Jacksonville sentinel. (Jacksonville, Or.) 1903-1906, December 18, 1903, Image 5

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    Report ol the Grand Jury.
ry will I m - hauled to the dredger. This
In the Circuit Court of the State of extra expeniie is made necessary by the
fact that the dredge company consider
Oregon for the count
unty of Jackson.
To tlx- Hon II K.
I Hanna, Judge of the the Centennial bridge unsafe for heavy
loads to cross on and they do not care to
alxive entitled court:
W«- the Grand Jury for Jackson County, risk the delay and loss should they lose
Oregon, duly «liawn and empaneled at some of their expensive machinery in
the DccenilN-r term of the above entitled Rogue river.
«•ourt, having finished our investigations,
B«*«i<jlr Items.
la-g leave to re|x>rt.
That we have carefully examined into
We ar«- to have a Christmas tree. The
all cases in which persons have been ac­ preparations are going forward nicely
cused or suspected of crime, in every case umler the supervision of Frank Rodgers.
whi rr the matter has been brought to our
Every farmer among us has I mm - ii tak­
attention. That we have returned into
ing advantage of the fine weather and a
Court true bills in only those cases when
large acreage of w heat has I m - cu sown.
the evidence in our judgment was suf
ficient for conviction
We have returne«!
N. L. Narregon of Medford was <«ut
no bills en«lor*rd**Not a true bill" for the last Saturday and Sunday looking after
reason that then- were n-> cases in which his firm.
u defendant had tx-en held to ap|iear
Our turkey raisers, Messrs Jones, A. D.
before us in which we «lid return an in­ Houston and Chapman are getting their
fl«M-ks in condition for shipment to San
We have, a» far as our limi'erl time
Francisco for the Christmas market.
would |M-rmit examine«! into the liooks
Judging from th« fancy returns of their
and records of the Court Hous«-, and w hile
we have made no expert examination of! Thanksgiving shipments they expect
g«axl prices.
the records or the accounts of tne officers, ,
we found th«- books and records well an«! I
Miss Rosa M vers is visiting her sister
neatly kept and the officers dilig« nt ami Mrs. Walk« r of Table Rock.
courteous in the discharge of their vari­
Several farmers of this section are pre
ous duties.
paring to plant apple tr-es this winter.
We have visited the County Poor house
ami have talked with the inmates there­ N'. L Narrvgan wdl put out several acres.
Others intending to plant a smaller
of. We found them all satisfied with
amount ar«-: ,M< ssrs. DeArtnon, Chapman.,
their surroundings and in response to in­
Armstrong, Glass and Stacy.
quiries as to tin ir treatment they off-red
no complaint.
It is rumor «! that J. G. Martin will
We would respectfully recrmimeml that move to Medford in the Spring.
the roof of the County jail I m .- rewldered
am) r*|>aintcd. That tbr roof of the Court
House should I m - r«-|xiire<l and all leaks
stopped ami such other repairs should I m - '
made in ami alxmt the Court House as
are necessary.
Rugs in many lieautiful pat­
We would also recommend that the
terns, Portieres, all grades.
County road leading up Jaikson Creek i
Couch c«>vers, la’.est design»,
into Jacksonville, should I m - repaired ami
Table covers, Carpet Swe<-j>-
ers. Parlor Tables. Ladies
We respectfully call th«- attention of the
County Court ami County Commissioners
stands. Rockers, to suit all,
to th< fact that the absence and want of
Morris « hairs, Music Racks,
the I
toadies Desks, laulics dress­
County Court House is a source of great
ing cases, Folding tables.
annoyance to the citizens and taxpayers
Rattan Goods, La«lies Work
of th«- county who do business at the
Stands, Fancy Tables, Wall
Court house ami is also a source of great
inconvenience to tiieeounty officers. We
most stronglv and urgently recommend I
that there l»e pul into the Court House 1
one telephone, at the ex|x-nse of the j
horse*, Ik-ftk» and Bl ack
county, and that after the installation of i
boards, Doll carriages, Ex­
said telephone, shoipd the comity officers
tables. Side boards,
desire anditional ones they should be al­
lowed to ¡natal them at their own ex­
Commode*, I ron t>eds for dolls
Having finished our duties and having
no further business la-fore us. we would
John Williams one of the big wheat
respectfully asked to I m - discharged.
Date«! at Jacksonville, Oregon, Dec-1 growers of Marrow county whose farm is
near Heppner was in Jacksonville last
ember 10« IVOR,
Saturday while taking a look at Rogue
J krkmiah N vxan .
River Valley with a view of finding a
Foreman of the Grand Jury.
satisfactory location for his parents, who
desire to seek a less disagr« cable climate
Galls Creek Mines.
than Eastern Oregon, and who are con­
Henry D. Kubli returned Sunday from templating moving to Southern Oregon.
Galls creek where he h ««1 Ix-en for sever­ Mr. Williams, from the information that
al days superintending work upon the he had secured and from what he had
Golden Standard mine, of which himself, seen, state«! that he was well pleased
Mr«. K. Kubli. K. K. Kubli and Judge with this valley and especially with its
E. B. Watson, of Portland an- owners. climate, an«l he spoke very complimenta­
They have three men at work getting out ry of Jacksonville's possibilities, but was
ore ami later on they will increase th«- frank enough to say that the delapidated
force. They have tile main shaft down
appearance of many of the «>hl buildings,
120 feet and the vein is steadily increas­ tlx- broken swings an«l the rough, illkept
ing in size ami richness. Tile ore that is sidewalks gave the town a has-lieen ap-
taken from th«- mine this winter will Iw |x-arance
unfavorbly impressed
hauled so soon ns the roads open in the strangers. Had the town lieen neat anti
spring, to a small stamp mill which they progressive in its appeanurce it is «mite
have on Gills creek a mile ami a halt certain that Mr. Williams would have
from the mine where it will I k - milled. I iMHight property ami put up a residence
Th«- Golden Standard has I m - cii a paying for his jMirents.
mine in previous years and turned out
gold enough to make it a profitable in­
vestment to its owners.
Of work at the other mines in that Ashburnham. Ontario, Testifies to the Good
Qua ities of Chamberam’s
ditrict Mr. Kubli states that W. S. Clark
Couth Remedy.
has eight men at work on the Purkeypile
mine, which they have bonded, lie is
A shhvrnham , Ont., April 18, 11103.—I
getting out a large «luantity of high grade
it is on’y right that I should tell
ore. Heretofore all the ore from this
min«- hail to lx- hauled to Gohl Hill to be you what a wonderful effect Chamber­
milled, making an expensive haul of 121 lain's Cough Remedy has produced.
miles. Mr. Clark is now having a fine The day before Easter I was so distressed
stamp mill b lilt m ar tlx- mine and will with a cold and cough that 1 did not
think to 1>e able to take any duties the
hereafter do his own milling.
At the famous Bill Nve mine, the next day, as my voice was almost choked
superintendent Major Andrews, of Med by the cough. The same day I received
ford, has a force of men taking out ore, an order from you for a bottle of your
which will I m - milled at the mine, a fine Cough Remedy. 1 at once procured a
stamp mill now being almost completed. a sample bottle, and took about three
The Bill Nye mine has the honor of hav­ «loses of the medicine. To my great re­
ing specimens of ore from it taking the lief the cough and cold had entirely dis­
prize at the exposition at Spokane two appeared and I.was able to preach three
times on Easter <lav.
I know that this
years ago.
Mr. Kubli states that Champlin & Co. rapid and effective cure was due to your
Cough remedy. I make this testimonial
who are putting in the big dredge on the
Pierce place at the mouth of Foots creek unsolicited, being glatl to have found
have 70 tons of machinery on the wav such a Godsent remedy.
Rector of
from the the East and the Company is
now building a siding from Southern St. Luke's Church. To Chamberlain
Pacific track at a point on the south side Medicine Co. This remedy is for sale by­
of Rogue river, from which the machine- City Drug Store.
For the Children
We can fill orders promptly for
fruit boxes in any quantity from
one hundred boxes to a carload.
Made from best quality seasoned
Retail and wholesale, rough or
dressed. Shipments made tc any
part of the United States.
and Box Factory,
The best stock ever brought to Med­
ford and the cheapest to be had in
Jackson County for the quality is at
The Pioneer Hardware Dealer.
The Charter Oak and the Acorn both
both heavy steel heaters, guaranteed airtight
and to last a dozen years. Sheet planished
Steel Heaters of our own make, the best low-
priced airtight stove on the market.
Anything in the Hardware Line.
Mail Orders Promptly Filled.
W hite & T rowbridge
We have the largest and best list in Southern Oregon oi
Fruit, Alfalfa, Dairy and Stock Lands, Timber Lands,
Mining Bargains and Town Property.
Dealers in
Sewing Machines, Lime, Cement
We buy wool and mohair.
Special attention given to orders from a distance for
Mining Camps and Mills. Meats shipped promptly and in
first-class condit ion.
for the Sentinel and Weekly Oregonian.
Good clubbing inducements offered.