The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, March 16, 1920, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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    TUESDAY, MAItCH IB, 1020.
' .
Pi5.S- W Sw V-" v . , .
MARCH 17th
""""" "JvsjPunrunnjgr
i lira
Thnt coupled with n
nystom makes intry
Just as good
I ImrMi credit
jilimcHlt "
i Tho conference did Utile formal
f business An nddiess by .Inliu J
i Arnold of Frnitrlsco, represent
ing tho American llauKors' nxsorlu
if I 111 In Ml" 111! I I lnB ot "" n,,'rm,l,ol,nl mKIiib con
lliiHU ilLlJUL I Ulforonc" "' t'10 MtHbllHbmiMit of iui
International louring house, result
ml In tlii appointment of i committee
to draft it tt'Holitllon endorHlng thin
sentiment Tin' committee, howeier,
fulled to lepurt. Another resolution
which lacked for mill sanction pro
vlilcd for n system of exchange of
American and
Mexican universities.
------------------ """ri'i'i'i'i'i'M'i'.'i'innnniinnn.ruiAnj'uwxruxrujxj.
Western Floral Shop
ill 4s& (jr w' ,, I' I
smkjfmf maw
SAN FRANCISCO. Mar. 16. That
an arrangement with the Govern
ment, the Southern Pacific company
Is to act as trustee tor the railroad
Administration In the collection of
assets and adjustment or liabilities
arising out of transactions with the
railroad during federal control. This
announcement was made at the com
pany offices here today bjr T. O. Ed
wards, Auditor.' " - - -As
a result of this arrangement.
Is what makes homo home
like. So with lorely flowora
thoy add to a room fra
grance, sweetness and the
tender memories of summer
days and waning twilights.
Bring summer Into your
home by letting us supply
the flowers to you dally. An
Investment for good cheer.
702 Main
Phono 187; Res. 200R
disturbed, and patrons can continue
to deal with the respective railroad
It is believed that this procedure
will be of great convenience to tho
public, reducing delays in settlement
of claims .bills for materials and the
like to a-minimum.
When a Chinese girl Is married,
she must watt four months before
etiquette allows her to pay Jier first
visit to her mother; but, after this
Initiatory call. It is within the
bounds of Boclal custom and nronri
the usual channels thru which such j ety for her to visit the home of her
iruusucuuiia are uanuiou win noi ie,i parents at any time.
Do Your Feet Itch?
Miss Tickletoes will give you relief
" t At the Moofee Hall
-Local Jolly Jazz Band
L if i if i A A A J. ft A Ji iti ft J
. . ,. Drug Facts, No. 19
Stationery Iiao become a flxed Item of stock In the modern and
up-to-date druR Ure. Wo shall carry a general line of school,
ollico and household HtuUoncry, and all kinds of stationery sundries,
nil carefully selected as to QUALITT.
"Kvcrytlilog to, write with and to write o.'
Service Satisfaction
Mali - l.ocnl newspapers refer to
tho Culled States .Mexican trndo con
ference which recentl cUned Its sed
ulous hero us of "transcendent Im-
iinrtnltnt nllil lirmlll! Mini IIM !l "0-
suit there will Iw "elosor relations j "Indents between
between the two lepubll s. better
understanding and mutual iiiulty "
They express tho hope thnt this con
ference will be mndo an annual af
That Mexico Is a fertile. Held for
American trado expansion was nd
mltted by all speakers and all agreed
that it the United States is to cvt Its
'share of business itwro must bo a re
vision of Its trado methods. A point
inslstod upon by persons acquainted
with tho country was that tho "ensl
In advance" policy must bo aban
doned, or at least mcdlfled. Ger
many and Great Britain, who np-j
peared to bo considered tho principal
commercial competitors, nro liberal
with their credits, It was declarer
and Latin temperament does not take
kindly to a policy that oven hints at
personal dishonesty.
American banks woro severely
scored during tho discussion for an
alleged lack of co-oporation with
American exporters in tho matter of
credits and other accommodations
that might facilltato business. Rep
resentatives of these banks declared
la defenso that thero was no dis
position to discriminate and that a
suitable credit standing is nil that is
F. W. Dunkcrley, local banker and
representative of tho American
Bankers' association, said that Mexi
can banks are opening commercial
credits In tho United States, Europe
China and Japan, and that a systom
of trade acceptances is being worked
out. Ho urged larger American In
vestments. "Tho opportunity Is
here," ho declared, "the time is pro
pitious, .and some one Is going to
furnish the necessary capital. Wo
hope it will be largely American."
Prospective advertisers In the re
public were given many helpful
hints by morchants here, all of them
complimenting the newspapers upon
their general reliability and worth.
."Send representatives to Mexico
who speak tho language Spanish,"
was another Injunction Imparted by
many speakers. "Tho reason Gor-
many Is strong here," declared one,
"is because every business roan who
comes hero speaks Spanish as fluent
ly as his native tongue He has been
educated to understand the people;
no uvea as inoy no, ana lie more
than any other foreigner marries in
to Mexican families. Moreover, ho
has one business policy that few
American Arms .follow. He fill's an
order exactly as It Is given. One of
tho principal objections Mexicans
find with American firms is their con
sistent substitution with 'somothlng
Billard Parlor
.Moot I' Milliard Parlor
In tho City
lll(;l.(Jlt.V))i: CKJAltS
t i(iitirrri:s mui tobaccos
('unites) ami Sen Ico our Motto
Tho Liberty shows you n now ono
every day. 21
Tho use of Sago and Sulphur for
restoring faded; gray hair to Us nat
ural color dates back to grandmoth
er's Mme. Sho used It to keep her
hnlr beautifully dark, glossy and at
tractive. Whenever hor hair took on
that dull, faded or streaked appear
plied with wonderful effect,
anco, this simple mixture was ap-
Dut brewing at home Is mufsy and
out-of-dnto. Nowadays, by asking at
any drug store for n GO cent bottlo of
"Wyeth's Sjko and Sulphur Com
pound," you will get this famous old
preparation, Improved by the addi
tion of other Ingredients, which can
bo depended upon to restore natural
color and beauty to tho hair.
A well known downtown druggist
says It darkens tho hair so natural
ly and evenly thnt nobody can toll It
has been applied. You simply damp
en a Bpongo or soft brush with It,
and drnw this through your hair, tak
ing one strand at a time. Dy morn-
lug the gray hnlr disappears, and of'
ter another application or two. It be
comes boautlfully dark and glossy.
dive Us a Trial
Phone 295-M
Klamath Fall, Orogoa
Notice It hereby given that tho
annual meeting of tho Klamath
Drainage District will be hold at tho
Court House In Klamath rails,
Oregon, on March 30, 1920, at tho
hour of 2 o'clock p. m.
Datod this 29th day of January,
C. R. DKLAP, Socrotary.
- . "
Nettleton, Walk-Over, Stratford, Berry, and other !:
R, good shoes are here in the new Snrino- srvl
Leading Clothiers and Hatters
Loe Angeles Man Gained Fifteen
Pounds Taking Tanlnc
Troubles Overcome
"Tanlas has not only rid mo or my
troubles but ha sadded fifteen pounds
to my weight," said Joseph A. Dun-
mlro, of 402 Crocker St., Los An
geles, Cal. Mr. Dunmlro has been a
trusted employo of the Los Angeles
Transfer Co. for twenty-sevon years.
"Before I started taking Tanlac,"
ho continued, "I could not eat a
slnglo meal without my food fer
menting and gas forming bo bad It
mado me miserable. I had rheuma
tism In my right log so bad at times
I could hardly get about and at night
I was too restless to got much sloop.
I had very llttlo appetite and went
down hill so fast that I lost fifteen
pounds and got so weak I could
hardly do my work.
"Well, sir, In splto of tho bad con
dition I was in, I hadn't taken more
than half a bottlo of Tanlac before
I felt a hundred per cent bettor.
No wall my sufferings havo stopped
completely. I can cat throo hearty
moats' every day and Bloop llko a log
at night. I havo regained every
pound of my lost Wolght and am in
as good health as a man wants to bo.
I havo started my daughter taking
Tanlac, bo you seo what I think of
Tanlac is sold In Klamath Falls by
tho Star Drug Co., in Lorella by tho
Jamos More. Co., and in Merrill by
tho Southern Oregon Drug Co, adv.
Tho City Engineer, pursunnt to
the resolution of the Common Coun
cil heretofore adopted, having under
dato of the 8th day of August, 1919,
filed plans, specifications and estim
ates of tho cost of improving Wash
ington Street from First Street,
easterly, to Third Street, including
Intersections; and the Common
Council having taken tho same under
advisement and finding said plans,
specifications and estimates satisfac satisfac
eory: It Is hereby resolved, thnt said
plans, specifications, and estimates
for the Improvement of Washington
Street from First Stroot, easterly, to
Third Street, including Intersections,
bo and tho samo are hereby ap
And bo It furthor resolved, that
tho Common Council hereby declares
Its intention to Improvo said portions
of Washington Street, in accordanco
with said plans, specifications and
estimates; said improvoment to con
sist of paving said portions of Wash
ington Street with cinders, oil
macadam, bltulithlc or other hard
surfaced pavement. The estimated
cost of tho improvoment of said por
tions of said streets by placing there
on cinder pavement to bo ?7,&90.00;
and the estimated cost of paving said
strcots with oil macadam, Including
cement sidewalks, .curbing and grad
ing, to bo $8,73C.OO; tho ostlmatod
cost of Improving said portions of
Washington Streot with bltulithlc
pavement, Including grading, rolling.
curbing and cement sidewalks to bo
And bo It further resolved by tho
Common Council, that tho following
described proporty bo and is hereby
declared benefited by said improvo
mont, to-wlt:
Lots 1-2 of Dlock 11,
Lots b-6 ot Ulock 4,
Lots 1-2-3-4-5 of Dlock 10,
Lots 6-7-8-9-10 of Block C;
Lots 1-2-3-4-5 of Block 9,
Lots 6-7-8-9-10 of Block 6,
All of said Lots and Blocks abovo
described boing In Ewauna Heights
Addition to tho City of Klamath
Falls, Oregon, and that said property
auovo listed and described bo and
hereby is declared to bo tho property
to bo assessed for tho expense of said
And bo It furthor resolved, that
Monday, tho 12th day of April, 1920,
at tho hour of 8 o'clock p. m., at tho
Council Chambers in tho City Hall,
bo fixed as tho time and place for
tho hearing of objections and re
monstrances against tho said pro
posed improvement, and tho Police
Judge is hereby directed to cause
notlco ot said hearing to bo publish
cd as by charter provided.
State of Oregon, County of Klamath,
uuy or luamatti l'aiis, ss:
I, A. L. Leavitt, Police Judge of
tno uuy of Klamath Falls. Oreeon.
do horeby cortlfy that the foregoing
is a uuiy enrolled copy of a resolu
tion adopted by tho Common Council
on tho 8th day of March, 1920, de
claring its Intention to improvo
Washington Street from First Stroot,
oastorly, to Third Streot, Including
intersections, and approving the
plans, specifications and estimates ot
cost submitted by the City Engineer.
10-20 .. Pollen Judern.
In tha County Court of tho Stato of
Oregon for Klamath County.
In tho matter of tho Estato ot Andy
O'Mnlloy, decoasod.
To tho Unknown Heirs ot Andy
O'Malloy, decoasod :
You and each of you nro horoby
cltod and required to appear iu tho
abovo entitled Court on March 0,
1920, nt tho hour of 2:30 o'clock,
p. ra., and thon nnd there to show
cause, It any you havo, why an order
should not bo mado authorizing Wal
tor E. Perkins, administrator ot said
estate, to soil at private snlo, to tho
highest blddor for cash in hand, tho
following real proporty belonging to
said estato, to-wlt: Lot Flvo (5) of
Block Sevontcen (17) of North
Klamath Falls Addition to tho City of
Klamath Falls. Oregon.
Witness tho Honorable R. H. Bun
noil, Judge ot tho abovo entltlod
Court, with tho seal thoreot affixed
this January 31st, 1920.
C. R. DE LAP. Clerk.
(Seal.) By Oarro.t K, Vnn'.RIper,
Tho regular mocttnga
of Klamath Post No. 8,
American Legion, will bo
hold at 8 o'clock p. m., at
tho City Hall In Klamath Falls, on
tho second and fourth Tuesdays of
each month. All Comrades nro In
vited. Those doBlrlng to Join tho Post
may secure application blanks from
O. K. Van Riper, Fred Nicholson, or
T. H. Carnaban, all of Klamath Falls.
In Hid County Court of tho Ktuto of
Oregon fr Klniiuitli County.
Iu I ho unittor of the Onrniirtntliin) ,
of the Patterson Irrigation)
Dlutiid )
WluueiiB, under the prolntotm of
Chapter :tr". (ItMiunil Lawn of Ore
gon for 1017. calil County Couit
liimle and imlnred nil older tlenlg
twitlm; and entalillnlilnn I'lltleimiu
lnlKHtl n Dlntilit with the follow
ing liolimlai Ion, to-wlt-
ItPKluuliiK "I n Iol"t lepreientlni:
the wirtliwmt roriiur of the mnitli
eut quarter of the HOiithwent quar
ter (Ni of HWH) or Hertlou
Twenti nine (-'! In Township Forty
(40), .sunlit of Ultimo i:ieeu (11),
runt of tho Willamette Meridian,
Klitmnlh County. Oregon, tlteiuo eait
on nald huImIMhIoii Hue i no and une
hitlf mile to tin) norllieiitit coiner of
the muithweKt iiaiter of thu south
eait tjuuiter of Section 28, In mild
township nnd range, theiiro south
forty chains, thenco eimt twenty
rlinlim, thenco south twenty ehtilim,
to the iiunrier corner on tho sect Inn
lino between KoctloiiH .13 and .14,
Hiild township mid ranee; thenrn
east twenty chains, thenco south
sixty chains, more or less, to thi
no nt Ilea nt corner ot lot uuniburod
four, ot Section three, In Township
41, south ot Ilango Klnvon (11)
K. W M In Klamath County, Ore
gon; thonco west twenty chains, to
thu section lino between Section 3
nnd 4, said township nnd range ;
thonco south to, at or near tho south
east corner of Section 4 In said town
ship nnd range, whoro nald lino inter
socts tho north lino of tho right-of-way
of what Is known as the Adatiu
Canal. Thonco northerly nnd west
erly along tho north boundary of tho
said Adams Canal to n point twenty
chains west ot tho east lino ot Sec
tion C, In said township nnd range;
thonco north to tho noitli boundary
nt said township; thonco woit twenty
rlinlns, to tho quailur corner ou tho
township lino between said town
ships 40 and 41, said range number
HE. W. M.: thence north through
Section 32, Township 40, South ot
Itungo 11 East, distant sixty rhnlna;
thunco west twenty chains; thenco
north forty chains to plncu of begin
ning. Now, thorcforo, for tho purposo of
determining whether or not nurh clU
trlcl shall bo organized under tho
provisions of said act, an olcctl.iii
wltl bo hold nt tho Town Hall, Town
of Merrill, In said district, In said
county nnd stato, on tho 1st day ot
April, 1920, which election wilt hn
held at eight o'clock in tho morning,
and will contlnuo until suven o'clock
In tho evening of said day, ut which
tlmo tho qualified doctors therein
shall cast ballots which contain thcua
words, to-wlt:
Irrigation District........ Yes
Irrigation District No
or word equivalent thereto.
Thero shall alio bo oloctod at inek
tlmo and placo throo directors for
said district, whoso term of office
shall expire In one, two and throe
yoars respectively, from the first
Tuesday in February next succeed
ing tholr oloctlon. Tho nomination
ot candidates. for said-office may b
mndo by petition, signed by at least
ten of the electors In sold proposed
district qualified to voto for tho
olllcers bo nominated, or at an
assembly of not less than twenty-five
of said electors, which snld nomina
tions by petition or by assembly shall
bo filed with thu undorslgucd nt least
ten days next preceding tho duto of
suld election.
Datod at Klamath Falls, Oregon,
Murch 1st, 1920.
C. R. DELAP, County Clork.
Get a 10
cent package of Dr.
Headache Powders
and don't suffer.
When your head aclio you simply
must have relief or you will go wild.
It's neeillcan to sufTcr when you cau
take a remedy liko Dr. Jamca' Head
ache Powders nnd relieve tho jmln und
neuralgia at once. Send somcono to
tli -'rug storo now for a dime pnekugo
o it. Jumps' Hcaduclii Powders,
Dunt miller1 fn a few niomi at you
will feel fino headache gono no mi or'
neuralgia pala. "
The Right of Way
Printing U the SaUgman
Who Hat the Right of Way
Your sales letter in the United States
mail has the right of way straight to your
customer s desk.
Strengthen your appeal by using a
paper of known quantity Hammermill
Bend and good printing which will
attract your customer's attention, and
sell your goods.
That's tho kind of printing wo do nnd
the paper wo use.
UfMor Printed Salttmanthlp, Atkut
W. O. Smith Printing CoT
la tho Circuit Court of tho 8tato of
urogon for Klnmnth County.
In tho matter of tho Petition nt
tho Board of Directors of tho Horse
fly Irrlgutlon District of Klamath
County, Oregon, preying that tha
proceedings of said Board and of Bald
District authorizing tho Issuo and
snlo of bonds of said District mav t
examined, approved and confirmed
ny tno Court.
To tho Horsefly Irrigation District
ot Klamath County. Oretrnn. nml In
all Freoholdors, Legal Voters and
Assessment Payors within said District:
Notico Is hereby clven thnt Mm
abovo entitled Court has fixed the
hour of 2 o'clock p. m. of Tuesday,
tho 30th day of March. A. D. 1920.
nnd tho Court Room of tho abovo
entltlod Court in the City of Klamath
'"""' uiujiuii, us mu nmo anu piaco
for tho hoarlng of tho notltinn r ih
Board of Directors of tho Horsofly
iiiiBuwuu uiHinci or Klamath
County, Oregon, praying that all pro
ceedings of said Board and of said
District providing for nnd authoriz
ing tho Issuo of tho bonds of Bald
District may bo oxamlnod, approvod
ni,.a,..conn"nod by th0 Court, which
petition has boon filed with the
Clork of tho Circuit Court of tho
stuto ot Oregon for Klamath
Any porson intorostod may nt any
tlmo botoro Tuesday. Hm .iniii h..
of March, A. D. 1920, appoar and
contest tho validity of audi procood-
IllgS, Or Of anv Of thn net a nr tlilnira
therein onumoratod.
This notlco is published pursuant
to nn ordor mado by tho Honorable
u. v. ituyKonuall, Judgo of tho Cir
cuit Court of tho Statos of Orogoa
for Klamath County, mado nnd en
tered upon tho 21st day ot Fohruary,
A. D. 1020. .
C. R. DELAP, Clerk Circuit Court.
Dy Perry O. DoLap, Doputy Clorlc
of tho Circuit Court ot the
Stato of Oregon for Klamath
County, Oregon.
Tho most quibbling stickler on In
come Is not llkoly to cclJpso tho low
record Iu Incomo tax payments made
by n slllc mill girl at Altoona, Pa.,
who aftor caxpful computation docld-
od sho owed Uncle Samo ono cont
nnd mndo paymont of that amount to
Phono 03 llo South Fourth St. tuo incomo tax collector.