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    THWHIMV, M-(I-htMiii
rxam two
Lee Tires Give Exceptional Service
Any Defective Tirei can be Adjusted on n 6,000 or 8,0
Mile basis in Klamath Falls.
Howie Garage 12th and Mali
EPS j - iCm
In When you 're hot and thirsty say SJ
1 Hires ' 1
KIT At an; pUr where oft beTeragv are Mid. 3vJ
l2be& Bottled In 3 tlie vHB
5 - B.nltrt and Distributors. PORTLAND, OREGON Dfl
Ki pa
!..... ...- r-r '
where 1 lmvo used them, tho Amor I
Iran troops 'delivered tho goods.'
"Vou may well believe Hint this
close association In war of such largo
bodies of Australians mill Americans
litis erected u very real (iml lasting t
friendship between (Hit; two democ
racies. Tlio foiuuliitlons (if tluit
friendship litul ahi'iiily lioon lulil
many enrs beforo liy tlio VIbII of thu
Australian CoiivtuniHler-ln-Clilcf Ilur. Amnrlcnn battlo Heel to Australia.
Ini War Sjixs Tlint tlio AinorlciiiiN "I can assure you tluit Australia
Xoer Fulled to Deliver tlio Goods
When Culled ln.
by more careful packing and by re
fraining from hurrying tlio South
American merchants to pay their
Lessons derived from the expert- here.
LONDON, Auk. 4. Australian
and American soldiers nro "full
blood brothers," In tho opinion of
Lieutenant General Sir John Monnsh,
commander-in-chief of tho Australian
forces in tho war, because the Amor
Icnns'woro nuwr placed In any posi
tion, nor called upon to perform any
duty, when, as the general expressed
It, In an Independence Day speech
they did not "deliver tho
attaches much Impel tunrc to secur
ing and maintaining the friendship
'of America. AVn look upon tho Unlt
' ed States ns our big brother In tho
1'aclllc, and if any one of you lias rw
lletted on tho problems of Hie Pacific
which aro going to aiiso in thu fu
tuio, he will know what I muan by
'that observation."
itn.x.M c.xMi: im;i:si:i:'i: ,
SAN DIKCO, Oil.. Aug. :.- A band '
of twelve elk, Including three bucks
and nine doe, Is raomiug the gamo
preserve In tho Laguua Mountains
and aro an nttrartiou to cumpcis who
chimco upon (In! in from time to time
Originally the iiulmnls woic in llnlho.i
park here.
Tho'olk were turned loose at an
altitude of 0000 feet where the ell- '
acidizing that much of their mer- allied arms the first success they had "1U,1 nlMl "'""'?- '' '-,l for ,
"Maybe nobody has told yo
says the lood Judge
Why this good tobac
co costs less to chew.
You get real tobacco
satisfaction with a
.small chew, h tfives
you the good tobacco
taste. It lasts and lasts.
You don't need a
fresh chew so often.
It saves you money. ;
put up in two styles
RIGHT CUT is a short-cut tobacco ,
W-B CUT is a long fine-cut tobacco"
ences of Denver manufacturers may goods."
be a benefit to those of any section General Monash said ho first
of the country. I)uslnes-s circulars reached this conclusion In the early
are being issued in Spanish and cor- dawn 6f the 4th of July, 1918, when
respondents familiar with that lang- for tho first time, Australian troops,
AVIth nnge are being employed so as to np- lighting side by side with the Ainer-
Demcr Meicliants Win Vinor
South American Flrttrs by Priic- proach the customer In his own Ian- leans in tho Somme sector, won tho
liclne Courtesy and Efficient Gnge. . battlo of Hamel, and gave to tho
Methods With Them.
DENVER, Aug. 5. Denver export
ers are rapidly pushing open the
gates of commercial South America
by giving greater attention to the
needs of Latin American countries.
chandlse must be transported by nchloved since tho Germans began
mules' over the Andean passes, the their memorable advance on March
Denver men aro limiting the weight 21st.
Mint Jell
Try Mint
Jiffy. Jell
with roast
lamb or cold
meats. It is
vastly better
than mint
sauce. Try
desserts with
their real
fruit flavors in essence
form, in vials. Each is so
rich in condensed fruit
juice that it makes a real
fruit dainty. Yet they cost
no more than old-style
gelatine desserts.
of packages of machinery to about
250 pounds and aro packing them In
cases composed of heavy planks re
inforced with steel bands.
Extension of credit is being arrang
ed through the assistance of certain
New York banks.
Denver exporters .find thnt it is
best not to introduce lnovatious with
painful suddeness.
There Is scarcely a South American '
coin-try with which some !vw
manufacturer has not established
commercial relations. The Andean
mines of the west are reached by way
of the west coast of Souh ..---are
the best customers for the class
of machinery which Denver has to of
fer. One local exporter of mining mach
inery reports that he has received
more Inquiries from Latin America
in the past six months than even be
fore during corresponding period.
their. successful propagation. It Is ex
pected that their numbers will In-!
ciease as they aro protected against I
molestation from hunters. !
that n ro tiEKfti t i.i I
In Testimony li r
unto Htilipcnii
caused to l f
Real of tile siai
twoiity-thhd il
oilier llottg
' I Live net
iy winse
"' the pa
1 OrtKoam
' J'Hy, 1911
'".COIT. Coil
"This battlo wns tho turning point,
of 'the war," said General Monnsh. j
"It was a brilliant nnd unqualified j
success, audits effect upon the mor
ale, both of tho enemy and of our
own men, was electric and startling.
It became tho modol of all subse- , ' .... .
duent achievements In France, and of Uuru,M "" "f ,ho Al,!,lral Krm" I
It paved the way for tho great coun
ter offensive In August." f
The American troops engaged, the'
general said, wero 1.Q0O men from
the 33d division, commanded bv
General John Dell. Tho 33d dlvl-
slon was then undergoing training."'
General .Monnsh said ho had asked
and obtained permission to employ
1,000 of the Americans in the battlo
of Hamel, but on the eve of tho bat
tle tho permission was withdrawn.
"Those 1,000 Americans covered
ruvriNi'M DKt'osris rnr.w). i
1 PAPEETE, Society Islands, Aug. j
5. I'lntlnum deposltB are reported to
have been discovered on the Island ,
approx'inately 201) mil.-.-t couth of T-
. hltl. A mining engineer from the
I'nlted Etntes Is investigating thu
reported discovery for tho holders of
mining rights here.
MEXICO CITY, Aug 3 -Luis Cab-!
rem, seflretnry of the treasury, Is
quoted El Demacratu as saying In '
en address boforo tho Chamber of De
puties. "Tho league of nations contin
ues to be a dream for there Is not ono
Sound u
Warning That Mut 1m
by Tbo-e Vl-dtlng tlio
(Jr. -ill I'.pieslN of the State During
the l)r) Sciimiii.
tO Flavor, at Your Grocer'
2 PaekagtM for 25 Cent I
Australian veterans took them to
their hearts as. full blood brothers."!
I "I have been asked over and over
again to express my opinion of tho
American troops," General Monash'
continued. "I am not going to be bo
Just Hemember this. The dates for foolish an to nttnmnt to iln n h
me cms v-unveniion are August i,
15 and 16 Get ready
ndtlnn tltnt pamo tfi rnnntitinn n nti.l
themselves with glory and I can pay of , govere,Kty ll8 blicrlflcc t0 lho , uo Breaier compliment man Dy ood of ,ho rest ..
saying that from that day on our, -
Confronted with the great danger
that threatens lho great forostH of
this state, Governor Olcott has Issued
a proolamntloii warning tho public
to ho careful in the uro of fires dur
ing the dry season now prevailing. It
reads no follows-
With tlio State of Orngon confront
ed by n .condition which threatens .
destruction of forests, grass and
grain fields bernusu of lack of rain, I
fee Justified in ordering all Stato
Fire Wardens to exorcise tho greatest
caution In Issuing permits to bunt.
I further proclaim tluit no camp
iiitti(iisr sis
I' iti:ii'i
ami sn.i'imt
i mi:s AM
or s(!K
Mnlr that loses li lor nnd hit
ir nlieu It fades, i ii i r h Kr.i. (lulli
lllelcHs, In canned It n lurkotiil
iiliur In the hair inir KrnnilnoUv
'innle up a mixture f S.-iReTrlU
iilpbur to keep lier lucks dark I
bountiful, mill t li ii h:i ii iIh of iod
and men who valm ihm ett torn
t fires shall ho started In or near forust lmt beautiful dark shade of ti
........-.. '....!... I. ... -.. .! II
The time Is getting shorter every
day for you to do what should be
done before the Elks get here on
August 14, 15 and 16. What are you
Are you ready for the Convention?
and now, I am only going to say that
in your own expressive vernacular,
that at all ttmes and In every place
Jump from Bed
in Morning and
Drink Hot Water
Notice to Subscribers
Under authority of the Postmaster General, on account of
recent increases in wages to employes, totaling for the State of
Oregon upwards of $z25,000.0U, certain changes in exchange
rates have been approved and made effective July 29, 1919, for
the State of Oregon.
The changes in rates apply particularly to residence service,
changes having been made in the principal business rates
May 1, 1919. v
All new business taken on and after July 29th will be at the
new rates, and bills to present subscribers for the month of
August will be rendered at the new rates .
The increased rates will yield an annual revenue upwards of
$250,000.00, but as the increase in wages is upwards of $225,000,
the net return to the company under the rates now made effective
is approximatly 2V per cent on the valuation of its property at
$13,464,000.00, as found by the Public Service Commission.
The new schedule of rates is identical with the one annroved
by tho Postmaster General for tho State of Washington, which ha"?
been in effect since March 1, 1919. The rates are the same in both
stat"" for oxchanores that are cojnpnrabK
We bpli'p that no proof ns to th fldvanc-il cost of liyinc and
the p-piipvnl hih cosf pvovailino- for labor nnd materials is nces
"irv. and thit thp telephone noino- miblif will arrnrif this in'yois'1
ii vnrr.5 in thp cqmn gnivitof fairnrs and consideration as it hnC!
i'p ndvanoes in almost eveiy other necessity in these unusual
The Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Co.
or brush covered lnnds within twenty
(20) feet of any standing or down
trees, brush piles, or other litter that
may cause the spread of fire, and un
der no condition Is a fire, to be built
until the ground Is cleared to mineral
soil for a distance of six (ft) Toot In
every direction and no surh fire shall
be left even tiimporailly until It hiiH
been completely extinguished with
Inasmuch as the forests aro ono
of tho stato's chlof material resources
I strotll!lv urcn nvitrv nerunn pnttn
Why Is man and woman, half the ,lU) the woods during the current drv
hiiiu, ..-.. us uu. uu. tit:-juuuuiii, .,.,.,. , rHfr..l
Telia why everyone should drink
hot water each morning
before breakfast.
worried; some days headachy, dull
and unstrung; somo days really Inca
pacitated by lllne.-iH.
If we would nil practice Insldo-batli-Ing,
what a gr:itlflng change uutilil
take place. Instead of thousands of
half-slek, nnaemlc-looklng i-ouls with
nafcty, muddy complexions wo should
see crowds of happy, healthy, rosy
eheokod people everywhere. The rea
son Is that the human system does not
rid Itself each day of all tho waste
which It accumulates under our pres
ent mode of living. For every ounce
of fod and drink taken Into tho sys
tem nearly an ounce of waste material
must be carried out, oIpo II fermonts
and forms ptomnlno-llko poisons
which aro absorbed Into the blood.
Just as ncce&kiiry as It Is to clean
tho ashes from the ftirnaco each day
before the lire will bum bright and
lint, so wo must each morning clear
tho Inside organs of tho previous day's
accumulation of lndlgcstlblo wusto
nnd body toxins. Men nnd women,
whether sick or woll, mo advised to
drink each morning, beforo breakfast
a glass of real hot water with a tea-i
.., . II ... In U '
from smoking, ns
nny fire nllowcd to get beyond con
trol Is not onlv extremely dnngnroim
to all of property hut necessi
tates tho uso of labor and supplies
which Is so nttractlui, ub only t
ilil-llme recipe.
NouiuI.ij'h wo get I tils fnmoulBB
iite. Iiiiiiroxed by the mlilltlonofoli
er Ingredients by miking at anr.n
nnre for it fiO-cent buttle of "'.Vyeul
iiig nnd Sulphur (' iiiimiinil," wbla
laikens the hair b- iiatuTally,
'iveuly, that nobodi mi iiomlblf tl
t luiH been implied on Jut dlB
mi n sponge or soft Lniili MtbtU1!
Irnw this through V "r hair, tsatt
urn; small strand at a time Hr mort
Ini! tl. crav hair d' iaiwari; bl
vlmt dellalits tho hid ' with Wyetbl
Sijrh and Sulphur (' mioiiml lil'ji
liesldes beniitlfillh I 'rkcnlDJ 11
inlr nfier a fe tip' hi Mnn8 It '
brings buck the kI ml lutr
ul vet It an n nnea rim . if nbundsnci
Pioneer Garage
Under New'' Management
Specialists in Rebuilding and Recharging Storage
Batteries; also Repairing all Electrical Appliances. I
Vulcanizing, Automobile Overhauling and Kcpairuns
Machine Work. Tires and Accessories
lipoonful of limestone phosphate In It,
as n hnrmlohs mennrt of washing out
of tie stomach, liver, kidneys and
bowels tlio Indigestible matorlal,
'wusto, sour bile nnd toxins; thus
cleaning, sweetening and purifying
tho entire alimentary cannl beforo
putting. morn food Into tho stomach.
Millions of peoplo who hod their
turn at constipation, bilious attacks,
acid stomach, nervous. days and sleep
less nights havo hecomo real crouks I
about the morning lnsldo bath. A T
quarter pound of llmcstono phosphate 4
will not cost mucn ni uio urug store, t
1 -Get Your Winter Wood Now
For a limited time I will sell you your winter wood
at the following amazing prices :
622 Main.
but U sufficient to demonstrate to nny ' :'"I":-:":J'-:'J'!
lono its cleansing, sweetening nndl Tl u,.. j fii. v .nJ.v', n w- todavnot torflO-1
'ifroshgnlng effect upon tho system.-Ad
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