The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, April 06, 1908, Image 4

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Get the Essence of Satisfaction
. . By Dtllaj with Strictly Reliable Home
When it's Jewelry, Watch Repairing,
Optical Work or kindred lines you
want, come to the Leading Estab
lishment in those particular lines,
where you get your money back if
you are not satisfied
Our reputation is pretty good, too, as
the old saying serves as proof,
"Imitation is the Sincerest Flattery,"
so it don't make me mad to have
others copy the simple and upright
business methods I am using .
WMCJunaker, Jeweler and optician
Nurte, ol ifO year caperlcncc, detlir
nnrtlng. Mr. E. I. JJHet.lxaSM. tl
Mutual Hlp.
The rue of mankind would perlli
did they cc.i-0 lunt.1 will uihr. mj
tat Urn Uit the mother bind tu
.aii.ii. i...a mi (tin moment tlmt torn
' kln,i ...i.tniit wine the death damp
Uert Wlthroa-leaves In tho morning' fronl , l.row of tln dylWJ ""'
lie Ui not Mlt wltiiout BiHiun ""!' "
therefore, Hint nceii aw mh "
he one best bet
round this town is the fact that
every man in it can wear tailored
to-order clothes and be neatly
dressed-if he wants to be.
Just walk into our store and ask
us to take your measure then
make your own selection from
500 handsome Spring and Sum
mer fabrics, pick out the design
you prefer from our exclusive and
original fashion plates, and tell
us to send the order to Ed. V. Price
& Co., Chicago's great exclusive
merchant tailoring establish
ment. The suit or overcoat they make
to your individual order will cost
but $25 to $40, according to the
cloth and style of garment you
prefer, but after you've worn the
first one and proved its superior
excellence, you'll forget ready
made clothing ever existed.
Call today and ask to see Fabrics
NOS. 4404 L, 439S X, 4361 J,
4320 I. 4306 X. 4276 HH. and
f-2"rftw style designs 493, 490, 4t914l,
&Tm2J25T for clever ideas In clothes.
di,jjj1 W
mm 1 AT k
II I 1
for Donanta and Langell t alley.
making a lively campaign lor the now
luattou lor aMcttor.
For Upper Lako point by launch cull
on C. P. Gregory A Son.
The freight rate from Uray to thl
city will lw loaned Ihl week a tho
roadt aro much better and It It llmo fur
the Inauguration ol tho anting tcheiltilc.
See Winter lor Jewelry.
O. II. Alien wat In thin city Sunday
Ironi Merrill.
II your watch I tick tend It to Win
ter, lloapllal.
II. I llolgatoandl). V. Kuylen.lall
mill apend the next eeveral day among
the vuteii ol I.ako County.
New lino of lancy Souvenir tpuun at
J. S. Ilulablrd, ol Ciarainont,, It
III the city. He li the engineer who
I Id out the various tuntitltca along the
lino ol the California Nurlheatltrii.
To get a home talk In K. It. Hall about
the HutnmerAKInney place. Olllce,2nd
door, Ualdwln block.
Alfred W. Pcullen, of Kugene, It In
the city vlilllng hi aunt, Mm. J. C.
Iluutehold goodi for tale, Including
dithet, holding, carpet,, eto.
Apply at Mr. I'lnkerton.
Knglneer Ifenny and Murphy went to
Merrill ycttcrday on butnc connected
with the project. They alo Intended
to ak It from their fellow mortnl: no
on who hold tho poner of granting t
ran refute without gum -ecu.
Juvtnlla Diplomacy.
Ta." Inquired lreddle. "what I di
plomacy!" , . .,
"Diplomacy, my boy," retpouded I h
old man proudly, "I doing exactly tlw
right thing at exactly thu right iuo-
"Then I ued diplomacy lat night
"What did j on do. my boy J"
"Why, I heard miimiuu ay that all"
wa going to glie m aoino cntor oil
Now, )uil knuw. J genernlly tleep on
the outtlde of the Ivd. but lat nlghl.
wheu I lieanl uiainma coming upttatr.
I pushed Johnny Into my place, and
Johnny had the doe of nil "
VUicviit wai altogether too garnilou
In achoul to pleaie hi teacher. Such
puuUlinieut a the liittltutlon allowed
to bo meted out were tried without anv
apparent effect mihjii Hi boy until it
lout the maiicr ueciueu w m
tlon the lad' tiiiill upon hi monthly
report. So the next report to hl father ,
had then word.
"Vincent talk n great deal."
11ml: ratnn the lepnrt by mall duly
lined, but with Ihl written In rrd
Ink under the mintneut:
"Vou ought to hear hi mothc."
School Itnard Journal.
K. II. Hall cm aell Vila fine anch in
the KUiualh twin at ieoiiahte llgiile
anil on eay tefina. tllllce. -ml ll '
lUUw In block.
Purify Your Blood
Sassafras Hark ... $ "0 iiy
Caseara Bark .flu "
Kalamazoo Celery Compound. . l.oo
Palnca Celery Compound l.oo
Clarkvs Sarsapnrilla l.oi)
1 IK)
1 no
nyei a " ! '
Hood's Sarsapnnlln
Sarsaparilla with Iodides Special
Hoof Iron and Wines
S. S. S. $1.00
. io
1 no
& 1
Star Drug Store
"The Store that Saves You Money
l I I W l IV I
Klamath lull I'u.lic library
The Klamath Full Public Library I
nnen everv af lernonn I nun . io o .w
tovltlt Tule Lake toinvetllgate Iheout-i ,, , . , , r ,., ,
, , u clock and each evening from 0 l to
lei uui owing 10111a aiormy neainer tun
not go.
A. Helming A Co., fur merchant!. I
pay highett cath price for all kind of
hide and fur. Headquarter! Ameri
can Hotel. tl
The reclamation tervice I working j
quite a force on the Keno canal and nn ,
the foundation for the Lnit river tluni".
Laborert are plentiful and more men
ply for work than the tervice can uio at
thi time.
1 10 o'clock. A cordlnl Invitation it ex-
' tnmltail In flit
The Pantatorium
New bracelet at Winters.
I can locate yon on a homeatead.
Election of 1908
Hegiilrallon open, Jan. 0.
Cloven for prltnaile. April 7.
I'llmary lileelinu, April 1?.
Itrgiiitrallon (ri'ii, April 21.
(Mote for election, Mat I..
(ienenl Klectlou, June I.
Iteglntratlon rcoiivn Sept. ?).
Clone, lor election, Oct. W.
rredldentUI Klectlon, Nov 3
Everything that you nay need in the
dryg ooda Una Bay now be found at the
Boat en etoye.
Ererrtbmi guaranteed at Winter.
Kor the beat rig In town call at the
Mammoth Stable. II. W. Htraw, Pro
prietor, t
Try Zim for plumbing. :
can tell you a good ranch of 440 acre in
Ungell Valley, at a price that will lull
you, II. W. Keetee. tl.
It It not necettaiy to leave your
watchet ay long at Winter. We are
row prepared to do your work prompt-
ly. All work guaranteeil for onu year. J
G. Helming & Co.
Fur Merchants
Address Marthflcld, Oregon, or
Klamath Falls, Oregon
invented the iihonoffrnph.
He inntlo It nn ontortainiT
for nil. It is nmnufncturvd
nt tt price which uvcrvono
ran nttunl, nnil we ncll it on
the easy payment iilnn. to
no one nerd lie without it.
Have you heard and aeea
the New Model.
We Went Your Trade
Satisfaction Ooaianteed
Klamath Falls, Orefoa
Mri, W. I;. Hrehorn liai taken rhargv
of the American dining room, wliich
hat U-rti rrmo-lrlnl. All wonien cook
iuurmplo)rd. Thi li the place to gt
thu lrt inralilu lon.
Tou should Buy yo
watcnes from
W have the Urtfut Kkrt,
watckea In Southern cftaa
Mii4 Walchrt at we cats I
ttMlltUa, we can lUreitnij
Lowest Market ttUt far
Good Ooods
W have an ratabllxhed
U4 krc tu ilty. If tog
Watehfoea wrong jfl
know where io M4m
H. J. Wintei
Leadingt Jewele?
Watchmaker ui
II your eye are lailli t, fj'trt I
fit, tea Winter.
The Store That Is Doing The Business
Never before have the women of Klamath Falls been offered such a
complete sxock of attractive spring and summer dress goods to select from. It's a
positive pleasure to select your dress from among so many exclusive patterns, so
surprisingly moderate in price as those you find in our dress goods section.
Our stock is complete in the newest all wool German Plaids, Sublimes, Cor
duras, Serges and Panamas Silk and wool novelties in stripes and plaids.
In silks we can show you all colors in Peau de Cygnes Taffetalines and Crepe de Chines in all
shades fine line fancy black silk, yard wide, strictly guaranteed.
Mercerized Novelties Marguerite Tissue, Solesette, Ingomas stripes, Salome Mercedes and
Croyden Baptlste. .
Lawn in all the Latest Summer Shades and Patterns
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiBaaBaaa V