The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, December 11, 1919, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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The Evening Herald
City Editor
Published dally except Sunday by
Aed Rtstaurant Patron Makei Search
for Straw Topplect, But Find
Own Derby.
Nice old gentleman In the rcstan-
rnnt. with n long line of tint trees
UoxIhk fans arc promised n run
for their money In tlio contests
z m
T KabfnTcoTpany Vt '!! .,!?.,e.r:. "l8i,n"
Klamath Falls, at 116 Fourth Street., '. " !" i- ' - " '"
turned to the hut tree hack of him
Catered at the postofflco at Klam-1 and took down his hat, or the hat he
Kk Falls, Ore., for transmission thru' had no doubt was his. but when from SCheduled for next .Monday night, !!
nails as secona-ciass matter. ; force of he looked Inside of it . ,,,,.. ,r. ... ,,, iiou.ton onera "
! to make sure he found that It wasn't!, .... .. . K ... . ;.
splces of the. new municipal boxing
Toby Miller, whose hard-hitting
reputation Is well, known to local.
Subscription terms by mall to any! hls hnt nt Bl"
Mdress in the United States:
Dae year .
Dae month
So he put that hat back on the tree
lgnn;and tried the next most likely one,
5q but with the same result, and It was
I tuc same with all the tints on tun
huh m nil 1 1
of the ssoclatcd Press i trce wn,cn n I000 Into one by one (fans, Is training for the main bout
until he. had looked Into nil excepting wth miiy Huff, and declares that
tt atari Dpita la ATlttolvnlV . . . . . ... . .
, The Associated Press Is exclusively ' a bjacj- avtbs. which he did not In-
HVt UlUCt IflPC WICUItCU m vu.o yi-
Vr, and also local news published
All rights of republication of spe-
dispatches herein are also resenr-
-9HUR8DAV, DECEMBER 11, 1010
t Sam Had His Fee.
Sam was on trial, charged with steal
tog ten dollars. He pleaded not pull-
ty. Being unable to hire a lawyer, the I
-Judge appointed younjt Clarke ns coun- I
el. Clarke put up a strong plea In j
dexense. and Snm was acquitted. Ar
terward the pair met outside the court
room. "Now. Sam." said the young lawyer,
"you know the court allows the coun
sel very little Indeed for defending a
ease of this kind. I worked hard for
yon and pot yon clenr. I'm really
mtltled to a pood big fee and yon
should dig up some money and pay
tne. Have you pot nny money at nDV
"Ves. nh." replied Snm happily,
"1 still done pot dnt ten dnllnhs."
Hut then, to leave no stone un
turned, he took down that black -derby
and looked Into It: and, pood gra
clous 1 that was the hat he was really
looklnp for; thut black derby hat he
was now looking Into was his very
he Is In better condition for tho com
ing contest than ho has bevn for any
event In years. He Is confident that
ho can s,top Huff long before tho
tenth round.
Huff Is losing no sleep from anx
iety over l 111' uiuiuiur. iiu oujn imti j.
his Oakland opponent looks no big-
cer to him than any of tho rest of $
He smiled ns he put It op. He had ,,, ,.,, nninta fw nnt m.r. I
changed thnt morning from straw to ,...,. , ,,, . , ,,, i i,i 5
i. ., ... . , , .. . Iformances of his own to sustain nls 3,
felt and then had forgotten all about , ....,.,,, ... . S
lu content on that tho dec s on will not
gq to his opponent s corner.
f....A ....i. ...... r... -.... ...I I... I .. t. !
inU BHUl'J &U11I 'IUUIUI 'l Utlllllllll-
rles between Kid llnrrlnngton nnd
9l04.U.t Outfit
This flno Phonograph with
10 selections has trlplo mo
tor equal In power to many
nt twice tho prtco. Crop
payments or by tho month,
Natives Occupying Spot, Peopled by
About 150, Have Degenerated
Through Intermarriage.
Jack Edwards, lightweights, and Kid J
Indisputable Proof.
A dmririst ii'hn.Mst!nc In the com
pany of hl frlend of h! well-nssorted
stock In trade. "There ln't n drug
McPherson and Young Souza, wolt- i
ers, are on the card, and a six-round T,
scml-flnal bout between Quy Itob-
Hnms Iq trhnM ttia linnpt la httt itiA ....... .... r
., , "- " .-,.-. .... erts ana 1)0 Allcn( wmen runs
heart p cks out some iuot unii.unl , , , , , u
locations at times. Ka.her near, as c,a ,n ,8 KOlnK acca8,on "8 n,uch J
Pacific ocean distances go. to the So-, excitement as the main event. J
clety Islands. Is Pltcalm Island. It Is; Members of the boxing commls-
certainly n lonesome spot, says the slon publicity commltteo declnro any t
New York Sun. nnd ns far Imck as'ovldonco of a frame-up will result
1S50 the nrltlsh authorities decided 'in barring tho guilty parties from t
that It was no fit place for human ' ruturo exhibUlon8 horo. nn,i fllr.
habitation. So. the descendants of the .. ... , , ..,,, ,
mutineers of the "Bounty" who had jthermore, that no rowdyism will ho
settled there In 17P0 were transferred tolerated. They assert that all bouts
that. year to the more Inviting Norfolk undur the$r management must bo
Island. Several families, however, j clean contests, cleanly conducted,
were so homesick that they went back and any deviation from this ruling .
10 PltCnlrn. '.Kill nn l..l Inlamlail fn. n mln.ito V
91WI.MU Outllt
Beautiful walnut or onk.
"Push the button, outcomes
tho record," Ornfonoln. Pow
erful motor and seut tone.
Will there be a
in your homo this Christmas?
There is nothing so suit
able as a if t for all the fam
ily as a Victrola, Grafonola
or Sonoru Phonograph, so
why not have the stimulat
ing and pulsating sounds of
the' world's best
your home?
music in
I win iiui uu ujiuruicu lur u imiiuiu.
Tom Watters, whoso Integrity and
-missing.- ne sain: -noi. even or me The popuiaton from t,lese ew fnm,
most uncommon sort." I niou ho. n, innn...i ,,.n ... inn
-Come now." said one of ,.,e hv- l ,e nre on ,hfi ,, Thr0UJ,h ,. knowledge of the boxing .game nro
standers. by way of a Joke. "1 in -mre tcnnarrnpe nnd other evils of Isola- uoth ot ,he h'Kllcs'. wl,r referee tho
, - f- - uon tnese Planners nnve uegeneratea lu"1'
tlon. as well stocked as you are,
"Why not?" said the druggist, not
Id the least embarrassed. "You shall
ace for "yourself." So saying be left
tae room and returned leading his
"wife by the hand. Pittsburgh Chronicle-Telegraph.
nnd their retrogression undoubtedly
will end In their extermination.
It is said that n custom peculiar
to Buddhists Is that of wandering
fthntl? th rnlintrv ivlth hnmmnr nnrl T
lan Sold" 2.??.? T - olr symbols up- J
R. E. Smith, 517 Main St. 11-lt on rocks bV the wayside.
Put .more pep into your
home life, get out of the rut,
take more pleasure and live
lonfier- JiJU
Gonvcnicnt teims make
it possible for eveiyone to
have this music, so why not
Open Evenings in
New Store, 507 Main St.
Phone 282J .
IS ()utflt
SfiD,.We.U.,ifh. U $
"d 20 .VimUom. tmm 1
fca Bl'vts'. "i-B
Now design In the Colonial.
M 1 leM 1 1 1 ilt44r J
You Can't Fool
9148.SU Outfit
Larger modol "Push But
' ton" with drawer and 20
Convenient terms.
Latest, nouvst design and
very hnndaomc, tin browa
' ' 't .' H -
f s.
$f!P y
i MAi.VW
The greatest activity will take place this spring on
on rich, productive tule land. Thousands of acres of
land have been sold to the greatest land experts in
the county. Buy 10 acres adjoining them within 10
miles of Klamath Falls, on the railroad. I will give
you a chance to purchase in 10-acre tracts, on easy
payments, this rich delta land, which is classed
among the richest on the Pacific Coast.
Do not wait. Come and investigate at once. I
only have a few of these tracts left.
L JACOBS, 621 Main St.
Or R. E. Smith Realty Co., 517 Main St.
Signs Reveal Something, but Pact Re
mains That We All Havt to
Takt a Chance.
No man Is ever really In love who
can say so with all the ease, ardor and
eclat of a stage lover. No man ever
loved a wonmn Just berausf she was
good. The man uho says prei'ty things
to his wife all the time may have had
lots of practice eliher before or sine
bis marriage.
The husband who never gives his
wife a decent word or a compliment
would knock down any other man who
would treat her In the same way.
The slncerest lovers are hoe ho
are tongue-tied, and don't know where
to put Ihelr feet.
A man who seems very stupid Jn a
crowd can often be extremely Interest
ing In a dlnily-llt. cor.y corner with only
one other person present.
There are two kinds of rournge
the courage of the limelight, wh'rh
prompts a nice young man in wh'te
ducks to Jump overboard after a girl's
handkerchief, and the reul rouriige
that makes n man face ihe horrors of
a fashionable wedding, ihe torture of
meeting the hills of a housekeeping
apartment, nnd the agonies of walking I
the floor all night with n hahy. The
two are seldom coupled In one young
man. i
The first wife of a widower never
wns such nn nng"l ns she seems to him
after his second marriage.
A mini Is like a piece of eioth war
ranted to wash and matrimony Is tho
laundry. It may Improve him, give
him starch and freshen him up, or It
may take all the color out of him. You
have" in take the chance's. Philadel
phia Inquirer.
Pursued. f x"T,rK
Nathaniel Hiiwhnrtie' handwriting
wns so Illegible Unit some of his miinti-' Tno '"!" Ad So-'etv of ft
scripts remnlned unpublished because Methodist Episcopal Church sill
nobody could read them. This was hol'L ,H nnnunl nfuu ,of J22
in,,.,...,. .... ., , , i . work, aprons, candy and cooked
Ikewlse true of nrlyle. Tho story fo0(I nl jolinom,-g Kurnlturo store
Is tolil of a type romposltor who win Saturday December 13th The sale
employed by n London printing nfllre BtnrM nt 1000 o'clock ll-2t'
because of a strong recommendation -
brought from Rcntlnnd. The first piece cSftrlljitlill, Italy's famous patriot.
of manuscript given him to set was aVQ wrot0 novM whr WM -
m h, ... 'llfchod In six IniiguasM. but never
..... ....... ..,,, ,,,,- iirv l.viirfi'in-r.
Rove you got that man here ton? I
fled from Scotland to avoid him!"
Ladles Home Journal.
paid In any.
Fares on the London subwir
lines aro graded, being higher .In
tho West End than In the poorer
sections of tho metropolis.
Th Inhabitants, of Heligoland
mnko money by trapping larks
while migrating for the winter. As
flftmi thousand 01 m
Unstylish. Dude,
"Do you know how to make n pas
dowdy 7" asked her husband.
It was too good nn opportunity to
let go by.
"Certainly." she replied. "All I have i,ir,iK j.iivn been caught on the Is
to do Is to dress the pan In the kind lnn(, ,n ()no nKi,t.
of clothes you make me wear." j 0no of , flrgt pretentious
hiilldlngH erected In Sun Francisco-
wns ninilc of stono which was cui,
i many as
Tho population of tho
exceeds n
population of tho world
jintiHn - - -,..., . olHnn with
Kmillro. rrn,.,l nno.nnnrlnr nf .h IleI ami piaccii . i" ,,
-out mortar In China, uml then shlp-
I ped across tho 1'aclflc.
Duy your boy or your wife a
Xmas present that will bo an In
surance against poverty. Get ton
acres of tulo land. A llttlo down,
a llttlo every month. That la all
you need. It. K. Smith, 517 Main
St. 11-lt
Best yet. Herald Want Ads.
", si.
ii . ;
" ' 4 !'
Winter Schedule
Single trips, 50c passen
ger; Pelican Bay,, $1.50
for either 1 or 3 passen
gers. . ,; .
Rex Cfe. Phone 77 '
II .W. I'OOLB, Owner.
IIAIlItY IIOKBL. Musical IHiertor
The original "Easy Mark"
and a Peerless Comedy
A wonderful dramatization of Robert Hichens'
world famous novel
Doors open U80 and 0:80 P, M. EvenlnK pictures start at 7f
? f