The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, June 23, 1908, Image 4

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You Have My Guarantee
With every article of Jewelry bought
here you have the assurance that it is
just as represented. There is a guaran
tee that you are getting just exactly
what you think you are buying. Past
reputation is a good thing to judge by.
Old customers of this store are custom
ers now, and they are helping adver
tise the business because they are sat-
imtimA ..........
. . . Watchmaker, Jeweler and Optician . . .
sS&'S&r.. aft
fiLPt Ittffl
Kidney I Bladder Troubles
U auch a positive remedy 7 It stimulates
the kidneys to the full performance of their
function, eliminates uric poisons from the
system and acts as a soothing, healing
agent upon th bladder. By Its timely use,
healthful conditions of these organs sre
promptly restored. PRICE, $1.00 per bottle
PHARMACY...... 'r,r
Klamath Falls, Oregon
Commencing May 1st
?57KFSCMHsfBflWisiifrS l
Ease and
In Travel
Only 12 miles of staging and then a delight
ful boat ride up the Klamath River to Kla
math Falls
- GOING.-Steaaer Klaraalb leaves Klamath
Fal's at 4 a. n. connecting' with stifle
at Teeters which arrives at Dorrls at 8.
C0MING:-Arrive at Dorrls at 4 p. m. by stage
to Teeters and by boat to Klamath Falls
arriving here at 7:30 In the evening.
Oregon & California
Transportation Company
MRS. R. M, SARTER, Proprietor
MERCHANTS' LUNCH, 11:30 to 2
DINNER, 6 to 8:30
Are prepared to aerve banquets and dinner parties
I I I .. ! . . ... I. I. II, . , ,
If It Wtra So.
How rtnr mir life would run al.wa.
Jmt llk the. mimic. In n eoim
Or like n Iritln ut Pullman ir.
Wltli only soft and nleant J ire.
If thtn could herpen etery day
Tli way they work out In a playl
There eerlhlu le life ami IKlit.
The men ait hold thealrla are hrlcht.
Thine. rur nn net or two id wrou i
Uut In the end llithl eouira mil Krone i
The hero alae wliu the btl.le,
With mirth and imulo on the ille
Ni one le bothered In the play
Al.out n email thin like hie xtr
One ln) him n rail of Mile
That rnelly n fill.
Ami If he et r alioul.t run hy
A cheCt two"! brine a new iupl
The Mil lollectote neter knock
To itHo I ie llinld onee n ehotk
The on Iroublre on the mitt
Pertain u toe ami thlnae Ilk that.
And ew.i they hate feeble potter.
They come out rlihl In halt an hour
Of courte the tlllaln due not fare
Bo well Hut who for him wouM rare
He only mi to ntiihaelie
That Mrtue draws the certain ptlie.
That the dceervlnr; wine the wife
Ah. would that It were to In life)
On Place.
I inn not In
tbe leant bit iu
"Vutt don't
iltvnd to meet a
black eatV
"No, eicept In
the form ot a
Willi I ho iiaulttmue of Uilrt) t"'
bona Mlii Maud U Loud. Weitiliester
count. X V. I paying her way
thrvumli riillfiv
The lilr'l woman I" Norlli Ilrrwhk,
M. le Mitry 'lllilillle Jnliuenn. lilted
hluel) nine jenre Slio lite nlulio nt
the root of Itautu if ll'if mountain
Mm .J till i Wnnl Itmte, iiiiw nlmnat
i iioiiiicoiinrlnii, le "till united by llv
liiK iiithiilam fur the iaue f wont
en' clnln. w lilt li ah Inn hmg "l'
Mm V S i;tellr of Hrtllna. Kitii. I
it aorl of a.viiilhiitr wowian Oicr I 7
plem of ere itrilftnl on lier
IxHly when ahe m Imriml lif an
Due of Hie Ural women In Anbiirii.
Me, to ntu ml In tier enrlnit timne
t loaning thle year aa Mm. Jcminelle
Turner. Mm Turner N nluetjftno
)rar ol.l
.Mm. lanae II lev of .New ork, knotvn
In nearly nil I lie capitate of Curop im
the "ijilei'li nf alienee." hae reiilllieil
In r rrileaite nitntiKl inutile liole uinl
will apeml Hie ailliimer III till niliix'ii
i'X nhroail Her liuiueJIale dupe It In
orsaatle mill nolee aoclelllei III rurjr
uipltul In llim'lK'.
I.ucy HoliliKoii, leu jiiim iiU. riir
rkil off ilidluploiKlilp holiora In the III
tervMinity evlllii( couleel nt Mane lire ,
ter, la, Teuuit of leu each teptveeuteil
lllaiL Hank nml Delaware itiuntlri
Pelauare nluuluit liulb team ninl I lull
ilJual bouoM I n.'j lloliluaoii le n
three tlmea ch.iiuphiii, hating won tier
tint tuetUI when eeteli yean olj.
At the sign of the RedS
lime )nn eser ai;l it VUII Iu out l .... ,
DliI we Imve II.' II mil, ilhl hi. o,. u t ,,,',;" ' Htl itt
mil t netniii In ilo (liir lollil uilklei In,,, . .."" V'.Oir l ,
In pleaee eveiy lany ur Kelillemaii In town i.. . ",", Inli
it Umel, lull we knnw mir itute le up ,utp '" "nn. ,j,
Hie.. he ami la)e Hy In keep rIkm.I ,.,. " '" '"' Pr
BRUSHES ,,,h,1,!,l'Tl,',lf. ''- (.!&''
U" I.M.IIl llrileliee, Olliipl, . i, """ Hru.U.
Iltuelie. etery aUeaml atyln al tiuire.ti.i , '"'inl.Ni,
li n laro tun. i. ...
Iliat wo hi mil i..
IUI) H.ip., Mwihui, i
Mill. Ill) 'lollet Num.. I .
i. 11 II. .- ..f ul..a.... u.... i
li.ll line 'l l-'lie.llia f'weiiw
",' ' IhI i,V
" "iii,!';
en I (
nulla r i.e.. i . " injii i
ami perfect ''.lain." (let a l.ei.f III hr.T.!!,1Vr1,,,:!?'UW,
r i ;ur iieiimiiiiu ioi.i tieam ami . ,a. " "MH
ur a la
lleineinher TlierMar; u.e "tTAat IIKAUACHr
rowDSRtV' ir kxik;ki a iii:.h.m. iii ,
in ....
The Rnrelhl !Baiu-v...T.W
.... .. . ........ ot..,.,, iuu money"
Pull Beat.
The otl llnte.1 water llee
lleneath the blue of eai'tililre eklea
The rA cull In the aiure fllee
Ami. Orolni(, aa 'mere walenwlee,
Halutee the lllllpkl lake
The Utile crinkling wateteta play
lleneath the gloMlng Oik of Uy.
They never etop. They neier etaf.
They gn atul yrt are here alway.
The euu gml thlrit to elake
Ae move the wavee iitori the Uke.
So ilj the ll.lee of ftellllg nuke
My.full heart awell am) all but Ireak,
U much hate love and life at elake.
tf. etrung the throb and ache
Sporting Notes.
Mm. iliilir-My lnmtmiiil tiwta me .1
KimhI ileal of money.
ilM. llurker-Vee, nuj he leu't "fery i
KikkI to you elllier.
Mm linker-1 know It, but I k'ot J
itaiiily lot nf wnlilliiK priiciila ultb
til in ! New Vort: Tlnn-e.
Seaionable Reflection..
le It no; ia. '
To tl Ink. my lad, It nut (lie you ln
To niltr. that
!.u I ear airaie hat t do to wear again? City Tlmea
'I he 'J III IrotteM will halo $IO.(l to
nice for at Kalaiuat..
Alii I'. McDonald will go down Hie
line till, aenaou Willi Ceorife (1 , 2tt.':
tiny Axworthy. 2',; MliuU', 3 IDS,,
and Wlllivn. 'J I.'.).
IM llilKhee. Ilie pllciiir who refune.1
lo ko to l.lllle IIikL when illHxeil of
l) the Itoaluu Aiuerlcniie. Iiae now
liinril ulili Jliuuite t'nllatian'e ligati
Siiare li-jin
Oilier leellu. Jr. Iu elilereil Ille
Herri ehuir t tiller Mullerfly In Ihe l.lji
ton rui me of Ihe llMoklyn Varlit
tluli. nliMi l In ilurt on Urair.eud
ha j, New cifl:, nu July 4
I'midciit Murt'liy of (lie Chicago Na
lloiial league tat II 1 1 lib hae I a
Kheme Iii I Ik the cuahlou thrower
The oft pail are liouVul Into the arm
reila of Ihe real Willi analtlo booka
and rluge.
The Royal Box.
Notice For Publication
IVpatlliienl ul Ihe lllleilor, I . H.
Ijind OllUe at IjiVeile. llleKun, June
'.II I'aH, Xiillui le lieteliy $tu that
Ua KonUce, nl Kt, Klaiiulli. Oregon,
h I, mi Augilil '.'I. llU, liia'le Iminr
leail enlrr. Sii'JIll, Im lide II, 1'.' ai.d
13, r'ecliili I.TownellelUrf., Ilaiign ,
l' Will. MerllMM. Iuellle.1 liollie i,l
lutelilloii In make Filial Ihe )ear I'lieil,
Uliile II e ,
lllteii. i
II Will I. t,n.
tlce In vro It
kiln. II
k'l'l It II-'
'"""I lllirltl. 'I
1 " ' ', ,L
"' '"" f,
Stuck Uanch Un
to relahll.ti claim In the Ian I alire le- I '"" '
illel. I-,.i..('oiii.I)- I'laik, Klatnalli .', ,",1,"fc '"
County, at lile nflli-e, at Klamatli rnlle, , "' V ' " "
trl,Dll.oiltlie.liU)i..Vllgiet, IUU1 ""'"' I
.i.i -- -. i... . i..
tiaiiiiaiii iiior. . . i, .--. n...r. j
tinrilati, II. M. leier. II J Hathlite
anICtiaa Mailln allul I'l Klamatli,
Oregon. ''-'.M
J, N Witmi, lleglili r.
Notice for Publication
( nitwit, n o(f
'u nithHj, fJ
Hiif t( T.
I'rluce Henry, brother of Ihe Her
man k a tier, hat Joined the llerlln air
ablp club
I'rlncrat Mary of Walea, agej leu, la
a ilepotltor Iu Ihe ixMtufflc ting
batik and le unld lo be ghlng the
prouilte of uiiicli acumen and ability
Iu the tuauagi meiit of her ludeiviideul
Carmen Hylea. Hie iiueeu of llou
mania, rilllee off her uorele, po.-me
and ratal mi the tllieMrlter. Tb..
Suiuiciouj clloW "f uer mpchlue It beard Iu lb
"llitte Hie (ildlumt ohujt had mon .palace from all to eetreu hour erery
ey V i i day nud often at iiljjljt.
"I don't lW)W. but tbite liute bveiii Wont comet from I.ouduu (tut ttiele
tlmea n ben they allowed I belr grocery no truth Iu the rexirt from the
I. It. J ... .... .. ....... . t. . M XV... ' l'h..K.1 U.B..
huiiv -uicagoi
An Advantage For Sure.
"So .'lU'l.'n llllltrleil II ilU.uiec h'ill, h loiter thin marry lutf u widow
"llntv ilo ynu in ike lint nut '
"Well, a ilhoroe i not tiki ly lo
throiv up In oue the tlrtiiet of her for
mcr iiu.Diuii ixmioii iniiiinript
llepattmrlit fil llie lllleilor, I , S
IjiihI llllllo at lkevlew, lllrTJon, June
I'l, ItiH, Xollre le lielel.y given Hial
HerU'itJ. .'aifllie, id Ku Klamatli,
iirrgi.n, wlm, mi r-epleuitirr 'S, lur.1,
iiia.lo lioiiie.te.d, No. "TT.1, for SW)4,
.-eetlou'Ul.TowliihlpX.'ri., Ilalige Tljl:.,
Will. Merblian, liat Mini tiolUe u In
tenlluii to make Final lite year I'rnol, In
e.tablltli claim In ttis land almte lie-
M'rlla,l Iwlore County Cletk, Klamatli.
Co., al lilenfllce, al Klamatli Fall, (lie. I
Kou. nn tlie let ilay ul Aug. lit, I'OH. 1
Claimant nauiet at wllneeee Chrl.l
Welee, VM Uetrr, Cliarlle Martin ami '
Jamea Kuiertr, allul Ft Klamatli, tire
g"ti. i'-'2 J
J N Wtri' Iteghter.
Ire Cream al Hie I'll) lUkrr) (Ihe
in a dial, opioelle Ainrilcan Hotel, tl-
Cut gla.e, allterwatn i;iirauleel (ol
l'" ycare, ami blgli giale lian-l tlnri
clilna at Wiulct.
l-r Jalr tlU
any r ettdti, ffe
an 'i, 1 1- atldrt U
ant ne If. in ll,r joutj
i t t- the tnltte oil nil.
I.ach natrl u jpurubej
I k'.t-
Perfect Satisfctk
bin to run n
Itemnl Herald
"Love It All.'
Of rlchea we are war.tlt.' more an more.
Out tote II I. can Uat 'em any ralnule
A mornln- glory tine above the door
An' a woman awtet who lovei you
atandln' In III
Atlanta Comtllullon.
Culled Statn (hat tbe I'rluce of Walea
will pay a vltlt Iu Waiblugton after
attending the tercentenary celebratlou
at Quebec belt AUgMit.
Church and Clergy.
Oroulid an broken Latter for th.
Dew Montvlew- Boulevard I'rtibyttrlau '
church of Denver. C'burcb and Huuday
acbool will each teal UA). '
A Stroka of Novelty.
"What make vou remrd that man at
audi a brilliantly arliclual oratcrV I Uellevltif In mutcular Cbrlatliblty, I
"llu uiude an uft-jr dluoer fptccbi "eT- Norutan S. Wolke la captain of n .
without aaylus that be bad not expect-1 tiaieball club made up of iiivmUra of
i-d to bo called on." New York Etta- Ll coDgregatlou at Kbrewabury, Co. ,
lug Journal. . Htatlttlca for 1U7 of tb Connecticut
Awkward Job.
"Ye; bo used to conalder ber very
graceful and dainty."
"And doesn't be now V
"No. I bellete be aaw her eating aa
paragua tbe other duy."-I'blladltibli
I I'rcxt.
Merrill Valley Ihe heart or Klamath.
) l-ur llie beet rig in town call nt llie
.Mammoth Kliiblee, II.W.Htraw, I'ro-'
prliilnr. t I
Mernll. A natural Iracccenter.
Tliey aru a ell anil iIohii loilatc lliey
liltutlie iiiuly ntiil aiu uielul-iome
new llilniHut.McllattHii'.
Merrill. rro;,er)y la reaaonable.
(.ougregatiouallau abow that they
J bate oue or more cburchee In each
iowu ami city iu tbe a tat eicept two.
Iter. William H. Friedman waa elect
ed rabbi for life of Temple Kmmauuel,
iu uenii-r, at the recent annual meet
ing of tbv congregation. Tbla I au
I nouor teidnm U-atoitnl unou Jewi.i.
, rabbit. Hev. Mr. 1'rle.linan baa already I
aerted tbla congri gallon aa rabbi I
eighteen J earn
Watson & Van Sickle
100 Deiltfiii by Fred Hodgson, Chlcatfo'i
Leading Architect, to Choose Prom
Wo also furnish plans and upccificatioim by Hodgson ot l-3tWI
regular price. Your patronngc cordially solicitea
Train and Track.
One-foiirtli off on all nit iilaaa ami
liaml palnleil iliina for U-n ilajaonlt at'
.iiiii.i. jrni-iiy mure.
Merrll. The town wUhoul a boom.
All accounts due mo must be iettleil
b)-iiotoorcasli within thirty tlaya or
thoy will be publUlied and sold at pub.
Ilcjmction to thn higher bidder.
C I. Wlllson,
There are leu rullwa) In Nora 8co
tla, countluif the liiteri,l,inlil i. nv.
eminent built and ojieraled road, which
ha 48S nillea In llie province. The!
other blue road bite u mllengu of
only Mi mil..
'ibo Nantucket rYnn-i.i r,.u.... . '
adopted motor car In plato of tbo
kleam locotnotlvca hitherto In u.e. The
motor cam will run on the name tracka i
under their owu power. The road la '
eight mile long. ,
Tbo Ilrltlah rullwai vet their inn. .
pile of railway tl.ii from Ituatla, but a?
the Ituulao forem are now to much V mat tbe peaaaou have to.
sledge the treea for making tueia Ilea I
umauce or twenty mile.
MRS. T. A. BALIS, Merrill, Ore,
Dissolution of Partnership
Notice Is hereby given that the bait.
i nershlp htreioforo existing between
wennrn and bites, at proprietor ol the
American Hotel, It tlih day dissolved,
W. E. Seehorn assuming all debta and
collecting accounts due sild Arm.
W. E. Sciborn
June 23, W08. M. A. Ems.
Town Topics.
Londou locreases in value at th rata
of $60,000,000 a year.
A peculiar fact etldenclng the tiros-
XfK,DgaMl N- " ".! there
baa not been a pauper In town for fl.
uvu vara
The first wholesale store waa owned
t,,?lc?,0., im' but th.
wholesale trade of the city was con
amatively, estimated at $1,700,000,000
Denter baa passed an ordinance that
a man who allows dandellona to grow
on Wa premlaea aball be, to a Am
Elwood Steel Fences
. . e .. .or
Wo are in recent recoipi 01 v- .
the ramom Elwood Steel Fcncw,
Poultry Netting in all widths. WJJJJ
.ready to guarantee ovcry rod 01 .
Fence we send out "
Geo. R. Huni
t ,.
J .;i