The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, February 08, 1921, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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Coyote Are Reported
Unusually Plentiful
By Valley Ranchers
Coyotoi tiro becoming plentiful nnd
bold in itlio surrounding Tailor, nc
cording to reports of ranchers, appar
ently driven In from tho hills by
hunger. j . ,
H, E. Bradbury reports Hint n bnnd
of olght emtio closo to tho corral on
his ranch yostorday morning nnd
showed llttlo foar when ho approach
od thorn. Later In tho day whllo driv
ing Into town In n ear ho camo upon
n coyoto In tho road nnd .tho boast
was bo tamo that It barely yielded
tho road to" him,
Italsors of sheep nnd bogs are forc
ed to keep closo watch upon them,
dotalllng a herder with dogs and a
gun to protect .them from attacks of
tho coyotes, which arc moro plentiful
thnn they havo been for ycarxOt v
FORIIENT Coiy bedroom 137 1st
street. S-12,
WANT TO BUY Flvo or six room
modern houso on .Ninth or-TcnHi
St. Tho Ryan Realty Co., 612 N. th'.
St. " 8-9
FOR RENT 2 room cabin, See Dick
& Co. Cor.'6th'& Klamath Avo.
FOR SALE: Flro room bouso In
good condition, on pared street
Lot 60 x 110 11400 $350 cash
easy terms. Inquiro "2.9Maln. 8-10
WANTED Ablo bodied man with
family must havo work, willing to
do anything odd Jobs or perman
ent Phono 638. 8-14
FOR RENT Furnished apartment.
no children -Mrs. O.' Peyton, 620
Market St. Phtno 506. 8
FOR RENT 2-room apartment fur
nished. Phono 488R. 133 N. 10th
St. 8-10
FOR RENT For men, one nlco,
heated room. 1006 Pluo St. Phono
448W. 8-10
Will trado hay for cattlo. C. J.
Bradbury Box 297, Klamath Falls.
8-11 ' .
FOR RENT Two rooms, furnished.
402 So. Riverside. 8
WANTED Your watch or clock o
repair Geo. L. Mctz, Jeweler ft
Watchmaker. 623 Main. 8-14
Tho personal opinion of Percy N.
Cuppor, state engineer, of houso bill
No. 178 Is contained In tho follow
ing circular lottor, which ho has
mailed throughout tha Btnte: '
Through houso bill No. 178, an
otfort Is being mado to legtslato tho
state onglnoor out of office. I do
not consider this n personal mattor,
as I bollovo It Is an attack upon tho
present system of handling Irriga
tion matters In this stato, nnd Is, in
tact, a continuation of tho fight
that was started at ,tho recent Ore
gon Irrigation congross, nt which
tlmo tho proposition was overwhelm
ingly defeated on tho floor of tho
congress. As you know, practically
ovcry Irrigation Interest' In tho stnto
was thero represented.
I will call your attention to tho
fact that this plan of handling Irri
gation districts has been consplcu
ously successful, and othor statos
aro now endonvortng to copy tho
Oregon plan. It has required a
great effort to dlsposp of approxi
mately $6,000,000 In Irrigation
bonds that havo been sold during
tho past threo years, und It Is only
by building up a reputation for
thcs0 securities by maintaining irri
gation on a sound business basts wo
can hopo to go forward with Irriga
tion development on a largo scalo lu
this stato.
. Our present system Is operating
successfully. Tho question Is., shall
WO continue under this svstem nr trv
son new policy with respect to Irri
gation development. It you nro In
accord with my views nnd-bollcvo
wo should go forward on the present
basts, I trust that you may use your
influence In tho dofcat of thla-mcaa-
uro by writing your representative
Personal Mention
Hereafter Tho Herald will oubllsh
tho mean and maximum tempera
turos and precipitation record aa tak
en by tho U. S. Reclamation service
station. Publication will cover the
day previous to tho paper's issuo, up
io o o ciock or tno day.
Dancing school every-Tuday and
Friday, 8 p. m. to llp. m. Reason-,
ablo prices. Frco admission to all lad
ies "who aro good dancers. Scandinav
ian Hail 9th ft Walnut.- 8-1 J
Thero will bo an entertainment
and Box social at the Lone Pine
school houso Saturday evening, Feb
ruary izth. Come and bring a basket
and help us buy a. Vlctrola for tho
children. Coffee will bo served at
midnight. Program starts at 8 p. m.
Comb one and all and take a swim
,at tho Now 'Hot Springs Bath House.
Max, Mln. clpIUtloo
Fob 1 39 27
Feb 2 43 24 .06
Fob 3 41 28
Feb 4 39 29 16
Fob 5 35 25
Fob, 6 35 17
Feb' 7 33 .21
Comtaandery Regular meeting.
Wednesday, Feb. 9-21. Frank "Ward,
B. C. 3,8-9
The making of. volour hats, onco
an Austrian monopoly. Is now firm
ly established Jn, Britain.
Labor Council Hall, 5th and Main Streets
Tuesday, February 8th at 8 p. m.
a ml-wwlls-lsljyjyjJJyJjjJ
Your New Shoes
are waiting for you in our store.
You will find a Foot Expert in attendance
who. has ,been specially trained in Shoe Fit
ting and the Wizard System of Foot Correc
tion. m He will
Fit Your Feet
with the kind of shoes you like, and if you
already have foot troubles, he will know, f
and correct them with
Adjustable, Leather Foot Appliances
Frank Owens and family, who
It. W. Towor, wis In tho city yes
tordny from htn ranch near ICono.
J. O, Ilnmnkor, n reaidont of Bon
anza, was a, city visitor yostordny,
attending to business mattors.
Frank Nichols, n farmer ot tho
Bonanza country was n county sont
visitor yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs, Matt Eagnn ot Al
goron nro In tho city today, looking
after business Interests.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Olcnn Downing, of
Hooy, Calif., wero passengers on this
morning's train tor tholr homo.
Oliver Martin, a ' farmer on tho
Merrill road was In tho city yester
day attending to business mattors.
J. J. Mlllor, local freight ngont Is
confined to his homo by Illness this
Ivnn Pankoy, a farmor of tho val
ley was a .city visitor yestorday at
tondlng to business mflttors.
W. II. Andrews, who Is with tho
Tolcdo-St. Louis ft Western, railroad,
company, Is In tho city looking over
railroad prospects.
Sam Dixon, a farmor of this valley.
was In tho city yestorday, attor sup
piles nnd looking attor mattors ot
Frank Kcstor, a farmor ot tho Poo
Valloy country, Is In tho city for
several days attending to business
Mrs. Margarot Herman, of La
Orando, Oregon Is hero for an extend
ed visit -with her daughtor, Mrs.
Qlcnn Jester,
W. W. Potter, an omployoo of tho
Southorn Pacific R. R. was a passen
ger on this mornings train to Duns
mulr, California.
Mrs, Hazol Powell, who has been
In Chlloquln for several days visit
ing her husband who Is employod
thorc, returned horo yoatorday.
Miss Elizabeth Fall was a pnsacn
gor on this morning's train for Dor-
rls, whero she will visit hor sister.
Dr. Atkinson, for sovoral days.
Mrs. W. J. Ruff, a rcstdon ot
Chlloquln, Is In tho city and stopping
nt tho White Pelican for several
Win. Hanners, representing ono of
tho largest butchers supply compan
ies ot Portlandr was a passongor on
this morning's train.
Robert Davis, a lumborman of the
Parker-Hamakor Mill In Swan Lake
Valley, Is In the city attending to
buslnoss matters tor a few days.
D. W. Glascock, representing the
Holt Manufacturing company, of
Stockton Is in tho city, where be will
visit tho local Imploment houses.
Jim Straw, n local resident was a
passongor on tho morning's train to
Midland, whero he Mill look "after
stock conditions, returning to tho
city this ovenlng.
Horaco Manning, local attornoy,
was a passenger on this morning's
train for Salem, whero he will attend
to matters of business for several
F. Schmltx, proprietor of tho Beat
ty General Merchandise storo, at
Beatty, Oregon, Is in the city for sev
eral days attending to business mat
ters. Sirs. Charles Polndexter, a resident
of the Spring Lake Valloy has return
ed from an extended visit with rela
tives and friends at Cnehallls, Wash
ington. . Jay Jacobs, special agent for tho
Automobile Department Insurance
company, of North Amorlca, was a
passenger on this morning's train for
Spokano, Washington.
iosephlno Melssnor, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs, Al Melssner, was oper
ated upon Saturday for appondlcltls
at the Klamath General hospital and
Is reported to bo doing nlcoly,
Geo. Watt, local stockman, was a
passongor on this morning's trnln to
Midland whero ho will load olght
cars of cattle to be shipped to Cali
fornia points. Mr. Watt will return
horo this .evening.
Mr. and Mrs, Jack Tulley, whb
havo been residents of this city for
somotlme, have moved to Algoma to
mako their hom'o. Mr. Tulloy will-bo
employed by one of tho mlllsjn that
C, H. Garther, attendant from tho
stato institution for the Insano, was a
passenger on this morning's train,
talng with him C, J. Andorson, a for
mer employee of Pelican Bay Lumber
Camp, who was committed to state
asylum yesterday.
Bomollmo, havo gono to Tonnessoo,
whero they will mako tholr futurti
homo. Mr. Owons hns'bocn employ
ed In tho local southern puclflo office
for sovoral yonrs,
Wnl lor Wolsondnngor, salesman
for tbo Medford Grocery company,
hitter n Bliort visit horo, loft tlils
morning for California points In his
torrltory. ,
Weather Probabilities
Tho Cyclo-Stormngrnph at Un
dorwood's Pharmacy, has regis
tered n falling prossuro since tho
rending ot yesterday, nnd seems
headed back toward tho storm
. nron ngnln.
Forecast tor next 24 hours!
Unsottled wentlior, Increasing
winds, warmer.
OltKOON Tonight and Wednes
day, rnln. '
Mayor Blocks
Council's Move
To Oust Chief
(Continued from pago 1)
tho now council tho first of tho year,
and that it did not soem consistent
In him to rofuso to mako an appoint
ment to tho offlro of chief of pollco
until Juno.
Tho mayor In his smoothest volco
told Mr. Bognrdus that ho folt ho was
ontlttcd to moro consideration thnn
tho council was giving him, nnd that
ho wanted nn opportunity to dis
charge tho resnontillilllty Placed upon
him by virtue ot his offleo.
"Una tho council m responsibil
ity," naked Mr. llDgnrilus.
"Yes," miHWcruil (ho mayor, "lint
tho churtur plnvun this responsibility
upofi me."
Ruled Out Of Order
Evidently bollovlng Hint they woro
"getting nowhere," Cimncllmnn llnw
UIiim muvod to adjourn,
"Thuro Is a million before tho
Iiouho. with n second," Interjected
Councilman Vollmer."
"Yos, hut I ruled It out of order,"
said tho mayor,
Profound hIIviico ro ailed for n
coupld of minutes, nnd then Mr. Voll
mor with nu oxpiuislvo cross between
n smllo nnd giggle, nnnouueed Hint
ho had n statement to mnke.
Vollmer Hum "Hlntoiiiciit."
Ho mndo II, to tho effort Hint ho
wanted tho council nnd people to
know that bo wanted to work with
the mnyor In harmony In tilings that
tended to linprovo conditions In tho
city, nnd Mnyor Wiley smilingly told
his collenguo that ho wns sure that
when thoy know each others motives
better they would work together In
harmony In nil things - I'ouncltinnii
Vollmor grinned ngaln.nnd n mo
tion to ndjmtru, prevailing, put an
end to tho pleasantries.
John J Elliott, of this city, and
Miss Ltlllo Pgnnlngton, of Bedding,
Cullfornln. woro married by Jiisllco
of tho Pen co (laghngen Saturday (
evening. J. M. Nichols nnd Union
Nichols witnessed tho ceremony Mr '
nnd Mrs. Elliott will mako tholr homo
I here. '
It you worn nfffnred n life Insur
ance policy that did not absorb any
part of your premium, In a company
that wns onto nnd sound, Jt Is not
likely that you would rofuso It, In
fact tlio ngont offering mich n policy
would bo swnmpcd with business,
Wult, that Is practically wlmt W. A.
Bullock, of tlilit city Is doing. Ho la
nulling n policy In thn Occidental
Lift) Insurnnrn Co, ot.Los Angeles,
Calif,, that does this very thing,
Horn In how It la itone:
Ho will wrlto yon n policy on thn
30 yohr endowment plan gunranton
Ing you Hint In tho event of death to
return nil deposits mndo by you In
nddltlon to tho full fnen ot your pol
icy. Should you bocomo totnlly disabled
from sickness nr accident, tho com
pany havo mndo special provision
whoroby you will havo no further
payments to mnkn nnd will pay 110
por month on onch thousand dollar
of Insurnnrn you carry which Is not
deducted from your policy at death.
Iloslden, your policy mnturos thn
snmo ns though you hnd mndo tho
payments yourself.
This Is ono ot tho best policies
ever offered by nny legal rosorvo
company nnjl linn other special tea
turns Just ns remarkable as those
outlined nhovo. Betoro you buy that
Insurance you nrq thinking nbout..U
you will call Mr. Bullock, 43-W dr
drop n car to 1405 Oregon Avo, Hn
will bo mighty glnd to toll you all
about It. Adv,
Jny Mitchell nnd J. N. divan who
started for Bly by automobile last
Saturday woro unable to mnko tho
trip on account ot snow and mud,
according to n tolophono message rn
colvod from thoro, Near tho summit
of the mountain on tho othor sldp ot
Smith station thoy abandoned the
car nnd took tho stngo to tho Mltchol
ranch. Their nutomnbllo was brought
bnck hero by Jim Grlmns,
I WbaYpr Jy Valentine? . j
j Wliotlirr-jou want' Valcntlmn for fun or tentliiiriit, thU I the plnrn to get lliem.
Our stock' nmtalns cvor)(lilng new ami In n rangii of prlttn tlint Mill pleiwo every
" pocket book. " x
H In nildftlon (to regulation Valentines niul xl riinl e Imtn I
H t Csnpljes,4 Books, Perfumes, Stationery, Etc. I
H packed in special Valentine Hones. Keleit mm. H
I UMcrwooas niaiwy I
M I muoiT'I QUY THEIR DRUGS fcc 1" I H
r r
We are pleased to announce to our old patrons and to the
public in general that we will open for business on Wednesday
morning, Feb. Ninth, Nineteen-Twenty-One. We wish to assure
everyone that the policy of this market "Square as old Abe" shall
be followed at all times. We will carry a large stock of the
finest, fresh and cured meats, poultry and eggs. We will buy
direct from the Klamath County farmers thereby eliminating the
middle man's profits, giving the public the' benefit of the lower
Lincoln Market :
Main Street, Cor 3rd.
Phone 511-J
havo beon residents of this city for