The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, February 26, 1921, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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vv 1 a tiui jr iyCjl Llo 1 1INU 1 IUIN
. j must I111 imiilo for (li0 Minor Individually. Wl wo tmiko your mv
, , Milling mitt mill rriiliiy umrlnn" imllv llallnrlln M,.it.i.... ,n.
J ; to fit 71m prrfr4ly mid to rrtnhi l(n iwlm-nmiirtiiiym ilurJnir lonir
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Merchant Tailor
H18 HAln H(.
Chicken Dinner
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If the Wood Dealer
Sold Service
Wo ilo Mot aril currents wn mI1 aervlcn. Thnt Hounds odd
dorant ItT
Wril, supposo tho wood di-nlrr nold scTvlrn Instead of wood, hn
would trnd n your rurnaco nnd your rango, talcb away the aRlii
and cwnmi tlio frnra. You would rnijr o much boat.
Vow ran ruf an much light, although yon pay according to thn
ciuEPnt Tu tmninie, Tlut thn amrlcn I performed for ou by UiU
efifcpuny at f10 mlxKntlAnN and powrr plant.
That la what wo want to glvo yon -efflrlcnt service. It U tlio
arm f this aowspnry to ham nrmn but satlsflril ciutomrrd. No
matter wwat H Ik, If jran hfcvn n grievance, or arc dlJtlflod about
your Mil r 4a ant annVratnnd onr rata, pTt-aao come In nnd aoo
a or sarlta wa aWrat ft.
If ro bar amy paggmticmn to mnkr, wn will gladly aTall our
arltwa AVai-a, aa mmr atm la cnrnrtantly to Improve our aorvlco to
you aa faat aa fata oWeloprarvit nf edftneo and human ability permit.
riorum -rr -rci t
California-Oregon Power
all kinds of tobacco
Phono 1M-W
Steam Heated
Transient $1.00, up
Weekly $5.00, up
aMMMS'lviMXay) a-whaa-aa
a fie fates news
Nolo. Tim following recital or
moiiio of tlio uilvnnttircH In tlio llfo of
tlio Into Harry Kolly, hotter known
no Hiiro Home Kolly, wan tnkon down
In writing by a friend sin It foil from
tlio old tralnor's lips shortly boforo
his rucont (loath nt tlio county hospital.
I wn born on tho Bolmcnd ranch
nunr Nnnlivlllo, Tonnessno, an a slavo
In thn household of Old Mnrso Har
din; nnd tlioro under tho caro of n
man whom I lovod with all my
heart passed my bodliood, I wan tho
body guard of my young Miss Agno
In my youthful yoars, und a truatod
fnmlly servant.
I''or Hlrs nnd llnrtt
Wlmn tho wnr broko out In '81 I
wont to tho front with Kunnol Har
din. I wan old onouRh to undoratand
what It nil mnnnt, nnd that tho ouc
conn of tho Union cnuso might brlnK
mo frnodom, but I lovod my olo
Mnrno nnd tho llttlo mlsncn and I
wont nloriK with Kunnol Hardin to
do whnt I could for tho confodor
ntos. At tho battlo of Stono's Illvor
which loBtod from Christmas day In
'CI to Now Yearn day, 'C2 I was
captured by northern troops nnd
tnkon to NniihYlllo, whero I was turn
ed oyer to Colonel Hubo, commnndor
of tho Cumborlnnd. I had Colonol
Hnrdln'n two honios, "St. Pntrlck"
nnd "Miss Froo Trndo," which hnd
boon enptured with mo along, and
Colonel Huso liked tho looks of tho
horses nnd told mo to tako them to
Colonol Cunningham's mansion,
which I did. I stayed with 'om nnd
trained 'om, putting tho vim Into 'om
ngnlnat tho day when they should
rnco ngaln. And, boy, whon that day
did co mo thoy slio'ly did run.
After tho wnr I wont to llvo In
tho family of (Jonornl John Cheat
ham. I raced Ooncral John's horsos
nnd tho two Hardin horses nil over
tho south. Thon I went to Cincin
nati nnd rncod thoro In 'C8 for Phil
Davis nnd other old tlmo owners of
fast stock. I rodo old Chlckamauga
and Bhcnndoah, two fast ones of tholr
day, on tho Clnclnnattl track.
I started west In tbo spring and
brought out a bunch of horses for
Colonol Tom Duncan of Stowarta
vlllo, Missouri. Tbo next spring was
'70 and Colonel Duncan sold out to
n lot or uuicn colonists ana sent mo
to IMattsvlllo with his horses to Col
onol lllxby's ranch. From thoro I
took two horses, Bantankco nnd
Nuggot, to Denver. Santankco went
blind nnd tho colonel sent him to
Slot tho Jiunc Onng
I quit Colonol Duncan thnt fall and
wont to Kansas City, nnd ovor to
Missouri to tho Clay county tracks
whoro I rodo for Jim nroshfteld. Tho
James boys hold up tbo track thnt
fall nnd took tho pool nnd tho gato
receipts. I was out on tho track on
old Revolution nt that tlmo.
And hero's a funny thing! Jesso
nnd Frank had nn old colored mam
my nnd sho wns n whoppor. Sho
lived close thoro nnd tho posso was
nftor tho boys, hwful closo. Tho
Jnmes boys was stopped nt their
mnmmy's houso nnd Jesso wns In tho
kitchen nftor somothlng Jo ont. Thoro
co mo n knock on tho door nnd Josso
could think of no place to hldo, but
old Aunt Judy told him ta crawl un
der her skirts. Ho did It nnd tho
posso novnr cnught him that tlmo.
I supposo ovorybody knows that
tho James boys wore bom right closo
to I.tbortyvlllo, Missouri, whoro this
holdup took placo.
Well I Just travollod around from
thoro, nil up nnd down tho Missouri
vnlloy. In tho fall of '72 I wont to
Leavenworth, Kansas, and rodo for
Colonel Jensen and Captain Hill
Tough. Cnplaln Dill wns TJnltod
Stntos mnrshnl then.
Conchmnn for 3on. Miles
Mnybo I got somo of my dates mix
ed, but you old tlmors can stralghton
that out, nnd as for Missouri and
Oregon hero, thor'ro Just kids, and It
don't mnko no dlfforonco. I rodo Old
High Flolds tho noxt year, and To
poka Hill nnd Pine Loaf. Thon I quit
tho track for a spell nnd wont to
work as coachman for Qonornl Nel
son A. Miles, and wont with him to
tho Llttlo Bighorn country, whon ho
was called to aid General Custor In
And then tho general was massa
crcd 18 miles from Fort Cuater. I
was right thoro besldo Oonorol Cus
tor and I soon his body all wrapped
In a groen blanket, nnd po' Tom hla
brothor laying beside him with his
heart cut out and stuck In bis mouth.
The genoral was ahot square through
tho hoad., Raln-ln-the-Faco la tho
guy who waa responsible for Colonel
Tom's death. It all happened over
some little meanness that Raln-In-tlio-Faco
dono, and Colonol Tom had
to punish him, nnd tho old InJIn Bald
thon ho would kill him somo day
nnd cut bin heart nut nnd stick It In
bin mouth. (Uiiln-In-tlio-Kuco hnd
klllnd n man with nn nxo handlo and
Colonol Custer sent him to tho
HWw, llulld Kort KoorIi
Well, wo wont from thoro with Oon
oral Miles nnd built Fort Koogh, and
then winter enmo. Wo had SCO boot
cnttlo for meat, nnd n band of Sioux
enmo and ran them off. Wo followed
them nnd enptured our cattlo at Llt
tlo Wolf moutnnln. Wo got back
to ramp on Christmas day, and wo
had no pay for soven months, and
woro a protty glum and lonosomo
Olio ClirlMjuiiN Dinner
Woll, wo dono tho host wo could.
I stretched a buffalo hldo over a
hollow log and boat out InJIn music
whllu tho rest danced around tho
tiro. Wu had buffalo and antclopa
for our dinner. Hut tho grub run
shy toward spring, and wo cut cot-
tonwoods nlong tho Yollowstono nnd
waited for tho boats to como In tho
spring. And nt last thoy did como,
nnd that was suro n tickled bunch
of tlocs as thoy bowed to us as wo
went away, thankful that wo had
spared their lives.
Hack to tlio Trnck
Woll, wo had tho last scrap with
tho Ncz Porccs at Hoar Paw Moun
tain up In Montana, and then I got
Itchln' for rnco horses again, and
went back cast.
Well, boys, I'm klnda tired now,
and I reckon I will go rest. Maybo
somo tlmo I will toll you what hap
pened to mo up at Dutch Jako's up
In Spokane And about tbo tlmo I
danced tho hula on tho boacb at Wat
klkl In Hawaii, and about tbo tlmo
Till niazo was killed by Dud Howard
up In Hums, Oregon, and about tho
tlmo mo and Wild Hill atolo his wlfo's
horse, and how I won tho 11000,
and about mo and tho Spanish dancer
at Albuqucrquo. Dut not this tlmo.
I'm tired, so holp mo back to my
chair by tho stove Sho" doos mo good
to talk about tho good old times.
3(tt. on Ualn St.
We Knt too Much Mont Which Clogs
Kidneys, Then tho Hack
Most folks forget that tho kldnoys,
llko tho bowols, got sluggish nid
rlnfri-ml nml nnml n flllahlnt nprfl.
slonally, clso wo havo backacho nndnnK
auu misery in mo Kiunoy region. o- Beginning at tho
Tho City Knglncor pursuant to tho Resolution of tho Common Coun
cil hurotoforo adopted, having under data of tho .... day of January,
1921, filed plans, specifications nnd csttmatos of tho cost of Improving
tho alloy In Hlock 17, Original Town, of Klamath Falls, Oregon, Includ
ing Intersections; nnd tho Common Council having taken tho samo under
ndvlscmunt nnd finding said plans, specifications and estimates satis
IT IH HKitRliY UKHOLVKD. That said plans, specifications and
estimates for tho Improvement c! said alloy bo and tho samo aro hereby
AND' HB IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That tho Common Council
hereby declares Us Intontlon to Improvo said alloy In accordance with
said plans, specifications nnd cstlmatos; said Improvomont to consist of
paving said alloy with Concroto, Hltulithlc or Wllllto. Tho estimated coat
of tho Improvomont of said alloy with olthor of tho pavements montlonod
abovo to bo $1829.00.
AND lift IT FURTHER RESOLVED, Dy tho Common Council that
tbo following described property bo and Is horoby declared bonented by
said Improvement, to wit;
Iloglnnlng at tho Southeasterly
corner of Lot 1, Block 17, In tho
Town of Llnkvlllo (now City of Kla
math Falls,) Oro.; thonco North
wostorly along tho Westorly lino ot
Firth Stleot, 112 feet; thenco South
westerly parallol with Main St., 38
ft,; thenco Southeasterly parallol
with Cth St.. 112 fL: thonco North- Jonnlo H. Hum
easterly along Main St,, 30 foot to tho nnd
point of beginning. Ralph Hum
Beginning at a point on tho North
erly lino ot Main St. 3Cft Southwest
erly from tho Southeasterly corner
of Lot 1 of Block 17 In tho Town of
Llnkvlllo. (now City of Klamath
Falls.) Orccen: thonco Northwostor-
ly at right angles to Main St. 112 ft;
thonco Southwesterly parnuoi wuu
Main St. 30 ft.: thonco Southeast
erly parollel with Fifth St. 112 ft.;
thoncn Northeasterly along mo
Northerly lino of Mnln St. 30
to tho placo ot beginning.
Beginning at tho Southeasterly
coroor of Lot 2, Block 17 In tho Town
of Llnkvlllo (now City of Klamath
Falls) Oregon; thenco Northwesterly
at right angles to Main St. 112 ft.:
thence Southwesterly, parallel with
Main St. 3C ft.; thonco Southeast
ly parallel with Cth St. 112 ft.;
thonco Northeasterly along Main St.,
3C ft to tbo point ot beginning.
Beginning at tho Southwesterly
comer of Lot 2 Block 17 In tho Town
of Llnkvlllo (now tho City ot Kla
math Falls.) Oregon; thenco North
easterly along tho southerly lino ot
Main St. 31 ft.; thonco Northwest
erly at right angles to Main St. 112
ft.; thenco Southwesterly parallol
with Main St. 31 ft.; thonco South
easterly parallel with Cth St. 112
ft. to point of beginning.
Boglnnlng at tho Southeasterly
cornor of Lot 3 Block 17 In tho town
ot Llnkvlllo (now City of Klamath
Falls!) Oregon; thenco Northwester
ly at right angles to Main St. 112 ft.;
thonco Southorly parallel with Main
St. 22 ft 10 Ins.; thonco Southeaster
ly parallol with Cth St. 112 ft. thenco
Northeasterly along Main St. 22 ft. J. O. Boardsley 22 ft. 10 In.
10 Ins, to tho placo of beginning. HJ Bti
Beginning at a point on tho North
erly lino ot Main St.. 30 ft. North-
oastorly from tho Southwesterly cor- t
nor of Lot 4 of Block 17, In tho Town ,
of Llnkvlllo (now City of Klamath
Falls.) Oregon; thenco Northeaster- - - ' V fi
ly along Main St. 80 ft.; thenco ' " ' Jw
Northwesterly at right angles to Main
St. 112 ft. thonco South woatorly par
allol with Main St. 110 ft. to 4th St.,
thenco Southeasterly along tho East
erly lino ot 4th St. 46 ft.; thenco
Northeasterly parallol with Main St.
30 ft.; thenco Southwesterly parallol
with 4th 6C ft. to point ot begin-
Paul Lambert
30' on Matt Ht,
Z. J. Powell 30 ft. on Main St,
F. H. Page
31 ft. on Mala St.
Charles Loorals
John Loomes
110 ft. on Alloy
80 ft. oa Mala St,
voro headaches, rheumatic twlngos,
torpid liver, acid stomach, sleepless
ness and nil sorts of bladdor disor
ders. You simply must koop your kld
noys active nnd clean, and tho mo
ment you fool nn acho or pain In the
kidney region, got about four ounces
ot Jad Salts from nny good drug
storo hero, tnko n tnblospoonful In a
glass ot wator boforo breakfast for a
tow days and your kldnoys will then
actjtlno. This famous salts Is mado
from tho ncld ot grapes and lemon
Julco, combined with llthla, and Is
harmless to flush clogged kidneys and
stimulate them to normal activity. It
also neutralizes tho acids In tho urine
so It no longer Irritates thus ondlng
bladdor disorders.
Jnd Salts Is harmless; Inexpen
sive; makes n dollghtful offervescont
llthla-wntor drink which ovorybody
should tako now nnd then to kcop
tholr klndnoya clean, thus avoiding
aorlous complications.
A woll-known local druggist says
he soils Iota of Jad Salts to folks who
bellovo In overcoming kldnoy trou
ble whllo It Is only troublo.
cornor of Lot 4 ot Block 17 in Town
of Llnkvlllo, (now City ot Klamath
Falls.) Oregon; thenco Northeaster
ly nlong Main St. 30 ft.; thenco
Northwesterly at right angles to
Main St., 66 ft; thonco Southwester
ly, parallel with Main St. 30 ft., to
tho Easterly lino ot 4th St-: thonco
Southeasterly along 4th St. 66 ft to
tho point of beginning.
First National Bank
Lot C of Block 17 In tho Town ot
Llnkvlllo (now City ot Klamath
Falls) Oregon; oxcopt tho southerly
8 ft. thoroot.
Lot C ot Block 17 In tho Town ot
Llnkvlllo (now City of Klamath
Falls,) Oregon; excopt tho Southerly
8 ft. tborcot.
Lot 7 of Block 17 In tho Town
ot Llnkvlllo (now City ot Klamath
Falls,) Oregen: excopt the South
erly 8ft. thereof.
First NaUonal
Bank ot Kla
math Falls, Ore.
30 ft, on Main St.
O. D. Matthews 65 ft. oa Piae. St.
Stella Mane
J. W. McCoy
65 ft. oa Plaa 8t
65 ft, on Pine St,
You Cnn IlrlnR Hack Color nnd
Lustro Willi 8auo Ten
and Sulphur
Whon you darkon your hair with
Sago Tqa nnd Sulphur, no ono can
toll bocauso It's dono so naturally,
so ovonly. Preparing this mixture,
though, at homo Is mussy and trou
blosomo. At llttlo cost, you can buy
at any drug storo tho roady-to-uso
preparation, Improved by tho addi
tion of other lngredlonts, called
"Wyeth's Sago and Sulphur Com
pound.' You Just dampon n spongo
or soft brusn with It and draw this
through your hair, taking ono small
atrand at n tlmo. By morning nil
gray hair disappears, and nftor an
othor application or two your hair
becomes beautifully darkonod, glossy
and luxuwfcint.
Qsay, fcidod hair, though,
no dlsgaace, Is a sign ot old age, and
as wo all desire a youthful and at
tractive appearance, got busy nt onco
with Wyeth's Sago and Sulphur Com
pound, nnd look yonra younger,
and that said proporty abovo listed and described be and hereby is de
clared to bo tho property to bo assessod for the oxpenso ot said Improve
ment. AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That Monday, the 21st day of
March, 1921, at tho hour ot 8 o'clock p. m. at the Council Chambers la
tho City Hall, bo fixed ns tbo tlmo and place for the hearing ot objections
and remonstrances against tho said 'proposed Improvement and the Police
Judgo Is horoby dlrocted to causo notlco ot said hearing to be published
as by Chartor provided.
County ot Klamath,
City ot Klamath Falls ss.
I, A. L. LEAVITT. Pollco Judgo of the City of Klamath Falls, Ore
gon, do horoby certify that the foregoing Is a duly enrolled copy ot a
resolution adopted by tho Common Council on the 14th day ot February,
1921, doclarlng Its Intention to Improvo tho alley In Block 17. Orltinal
Town, ot Klamath Falls, Oregon, and approving the plans, specifications
and estimates oi costs submitted by tho City engineer.
F23-M5 Police Judge.
Bpb BacWhr Away
Back hurt you? Can't atralghton
up without fooling sudden pains,
sharp aches and twingesT Now Us
tonl That's lumbago, sciatica or mny
bo from a strain, and you'll get
blossed rollet tho moment you rub
your back with soothing, ponetratlng
'St. Jacobs Oil." Nothing else takes
out soreness, Jamenoss and stiffness
so quickly. You simply rub It on and
out comoa the pain. It is perfectly
harmless and doesn't burn or dis
color the skin.
Limber up! Don't suffer! Get a
small trial bottle from any drug
store, and after using It Just once,
you'll forget that you ever had head
ache, lumbago or sciatica, because
your back will never hurt or causo
any more misery. It never disap
points and has .been recommended
tor 60 years. Adv.
A Herald Class Ad Will Sell It