The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, June 23, 1908, Image 3

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-Hot Weather Eatables-
I COwri.'" - -
BAe Merry Widow
The warm days make the house wife look for
eatables that are especially suited to the sea
son of the year. Seasons demand a change In
Groceries as well as other things. We have
the articles that will keep you well ....
-.-. , C01.YKir.llT. I00S. HY HENRY W. SAVAGE
I Li .
l you nrcil anything Id thl
Hoe we IH l gUd to show
roo color earils and quota
U'tinow tie tan tuityou.
Geo. T. Baldwin,
Klamath Fall, Oregon
Sprinri Creek
T t-t tti
ti.i. l..i limit ll.lilmi In Orriton.
f lUivWhl nrcominadalloni (r
( m'iik' "illllf lor frill.
rri moping ground and
Lull l. r li-tlt
I Yiw I'Miiiii' (or stuck.
rtlr'l mllliefllon.
, renin in Uliuns to go to Crater
Will iik-H pirlli-s at Klamath
Klamath Agency, Ore.
- - """
Zim's Plumbing
Contracting ana Jobblag
Pintdan l.lnc of Ptumb
InK tiv'clalllc and flrat
(Ian Workinanahlp,
A. 0. U. W. BulldlM
Klamath Falls
Jackson Hotel
Fort Klamath, Ore.
Clean roomktgood beds,
and the table always sup
plied with the best the
market of fordt-Terma rea
sonable. C. C. Jackson, Prop.
AU Rrpair Work Dom rraaftlr
and at Reduced Frlcci
Miim Hull Holm. 7&c; 8ola
"lllc.., ILW, IjhII.' Hall
SiiliMi.iiv: wa,5cj Child
''I x Hull SiiI.t, M ivnta. . . .
ii''i! uitli nil modem
hop on Main St. J.V.Heuatoa blk
Professional Cards
OIHci. over Klainnth County Dank
Al"'rtcai. Hunk A Truat Co. Dnlldlnu
Attorney at Law
c over iotomco, Klamath Falla,
Attorney at Law
Klamath Falla, Oregon
UriioNi: 19
X Hrfillgo Hliilli' Mole iti'ro her fill i'
film rnriin wry i'Io.i. to i,ti- In- mo.
ao 'l(m tlmt I lii' fnlnt pi-iMiiin nf , (.r
Imlr wn wm In lil noirlln, nt clone
Hint Iiit breath n wnnii upon hl
lip! mo lime tlmt III lifnlldcrul mill
Struggled III mill lo III. I.i f rum Die itlort
In her rye, Her un was n iiiinlcnl
lllIT n Htm nuked: i
'You'll hewr say to mi 'I lovejou)' '
There a nn Infinity of allurement I
in the trmptliiK word", Dunlin, nlth a '
mighty rrort. .hook utr Hie p-l mid I
"Nevrrl Ncw-r! .Vewr"
"That's a comfort!" ulir mild roldly, I
drawing etny uml vklnu to ti-11 her '
keen disappointment "Itut." ln added '
inon' softly, "why not .ny f jut '
really nt toV I
"I ilou' I unlit to!" lie declared sulki
ly "Ami )ou proinlae fnlllifnllx ji.u'll
nrtrr iny to in.-, 'I hm- juuV"
Again tlni Km tt-rtloiiil)' elm.- to
lilio, Again hi r)e loio llirmulvei
free from the pliadlng stduetlvviiess of
her n In- reiterated:
"1 irouilu"! I'm not golug In lualsa a
fool of wyaclf or l wndu a fool of."
"la Hint n dn-larutlon of warV
qtirrlnl Houla.
"No-of frlcniUhli). Do on u":n
to aar tf I aaktd ou to Ih my lf
you would wet-fly laugli ot uii'V
"I'robably. All wen are allki'."
"Tlicy are not, and In limit I'll proc
It lo you."
lleforo ahe could anawer tlio nmbaa.
ador and aeveral of (lie guralu ca""-'
Into tho room. At tlmt nirtuully
I'oporT dtvw Danllu aaldf.
"I'rlnce," aald lio lmprciilvily. "you
Jiovo now liccn attmlieil 1" till It'lW
Hon nearly four uioiillw and"
Few of my Btlncliincuia latt o
long," olm-rvfd Danllo.
"You refer to your love affair? I
Lave heard of llicin. They navo
lirougbt you to tho brink of ruin. ou
aro almoat pcnnlleaa. Hero Ih my lln
to aavo you, alio to glvo you a chanca
to aavo your country from-bankruptcy.
I waut you in marry."
To what)" cried Danllo.
"To marry-lienutlfiil woman, my boy
-twenty mllllona-Miuo. Bonlii Hadowal
Hay V
"Never!" returned DauIIo, angrily. n
ht roae to eud the lutervlew.
"Theu a Frenchman will marry her,
and her forluno au our country will
be ruined." ,.,
"I wou't marry her," repeated Danllo,
"and aha wou't marry me. But for uiy
country'a aake I'll keep any french
man from marrying ber."
"But bow?"
"You aboil eel"
p af
V A'iMr'aaaaaaaaaaaaaf aaCaV aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaVal im-"j
fW 'm!
,- f
The Garden Fete.
mill' garden of Mine. Konla 8a
itriuii'M llln, just nntalde Pari,
ni'ii' Kii)ly decorated fr n
Iuimi fill- 'I he grounds were
dotted with IniiKlilliK group of bright,
ly ilreimed nun iiiul women, for HouU
luiil pnrllciilnrly ifiui'itti-U Hint nil her
Mnmotlaii tui-ti ttrur their plclur.
rviue nnlhe (ikIuiiii-, and tlio rviult
wui n inllnMi' kalvl-loiwoplc carnlvnl
of nlor. n iH-rfcrt riot of coricroua
liticN mill hlrlkliiL' llt'iiri'ii. '
AiiilmiKiiilnr 1'i'iKiir, liU long, Iran
tlfun- ilrnM'il In lill gnt'ii, wua pac
liiK tin' iiIU-) or tin- pirili-n ni'ur ttia
intra in i Knlf, paiittng in-rrouily now
uinl iik'iiIii to m-uii late arrival In
m- S(i of Home ono At ti-nictu he dw
acrled tho man be aougbt Nlab waa
just buatllng Into the grounda, and tltt
iiiubaaaador at once beckoned to blm.
"Now, then. Mr. Nlab," cried I'opotr
nn aoou aa tho llttlo clerk bad ahain
bled within earahot, "I told you to
brliiR Prlnro Danllo here and not to
leavo blm for nn Inatant untn-'
"He wouldn't let me atay," explained
Mill. "Ho aaya ho won't come. Ile'a
giving a jnrty-lf 1 may aay ao, a
very gn)"- ....
"And for tho aako of a lot of uleae
tire aceklug Idler the prluce refuaea
to obey my orders and como to Mma.
"Vea, your excellency. lie positively
refuse lo come. And when 1 aay
positively' rcfuw I- Here be U nowl"
Dnullo, reapleiideut In Hie uulforui of
a Maraovhin captain of buaaara, atroll
eil nonchalantly forward, wltb a care
lea nod that quite Ignored tbe ambas
sador' glare of reproof at bta late-
"I underataud, prluce." began Topoff
coldly, "Hint you positively refused to
obey my"- .
"So I did, so I did," assented Duullo
cheerfully. "Uut at the lust moment 1
changed my'mlnd and my clothes, and
here I nm. I've postpoued my party
for an hour or so. You aee. I remem
bered my promise to help you ecara
away from the widow any Frenchman
who aeomed Inclined to make love to
her. That's why I came."
"doodl" approved Popoff, rubbing Ma
band gleefully. "Verr goodl Aad
wbero do you expect to xgln?"
"With the moat aangeroua sorwr.
Wbo Is be?"
"Well, ' replied Popoff confidentially,
"Pvo had my eye on ber, and It aeeaaa
to mo that De Jolldon"
Do Jolldon!" exclaimed Danllo.
"Why Impossible, pray? I think I
have as good eyes aa any man. I
tululc, air, I can detect love whan I
see It. And from tbe way Da Jolldon
looks at the jy.ldow-wb7, wan, J aon'j
kliow n" Single ililiig tliul'ilwun'l fioliit
toward hi being In lovo with tier.
"If I may any no, your excellency," i
put In Nlah, nhiifllltix ui-rvoiinly, "I
think I could tell you of a 'nliiglv' thing,
or, rather," he added, chuckling, "when
I sny 'ulriiilc' I mean 'inarrlinl.'"
"Mr. Nlsb," lulerruplcd Popoff. 'If.
you can slop wriggling" around like an
Inebriated long enough to I
talk plainly, will you iIo,ine Hie honor J
to put your blithering Into plain '
"Well, jour eicellency," stammered I
Nlali, "1 happen to know M. do Joll- I
don Is nlreudy head out beel In loe .
wltb a lady who has a husband. He" j
"Mr. Nlsb," thundered Popoff, "you
are demeaning yourself to the con i
temptlble act of talking scandal! Are l
you aware of that, Mr. Ninu? If so,
go on talking It and tell me who sbe ,
"You fool!" whispered Dnullo In '
Nlsb' ear. "Cterybody but tbe am- ,
batiador himself knows It Is Mme.
Popoff w bom De Jolldon loves. Ue .
"Well, Mr. Nlsb," repeated Popoff
majestically as be eyed tbe squirming i
clerk with lofty majesty, "I'm wait- i
Ing to hear the name of tbe lady that
Do Jottdon Is In love wltb."
"He-he neglected to tell mo, your !
excellency," sputtered Nlsb.
"Then," decided Hie nuibnsnador, "I
shall discover her by diplomatic mean, ,
and when I And who she I alio shall !
use her Influence to lure De Jolldon
away from the nldow. Prince, will '
you help uie In this?"
"lnve It all to me," suggested Da- i
nllo, Kltli startling wllllngnes. "Don't I
try lo learn ber Identity yourself. Let ;
me nttcud to tbe w bole matter."
"All right," consented Popoff. "It j
will l n good lesson In diplomacy for i
you. Perhaps 1 ran put you ou the ',
right track."
Tbe ambassador drew on Ivory fan
from his iocket.
"Last night at the cuibasiy ball,"
said be, "Nova Kovltch, wbo used to
be one of my attaches, brought 'me
this. He waa crazy with Jealousy.
He'd Just picked up the fan; said It
was his wife's aud that some man bad
written 1 love you' on one of tb '
sticks. He was going homo to beat bt
wife and make ber confess wbo tho
villain waa when I persuaded my nlfo
to save poor Mme. Nora Kovltcb by
pretending tbe fan was ber own. Ab,
but my wife Is a bom diplomatist! '
Nova Kovltcb was convinced, and I
IKxketed the fan for future reference." ;
Danllo took tbe trinket from Popoff- i
hand and rend the nclled Inscrlp- j
llou. I
"Why," be aald on" Impulse, "Ibis Is
De Jolldou's handwriting! How doe It
unmien that be"
"Theu," squealed Popoff lu triumph,
"It Is Mine. Nova Kovltcb bo loves.
The whole tblug Is absurdly simple
when a brain like mine Is brought to
bear on It!"
Delighted wltb hi own astutcuess,
tbe ambassador pattervd off to join the
other guests, teat lug Danllo, fan In
band, blankly facing tbe astounded lit
tle clerk.
To lie Continued
Feline Fishers.
The ancient Egyptians used to nib
wltb cats on the Nile. Tbe animals
were trained to enter tbe water and
selte the flab, which were then taken
away by the fishermen.
Banana Skin Soap.
Banana skins are utilized In soap
making on tbe weat coast of Africa.
Tbo skins are rlcb In alkali, ao they
are burned to an ash, and this mixed
wltb water and palm oil goes to make
a cleanser wblcb la In demand among
the whltea aa well aa tbo natives.
The. Mirror and Death.
Covering tbe mirror when there Is
death In the family originated In the
superstition that goblins, sprites, elves
or other uncanny creatures would
crowd to tbe glaaa to look on.
The Lion's Face.
"No one can look Into tbe face of tbe
klug of beasts," aaya an animal trainer,
"without receiving mora or leas con
aclous uplift His face la tbe absolute
embodiment of strength, determination,
power and fearlessness. Ue la tho only
king on earth that looks tbe part
There are lines of majesty and of pow
er In repose In hla countenance not
found elsewhere except In tbe sphinx
and In tbe somewhat Idealized por
traits of Washington."
.An Oily Nee.
A red, oily nose should be batbed
wltb borax water and afterward
anointed wltb camphor water.
Chicago to Hongkong.
From Chicago tbe distance to Hong
kong is, via New York and Suet, 12,022
miles; via Ban Francisco, 8,865 miles:
via New Orleans and Panama, 11,742
miles, and via Tebuautepec, 10,220
So penetrating la water at high pres
sure that only "special qualities of caat
Iran will withstand It
Our goods are new and attractive.
Bert E. Witiihow,
Vice President
Mapa, Plain, Blue Frlnta, Etc.
Klamath County Abstract Co.
Surveyors' and Irrigation Engineers
Don J. Zumwalt, C. E.
East End Meat Market
CRISLER 5 STILTS, Proprietors
Prime Beef, Veal. Mutton, Pork and Poultry
Fresh and Cured Meats and Sausages of all kinds.
We handle our meats in tho most modem way in clean
liness and surroundings. Try ua and we will be most
happy to have you for a customer. Free Delivery.
are Advancing in Value
When blocks in Mills Addition were offered
at bargain prices a number of shrewd inves
tors bought; since that time values have
increased materially.
These Lots are Bargain Buys
nt present prices, and there is every reason
to anticipate an advance in prices. Remem
ber these lots are FIFTY feet in width and
deep more than double the area of most
town lots offered to investors.
Land Sakamen.
The Gem
Restaurant and Lodging House
Special accommodations for Family Dinner Par
ties. The largest and best arranged eating house
In the city. Open day and night.
a"g seshi
Sixteen inch and four foot wood in any quantities.
Orders can be left at Navigation Co., Phone 401
or K; K K Store, Phoie 174
JL FjTELDER Wood Yard and Of flee
. it. r iiu-ts-jfi Netr Clly HiU
2500 Acres Free
Tim Lakeside company has 2500 actea
nt land under the Adams ditch that it
will nlvu ItF.N'T FHEi: (or one year.
This Includes the use o( the land and
water. The renter must clear and
place the land in cnlltvation. Tbe rent
er gets all the crops but we reserve the
right lo pasture the stubble.
The Lakeside Company,
J. Frank Adams, Manager,
Merrill Oregon,
Allen Sloh
M. D.WiLUAUfl, C. E.
Falls, Oregon
Office on Fifth Street
Opea Day
and Night
Private Dining Parlor
Oysters Served la Aay Style
J, V. HOUSTON, Prop.
Tho Stilts Dry Goods Co. ha received
several shipment ot Eastern dress goods,
Call and Inspect the new line.