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Today 9 News
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Member of the Associated Press.
Fifteenth Year No. (II 81.
piucb rvm cmm
4 '
tra rules
i ninced
The premium lints for tho Kla-
'math County Annual Fair to be
held October S, and 7, Inclusive
are now out and art) being distrib
uted to the farming oentars m rap
idly m possible. Tbo premium are
wall distributed over ft (wide rango of
products . nutM are provided to
over entrance, also epeeUI notice
to exhibitors or llveelock eo that
no misunderstanding can arise at
any time during tbe course of tbe
Altamont rancb baa been under
going a grooming preparatory toj
tbe coming display or livestock and
farm exhibits and particular atten
tion bae been paid to sanitation
matters so that no Infection of any
kind of animal disease can be
transmitted to tbo livestock exhi
bited them. Mr. Bradley has taken
tbls matter In hand and stated that
bo precaution will be lacking for
tbe safeguarding of tbe animals
ihlbltod. '
Iireedera of fine stock can find
In tbe premium list special prem
iums and material which will cause
tbem to nihlblt tbelr prise beet or
dairy stock. The greater tho num
ber of exhibitors In this particular,
tho greater the Interest will be on
tbls subject during the coming
year. Kvory offort Is being made
to turn Klamath county Into one
of the greatest dairy sections In
the west, ilay and splendid range i
are available at all tlmee of tho'
pear. Prank Bex ton. county club
leader, Is onoof the groatoet advo
cates of this dairy feature and Is
bending every effort to bring It
about. Sexton's work In dairying
with tbe younger generation is said
to be accomplishing this purpose In
a far-reaching way.
Tho county fair board calls parti
cular attention to the following rules
and regulations governing the 'fair:
Exhibits sent to the Secretary muet
be accompanied bya letter whenever
on exhibit Is forwarded to the Secre
tary to Insure proper entry,
Tho County Hair Uoanl has com
plete chargo of all details connected
with the fair. Marshals havn full
authority to enforce order In and
about tho grounds.
Kvory entry must be made In the
name of the bonaflde owner, maker
or producer, whose number must be
shown on entry card.
Anyone wtoo shall mako a false
statement as to ownership, or, who
shall purchase stock, produce, fancy
work, etc., snd exhibit eamo In his
or hor own name, as of bis or hor
own production, shall forfeit all claim
as an oxhlbltor.
Bo far as practicable export J u J con
nvitl bo employed. No unworthy ex
hibit shall be awarded any premium.
Where thero Is no compotltlon, tbe
Judge shall award such premium as
ha deems proper, and In such case
tbe samo shall carry with It only 26
per cent of the caah prise offered
with such ribbon, except club mem
bers' exhibits. Duplicate oniric's by
oue exhibitor shall not bo considered
aa establishing any competition.
Tho right to protest is guaranteed
every oxhlbltor. Errors of entry shall
be aubjoct to correction prior to Judg
ing. Livestock must be entered on or
before September 20, 1021, and must
be at tbe Fairgrounds not later than
10 o'clock the. first- morning of tbe
fair. All other ontrles must bo at
tbe Fair Grounds not later than 10
o'clock tho first morning of tbo fair,
but a correct entry and classification
cannot bo guaranteed entries unless
tbey arrive during tho day preceding
the fair.
Judging will begin promptly at 1
p, m., tbo first, day of the fair, and
Will bo conttnuod until completed. '
Lato Entries will be placed In
"Too Late to Classify" department,
and will not bo ellglblo for competl-
tlon for awards.
Tho Fair Board will have 'a guard
and' marshal at tho grounds, but re
quires that exhibitors shall at all
times give personal'attentlon to their
Tbe Fair Board reio'rre tn right
English Premier
Refuses Audience
With Delegates
LONDON. Sept. 15. Promlor
Lloyd Oeorge today cancelled all ar
rangements for tbe conference with
Sinn Fein delegates and himself and
the cabinet at Inverness on Septem
ber 201b. Tbls action followed the
receipt of a Do Valera note insist
ing that delegates bo received as
representatives of a sovereign
This action Indicates. It Is said.
that England will In no way grant'
any concession or step which would
give recognition to the proposed
separation from tbe empire,
.Lloyd Oeorge In reply to Do Val
era said "If we accepted conference
with your delegates on tbe formsl
statement of claim which you bavo
reaffirmed It would constitute an of
ficial recognition by bis msjesty's
government of soverence ot Ireland
from the empire and ot Its existence
as su Independnt republic."
.Surveyors woro busy today fixing
the boundaries of the lot at the cor
ner of Seventh and Main street a on
which I tart Brothers aro going to
erect their new building. In the
meantime the architect Is putting tho
finishing louche on the plans. These
call for a full basement with a foun
dation and walla capable of carrying
five stories. It Is tbe present Inten
tion of Mr, Hart to erect onlr two
stories, but'addttlonal stories will be
added" If the demand for tbem arises.
Ufhe structure will be of reinforced
con r rate, with terra cottm fin lull and
wfir'LVcbuu A construction through
out. Work will start October 1, and
It Is tho present expectstlon that the
building .will be completed by Christ-
Mr. Hart left for Bacramento this
morning to make arrangements to
return here snd romaln until tho
stucture l finished.
OREQOC Friday fair.
I Perconml Mention
J. R. O. Haynes, a bomsteader
In the Malln country, came Into
town about noon today and attract
ed considerable attention to him
self aa be went along Main street,
because ot a big bunch of grasses
which be carried. Mr. Haynee bad
a bunch of alfalfa which waa as
high aa a man could reach and the
rye was far, far taller than a man.
The sweet clover too, was record
Wallace McClollan Is spending to
day In town from his homo on tbe
Merrill road. Mr. McClollan baa
boon homo only a ahort tlmo bar-
Ing spent tho groater part of the
summer In Palo Alto after the closo
of Leland Stanford university.
1 W. W. McNeally loft this after
noon on a duck bunting exposition
which Is to last until aometlmo to
to interpret all rules herein, and in
tho absence ot any printed rule, will
be governed by tbo rulea of tbe Ore
gon Btate Fair. The ruling ot the
Fair Board aball be final.
Colore denoting awards shall bo as
follows. First, blue; second) red;
third, white; fourth, yellow; fifth,
green. Championships, purple.
A special notice to exhibitors of
livestock Is that all exhibitors must
comply with tho Oregon Btato law.
pertaining to livestock exhibits at
fairs; Look over poultry carefully
to avoid exhibiting fowl with scaley
leg, etc; To compete-as a "grade," tbe
animal must bo at least half breed,
but not full brood; Animals entered
In pens, trios, pairs, otc, may also
compote for singlo awards; Tho fair
board will furnish bay for livestock,
but. ownors desiring grain Sod to
their stock will bo asked to gtvo per
sonal attention to this detail; Live
stock exhibitors will be provided with
one' admission ticket for the purpose
of coring for llvestosk on exhibition;
Bulls oyer one year of age must bo
A portion of the Jitney driven
of thin city are making-a strong,
concerted protest against the ml-
Ing .whereby all saws for hire, -
cept tboee authorised by an -
cluslvo permit from the concession-
alro at Medtord, are allowod tho there has not been half onongh stuff
privilege ot Crater Lake National offered, notwithstanding that the
Park. lealos for iho two Saturdays went
Tho storm center seems to bo ovor tbe thousand dollar mark for
located In this city, and the Jltaey each day. Tho dsmsnd for tho mat
drlvors, who bava been refused ket Is evidenced by tho large crowds
admission, ssy that their prices are attending and tho fact that every
much lower and cover much mora thing ws sold before noon .
territory than do the rogular stages! Under the direction df Market
that mako dally trips. It develops meeter Cramblltt, iwhO wJH have dl
that the for tbe round trip la rect supervision .fyorn now on, bet-
$16. BO a person and tbe trip eon-
sumes two days, necessitating a
night stop-over In the park at a
cost of 16. Tho Jitney men claim
that they can take four passengers
In a car for a round trip Journey
In ono dsy at a total cost of 130 ions and If the farmers will cooperate
for tho four, permitting stopovors with him It Is sure to result very
at Harrlman Lodge, Rocky Point beneficially for them. Tho first
and Cherry creek, then to the lake, needed U a larger number of fanners
on to Huckleberry moantala and attending. Tho average for tho last
back to Klamath Fall by a differ- two Saturdays was something over
ent upper lake route. This faro thirty. At. least fifty should attend
Is open to tourists or to local pec- regularly. Then more produce should
pie. The distance to Huckleberry brought In. Eventually the quan
mountain la 68 miles, to tbe lako tlty ntriei will be fixed, but It Is
62 miles and the trip can easily hotter to have a little left over than
bo made In ono day, eliminating to '" 'ar nort " demands,
tho night atop-over somewhere onM " happened each Saturday .
tho route at additional expense. 1 .This Saturday thero will bo a
A number of Jitney men, beaded 'cooked food sale, tho articles being
by Fred Duke, bed a meeting with furnished by the Isdlcs of the Oatho
W. T. Lee of tbls city, who baa the He 'church. This Is a feature that
concession from the Medford con- will prove very popular andwlll un
castloaalro for entrano to the park VWfJr 'J? of ,h? mkot'
from 'the south on MaMay last In J Mr. Cramblllt'a statement follew:
the off I co of Attorney William J "ft a pleasure tv noto the-op-Marx,
and bo Is said to bavo sta- portunlty thero Is In Klamath Falls
ted that ho had sub-let tbo haul- for a Public Market. The farmer
Ing conceaslon to the " .Western has an Inducement to do dererslfled
Transfer and City Transfer compsn- farming, as bo had never beforo in
les of this city. Tbls summer, Duke this locality. Tho public demands
says, Orlmes ot the City Transfer lower prices on all farm produce and
Issued orders to certain Jitney drlv-bo farmers are tho only ones who
ers not to go through the park even aro willing to supply produce at low
to Huckloberry mountain and that er prices. Tho farmer not only re
cars for hire could .not even go'colvee'a groat deal moro for what
through the park. Duke and Frank bo can raise and sell on tbo public
Upp, who oporato Jltnoys, took par- market, but bo Is eatlsfylng a Just
ties up thero this season and wero need of the general public In tho com
arrostod when thoy entered the munlty.
park as thoy bad no permits from' "Thero aro many things to be
tho concessionaire to go through, done to mako this public market a
Mr. Leo at this conference called success. Tboro must bo cooperation
up Supt. Alex Sparrow at Crater between the farmer and the Market
lako, and after a conversation with master. Each must mako suggestions
htm mado this allegtd proposition to and rocolvo them froely-and openly.
Jitney men of this city, according to Corroct weights must bo given and
Duko. Tbo Jitney men could go such wolghts made on standard
through tho park by taking tholr scales whore tho public a well as the Western Transfor tbo producer can soo the wolght.
have thorn pay 16.60 each to tho Oloanllnoss and sanlary conditions
agent for tho round trip. No mat-
ter who tbe passenger or pssson-
cars woro. all tickets must bo
bought at tbe atago offlco. On a mado coses that aro evenly made and
party ot four tbe total of $66 must palntod are a8 good as factory made.
bo paid In advanco. After tho trip Eggs and vogotables Including pota
was mado. Mr. Lee ststed that the toes must bo washed.
Jltnoy man would rocelve M0 fori
his trouble, tho balance $28 to go
tp the Western Transfer and City
Transfer sublessees. '
Tho Jitney mon say that a pas-
senger or passengers may as well readily see they aro botng squarely
go on tho stago aa to submit to this dealt .with. Each farmer is requested
prices aa it Is entirely too high to como as often aa It Is possible for
in viow of the fact that all four him to do so, and bo nt tho market
can mako tho samo trip, with ad- by soven In order to catch tho tac
dtttonal privileges, for a total ex-Jtory employes who start work at
pondlture ot $20. Tho reason for olght.
tho nrotost. Duko says la that aal The Public Market not only
tho park Is national property It, brings to the farmer a much great
should bo open to all on an equal .er compensation for his labor and
footing. produce but offers a well lighted,
M. 8. Lester baa taken over the
agency for the entire Klamath and bage : or any other produce ausoept
Lake counties distribution for tbe.lble to frost. The market master
Kelly-Sprlngfleld tires and tubes.
' NEW YORK, Sept. IB. "Babe"
Ruth today made bis 66th home
run, breaking last year's record ot
carlstrem: is elected head
n of spanish war veterans
J MINNEAPOLIS. Sept., 16 Oscar
B, Carlstrom, of. Illinois, was elected
National Commandor-In-ohlef of tho
Jolted Spanish War Veterans.
Tho growing lntoroet manifested in
tfce-puBuc market Indicates that!
, . ,ncreM0
. , I
,n tbe nnmter of frnw,r bringing,
In products next Saturday. Bo far'
ter accomodations may bo looked
or. mougn is. going m io
couple of weeks .to get things fully
uudor way. In a statement mado to-
day, and published nerewun, r.
Cramblltt make aome fine euggost-
must always exist. Such as having
nil meats, chickens, and such In
class covered show cases. Home-
Each ono ot us owe It tp tho good
of the market to talk Publlo Market
to every one wo meet and tell thorn
of tholr opportunity and oach fanner
must mako displays so tho public can
heated and a cleaned room ana a
atorage'room wbero be can bring
in advance, potatoes .onions, cab-
will not only assist tbo farmers
while they aro in the market but
will find a market among sawmills
and logging camps to dispose of the
lontlro crop, if possible to do so.
Tbo. market master will also tako
orders accompanied by cash from
all factory employes for all they
wish to purchase In the Publlo
Market. ' Orders -will be taken be
tween aevon and eight a. m. and
bo ready for dellve'ry .between four
and six p. m. There will bo' a full
Warden Moloney
Believes Gardner
Is Being Aided
M'NEIL I8LAND, Wash., Sept.
1G. Despite tbe upsetting of clues
Indicating that Roy Gardner the es
eapod prisoner, la still on Island,
Warden Maloney persists in tbe
bollef that prisoner Is still here.
Maloney suspects some of the le
landera are sheltering tbe fugitive.
A passe waa sent to Gertrude
thla aflWnoon, one of the towns on,
tbe island, when two shots were
bsard near there. Report waa that
tho fdgltlvo was seen and fired
upon by searching parties from that
Short Farm Suffer
$6,000 Fire Loss
Fire broke out from some unknown
sourco In the barn belonging to R.
C. Short who lives eight miles south
cast of this city this morning at 1:30
o'clock and before being extinguished
caused a lots estlmsted to run near
tho $6,000 mark. The barn, power
house, hog bouse, granary and a
small barn wero consumed In the
blaio. Nino hogs and a bunch of
chickens perished In the flames.
Insuranco carried with the J, It.
Drlscolt sgency here amounted to
$3,000. Mr. Short sUted thst he bad
no Idea bow tbe barn cougbt fire
as thero have been no tramps or
other v grants in thst vicinity for
somo time. Tbe houso occupied by
tho family was unharmed aa neigh
bors misted In tbe saving of this
property. The Short farm is located
at the Junction whero tho hill road
leaves the Merll! road.
Kreigh Trial Will
, J
Last' All 'Day
Jack Kre'tgh. a pttney driver, -em-
Dlored br C. f-. Reekard. waa aivon'llko to- have the leader receive
a hearing before Judge Ooghagen.'pay for bis services' and bavo cn
today upon the alleged chargo of ougu money to buy the nooaasary
appropriating a car belonging to his music. It ot lesst a majority of
employer and taking It to Alturas.the business, professional and oth
wlthout consent first being obtain-, cr Interested citizens will give
ed from Reekard. about $1 a month e can have a
Tostlmony given this morning In band that any city should be proud
tho trial by Reekard was to tho of. The membership of tho band
effect that Kreigh was Instructed Is composed of local men. which
to "run the car about the city" un- insures Its future. Mr. Solak le
til familiar with It. Consent anxious and willing to Instruct bo
Thursday waa obtained. Reekard glnnors and promote them to the
said, to tako passengers from this band as soon as they are com-
clty to Swan lake. Tho next petent."
Rockard knew of either tho car or D . D , "
Krolgh was on Saturday morning
when a telegram was received by
him stating that the car was out
of commission. Itockard claims ho
did not authorize Kreigh to go be-
yond Swan lake. Kreigh Is held on
a charge ot larcency by bailee. Tho
case was still being heard
o'clock this afternoon.
Here to Urge
Concrete Paving
L. K. Button, representing tho
Portland Cement Association, has
boen In tho city for a few days in-1
tervlewlng the contractors and peoplo
who aro Interested in tho matter ot
paving, particularly with concrete
Mr. Button states that 60 per cent
ot tho contracta let during the years
ot 1919-20 and up to tho present
time in 1921, bavo been placed for
concrete paving and that this parti
cular kind has given good re
sults In Illinois, Indiana, New York,
Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and
Iowa In the eastern statos, while In
California, Washington and Arizona,
and other points tn tho west the con
creto system Is slowly replacing the
asphaltlc typo.
A report made by the engineers
selocted by the California Stato Auto
mobile Association and the Automo
bile Club ot southern California ar
rived at tho conclusion that the most
satisfactory type of pavement to
stand heavy traffic' conditions Is an
adequately 'and properly built con
crete slab, asserted by C. R. Ego,
manager ot tho highways bureau," and
approved by Wt M. Klnnoy, manager.
line ot meats, poultry, fruits and
vegetablea at .the right prices at
the market Saturday.
Market ' Master.
By persistent offort ot the mem
bers, who have devoted much of
their spare time to practtee, tbe
Klamath FaUs band has built up
a musical organisation that would
bo a credit to. any city, bt ap
parently tbe place baa been reach
ed where the public will have to
help if tho organisation la to be
maintained. '
A. L. Wlsbard, manager of the
band, realizes that the question of
keeping up the organization is one
of publlo Interest and in the fol
lowing statomant submits tbe facta
to the public:
"We bavo a band and a good
one and tbo boys want to know It
tbo citizens of tbls city want to
see the organization kept alive. .
"The boys have been practicing
twice a week for tbe "Pst three
months under the leadership ot
F. Selsk, and they say they would
like to give somo concerts. Dne to
requests ot other clrie organisa
tions tbe band has not made any
attempt to obtain the little sup
port necessary to keep the orga
nization agoing. However, since It
seems certain that no support can
be expected from any other source
tho bsnd has decided to make a
direct appeal to the citizens hav
ing been urgod to do so by a num
ber of citizens.
"Mr. Selak will circulate a xab
scriptlon list about town and It suf
ficient support is given Klamath
FMs can havoa .first class band.
The bead boys do not want any
Jpat.J'pr 4lsj((fjmyai'.ttherjtkji
i-on special occasions, but they would '
orauy neiuscs
Arhuckle Bail
Ball tor "Fatty" Arbuckle was set
today at $5000 cash or $10,000
bonds, after the grand Jury Indict-
4 . ment charging" manslaughter In
connection with the death ot Vir
ginia Rappe, was returned In the
superior court. District Xttorney
Brady said, however, that "Ar
bucklo will not bo admlttod to ball
until tho two murder charges pending
against him bad been disposed of."
Tbo district attorney was to deter
mine nfter a conterenco with tho
chief ot police and other, author
ities as to tbe exact nature of the
chargo on which Arbuckle shall be
tried. '
A special dollvory letter sent from
Sacramento to tho secretary ot tbe
grand Jury in charge of the investi
gation, added a new angle to tho
affair today. Tho letter was un
signed and contained a threat ot
.violence against tho accused actor
"If Justice was not done" In his caso.
Tho grand Jury Is at a loss to un
derstand whore tbls letter came from
and particularly why It should come
from tbo stato capltol city. Had this
lotter been mailed In this city, it
would naturally be Inferred that hos
tile action was being planned against
Arbucklo by radicals who were bit
tor towards tho actor, but coming
na It docs from outside sources, tho
grand Jury la at a loss to explain tho
mystery. It Is said that tho le'tter
will In no way affect, tho Jury in its
p'robe on the matter.
PORTLAND, Sept. 16. Killing
cattle weak; choice stoers- $6 to
$6.60; feeders, 60 cents lower, oth
er classes 76 c.onts lower; prime
light, $11.60 to $12; sheep steady;
eggs and butter firm.
i '
. .'