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    Another Courthouse or Another Schoolhouse Which ?
illjg lEttgntng lteialii
ovnoiAii PATEn or
Fourteenth Yr No. 4063.
Frit Fit.
j Mr. Murphy prodlcts tlmt tho
When It. II. Bunnell look omen ns,""1'' 7'" V'r"'.'' "V''!"" !0?r!
jLOuntlUudg.-lwuooar g-ho-dld '" .'""' far-UlffiJirail Mt-lbn-llcUl
so after n strenuous campaign. hf"l!d ' ",0,rt wnly fcr nflld,
resulted In tin. recall of Judge Mar.!1'0 '" " 'ljd by having to
Ion Hanks (overcount inritoiinl friendship fait by
Fh i ... ii.- .. n,"y republicans for Honitor Cham
Tho Issue, then u now, wmi tho ,(,ru
v.0.-".O..r,,Ur.'.h,",U".'"' ',Mt ,,"',n "r1 Mr- 'M"r"'y "W " ctUn"".
. . .1 , "ur,l"ll"", wtt "nlr "'.farmers i.n.1 himh..rin.m nro aroused
contemplation. jnH ,,. l(lf)rn jyi)p (m, ,,,,,, of
Judgo llunnnlt won elected upon forulgii wool, lumber linn other com
tho pledgn that ho would finish tho) modules on Amolrra under tho free
Hot Spring rourlhoimn Judge Hun, trade pulley of thu democratic ad
null has nn nggroulvo personality I ministration. Ho called uttunllon
When ho stand, upon tho ro.trum In Jin his .ponchos In nil part of inn
Ibis campaign and sa, "I wiw elect county to tho freo tradu record of
d two yean ago, pledged lo flnWh' Senator Chamberlain, and believe
tbe Hot Springe rnurlhou!?. I hare' that ropl fully rcaSU. tha Deer.
iloD tny best to rarry out Ihn man ally of backing tho Incrmlng repub
data of tho majority who seated mn'llcan administration with a rcpubll
and If 1 am ro-olocird I will fltiUli cmii senate,
the Hot Spring, courthouse," ihn I
word, flunic forth with all tint vlr
lllty of tint randldntu'a physique nnd
parsnnsllty backings thorn, rreat.i a
strong linprelmi .No fair analysis'
would deny that ikr spocch carrion
a strung appeal.
Hut Judco Bunnell forgei lo ox
plain hU fallum to kep another
pledgn ho m alio in thu former cam
palm- that bo would atop tlw con
atructlon of ihn Mnlu Mrret court
house within tbrro da)s after 'lprjay Kay tt,0
"on' 'tho platform
With four avrnurs open lo him In i
making this promlu good two cer
ism minimus, onn inui oui oi uit
asi rpori iyp. ami on. as luinn as
II aemnd feasible JudKo Hun
...... ,...." ...e ,-.. ,.,.... ,uv u .-
lain ono I
Ono certain ineun of slopping -
work would hate (Hr. Ihr.
of the architect. I. i: McLaren, tho
.....vl.. ...
The conu. lor. J. M l)...n. to Klamath Kail. I. to bo our horn.1
dar admit., and attorney, ad w should do ererythlng oomIMo to
mil. that K tho county court had .lis w'" ' " "noyabte place In which
charged their own agent. whoe cer 'I8' '
tlflcate was necns.sry to tho accept "An tu-servlcn man, I naturally
aac of Ihn complnteJ contract. lou believe In an adequate police aya
gats would have been c.impalled lo.iem with sufficient personnel to en
abandon tha work k.I ouce. 'able our property and our lives to
Another method, 'prsctlcally sure, be protected without fear of contra
would hae been Ihi- tonder by the Ulctlou.
county to Itougan of dauuges for tho ,.0r c,y , noil u,y ,0 nun.
loaa au.lalned. Ina.much as no drcd of ,r,nicnl uborera ,nd
start hsd been made Dougan could worknfmen( not counting hundreds
not have callmed an exorbitant sum. of uborer, re,detJ, nerf), woum
It la true that at the lino hi. .plans ncou Bnrpriie. providing for
were laid and the llal ordered nr,proot toutlng ,na whoo.
but by taking tho '"'' ' ' M8Id otori.lnmnt of the., people
hands, and offerM Wr fl r. I non-proflteer
cover the expenser incurred, a aei , . , .
tlement must have hern reached. The
courts would have enforced tho set
tlement. . - ..!.. l. Ih. ttAirlnntn-
Jodge Hunnell Is virile, aggrat.lve.
a min of one Idea. Ho Is not ot tho
compromising type. Thr only way
past an obstacle tor Judge Ilunnell
Is roughshod over and straight
ahead. Ho seeks no roundabout path
and giving him fair due, he acted
on the advice of attorneys he
plunged straight ahead. He souglil
an Injunction. He failed to atop the
work. Uougan. eipoctlng every day.
ar?n,!.Cr tTeLVtKu
Ing went up. Now the county court
knows tho simplicity of the thing
that would hnvo redeemed the pro
tiilso. but thoy are not telling tholr
campaign iiudlcnrvs anyining annw.
A fourth plan ws possible, It has
boon statod. JtuUo Ilunnell might
havo hired agent, lo forcibly eject
tha trospasaera upon the county pro
party. Direct action but effective.
Not as simple as either ot tho other
practical courses but It should havti
appealnd to Judgu HunnellV straight
forward method of mooting n situa
tion. Hut ho dopomlod upon tho Injunc
tion and Ihn Injunction fulled.
And tho voters of Klsmnth coun
ty tho older residents know that
he failed In keep hi" r-'"-go. The
newer resldont. urn looming It.
Judge Uunnell's buttery of orators
would have hla nudlonced hollovo Hint
Tha Herald has awi'.chod s'.des nn thu
courthouse question for sinister nnd
ulterior motives The Heiald In tho
part fow daya has taken pains to
laaek out somo of the partisans of tho
Hot flprlngs courthouse In formor
lections, .who hav changed their
minds, and has met not from one
or two men und womon, but a scorn
tho ruason outlined above, that
Judgu llunnoll fullal to keap his pro
mises to (ho people' who elocted htm.
Not nil aro ablo to give-a concise
diagram of tho causos of falluro
hut all aro agreed thut Judge Hun
nell failed, and failed because hn
chooso to fight stubbornly whon tho
easy path of compromise lay opon In
'two directions.
Wiser than Judgo llunnoll, these
formor supporter are tlrod ot
iflghtlng, They are fl,hters, too, but
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Finde Sentiment
of County la
Strongly C. O. P.
John C. Murphy, iiltornoy, return
on In Ihn city ymuurdiiy uf(nr a 12
duy' spunking trip through tlio
county In thu lutorenth u( lliirdlng
nml Coolldgo uiiil Hubert II. Htnn
fluid fur United Htutos senator.
Don J. Holding, cnndldatn for
'councilman In tho Fifth ward, to-
llnrald a stutomctil of
on which ho seeks
election. Mr. Hetdlna: Is tied to nn
exacting office Job. and has had no
tm l0 ailvaneo his claims In per
on mll tnr rllo wlnac statement
outlln hla pelicy:
... m m rm Mi In clrle do
. .,,.n.i., .
"" " ".""""'.",,,,"'
f'. ' children a p ayg ounds.
'"' -nulpp-d schools, of a definite
city plan for growth and expansion.
Tha statement ot ray opponent.
Mr. Vollmer, that I am In league
with the California-Oregon Power
"PV w,dwh pec T;,,,0"
nd Telegraph company, and Intend
to assist them In securing advanced
rates, la an utter falsehood. On the
contrary. I am utterly opposed lo
any advance In rates of either cor
poratlon In this city. My connec
ijon Wln tD0 Western Union aa Ita
mftMer n,B been with the one
thoulht of tMnK hv ,,00,,i0 of
Kh t Mlctani tele
! U. and our tr.mendou.
Increase In bus neaa baa In a way
proven tha confidence of tho people
ot Klamath Kails In the Western
Bithop Paddock
Will Preach Sunday
Bishop Ttobort K. PadCock, ot tho
Kplacopal dlocose of eastern Ore
gon, will hold son Ices tomorrow
morning at 1 1 o'clock in the I. O. O.
F. hall. Thu sermon mibject Is
"What Has tho Kplscopul Church lo
offor Klamath KnlUT"
In the evening tho '.ilshnp will de
liver ono ot his popular lectures on
"What Is Wrong With the Church
es?" taking thu uttltudo o often at
tributed to "tho man In Ihn streot."
Tho locturo is ralciiluleil to nppenl
to those not ordinarily church goors
and Is open to all,
Last night at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. 8. H. Martin, thu Udles guild,
husbands and trlonls, dlseunsod with
Bishop Paddock progress of the now
church campaign. It Is hoped to have
tho building startod next spring.
Mrt. Bunnell Will
. Be Buried, Mt. Laki
The burial of Mrs. Matilda Natxol
Bunnell, mother of Judgo Hoot. II.
Bunnell, wbo died at Oakland. Cnllf.,
on Oct,.J7th .will bo lit Ml, l.nlcl on
Monday nttornoon, Nov. 1st nt 2
O'clock p. m.
Judge llunnoll loft for Oakland
yostordny morning to hi ing tho, re
mains of his mother o Kianmtli
county for burial.
That Highway Injunction
In n page advertisement In yester
day's llnrnld, tho people urn warned
shout thu "terrible dlkLstor" that
tniiHt follow ns n result ol tho Inau
nnco of tho Injunction ilopplnR the
rond work. Thomln tbu atutoment In
mnda that politic la back of It. Pol
lil!LJnolJmckof JjuL rjiIltlcnJaJnllccL .thn. joad. work. thaL.they -atiijigp. offlclal-taga fronrMrrDrliiWJU
It and It la the county court that put
politics In It.
Thu nttornoy for tho lltlffnntw auk
I'd for u temporary rcntrnlnlnK or
Our It was up lo Ihn county to lm
utodlnlely mnko anawor In order to
protoct tho riHhlK cf tho county and
provont tho Injunction bclnjc made
permanent. WTiy barcn'l thvsn men
That Main
The people of tho county must re
member that If inn county court
should abandon tho Main street pro
perty, the county would lose the
east half ot the block. Wo doubted
this for a long time, and did not ac -
cept this theory until yerterday. Hut,
wo urn sure nnough In our belief tol
say to our readers tuat tha east half
or Hlock 3S will r.u lm-. to Ilattlo
O, nrooks. These who havo horoto
foro contended that tho tlllu wan safe
In the county, placed their belief on
a decision of the stito supremo court
that reversionary conditions In a
deed woro Invalid.
In the deed from Qulncy A. Hrooks
and. wife to Klamath county, Urn fol
lowing condition was Incorporated"
"That said county shall, within
five years from this date, erect on ,
said premise a substantial county j
courthouse nnd tcuio after
W..n kn.l Milnlnl'i ii . I
bouse upon said premises. Tol
havo and to hold the said premises
with their appurtenances unto said
county of Klamath forever, subject
to the above 'condition."
Quit claim deeds have been se
cured from all of ihe heirs except
The Hot Springs Site
So much baa be-:n sail about the
Hot Hprlnga site, that j have Inves
tigated what legal title the county
has In It, and we bavo been unable
to find a thing. Tho statement has
been made lima and again that there
la a deed In escrow for the property
In the custody of tho r"list State and
Havings bank, but tha president has
stated that no such document Is
there. In a word then Is nothing
on record anywhere thai we can find
that constitutes a legal contract be
tween the' Klamath Development
company and Klamath county, where
by that company la now obligated to
turn that properly over in caso tho
Hot Springs building Is finished.
Such a condition Is P'vor business
on the part ot the county.
Hut this negligence on the part
ot Judge llunnoll and llurrcll Short
does not load us to believe that tho
K. D. company will not turn over tho
property. We have sufficient confl-
..anCaanV CaVHsnHe&a.
sWA Iie
bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbIbW- t LV
anaBBBBuStVaaf a ' '
who urn howling no much about tho
"turrlbla dlmntor" nttunded to tholr
duty nnd protected tha ilehta of tho
people? Why haron't they stopped
lonn cnounh In tholr mad canypalgn
ot mlaroprcaontatlon ocd mlatato
ment to have at least, tried to pro
claiming U bolns; destroyed? They
barn not done ono Jingle thing In
(court to protect It. It U too good for
campaign material. It la a fine
thing to scare the people with, nut
the people must now rcallto that If
they woro sincere In their statements,
Judgo Ilunnell and llurrcll Hhort
would be acting as well as talking.
Street Title
Ilattlo C. Drooks, daughter of the
donor, and she states her attorneys
will bring suit for recovery of tho
property Just aa soon an the alte Is
abandoned for courthouse property,
Kuch a case would bo tried In the
United Mates .courts acd there Is a
federal decision dlroctly upon this
point, which If followed would give
tho property to Mlsi. Urcoks. The
goneral practice In federal courts Is
to follow precedent and this would
mean thu los of tho proporty to tho
Kven If tho county won. It would
only be after thu cavs bud been pais
ed upon by tho United States su
premo court, and If It costs $20,000
to take a case to Silcm, what would
It cost to lako ona to Washington?
'. .. ...
I'crbaps tho prospects of such rich
picking accounts tor the enthusiasm
of some of the' legal friends of the
mi. w ... fn .h. .AmnUtlAM a
the Hot Springs courthouse. More lit
(gallon means more expens; more
lawyers; more tight wilt It ever
The decision Is In your banIs, Mr.
Voter. The election of Chastaln and
t-eteraon will settle it.
dence In the men who control
company to state that the property
would be turned over If the building
naa Deen or may be completed. Tnoe)to himself. In the Fourth C. C.
men are not thieves. They are high, CoWlrl( neumbcnt. Is opposed by
In the business world and they reach t ,Uwklng, under-sheriff ' and
ed the pinnacle of success because d,puty tax collector. In the Fifth
men had confidence in tasm. I B.i..i . ....-.. ....
That U why we have stated before
and repeat now that It Chastaln and
Peterson aro elected tie Klamath
Development company wIP. turn that
property to the school district and
that the county will get practically
all of Ita money out ot It.
It can't be argued by anyone
that the company wilt deal fair
ly with the county on the one hand
and rob It on the other. While we
have no commission to sj.eak tor the
iMamam ueveiopmem company we
have no reason to change, our origin
al statement That the Hot Springs
building will be sold to the school
district and the money ured to build
Warden Saya Came
Can Be Shipped;
Permit Necettary
J, II. Drlscoll, membei of tho stato
fish and gamo commission, has been
notified by the stat gamo warden,
that permits may be Irsucd for ship
ment of gamo out of Klamath coun
ty, and also within the county.
Hunters who desire to ship gamo
may secure tags all shipments must
or HI D. Stout, deputy game warden.
Attention of hunters ll called to
tho fact that the deer season closes
tomorrow, and thereafter venison
can only be kept In possession legal
ly It properly tagged to show that It
was secured before tho expiration of
tho season. These tags may bo so
cured from either Mr. Stout or 'Mr.
Most ot tho fagots lighted under
tho political pot In the past week
bavo been placed mere oy partisans
of tho county court controversy,
either on ono aide or the other. The
cracking ot tho flames thus created
and tho steaming ot the court house
broth has obscured tho fact that
there aro other Ingredients In tho
political stew. Nevertheless there
are olher mcn ,n lho '"nlng for
M.lkA. Afl.A. llAtM .I.W ...! A.n.V
VIUC. W.....V, lU.U I., UU .M..,
and their respective campaigns have
been waged with vigor.
The mayoralty contest leads In
Interest in the municipal contests.
Wilson 8. Wiley nnd W. T. Lee. op
posing candidates, are pushing vig
orous yet friendly campaigns. Their
campaign tactlca ahow appreciation
for the dignity ot the office to
whlck they aspire, and each Is
pledged, It defeated, to support the
administration of the victor.
In the First ward W. S. Conk
ling it opposed by Paul Bogardus.
In the Second It is a three-cornered
race between J. if. aarrett. tne
garage man; M. S. West ot the Big
Lakes Box company, and Frank
Miles, the sign painter. In the
Third J. 'P. McCollum has tho field
WMlern Unlon offIeet ,,..
against J. P. Vollmer, carpenter and
For tha county offices, besides
judge and commissioner, there Is a
keen contest between Oeorge Hum
phrey, incumbent, and Lloyd Low
for sheriff.
W. M. Duncan, Incumbent, and C.
, C. Brower are opposing candidates
.(or the district attorneyship
Ct R, DeLap. incumbent, and
i Fr,nk w$ Sexton, lndependent can
dldate. backed by the Good Gov
ernment leagno, are rivals for the
county clerkship.
Other county officers sre unop
posed, the Incumbents being candi
dates tor re-election.
In tho township which Includes
Klamsth Kails, L. L. Gehagen Is the
only candidate for Justice ot the
peace. He was an Independent can
didate at the May primary.
Election night Is tue time set by
the Woman's Auxiliary ot the Amer
ican legion to stage their big dance
for all ex-service men, their wives,
mothers sweethearts and sisters. The
dance will be held In the Odd rcl
lows hall and there will be cards tor
those not curing to dance. Returns
from the olecllon will bt announced
at Intorvau during the evening.
High School Glee
Club Makes Big
Hit at C.C. Dinner
The mnsleal exhibition of the high
school glee club aad orchestra at the
chamber of commerce dinner isii
Thursday evening was me suojec.
ot unanimous praise by all who at
tended the big affair. Mlaa Evelyn
Applegate Is the instructor ior me
club and Is getting wonderful re
sults. The girls and boyr orcnesira
which furnished tne music xor
entire evening was a surprise to
. at... naWteillBflv to the
guests from outside of Klamath Falls,
who had 0 idea that there was such
musical organisation her.
. Wh'jn, according to the -figara
submlttcd by themselves and advo
cates, tho present couaty court has
saved to tho taxpayers of Klamatk
county thousands upon thousand
ot dollars, rscued the county fraam
bankruptcy and given It f JOO.ett
bank roll in two yean, It may aeeaa
captious (o call attention to waaee
of a paltry thousand or two.
A wavp of the hand, one bom
bastic bfeath of Mr. Marx ca
doubtlcsa disprove the story of t
high achool wiring, nevertheless,
the Herald has investigated the
matter with due cant and pretests
the facts for what they are worth
to prove that even great wliarda
finance" have their eft days. "
Lata last fall It was decided U
chango the wiring In the county
high school. If remembrance serves
the fire chief had suggested the
The county court set about the
matter. A bid was received la
writing from It. J. Sheets (the Link
Blver Electric company) for f MM,
approximately, for the job. This la
verified by Mr. Sheet's statement.
Tho court, however, rejected this
bid and gave tbe Job to H. J. Mel
lon, who at the time of the agree
ment, December 20, 1919, conducted
the Klamath Electric company on
Fourth street.
The agreement appears in the
Journal of the commissioner, from
which tbe Herald gleans these facts
regarding It,
Mellon agreed to do the work tor
cost, plus 10 per cent profit. In
other words. Melton had not the
finances to carry out the contrast
when he took It. The court ar
ranged to buy the material aad pay
10 per cent above the coat of la
atallatlon as Melton's profit. The
payments were to be msde tram
time to time up to January 19th,
through tbe First National baak.
and the warrant stubs show that
they were paid at different periods,
but ran along Into April.
And they show also that the cast
ot the wiring was $3,0(4.90. In
cluding the salary ot E. O. Beau-
champ as inspector. 9309.14. Aa
Inspector would have been essen
tial, .however, had Sheets got the
contract at 91.300. so that la flaal
analysis they psld 91.799.99 ceats
for work that they had aa offer t
do for 91.200.
Incidentally the agreement be
tween the court and Mellon provid
ed that commoa labor waa to be
employed In the 'work where possi
ble at an avaace of 10 per cent .as
the wages usually psld commoa
labor. Here we strike the ecosoesy
note. If tbe going wages for com
mon, which means in general par
lance unorganised labor, were 99.
a day's wage, with 10 per cent ad
vance would be $5.60. Organised
electricians' pay Is 97 per day aad
up, so that the county court was
proceeding on a sound theory et
economy, but unfortunately It did
not work out efficiently in practice.
These are the facta as far as the
Horald knows them. There is a re
port that Mellon waa a shrewder
financier than even the county court
members, snd that as a result ot the
arrangement he was able to do sev
eral profitable outside Jobs with
surplus material that be generously
ordered en the high school account.
Eventually hla business methods,
however, met with such general dis
approval that his trade dwindled
and he left tor California, leaving
quite a trail ct financial woe In his
See the illustrated addresses
Five Crisis la the Life of Christ"
at the Presbyterian church tomor
row night at 7:30. First of a series.'
Illustrated -with colored steroptlcon
In an, article In yesterday's Even
ing Herald about the construction
ot the Winters block, the name of'
the architect was given as O. R.
Smith. This was an error aad should
have been O. R. Wright.
A tire that started la tbe Pelloaa
hotel basement today at noon waa
put out before any damage wsuU4,
A fire alarm waa turned In, but tat).
tire was out bofore the truck aW
- -ad