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VIENNA, Oct., 0 (Delayed )t
Ttyilnor Noustad, ono hour's drlvo
from tho limits of Vienna, was under
sporadic machlno Run flro yesterday
from Hungarian Insurgonts occupy
ing positions southoaBt of tho city.
Tho Insurgents wore finally din
lodged. Elchbuchpl also was Bharply nt
tnokod and tho Inhabitants flod Into
Welner Neustad. Sharp flRthlng oc
rurred nlso at Brouck nnd other
points In tho I.eltha sector, which
forms part of tho boundary botween
Ixiwer Austria and Hungary.
Residents of Vienna feared an at
task on this city as part of tho general
rbrtng of monarclilBt supporters.
PORTLAND, Oct. 10. CompoH
tltlon of nutomobllo bus linos op
ratlng botween Portland and fialom
will bo met by tho Oregon Eloctrlc
railway, which will reduco Its rates
to conform with this mode ot
traasnortntlon October 21. I
Twenty-eight now members ot
the Knights ot Columbus wero in
itiated Into ttbo local council yes
terday. The exercises startod im
mediately after breakfast, tho
Kalghts, 100 strong, marching from
'tho Cihf Ht -church to Uio. K of
P. hall whom bnojtnet was sorv
od. Th" dogrco work. lasted
throughout tho 'Jay.
Tho first degree was exfmpll
flod by tho local degrco ten.a: th
ttosond and yiird degrees by a Jcam
composed of dologatos from Seaftlo,
Albany, Eugene 'and Bend. State
Dopnty J. H. Poaro ot Ln Ornndo
received 'tho now membors Into tho
order and led tho Institution ot of
ficers ot tho council for tho com
ing year. '
The officers Installed follew:
J. F. Magulro, grand knight;
James Bamberry, doputy grand
knight; M. Lavonlk, chancellor; fi
nancial secretary, J. D. Noud; wor
don, Emit Drehor; recorder, I. A.
Towoy; treasurer, I. M. Igl; in
side guard, Win. Tlghe; outside
guard, S. Santamau; lecturer, L.
O. Benedict, Gene Hammond, John
Dreher and Martin Tlgho, trustees.
At tho conclusion of tho day's
coremonles a banquet waa served at
! o'clock in Lycoum hail, under the
i direction of tho Ladles ot tho Sac
red Heart parish. Borrol's orchestra
played during tho banquot. Mrs.
James Bamberry, assisted by Mrs.
Den Zumwnlt at tho piano, render
ed two beautiful songs.
I Th6 first spoakor ot tho evening
'was Stato Deputy Pearo, who ro
ssondod to tho toast "Tho Knights
of- Columbus." William Hanley, the
next spoakor, detailed tho progress
ot tho Knights ot Columbus In
Tho Roy. Fathor Luke. Shoohan
ot Bend mado a splondld address,
flllod with patrlotlo appeal, when
asked to respond to tho toaBt, "A
Truo Knight of Columbus."
' Nealo Boylo of Soattlo llvonod tho
erenlng with tlraoly nnocdotca.
James Bamberry told of tho oxpoc-
tatlons of progross ot tho local
council and Dan Crump and John
Unman spoko for tho nowly In
itiated members, tho baby class.
I- J. P. ' McAullffo, Torronce Mur
phy. William Quill, J, K. McAn
drows, J. P. Llnman, Thomas Ken-
neally, Patrick niordan, D, J.
Ring, Dan Sheohan, Dick Lacey,
Vonco Matney, Matthew O'Connor,
John Pauley, Nicholas Pauley,
.Charles Marsrow, A.. E. Alberts, D
H. Crump, Emmott Slsemoro, Loo
Tornandcs, 0. A. Patterson, Alfred
vl,eonettl, Loulo Schmlts, Michael
'Crartin, Francis Hannon, F. H,
Call, Hans Auaerson, u. yv. w
eon. Vrank Burgew. r'
Fireman Halted by
S. P. Train in Run
To Fire, Reported
A barn, flllod with hay, burnod
In Mills Addition this afternoon.
Tho proporty wag owned by Mr.
Allen ot Chlloauln. The hay was
'owned by O. W. Balloy, tonant.
I His loss Is C0. Alloa's loss has
not boon cstltnatod. Tho houso
was sarofl.
Tho, tlrq truck passod tho cross
ing ahead of a Southern Pacific
freight train, which, it was reported
to Chlof Ambroso, stoppod on tho
crossing and blocked tho passago of
(somo of tho voluntoor flroman's
machines. Tho ongtnoer -was asked
1 to moro tho train by J, C. Thomp
son but rotusod, Thompson', said.
I Tho Southern Pacific station said
thls uftornoon thoy had no, -report
of tho occurrence. '
Water escaping from a burstod
attachment on a heating tank on.
tho uppor floor,, last night flood
ed the Sugarman storo jind base
ment, causing consldorablo loss.
Throo rooms on tho socond floor
had bcon ronted to Mrs. Henriotta
Laughtou, manicurist, who was to
hnvo moved in today. ' I
Tho -water, it was sold by storo
employees, flowed for an hour and
a halt. Attention was called to It
when It bogan flowing from be
neath the door of Sugarman's
storo about 11 o'clock. Patrolman
MacDonald wag called and tho
break repaired.
Heaviest damage was done to
morchandlso stored ln tho Sugar
man basement. Tho amount of
thAA0M depends ..considerably, on.
tho posslblo salvage, but I), was
estimated it would reach 1000.
Thoro was no Insuranco against
water damage.
Tho colling ot tho storo was
water soakod and will need re-
plastering. Tho building Is own-
od by Chllcoto nnd Smith. Fixturos
In tho storo wore, water blistorcd.
Tho connection responslblo for
tho break was dono by an Inexpor
lencod man, said Wlllftm Lorcnz
ot tho Ioronz Plumbing company,
this morning. Tho Lorenz com
pany Installod tho tank Saturday
but did not make tho connections.)
The pipes were capped. Tbo ten
ants yesterday undertook to havo'
tho connections made with disas
trous rosult. The Lorenz company
was in no way responsible for this
outcome, said Mr. Lorenz.
Odessa Resident
Called by Death
Earl Whltlock left this morning
by boat for Odossa for tho body ot
M. King Gray, who died at his
home there last 'night from chron
ic ailment.
The decedent was well-known ln
Klamath Falls. He had mado his
home at Odessa tor soma years.
He camo here from San Francisco
and is said to havo onco been
woaithy. Ho was woll educated.
Ho Is survived by a widow, a
daughter, Dorothy, and two sons.
Tho body will bo takon to San
Francisco for burial.
Mnlcc tlint Idlo dollar world Put
It in tho bank.
i m
New Manager at
The jyhite Pelican
Jnmoa Mllno, for two years resi
dent manager of tho Whito l'ollcan
hotol, Is no Iongor with the Vostelry.
Mr. Milne left about a wee': .igo nnd
tho hotol Is at present under tho
munugoment or J. S. McGlnfls, who
was clork previously,
Mr. Mllno Is now In Oakland visit
Ing bis sister, according tp word re
ceived at tho hotel.
Born this morning, to Mr. and
Mrs. 0. C. Duggon,.at their home
on Michigan avenue, a baby daugh
ter, to be christened Margaret
Yankees Win 3 to 1;
Now Lead Series 3 to 2
Yankee 3 run, 6 hits, 1
Giant 1 run. 10 hits. 1
w error.
, Hnttorle tfsakecsr, Hoyt
and Hclmng; Giants, Nchf and
ffeirith. t
Oct. 10. Tho Yankees stabbed the
board of defeat in tbo Olants sides
this afternoon, walking' off 'with
tho third victory of tho series.
.Comfng on top of yesterday's vic
tory for tho Giants, this makes the
raco stand 3 to 2, with the Yan-
kcos loading.
.Walto Hoyt, pltchor, was tho
horo In toppling tho Giants today,
pitching his second winning game
fqr, the series. Bob Monsel also
starred, his stool whip brooking up
two Giants batting rallies by
lightning throws. '
Following Is tho lineup for the
The following which appearod in
the Klamath Record, Is solf-expla-'
natery: t-
After weeks of negotiations an'ing the bill. They are tho best
agreement was reached last evening
that has for lt? subject the publlca-
ton of one dally paper in Klamath;
Falls. It has boen recognized for
somo tlmo that the publication f two) iony oi-a conunuanco 01 a conauion
dolly nowapapors ln this city was an Miatifouldbe only productive ot ox-
economic wasto, -the 'cost of whlch.r.1)enBQ t0 tto business men of tho
had to bo mot by tho advortlsors andK
readers of tho publications. It was c'1"' "
the recognition ot this fact that I Tho decision to suspend tho
prompted tho movo haying for Its necord shows that tho men who
object tho elimination of this waste. . . i, -. m nnnk
through tho publication of only one hnvo charB6 otU Br0, w onnBh
dally nanor. This has boon nccomp- fo handlo a delicate situation In a
llshod through tho ngreoment signed ,
last night by representatives of tho
S3 PublSI S" "This
agrvomont prevides:
That the Record Publishing com-
liany shall havo an option to pur
chase tho Evening Herald at any
tlnle prior to Decemhor 10, 1921. In
tho event that the option Is not ex
orcised, the Record Publishing com
pany pusses to B. J. Murray by con
tract ot sale.
In view of this agreement a con
tinuation ot tho publication ot two
nowspapers would be a further ac
ceptance of a condition that the very
agrooment Itself recognized as a mis
take and It was decided to suspend
Tho Klamath Dally Record no matter
which option was exercised., For that
reason The Kiamatn itccora win no
longer bo publlshod as a dally, but
will contlne as a Sunday nowspaper,
under tho samo management and
direction as heretofore, with tho ex
ception ot tho.edltor, Clark Williams,
who disposed' ot bis holdings to tho
othor stockholders and withdraw as
a membor of the company.
In taking this step we do so con
fident In the belief that our rcadors
and advortlsero will commond our
decision. It Is suro to rosult In a
stronger publication and henco will
In the end bring greater benefit to
tho community. Nothing occupies a
moro prominent place as tho repres
entative ot a community than Its
newspapor. It Is tho mouthpiece ot
Its city and tho bigger and moro pro
gressive It Is tho moro will It mirror
tho progresslvoness nnd prosperity of
thn communltv In which It Is publish
ed. Feeling that by concentrating nil
effort nnd support In ono pnpor tno
soonor will Klamath Falls havo a
nubllcntlon worthy ot Its standing
among tho municipalities of tho state.
wo dechlod upon the plans announced
nhovo, because wo hold tho wolfnro
ot this city nhovo any selfish prldo
or ngrandlzomont.
If our plans do not miscarry, wo
expect to tako over Tho Evening
Horald within tho stipulated sixty
days. If, tho outcome should prove
to ho otherwise our disappointment
will be to a cortaln degree mitigated
by tho fact tlint competent hands will
contlnuo at tho nowspaper holm of
the city nnd that interosts of Kla
math Falls will not suffer.
Tills chango should meet with the
unqualified approval ot tbo busi
ness, men of the city. Over 25,
000 bos boon wasted in tho publi
cation ot Tho Record. Wo say
wasted, bocause no one benefitted
throuch its publication as a daily.
The only purpose that has -bees
served was its use as a grindstone
Yanees Miller, cf; Pecklnpaagh,
ss; Ruth,-If; Meuiol, rf; Plpp, lbj
Ward, 2b;''McNally, lb; Schang, c;
Hoyt p. '
Giants Burns, cf; Bancroft, ss;
FrlBch, '3b; Young, rf; Kelly, lb;
Meusel, If; Bawling, 2b; Smith c;
Nchf, p.
Hooro by PniBgs
First inning Yankee; Miller
popped Bancroft; Frlsch Threw
Pecklnpaugh outtat first; Ruth fan
Giants': Burns 'grounded reacheaWfcod the point ot guns to 'their
first wh'on" McNally fumbled; Bah-fl
croft forced Burns out, Peckln
paugh to "Word; Frlsch singled;
Young walked, tilling .bases; Ban-)
croft scored on Kelly's Texas
leaguer; Mensei fanned;' Ra-wllngs
forced' Kolly "outPeclc to' Word;
one run. - f ,t
Socond innlsg Yankoea: Mou-
st.1 singles; Plpp sacriitced, Frlsch
to Kelly: Wa:d fanned Meuiel
(Continued to Pace 5)
for the axe ot a few individuals
who vigourously applaud a con-
troversy when someone else is pay-
.ponders ot tho other man's money
that flnd ,,!),. Even
' k.ii . . i,-
th wcro B"n'nK ee the
business way. The only thought
was lnc DCBt tblne; for the com-
-ltr. When .it became evident
that suspension ot the daily and
continuation ot tho Sunday edition
-was the practical .thing to do pond
ing the existence ot the option, that
plan was adopted. But It was dono
under a plan that will protect the
interests of all concerned.
Thcro is no exultation ln the
affair. That which has been done
was the sensible thing to do. It Is
to be hoped that it will never have
to be done again, for one paper
will serve every Interest ot this
community for many years to
It the owners of Tho Record ex
ercise their option and we believe
thoy will then tho readers ot The
Herald will have no- regrets. They
have a program in mind that is
constructive and that will give the
city a paper equal to the support
It receives. Wo know what that
program is and we, know it is a
good ono. ' They are young, men
possessed ot more than the ordi
nary amount ot good business
Judgment, who knew more about
what they are doing than some of
the wise birds who, In tholr Ignor
ance, are doing so much croaking
They deserve the support they aro
getting and tho day will como wbon
they will exercise a powerful in
fluence upon tho affairs ot this
part ot tho state. They havo not
undertaken a .task beyond their
ability and those who aro standing
by them will never havo occasion
to regret their support. I
It tho option is not oxerclsod,
then the policy ot The Herald will,
ln every detail, contlnuo as it has
boos, .
NAPA, Cal.. Oct. 10. An
break ot encephalitis, a disease sim
ilar to spinal menengltlff, -which yes-
torday caused threo deaths hero.
today Is puzzling local, county and
state health authorities. Three oth-
or cases are reported, one ot which
today gave Indications it would tar-
JmtaaU friaUy.
Damaging Evidence
Against Kaempke By
Alleged Accomplice
Tho trial ot Fred Kaempke, alleged
robbor, in tho circuit court .Saturday
took an unfavorable turn for the de
fendant when the court allowed the
testimony ot Frank Johnson, agid
18, a self confessed member of the
alleged holdup trio, Staars, Kaempke
and Johnson, who are accused ot per
forming the hold-tip oa the night tf
February 7. V
Johnson stated that the arrange
ments for the robbery were perfected
in a local pool room earlier la .bo
ovenlng.and that after.dnsk, the three
men set out for the Ewauna rcoirilng
house at 238 Oak street, -we're admit
ted and entered the placed unmasked.
The three women, Mrs. -Bessie Duke
man, Mrs. Ruby Steele and. Mrs.
SJnd Mrs. Flora Lee Young, were then
.roftb-. Johnson alleged that $16.50
was obtained and after' the robbery.
iho throe went to Fred Kaempke's
homeun Shlpplngtou and divided the
loot. Cross examination by the de
fense failed to shake, his testimony.
Argument was hogua by both
stato, and defense just after lunch,
this afternoon, aid 'the case' "was
expected to go to the Jury about
tfjroo o'clock.
ROSEBURO, Oct. . 10. Eighteen
ot the new ventre of SB called to
complete the Brumfletl Jury vote
on hand when court 'ffened today.
The defense challenged two realre
men this moratsg aad the stato oas,
leaving the defease with three
peremptory challeMes and the
state with two. Brothers and sis
tcrs of Dennis us?ll today re
ceived a message announcing the
death ot their father,'" whoso age
was variously stated at 103 and
87, from grlet over tho death of
Thrco witnesses aro here from
Canada to testify for tho state. B.
M. Nichols, a La Grando shoe.doal
er, Is also here to testify ot a meet
ing with Brumfleld at Lake Louise,
Canada. ' ,
Brutnflold this r morning com
plained that mico overran bis cell
last night, and that he had to
spend tbo night fighting them. He
asked for traps. His brotbors ar
rived here yesterday.
Orchestra Here for
First Concert at
Elks Club Tonight
The Elk clubrooms are all pre
pared for' a record broaklng crowd
tonight when the first number ot the
Moneloy Lyceum course. Schtldkret's
Hungarian orcnonra will render a
two hour program of varied music,
from, the greatest compositions of the
old masters to the lightest ot the
best modern musical pieces. Director
Schtldkret says. "I'll glvo the people
a real mixture so that all classes will
bok satisfied, not Just a tow. , It will
be n, musical pot-pourri oh like
a oulash."
Some ot the offerings tonight' will
bo tbo "Mlflero from II Trovatore;
"Poet and Peasant' by Chopin; Vio
lin solo by Prof. Schnolder Interpret
ing Fritz Krelsler works and his
own compositions;, 'Echos of tho Me
tropolitan Opera Houso," a modloy
consisting of "My Hear March," Alda,
Cavelorla Rustlcana, "Evonlng Star,'
Palgllcclo selections nnd "William
Tell." tho wonderful overture so
pleasing to ovoryono, Cello solo, Med
loy of Southern Melodies, Serenade
from Titel consisting ot sliver flute
and cello and a wonderful violin solo
by an oxlled Russian professor who
formerly taught In tl Moscow con
servatory ot Music. Tho selection Is
Local hospitals and schooh wen'
visited today by Director Schltdkrct
and his piano player and selections
woro played.
Mr. and Mrs. R. V. Msllory aro
tho hpy Ptront of n baby boy,
befauMet night nt their homo here.
' J. W. Krause, aged 40. ot Tla.
Jusna, Moxlco owasr of a strlag of
race horses on the Mexican circuit,
also interested in numerous stable
in Oregon, suffered a broke, bank
Saturday night while his corns-"
Ion, Will Rogers or' this city ro
cetved severe bruises about tho
head and shoulders, when the two
men fell down a stairway la si
house at 611 Broad street, accord
ing to the report on the polio
Lee Dotea, Will Rogers an
William Krause were loading cat
tlo at the stockyards for J. Frank
Adams, local shipper. Saturday af
ternoon and at 6 o'elock, the tare
men wore alleged by tho police to
enter the house at (IS BrooA
street. The police say that liquor
was served to tho mon and at 7
o'clock, when the trio attempted ta
come downstairs, Rogers placed at
arm about Krause to assist hiss. Ag
Rogers took a step, his toot eangkt
in the spurs worn by Krause, caus
ing both men to fall headlong
downstairs, about feet
Lee Doten took Krause over to
the O. K. livery barn, and placed
him on a cot and assumed he ssys,
that owing to his Intoxicated con
dition, he was all right and -wol
sleep off the effect. .Rogers was
able to go home unassisted . after
recovering consciousness. ' Sunday
morning at 2 o'clock, Krause at
tracted attention by his repeats
cries for assistance, claiming that
ho coald not move. Doctor A. A.
Soule; was called and examination
revealed that Krause had a broken
bark. The Injured man was taken
to va local hospital if c'r treatment-but-
recovery' Ts "ionwdored doubt
Jul. , i
Krause has had a string of fine
horses -on tbo TbvjJuana course all
year and has been purchasing Kla
math county hay for them and
shipping it direct to the Moxlcaa
stables. A largo band ot work
horses are also owned In this
county by him and friends say that
ho Is woll fixed financially. Krause
has bad numerous, business rela
tions with Rowe brothers ot Malta
and with the Nine, brothers, well-
known logging contractors ot this
W. F. Browne, a. painter, left the
Arcade hotel lasth Friday and a.u cot
returned, according to Chris Ulnnas.
manager. Mr. Blanas is rather con-
corned over his disappearance He
did not tell anyone he was leaving
and his belongings are stlil in his
room. Browne lg described as about
60 years .old, and about S feet three
Inches tall. He has a heuvy gray
mustache and walks with a limp
Joseph McDonald is having tho
former Army and Navy storo at
the corner of Seventh and Main
street moved fromi'its location to
the corner of Sixth nnd Plum
stroot. Tho moving Is bolng done
by moans of cables and the con
tractors havo had difficulty In
koeplng tho public from luterforr-
Ing In the work. The building will
block Soventn street from Main to
Klamath avenuo this ovenlng.
Joe Smidl Not in
Prison; Given Parol
A wrong was dono Joe Sraldl,
confessed accessory to the Dprrls
and Mt. Hebron sate crackings last
Juno ln Saturday's issuo ot Tho
Horald, which said he was serving
a two year term in San Quentln.
Tbo Herald's attention has been
called by Sheriff Low to the fast
that he was paroled on the aentenoa
and Is now at liberty with a ohanon
to redeem the mistake into which
he v was led by older persons, da-.
to the adventurous spirit ot yonthv
' !!
s, )nufc