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    WKDNKHDAV, Al'RII, la, 1089
Puro Two
II '1
M -
ThejjEvening Herald
V. lt.H6tJLK....fcll'tor nml Publisher
II. It. HIMi..... City Editor
Outbursts of Everett True By Condo
Published dally except Sunday, by
Tlio llornld Publishing; Company of
Klnmntli Knlln, nl 119 Eighth street.
Entered nt tlio postotflco at Klnm-1
nth Falls, Ore, for transmission
through tlio mails n8 second-class
memIier op the associated!
, rrtEss I
The Assoelnlod Press I oxcluslve- J
lv r-ntltled to tlio Usn for publica
tion of nil now tllspntche,, credited
to It. 'or' not" otherwise credited In'
tills paper, nnd also the local news
ptlbllnhod' lioreln. i
1 ' i
vi:i), Aiwtiij 12, maa ,
IN a region fnmed for Its timber It
In peculiar that tlio chief city
should Ito no destitute of trees n '
Is Klnmntli Knlls. It Is a condition I
thai cries loudly for remedy. i
Tho President of tho United States
has this, year proclaimed April 22 as ,
tho golden nnnlvcrsary of Arbor Day, j
nml nuked co-operation In Its ob- j
servanco by tho governors of all
Mates, public officials and Reed cttJ
rns generally. Tho week, which
clones April 22. U set nsldo by tho
s.imo proclamation as Forest Protec
tion week, to bo likewise generally
observed by tho direction of public
attention to tun value of trees, the
unnecessary was to that Is diminishing
our forests, the deplorable effects of
forest devastation, and tho need for
remedial measures.
Oregon, as one of the few remain
ing hcaTlly timbered states, will
d6ubtlcs Join heartily In the obser
vance of Forest Protection week, and
Klamath county, as one of tho most
heavily timbered areas In Oregon,
should be In tho van of the move
ment. Thu Women's auxiliary Is encour
aging a profiram of planting this
year. Tho American legion post has
considered a memorial trwc-Ilned
rtrect In honor of Klamath county's
sacrifice In the world war. Tho pub
lic schools will doubtless Join tho
movement, for upon tho ccmlnc gen
oration will devolve most heavily tho
responsibility of saving the nation's
The lumber Interests may be ex
poctcd to tako an active part, and so
may tho Forest Protective associa
tion, tho chamber of commcrco and
ull other agencies for civic develop
ment. All good cltlxens would Join in so
worthy a movement, If launched In a
co-operative spirit and pressed vigor
ously ns Its Importance deserves, and
tho next week can be made cne of
great educational and constructive
value, eulmlnatlns In a generally ob
served day of planting trees, shrub
bery and flowers on April 22.'
A shaded yard and well kept lawn
often marks tho difference between
tho real home, and a house where
penplo dwell. With the cultivation of
flowers, tbo community cultivates the
homo spirit, which Is tho basis of our
community and natloal prosperity.
Jood citlxens could attempt no
moro constructive work than to form
nml follow an active program for tho
obbcrvanco of Forest Protection week
and tho golden anniversary of Ar
bor Diy In lino with recommenda
tions of tbo president.
(Contlnuod from Page 1)
of San Francisco, president and
ownor of tbo Dwlght Lumber com
pany, and tho principal owner of
thu Dig Lakes box factory of this
city; A. J. Voye of thu Uig Lakes
box factory, und C. A, Jordan of thu
Chlloiiuln Lumber company.
Dwlght said ho only know of tho
general conditions In tho industry,
because he had local representa
tives to tako care of this end of the
work. Voyn said ho could furnish
data as to operation, and' for con
tcmplutod operations. Ho roltcrat
iid the statement tbat tho longer
hour was vital to tho life of the In
dustry. J
It dovclopod yesterday from Jor
dan's testimony that only yesterday
u committee from tho union had
called' off somo eight-hour men in
tho' Chlloiiuin dlatilct who wero
working on tho logging rullro&l.
llo could not L'lvo the names, but
suld tSoy wero from Klamath Falls
utid from- tho union,
Chairman Woodward then culled
to' tho stand J. D. McCoy of tho
uulon committee., who, aa secretary,
signed tho resolution of yesterday,
to explain this action in tho face, of
tholr resolution of yesterday. Mc-
& OMe WMo
-fj? V jfc .pJT
: NV" ' W7
sK. O r" -- . Vrvjt"
Sheep TrnnpnUcl Tlirnimli
J'roiil Klko to Suit Luke
SALT I.AKK C1TV, I'tnh. April 12.
Delivery of Ihostnck h iilr mall
parcel post win accomplished for
what Is thoURht the first Hunt when
n sheep was reruntl. tiaiisported
through the nlr from Klko, Nevada,
to Suit Liiko, over 200 mites, for ex
hibit at the fifth annual liiteriiiouii
tain t.hcstoek show here
The sheep was entered In the in
hibits by i: .1 Mllue, superintendent
uf tbo Nevnda Industrial school nt
l-lkn. nml was placed In a ciiite which
was strapped In the mall pit nn top
of the pouches of the mail plane pll
oteil by IC 1 FiiRer.
Ac ordliiR to Chiron Nelson, sup
I erlntetiiteiit 1 1 tbo western illusion of
.111 ealr mall smite here, this Is the
first time the scnlco has oer under
taken the transportation nf livestock
Albany Local mill tu open for
iitendy run
I Nuwpoit $'10,000 tiatiiturlum to
Vie orecteil,
Pendleton to be nurvryed In urnuo
dofliille plntis for beiiiitlflcatlnu
i.rxr. avmi:", a fiumu
"Do Lhmi "Annie," N'orimi Til
niadRo's latest Heltnlck o Ivnl, which
will be shown toitlRht at the Stianil
theatre Ik mild to bo aslly different
from the nvornRe crook play. It tells
the story of a flnel)-hrett unman
whose hiltiband Is luteiested In cilin
Inn) psjeliiiloKV ami who Is herself
transformed Into a criminal by an nc-
ildellt The crime she piai'tlres Is t In 1
"deluxe" Riiine, an adaptation of the
otd badger R.ime In whlih the woman
puses us a seller of de line editions
and Inveigles some Individual with
a weakness for pretty gills, where
upon her male confederate breaks In
to tho suitie ami blackmails the vb
I 1 1 tit whom he lias found In mi euiliur
I rasliiR position with his "wife " '
t N'orimi Tnlinttile,, la nsititi'Liltv niiK. I
Veroiiln -.$ bonds voted Mr, , for t, ,, roj ,,lH H1.r(11
union hlKh school lrnin.i calls for beauty, style
lone SprltiK billlillUR c. iistnietlonl ,,, ,IrIi order of nitlstry In the'
,,rl',, 'ar Miss TaliiiinlRti'H iierformiinro In
llulldlliK boom trlkes Ashland t!,, ,n Hire brines out oery shiulo of '
You, Too, will Cooli wilh Electricity
When you nro conviiicud of lltcio
It will ki'ep vnni kltiheii inoler
Tlie lil Ice will be letnllli'il In' the must;
von do net h'ie In haste.
It will conserve your food, not
burn it; like the wood stove.
nul moiling will be iliiiin while mi tin
t lit-, work Ju it '! the switch; tllll Hiivllili
Mm an hour of time
Ilnve you tried Electricity?
Coy could give no definite Informa- Mc.MlnnvlHe- Oregon Flro Hellef
tlon on the subject, except to say association to erec' $"0 Ooo building
that If thli had been done, and ho
nothing of It prior to that j
time, that U was doubtless tho act
of the local men at 1'hllon.uln. He
admitted that on all general mat
ters tho local union had Jurlsdlc- j
tlon. He premised to bring In the I
facts at 2 o'clock this afternoon.
Chairman Woodward stated that
"thero Is evidence of bad faith here Consultation
come placo on the part of tho union '
men. and ho would like to havo the
Asked by Flynn thi.. afternoon
Graduate Foot
At Your Service
anj Examination Free
K. K.
K. Store
he thought tho
strikers" -
,.. . . . .. . .. , ... h
luicuit'iu uiai iney wouiu lano u i
wage cut rather than longer hours. '
which might result In a da in a ml J
for Increased wages later In event
they wero reduced now, a ruse,
Claude Daggett, Ewauna Ilox com
pany, stated that while ho did not
doubt the sincerity of the men, be
questioned their ability to live on a
lesser wage. While not outwardly
agreeing with Flynn, ha Intimated '
that he held a similar belief.
When Daggett declared thut tho '
prlco of box shook had dropped 16. ,
he was asked from what price the'
drop came. This Information he re-;
fused to give on tho grounds that It j
might be valuable to his competitors,
and that prices varied with condl-1
tlons. Ho volunteered to tell the
board In private, however, and j
agreed to furnish a financial state
ment at requested. (
Mother Lotlo Country to Ito Kerne
of Kxtentlto Operations i
County, Cal., April 12. Mother Lode j
country near hero will bo the scene of '
tbo most oxtcnslvo mining develop- J
ment this, summer that has been ex.
perionced In 20 years, according to
E. 'M, Ilrowder, Los Angeles mining j
engineer and president of a local min
ing company. Many companies of this
vicinity aro now preparing develop
ments which havo been rendered poi
slblo by decreased mining and mlllliiK '
costs. 1
What Your
Eyes Need
In Glasses
Can he determined to
an optical and math
ematical exactness
under our methods of
scientific eye examination
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emnttniint fnling In tier portrait "' tianllimi to aiiii'lier It it an ahmnb
(lilt trunk pnrt. iKliiir. It far tit uf Iiir slot) with a deep liiiiiiiin Inii'i
the iniiiimmplai'ii lit Ibe fnri-o or lier est ami a tremendous stirirlmi at llm
mmii pnrsiiinilli its w'll its n iim.iioio
j t'tld iitbiilnglinl twist of tho stort
' Ho l.inn Annie ' nppeateil origin-
I ally as n two part story In The Hal
tinl.iv Evening I'ost; Inter It was
made Into n play by Kdwnrtl Cl.irk
( ntnl ui'hleMiil eohslilernliln Niirrnss In
sin in: uf iiomi i:i.i:tion
I'A'riCllsilV lllltlliA'HOV ins-
Nnllce is hereb) given, Hint an
elei-tloti will lie held III said District
on May 2nd Vili. at what Is known
New Vorl( It then was adapted lis nn th Jenmin Whitney liinili In sil.t
senwti nliiv for ll. Tiilmnili-o ii'isiriii, iiiuhmiiiiii. wiiiiiiit mini
SI ret n pill) lor MISS miniailgtV I l,,llron Irrl-iillnn .ll.trlrl -I., .11 l..
Mix Tulimulge's leiidlllK mini li I
I'liceutt O'llrleti, who pt-rfnrunul u
similar fnnrtlnii In 'iliimis of Vos
iterdiy" and "My of l'nr biisn '
for this star. I
Tin piny Itself Is keved with in
peine mid I II lived nwUi'i oni'
silo boilils In llle h ii III of t III. mill fcir
the piirpnse of piorrrilliiK with llni
llttessarr loiixtriirlliiu work us Imln
tnforo ili-terniUieil ly llm Itoanl of
Din tors
I Mini pnl 1th. 1M22
Her y lliiaul of Ulreetnrs,
Apr '. l2-IU-2rt
I m.
I jm. SERVICE mmL-t
7 ImAmK
'j BsflsT ssH
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ma me
GTober's- lv
Golden Gaie"
ryKX i j the order which Injure
Jl jrJco!Tcc,lcMucFolcr'iGol(lcii
Gate luia flavor t)iitnecrdiuppo!nti.
It is"i!iircnt in tJtc from other cof
fee am! better." . s s "H
Find out for )ourtelf how good it
ii.Tcll jnurgtoccr to send )ou Form's
Golden Gitc. .
J. A. 1'OI.GHR & CO.
Siin 1'rJniinii A'unui Cilf D-ilUi
v ill I'iW ss""m L
Will Defend Himself Acalnst Clint p
of Mlsapproprlullug; Fundi
V;nii -"Alt ntTiiiv -t"iiXr-
uut-nrt wiuui turn
klM2C imill-Vnilfifi-un ItPI
MvivJi-iMwtrs ijwjji iii "
HELKNA. Mont., April 12. Frank
Conlny, formcr warden of tho Mon
tuna stoto penitentiary, entered tho
district court today to defend him
self against churgos of mlsappropriu
Ion durinK his term us prison official,
property valued at approximately
Probably no caso In the history of j
Montana has attracted such state
wide Interest. Political fuctlons of tho
stato havo lined up both for and
against tho former warden und it In
said tho rcbults of the present suit
will do moro to decldo issues at tho
comlnK election in November than
any otbor ono factor.
wmm$j 'tsfeeiUH wi III, rTv.EHTv.oNE.- liir
QyAjr . . innni J s TweMTv-THfJEE. ; ,
VZ ' Uv fe rM Vtvjentv-four' yW r, why),,
Tw &mf (''l 'tit vj 'Si
Seed for Your GARDEN, LAWN or HELD
j .h4 ,t v 5 i w c .iJ f i . . . j . t. )
124 South Sixth Street
Phone 87
J 1
i i
.-jfri yr-t-yV.-aj ?