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Halurday, Octobar IT, lili
disrespects a white woman because
some white man disrespects some col­
ored woman, by refusing to give up
his seat In a car to her is using
mighty poor judgment and Is proving
the absence of a claim of being a
gea tieman
Kntered at the 1‘oatolTi,« at
t'ragon. as eocond-ctaea
Cort land,
4 lar.
All communications for publication
or otherwise should be addressed to
The Advocate Publishing Company.
Suita 311 Macleay Building. Portland.
Advertising rates made known on
“Don't ask for rights
Take them
An' don't let anny wan give them to ye
A right that la handed to ye fr naw-
thin' baa somethin' the matter with IL"
—Mr. Dooley._____________________________
"They have right a who dare maintain
thana "—Jamaa Ruaaell Lowell
your light so shine before men. that
they may see your good works, »nd
glorify your Father which is tn
haaven — Matthew 5:15.
All-Hallow eve falls on the last day
of October, the day following being
All-Salnta* day. or All-Hallows.
This is the date of the last of three
festivals held by the Druids, who in
olden times were scattered over
northern Europe.
These festivals
were observed on May 1. the time of
sowing; June 11. the season of the
ripening of the crops, and October
31. the harvest season.
One of the religious rites of the
Druids waa maintaining throughout
the year immense fires on stone al­
tars erected upon eminences in honor
of the Sun god. On the night of Oc­
tober 31, the Druids assembled at the
altars in their snow-white robes, and
at a given aignal. during the absolute
silence on the part of the multitude
gathered to witness the ceremony,
they solemnly extinguished the fires.
New fires were then kindled, and as
the flames leaped heavenward, the
people raised a mighty shout, and
then, obtaining live embers from the
altars, they returned to their homes
to extinguish the old fires left burn­
ing on their hearths, and kindle them
anew with the sacred embers of the
priests. This new fire was believed
Io protect each homestead from peril
so long as It remained burning.
As the Druidic faith faded In the
light of Christianity, the heathen fes­
tivals lost much of their grandeur
and former significance, and as­
sumed a lower character. Gradually
the simple country folk came to be­
lieve that on October 31 the fairies
forsook their hiding places to dance
in the forest glades, while witches,
goblins and other evil spirits had
revels in deserted abbeys, or plotted
against mankind in the shadows of
ruined catties and keeps.
By a very natural transition the
Hallowe'en tire came to be looked
upon as a charm against evil spirits;
and even as late as the seventeenth
century we learn that it was cus­
tomary for the farmer to make the
circuit ot his acres brandishing a
lighted torch, and chanting ot some
doggerel rhyme to protect his farm
from evil during the coming year.
From the fact that these supernat­
ural agents seemed so near at this
season, Hallowe'en was supposed to
be the night of all nights for the pry­
ing Into the mysteries of tbe future;
and this is probably the origin ot
those games and ceremonies by
which it is claimed that one's fate
may be learned, at the same time pro­
viding a great deal of innocent fun
and flirtation for youths and maid­
ens of every degree at a Halloween
It is more than six months before
the State Primary Election will be
Nevertheless candidates for
the various offices have made their
announcements, and the political
leaders of the Republican and Demo­
cratic parties have begun to outline
their campaign thunder.
Now the
question is, whst are tbe colored vot­
ers thinking about? Have they made
up their minds as to whether or not
they will support men or parties, and
are they organinxlng so that they wiir
be prepared to give their united sup­
port to men who will support meas­
ures that will not only be beneficial
to the white people but to all the peo­
ple? There Is one lesson colored vot­
ers must learn: It is that politics
rale the world, and that we will be
able to take our place In the world
of politics only in proportion ns we
are able to show our strength.
A number of our people are holding
t meetings, talking and resoluttng as
usual over the proposition of build­
ing a lodge bail. Now if these peo­
ple would only follow up that talk
and those resolutions with deeds and
action, after doing some sound busi­
ness thinking and careful planning,
and put down some real cash, and
cut out so much hot air. there is no
doubt but what they could build a
hall. The trouble with most of our
people, they can all talk to beat the
band but when it comes to backing
up that talk with money, they gener­
ally chwe up like clams or crawl out
through the promise route. We hope
it will not be so in this case.
Tbe American Peace Award of New
York has sent us a lengthy communi
catloa for publication
We notice in
the huge committee and ths many or-
ganlsations repreeented the absence
of the name of any colored person
or organisation.
Thia omission in
such a great movement does not
smack much like working tor peace.
Wo wonder how many petitions tor
freeing members of the 24th Infantry,
now in Ixmvenworth. Kans., prison,
have been circulated by the local
branch of the N. A. A. C. P We so
far have not seen any nor heard of
their being circulated. We hope they
are being circulated, however, and
that hundreds of signatures havv
been secured This cause is entirely
too important and the time too short
It looks as though we shall have the to procrastinate.
Race problem with us uatU there is
but on« race on all the earth
(Lincoln Service.)
acme of
woman's vanity consists in com­
Just a suggestion: How about Sun­ pletely changing the color of her skin
day. November 11th. being set aside after marriage.
in your churches as Houston Mar­
tyrs’ Day? Petitions to the President
Dunbar High School. Washington,
of the United States, copies of which organised a debating club, whose
can be secured from the National first business was to plan an outing
Headquarters. 6» Fifth Ave.. New for its members.
York City, at 1 each. could be circu­
Hip Sing Laborers' and Merchants*
lated and signed, and a most fitting
in every
program of an historical- nature con­ Association, represented
cerning our solders' records in the State in this country and Alaska, met
various wars would not only be en­ at Philadelphia and voted >750.000 to
tertaining but highly enlightening build a Chinese hospital at San
And as all our ministers are not only Francisco.
members, but officers of the local
Howard Gale, colored, was jailed in
branch of the N. A. A. C. P„ which is
sponsoring this movement, a meeting default of payment of a fine of >11.45.
of the kind suggested would have a assessed tor sitting in the "white
two-fold significance. What about it* coach" of an interurban line enter­
ing Baltimore.
The above is the name of a book
that will soon be published by the
Knights of Columbus Historical Com­
mission. The book promises to be
a revelation to those people who be­
lieve that the white man is the sole
founder and builder of America. The
white race seems not to know nor be-
lieve that the colored race con tri b-
uted anything of value to the civili-
zation of this country. The Knights
Africa has the distinction of having
the shortest and tallest groups of
people in the world. The Akka pyg­
mies are the shortest while the Wa-
hoomas. of Ruanda. East Africa, are
the tallest.
Miss Keene Reports Fine Trip
Mias Norma Keene, pretty sten­
ographer of Portland, returned from
a three weeks' trip to Anaconda.
Butte, Helena. Montana, and Spo­
kane, Washington, Friday, the 19th.
and reports a moat excellent trip. In
Anaconda she visited relatives, tn the
other cities, friends of her late
mother, Rhe saw the home m which
her mother waa married and where
Out from Anaconda
she waa born
she went fishing and caught her first
fish, Mias Keene wishes she could
have remained longer but la happy
over the tact that she could atay as
long as she did. She nays thia was
a most eventful trip. Mias Keene Is
one of the few young colored women
in the city who la employed as «ten-
ographer in a white business
stopping al ths residence of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Con­
Devis, •11 East way. 349 Cherry street, sponsored by
They plan to Mr and Mrs. Cartwright, Tuesday
home. provided evening, the 13rd Inst. Tan little ones
accompanied by their mothers on
joyed the delightful affair.
tions and Evergreens furnished offer
Young Coupls Married
Mr James Itaglan and Miss Clara live decorations for the rooms and re­
Nelson were quietly married at Von- freshments were dispensed
couver. Wash . Wednesday afternoon. tot received favors consisting ot
October l*lh. In the presence of s caps, rings, etc All-had a good time.
few friends. They are domiciled on
First street In South Portland Mr
Mra. Rucker Hsre
end Mrs. 1. L Davidson, 1»«5 East
Mrs. Rucker of New York la hero
7th street, friends of the couple, en-
the week In company with her
tertslned In their honor
clous wedding supper the evening of husband who Is playing on the Pan
Both are domi­
the marriage. Covers were laid tor taget bill this week
ciled at the residence of Mr and Mrs.
Kdgar Conway, 3«9 Cherry street.
Mrs. Rucker has made a host of
Mastsr Gilbert Qllden Honored
In honor of his second birthday friends along the coast.
Oklahomans May Reside Here
Mr. and Mra. W. L. Lyons of Has
kill. Oklahoma, who came here a cou-
anniversary. Master Gilbert tlllden,
For Rent—One 4 room and one ••
son of William Gilden. waa enter-
tained at a very pretty party at th«| room house Morrow. Broadway 5807.
pie of weeks ago, are
home ot Mr. and Mra
,34 th street. South,
make Portland their
they like It here.
e —
Washington's Fine Arts Commis­
sion has approved plana for a new
edifice to house the pathological
laboratories of Freedman's Hospital
Construction will begin at once upon
the new building, which will cost
Registration In Maryland show«
123.943 Democrats; 79.131 Rcpubll-
cans; and 18.96» unaffilipted. Wemon
voters display remarkable
since their franchise Is assured, and
their enrollment Is far below normal
N. Simms, LL.D., Author of Simms
the fleeting winds.
Johnstown. Pa., recently rendered
ludicrous by a Negro exclusion order
issued by a discredited official, re­
turned to the colored limelight again
last week when objection was raised
by certain white people against the
occupancy of church property, pur­
chased by a colored Methodist organ­
isation in a white neighborhood. The
Rev. Brady, pastor, has pledged to
pay >40.000 for the church.
promptness in meeting financial
gallons Is the greatest asset that one
who Is engaged tn business can have,
This kind of a reputation Is worth
more than money Itself.
To have
money and to be without thia asset
you are a very poor man. indeed; for
money Is like the ever changing wind
or the brightest sunshine Today w«
enjoy both, but on tomorrow we may
not be able to get a breath of fresh
air; and the sun may be hidden be­
hind the darkest clouds through
which not a single ray of light or
heat may be able to pass. So with
money It Is like the bidden sun or
We may be rich today and poor to­
morrow, but a good repulatlou as
above expressed. If properly nursed,
will be with us always. It will bring
bualneaa to us when nothing else will
do It. It will be a course through
which we can acquire money when
we are In the greatest need of It.
Acquaintances, neighbora and
friends will find pleasure In dealing
with ua. tor they will know that they
will always get their money's worth
The Up-to-Date
Cleaning & Tailoring Co
BRoadway 9100
Hats cleaned and blocked to suit yon.
Yes, we clean everything from neckties up to rugs, blankets, etc.
Sults and Overcoats made to your individual measure.
Satisfaction guaranteed or your money refunded.
Our prices are very reasonable. Olve us a trial. Wo will please you.
Call East 0258 for
News of
the Churches
Four bricklayers, one of whom was
colored, were fined >5 each for work­
ing on Sunday at Larchmont. N. Y.
“Honesty Is tbe best policy.** So
They willingly paid up as they re-
let us always consider that and *be
reived >3« each as wages and bonuses
Mrs. Meta Elliot, who came from
fair and square In our business rela­
for working on Sunday.
Illinois to reclaim her run-away
tions with out fellow man. which will
niece. Ivy Elliott, was repaid tor her
build for ua a good bualneaa reputa
restless nights and days of search
Hon that win be worth more to us
Tuesday, when she found her niece
than money
on Morrison street. near Fifth. Mrs.
Elliot plans to take her back to her 102nd and 103rd streets. The house three Kirks, all relatives, employed
is seven rooms and modern, with one at that place.
home in Illinois.
and one-half acres of ground, on
George Olsens famous orchestra,
which stand a large number of a va- which has delighted the guoata at
riety of fruit trees.
The Portland for a long time, left
Stag Club Will Give Their
Eddie Watson, bellhop st Tbe Port- Wednesday for an extensive tour of
Honorable Harry L. land, who has been on a visit with
the Halt.
Day, president of the relative« In Washington. D. C„ for a
Portland Hotel Company, number of months, has returned and
left Tuesday morning for resumed his place on the old bell-
Willamette Blvd., best view prop
his home InBerkeley, Cal. stand.
erty. To close estate, modern. six-
Mr Dwyer, the effclent
J. G. Kirk is the name ot a new room, garage, fruit, flowers. Room
I auditor of The Portland, was married Valier at Tbe Portland. This makes |
311 Macleay Bldg . Morrow, B<lw 58<i7
last week to a charming lady from
Spokane. On his return home he re­
ceived hearty congratulations from
OCTOBER 31, 1923
the guests and employes of tbe hotel.
Mr. Edward Boyce, managing di­
350 Qllsan Street In Park Hotel, opposite Now Pootoffico
rector of The Portland, left Wednes­
At Stag Club Auditorium, 38154 East Morrison Street
B. J. JOHNSON. Proprietor
day morning for California, accom­
OPEN FROM 8 A. M. TO 10 P. M.
panied by Mrs Boyce, where they
All Kinds of Meats Barbecued -Serve You Here, or You May Take
will winter
It II ome
In the punch board contest which
Prizes will be given to the Swellest Dressed
was held amongst some of the em
Ham and Eggs, Bacon and Eggs, Hot Cakes and Coffee, Served from
ployes of The.Fortland this week, J.
person and the most Comical Dressed person
8 A. M to 11 A. M.
S. Bell was the winner and her name
was Dorothy. In the raffle, which
Merchant's Lunch Ssrvsd from 11 A. M. to 2:30 P. M.
took place about the same time. E.
Admission. 50c
Webb's Famous, Syncopated Orchestra
W. Morton won the large lap robe.
Served at All Hours
Claude James, who recently re­
turned from Los Angeles, and later
from Gearhart. Oregon, and who has
been employed at The Portland for
several weeks, resigned on last Sat­
urday. following a wordy war.
Ed Taylor, pioneer railroad and ho­
tel man, who has been employed at
The Portland for a month or more,
threw up his job one day lasl weKSt
and it is thought will again enter the
dining car service.
Joe Crane, private waiter and soft
drink dispenser at The Portland,
moved last Monday into hie new
home on the Gilbert Road, between
= 7\
TheTriple Triangle
Will Give a Ball at the 8tag
November 29, 1923
Webb's Orchestra
Economy Drug Stores
No. 1—10th and Morrison Streets.
Atwater 1810
No. 2—143 Fourth Street at Alder.
Main 1697
No. 1—Williams Avenue and Russell Street.
No. 4—1010 Belmont 8treet.
East 9085
Tabor 8628
Uft N. 10th Street
Rev. E. C. Dyer, Faster
The services last Sunday proved a
spiritual blessing to the members slid
the many friends that attended The
pastor has gone to attend the asso­
ciation of the Negro Baptist of North­
ern California, Dr. 0. CL Coleman,
moderator. sitting with ths church at
Richmond. Cal. Nasi Sunday, the
Mill. will be tbs members* day.
There will be service In the morning
and a sacred concert In the evenlug,
Those on the program are Mra C. II,
Downing. piano solo, and the Shaw
Jubilee Singers,
A real treat is
awaiting you An offering will be
You are Invited to attend
these services.
ML Olivet Baptist Church
East Fire tend Schuyler Sts.
Rev. J. W. Anderoon, Factor
Roa 429 Tillamook st.
Telephone Beet SOOS
Truly the Lord waa In our church
last Sunday
Our pastor preached
two Inspiring and spiritual sermons
Brother Garman of l,us Angeles unit­
ed with the church
At 5:45 P M
Slater S
E Hill marshaled
forces In the Toung Peoples meet
Ing after the group leaders had In­
structed the groups In the lessons.
Mrs. C. K. Ivey, leader of the old re­
liable group, rendered a delightful
program The largest attendance of
the young people ever attended a
meeting waa last Sunday evening
Miss Franres Richardson's group will
have charge of the program next
Sunday evening The paator will fill
the pulpit next Sunday, both morning
and evening Subject In the morn
Ing: "Meeting and Klaaluc.** and tor
the evening. "I Muat Go and See for
Mra K Simpson. Mrs. S K HUI
and Jess Brooks, members of the
choir, accompanied Dr W B Hinson
of the East Side Baptist church, and
Mr F. G. Lary, of the First Baptist
church to Salem, whore they were
joined by our pastor, and rendered
several select melodies leal Thursday
night In the First Baptist church at
When deairing to hear the beat of
singing In the city, come over and
worship with us. Both preaching and
singing speak for themselves.
Larrabee and McMillen Streets
Rev. A. R. Fex, D. D., Faster
Phons East 1107
E. L. Jameson, Assistent
Phone Walnut 3900
The choir la making excellent prog
rest under th» able direction of Miss
Clifford Freeman, and the messages
of the pastor enlighten as well as In­
Mrs W E. Rambo, of the
Near East Relief, delivered an ad-'
dress last Sunday night that waa well
received, and many persona gave to
the worthy cause that she rvpre
The subject of the minister's dis­
course thia Sunday morning will be
"The Hidden Oospel.' The subject at
night will be. "Doncy. or Dempsey—
Which?*’ A very special invitation Is
given to all of the young people of
Portland to hear thia message"
41? < v .,. mm A vsm Rev. E. J..Ma­
gruder, A. B. Paster. Parsonage, 290
Cook Ave. Phone Walnut 5174.
The services last Sunday were very
fine Indeed. The trustees had their
rally and the offering ran far above
their expectations. The carpet se­
cured by Mrs. Cannady for the ros­
trum makes a great Improvement.
The spirit runs high In the services
and all who attend claim “Il Is g<w«l to
be here."
Zion Is growing very fast and the
real gospel Is being preached.
8L Phillips Mission
24 th and Savler Daye
Morning service. It a. m.; Sunday
School. 12 m. Archdeacon Black in
charge; Mr. It. Colee, lay reader. A
cordial welcome awaits you at 8L
Day Adventist Mission,
Mrs. K. O. Johnson, leader.
Sabbath School (Saturdays) at 10
A. M.
Bible study at 11 A. M.
Y. P. M V. 8. at 2:30 P. M. Visi­
tors welcome.
Pentecostal Mission of the Churah of
God In Christ
“The Houeo of Prayer"
28 Union Ave. N.
Elder Robert Searole, Factor
Sunday servlcea: 10 a. m . Sunday
school; 11:30 a. m. and 7:10 p. m..
Week day
Monday, Wednesday and Friday ava-
nfngs, for testimonials, prayer for
hosting the sick and for tarry meet-
Inga. All are cordially invited
Wanted—A woman to keep house
for a woman physician. One In fam­
ily; good wages. Will furnish trans­
portation, if necessary. Write or call
The Advocate, suite Ml, Bfacleay
Bldg, Portland, Ore.—adv.
A white man who will retain his
seat In a train or a trolley car while
a woman of his race Is hanging onto
a strap, cannot be expected to act
differently towards a colored woman.
A white man who is courteous and
respectful towards the humblest of
colored women, can bo nothing less
than a gentleman wherever he may
be. A colored man who Ignore« and
of Columbus. In placing thia much
needed book upon the market, are
renderlng a Service that will be high-
ly appreclated by the Race the world
For Rent—4 unfurnished resma,
259 Wheeler Street.
Garfield »10.
Cecil Garnett, eldest daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Garnett, 114« E.
19th street, Routh, underwent an op­
eration for the removal of tonalls at
the Emmanuel hospital Tuesday of
last week The operation waa suc­
cessful and Cecil recovered rapidly.