The Evening herald. (Klamath Falls, Or.) 1906-1942, April 06, 1908, Image 1

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Mostly Hew' p"or ln
Klarniilli I'""" '
Our Advertisers Get
the Best Remits . . .
Price, 5 Cents.
Talks to Big Crowd
at Medford
o IIiuSIoH Cannot Hear
the Senior Sunrttor
Mmiirnl ""Mr nii'i -er ... .
.i !... .i...
Jhune urii'i'iir ,. -
ipl; l.ei It" i""1"' '""" !
Iirtn txt'- cV of 1'iovculor Fran-
,.;. Il'.te C4ilr with l '""I
hrcestiUnau iwUiiinai liualliiti
ihtlrTrtr inter In tin alate la li'it prlf
ijel lo l-r Onv ' ""I"' senator In
iUt """' rub-ran 11 wwii now
,nJ the dale I the I'lluiary Ic.loti.
II mate Ins flirt ! h In Jarkson
Ooinir at Medford, Mini lay evening,
Ltor Istrfe an I repie.eiitstlvu audi.
nc lil-tt ga him Uib attention aa
! t-t'a recrlire Hi llllcl al
iltrwo Tliaie tint iimcli that wi
ns 11 Knlor I ulton'a friend in hi
allrwi, luit an atliilavlt which li read
tol puUnlied l"r the llr.l lime, waa ot
ripscial lltneat, I. it It COIIIpUlcly Blxl
tITfCtuillr eimirralnl Senator Filllnn
flora coniirctl iii Willi mi Incident which
Us Ui Ilia !'! of lit iiiiwt ttclou
tlilffl Oiailo agaltiil lillll by lila villi'
IWj-lnhltif wllli lila election, Senator
rnlninl. Iiir-I lliu lililury ut III term
la Congrraa wait Urn tarioua effort
mile in ilifilil )l to Iwfurv the eo
f!. lie itatnl that lia knew that
rotrplracr lial Ivni at work Uilli In
Oirjormil Uaihinglon with a wrll ar
tictnl .ol, Imt hn liml misjudge! the
aViprraie ami rerklrs character of the
campaign nam! agatnal lilni nhtcli wai
"UKlrntliily in falsehood and rnla-
'The Hmtli atmy, from lop Iwtlom
In rtrry IkIiiio, niadn up and la
UIIy l1i mi.l malicious, lleney
iw ll aa wliru lid hired a church In
Ml it In I'uncll'a allMatlt disclosed
lUoll i)atrm u( electing senator,
wMcli. tltnV if., w Imvu done away
villi In Oregon Senator Mitchell waa
m ftlrii.l, but lie wai hounded to hit
fare.atil tMnk ,ori ,n against
ttan .Inning," lie icnnl with (eel
In. lliat iuml liml hu rmered Ilia
nmmm i, Hiii".1 I mail" a ho refufrnl
to Mltclit It.
Hoiiilnr Kiilliiu liilil til lila hiving In
(oriiimKlovriiiniCliRiiilMiilaliiulHiiillh'a U'liiK a Kiaflur nml el lila aiiiirla at
thn il'ivrriiiir nmliliiK ulllilavll oiniint
I UK Kullnti with thn hillmry artory which
Kullun hail only li-arm! altvr llio ad
Juiirninntit ill tlm Irlalatntn, ami urllM
th iiovcrnor lor tlm rot tint of lilrnilly
acl. Una Imlllril Ilia Itnth ol lliu ac
cuaatlou tint hn hail Ucn loyal to
fllrnda, ami aalJ that ha lioil heal
way wuilhl l. Ilu jialil tiltmto lo
(llriiilaliln aa lliu otic tlildat III lliu world
worth while. AalilamlTlllnga
Dr. Parker Quits Practice
I'f. 'Hum, l'irct ha aiitioiiiicv.1 lo
lila lltrmla thai ha lll at mira ttilt tlm
iracllu ol inmlltlno ami will ahortly
leavn lor Alaaka, wheio lu --cta to
village In iiiliilm:. Ilnwaver, he will
enjoy a wvll friil vacation helnra t
lnC Nmlli, ami will leave neit week (or
the Klamath Hot Hitltiga anl fur ha n
Kianclaou, He will atao iwti'l a (aw
wrekaat I'ortlainl with olil Irlrinla ami
til. I'aiker came lo tlila city a little
over two yeara ft an. I herfan t'le rac
lira of iiii-llclfio umler rather ailverae
rircumilaiirrf, NotMithaUmliiiK tlila
ha htillt ni an envlahla ieiutailon a a
phyalclan ami aurti'ti, anil he la rec
onlriil aa a man well up In the medical
profraalon. Ho leavea a lare practice,
ami hia frlemla will l grletetl to learn
thai ha hat decided to lake hia depart
ure. M otiU he flint condltloni uiiaatla
factory In Alaaka and decMa to again
take up lila pMfeatlonal work It la rttl
He that he may latum hern upjn hi
return (mm tho North.
Clay Tajlor and Hud Ohenchaln went
14 Merrill today.
K. K. Ilunaaker retuinol runday
night from Hull valley where he haa
len for aUut ten daya looking after lila
fvlght team.
Tho llolcomh Healt) Company haa
fitted up a ery mat ottlcn lu the room
with the Wella-Fargo Ktpreaa Co.
J n Iga Tho. Drake rcturneil bat night
Iron) Poitlaiiil where he ha been fur
erial week nn Imal huilueai.
Mia Anna Apidcgale, teacher in the
Fort Klauiatli achool, I vndlng a
week' vacation with Iter paranta, Capt.
and Mr a. 0. C. Ablegate.
County Court met tlila morning with
Judge J. ll.Orlfnth and Comtnia. loner
Fre.1 Melhaao In atlemlanre. Tlie only
builtiea tranaacte.1 wa the appoint
inenlol A. D. Miller aa juatlce of the
peace to fill tli vacancy created by the
resignation of T. K. Nlcholaa. Thecourt
la holding a abort aeaalon thl afternoon
to tranaact routine bualnea. Judge
Urimth I lmllaoavl and owing lo thla
the court ha not gone to the Upper Oap
to lew the bridge alio.
If it's a hat or nhoo you
arc thinking of visit tho
atoro that carries tho
largest stock-that keeps
standard qualities. See
our Spring lines of Walk
over and Napatan Shoes,
Stetson and Thorough
bred Hats.
Through freight Route From
New Railroad Terminu)
Yet Undeveloped
The transportation alltialiou lis not
)el In-eii deteloK-l( and no report ha
been rrcelvel fioin the partle In con
frrenco at Han Franclaco. Manager W.
It. Davit, ol lha Klamath Falla Tranc
Hirtalltiu t'ouiauy, waa unable to
attend the im-nllng on account of illnea
lid coneiipiitly Capt. J. M. Mclollr
la tho only local man on the acene.
At thla time it la moiible to tUU
what kind of an arrangement theHoutb
em I'aclllc till maku for the delivery of
Irvight in thla tit y. Olio thing only I
certain and that la that a through atr-
vha will Iweilabllahal and that the 8.
I', will ! ilireclly rvionalble fur the
ililiirrry of lnUht at the atorthouM or
warehouse. 1 lm meichant want a
through aeixlce from the terminu of
the California KoillitMaleru, and they
do not want tlirlr freight handled ofteo-
er than la iieieatary. In order to avoid
handling the Irxlglit aaveral tlmae tn
Klauiatli Falla Trauaportation Co. In.
IcUila loading the freighting outfit on
barge at Teetera l-andlng and bringing
them through to the city In one day.
If thla plan la carried out Klamath Fall
will have a pl mild freight service a
ooii aa the rovl readies Dorm.
If I lie height should be brought
through to this city by team it will
inakuonlya trifle uer one day to land
It at tha a tor i' door or warehouse,
.would make, the service very g""d itlser
way, by handling tlm (rUhl only tark,
Tlie bouthurn I'aciflc will make
arrangement wild one of the compan
iea to haul the Height from the end
of the railroad to tuts city and the com
(any getting the contract will lie vir
tually In tho imploy of the Kouthern
His Many friend Will force
Him to Be a Candidate
for the Mayoralty
The mention hy the Herald ol O.
Heltkemar for Maor ha had the re
sult of almost forcing hCni Into the'race,
lor ho ha been urged on all aide to al
low hi name lo U ushI. He ha not,
however, mnrvntod to enter the race
and will not unless he I convinced that
tho people of the city ant him to be a
candidate for thu olllce. A he ay he
ha no political aspirations and would
oonor attend lo hi business than to
late on the onorou laak of caring1 for
the Intervals of tho city, but he will lay
aside hi personal feeling In tho matter
If It appear to him that It 1 the wish
of the majority of the people that ho be
come a candidate.
Tho question ol who will lie the next
Mayor ha been n much dlcued ub
jeel for the pad few day and In con
nectlun therewith Mr. Hellkemper'a
name bat been favorably mentioned.
If he should conient to enter tlar teld
he would undoubtly trake a ttrong race
and from preaent Indication would be
certain ot election.
The name of T. F. Nicholai hai been
molt favorably mentioned In connection
with the ofHco ol City Recorder and
Police Judge, but he atate moat em
phatically that ho will not be a candidate
and will not aerveil elected. Mr. Nlch
olaa I eminently well qualified for the
position and It will fee a matUrof much
regret to hia friend that he to positive
Prof. Butcher, of Oklahoma.
Is Elected Principal of
the High School
The corpa of Instructor for the County
High Hvhool for the ensuing year ha
been lelected by the county board.
There will be but one change and that
I In th prlnclpatahlp. Prof. John T.
Butcher, a graduate ol the univenity at
Lawrence, Kama, ha been elided to
thl position, lie come very highly
recommended a an educator and form
erly taught in the university ol Okla
homa. Th last year he haaapent In
achool "at the Kansas university from
wbicli be U a graduate.
The 111(1 Hchool teacher a elected
are Prof. Hutcher, I'rcfs. Faught ami
Howard and Mira Ilesslo Applegate. It
lacor4 of excellent Instructor ami
give aMorance that the High School
will have very (ucccaaful year.
Enterprise Qalore
It I pleasure to note the enterprlm
ol our neighboring town, I.kovlew.
They are beginning to do thing in thai
Utile city. Borne one mentioned a
Soaring aalll, and Immediately a com
pany wl organiied arid already the ma
eblnery ha ben ordered for a
thoroughly intdern mill. Tho director
of th new company tay they will have
the mill in running order In time to
grind thl year wheat crop.
The county I alao going to do exten
he adtertiting and the commercial
body reatfyfauiaed la an active-tan-tor
In doing thl. Lakevlew eem to
jm wide awake and If the county (rat 1
removed from there ll will be hecnure a
lively fight could not prevent It.
Bud Obenchaln arrived Saturday
night from llogue river valley whore he
had spent aoveral week with relative.
Lake County Authorities Just
Think They Have Captured
Notorious Hamilton
According to the Lake County Exam
iner It I very probable that Hamilton
I now languishing In Lake County jail.
The fellow told about In the Examiner,
which la printed herewith, may bo
another Hamilton but It i not likely
that he I the man wanted at Slher
Lake. Following I the account ol the
Important rapture:
"A man came Into Plush Tueaday
who antwered the description of Alee
Hamilton, but who gave another name.
He aatd he waa not Hamilton but refut
ed to glo any account of himself, fur
tber than to tay that he had been at
Silver Lake and left there about a week
ago. Tlie man wa arreatea mere ana
Sheriff Dent and Deputy C. D. Arthur
went there and took charge of him.
They brought him to Lakevlew Wed
Cannot Loan Beer
An exchange tlatea from authority
that a taloonkeeper must neither bor
row aor lend beer In quantitlea equal to
or exceeding Ave gallons, either In keg
or bottles. It Is the practice among
talooaksepers in small towns remote
from wholesale houses to loan each other
beer until new stock can be secured,
when tb beer Is paid back. This prac
tice'! forbidden by tho government.
A saloonkeeper who borrow or loans
beer In quantities, either In bottles or In
olf llablo for the penalty of (ailing to
take out a wholetalara' licenie. A re
tail dealer, ao naya the authority, can
only borrow in inch quantitlea aa he can
ell. lie cannot tell (he gallon or over
without wholesaler' licenie.
A Strong Company
Houitom Opera house wai crowded
Haturday night when the Slong Com
pany preaentcd the play David Oarrlck.
A number of additional sella had been
provided for tlio occasion, but many of
thou who camo lata could find aland'
Irtg room only. Tho play throughout
wa well received by the audience, and
every member of the company gave a
good account of themaelve. Mr. Mong
a David Oarrick wa up to hi high
standard and portrayed thl difficult
character well Indeed. Mr. Mong a
Ada Ignot did not disappoint the audi
ence, out pleaij tier many aumircn
Immensely. Paul Harvey, who I well
known to the theatre going people ol
thl lily, wa given an enthusiastic wel-
coma by the audience a wa alao Mr.
Ilaruy They are both decided favor
Ilea with tlie people of thl city. O.
Drisglll, C. Bernard and Miss Leu is
weieall good in their part, and the
play a a whole wa generally pro
nounced exceptionally strong, Mr.
Mong lias an excellent company and
the people will not be disappointed by
attending the performance.
One of the best hlta of the night waa
theapecialty "I'm Afraid to Go Home
In the Dark," by Mr. and Mr. Harvey.
The other aprcUlllee went very good and
were heartily applauded by' tho audi
ence. Registration Closes
Beglal ration lor the primary election
close ars-o'tlock. tomorrows Otwrlr
Chaitaln ay the registration will be
approximately 1400, or perhap 200 more
than last year. Hn I very busy getting
out the election lupplle which will be
dclitered hy the sheriff this week.
J. P. Uonham and E. V. Muller, pro
prietor of the Singer Sewing Machine
Agenc), wish to inform tlie public that
they have removed their entire stock ol
Kllson phonograph and records which
hate been on display and (or tale at
Winter' Jewelry tore, ta the 8. K.
Noel building on Main St., between
Seventh and Eighth, where they will be
pleased tn sene you and respectfully
ask for a (bare of .your patronage.
Five candidate lor office attended the
dance at Fort Klamath lait Friday
night. Two of them danced, and the
other wanted to but could not, D. V
Kuykendall, F. H. Mill and Bert With
row. Judge L.F. Wllllu and W. A.
Delzel were tho candidate who attend
ed the dance and mixed with the voter
ot Wood rler valley.
Makes doors easy to keep clean
Phone 173,
KawajaanauMf' I iSv-JSw-S' f't V$nsaVHltisl-mTflBffaffaffaBaul
Water Users' Take
Attendance Too SataU to
Pass Amendaieat Cnaaf
ifMj Meetlnoj Time
The Water Uters found it Impottibhj
to finish their work at th afternoon
inn and an adjourned meeting waa bead
In the evening. Th attendance waa not
a large aa In the afternoon and owing
to the imall number of aharae repre
sented It waa Impossible to take action
on the amendment to change th Urn)
of holding th regular annual oaeeilag
The matter wax laid over until th next
meeting. The evening aeakion wa abort
and after it wa found that th fffpod
amendment could not be oonltrd tb
only motion acted on wa by A. H.
Naftxger, expreeelng lb AaaoedaUon'a
appreciation of tb offleeri and director.
Th motion waa carried by a taoanlaaoB
vote. The mealing waa adjourned until
June 5 and it ia th uaderataodlag that
a farmer' Inililut be held at that tlaae
and lb matter will be taken op with
the Slat Agricultural Board at att.
It la thought that th attasxlaoc at tb
adjourned meeting will b quit Urgat aa
it will be to tb InUreetofevtttyraMher
to attend tb iarmm' iaatMat. and aa
1w?aMa Bfa ajjjawaYajpffjjajBjjn
will turn oat in large aaaabajn. Aa at
Umpt will be mad to bav a rc4tabl
InttltuU ao a to get to peal of tbU
county more lnUrwarted ia ta prodactaoa
of tb variou kind ot crop which can
be grown occ(ulr.
Th new Board aaet Saturday night
and at once proceeded to tb electloa of
officer for the catalog year. Tber waa
no ccntett for any ot tb oSce and the
following were elected: Preeldeat, Alex
Martin Jr.; vice president, Jacob Raek;
ecreUry, C. P. Chattala; ttaarr,
G.W. White; attorney, K. 8. Smith.
Relative and trie nds ol tb groos la
thl city bav been advised of tb aaarrt
age of Mr. Jest, Hanks to Mis Edith
Caldwell at Roeebarg on March Slst.
Th groom I well known ln this city,
it having been bl home for many year.
Th bride is a popular young lady of
Roteburg. They .hate taken up their
horn at Canyonville Oregon.
The Most Perfect
of Floor Paints
the horn sanitary and attraettv.
& Hanks
buia Block ,
ly refuse to bo a candidate.
keg, ol Bv gallons or more lays him