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KANSAfl CITY, Oct. 31. ftho
American legion today wont Into
three day action for important ob
jectives. Gonoral Armando Diaz, of
Italy, Gonoral Daron Jncquos, or Bol--slum,
and Vlco President Coolldgo,
representing President Harding, woro
notablo figures nt tho oponlng. 'Ad
miral Karl Realty, of tho British
ttrand Fleet, Ib duo today, and Mar
shal Foch and General Pershing will
arrive tonight.
Nothing In closer to tho heart of
Prosldont Harding than to mako tho
rollot for Incapacitated veterans ab
solutely completo, uald Coolldgo, who
leclarod tho Prosldont had a dcop
appreciation of what tho soldiers'
servlco meant to tho nation.
. KANSAfl CITY, MO., Oct. 31.
Thoilssua of national adjuslod com
pensation for tho cx-sorvlco man han
not been at alt Hnttled, John Q. Km-
ery, nntlonnl .commnndor of tho
Amorlcan Legion, dcclarod hero to
day in his nddrcss opening tho third
annual convention of (,ho Loglon.
"Such means as woro used last
summer to boat ndjustod compensa
tion ' cannot ultlmntnly nuccocd,"
Commander Emory told tho Legion.
'.'NotiilNK Is soltlod-until it U sot
tlcd right.
"Tb'o Amorlcan pooplo nro tho
court of last resort and wlicrovor tho
Amorlcan pcoplu havo by tho ballot
passed Judgment on tho mattor of
ndjustod compensation that judg
ment has boen an endorsement of tho
Legion' stand.
"I cannot concelvo of n CongrosaJ
so derelict In Its duty, so unmindful
of Its just obllKntlons to thoso who
served- beir country at great flnan
rial losii, or ho blind to tho wishes
of our uooplo as to bo mislead agnin
Into refusing to adjust tho economic
balanco between tho man who wont
to wnr and tho man who did not."
Commander Emery roportod that
"In tho faco of odverso Industrial
conditions, which hnvo lilt -tho ox
servlro ntnn harder than any othor
class, tho Loglon has gained In
strength and Its financial position
has steadily Improved."
Ho sugostcd that tho political
"cI.-iuho In tho Legion's constitution,
which "will not pormlt nny ono who
holds or is Booking salarlod eloctlvo
public office, to hold oftlco' In tho
Legion or In nny dopnrtmont or post
thereof," bo extended to Includo ap
pointive offices. Ho added that ho
felt that "no porson In public llto, in
community, stato or nation, should
bo allowed to spook for tho Legion,
and that tho Legion must bo' allowod
to continue to spoak for Itsolf whon
Issuos Involving Borvlco mon nro con
cerned, and thou In'torms which nil
tho world will understand."
Commander Emery paid high trib
ute to tho Wo Commandor Frodorle
W. Oalbralth, Jr., who .was killed
'in nn nutomobllo nccldont. Ho said
his ono nlni had boon to carry
through tbo groat program -which
Commando Oalbralth had loft un
finished. A
A notablo public sorvlco of tho paBt
year, Commandor Emory polntod out,
was tho "frustration of a nation
wide (lorman propaganda campaign
in tho United Sttncs." This, ho said,
was to start with a series of "Ithlno
Horror" moetlngs.
"Tho notorious propagandist, Von
Mach, bollovod ho had sq cloyorly
concoaled hla motives that ho asked
Oalbralth to spoak at tho first Rhino
Horror mooting nt Madison Squaro
Garden, Commandor Emory said.
"Ad you will remember, Oalbralth
did not wait that long before ho
spoko. Ho told Von Mach on tho
spot what bo thought ot him and his
project. Tho Loglon prepared Im
mediately to organlzo counter demon
strations wherovor tho pro-Oermans
might carry out their' pro-conceived
program. Most of thoso meotlngs
wordnovor held, however, for Von
Mach abandoned hla scheme atter
ono disastrous nttompt at Madison
Squaro. 'Gordon."
Tho groatest Legion achievement
of'tho year, Commander fernery said,
waswon tor tbo disabled serylco mon,
Explosion of Gas
Tank Gives Repair
Man a Close Shave
Glenn Prultt, ngod 20 yonrs, Sat
urday afternoon wont through a vory
oxcitlng oxperlonco, at tho Ocorgo
McColluin mill west of this city whllo
ropalrlng tho gas tankxon a Diamond
T truck, used In haullng'lumbor at
"tho mill."
Prultt found a loak on the sldo of
tho gas tank and first drained the
gasollno from tho container. 'A stick
usod In moasurlng oil was inserted'
Into tho tank to seo It alt tho gasollno
was out and whon withdrawn no trac
es of gas woro found. Tho truck
was standing on tho stdohlll with
tho front end facing uphill.
Tho application of a bit of solder
however demonstrated that tho
draining was not flnlshod for there
was an explosion, tho roar end ot tho
tank went out with a bang and sont
young Prultt head over hcols down
tho hill. 'Jlo was not lnjurod but
badly scared.
Tho county court last week np
pointed tho budgot commlttco which
will sit with tho county court In tho
preparation of tho 1922 budget somo
tlmu next month, under tho provis
ions qf tho law passod nt tho last
Bcsslon ot tho Oregon legislature.
Tho selections mndo woro A. Knllna
ot Mnlln, J. Frank Adams, Klamath
Falls and A. II. Campbell, of tho Pine
Orovo district.
Tho commlttco piembersj according
to Judgo It. H. BunndliT'aro among
tho largest taxpayers 'of tho county.
According to Judgo Burinoil, t,heso
throo men, providing thoy accept tho
appointments, will' deal fairly nnd
squnrcly upon all points of tho pro
poieTl budgot for Klamath county.-'
Tho county court Is tho lovylng.
board and flxca tho assessments for
thn mn. nrennllnir to tho estimates
of tho budget submitted by tho budg-1
ot committee, Judgo Bunnell sald.lwo'O for tho noxt six months. Tho
Tho board ot equalization hears all.tlrst conforonco botweon tho two
complaints of tho Individual and organizations failed to solvo tho
should tho amount bo found out ot dispute but It Is hoped by repro
proportlon In tho Individual enso, an sontntlvcs of both organizations that
adjustment Is mado accordingly.
Tho Item tor tho 1922 budget
were not glvon out but It Is under
stood that provision for a road pro
gram will coino In for much consid
Thoro is no notlccablo chango in 'era said thoy understood this to
tho condition of ' Paul Broltonstoln, moan that there would bo no strlko
ono ot tbo oldest pioneers of tho for 15 days, but tbo union socrotary
city and soxton ot tho Odd Follows took tho vtow that tho arbitration
cometory, who was soiled with a could bo broken oft at any time
auddon stroko ot apoplexy lastjwlthln 16 days it settlement ngroo
Saturday. This Is according to tbo mon t appoarod Impossible
roport this attornoon from tho hos-j Tho old wago agreement oxplres
pltal whero ho la a patient. His tonight.
right sldo was totally paralyzed by A spoclal meeting ot tho Culinary
tho stroko and bo was doprlvod of Alllanco was called Saturday after-
tho powor ot speech.
Its vigorous ofrorta resulting In crea
tion ot tho Veterans' Duroau.
"Tho last national work undertak
en by tho Loglon has been for tho
rollot ot comradoa who nro unemploy
ed," Commandor Emory contlnuod.
"It Is n duty ot tho loglon to oxtend
every aid to thoso comradoa and a
uiuy, wiiivii i nuuiv i.iu ivfjiuji .. i
not fall to portorm," ho said.
Abroad, Commandor Emory ro
portod that n movomont was on foot
In Franco to consolidate tho numer
ous voterana' associations thoro Into
ono united nnd offcctlvo body.. "It
Js a .singular trlbuto to us that tho
namo proposed for tho now organiza
tion Is Legion Francalse," bo noted.
"In Great Britain, too, tho Amorlcan
Legion la tho pattern after which tho
ox-Bervlce groups nro bolng reformod
and brought together undor tho namo
ot tho British Loglon.
"Tomorrow morning," ho contln
uod, "thero will bo called to order in
Kansas City, another groat conven
tion, a convention which means tho
dawn of a now day In tho making of
a better America. Tbo Women's
Auxiliary of tho American Legion,
with possibilities unbounded, Is about
to beoomo an accomplished fact, In
dependent and selt-govornlng, a
worthy compatriot ot. tho Legion,"
Member of the
Tho Joint committee from the Kla
math County Farm Duroau, tho Kla
math Irrigation district, and the
banks ot Klamath Falls, which has
boon working to sceuro assistance
for agricultural and livestock inter
ests through' tho War Flnanco corpo
ration, mot in tho Farm Bureau of-
flco Saturdar'afterndon.
Steps woro taken toward tbo for
mation ot a local Agricultural Loan
corporation similar to thoso. being
formed olsowhore for tho purposo of
negotiating loans through tho War
Flnanco corporation. This Jean .cor
poration will bo primarily for tho
purposo ot taking caro ot tbo long
I term loans pormlttod undor tbo act.
Tho commlttco in of tho opinion that
much-nooded assistance can bo ob
tained by tho local banks through
tho War Flnanco corporation and nro
urging all tho banks to tako advan
tage of tho opportunity, offered In
order to assist their customors whero
nn Immodlato oxtonsloa of credit Is
Pomona desiring further informa
tion regarding tbo possibilities ot as-
slstanco through, tho IWar Flnanco
corporation 'should communicate with
tho Farm Duroau oftlco or with any
'of tho Individual mombors ot tho
Representatives ot tho Rostaur
ant Proprietors' association and
tho Culinary Altlanco mot this at
tornoon at 3 o'clock at tho Wblto
Pelican hotel In an effort to roach
1" agreement rogarding tho wago
the meeting this afternoon will sot
tlo tho points undor consideration.
Prospocts that tho question will bo
settled follow a proposal ot arbi
tration, which though construed
with slight dtftoronccs is rocognlzed
by both sides and apparently will
avert hasty action. Tho arbitration
porlod is 16 days,
Rostaurant own-
noon to hoar tbo roport of tho Al
llanco representatives who parti
cipated In tho conforoncoa and to
stato what tho proprietors asked
fcr In tho way ot wago reductions
and working hours. Socrotary Mc
Millan stated that ho was unablo to
state what transpired.
pjQ JestrUction of
Property, 1$ Police
Edict to Youngsters
Doatructlon ot proporty will not
bo countenanced tn tonight's Halt
lowo'on colobratlon, pollco officers
said .today. Patrolman McLaughlin
visited grammar schools today and
told pupils tbat he would. not in
terfere with' Jack-o'-Iantorn parades
and noisy revels. Tho youngsters
would be welcomo down town, ' ho
said, but no tearing down.ot signs
or gates, breaking windows or oth
er proporty' destruction -would bo
and Mrs. C. W. Erlckson, of
Lakovlow Avonuo, nro tho
paronts ot an eight pound
girl. Sho has boen named
Violet June Dr. George I. Wright
was In attendance. '
Associated Press
TomorrawT0bfnar thern will 'h
heM In the1 iJUo'rJnmf the, jre-
bytertan ehurekl a'moetlrig that
.in '- .'. .-.-it .: c ri'
n.n, w i inn; annum DO-oi, KTOai
lntorest to the. business men of thn
city. jU'wIIlj'haTe To do with the
clearing up of the newspaper iltua
tlon In. tills city. -It haa finally
sunk Into the lead of. oe who
are constantly crying. out for. an
other newspaper;' thatthls city, can
not support two such publications.
This fact haa been ' rocognlzed .by
tho sensible, lovel-headed business
men and many of these aro anxious
to seo. tho nowspapor ' business
placed oir-a-basls that will assuro
Its' future and keep 'It free from the
unwarranted assaults .of tho un
scruyuious, .mo.aesigning, mo self-
socking, who in the past lavo
sought only tholr own selfish ends,
oven though tbo seeking coet the
community a heavy , price. The
mooting tomorrow night will do-
cldo ono ot two things whothor
Tho Herald will continue under Its
prcsont ownership and and tbo Rec
ord Publishing company shall ceaso
to oxlst, or whothor It shall pass In
to tho .hands ot thoso now con
trolling tbo Record Publishing
company. So far as tho prosont
owners ot Tho Herald aro con
cerned, It Is Immaterial what tbo
decision may bo. In oitbor evont
tholr Interost In the development
ot the community will contlnuo un
abated. It should bq understood,
howovor, that thero will bo no
chango in Its policy .if the owner.-
snip is uncnangoa. ji win do just
as positive Just, as aggressive, just
as independent and Just as froo
from tbo controlling influence of
outsiders. It will always contlnuo
as tho volco of tho pcoplo, no mat-
tor whoso Interests may suffer or
what tbo penalty may bo. .
Slnco such a course Is suro to
bring about a situation similar to
that which brought Into being oth
orinowspapers in this city, It might
bo well for poaca and harmony if
a chango woro - made that would
provo more acceptable to those so
strenuously objecting to the course
followed by The Horald. That Is
why tho meeting tomorrow night Ms
ot more than passing .Interest to
tbo business men la particular and
tho pooplo In genoral and why It
should be largely attended.
Special Pullman
May Take Visitors
to Livestock Show
The farm bureau and chamber, ot
commorce aro both working upon a
plan to Bend a standard sleeping
car full ot Klamath county people
to tho Pacific International Ltvo
Stock Exposition at Portland. Tbo
railroads havo offered a faro and
ono halt tor tho round trip during
tho caurso of tho oxposltlon.
Tbo plan ot tho Joint bodlos Is
to secure 25 reservations, for- tho
spoclal car, leavo Sunday morning,
and allow tho party to return at
times sultablo to thomsolvcs. Tho
tickets aro good until Novombor
II. A consultation between J, J.
Mlllor, of tho Southern Pacific rail-
rond, Socrotary Stanley cf tho cham
ber of commorco and E. H. Thomas,
ot tho farm bureau, took placo to
day, rolatlvo to last date tor, names
to 'bo handod In and Thursday
morning, November 3, was decided
on, '
Persons planning on
tho' 'exposition and desiring to' Join
thotparty should communicate with
otther tho chamber ot commorco or
tbo farm bureau before Thursday
morntng s0 that tho sleoper can bo
ordered sent from Oakland.
VANCOUVER, B. C, Oct. 31.
Thirty-six aro deajl at Britannia
Roach as tho result of the flood Fri
day night. Tho da ma go by floods
In 'Wnatorn nrltlsh Columbia will
reach millions. ,
V ,
Driver, Takes Chance
x With Life; Remit
Is Wrecked Bridge
I ! '
Tom Dixon, road supervisorA,was
a Wrathy man, Friday morning When
word was . received that some! irre
sponsible automoblllst had taken "a
fenanco," when tho guard was absent
on the Keno bridge closed 4q traffic,
and shot across there at such, a rata
that the east section raised on Jacks,
was knocked off and nearly precipi
tated Into the Klamath fiver. '
Justwho the foolhardy autolst was
Is unknown but Dixon said that the
person who took tho dare did not
know how close ho came to losing
bis life had the section given way
completely.- JTho bridge is being
guarded both day and night now so
that "no more, near, accidents can oc
cur, not. to,c6ttnt' the extra work
which was added to'tho repair gang's
rogular Frldayrout'lne.
Application blanks' for 1922 licen
ses havo boon matlod by tho secre
tary of state to all motor vehicle
owners. In Orogon, so as to permit
thom to v apply for and receive such
licenses bofore'january 1, 1D22. Mo
tor vchlclo ownors'will avoid much
trouble nnnoyanco and unnecessary
delay, by. promptly applying for tholr
1922 Uconsea'upon rocolpt of tho ap
plication btanks. Deferring apply
ing for licenses until about the first
ot tho year only congests tbo work
of tho secretary of stato's oftlco and
may result In tbo arrest ot tho car
owners by traffic officers, for failure
to .havo tho .1922 licenses On tholr
cars after January 1st noxt. License
plates for 1922 will have a yellow
background and black figures and
Up to tho present tlmo during tho
yoar 1921 thereJiavo boon registered
and licensed In Oregon 613 motor vo
hlcle dealers,. 6,436 cbauffours, 178,
620 motor vchlclo operators, 3,106
motorcycles and 116,609 passenger
nnd commercial cars, from which' tho
total llcenso fees aggrcgato 2,319,
307.00. Tho fees, less administra
tive expenses, aro distributed one
fourth to tho counties from which
tho registrations are received and
three-fourths to the state highway
fund for use 'In road construction and
Improvement throughout tho stato
generally. ,
The distribution' of tho registra
tions up to Soptembor 15, 1921 shows
that In Klamath county thoro were
registered 14 motor vehlclo dealers,
195 chautfours, 2,810 motor vohlcle
operators, 27 motorcycles, 1,905 pas
songer cars, 2 ambulances and hears
es, 1 busses and stages, 68 commer
cial cars ot loss than ono ton, capac
ity, 170 trucks of from ono to five
tons capacity and 6 trailers ot from
ono to flvo tons capacity, or a total
of 2,142 licensed passengor and com
mercial motor vohlclcs.
injunction directing tho United
Mlno Workora to stop .efforts to
unionize tho Williamson coal field
in West Virginia, where the mln-
era nave oa strike for over a
year," was Issued today by Federal
Judge ,A. B. Anderson on the
ground that tho union .was seeking
to restrain trade,
. Tho court did not deny tho right
of the workers to organize, but
held that minors'- courts In West
Virginia woro In furtherance of a
conspiracy with oporatora In or
ganized union fields to shut off the(
competition ot non-union mined.
coal. J
Tho judgo said ho would not en-,
Join tho "peaceful efforts" to or-:
ganlzo West Virginia. I
prick five ami
' m
CaiHata-Frank E. JBbbert, repres .
stag the Anti-Saloon LeagM
America, talked upon the raforetj
ment ot the prohibition law at tk
Presbyterian church last night.
The speaker did not offer criti
cism of th-4M(cers of the nattoa.
They stated that In their opinio
fully 90 per cent of the authorities,
were honest In their efforts but
badly handicapped by .lack of assist
ance from the dltlzenry. He advised
the people to make complain to the
authorities when they wero reas
onably sure that illicit liquor was
being made and sold and not to bs
afraid of the- consequences' but to -gel
squarely behind the taoremeat
and assist the officers. "Three me
thods are. open," the speaker said.
"for violators can be nrosecatesl
under the federal, state aid coun
ty laws."
Enforcement would bo better la
all the states, tho speaker said, It
the authorities were fully Inform
ed on tho prohibition law and Just
bow tbey could procoed with tha
cases brought boforo them, but of- '
fleers all over the country were
.perfectly willing to dot all what
was in their power to enforce the.
W. Ji Herwtg, superintendent ot
tho Oregon Antl-Saloen Leaguo heht
a dry workers meeting In the' at
ternoon at tho Methodist church in
which Instructions were given how
best to carry ca tho
M &l .
ginsi ijquor., . K
ROSEBURO, Oct. 31. Dr. Rich
ard Brumfleld was today sentenced
to hang Friday, January 13, for the
murdor ot Dennis Russell.
Brumfleld walked to court with
heavy bandages about the wounds on
his neck, recently Inflicted In a sui
cide attempt 'A big crowd tilled
the court room for the final act In
Roseburg's sensational drama.
-Brumfleld Is' to be taken to Salem
this afternoon.
Motions to set aside verdict and
for retrial were overruled.
Brumfleld. stood alone to recelva
his sentence Asked It he had any
thing to say; he replied: "Only thts,
your honor, as bod Is, my Judge, I
know nothing ot how Dennis Rua
sol .camo to hla death."
Ho turned deathly pale when
sentence was pronounced. Mrs.
Brumfleld slumped down , In her
chair, but did not collapse.'
Curtis Succeeds
Late Senator Knox
Rules Committee
WASHINGTON, Oct. 31. (Spoc
lal correspondence) Senator Charl
es Curtis of Kansas who has succeed
ed to tho chairmanship of the Rules
Commlttco mndo vacantly tho doath
of Senator Knox, fills' n placo which.
Is rqcognlzod aaono of muihjlmport
nnco nnd responsibility, rind carries
with It groat Sonatorlal ' "prostlge,
Senntor Curtla. has beon thij .Repub
lican whip, for a number of .years,
and a most valuable aid to themn
jorlty In expediting legislation on
tho administration's program. His
elevation to the' Rules chairmanship,
was in recognition of the work he
has dono for the country and for the.
party. Mr. Curtis. Is also & member
of the Committee on Appropriations
and Finance, two of the most Import
ant commltteest ot the Senate. Hev
I will retain his place on both of them.
PORTLAND, Oct. 3t.-
steady; hogs 26o to 60c
prime light' $.0 and flQ; sbeeg
steady; eggersad- butter steady, ,