The advocate. (Portland, Or.) 19??-19??, September 15, 1923, Image 2

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Brief Resume Most Important
Daily News Items.
Kveata •( Noted People, Geveraaeats
and Psriflc Northwest. and tuber
Things Worth KAowiag.
Tbe Butte A Superior Minin* com
pan> ha« passed ita quarterly dividend
due at this time. The laat dividend
Payment was IQ centa June 30.
It is understood from tnformatloi
gathered In reliable source« that Pre­
mier Mussolini »id proclaim the an­
nexation of Flume to Italy within a
week, probably about September 15.
The Near East Relief has received
from ita representative at Corfu a har­
rowing story of the condition of the
10,000 refugee» there, who are sleeping
out in tbe open and are virtually with­
out food.
Sale of about 170 ships designated
as "unserviceable" by the board of sur­
vey may be undertaken soon by the
shipping board. The ships will be dis­
posed of for scrapping. It was indi­
cated. and probably will be offered In
lots of ten.
Charles Toth of Boston. Maas.. Sun
day swam the English channel. Start­
ing Saturday night from the French
side, the American landed near St.
Margaret's bay. He had been in the
water IS hours and 40 minutes.
As a direct result of the trip of the
late President Harding to Alaska, a
reorganisation of the activities of the
bureau of education for the benefit of
native Indians and Eskimos is an­
nounced by Commissioner John J.
Sir Thomas I.ipton was cheered by
Sing Sing officials and prisoners Sun­
day when he visited the prison and at­
tended a baseball game between mem­
bers of the mutual welfare league and
an “outside" team, played inside the
prison walla
Only one of the 29 representative
cities reported a decline in the retail
cost of food in the year ending August
15. Dallas showing a decrease of one
per cent. In figures compiled by the
bureau of labor statistics of the de­
partment of labor.
Martin B. Madden, representative
from Illinois, chairman of the house
appropriations committee, is seriously
ill at his home in Washington. The
exact nature of bls illness, it was said,
had not been determined, although it
was attributed to heart disease.
The Greek government has arrested
eight persons suspected of the murder
of the Italian boundary commission in
Janina, according to a Rome dispatch
to the Central News. The arrest of
Colouel Botzarias. Greek member of
the Greco-Italian boundary commis­
sion, is said to be imminent.
Wayne B. Wheeler, spokesman for
tbe anti-saloon league, returned to
Washington Monday from an eight
weeks' trip abroad, declaring that
"European nations are cursed with
drink more than war debts." He bit-
terly denounced Americans who tell
Europe that prohibition is a failure.
Tbe 15,000,000 originally asked of
the American people for Japanese
earthquake sufferers was exceeded by
more than 3100,000 Tuesday as con­
tributions continued to pour in from
every section of the country, but Red
Cross officials sent forth the word that
continued support of tbe public was
Governor Pinchot of Pennsylvania
has made public a letter to President
Coolidge suggesting that, with an an­
thracite coal supply assured for the
coming winter as a result of tbe agree­
ment reached by representatives of
operators and miners, steps be taken
to safeguard the consumer against in­
creased prices.
Lordly plasterers of Chicago, whe
look down on bank presidents and col­
lege prob-esors as base menials, step­
ped a little further into tbe plutocratic
class Tuesday when they, received a
wage scale of *15 a day of eigbt hours.
However, the *15 Is merely a starting
point. Plasterers are so scarce that
contractors gladly pay a fat bonus.
Henry Hartley, of Aberdeen, Wash.,
19-year-old son of Rev. R. C. Hartley,
logging chaplain of the Grays Harbor
district, is probably one of the young­
est accredited preachers in the United
Btatea. By vote of the open conference
of the First Methodist church, of which
Rev. H. T. Greene is pastor, young
Hartley Sunday was awarded a license
to preach.
The expedition under Professor John
A. Miller, sent to Mexico by Swarth­
more college to study Monday's solar
•clip»-, obtained 40 photographs of the
phenomenon. Professor Miller an­
nounced. Tbe photographs will be
used, be said, for the purpose of test­
ing the Einstein theory of relativity
and to obtain apoctograms from which
something relative to the chemical
composition and motion of the sun’s
corona can be learned.
Two Savants Succeed
While Others
Conditions Unfavorable.
Santa Barbara. Cal.—Almost perfect
photographs of the sun s corona dur
ing the total eclipse were made by a
party headed by Protoosor James
Worthing of London, a fellow of the
American Society for the Advance
meat of Science, and Hr. Alfred E.
Burton, professor emeritus of astron­
omy In the Massachusetts Institute of
technology, in lower Ixvmpoc valley.
SO miles north of here. The photo­
graphs are believed to be virtually
the only satisfactory ones made Mon
day, owing to unfavorable weather
co adit ions.
Professor Worthing said that he
had developed four negatives of the
number taken and that the result
would be among the best ever made
of the corona accompanying a total
The instrument was a specially
built ceolostat with three mirrors
feeding light to four cameras of IT.
14. 9 and 5-toot foci.
Foggy conditions and hate from a
forest fire burning in the Santa Bar
bars national forest prevented suc­
cessful results at any other point in
the Santa Barbara district, although
many attempts were made to obtain
photographs at various places in the
totality sone in the county.
The period of greatest obscurity at
the Lompoc valley observation sta­
tion was
List of U. S. Destroyers Is In­
creased to Seven.
Salem.- iYr'd B. Currey, secretary
of the Oregon state fair, Saturday re
cetved a telegram from Sacramento
to the effect that 59 head of horses
from that vicinity would be shipped to
Salem to participate In the night
horse show. The animals include 30
head of show horse*, 19 ponies and 10
All Fatalities on Ve»»el Which Upsets draft horses.
Two Minutes After Grounding
Salem.—Fifty members of the Mod
era Woodmen of America assembled
at the state fair grounds here Sun
day and practically completed the new
Santa Barbara. Cal.—Seven United Woodmen home which has been under
States navy destroyers and the Pa­ construction the past tew weeks.
Pvndletou.-An Increase tor Umi
cific Mail liner Cuba were wrecked
Saturday night, the naval craft off tills county for 1924 of *27.113.30 over
Arguello light. 75 miles north of Santa 1933 Is included In the tentative bud
Barbara, and the steamer on a reef get adopted. The total cost Is placed
oft the southeast end of San Miguel at *543.183.81. The general road fund
was increased to pay three special
island. 35 miles oft this port.
Twenty-five sailors lost their lives road districts.
in the naval disaster and all destroy­
Hood River. — County Judge Has-
ers involved were reported total brouck Saturday Announced the ap­
pointment of W, J. Kocken of Mel­
The Cuba was said to have sunk rose as county fruit inspector, to suc­
during tbe night, but all passengers ceed Ferris M. Green. The latter re­
and members of her crew were be­ signed to accept a position on the
lieved to have been landed at Loa faculty of the Colorado Agricultural
Angeles by the naval destroyer Reno college.
or to be on the way to San Francisco
Salem.—The local branch of the Sal­
aboard the Standard Oil tanker W.
S. Miller, with the exception of Cap­ vation Army Saturday raised by popu­
tain C. J. Holland, the purser, the lar donations approximately *S0 for
steward and eight seamen who re­ the relief of the Japanese sufferers.
Los Angeles. — Scientific observa­
mained aboard to guard a shipment An effort will be made by tbs army
tion of Monday's eclipse of the sun
to raise »300 during the campaign for
of *2.500,000 in silver bullion.
generally failed, according to reports
Dense fog was the cause of the donations, which will be continued
received here, except possibly In the
here this week.
case of naval aviators who flew above
The destroyers Chauncey, Wood­
Hood River.—Professor L. F. Hen­
tbe clouds and fog at San Diego and
bury. Fuller. S. P. Lee. Nicholas. derson. who on Thursday of last week
took photographs of the phenomenon.
Young and Delphy were all beached celebrated his 70th birthday. Satur­
Clouds or fog obscured the view at
within a few minués of one another, day swam across the Columbia river
the time of totality at all points from
according to naval officers.
from Koberg beach. Professor Hen­
Santa Barbara. Cal., to Ensenada,
The flotilla of which the wrecked derson had planned to celebrate his
Mexico, where scientists had made
craft formed a part was in command 70th anniversary by the feat, but a
preparations to study the eclipse.
of Captain Edward Watson, command­ strong wind prevented the attempt.
These points included Avalon, on
ing officer of the Delphy. The dead
Santa Catalina island; San Clemente
Corvallis. — Hogs entered at the
were all trapped in their bunks on
island. San Diego, Mount Wilson and
county fair by the college depart­
the Young when the vessel struck
Point Loma.
and were drowned when the craft cap- ment of animal husbandry won a
Scientists who came from all parts
sited within two minutes after she grand championship, three champion­
of the world and who had worked
ships, eight first prizes, and 10 sec­
had struck.
months on their plans took their de­
More than 500 men were rescued onds. Poland-Cbinas, Duroc-Jerseys,
feat gracefully.
from the wrecked destroyers, which and Berkshire« were represented, a
were reported to be pounding to Poland-China sow winning the grand
pieces on the rocks, total losses. Of championship.
Pendleton.—Th" cost of .operating
the survivors. 15 of the seriously in­
jured were brought to tbe Santa Bar­ the Pendleton schools during the com­
ing fiscal year will be slightly lower
bara county hospital here.
One hundred others were cut and than they were this present year, ac­
Tokio. — Reports of a threatened bruised in their swim to safety over cording to a statement made Frldsy
following the meeting of tbe budget
epidemic of cholera in the region de­ the Jagged rocks.
The destroyers were traveling in committee last night. The costs pro­
vastated by the earthquake are un­
founded, according to the authorities. formation at 20 knots an hour in a vided for in the budget adopted by the
committee, total *134,500.
Sharp earthquake shocks again Sun­ heavy sea and dense fog when tbe
leading vessel crashed.
Salem.—Thomas Tallon. 8 year-old
day night aroused considerable ner­
Carried ahead by a strong tide, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Tallon of
vousness but did not interfere with the others piled on tbe beach In this city, was attacked by a band of
the work of reconstruction, which the succession. Lying in line along the yellow Jackets Friday and for a time
end of the first week of Japan's dis­ shore, at intervals of 250 feet, the it was feared that the boy would die
boats were slowly breaking up. One as a result of his Injuries. He was
aster shows to be well under way.
of them, the Chauncey, was resting stung about the head, arms and legs.
Sixty thousand bodies had been re­ high on tbe rocks.
Physicians reported that the boy was
covered in Tokio and Yokohama up
asleep and probably would recover.
Air Mail Test Planned.
to and including Monday and the po­
Salem.—Local bankers, in a state­
Washington. D. C.—Plans for a test
lice estimate that 500,000 persons lasting probably a month to determine ment issued here Friday, let it be
have been treated for wounds and tbe feasibility of permanent establish­ known that they stand ready to fi­
sickness as a result of the earth-1 ment of a 24-hour coast-to-coast air nance the pruuegrowers of this sec­
quake. A landing party from the mail service are under consideration tion In harvesting their 1923 crop.
The statement was forthcoming after
flagship Huron of the United States by postoffice department officials.
Asiatic fleet burled the dead from the
Postmaster-General New said Sun­ an attempt was made by a non-resi­
American naval hospital at Yokohama. day that tbe possibility of such service dent concern to contract for the Wil­
All available ships are removing bad been demonstrated during the re­ lamette valley prunes under terms not
the refugees from the devastated ci­ cent experiment, but that before satisfactory to tbe growers.
ties. The refugees, made more eager recommendations were made by the
Oregon City. -While employes were
to leave by their fear of an epidemic, postoffice department to congress it engaged in pumping water out of a
were crowding all the docks waiting had been virtually decided that a trial scow near the Crown-Willamette mills
for places on the boats. The Amer­ of one month should be made to as­ a fish, measuring about 4 feet in
ican destroyers are taking refugees certain whether there was sufficient length jumped out of the water and
of all nationalities from Tokio to the demand for such service. He indicat­ onto the scow. It was killed with a
liners at Yokohama.
ed that the month's test would be club by E. Daugherty, night watch­
The authorities have established made before bad weather sets In this man, who believes the fish Is a shark,
public latrines over Tokio and Yoko­ tall.
and that it was attracted by tbe light
hama and are cleaning up all deposits
which was being used on tbe scow.
of filth and rubbish.
Bricklayers’ Pay Kited.
Salem.—A total of 4501 loans have
been authorized by the world war vet
Treasury Wants Cash.
eran»' state aid commission under the
in Waukegan that contractors are
so-called soldiers’ bonus and loan act,
Washington, D. C.—After remaining
out of tbe money market three months hiring men away from each other by according to a report prepared here
tbe treasury Monday announced a boosting wages, with the result that Friday and filed with the governor.
new Issue of certificates of Indebted­ some workmen are receiving *146 a These loans amounted to *11,241,350.
ness, aggregating *200,000,000 and ma­ week of six days, about five hours a Repayments aggregated *325,633.07,
turing six months from September IB. day, with numerous other concessions. including Interest in tbe amount of
The notes will bear 4'4 per cent in­ The *300,000 addition to tbe court­ *170,024.47 and principal, totaling
terest. The announcement of the Sep­ house construction work has virtually *155,608.59.
tember financing programme also stopped because all the bricklayers
Rainier.—The water shortage has
contained the declaration that no fur­ have been hired away.
become acute in Rainier. Patrons liv­
ther fiscal operations are contemplat­
ing on the hill« are left without water
ed by the government before Decem­
a greater portion of the day. The
Claims Treaties Signed.
ber 15, when maturing certificates of
water commission has Issued an order
Washington, D. C.—Two conven­
indebtedness will require new bor­
prohibiting the use of water for
tions providing machinery for the ad- sprinkling purposes, under penalty of
Justment of claims between the Uni­ prosecution. Tbe city reserve reser­
Woman, 110, Still Sp-y.
ted States and Mexico were signed voir han not been used yet, the com­
Chicago. — Anna Russo, who has Saturday. When ratified by the Uni­ mission deferring such action until ab­
celebrated her 110th birthday, is a ted States senate and tbe Mexican solutely necessary.
great grandmother, but she danced congress, the conventions will lead to
Salem.—As a result of the flax har­
and frolicked about Monday, to tbe the creation of commissions and the vest, which Is now at Its peak, and
envy of women not half her age. All payment of claims aggregating mil­ general farming operations, there is
the women in her family, which Is lions of dollars for damages sustained a labor shortage at the Oregon state
Sicilian, have lived to be very old, in the last half century.
penitentiary, Johnson Smith, warden
but the men die young. Mrs. Russo’s
of the institution, announces. Prac­
husband died when he was 55. Her
tically every convict in the prison,
Peak Changed By Quake.
three daughters, tbe youngest of
Shanghai.—A Ninon Dempa news with the exception of those serving
whom is 60, are still hpry*hnd all of agency dispatch from Osaka states terms for grave offenses are working
them are grandmothers to 20 or more. that the summit of Mount Fuji, ap­ in tbe fields. “We could u»e,at least
parently as a result of the earthquake, 50 more men if we had them,” said
Party Chiefs to Meet.
has undergone a most noticeable Warden Smith.
Pendleton. — During the summer
Washington, D. C.—After a confer­ change, the peak now appearing much
ence Monday with President Coolidge, flatter than formerly. It was also season there have been 49 fires on
Chairman Adams, of the republican stated that all the Tokl colleges were the Umatilla n at iorial forest, accord­
national committee, said the commit­ destroyed, with the exception of Was- ing to reports received In the office
of the forest service here. The fires
tee probably would meet in December eda and Keio universities.
have ail been small and the actual
to select a place for the 1921 national
Washington, D. C.—The dog family damage done was only *14.40, It was
convention. All the cities that have
issued invitations will be given a full line at tbe White House will not be estimated. Ten of the fires were
hearing, A final decision will be de­ broken despite tbe change in admin­ caused by men, and three persons
ferred until satisfactory assurance istration. I .add le Boy will be succeed­ have been convicted as a result of
had been given with regard to hotel ed by bis half-brother as the White their responsibility for starting the
fires. Other cases are pending.
House dog.
Cuba Reported Sunk.
Ashland The Blake A Moore saw­
mill near here was destroyed by fire
Friday afternoon with a total loss
which will amount to over STOiM.
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