholr or
derly roputtUlon. ,
"Hoping that you will roaituro tho
manHoa, who hat nocrocy In govern
ment, ond 0H)nclaly theao potltl.onora
whom I rcnard ob 100 por cent Amer
ican," . ,
VATi:i(M)(j(ii:it vehhel ih
ici:h-i'i:i at hi:a hv hiiiam
HcnnoMiiti nn:v nc.iinvi:i
MAItHIIKIi:i,l), Muy IK -Tlm
wntlnrliiKRl O111111 which
drifted oil! or iip,ht of tint
tun I'i'urli'Hi mid llm nleniner
Wlllmiiiitln Imit nliilit In n foi;
iiftur ilrlflliiK hulpleinily nil
yuntenluy, wiih plclieil up early
thin mornliiK by tho nleam
(ichooner D.iUy, wlilih took
Ihn Ormn'M crew nhouril mill
ulnrli'il In low Ihn illnubleil
iiiolornlilp lo Ihe Coliiiiihlii
flprkw nnil Judgi'M Tnhl IVoimt
rrnimliirit f.' Ilnnilllnie llnllnlM
Anil HiiIpm for Hteilms
liiilriirlloni han been Nmieil hy
t'ouuty Clerk' ,('. II. Del.i to
JiiilgeH, rlerkn lit llm primary elec
tion Tliiiritday ni fnllewn:
"When rPturnliiK nnpplli'fl to Ih"
County (!erk ploano lo not put
miytblng In tin ballot Iioipi lm
Ihn routilPit ballots.
"An l(vlor muni vnln In tho pro-
ilnct In which ho or sun Is
tnred, and II Is strictly contrary to
law for an election bonrd to cancl
an nlpctor'it rPRlstratlon, or to rcR
Inter nny elector who I1 rerlslnird
li souin other precinct within tho
county, or to chance tlm political
parly of any elector. It nny otes
tor Is regtnreil "no party" ho ran
not chaiiKu iinin until otter eloc
Hon. "If nn elcrlor chniiKu bis place
of realilenco mid falls lo ehmiRo his
registration, lm can not vote In tlm
precinct In which ho has moved tin
k'M on certlflcato of tho county
tlcrk. , t'4-y
"Tho blank on tho hack of tho
registration carftrf. which KlatJg" tifl
tho cancellation ofreltratlon, It
for tho uu of tho couuty clerk
only, ami mus'l not bo uteil by tho
vlcrtloji boards."
"All pursoiiH Mworn In must bo
permanent resilient of the ntul".
and a registration card must bu
sworn to by ono of thn Judges of
election. In addition, two freehold
ers must appear beforo tho election
f hoard who know tho person desir
ing to be sworn In.
"All voters who nrp registered
"no party" cannot voto on either
tho republican or democratic tic-
fket, hut may on recall and school
unit ballots."
Nation Tnler Into New AKWmcnt
At (Jeno t'oufcivncn
(IKNOA, May 18. An eight
mouths non-aggresnlon pad wail
udnptnd unlnaniously ut thn plenary
meeting of thn political sub-commission
of llm (leuiM conference to
day. Thn pact wntt not signed hut wua
adopted In tlm form of y resolution,
narh ntato pletlnlng Itself to re
Hpect It.
(IKNOA, May 18. Sir Edward
Griggs announced In behalf of the
Ilrltlsh delegation that further ad
vices havo been received from tlm
United Rtntes government nnd that
it did not noon! likely tho United
Htiitps would partlclpatn In Tho
Hague in eel I nr at least not until
tho acopo of tho mooting was bet
tor understood.
llouterft report! the Unttod
States' roply reserves Its decision,
ponding further Investigation und
until tho ultuutlon bocomes, clearor.
Attempt MmiIo In l'rtent North
nnl viHslltlim of Hun Viit Heu
HONG KONO, Mny 18. Nego
tiations aro iu progress by tho
Mouth China government nnd both
tho northern ructions to prevent o
northward expedition by tho nrmy
of 8uu Yut Ben, head of tho Can
ton government.
PHKINO, May 18, r'orolgu legi
tlona urn awultlng an explanation
from tho I'oklng government con
cerning tho BtntuB of Mauchurla,
which General Chang Tho Lln has
doclarod part of hli nowly-estnb-llshed
omplro. A report from Muk
den, tho Manchurltn capital, aayu
Chang baa already adopred a flag
fof his now omulra, )Jfc
Department Bill
$700,000 For
Klamath Irrigation
Hpecial In Tlm Iler.-ihl
WAHIIINOTON, .Muy 18 llouso
mid H'niiln confereeu havo tiKrecd
n ntlm Interior ilepnrlinent'n ap
propriation .hilt cnrrylm; 1700,000
for Ihn Kliiimith Irrlcatlon pro-
ed. Thn (Imntllla project Is ip-
portioned tr00,(in0 mid llm linker
project 1100.000.
Tlm apportionment of 1700,000
lo tho Klamath project for 192.1
development, remlni: on dip of n
similar Hli"d npprnprliillnn that Is
now helm: expended for thin'u
work, means steady adraurn for thn
project and Is highly grntlfylnir-
Tlm magnltiidn and Import.inrn
nf the Klamath project U real
lied by Congressman N. 1. Hlnnott
and hid Influence has been con
stantly exerted toward thn end that
Klamath gctx Us fair sham of tho
reclamation appropriation.
i ,
Politician Heme High Interest
In Klertlnii Tiimorrmv
Local politicians who feel they
havo u sensllliti finger on the
pulso of political ntfulrs aro lire-J
dieting an unusually largo tout ai
thn prtmarlcs 'tomorrow, ami uro
advising tho public to voto early.
Following Is u complutu list of thu
polling places:
Precinct 1 llrowns CnriK-nter
shop, cyner First und Main streets. I
1'reclncl 2 ljalln'n socond-haiul i
store, between Second nnd Third on
Precinct 3 Upstairs In old court
houso. '
Precinct 4 Perkins furnlluro
store, Sixth and Klamath.
Precinct S Public market build
in i;, Ninth and Klamath.
Precinct 6 Slater rooming
'house, Main between Tenth and
Kleventh. "
Precinct 7 Old Worden build
ing, corner Twelfth and Main. '
Precinct 8 Old Charlln DeUip
house, Eleventh and Worden.
Precinct U Mills addition hall.
Precinct 10 Itesldeuco of Mrs.
II, 1). Ynncy, Bhlpplugton.
Pf 'VP1 '-Vi FELlftS J ft Al II '
EBam aawsli " ' - - aa-T If I If ill 'J
cSSs.RVt ilErVaiIMllllyi fir'
UriilinilljilliiM WlllicsHril y
lrrmiMj Hlinulnt; nl TliU Tlmr
Ih Ifelil Apiriiirlnti
OliCIIAMMIMAir, May J7 -Ily
thn AsHOclnled I'rcMi ---Hundny naw
thn first piihlle performmi'r allien
I'MO of the world-renowned ' I'.ih
nIoii I'l.iy," with Ihn hlKhlanders of
Ihl'i llnviii Inn villain an thn uitun.
In thn wiiLn nf thn mo-t i rinl Mid ex
leiihlve wnr of history, Ihn revival
of tlm i,'ii;e.iiit ilrmiiallzalloii nf the
life of Christ eamo lo an aiidleiice of
nninn (000 peri-oim In what M'ciiici!
ii parllciilarly appropriate eiiieticc
to thn cnnfi'rcnri"( ;il Wanhliiitlon mid
Il wait pointed nut Inday that
whlln ut Wiisliltictnn and (lenoa the
expert political mid ecniinmlc build
ers nf thn uorld rnnfeired on tin1 ro
(uimt ruction (,f cnoil uf II amoii- ineu.
llm repr.-M'iitatlvcrt of thn four cor
tiem of Clirlntiuiiilom were IickIo
iiIiik thn neadi'ti pIlKrlmaces to
OherainliierKail to witness the es
tablished Inlerpretatloti or the foun
dation on which their rellr.lous Mruc
tur, wim based In the career of the
Man cf (lulller
"I bop,! thn I'aislon May will con
stitute a basis from wblcb more
friendly Intercourse between notions
wilt result In I heir better Interna
tional iimlerstaidlng," said Anton
Lang, who plays tho role of Chrlstue.
Mini of IVncp
Lang's every gesturo and his attl
ludo on or off thn stage, personifies
n man of peac nnil his personality
reflects tho ilevout character and1
sturdy Idealism which siuco 1C33
has guided the villagers' devotion In
presenting th'o play every decade, ex
cept for i fw necssary Interruptions.
Thousands of tourlsta are here for
(Continued on Pngu Two)
J. A. Uultlmi ImmW v'Vllh MM
Vote-.; tlrvt Otflcen. TueMlny
J. A. Cordon led ull candidates hi
thu chamber of commerce election of
eight member for thu board of dl-
roC(or (j
s ent c
ordon polled 101 votes. M
canio second with 7f V)I.M
and W. A. Wlest last with 13 vole
Tho complete returns were J. A.
Cordon, 101; MV S. West "': Fred
Fleet. 72: W.,0. Smith. 70: Mrs II
Mf Ackley. fiSr W ('. Dalton. 05: E
Wi Vnnnlcn, CI: It. E. Smith, f.3; U.
I' Oroesbeck. G2: W A. nelrell.NT:
E. M. llubb. 45. M. P Evan. 12;
A. M. Collier. U J l Kimball. 30:
II. N. Moe. .17; W. A. Wlest, 13.
Tlm first six named will nere two
year terms nnd tlm following two for
ine year. The retiring directors are
A. M. Collier. J. W. Slemem au.t W.
A. Wlest, tlm latter having been ap
pointed to till the unexpired term of
Marshall Hooper.
Officers will be elected Tuesday.
Conference Called by Fed
eral Commissioner to
Seek Adjustment
' A ronforeuco beiwuen employers
an,t employees will bo held tonight
In, Ihn circuit court room at tho
coiirlhoiino at 7:30 o'clock In an
effort to arrive at soma adjustment
of differences In tho tlrnberworkers
Htrlkn. Thn meotlng la called by E.
P. Marsh, Untied State conciliation
commissioner, who will preside,
ti, miinwinr nt.inM nt lh.
personal of tho conference Is con-
,...! ,.... ...
iii-i ,. ...riinun Hliuuuilliurui!
Personn asked to attend ar -rep-n-sentatlvo
employers and all men
who wem on thn payrolls At the
tlm" of tlm rirlke, who at tWg tlmo
are not working In any of the mills,
Including both union and. noa-janlon
men. No others to" be admitted.
Thn following plants aro to par
tlclpatn In the meeting: Atgoma,
,;,,',.".." - y-
,.,K i.-h, rniui amj MDMr,,,. .Ml.i., i.
Co., Ewaupa Box Co.
Crook County School Huperlate-
dent Itoporu Pleaslag Progress
Thu county unit plan has mot with
success In Crook county, according to
n letter received from J. E. Myers, of
Prlnevllle, county superintendent of
schools for Crook county, by Mrs.
TwyU Ferguson. Klamath county
superintendent. - - -
"On thn juimo nmnunt f aaaair
and a general lowering of mlllage we
hav0 Paid all old warrants for three
ears back," Myers said. " "
"Tho schools aro now on a cash
hauls with funds on bund to run un
til tho October tax Is collected. Jlural
children lire ou the same basts as
town children. Some of the rural
.school hav0 used more supplemen
tary material titan tho town schools.
I report wonderful success for the
county unit for-the first year, and
can seo a larger field for next year. I
believe It will be as advantageous
for Klamath county as for Crook."
LOS ANOELES, Tho federal
department of Justice plans to
probe the marralgn of Rudolph Val
entino .screen actor, to Winifred
Huduut ut Mexlcala. .Federal offi
ce rj plan to question Valontluo and
an effort will bo mado to interro
gato tho brtdo, enroute to New
rilfAHK Dtmi.NtJ HTIttKK
flflcrotary Hoover asked and
4 obtained today thn approval of
leading operator,, of the no-
union bltumlnoiiK coal fltMs
for government plan of "got-
ting tho coal Industry hy vol-
untary action to put n stop
upon thu Increasn of coal
price" during thn coal str.ko.
HurcrH Predicted by Dlrrclor, Mr.
Mi (,'. Head; Accomplished Trio
Will Ilo Heard Humbly
Mrs. M. C. Reed, director of tho
local Chautauqua which open horn
Sunday afternoon, arrived last
. night, and Is spending the dy con-
,errlnf w,tU oca- euaf"" DlJ
! committeemen.
This year's Chautauqua program.
In 'the opinion of Mrs.. Heed, ns
stronger features than last year'a
and she assures Chautauqua goers
that If they have been satisfied In
tho past, they will certainly find
no fault with the coming program.
The opening number Sunday af
ternoon Is the Taylor, Marrlner and
Steelman trio, an accomplished
-roup of miulelsns. Miss Leslie
Taylor, violinist, Is a pupil of the
celebrated Leopold Auer of New
Tork, which among musical peo
ple alone speaks volumes for her
artistry. Miss Miriam Steelman Is
a promising dramatic soprano and
Gur Marrlner. pianist. Is said to
possess talent of a high order.
The feature of the first evening
performance is the work of Mather
Hllburn, Impersonator, who halls
from the Otark country and de
picts the quaint characters et the
southern ouotabM ajajjraxalsi
tiro humorist can.
Women' DIIIIob Organised , For
Anti-Litter Week
Tho women's division for Anti-
Litter week, under tho direction of
Mrs. Win. Oanong, was completed
today with the appointment of 13
divisional chairmen at follews:
No. 1. Mrs. D. V. Kuykcndall;
No. 2. Mrs. R. E. Wright; No. 3,
Mrs. R. 11. Dunbar; No. A, Miss
Clara Calkins; No. G, Mr. C. V.
Fisher; No. 6, Mrs. Geo., Oriule;
No. 7. Mrs. O. I. Wright; No. 8,
Mrs. Durgo W.Mason; No. 9, Mr.
E. A. Hawkins; No. 10, Mrs. Wal
ter Heifer; No. 11, Mrs. Lawrence
K. Phelps; No. 12. Mrs. II. D. Ne
well: No. 13. Mrs. C. P. Mason
Hugh Currln, chairman of the
Juvenile division.- roports tho fol- "The district, not the congress
lowing Incomplete list: nan. owns the sit " ssld Congress-
No. 1. John Earllngs; No. B. Ro-" msn Youns, of Vorth Dakota, a mem
land Cofer; No. 6, Forrest CoUon; ' ber of the rays and rhesns eommltee
No. 7, Archie Michaels; No. 10,' "It Is for ho district to determine
Donald Harland; No. 9. Dick Cleve- what disposition It Is to mako of Its
land; No. 11 and 12, Howard Dur- property In th0 American congresi.
bin; No. 13, Margaret Cummlngs.To change the occupant frequently
A general meeting of all the dlv- means the loss of Influenco and pros
Islonal chairmen and block captains tlge Tho second Oregon congreislon
wlll be held In tbo chambor Of com- nl dla'rlct bus the chairmanship of
merce rooms Friday evening, when the committee on public lands. I am
the whole program will bo out-' sure It would not be wise for xhe
llne(j voters to surrender this advantage.
The men's division under the su- something which will happen If Sin-
pervlslon of H. N. Moo was comple-i
ted several days ago.
Satta Aggregating Over 910,000
Filed by Bank Superintendent
Tbreo attachment suits aggregat
ing $10,210.63 were tiled late yes
terday by Frank C. Bramwcll, state
superintendent of banks, against J.
W. Siemens, Ed and Qeorge Dloom-
Ingcamp, and the 8addl Mountain
Lumber company, and the papers
placed in the hands of tho sheriff
for execution.
Tbo casea wero as follews: J.
W. Siemens, bulanco of S9S.12
due on note and $150 attorneys
fees; J. W. .Stamens and Saddlo
Mountain Lumber Co. $329.51 duo
on note and $400 attorneys fees;
and J. W. Slomens, Ed and Qeorgo
Bloomlngcamp. for $6000 due on
Returns mado b ythe sheriff this
morning covered attachments made
on lands In section 24, 25, 30, and
39, in township 39, and also lot on
Conger avenue in Klamath Falls
containing 1.10 acres, belonging to
Siemens, and lands In section 30
in township 39 belonging to the
Record Htld 100 Per Cent
'On Affriculture; Chtuige
Now Grave Mistake
By A. D. FalrbabTN Bsmaber of the
Pitm gallerte aad aMOcfted with
CharlfM a lUrrtlt, PresidcMt Natloa
a Farmers' Valosi.
Reprcsentatlvo N. J, Slanott, of Ore
gon, chairman 'of the committee, on
public lands In congress and Me of
the conspicuous leaders at the Na
tional capltol, Is regarded hy UaoVs
of national farm organisations as
one Hundred per cent, right oa all
matters relating to agriculture. Bin
nott does not believe that atrlcolturo
Is the only matter requiring congres
sional and administrative attention,
but bis votes and his1 work in con
gress Indicate that he la quite sure It
Is the greatest of all questions.
Ounce Held MstaJte
Farm leaders ask of what benefit
It will be to the people of Eastern
Oregon to change their representa
tive in congress at this time. They
point out that the Oregon man has
served his apprenticeship and has
landed .securely on hhj legislative
feet To replace him with a fledgling
would be to place his district at a
grave disadvantage. In truth It woald
m'eaa that for years to cosme the sec
ond district of Oregon would setter
a place of obscurity at the Katies!
capltali ' '
There ta net a Mt t see deaptac
tie fast that fer the first few yeati
tnssaisi,'aiisjasy-a m.e
nothing In Washington. It takes four
years to get his seat warm and an
other four to mount to a position
where he can b0 really useful. In
the early stages of bla life- here he
must bo content to follow. He will
not be permitted to lead.
SlnnoU Prove Exception
Fortunately Slnnott proved an ex
ception to the rule. In tsss than two
years he was able to accomplish
something worth while. He hsd In
that brief period won the esteem of
tho leaders and It wsg decided to
put him In a position where his abil
ity could bo coined Into achievement.
A new man In Washington Is con
fronted by a veritable matn of pre
cedent, rules, seniority and a number
of other obstacles which nee'eslty or
tradition had erected. It Is Impos
nlblo to run trrourh these Impedi
ments Th'e fledpl'ng m'Js''Veep his
ejr "d er op"" nd o,ao ni "me,
nott mourn ran io com- -
.lew mnn'
It Is necessary for a new man to
tak0 a place at the foot of the class.
H0 must spell his way upward. Ambitious-
men who want to do every
thing possible for their constituents
will not voluntarily give place to tho
young man who may have iust ar
rived In Washington.
Tho Far West la primarily Inter
ested In the land and land develop-
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Tho byclo-Btormagraph at Under-
woous raarinncr
registered a slowly'
falling barometer
during the last J 4
period and' the
pressure now
stands la the "un
settled" ares. '
Forecast for ssxt
24 hours)
Cloudy unset
tled weather, Con
tinued warm. ,-,
The Tnes re
cording thermometer registered max
imum aad minimum temperatures If
day: ''!
High , -rt
Low 4
. Yesterday was the warmest iayvsX
the season; Maximum temeeratare
85, ,
.' lr
; m
iC ll'""l
!H in'i''?
! I
.Pi awawawl
I ' "'4JgH
; ' mlH
. awaawai
' . l .awawawai