The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, April 10, 1908, Image 1

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Kottly Rend l,Per ,n
Klimath Fall .
Our Advertise Get
the Best Results . . .
d 11'
oMD Year, No. 622-
Price, 6 Cents.
Intire Secures Joint Rate With
Southern Pacific
I Go Into Lf feet WRM lunnei i own necomet lerm.nal
ftkl-Httf from Portland and San Trm -tiico Will
Be the Sim to TWa City
(Waiih Fall it no ewured a lower
kl rsu !"' ' wu ' "' t-1"0""
atom I vitrmlrJ Ui Dorrle and
, rsrittr iraln kmIo li eetatiliehed,
... . t I....
lfM tall ""' ' " pni'M""", ""
i are Hut It will nolbtlalsr
i Mir II. Tim roed will rveli Dor.
irUwow Un" Hit ""nib sod than l(
tiltUktt ! 'ur the company
M ftl tlit rrpilir erlr telabllebtJ.
CfC J, M. Mchilir ha rrlun4
Irsn Bes r rinclico, microtis ni ueen
U embraiice ultli tht 8. P. oftVlal,
senate lint he ! nJt arrtMiB
nil villi the company lor a through
(night smlce to Dili city, whereby be
Uaa ill tlimuih freight between
lliartt Fail and IKirU u Joist
nil I coMfctlon with tbt Bootbera
Ms. All frvhjhl shipped on the
isrsajk schedule 111 reuilan In charge
altstfootlxrn Pacific until It Udell-
I it lb itur dif or warehowet.
ITteUroofb Rttlco applies Irom either
esitstlbs rste on exports front thU
Idtf asvsaot jet teen aatsbllehed.
Ts as Irtlshi rat III be the Matt
ItrsafarUiodtnthUclty M Irom Haa
p, and It It loser on every class
mm Him vis Thrill and Puksgama.
TaafUe tint III go Into effect when
iWbiUxrttce li riublltliwl to DortU
ftst clu. r e t.. 12.20 J 2nd, ft 00;
IHM1; 4th, 11.7ft, 6th, l.63; cUm
VIIjU; "II" per ton,17.j "O,"
Tss old rate via Thrall ait a lot
bet, laeclaiic bring in tbt MM order
MtasMBhot: I.M, $3.30, 2.U, $1.91,
It, .k), .0O, 130.70, .70, 121.10.
Oa MfttMring the ralct II will bt
ems! that there li rvduclloa oa
mrrtUMollrtlglit. Oa let class lib
SnsUptrcsl., 2nd,Slcnte; Sd,M
ta,lt 6th, IS j -A," JR. B," tlJO;
"C."7J0; "IV 13.60; E," 11.19.
tatlsrttiisliho Mclntlre Comnaav
aMtmitdlhi srrsnecmsat with tba
'Cosipsriy practically glvse It coa
Wtt lbs freight bnilness Into tbUclty
hafHDorrii remain thtteranlaaa
""ssinllroed. Merchants can ihlp to
bat whan they do tbli they will
bt forced to pay lb local rata on tht
railroad aud It would likely prove more
tfptoalra to abli uriJar tba through
Death of Mri. Wampler
Mra. W. II, 'amiler dlad tbla morn,
leg at 4 o'llurs altar baing ill lor aararal
day with tlxl polaonlng. Tba paat
faardayahtllngerrl Wtwaan III and
death, both alio and her family rralli
lug that tha and waa ntar at band.
Kvtrytblng that byilciani could do to
rtlitrt bar lultailng waa doot, but all
hopt lor hat racorary waa abaadonad
two daya balort tbt end cama.
Iuiat (lllaiora waa born in Knot
County, InJlana, NoramUr 10, 1170.
Hba waa married to Marlon II. Waaap
laf, and in 1903 ha morad bit laaaily to
thla city. Dataaaad U aurrlrad by bar
hoiband and lour children, oat girl and
threw boya. Wlnolt, tbtoldaat ollbt
abildrva U aarantttn and tbt yonafttt
boy la 7 year ol age. One child died
acteral yeara ago.
raaaral eerrice will bt held at tht
rftidanct at 2 1. M. tomorrow by Ber.
I'ralt, ol the I'raabytetUn church. Tbt
aarrlcea will be In charge ol Proaperlty
llebtkaii IoJge ol which deceaeed waa a
member. Pbt waa alao a member ol
tba Hoy a I Neighbor and tbt
m a in lie r a ol tlila lodgt will
atlaud the lunarat in a body. At the
grave the Kebeiahe will conduct their
Impreealtrn burial ceremony.
Zim Haldwln baa recently completed
a modem plumbing Job lor W. I.
Itboadt at Merrill. The Job Included
tht InitalUtlon ot a bath, lolltl, two
laeatoriet, two alnka and adoubtt ce
ment laundry tub. Tbt ayatecr, U con
nacted with a 900 gallon Una tht water
(or which la pumped by a windmill, and
Urge ceaa pool.
Tht gutter on tha north aide ol Main
atrtet, ntar the lloalon atort, la being
repaired. Tbla it an improvement
wblch hat been nettled (or tomt tlmt aa
tba condition! tilating thert.wtrt a die-
grace to tbt city.
Several Parti find Lost Ar-
tidea In Pt)Meatlon of
Regan and Wife
Roy Walker relumed Irom Bonanaa
yeaterday evening Where be bad gone to
I lenlify certain artlclea that he bad tent
to Illy, but whlah foiled to reach their
deatlnatlon. It waa thought that tbt
artlclea mlghi be amoog tbt tblag
louad In poaaeatlofl ol tba deputy pott'
mailer ol Koyaton when the raid waa
made. Itoy waa unable to Identity any
ol the artlclea, but a number ol other
partlea, who bad loat thing in the mail
were there and idenlifled aeveral artl
clea. Miia Ada Krb, the poatmUtrtta
at Illy, waa poaitlre In the idenliflea
lion ol a number ol artlclea, while Mr.
L. I'ankey, Mra. W. A. Walker, Mr.
Hmitb and Mlat Ida Howard Idenlifled
certain article that tbey bad eenU
It aeerna that lor eereral montba It
baa hreri iuiiectil that thlnga wart not
tralgbl In the lloyalon olBce, and a
number ol complaint ware made to tba
Department, but no Inveatlgatlont wart
made. A lew daya ago W. A. Walker
an I J. W. Drown arcured a aearch war
rant and wrnl to lloriton to aearch tba
Ragan home. Tba aearch recalled la
Hading between SU0 and SOD pooada ol
merhautllie ablcb bad bee) -takaa
Irom Ibe mail. Rbmt dlfflculty waa ts
perieaced In making tba aearch aa Mr.
Ragan objected lo it in a rather forci
ble manner, and the oflcara are makleg
another aearch wblch will probably re
veal a number ol oilier artlclea tliat art
Kagan and wile are) now bald at Bo
nanza awaiting the arrival ollh United
Bute Marthal, who m on ble way hart
Irom Itoeeburg. He aent word to hold
lb partiee until bla arrival.
The operatlona ol the Ragana were
carried on In a bold way and on a large
acalc. Tbey hare been at Royaton dur
ing tbe Wluter and in that lima tbey
accumulated large quantitiet ol dreee
good, wearing apparel, aboe Jewelry
and Ulnketa ol all klnda. It haa been
learned that aorae ol thee artlclea they
aold, whilt othera tbey worttbemaelve.
Tbt boldntt ol tba metboda employed
la what led to tbt aearab warrant and
to I heir undoing.
Civic Federation Decides To
Take a Hand In the Mun-
kipal Uection
Tbt Clvie Federation held Its regular
monthly meeting laat evening at the
Court llooae, about (orty member be
ing preeent.
Tht queatlon ol attending the bound
ana ol tht city waa decided upon, it be
ing agreed to aubmit tba proportion
to a vote ol the people, by meana ol tbe
Inltatlve and referendum. A committee
ol three waa appointed to take necea
aary atepa to arrange lor a rote on the
queatlon lu a legal nay, aald committee
eonalatlng ol Frank Ward. W. 8. Hough
aud C. C. Brower.
Tbe permanent committee on Waer
Happty waa appointed aa follow : Maj
or Cbaa. E. Worden, Elmer I. Apple
fate, Harry Caden, J. U. Maaon, Frank
Ira White, W. T. Hhlre, R. II. Dunbar,
Frank Ward, Ueo. I). Grlnle and J. W.
Tha coming election waa dlrcuned
and it waa decided to hold a cloecd
matting ntgt Thuraday evening tor tbe
parpoeeol coniideriag tht nomination
ofeaodldatee lor tha city office. It
waa clearly undentood that politic ia
to play no part in thla meeting tbe aole
purpne being to eocure tht nomination
of competent, Uwabidlng citUeot lor
the variooa offioa to bt voted npon.
tforotbe meeting a chance will bt giv
en all cltlaena who are In favor ol muni
cipal Improvement and the inlorce-
meat ol tba law, to become member ot
uh ofgaaieaiiiii.
T. M. Rolfe Hokto Lucky Ntim-
ber in Drawing for five
Acre Tract
I. O. O. P. and Rebckaha
Panamas Split Straws
Fine White Manilas
Mackinaw Straws
. . HATS . .
$1.00 to $10.00
ft Flaca to Buy Tour Wftin$ Hat
You are requetted to matt at tba
lodge ball at 1 o'clock to attend tbt fun
tral ol Mr. M. II. Wampler.
C.T. Oliver wtat to Merrill thla
marnlng on bueineee.
fort Flannel baby ahawl Friday Srd.
Finder pleat return to K K K atort.
Ltwla Otrbtr baa Juit recovered Irom
a aavtra attack ol Lumbago. He will
leave ahortly (or Southern California on
Block builnee.
For Rent FurnUhad room to rent
rtaaonable. On Fifth Street below Wal
nut Avtnue. Mra. Coi. 4-16
Patron wlihlng to uaa city water lor
irrigation purpoee, ar hereby caution
ed to conform to tht rule governing tbt
tame, at non-compllanea will bt cauae
for dUcontlnulng tbt atrvlo.
K.F. Lt. A Water Co.
It It not neoeaaary to leav your
M.,ka an loaa? at Winter. W art
now prepared to do your work prompt
ly. All wow guaranwea iw "
Tha make up man on tha Htrald got
matter mlitd but ulgbt and trana.
Doted two of thabeada. It teamed rather
.mag to reader that tbt arrwt ot a
auppoetd Hamilton ntar Eugant ahonld
have anything to do with robbing tna
nulla azBavatoa. It waa another one
ol tbega jeiatafcta that aaem nnavolJablt
Since W. 8. Worden ha flniabed hi
work with lite Soalbern Pacific Com
pany, ha baa takaa cbargo of tba town
Ilea along tht naw road lor tbe Kla
math Dmlowement Co. Ha I now
devoting bla time to tailing Ml. Hebron
property. Tba method ia rather nniqua
a It glvea everyone purcbalng a lot a
chance to win a Ave acre tract adjoining
the townatlt. The tract are valued
at 100 per acre, and tha lota art aold at
S0 and S6aacb. Whenever a lull block
la told tbt parchaaar la given bla choice
ol a five acra tract. II the block ia aold
to aeveral partial then a drawing ia
held, each lot being entitled to one
chance. Tba iretof theee drawlnge
waa held yetttrday and F. M. Rolft,
who purcbaaed lot No. 0 in block J waa
tha lucky winner.
Tba following are the partita Who pur
cbaaed lota in tba block mentioned and
were repreeeoted in tha drawing:
Harry Ackley, Claude and Harry Kirk
Patrick, Fred and Will Houalon, Dr.
Geo. H. Merryman, J. F. Goellor, D. A.
Kenyon, R. E. Iluntaker, F. M. Rolfo,
J. E.Swanaen, Roy Walker, C. P. Chaa
tain, J. Ebladen, John Elite, Henry
Bolvin, Van Riper Broa. and D. B.
A large nnmbtr ol the purchaeere
ol Iota wtro preaent when the drawing
took plat, and a toon a tht conteat
wMdtcbM Mr, Rolfe tout out (or a bos
ol tbt battelgaraln the city and a pita
ant amokar loHowtd, There it every
Indication that Mt. Hebron will make a
lively Uttl town. Ilia iltuated at tht
footo! tw railroad gradt, and Ltwl
Otrbtr, who bj authority on stock mat
tan, aayt that Mt. Hebron 1 dtttlned
to baooaia tha largest stock shipping
point la Northern California and South.
em Oregon. eHoek loaded atthat place
need wot bt unloaded until It reaches
Saa Franciaoo or Oakland, where a If It
Man Found Dead Near Redding
Not Mills
W. J. MHI9, of Wright-Mills Company, Who Left Here Laat
September for California Not Dead As We Quite
GeneraNy Supposed
it loaded in Oregon it muit be unloaded
at Sacramento, which Incura a Urge ex
pense. It iaalM aurrounded by a large
area of meadow land ao that bay will be
plentiful for alt Block that i driven
there for ihiptnrnt.
Three of the largeat and best ranche
in llulte valley are tributary to Sit
Hebron, and th'eee embrace 10,000
acre. The ranche are the Boyce, lea
ther and Mela. Tho IJoyc ranch i al
ready belli aubdlviJol, and there la
every aurance that the other two will
be cut up In the near future. Thi will
make tbe territory aurrounding Mt.
Hebron lupport a large imputation and
the town will grow In proportion, in
creasing tho value ol Iota in It.
The Mclntlre Transportation Com
panybaa added aeveral wagona to its
Urge freighting outfit.
A 4-horse load ol teaehcra eUrted lor
Merrill tbla noon. Tht is a sore In
dication that thla place will be well rep
resented at the meeting tomorrow
Jack Kimball haa gone to Pokegama.
Jim Pel ton is down from Fort Klam
ath on bnitneas.
Tonight's basket ball game Will be
between the Naughty Five-and tbe
Amazon!. Admlaaton 25 cents. Pro
ceeds go lo the High School piano fund.
The director ol the Oregon &. Callfor-
nU Transportation Co. had their regular
monthly meeting today.
Dr. Geo. II. Merryman, Jay Manning,
W. E. Bowdoin ana E. U. Lawrence
went to Merrill today on bueliiese and
Dr. and Mrs. 0. F. Demprest are in
the city Irom Morrill.
There was no school this afternoon in
order to give the teachers time to go to
Merrill lor tbe meeting.
The Klamath Oil Company bas pur
chased a plant formerly used In boring
lor oll.ln Jackson County. TbepUntis
now lu slorsge at Phoenix.
The mysteriou disappearance of W.
J. Mill., ol tbt Wrlgbt-Mllle Company,
on September Oth ol last year, baa
been partUlly eolred, at least one thing
absolutely certain la that tha msn.fouad'
dead near Redding, Cat., waa not Mills. '
Since Mills Itft here hi partner, J. .
WrUht, has bad communications with
Mills' former wife rteidlng la Nsvadi,
and Irom his mother, who live la Lake
County, Cat., neither ol tbess knowing
anything ol bis whereabouts.
The first heard of Mills sine) bU .
parture was in tbeiormolacbetkforfM
which he gave to aa Oakland paMlsb
ing house. Tbe check waa oa tha Kla
math County Bank, where tho Iras had
funds, but tbe payment ot tba check
waa atopped by an injaactloa salt
brought by Mr. Wright. Tba abtek
waa seat to tbt First Natkmal Bank for
collection, and when prtssated for pay
sunt waa marked "pay meat stopped by
order ol court." Mr. Wright exaasUsd
tht check, wblch waa on a regular Kla
math County Baak blank, aad loud '
tbat tba signature waa nadoabtedly that
of W.J. Mills. This cbeek waa dated
Feb., 21, 1908.
On tha same day that tbt cbeek waa
received at tba bank copiaa ot tbt In
junction action aad ol tha aotiea of
dissolution of partasrshlp wtro seat to
tbe sheriff ot Alameda County U ateuru
service on Mills. Tht papers wort re
urned three week later with tba ex
pUnatlon tbat be could not be found.
It bas alto been learned through par
tie llring in Los Aagelaa that Mills has
been in that city slnos leaving bar,
but at the present time bit whereabouU
art unknown. Mr. Wright received a
letter Irom hit sitter, who alao Uvea la
Lake County, oa tba 7th ol tbla moath
stating that neither abe aor ber asotatr
bad beard anything froas Mills since ht
left bare.
The trtate tbat have tiaaaalrad far-
nltb proof positive that tat asaa fouad
dead at Rtddiag waa not Mills, bat why
ht left hare under such conditions la
still an unsolved problem. Hit trip to
California was on basinets (or tba Ira
but ha never transacted tba
and bas nsvsr been heard from exospt
j in an inairec. way.
TaskAb ILiBS5MBl
SkfiL Th Most Perfect
aWsW Of Floor Paint.
Makes Boors easy to keep clean tbt home sanitary aad M tractive.,
Roberts St Hanks .
Phone 178, stsuaa Block
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