The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, April 11, 1908, Image 2

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Herald PubHsWofl Company
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Hon shall Menw antral sh pnvn, wnvthrr
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Caatura Him While Ht It Still Youa
Dscil. and Plastic,
lleraust It la Ilia July of itrrr wc
man to marry imho nun It lijr no
mmus follows tbnt the It deprived of
the privilege of runklug acute discrim
ination. On tlie conlrarr, to fulfill
tier mtasloi a completely ni potslbl
arte alioaM eiercNe the rrtstet onrs la
teloctlai: n mate. Time was when stss
had no tar In the matter, and In some
countries the bat little or bone today,
but la this happily clrlllted land sb
till possesses and trill undoubtedly
hold fur nil time the right flrat tn
cbtMne ami then cnsitaiv. It la no
ble prerocntlre ie. In our Judgment.
that ahonld lw nppreclnted and cher
lahed above all oilier. And jet. nt we
have obaerred. It ahonld be excrclaeil
with caution. nothing be left to
chance, at I'lnto would have bad It
srlien he decreed pairing kIioiiM
be done by lot While not ovvrnlce, lie
at leaat particular Id ortler that the
nue choaen may feel honored hr the
dlttlnrtlon ronferred upon him and no
l the more readily Induced to bow
hl undying gratefulness.
Mitch that waa thought and written
year c on how to cboo n arlfo vrna
good enongli tor the time, bur tin- re
cent iwtTMl of the relative attitude
of seeker and aoitght reudera It value
less. Nerrrtbelesa, deaplte the fact
that In eonalderlng the polnta to be
headed nod the precautions to be ob
aerred by womankind we find our
aelree In a fallow Held, certain gen
eral principle may be regarded as
Uttatksd. It to beat for example, to
captor a husband while be U atlU
yoang. dodle and plaatlc. Preferably
also be abould be In lore, lie may
tbeat be waloed after the manner beat
cab-slated to serve the convenience 'of
bar for whom thenceforth be mutt
aad should toll. George Harvey In
North American Review.
SO per cent, vegetable matter. Klamath's greatest bargains at $20 per acre and upwards. Easy Termi.
The Manatee Weighing Machine In the
Washington Navy Yard.
The bbjgeat scales In the country
are In the navy yard at Washington.
They outweigh the largest railway
scales, by flfty tons. The latter are
not to be assessed at for tbey easily
weigh as much as 'a heavily loaded
car. Ibe navy yard sea let are ao ac
curate that they come within a pound
of (he exact weight Railway acalee
are considered good If they coroo with
in ifty pounds. All the large ord
nance manufactured for the navy la
weighed upon this machine, which is
soma tan years old. The scales look
Ilka ordinary hay scale.
The delicate mechanism is Invisible,
tb saoet Intricate parts being In a
broad pit below the ground. The plat
form la forty-eight feet long and
twelve fast wide. Beneath the power
ful maeWsery la a cement base laid
upoa long piles. A solid base being
on of the prime requisites of a pow
erful weighing machine. It waa found
necessary to use a pile driver to se
cure a stable foundation.
The machine Is regarded as the Bn
est of Its kind In tb world and la a
epleadid achievement of American In
genuity. In order to show the ac
curacy of the scales an official picked
up half a brick and toaasd It upon tie
ptattscm Ha than consulted a long
brass lever aad found that the brick
weighed Justine pound.
The capacity of the sea lea la ISO
tons. Two twelve-Inch guns lying on
a forty-elfht foot car truck can be
welshed a the machine without tax
lag Ita eapecKy,-Wasblngton star. ,
l Trust You."
"I owe my salvation to three words
you spoke." be wrote. "When all the
world waa against, me you said, 'I
trust you.'"
If every boy or girl who baa made
mletakes and gone astray could bare
such a friend a great many of them
would latum to a normal life. The
feoUag that somebody believes In us,
truss us, uo matter what others he
llers or aay, touches the heart Crim
inate are sometimes totally reformed
through the consciousness that some
body still believes In them, no matter
how low they may have fallen. Could
we realise how much this trust and
coaldenc would do for a man when
everything else has failed w should
b snore generous of our confidence In
ourfHows.-8uccs Uagaxlne.
. . Ha Oeeeratlsn Required.
lb was Mr, Hobarfs flrat experlsncs
with warns, and ha liked the taste of
tfaesn. Wbaa b bad been served twice
be, called the waiter to blm snd spoke
"I'm from Pokevllle," he said, "and
we're plain folks there. Don't care
rasjb for style, but w know good food
whan w get W. l.waut another plate
ful to these cakes, but you tell the
cook she needn't stop to put that fan
cy printing on 'em; Just send 'eta along
plauV-Xoutbs Companion.
Timber Land Notice
United .States Land Ollice, Ukevlcw
Oregon, February 18, 1W.H.
Notice Is hereby given that In com
pllanrn with tlm provisions ol the act of
ConaressolJiinoS, 188, entitled "An
act lor Ihesalool tttntwr lands. In the
states ol California, Oregon, Nevada and
Washington Terrltoty," at extendrd to
all tho I'ublla IaihI States by act of
August 1, 18.', Charles It. DcLap, n(
Klamath Fall, County ol Klamath,
State of Oregon, hat filed In thia ollke
lilt anotn statement No. -101'.'. for the
pitrchatoof the awjjnrf, n.tX,.l ol
m-c. 3, tp. 3S 8. range 0 K. W. M and
will offer proof to show that the land
sought It more valuable for ita timber
ur stone than for agricultural purposes,
and to establish hit claim to said land
hvfoic the Countv Judge of Klamath
County, at his ollice at Klamath Fallt,
Oregon, on Wednesday the 13th day of
.May WW. , .
lie nutun at ltne-ea:J. V. Nicho
las L. D. Itltchlion, True II. IVljip,
A. XI. Jamlion, all c( Klamath rallt,
Any nnl all perrons elalmtnii ndvero-
ly the nbova described land are rem'l
eil to tile llietr claims in thlt ollice on
or beforo laid 13th day of May WS.
2-SW .Vl;l .1. N. Wataou, register.
J.I i- l'-l"
Petition for Liquor
To the Honorable Count)' Court of
the Stale Oregon for Klamath Coutily.
We the undersigned, resident and le
gal voters of the 1'rvcliH-t of Sprngile
Hiver, In the County of Klamath and
State of Oregon, and actual ri-sidcntu
therein and ho have actually resided
therein (or more than thirty day Im
mediately preceding the ditto of sinning
and riling this our H-tlllon, do lierehy
respir"11"' jNitltlon your lionoiaMe
lioily to grant and Itmo to J. C. Kdsall
andT. M. Edtall, of tho firm ol Kdsall
Bros., a license to sell sjilritout, vinous,
fermented or malt, liquors in let quan
titles than one gallon, In the precinct
aforesaid for a period of ono year, from
the 0th day of May, A. I. 1003.
Notice ii hereby given that this -
tltion lll be presented to the County
Court of the Stain of Orrgon, for the
County of Klamath, at the court house
In the city of Klamath Kails, on the Kilt
day of May, A. I. 100S, at the hour of
one o'clock P. M. or at soon thereafter
at said petition can be heard.
Dated thU 23lh day of March, A. P.
18. ; . - . .
O.T. Anderson, L. !.. urimn, i. J.
Anderson, F. A. Campbell, W. V. Fin
ley, r.. W. Whettton, A. W. Event, J.
M. Saticr, Win. II. Garrett, Ld llloom-
Ingcamp, John S. Furber, II. J. Lang
katn. Itoss tt. Finley, W. W. rimith,
James Phillips, W. K. Sutter. It. P.
Courtright, II. h. Anderson, C. K.
Morlu, Amoi i.unny, Jiai utmry, j. a.
Wilson. J. K Freeman, Hpratt. Wells,
C. E. Berg, J. II. Boyd, James M. rer-
ren, Frank Obencliam, 1- A. Itirriaru
on. (ivbnre llloominncamp. Q. M. An
derson, Torn Ivory. James Hell, Frank
Khamley. J. A. raricer, u. u. jsews,
Charles Trupp.
Klamath Lake
la Coucciloa With
Stae Line
From Klsmsth Falls to Has Fran
cisco and all points between
Thralland tame.
Leave Klamath Falls i: A.M.
Arrive at Bpeucera ""0
Leave Spencers H:
Arrive at Pokegamn 11 :
Leave Pokegama,ic.l..n.ll :I5
Arrive at Thrall 1:15 P-M.
Ieavo Thrall, a. P. RR.
train No. 15 at 2:20
Arrive at San Francisco 0:28 A. 31.
SO hours and 28 minutes, Klamath
Falls to Han Francisco. Train No.
13 on S. P. leaves Thrall 6:W p. m.
arriving at San Francisco II: 28 a.m.
Klamath Falls to Portland
Leave Klamath Falli as above.
Leave Thrall, 8.P. I rain No JO, 1 :32
p.m.; arrive at Portland 7 :65 a. m.
27 hours and 65 minutes, Klamath
Falls to Portland.
San Francisco to Klamath Falls
Leave fian Francisco at 2:20 p. ra.
arrive at Thrall at 6:01 a. ra.
.Leave Thrall at 0:30 a. m.; leave
Pokegama at 0 a. in.; arrive at
Klamath Fallt at 6 p. m. Dinner
at Spencers, leaving there at 1 p.m.
Hhortett time ever. 20 hours and
40 min. San Francisco to Klamath
Fallt. No other route does it. This
is the cheapest and heat way. Fare
fft, either direction between Thrall
and Klamath Fall.
Want 'em in a hurry
That's the case nine times but of every ten when
you need groceries. When you ijet cautfht In this
prdlcament Just call up 510-youMI get 'cm
in a hurry.
Van Riper Bros
"Get the Habir-Use Chase 6 Sanborn's Coffees.
Heavy Freighting a Spcclclty. Batfjjufjc Orders Are
Given Prompt Attention
0. K. Transfer & Storage
Having up-to-date piano
trucks we solicit your PHONES
fine piano moving
OfflCC N71
liarn (171
Krtldcncc C43
The American Bank and
Trust Company
Caoltal Slock $100,000
Open (or baalnca. ..very day In the year .xcept Sundays and
legal holidays. Interest Paid on Savings Deposits
Am'i Cunliur
Incorporated November 28, 1900
Statement of Condition
,, ,uf the,. ..
Klamath County Bank
Klamath rails, Oregon
DECEMBER 31, 1907
Iawhis ami Dixcount $340,530.00
IkimlH ntitl SccuHticd 63,520.01
Koul KntlltV, ItulltllllK'll Ulltl
Fixturi'rt . 14,745. 1 U
Cash nnd Slglit ExcIibiibo 166,247.01)
Cniiitul Stock, fully pnltl. . 9100,000.00
Surphw nnd ProfltH 21.7S3.II
Duo Otlior ItankH 32,000.04
Ik'IKwiU 431,295.40
I, Alex Martin, Jr., ('ashler of tho ativciiim
bank, ilo solemnly awrrar that tlm sIhivu Male
tlli'llt l true to the brat of my knowUHla uinl hnllrf
AI.KX MAUTIN, Jit., Casl.irr
Subaciilxil ami sworn to Ixfurc me llila dth day
of January, ltaH.
(Svalf IU II. WlTllltow,
Notary Public fur Omi;""
Ass't Cashier
Pioneer Bank of Klamath Basin
Sixteen inch and four foot wood in any quantities.
Orders can be left at Navigation Co., Phone 461
or K K K Store, Phone 174
JT 7ITCTTIFJ? Wood Yard and Of flee
. lis rUilJJ!ii Near CI(y nll
Phone 84
The Eldred Company
F. G. ELDRED, Manager
Bonanza, Orcijon
Saddles, Harness and Supplies
. We make a specialty of first-class, guaranteed,
hand-made Saddles and Shaps. Our Saddles
have an established reputation.
Orders From Everywhere Solicited
are Advancing In Value
When blockn in Milln Addition wenolfi-reil
nt ImrKnin prices n number of nlirewd lnvoi
torn bought; &lncv that tlnio vnluca have
incrensod mnterinlly.
Theie Lota are Barvjaln Buys
nt present prices, nnd there- in every renimn
to nntlctpnte tin advance in price. Iteiiieni
ber thi'itu lotH nre FIFTY feet In width nnd
dcepmoru than double the nreti of moat
town IntH olTered to Investor!.
Land Saleamen.
Office on Fifth Stmt
The Gem
Restaurant and Lodging House
Special accommodations for Family Dinner Par
ties. The largesfand best arranged eating house
In the city. Open day and night.
Plumber and Steamfitter
Klamath Falli, Orego
Strictly First-class Work
Estimates Furnished
Phones: Builncia, 300; Residence, r04
Having purchased the entire stock of Furniture
from B. St. George Bishop I vviU bo pleased to
meet all his old friends) and also extend a cordial
welcome to the many new residents of Klamath
County. Our line is complete,,. and lots of. goods
are on the road 'from the best supply houses -in
the cities. , '.
' ' r .v: .':: "
Succeuor to B. St. George Bishop
Bennett's Feed Stable
Next to Mmrtin'i Mill
Now Open for Business
The Chute System of Feeding which permits Stock
getting their flill, has been installed
Plenty of Wagon Room
East End Meat Market
CRISLER s WIlTf, Proprietors
Prime Beef, Veil. Mutton.Pork and Poultry
fresh and Cursd llaata ami Sausages of all Mid
Wo handla our maU In tho most modtrn way In clean
linen and surroundings. Try us and wa will bs m?t
happy to havo you for a customer. Freo DsHvery.