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Our Advertisers Get
the Bent Results . . .
Klamath Fnll"
SkcoNH Yi:au. No. CM.
Price, 5 Cents.
Crook County People Tired Wait
ing on Dilatory Capital
local Men Start Movement to Construct Kuilroud to I'rinv-
tillr and Bend Work h to Begin til On(c on the
Propesad Crook County I ine
CncA roinl l.iuiin men hatu not
(Urn Hi" Ilea u( getting railroad
nnnrcti"" Ulwreii Hhantku, IWud and
I'iIiic villi- I li H'"r'r "I I'Hnevllh- ami
oilier 'lii' IiiUiuI lure started mure,
nvnt i huild steam railroad between
llirw niils 'Ihey promise to raUn
rnoiiitti try to build first In Molten,
in I li Umlnig that section continue
naitrui-llin by degrees lu Madras, Ii
mtiit.t, I'niietllloaiid Dend.
Il I ir(K.ilrl (rum Prllieville llit
aorl will I "Uriel nn I lie priMd
Mil ulllini (li neit 31 !)'. Portland
ri.Ul it in I i m Milnd III project,
in I the I'urtUn I chainl-er nl romnirrre
liI'Mlrrinj-lliu movciiiriit. Aclite ro
Dulioii an I llnanrlalsiipinrlls proau
Iwd bjr llir Crook comity -wople.
Allliou,ili llm (). It. A N. Company's
tilinrrri mi I Ualtlc turn have rt-Kjf tr-l
tut It I liupiacllcable In extend III
I'oljmLu ftmthcrn to Cntrl Oregon,
U.e t-c.!r ( that legion declare poti
llrtlr that they ran and will liullil
rmloTrr It.r route thai u surveyed
for tin CulumJiU aiouthern to the
I'rvilH rlter. I'roin that point they
prnrp to n'tcrt tlm inoul feasible roil I r
t llip iho main objective centers, I'rlnc
iltlfaii.IIU.-ml, Thi-y no longer expect
nor hoi lu r it ii extension ol the Col
uailU Koiitliini by the O. It. A N. Com-
A meeting ol Crook County business
men uai lii-. t Prlnevlllo at which
rommltlert were appointed lo formulate
l-lani for pushing Ilia construction of
tin- real to a suc'rsilul conclusion.
Tlioiliitamo (mm Shanlko, tit term
ini" i.f llm Columbia Southern to the
Un.l i us miles. For ee.eral year
there tin been talk ol III ronttrnetlon
ma I lo tlm Deschute dwrl where
ali'go hudy of Unil ha) been reclaimed
under I In- Carey act. Several rullroail
mr)a lute lii-cn inailo llirougli Crook
County I, in tl() instruction ol an ex.
trnilon hi thu Coluiiilila Southern liai
new l-guii I In. K-njilc ol Crook
ttunty lime KrilM tre, 0 waiinK anJ
rilrlcrmliiiin haw a railroad II
Uicy miml hulM themselves.
" '51 C
For Ladies' Khaki SuiU, Sklrta and Leggings, Outing Boots
ami Shnno .it iiAm u.i. rt.iiinn- anrl Khakt Suits. Hats,
Gloves and Leggings, Walkover and Napatan Boots, Straw
and Outing Hata of every detcrlption: Tents, Hammocks,
Fishing Tackle, Mosquito Netting, Blankets, Quilts, Duck.etc.
Tickets On Sale July ist of t!,r Hrlili fur tin- Niiithi-tn
I'trlllc aui-ric) In this city lme arrived
anil T. A. K. Fassett, w In I In charge
ol the local agenry, says In- will lulu
llckcl lur all lailioad ilnts In the
Unlti-d Htati-n on ah on and afti-r July
lat. The Uaw-ling public III thru U
alils lo Urn i-iactly tlm lanii ratri
from thli rltj a inn l- rcuri-.I from
I'ortlaiiil, Han rianriii-o, or any othrr
rallrnail miIii1. It will l hit a iliutt
time until Iho ticket (nr all i:uroH-an
pilnti lll anhi- I'Udmt the Klanmtli
Kalla ollli-f on nuriiial nithall ntlu-riiif
the rallrnail i)trtu.
Throiiicli ticki-ta to Klamath Fall
aiu alriraily on idle at imlililr kiIiiIi
ainl the lint oni uat ni'i-luM nt tlil
point lal 11I4I1I. the lamv llii: )M at
Normal (Iraduntcs
Among the graduate nl tho Aihtand
Normal this ) ear aro Ihritt Klamath
County young ladlei-, MIm MaM liar
)le ol lloiiaiun and the Mine Gall
Welch and Nittlo Drew nl Dilry. MIm
t'rew ret-elved thu Hit-rln medal,
awarded not only (or icholanhlp, hut ai
a token ol appreciation for possessing
attributes ihaiactetiilh' of the Ueal
George Kmrry got a cow ol Jim lion
ham ol Hummer Uke some time ago lo
milk, and lait week iho gae With to
three ns nlco calves as one should want
lose. The cow I a Hcieford and the
calves aro all marked like the mother,
and ran hardly Imi told apart. It is not
olUnarow has tilplctt, and moru e
peclally all ol them alive and husky fel
lows. Hllvcr Uko I-csder.
At the opera houto tonight -Wash.
Ington at Valley Korge, historical ;
Caught in a dllllcult I'osltlon, comic;
Tlisniglitlullnesi and a Statuo on a
Hpreo, great. Illustrated song, Two
lllue II) es. Only 10 cents.
are you
: IF SO :-
"I'iiiniiclal comlllloiit lliroughout the
l.ait am hml," naM II. V. (Jatn, who
hm Ju.t n-tmmil to Ort-gon alter rnak
liiK n lour of nil of tlm .rlnclml cltlpn ol
Iho I'li't. Ilvniiitltiiii-il "Tho Itate
incut 'hul' nhniiM Ik- iiiallfle.l. Therf
l lots uf iimiiiiy In the l.'aul that It,
lotiol It mi giillt i-iIko ii-vurlty. There
It, howi-rr, no iimrii-y lor iculatloii.
I'lilimtrli-a ol all klmln am claiaeil at
t-culatlnii, ami II la a hanl matter to
Ki-t iiioney fur their ilevelopment. Thrt
' iiiinufai-toili-a Into not yet recovered
liom lliu panic ol lait (all, ami all
of the large ImJnttrlal Initllutlooi are
till ni-ernlliiK with reduce force!. Uuil-
I lien ha picket up aome ilnce iprlng,
hut there i a Iwllnn of Indifference
tliruiiKliiiiit thu whole country, am) tho
I iiiilli-alluu are that It will continue un
till after tin- preiiilentlal election."
.Mr liatpi l lutereitcil (n the promo
Hyde and Schneider Guilty
Benson and Dimond Acquitted
Washington, June 2.' Ttie verdict lu
the Dimond lllitvllensoii land Iraud
cai-s muitd a great deal of surprise as
two nl tin- ili-.'endanta were found guilty
and two were acquitted. Frederick A.
Hyde and Jnoul Schneider were found
guilty of all counts, while John A. Den
sou and Henry Dimond were acquitted
of all chargrs In the land fraud cases.
Visiting Projects
J.C. Illaurhanl, the ttatlatlclan lor
the Iteclauiatlnn Hervlce, Is now in the
West nn his annual visit to the Irrigation
projects. One ol the chief objects ol hit
ialt Is to acquire Information that will
aid In the movement ol tettlert to the
Irrigated lands. He will visit the Klom
nth project in the Utter part of July or
early In -August. In speaking ol the
Klamath project, Mr. Dlanchard Is quot
ed ni saying:
"We are well pleased with the pro
press on tho Klamath project. Tbe first
units there, ol course, were the privately
n mil lauds, but the work ol eitendlng
She canals lo the other valleys has been
pressed. Already there are many in
quiries lor Klamath lands. Settler
ucn want to purchase the swamp and
other low lands that the Government
has not yet begun to drain."
Indian School Closes
Kchool at the Klamath Agency
closed last Irlday and the afternoon ol
that day was devoted to athellc sports.
The records made by tho boye were
very creditable, etpeclally when it it
considered that this la the first Held
meet held at the school. It it hoped
that a field day at tho clcte ol school ran
hereafter bo made an annual event.
.The eentt a-idresulti were at follows!
Hunnlng broad jump, George Isaac,
winner, dUtanco 17 feet 4 Inches.
High Jump, Georgo Isaac winner,
height, 4 feet 8 Inches.
Pole vault, Frank Coburn winner,
8 feet.
Threejegged race, George Isaac A
Frank Coburn wlnnert.
Potato race, Daniel John, winner.
Runnlnn the bates, William Ball,
winner, lime, !! seconds.
Sack IUce, Cleveland Hutchinson,
Throwing tho Baseball, Munson
Stokes, winner. Distance not mea
Martin Bros, loaded barge at Merrill
landing with 80,000 pound of barley for
Erickson & Peterson, the railroad con
tractors. The barge will be tent to .Tes
ter' landing Monday. Merrill Record.
motion of one ol the largest poa er plants
In the United fitatet, anil ho made hie
trip Kail, It Is understood, in the Inter
Ml ol this proposition and while then;
took occasion to visit all points ol Inter,
est. He was accompanied by his dauifh
tr, Miss Helen Dates, who arroinpan.
led him to this city.
He vltlted many ol the lame electrical
apply manufacturing concerns mid he
aj a allot them are still sufferlnK Irom
the effects of the panic. "Most ol them
rtport an increase In business," ald
Mr. Gales, "hut the goods that they are
selling do not go to new enterprises and
Industries, but rather are supplies (or
established concerns. Everyone aceou
to feel that times are bad, and they ap
pear as II In a stupor ami havo lost all
Hie an I vim." Mr. Gates will he here
(or several days looking alter the addi
tions that are being made to Iho light
and water n)stem ol this city.
Still Selecting Jury
Circuit court convened this morning
and the entire forenoon and part
of the afternoon was spent In
the examination ol Juror a lor
the A rant case. Of the twenty-one
Jurors In the court room four were
excused by the court, two by the state
amhfour by tho defense, while the re
maining ten were accepted. The regu
lar panel having been exhausted a
special venlro of fire drawn and it is
thought that from this number the two
necessary Jurors will lie chosen. The
completion ol the Jury will be tho tlrst
thing In the morning, and the trial will
begin immediately upon itt completion.
The jurort tp lar (circled are: A. C.
Lewis, Felix Strickland, Allen Sloan,
Henry Straw, Burge Mason, Fred fitukel,
F. L. Armstrong, II. L. Aldridge, Chat.
Ager and Henry Olfenbacher.
Developing the nines
Several mining men ol prominence
have thi spring visited tbe Lake coun
ty discoveries, and in tome Instances
properties have been acquired by them.
One of the biggest dealt consummated
Is that by which J. 1. Battler, of Colo
rado, and Wm. Schauer, ol New Pine
Creek, secured a lease on tbe Laughlln
and Jamison group of claim, by mak
ing a cash payment ol 4,000.
K. of P. Notice
Itegular meeting at Sanderson's hall
tonight. Important business coming
tip. Your attendance it requested.
A meeting ol tbe stockholders ol the
Langell Valley wat
held In Bonania last Saturday. The re
quired number or shares, half, to amend
the by-law were not represented and
the meeting adjourned to Saturday the
27th, when important business will be
transacted. Bonanza Bulletin.
Tbe Baptist Association concluded itt
meeting yetterday and most ol those in
attendance from the variout part of the
dittrlet started horn today. All ol the
sessions were largely attended and it U
said to have been one ol the mott sue
cetitul associations ever held In this
A marriage license was issued tbta
morning to Tobe 8. Mltbler and Mils
May Blate, both of Merrill. The parties
were married by Rev. J, B. Griffith at
hi residence ot 11 o'clock tbla morning.
Wear looking for tbe mott difficult
case in glaiaflttlng at Winters.
Collecting Material for Building
Two More Reservoirs
Light & Water Company Starts Work on Extension of Sys
tem so as to Enable It to Supply the Increasing
Demand of the City for Water
Will Go To Lakeview
Arrangements liavo been completed
whereby the Klsmnth Falls base ball
team will pratlclpate In the tournament
at Lakeview. .Vest ol the boys are now
on the ground, hut a few have not yet
arrived Irom Corvallit where they have
been attending school, but will be here
In tlmetostartlorl.akev.cwon the 29th.
Advices Irom Lakeview stato that the
first prize will be fCOO, the second $250
and the third, I50. The local player
leel confident that they will capture the
CO0. There will be five or six teams In
the tournament. Silver Lake, Ft. Bid-
well, New Pine Creek and Paisley hare
already signified their intention! ol
participating In the event '
The local bojt have received coutlder-
able assistance Irom tho business roenot
this city, but unlets they win the tint
purse they will not come out even.
Practise games are being played every
day, and the ground at tbe old . race
track has been put In first class con
Was Not Hamilton
It is reported that tho "sutplciou
characters" seen by Summer Lake people
last week was a man and and a woman
who had been mixed up in a murder
scrapo lu Reno recently and were making
their getaway. Tho short "fellow"
thought to have been Hamilton wat tbe
woman, dreired In men' clothing,
w hlch accounts for- the effort to keep out
of tight as much as possible. 0. F.
Griffith was the last man from thli
vicinity to tee ttielr track at which time
they were near Black butte. Silver Lake
H. . Momjcr, ranger for Crater Lake
National Park, it making an inspection
ol the grounds and will arrive In tbe city
shortly to report tn Superintendent
Arstnt, who will go to bit park head
quarters just at toon at the mow goetoft
enough to permit travel.
The family of F. P. Cronemllltr, ar
rived here from Klamath Fall, last Sat
urday, and aro greatly pleated with their
new home. They were surprised to find
such a pretty little city, andtuch abuty
one. Wo aro glad to welcome them
among us, Lake County Examiner
The proof of
the freezer
The White Mountain Freezer
makci'morc cream, better cream, and mikci it easier
and, cheaper than any other freezer on the market
Construction work will bgln within
a few day en the two reservoir lo be
built by the Klamath Falls, Light A
Water Co. Mr. tl. V. Gates, the presi
dent ol the company, hat been on the
ground for a few daya and hat already
let contract for aome of tbe material.
A wa stated In the Herald early In
the Spring, one of tbe reservoir will be
built in the Breltensteln addition, to
West Klamath Falls and the other will
be built In the Hot Springs addition.
In addition to the constrnction ol the
reservoir several mile of pipe will be
laid this Summer, and a shipment ol
pipes sufficient to lay between threeaod
four mile will arrive here within a few
rweekt. It will require about three
montht tocomple'e tbe construction ol
the reservoirs and the pipe will be laid
a It It needed.
The conttruction of tbe addition to
the water tyttem will give Klamath Fall
excellent fire protection. In case of a
Mrlou conflagration water can lie
drawn from four sources, tbe three
reeervoirtaad tbe pomp-direct. The
preeture will alao be much ttronger at
all ol the source of supply will be con
nected by the tyttem of pipe used In
tbe distribution of water.
Several of the addition to the city
are now without a water tupply and tbe
completion of the new reservoir will
enable the company to deliver water to
every part of the city that baa sufficient
residence to warrant the expente ol
laying tbe plpet. '
Publicity Through S. P.
Klamath I receiving some good adver
tising through T. A. K. Fastett, tbe lo
cal Southern Pacific agent. He I tend
ing Chamber ol Commerce pamphlets,
together with a personal letter to a large
number of tbe Southern Pacific agent
along all part of the system. In tho
letter he urges them to distribute the
pamphlet and give them very explicit
Information a to how to reach this city.
During hi long experience with the S.
PtaMr. Fassett hat become acquainted
with mott ot the agent and hi pertonal
letter should bring very desirable re
sult. The latest novelty in hatpins made
from real flower a In nature, no two
alike. G. Heitkemper, Jr.
it in the