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5tff EwnmgMvxalb
A Class Ad )JMl
Today Hew
Member of the, Aociated Pre
FlrtAtswatli'.Yrr - No. 114.
Plana for rebuilding tho lakeside
Lumber contpany's plant, destroyed
byjlre Into Saturday nlfht, aro still
In'a formuUtltn Maitn. Nelson
Rounsewnll, manager of thn compan),
Mid this morning there wu nothing
definite to aiiuouee regarding Imme
diate plans (cr rebuilding, although
It U certain the plant will bo replaced.
Defective wiring may havo caused
the fire which caused an estimated
damage of between $70,000 and $7G,
000. Insurance I estimated at be
tween .$35,000 and 140,000. The
exact amount will be known when the
aafe cools enough to be opened.
The lumber stock In the yard wee
aaved. Tho tiro fed br paints and
otto, burned fiercely but the firemen
put up n strong fight to keep It from
spreading to tho adjoining plant and
yard' of Ackley llroe., and were sue
ceaiful, Thn water pressure wm
good, reported Chief Ambrose.
Thn alarm was tolophonod In by
Alice tllehn, who Mid that she had
hardly hung up thn Welter before
ho heard thn fire truck leaving the
engine house.
The Lakeside company, In tho past
year, had Installed much modern
wood machinery and had a very com
plnta plant. Tbore was a consider
able stock or finished doors and (win
dowa and other wood work on hand,
Including the Interior wood work fr-r
the Malln school, all of which was
Insurance Man Say
Fire Well Handled
Joseph Lee, a San rranlsco Insur
ano adjuster, who was'here on busi
ness witnessed the work or the flrr
department at the Lakrsldo Lumber
company flro Baturday night. In
speaking with Mr. Itounsevell yester
day,' he paid high compliments to the
manner In which tho flro depart
stent handled the blate and to the
adequacy of the water pressure. He
aald he had norer neen hotter hand
ling of a fire anywhere,
There .eems to be an Impression
current that Klamath Kails Is with
out adequate flrn protection and suf
ficient wntor pressure but Mr. Lee,
whcn experience is wide, did not
take tbla view. On the contrary ho
appeared to think that the local flro
fighting facilities woro on n par with
most' country towns and ruperlor to
Fill Silo From 9
Acre, Sunflower
L. L. Arnett, Swan lako rancher,
la the first Klamath farmer to .re
port the filling or his silo this year
to County Agent K. II. Thomas. Mr.
Arnett started bis silo last year. It
la built In octagonal shapo or 2 by
4 plsnkn. Lust year ho built It lfi
feet high. This year ho raised It
to 30 foot. It Is 10 feet across and
hold abqut CO tons.
Mr. Arnett completely filled the
alio with sunflower ensilage from
nine acres of dry land. He used a
morn binder to cut tho crop, the
first tried In. tho county. It worked
very successfully.
Last yoar be rod sunflower ensl
lege to dairy cowH and young boor
stock and Kot very satisfactory ro
sults. Two years ago thoro was ono silo
In Klamath county. Last year thoro
were ten. At present seven aro
building and by the first of the year
there will be at toast 17 and perhaps
20 silos on Klamath county farms.
Crater Lake Lodge
, And Auto Camp
1 Filled by Viritor
Orator Ukn daring tho past throe
days bos bad one of the largest visit
ation records of thn season, accord
ing to Manager Karap. Baturday,
cars from states as far east as New
York, arrlvod In thn park, and Bun
day tho camp grounds west of tho
lodge was well rilled with" visitors.
No accomodations have been avail
able si ii co Friday at the lodgo, and
many guests iwero taken caro or at
Anna Creek.
Tho Heptember term or thn circuit
court will open on Tuosday, Heptem
ber 13, and the list or rases set for
hearing aro as follews: Tuesday, E.
K. Ayers against J. Htolgors over an
alleged uncompleted logging con cen
tract: Wednesday, Rtate or Oregon
against l'ort Hummers and Fred
Duke, alloged to(havo stolen n rlflo
from a prisoner named Alva Cox on
May 12 when Bummorn arrested blm
on the reservation; Thursday, State
Oregon against Prod 0. Kompko,
charged .with an alleged robbery of
rooming house at 238 Oak street.
Arthur Btaars, also charged with tho
ssmo crlma escaped from tho city Jail
In Juno.
Tho following cI(Ixodn havn been
selected for trial Jury duty: John W.
Taylor, C V. Nelson, Geo. W. Max-
woll, II. T. Oslernosu. J. E. Enman.
II A. Thelde. Oco. C. Ulrlcb. C. A.
Hill. William Bark. Kd Ilallri T. P.
Hoggs. Wxo. Wright. George Stiles.
I), P. Prlscoll, L. II. Streeter. F. Hill
Hunter, Wra. Pampbell. J. O. Wight.
Chss Burgdorf, and Dan Murphy,
8HATTLE Sept. .Roy Oard
nor, super-bandit, Is again at large,
after, a successful and sensational
break for liberty yesterday while a
ball game was In progress at the
redoral penitentiary on McNeill's is
Unit ' I
Gardner today la supposed to he
hiding either on McNeill's Island or
on the Olympla Peninsula, just to
the west of the Island.
During the exciting part of the
hall game Gardner, Everett Impya
and Lawardus Bogart, the latter two
former soldiers under sentence of
lire Imprisonment for an attack on
nurses at Camp Lewis, mado a daab.
Oardner cut the wire fence that
Impeded their liberty with ft pair of
pliers stolon from the tool house.
Pursuit started Immediately and
Impyn was killed by prison guards,
llogart was seriously woundod hut
Qardner oscaped.
Falrvolw addition Js coming rapid-M',l0--'D,ht
Fire Hazard Will
Be Council Topic
i 'Tonight i Report
Tonight, tho' common council will
meet for tbo payment of current
bills and tbo regular salary list of
city employees. The meeting was
hold over until tonight on account
I of Labor Day falling 'on tho regular
ly to tho forn, Tho now, school and
many newroalderico bulldlngs.'com
plotod, during the post yoar have
built np tho-eastern part of the city
and now a business 'district Is start
ing. Tho Falrvclw Grocery and Trans
fer ,1s located at tbo corner of Pros
pect and Upbam streets and bas been
doing a good business all summer.
Recently tho Union Oil company's
service etatlon, In charge of M. S.
Lester, opened up across tbo street
and sow plans aro afoot for a store
on the opposite coner, at the corner
of Tenth and Pospect streets.
Dan Perlllsrd, local contractor
will erect the store building and Is
nil ready to atart. It will probably bo
up and occuplod within a month. It
will house a grocery storo and raest
market, in all probability, although
tho tenants' havo not been definitely
'It was reported nt tho flro of the
Lakealdo Lumber company Baturday
night that a "delegation of cltlseas
would be present tonight to talk
over the fire situation, as a number
of people expressed themselves as
being In favor of increasing taxes
to supply tho rire department with
plenty of hoso and other needed
C No trace or Roy Gardner had
been round up to noon today. Offi
cials think be Is still on the Island,
hiding In the thick underbrush. A
chock or tho boats has rovealed none'
dlmlsslng. Two women who saw him
rail when thn guards fired think that
hn Is wounled.
Mamnificent Dahlia
Are Grown Locally
Dahlias Mvon Inches In diameter
and or wonderful coloring can be
grqwn as successfully tn Klamath
Palls as In California. This was
proved by Mrs. Henrietta Moorland,
who today presented the Herald with
snvernl specimens grown In h;r rurd
at 1211 Crcsctmt avenue.
Mrs. Moorland's dahlia blooms nro
coming along lai-t now. IJy project
ing the plants with canvas she topes
to save thorn until County Knlr wcok
and repeat her performance of eight
years ago, when her dahlias took
first prlto In an exhlbltlou stagod by
tho woman's civic club.
There Is aulte a llttlo flurry in
residence property In tho nelghbo
hood at present J. T. Ward reports
the sale or a bouse and four lots
at Tenth and Prospect and several
new homes are going up In the addition.
Two Flyer Killed
At Montague, Cat,
SAUIIAMKNTO. Cal.. Bopt., 6
Palling 200 hundred root to tho
ground while attempting to tako ott
tho aeroplsnn landing rilod at Mon
tague, 8lsklyou county, two aviators
or tho forest patrol sorvlce In a stan
dard Do Havlland piano, woro Instan
tly killed Sunday aftornoon.
Tho dead aviators are:
Cadet Rober Noolp and Sergeant
Thomas Whlsslol.
Pioneer Resident of
Klamath County i
Called by Death
Hans Stoobslor. for 32 years a
resident of Klamath county, died
iast night at his home In North
Klamath :Palls addition. Ho Dad
been bedrast for the paatyear and
a .half. He Is sanrtver,'by"vwld
ow, one daughter, Mrs. Oeorge
Rlehn ot'Klsmath Palls, and a
grandson, Martin 8toefasler of
Dairy. Mr. Stochalor farmed near
Dairy nntll about two years ago,
when be retired and moved to Kla
math Palls.
Tbo funeral will be held tomor
row morning. The body will bo
taken to Donanta for Interment.
Services will bo held at tho ceme
tery thoro at 11 o'clock.
Convicted Slayer
Will Appeal Case
'Gilbert T. Ingersoll, sentenced to
life Imprisonment last December by
Juries Campbell is tho circuit court
here for killing Hoary Stoescbler
filed notice of appeal to the su
preme court, through "Ills attorneys.
John P. Hall of Marabflold and
O'Neill and Irwin or this city.
Judgo Campbell hag granted a 90
day extension to file a transcript
of tho caso.
Farm Loan An. to
Place $35,000 Here
Secretary Hague of the Klamath
Farm Loan association reports thst
wltttln the next two or throe weeks.
about 1 35.000 tn loans will be made
to 1( petitioners, ranging in sumo
from $1000 to 94000 each. Secre
tary "Haguo also reports that checks
aro-Dfling receivea aaiiy.uj.jnnimu-
ers from tho Federal Loan bank at
night from the dredget, Klamath
Spokane, Washington.
Secrotary J. 1L Miller, or the
local Culinary union, last night call
ed tbo union employees of the
Jewel Care, operated by Joe Pom
Isll. out or the Pisco when the 10
o'clock shift was ready to report for
duty. Miller states that this action
was taken when the proprietor sur
rendered bis union fair card to him
A meeting of tbo culinary union was
called this afternoon for 3 o'clock to
consider tbo phaso which has de
veloped. '
Joo Poplsll stated that the union
card was surrendered last night alt
or difficulty with his help about the
class ot sorvlce given patrons. Pop
lsll states that be was forced last
month to cut tho exact union scale
paid hero by other restaurant pro
prietors, namely, waltea, i.zi.
dlshwasbes, $4; fry cooks, 15.31;
combination cook., S.72 and . fhsf.
$7l Previous to last montbf Ira cMtm.
that bo paid front 70 cents to $1
mors tkn 'the scale. Poplsll clarass
that fome of his hotp have Intimated
that If he paid more money than the
scale, better sertlco would be give.
No meeting of tbo directors of tbo
, chamber of commorce took place, at
tnoon as per schodulo owng to the
absence or enough to comprise a
quorum, Secretary Stanley stated this
! afternoon. - The matter of an In
,creasolln his salary will cotno up
latar, he states. A apodal session
I nuy ixTcalled,
J. II. Carnahan, commander ot the
Klamath post ft tho American Le
gion, announces that a meeting or
tho post will bo bold tomorrow
ovonlng at R o'clock at tbo city ball.
Many Important matters will bo dis
cussed. Among other business in
tho distribution of tho soldier's
loan and bonus blanks which will
bo mado at this tlmo and all ex
service mon who doslre. a loan
Hhould bo present to get an appli
cation form and Information.
Labor Secretary Say
6 Million Idle
DETROIT, Bopt. 6. Tho tfedlca
tton ot Labor Day, 1931, to tbo re-
Ilof or tho nation's unemployed was
proposod by Secretary ot Labor
Davis In an address to Detroit work
era yesterday.
"Tbla yoar Labor Day la a day
that millions ot people would rath
er celebrate, not by taking a hot!
day, but by going back to work at
their Jobs," said Mr. Davis. Ho es
timated tho unemployed or America
at closo to six millions.
ROSEBURG, Sept. r -The' first
legal battle in tho Brum field caso
started today before Judge Bingham
of Salem, who mast pass upon the
defendant's application for change .
of venue and delay ot 30 days In the
Attorney Rife for Bramfleld pre
sented a lengthy affidavit,' charging
that opinion in Douglas eoantr was
so Inflamed against. the dsatlst that
he could not get ft fair trial hers.
District Attorney Nswser' presented
a dotes. sffldavKs to tfeo OMtrary.
Sheriff Staraer, la hls'aKMavit. re
cites that he took Brumfleld off the
train before reaching Roeeburg
merely to avoid the gaso of tho car
ious crowd and not through fear ot
violence. Ho said that lie moved
Brumfleld from Jk, upper story ot
the" Jail merely ' precautionary
raesuwe. Tbo defsMe had laid groat
stress oa tbo sbetlffa actloM as
showing he bad .fear fof'ertlle vio
lence against tbo prisoaor.
Klamath Rider i
FirU mt Lakeview
"Doss" Rlchardooa. yourig rider
from tho Btyi district, took first
prlxe la both tho kroacho rldtaf
and ball riding coatosta at the
Lakeview rooadap. wTsle etosoft Mo
throe day program ytotorday, ee
cordlng to report roseolas feoro. Ho
also was oae of. three vrke uoi la
tho bareback kroaeho ridJat" 'oa-
Richards took first place loot
Fourth of Jaly aad th proeodtas
Feartk st tho My rods aad took
first plaeo loot yoar. at Lake-Hew.
Tbla year's Lakeview Victory atrab
blm four atratgbt'rldlas;-triumph.
W. A. Delzell xdll prosldo at tbo
chamber of commerce forum tomor
rev when tho subject, "Fruit Trees,
Bbado Trees and Shrubbery" will bo
discussed by Dr. C. V. Fisher and
W. 8. Slough. Tho discussion will be
mainly upon beautlflcatton or yards
In Klamath Falls.
Secretary Stanley has nskod cltl
xons who haYO fruit raised In this
city which Is ready for the table to
bring It to the chamber so It can be
exhibited. Ho states that It will be
returned alter tho forum. Tho cham
ber rooms will bo ornamontod with
fult decoatlons.
Three Airmen Dead
In Coal Field War
Large Sunflower
Shown Saturday
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Peel, Bonan
za residents, aro the buppy parents
or a 10 pound baby boy, born Satur
day. Both mother and baby are pet
ting along nicely according to Dr. R.
U. Cravcr. tl.o attending phjslclan.
Mint Will Make ,
Million of Dollar
Whon Father J. V. Molloy'of tho
Catholic churcb, and Archie Mar
shall, aeorgo Bertram and Charles
Magulrro, local. boys, cllmbod Mt.
Pltt( or McLougblln), Saturday, It
was tho 56th tinio this year
that tho tip has been
reached by climbing partlos. Tho
trip was mado without misadventure
The party reports a magnificent
view ' from the summit, )
PORTLAND, Sept. 6. Cattle
steady; hogs 60 to 75 cents higher
yosterday, prime light , $11.25 to
$11.75. steady today at yesterday's
advance; sheep steady; eggs and
butter steady.
A baby boy was born on Sunday
to Mr. ana Mrs. William Swoet at
their homo In this city. Dr. T. C.
Campbell was In attendance and re
ports that mother and baby aro doing
Dr. E. I). l-amb reports the arrival
ot an eight and one-half pound hoy
In the family of Mr. and Mrs. J.
Mlohaelson ot Hlldabraud, Friday,
will not bo the fault ot tho United
States mints If silver dollars are
not plentiful. The San Francisco,
Denver, and Philadelphia mints soon
will be turning out ono million
bright silver dollars, running on a
4 hour basis.
Already tho San Francisco mint
Is stamping 250,000 dollars dally,
wbllo tho Philadelphia mint saia
to have twice tbo force, is turning
out $260,000. at tho present rate ot
coln'age, It Is said the government
Is saving $5000 a day Interest on
tho troasury notes thus cancelled.
During tho vrar 279',000,000 Amer
ican silver dollars were melted into
bullion for sale to England, which
In turn coined It for uso In East
India, where the natives demand
metal money. ,
F6r this bullion England paid tho
United States $1 a fine ounoe, 1H
cents charges and low rate of In
terest. The United State Is paying
2 por cent on short term notes,
which ore being replaced with the
new coinage, .. "
' CHARLESTON-W. Va.. Sept.. 6
Labor day found tbo federal troops
sent Into West Virginia's trouble
area on tbo Boone-Logan county line
patrolling tho district and clearing
out such armed men as tbqy encount
ered. A large number surrendered
yesterday. AU who carried arms were
forced to give themup. .They then
wero sent from the region and to
their homes. United Mine worker's
loaders aided the troops In their
work. Latest Teports indicated every
thing quiet. Patrols aro searching
every Inch ot the ground for burled
Threo or tho five missing airmen
.woro found dead today on Twonty
Mllo croek. Anotbor was reported
sovorcly Injured. No mention was
mado of the fifth man, but officers
thought ho was In tho wreckage of
tho bomber that tell Saturday artor
noon whllo traveling from Charleston
to Langley field.
Labor Day Quietly
. Celebrated Here
Dale West, son ot Mr. and Mrs.
L. A. West, won first prixe tor the
largest sunflower shown at the pub
lic market Saturday. He received
$2. His sunflower won by a nar
row margin, measuring 16 H inch
es across while the next largest, ca
tered by Frances Bennett, a Ninth
street girl, measured exactly 16
Inches across. Frances will re
ceive ono dollar as second prlxe.
The Judges ot the contest wero
John Brett, Chris B'.anea and I. O.
Labor Day was quietly observed
In this city yesterday, a majority of
tho people leaving the city for visits
In the countryor taking motor trips
to scenic spots in the nearby moun
tains. Most ot the laboring men In
dulged In deer hunting, having two
days to tramp tho woods.
The Central Labor council picnic
was held about six miles up on the
west shoro of Klamath lako and
Chairman Conklln ot tho entertain
ment committee, reports that nearly
400 peoplo were present. Tho day
was given over to an old fntihlonod
basket picnic. The trip was made on
a barge pushed by the tug "Modoc."
Tho afternoon was given over to
dancing, music and an address
the Rev. C .P. Trimble,
City Scheml Start
Anether Year9 Work
Klamath Falls youngsters .were on
the street this morning with freshly
scrubbed faces, dragging step and
painfully new clothes, on their way
to school. For 'two or three hburs
this morning, these lovers of 'tong
vacations, with nothing to do but
swim, fish, play doll or Just tramp
round, wero torcebly detained in
school buildings about town, long
enough to get their list of books
and first assignments from their
teachers and guides tor tho coming
ninth months. Tomorow is to mark
the real beginning with the bells
ringing regularly at each morning,
oxcoptlng Saturday and Sunday.
OREGON -Tonight and Wednes
day, fair. 4
Make that Idle 4oUr work I Pat
ItUthoBaaki ' '
Shooting .Lead to
Arrest; No One Hurt
Prank Washington, colored, was
arrested last night at 9:50 o'clock
on Fourth street below tbo heating
plant by Patrolmen Durham and
McDonald. Washington is charged
with having knowledge of tbo ori
gin or some shooting which occured
In front ot his home, Ho told tho
patrolmen that ho thought It was
"hacktlro" from an auto, then ad
mitted tnero -were shots fired but
dented being the party who,, fired
them. Stanley Redkey and two oth
er peoplo verified tho shots and
stated that they originated la front
Qt- the, Washington home., auordlai
to the .police , rf - . J