The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, March 06, 1920, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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    JM6M K1VI
kATVRDAY, MARCH fl, 1939,
"i Sunday at the Liberty
IMEtmZLIIIIIHraJSMV''' Jilt:')!!!: I
Ul icy K
"sized up" the
NEW YORK, Mar. fl.An intim
ate pon-plcturo of (ho former Empcr
.or ofj (lormnny, drawn by Colonel
t'toosevolt In a letlor to Sir Ocorgo
Olto Trovolyan In 1011, which shows
hint In tho light of an ''ndored" of
Lngland, appcarH In tho March num
ber of a loading miignzlne.
It Ib tho concluding portion of
Roosevelt's personal 25,000 word ac
count of hi utrnvols In Egypt and Eu-
opo following his return from his
memorable African hunting trip,
Tho fonnnr President wrote that
William agreed with 'him, during tho
couruo of n long Interview at Pots-
SACItAMKNTO, Cal Mar. 2.-
Cement at sultablo prlco Is a prob
lem confronting tho state highway
commission, members said.
At a recent meeting when tenders
FOR SALE Real Estate
FOR SALE ICO acres good alfalfa
land Irrigated no alkali call
rodm 112, Willltg Bldg. c-tf
CITY GARBAGE Whon you want
garbage removed call b2J.
FOIl SALE Oood G room houso
completely furnished, good loca
tion, big lot. outbuildings and oilier
wcro sought of Portland cement In Improvements. Only (2100, Look at
lots of G00.000, 750t00d and 1,000,-' JM0??'' ch,lc6to & Smith, C33 Main
OOn hnrrnli nn hl.t. ... ...l l ol" " "u" "-
v y ,. vinf aiw trixtn iniju JVVUTtll
Of the cement situation a report
by tho commission said!
"Tho bid was asked by tho com-1
mission in the hopo that a lower
pnro migm ob receiveu uy tno com
mission from tho cement companies
of tho stale than that now being
given by these companies, In a mo
tlonadopted by tho commission somo
weeks ago, whicii preceded tho re
quest for bids on tho large quanti
ties, Jt was tho sonsp of tho com- ihtit u'ni linltL-nM 1inth,(i Mn.i i .. i i ... ..
" ; vt..Vw -,. , mission, inai mo present cement con-
Oermnny would J.o "on unspenknblo ' dltlomil surrounding tho prices mado
calamity" Tho Colonel cld that .by thcement companies for Tort
Irlnco iranry of Prussia, ?, whom j,i ccnumt aro iniolenble and as
ti.o then Kalsorwos'-ratharjoalous-'fioori as rh'nv i. if.n .,&,,..,
Mat'ncen: 1 :30 and 3:30 Pv M. -
'Evcninge: 7:00 and 9:p0 P. M.
,,ii ,, 7 T V T'U ftna BhouJ'1 Bcclfrc PropqaalB for alitor a
Sf th hoJPer- part of I0 Bum)ly f ce,cnt W
or and that of the wd.Wwj U' mated to bo npeded during tho pdriod
mwj jimbliih tfj I'-nKinmi- ': . i
1920-192G. Inclusive, such proposal,
FOIt 8 ALU or exchange, 320 acno
ranch, good well, soma Improve
ments. 703 2nd St. G-C
FOR SALE Brand now fniir'rnnm
houso on big lot nicely located at
tho very low price of $2750. Only'
ouu casn nna balance like rent
I'ilONE PEYTON for wood. 187
Printing, Stationery and offlco
supplies. Ploncor Printing and Sta
tionery company. 126 Main St. 9-tf
LOfeT Sido curtaFn to Ford Car.
Notify Itoss Sutton, Dairy, Ore.
LOST A golden opportunity to sell
your homo, your farm or anythlnc
you wish to dlsposo of, if you do not
C-lad to show you. Chllcoto & Smith, ,7 " f,V c,aBamc" ""nins oi rne
C33 Majn Si. Phono C6. 5-7 "era1''-
roil fiAT.l! Knw miit ( t,nA FOUND A chance to dlsposo of any
capacity Mted rca v o oS Sp of tho innumerable articles that
tapawiy ueueu reauy to oporate. I TnlI !, Rtnrn( nlffnv in vr'nur,
h pSlIa Ore "'" " ""' Wiitltt-0' ft. Tu7n your'wastc toto
cash. Therp Is always someone who
wants just -what you hard for sale.
crtn out' m . r
:""""" "-" tdiiu, lien. tnfl hfm ,llrnh Ihn Mnlflo,1
town, on gooo roau. Kquipped for " " "2 ", VLZ -rt,-" -
dairying .and poultry raisfnK. Somo
alffilfn, good potato land. Easy
lerms. Aourcss u. iicralcl offlco.
FOR SALE Miscellaneous
, ."?. .-. .?H3i W' to be upon' ata S
viiiiunits ii.-iii;iuiui 'rocepiions in ' t, ti, ,,,r.t .... , . '.,
.potelum, "r nonmarEKorwny I ;:"'"'" ... "L .u ,r"u SS"
nd Swodon. tho Colonflrwroto.thati.r.V"" ."". '. " """" uo l" co? a Ore.
l i J.- r nTin(ifinmiivtiAiyfkBn Jh'
the tlermun ataiioritlos ami- pHople, . "rJlZrZ , , , . " .:
thdw-d him oveyy courtesy indIvtI-L,,I'xf,m,na01n " deter-
ity but that, excepting tVaSlf n' ll,,.c" "JetttttU10"" w!ro to. ,K?
l.iiv rnfi,. -!. JnL :., !"w..l. "" V certified PUblie accountants.
fL - "-- - r .to ece me." America, he, said. Va-f rT"1 PrVW-CfU VC' Wd
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.' Ivf'r? unnomilr ( n,,,,- rp(, .lwa3 t0 "a.arcompanlod by a stato-
r'TT''rT '''";" ' - - .......,. ,-.v -'
J rOR SAT.E or will trade tor cattle'.
l.lilOO KwesG. W. Roberts; " Poo
rValloy or Max 41. Klamath Falls.
1 . .
Por rcSird.d democracy, he"! t ..1" " "H
2 ' It.
. jtk. A. . I ,
Till j'ou go to the
at Moose Hall Tonight'
Local Jolly Jazz Band
v V Tlrpltr, tlton the Secretary of. War,
J v-s nfforded by the Colonol'3 rofor
iid, n8 "Irregular unnatural"" and
V ' ilebaulng. Tho lower i'lojjes, onthe
Y t otl er hand, wore SoclnllstV wJ-.o re-
jgarrted mo na an enemy rather than
ii friend. Tho mlddlo class looked
44 i upon mo as a loprcsciitutjva of an
Amoilca which consisted of business
rivals whoso rivalry was irritating
and obnoxious." "',
An interesting sfdollght on" Voni
-1 Wo wish to kindly thank the
, friends for their kind asslstnnco in
, tho IllnefH and denth Of our do
- -
i.oxu pi.vr. m:vm,
enco to an interview with tho man
who later Inaugurated tho rulhles3
submarine wnrfaro. Von Tirpitz, ho
Bald, was intensely interested In tho
VOVaira'of tho Amprlrnn lm t1ottmi
Lnround the worfd, and ho told the
made in ccllusion or agreement with
anyjthcr cement company.
"The presont practice of tho ce
ment companies Is to submit, prac
tically Idontlcal bidrt when requests
for prices upon cement to be furnish
cd to tho commission are made."
.bne Chevrolet, good order $4QP.
00, Inquire Spring Works S. Sixth
JSt., opposite O. If. Darn. 3-6"
FOR SALE Household goods.
. 12nd St.
FOIl SALE Oakland five passenger
thllrin?? Mr ClnnA " rnmllrlnn
Torms. Also small Dulck truck. Ini
quire 900 Main. 3-tt
FOR SALE: 1 Olobe-Wernecko oak
file case letter size 3 'drawer,
vcrtlclo 4 compartments Price
$50.00 Just liko new. J. H. Carnahan.
Loomls Building, Room 4. 3-tf
columns of this paper.
WANTED Rlrl for general hc-use-jvork.
Phqne 343. 3-ti
WANTED To hear from owner te
good ranch for alo; Slate cash
price, full particulars. D.'-F. Bush.
Mlhiicapolls, Minn. (Bat.)
f WANTED A message Jrom you to
the readers of ,Tho Herald, If you
have anything for salo, Tor rent, lost
or found.
WANTED Maid and seamstress at
White Pelican Hotel. 3-tt
r . I.nvl firirrith of Vnn Vntlnv vlnllnrl
livmlhHH i alulHH nlilrt fi Din liAIIHf I. w --- . rntMlit IIlnMniit ! ! 1..1 I
cal flon.1 o roRT " "' ,h - Tuesday. ye dVwo con d do t7u ces3fu .;
HEN C. MITCHELL. Work has started ptl Mr. Hosloy's-j ,,,,, iL .h n-m T , ,
i .r. MlHyi.vn4 JJOItfJAN ., place, for thew hlghwi , -, .Irt "", - r?!, nfaln1
t MRS. MVRTA McFADDEN ,' mi n,-w i,.l-- ,- iri.-.-,oro'W-mP! lmd fotI tho sa
V IIU ikjt.-c v .tviniv " -"- ....... ......... ,,, ..., ., .,
jr . ...'. ..k. .......v.....
ath rails anAIIss Fisher to Henley
. to take up their schools.
' All of those who had tho Influon.-,-iza
aro getting bettor and school will
Hiun nguin lonuuy.
$tvr ttf
expected Japan
would attack tho fleet while It was
on its wny round.
"I told hlb," ho wrote, "that Jhad
not expected such an, attack, hut
IX' i
Wh Do
Glasses fAe&n
to You ?
to tho-A. C. Ilunnelt placo, which
they hought-from Dr. Patterson.
Do rlusscs mean to
IpJ you Just so much mer-i-
.rehnndlso, to be bought
with no, moro caro tnnn
in'huylng'a pound of cot
feasor a can.ptboansT
Perfectly fitted classes
are "constantly perform perferm
ing: marvelous work in
tho 'relief, of eye-strain
and detective vision.
They roprosont a groat
deal moro than more
merchandise they repre
sent a high degrco of
professional skill in tholr
prescribing, and almost,
as much mocbanlcal skill
In tholr making.
Dowcro of "bargain
counter" glasses don't
take any such risks with
YOUR eyes. Call and lot
us fit them . accurately,
I Soven passenger cdr will loavo
Monday or Tuesday Faro $16.20.
'Mecca Taxi Service 531 Main. Tel.
103. o
Sorves you right Club Cafe 6-tf
Phono 140W.
706 Main
Any one who has bills against the
Isolation hospital, please .present
them not later' than Monday' eve,
wth vouchers attached. " f, n
C. a' LOW'KVMgr.
Tho -regular meetings
of. Klamath Post No. 8,
American Legion, will bo
hold at 8 o'clock p, m at
the City Hall In Klamath Falls, on
the second and rourtn Tuosaays oi
'each month, AH Comrades are in
j' Those desiring to Join tho Post
Jmay secure application blanks from
PQ; K, Van Riper, Frod Nicholson, or
'L 11. Carnnhan, nil of Klamath Falls.
Faith or Facts
Do yoU guets at the qua
lity or blindly believe in the
worth of the tires you buy
for your car?
Do you know that you
have the bettnd why it it
the best? ' "
Iet nt tell you Just
why OOOD YE Alt
Clincher tires In sizes
80x8, 80x8 H, or 81x4
aro the best for you.
Imperial Garage
Phono 130
fiooilycar Service
Hint I liml! Hinnrrhf It nncll.l. In
Mr. Klger and family have moved' othcr wordii that xJt 'tna
chances wore against. ltibut there
was a chance for it.'JIy WJlnofMcw
if tho Japancso attacked It, It was n
certain sign that they.were intending
to attack! us at thof first favorable
I had been doing my best t'o be
polite to the Japanese and had fin
ally bocomo uncomfortably conscious
ot a very, very Blight undertone of
veiled truculence in their communi
cations in connection with things
that happened on the Pacific slope
and I finally made up my mind that
hthey thought I was afraid of them.
tt "Every particle of trouble with
tho Japanese government and the.
Japanese press stopped Ilka magic as
One of tho best-appointed and
most, up-to-date Institutions of Its I
kind in , Washington, D. C, is tho
now clubhouse Just opened to seryof
as n headqunrters for college women
In the national capital. Tho ven
ture is sponsored by the National
Association of Collegiate Alumnae,
an organization representing eighty
colleges and universities, and with
a membership of thousands of col
lege women throughout America.
Jimmy Wilde, tho English fly
weighjt champion, Is to receive J10,-
oop fcr boxing Franklo Mason at
Toledo on March 12.
Jack Brltton and Jack Bloomfield
will furnish the main bout at De
troit on March 10. Case of a pair of
Jacks being "closers" instead of
FOR SALE Used cars. 1317 Elein.
Imperial Garage. 25-tf
FOR SALE A double drawer Na
tional Cash register. Just like new.
Rex Cafe. 12-tf
Plaining Mill hands ot'nll kinds.
Carpenter for bench work and out3ldc.
Sticker man
Hand sswycr
Sash and door men
Cnbinot makers
Lakeside Lumber Co.
Klnnittli Aicnuo and Center St.
Phone 128
FOR SALE Led ling makt Phouo-j
Kmiius. i-iunus, tieroroa. .an
Shepherd, 507 Miln St. 24-tf
soon as they found that our fleet
had dctunlly sailed, and was obvious
ly In good trim. As I told von Tirpitz,
I. thought it a good thing that the
Japanese- should know there were
FOR RENT Sjface In these columns
atllfeehlaaline a day. A lino
here? is readTliy thousands every
night. " .
Carpenters' union No, 190 Klam
ath Falls, Ore., voted to raise scalo
ot wages from the present rato of $7
per day to ?S per day and also voted
closed shop tho above to take effcot
April 1st, 1920.
C. E. SOLOMON, Rec. Sec.
' " ,
Strayed from my pldce near Stukel
Bridge one small light red cow,
(Jersey color, branded JH (connect-
FOR RENT Inside office. Room 214 ed) on right ribs,' has short curved
Wllllta Bldg. See W. C. Van horns. Has other brands. Address-in-Emon,
Atty., First National Bank formation- to J. R. "Elliott, Klamath
Building. 2-6 Palls, Ore. r 4-9
pllcity of tho. rulers of Norway 1m- are aylne, serious, powerful lot ot
pressed him deeply. "At Chrlstiania," men aDj WOmen. But they have tho
he wrotewe were taken at once toUogt genuinely democratic society 'to
the Palace where we stayed: and lUg found Jn Europ0( not exceptmg
cjpto ! hardly speak too strongly ot SwIUer,and; lher(J aro only two or
KingHaakonQueen Maud and little three state ,n tn(, Amerlcan UnJon
Olaf.They wereMears; we were gen- wn,cn are reaL democracle. They
... . .. .:. r."!
ueeiq oi iue wniie races wnicn wereliilnory sorry when we left them to . -
toniiv Hiffrn f,m .h -? r "rJl I V? 7! e" "?: rve no nobles, hardly even gentry;
. ...-. . .. . .x. ..... luiuH. inui wa wouia never see iiiem .!,- ;- -a on
poor Rojestvensky." Von Tirpitz and ' galn, . ,eyer Norwa, declae8 t0 JJITJJTI
William, he said, told him that they
i regarded the .voyage ot the fleet as
having t'done more for peace in the
Orient than anything. else that could
po8sibly,have happened."
Other portions of the Colonel's
letter to Sir tieorgo teem with anec-
f dotes and reference to his associa
tion, with1 .European royalties. The
simple, unaffected, democratic slm-
iv0 I '
IyyV I
Sight or Unseen
In buying a monument, like
anything else, you want to seo
what you are getting. That is
r -why
J have purchased two car
loads ot monuments, one ot
which has Just arrived.
'It is now possible for you to
come- to our establishment and
make a selection that will
harmonize with the surround
ings ot your loti In dealing
with us you are dealing' with a, friend and neighbor who values
your good opinion and good will as fully after you buy as before.
We give each order our individual attention for we want you to
get Just what wjll be suitable.. haye an Interview with you."
Klamath Falls Marble & Granite Works
tumnlo-fnrmflrR. nflilnra fiahnr fnllr.
turn Republic wo should, love ?.lmeCnanlca-ali BmM traders. On this
have tiem .come to live near Saga-communlt7a royal family Is sudden
more Hill. I piunvped It Ja mlcil as lt Vermont
"Norway Is as-tunnay a kingdom . should-prf band try the experiment
as was ever imagined outside of op-(of baving'a king. Yet it certainly
era bouffo; although lt isn't opera seemed as If the experiment were
bouffOjaV.aU, for the Norwegians enli'relyBuccessftil."
The Rex Cafe
Special Sunday Dinner
i $1.00
Olympla Oyster Cocktail
- ,.. cream ot Chicken, Royale? , V ; j v $
t 5.V f jjciisues
Ripe Olives
California Almonds
. A,
.' Salad
Celery and Apple
, I , Cholco ot
yc t Young Chicken Fricassee, 'Rex Style
,- " Roast' Young Fig, Celery Dressing, Apple Sauce
l J
- -u
VcgctJibles r-
Cream Whipped Potatoes r Sifted Eena
Choice of -
Cabinet Pudding, Custard Sauco
Hot Mince Pie
Applo Pie iv
, - Coffee Tea Milk .
Murphey's Feed & Seed St
126 South Sixth St ;' ' r Phoi
wwk mtkiii''mi&fi
m'-m- witj-., r ,
V -i
S tlf- V m
- 1