The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, January 13, 1919, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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' f'ar' j,rr tf ifc' n.?.''1
Splendid Darin
Italians Is Rewarded ,i-i
g of
Klamath founTy News
Herald's Classified Advs.
. j..v..
l.i nil school tepoher arrived
and school started Tuesday.
FOR SALE- Or will trade for sheep
or cattle, ranch on the west side
of Summer Lake; fine Improvement!
nnil A-l ranch; will sell for nnn.thir
cash, balance to suit; price $27 BOO
'"day P. M ,,.,., & Soni ,,-Vrk '
'"J - Vt
7jC M;f;icfi of a Var Sjccladcc, (ilmed
fom Authentic Scenes by a Thousand Cameras
iKK liiu wur w.tjt yuur tymt
ell of It frui i Ifw lirtt Mow tlrurli
tuwtt It tk.f hoy.' dpfiancn of
tUitlt 0:1 tl o liluoil dupe . f l' n
Msillti, War (crura nn I mil, . , tlo
cea, III tile lr. Clillt -enin-ulivn
' eointireheiulve -the one end only
'rtor'M lilitory rf the war.
l.V, toldler. if every nation at war
oil tl.o sri-nl :'" all llio fight-
liiK fronli. Cee our liny on tli
march in France ire liow they eat unci
l: nnil fi(lit. S.e our Navy rlenwl
for uction ri linw Uncle Sam it
;iilmlin; thru to rloriuu. victory. Sea
to ii bund on ship. I'aolucel ankod the
iliiilnila(l..iiral U ho and hla friend
-night hIho try to save themselves,
mil ho shook hands, saying- "Voii
aro bravo men, anil desorye to live."
They plunged Into the water anil
swam away, hut ten minutes later
th6 admiral began to suspect the
bomb story, and sent a launch to
brlnir them back. They were made
Hie Bwlmnwrs worn In Hi- l() walk ,, Ulu la,,,,er un(ler walcIl
Matinee 15c and 35c Evening 25c and 50c
ROM II- (CorreHpondi'iico of tho
' AHKoclati-d I'roHi) It wa'i by n-.vlm-!
itiltiK Inlo Tola harbor and stei rlnj;
I two hiiihII HUbmnrlue motor lo.vlrif.
I bombs that two Italian navnt oiIIjoim
duHtro;.'d the Austrian (IrnnluoiiRhl
; i Vlrlhus I'iiIIIh jiiHt beforu the kIkiiIhk
, of the armlstlCK bi'twonu Italy and
I Austria.
' .valiT tilni) bourn, and had to penc
'tniti: four ImrrlPrs arrosj !ho hnrooi
(i!Mriico .two of which w.o co-npoi.-!ed
of (iti'cl submarlliu nets. After
tin1)' had attached lliclr 'jii'iib to I ho
Hltln of the drondtlouKht, tlmy wore
capturoil and taken on boird the vos-
whi'ii tho
Mrs. V. i:. Kotnp returned to her
home nnr Keno Sunday after spend
ing a week with her parents Mr. nnd
Mrs. J. I). Hooper.
Mr Kd. Itoyce wan In Mldlii.d
Thursday from his ranch wiBt of here.
Mrs. Win. Tlngley spent Wcdncs
iHy afternoon with Mrs. J. I). Hoop
er. The .1. I... Davidson family are rc
loverliiB from the Flu.
FORI) I-OU SI,K ChMp for oash.
Phone 22M ,)r fiTY. ;;o )t
ia iaee-afnj-) llin
WANTED -Stock cattle in any num-
her, write or wire L. K. Walker or
Klamath Packing Co. 4-7-9-11-13
on Schubert, next poitofflce. 11-tt
Tlnt!ley Is hauling .loo from
FOR RENT- Three room furnished
apartment Inquire 39 High street,
corner Cedar 13-lt
Mr. II I'. Hauger, representative
they had wit the bomb, which was to of the Wellman Feck, wholesale groc-
Polar Hospital Serves
Gigantic Territory
j hid. unit wiro then
This iu aiulng (lure was an In. b!iI ns blown up.
tnriwtlUK llllUlinUon of the wide iihi
fiilui'DH of Si Hlrplii'iiH, when the
Antic xplonr. Vllhjimur Slefans
con. ilni had bci'ii lying III at Hem-
rind iHlnml with typhoid, had
mdf h tilled 100 nilliw on a dog sled
to ii-ai'h ihe hospital "
t.Vt it .iniiiliiril iinllij
Clillrolc .V Sinllli ngi'iii').
front the
COItlKlVA. Alnskn. (My Mall)
I'm lit-r uorl. In Hi. Stephens lloipl
Id of fm a w n Fort Viikon. Alimli.i.
-ui.1 in I" tbi' moiii nmiliiirly hospl
lal in Ninth Aim'Hm, MUri Marg irnt
Num mill tl nn remaining Kntdu-
nli' niiino of thi IliHllllliitl, Unn. In'cll
nunidi'il "UM'lul mirvlrti rhi'Vton"
hr tin" AiiicrliMii Ri'd f'tims.
The l.oapltal, an KiiKlWh Cliurrl
Imiiiiutii'ii loniicd Inn inlli'n linldi'
tin' An Mr Clrrli- on the Vllkini Flats.
U tlif only plain whi-rn mt'dlral ns-;
Utiiiin' rati be obttlni'd III cnliU'lhlllK
III,, ,n inio silinrn llllli's Hiild Arch'
ill' iimi IlinUoii Stuck In urltlng to
f In lli'd Ciiiki ri'(iii'Ktllig Hint the
( hi'tintl It ni'tit MIkh Nliiivlnlll
TIii iinnlnKt iiji(iiill up tho Vil
knti ! at ILiUMill 3fiO lllllns (iviy.
nnd tin' n iiri-nt ilouu tin' rlviT Is til
tlieiiiniN piMi nt I'ort (ilhlioii, :ir0
liillra ill-lillit, "Arrlldi'iirnii Stuck
said. "And In all tin uldi- hlutm
Ituil thorn Is no plil(latt"
For a limn last siimmi'i Miss Nun
lalll thought of going oiitnldi' to Join
tin' RimI ('rnsa woiki'l Ik-IiIiiiI th
Amnilinii linttlii lint's Sim wis pn
Milli'd upon bv llio honpllal and
rlnirih uutliorllli'- to rmnulu at In.'.
not Hutu post mill rnnllntii bur mis
sionary ami iiuisn work milling thn
grout itiiiiiber of Alnakmi Indians
ruled for I i.i tho hiupltnt.
,"lf It vttun iiernisaiy." Arcliilearnir
Stuck said, 'to closn this limpltil-ln
onliir to ulu Hi" war or that our
uouudi'it should linvo prupnr rarr. I
would iiiihcsltiitliiclv do so Hut If
II Is possible thai tlil bully needed
anil rontly wot), hIhiII continue I
that tho rl-csroii bn gr tiii'd to Hint
Mlr.s Xtinvlalll mn bi forlilli'd In
ri'iualu hern illslliigulMbi'il from sl.tck
itu and nlmi'iHi'i'M lit ll c .ittiiul
mm ma
has en
? reins
They escaped without Injury, mid
have returned to Rome lo loll of
their exploit, which Is clniructei-1.i'd
as one of the most daring and pne-
lilm- cestful In tho history of natal vnr-
fare. Only the fact that the Vlrlhus
I'nltlH had been destroyed by Itulfun
naval forces pievlously had beo'i
made known, but now the di'liub.
Iinvo been given out by the Italian
admiralty. ,
The olllctrs who thus sent to tho
bottom a 20.000-ton ship, ones of the
most powerful In tho Austrran navy,
wore Lieutenant Raffaolo I'aolucel
and Mnjor Rnffaele Rossettl. Tho at
tack was delivered on the morning
of November 1, 19J8,
To tow the bombs Into Pola har
bor, tho two Italians Invented smnll
explode In two mlntitos. Tho ladder
was crowded with sailors returning
to their ship,
"Run! Run for your lives;"
shouted I'aolucel, struggling to reach
tho dork before tho explosion took
pluce. He and Ro3scttl had reached
wur tho dee'e and ran to the stem of the
dreadnought when a tcrrlllc cxplo
s'on rent tho air, and a column of
water 300 feet high shot upward
Admiral Voucovlch again gave them
permission to save themselves, and
they had been swimming away from
the ship five minutes when they heard
another explosion, and saw that the
other bomb which had been left
adrift, had been carried by the cur
rent alongside the large Austrian
liner WIen, and had there exploded.
The Vlrlhus Unllls was then lying
on her side, hutv suddenly the huge
ship turned bottom upward, and
L'cutenant Paoluccl saw Admiral
Voucovlch scramble upward and
stand with folded arms on tho keel,
ready to go down with Itis essel.
' Major Rossettl and
era, has returned from a two weeks
business nnd pleasure trip to San
Jump from Bed
in Morning and
Drink Hot Water
Tells why everyone should drink
hot water each morning
before breakfast.
In the County Court of the State ot
Oregon, for Klamath County
In the Matter of the Estate of Fred
crick Melhase, Deceased.
Notice Is hereby given that the ad
ministrator of the above estate has
filed his final account herein, and
'that February Sth, 1919, at the hour
j of 10 o'clock a .m. ot said day, at the
. county court room In the City of
Klamath Falls, Oregon, has been
, fixed by said court as the time and
place for hearing objections to such
'account and the settlement thereof.
Dated the 6th day of 'January, 1919.
6-13-20-27-3 Administrator.
Why Is man and woman, half the
tlmo, feeling nervous, despondent,
werried: some days headachy, dull
and unstrung; some days really Inca-1
pacltntcd by Illness. !
It we would all practice inside-bath- (
Ing, what a gratifying change would I
take place. Instead of thousand of,
half-sick, anaemic-looking souls wlthj
pasty, muddy complexions we should TANiar follow ixo at
iwrn )!' LM'i.rirx.A ,xi m:-
see crowds of happy, healthy, roay-
Lieutenant ticei:cj oone overywheie. Therea-'
Paoluccl wore recaptured and taken , ... . ,,,-, ,i, i, ,,,., uvctnm .in,. nm ,
compressed nlr motors, to which were on boanl anolllcr Au8trInn warship. rW UtM oacll llay of aU llie wa9te,
attached bombs. For six months the whcro lncv were kopt vtaoner until wUph cumulates under our pres.'
two naval men practiced In long ills- Ule arm!stlcc WM alBned Bnd an Itu. cnt mod(, of Uv,ng For every ounce
lance swimming. The Italian ndmlr- ,a warshlp entered the harbor. 0f food and drink taken Into the sys-!
alty gave tho mthe use of a motor T1)en a launci, ,va3 sent for the two tern nearly nn ounce of waste material!
U ! Sec Cliilcote i Smith for Are. life.
accident nnd health Insurance. 03S
Main street. 24
Sticceor to Dr. Truax
Suit 200, I. O. O. F. Illdg
OHic phone 8&I
Iti I'hniii- 801
"For aiiyono .iiifforlng fioin the
aftei offecw of Influenza and needing
something to build them up," said
Fd ward W. Reno, a well known em
plii) no of tho American Hull way Kx-
Reaching tho harbor entrance nt
nightfall, tho two daring men started
on their expedition, swimming beside
their little motors and steering them.
To escape detection by sentries on a
wooden pier across tho harbor mouth
Paoluccl and Ros3eltl bnd hats
shnped like bottles, and tho sentry
saw nothing but a couple of bottles
heroes nnd they were sent on a de- must bo can led out, else It ferments
stroyer to Venice, where the people and forms ptomaine-like polson3
gave them a vociferous welcome.
1$ 3 J? 'lBnntuimmiSiKiiffi m mm
fySw "'B
fjl Look tor the
L fijilM scaled package, but jil
illllirl have an cyc out ii
i 11 111 ais or thc name I
! I lii'l' AJPSBil tV'C I I
llllill WRICLETb 11
II 111 II I T')at name ,s your pro" 111
H1I 3 taction aealnst Inferior j
111 I jI I imitations. Just as the Ij
III iill I sealed- pacliaite Is pro- pjj
IfiSlilill I tectlon aealnst Impurity. j
Jlljjffljjlllll The Greatest Name jg
IlliSiiiiS ln Coody'Lancl " wi
Ipi.: iMImm
la3aew " y af IPtw w l." ITT'ini UdOlia HJiw.v'''',ri'i?'V'Tl
pnsK (ompany. living nt 1.21 Ilroad- bcliiR tossed about by the waves,
win. KaiiaiM City. Missouri, "Tnnluc, When his back was turned they mi
ls tin. finest thing In the world, and vancod. and safely passed tho first
I II itdl ou why. barrier. V
Dm lug tho recent epidemic I was' A(,ur jnflnlto labor they fought
tilt-i down with the 'Flu myself and ,ll0)r Wliy ti,ru ttl0 stuei net8 nml thc
f. r t o weeks was Just about as sick, Austrian Heel lay before them,
tut ono nets to ho. I finally managed nmtchlnc tho side of tho Vlrlhus
Tells How To Open CloRgcd Nos
trils and End Head-Colds.
You feel fine in a few moments.
Vi.ur cold in head or catarrh will be
gono. Your clogged noatrils will
open. The air passages of your head
will clear nnd you can breathe freely.
No more dullness, headache; no
to pull thru, but my, I was ns weak
lis a In by afterwards. I lost twenty,
five poundH In weight or more, and
otory oiinri' of my strength seemed to
b" got.o Of rtiurbp, I wasn't able to
wl Uh are absorbed into the blood. . '
Jukt as necessary ns it Is to clean
the ashes ftom the furnace each day
before tie tire will burn bright and
hot, to wo must each morning clear
the inside organs of the previous day s
accumulation of Indigestible waste
and body toxins. Men and women, sick or well, are advised to
drink each morning, before breakfast,
a glass of real hot water with a tea
spoonful ot limestone phosphate In It,
v.s a harmless means of washing out
of the stomach, liver, kidneys and
bowels thc Indigestible material,
waste, our bile and toxins; thus
I.ooinis Illdg., Klnui.ttli Falls
.11? Main
Money to loan on real estate at
8 per cent.
Unllls. they attached tho bomb to
her hull beneath tho ladder which
leil to her deck, and timed tho bomb
to explode nt 0:30 a. in.
Ily this time they were exhausted.
I roiuseti to answer inu iiui'sunns naui'ii
i them by Admiral Voucovlch. At G15,
! however, they told the admiral what
they had done, and he gave tho order
do ii bit of woik and It vvn.s Just about ' 1avl)(. ,1Pon , th(, waep ,oro ,han
all I could do to walk around nnd my nJll0 llinlw. As tlu,y were leaving,
legs would Just completely give out ; lhoy woro dIl(C0Vcm, na taUe 0 1 had no appetlto. either board 10 llreailnolI.llt. At rfi, ley
ami uovnr rarou mr , tniug to eat. i
"1 know I wouldn't bo nblo lo go
back to work at nil fooling llko I
was, and as I had heard so much
nl'out Taulac I decided to tost It out.
Well. It oowod to belli mo right from
tl o lliht few doses nnd hua put mo In
flhnpo lo where I havo nctunlly Rain
ed twonly-flvo pounds In thirty days
tlmo I have Just flnUl od my thhd
bottle, and ll Is nothing slioit of as
tonishing tl e way It has Inei eased my
strength and hullt mo up In every
respect. I havo not only gotten back
all my old stiongth, but I really be
llovo I fuel hotter than I did oven be
fore I had thu 'Flu'. My appotlto wiw
never bolter, nil thnt tired feeling Is
gi no and 1 nm putting in ten hours
if rod, haul work every day, and It
roilly ilnosn't bother mo ono bit. To
nv I'm stioiii; for Tnnlne I3 Inaklng
l very mild. I am constantly tolling
i'n filond ntio'tt It. nnd I thing
h imdv v ho U In n rundown condl
1..1 t.ould do vvoll to glvo It n trial."
As 1 n been oti.ted. tbero Is not a
nf'o I'oillon of thn hotly that .la not
hnnofltod by the bolpful notion of
'nnl'tp T.uilne contains roitaln 1110.
dli'luiil propiu'tliu which enrich tho
blooii and piuniolo 11 healthy appotlto
for uciiii isliliiK food, thus hulplng to
hulld up health and Htrongth In tho
nutuinl way. And, iih In tho case of
Mr IVto, T-iiluc will provo (nvalu
ntvio to nil persons suffering from tho
lor efforts of Influrnsui, in grippe,
t pboltl u ml pneumonia, bronchial
doubles oli'. Tnulai Is n .poworful
rt'cuiistiuctlvu tonlu and ulwnys pro
ducos most gintlfyiiiR roaulta,
Tniilne In sold l' Klninnlh Falls by
tho Stui- Drug Co., mid In Lorelln by
thn Jnmoi More, Co, Adv.
I. ...). I ., ,. cniifrlliirr tttiinrtnc' ittu
...,.. u. b. "-"---- cleaning, sweetening and purifying
charges or dryness; no struggling tor J- ..,, , Wnp I
lIlU UillltW UII1U.IIVU; . wuewe v 1
putting more fcod Into the stomach.
Millions ot people who had their
turn at constipation, bilious attacks,
nervous days and sleep-
become real cranks
nhMt thn mnrnlnp iiwlilft haih. A'
quarter pound of limestone phosphate
'will net cost much at the drug stdre,
but is sulllcient to demonstrate to any
one Its cleansing, sweetening and
tioshonlns effect upon the system.-Ad
brenth nt night. 1
Tell your druggist you want a small
bottle of Kly's Crenm Halm. Apply
tlitln n(ilil: anttsentic
cream In your nostrils, let it penetrate aHa stomach, nei
thru every air passage of tho head: li;ss "-S ,,s ,mc
nlinill llin mrn
soothe and hoal the swollen, inflamed
luiKOtis membrane, and relief comes
It Is Just what every cold and ca
tarrh sufferer needs. . Don't stay stuf-fod-up
and miserable.
Osteopathic Physician Surgeon
Suite 211, I. 0. O. P. Tempi
(over K. K. K. Store)
Phone 321 . .
(The only Osteopathic Physl
lan and Surgeon In Klamath
Falls )
JertC't.-VrWit.W. jftfc .ft. ViS WWiwUMtiaVMiV.iiiaiWjWile Aft3
London outdid hoiwlf when Mnr- lutirlcs. Crowds lined the streets
Hlml Foiii, Promlor Clomoncenu and about Charing Cross station anil .nx-
Ilaron Sonnlno, Ilnly'o foreign mln- tondod down to Trufulgar Stiuare
Istor, went to London early In Do- This photograph shows tho otllelul re-
combor to confer on poaco prelim- coptlou at tho railroad station. Tho
visitors and their hostes, Indicated
by numbers, are: (1) Baron Sonnl
no, (2) Ilaron Law. (3) Frontier
Clemenceau, (4) Lord Curzon, (G)
Promlor Lloyd Ooorgo.
norody c.ix TKI.L wiiK.v on
' Grandmother kept her hair beautl
' fully darkened, glossy and attractive
; with a brew of Sago Tea and Sulphur.
Whonever her hair took on that dull,
1 faded or streaked appearance, this
I simple mixture was applied with won
! dcrful eftect. By asking at any drug
i store for "Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur
j Compound.' you will get a large hot
! tie ot this old-time recipe. Improved
1 by tho addition of other Ingredient,
I all readv to use, for auout 50 cents.
This simple mixture can bo depended
(upon to restote natural color and
' beauty to the hair.
A VVI'll known U0VVUIUU
,av3 everybody uses Wycthi Sage and
Sulphur Compound now because K
darkens so naturally and evenly that
nobody can tell It has been appl ed
it . so easy to use. too. You simply
.lamron a comb or soft hiu h and
draw It through 5our hair, taking one
strand at a time. Uy n'0"'
gray hair .llroppear-; after anothpr
application or two. It I reared tc It.
natural color and looks glossy, soft
and beautiful. TUU preparation Udj
delightful toilet requisite. It 3
intended for tho ere. mitigation or
prevention of disease. Adv.