Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, June 25, 1914, Image 5

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acres now in cultivation, 100 acres pasture land, part of which can be planted to fruit.
Warner Creek flows through the land and a nice spring that can be piped to the house
and barn. Place fenced, house and bam. Price $16 per acre.
80 acres of meadow land, cuts 80 tons of hay. At head of lake, price $15 per acre.
680 acres 8 miles north of Lakeview for $ 1 5 per acre. 80 acres into meadow, cuts
100 tons, 40 acres pasture land and all the balance is fine grain and alfalfa land, good
water right, new house and large barn, 500 acres fenced. This is sure a bargain.
40 acres timber good wood claim, I.I miles from town, has between 800 and
1000 cords of wood, good road and level land. Price $350.
Two and one-half lots in the Sherlock Addition opposite Dunbar new residence.
A bargain at $S50. Act quick.
We have several good ranches for cattle and sheep. Send for our large bulletin
giving prices of land all over Lake and Modoc Counties.
120 acres on Cottonwood creek, 35 acres into Timothy, Alfalfa, Grain, and a nice
nrden, water rii?hl, an ideal email dairy or poultry farm, lot of outside grazing, house.
arn, eranrry and other out-huildinKS. Price, $1800, half cash. 1 1 miles from Lakeview.
ti-room residence in Drenkel addition, near City Park, two lots 100 by 150, barn
and chicken house. Price, $2000, half cash at 6 per cent. The price is less than cost.
320 acres good land, part into grain and alfalfa, near Union School, all fenced
and cross fence, barn and corrals. Stock water in creek always. This is a good farm,
at $20.00 per acre.
310 acres three miles north of Lakeview, 200 acres fine alfalfa land, about 100
Xafcc Count? Crnmlncr
THURSDAY, JUNE 26. 1 V 1 4
For week ending June 24, 1914
, Mail Mini- . , Of DAY
mum uiuin Anmuol
11 NT M 0U Vlw
IU 7 M 0 00 Oar
J 74 M Tra- Ufar
VI M M 0 lf
r.' 70 1 li.oo l"lljr Cloniljr
m in t O.ol rimidjr
X4 fl 0 00 (loliclr
Henry Stein was over from War
ner Valley a few days last week.
Chas. oaao ot ttcno, Nevada has
taken a position with the Hotel
Lakeview bur.
Horn In Lakeview, OreRon, Satur
day, Juno 20, 1914, to Mr. unl Mrs.
Frank Paxton, a nine pound girl.
A. Llebes, traveling representative
for the Oliver Typewriter Co. was In
Lakeview a few dnyn the flrt of the
Cracked Wheat for baby chicks,
for salo at Ualley ic Masalnglirs. 2t
J. F. Hanson left for Reno Tues
day morning on a short business
Dick Oulnee, a business man of
Paisley, was In Lakeview several
days last week.
O. L. Huff, agent for Iluirk autos,
was down from Prlnevllle last week.
He was accompanied by Mrs. Huff.
II. A. Ilrattaln returned to his
A ten-pound baby girl was horn to , honl- al fhewaucan last week fol-
Mr. and Mrs. George Deter on June 1 0Wng a trip to the Rogue River
Hlatluo By uillaa Ni.rlliwral nl l.akrvlfw.'
Dry lumber at Christie's mill 1 1-2
nlles north of Camas Prairie. 2t
J. P. Duckworth will buy your
sheep pelts paying nine renin per
pound. f
K. A. Pelletlcr runm In town Hut
urduy from the Drews Creek iiitw
iiilll where he In employed.
Ivmt Last Sunday evening a bluek
leather purse containing $17. Find
er return to this olllee und receive re
ward. J. N. Fitzgerald, who hux been
here the past several duys, left yes
terday for his home at Newport,
Mrs. W. A. Ioouurd route over
from Klamulh Fulls hint week on a
visit with her daughter, Mrs. F.
I tit I laid win;
MIhh Kthel Winter, formerly of
Dorrls, California, Is employed as
stenographer In the Fremont Na
tional Foreat office.
F. L. Williams, who owns a ranch
on Dry Creek on the West Hide, ar
rived here Saturday front Barra
ntento to look after his property.
Chas. Reed, well known local dairy
man purrhased 16 head of Holsteln
heifers from the stork recently
brought frtim Wisconsin by J. K. Mr
foul. '
The bill Introduced by Congress
man Slnnott, permitting homestead
ers to divide their five month's leave
of uhHenre In two periods, was pass
ed by the House.
J. C. Hrorklesby came down from
Paisley Sunduy and will remuln here
for Bne time building a large burn
for J. K. MeCoul and Hon on their
dairy ranch west of town.
That ronslderable Interest Is being
taken In the raring tournament to
be held in lakevtew July 2, 3 and
4 Is evinced by the numerous par
ties getting their ponied in trim for
the occasion.
T. W. Gould, who routes from
Pennsylvania, Im another newly ap
pointed ottlrlal for the N.-C.-O.
Railway. He beromes reuldent en
gineer of the company stationed at
Reno, and Is in churge of mainten
ance of way.
Joe Ambrose announces that the
Mulkey Shearing ('oralis west of
I,ukevlew will be reudy to receive
hands to be shorn ns soon as there
Is uny work to bo done. Mr. Ambrose
will personally superintend the cor
rals as usual and guarantees satis
faction to patroith.
Breeders from the Western Fed
eration of Miners at Ilutte, Mont.,
have launched an Independent min
er's union as a result of the recent
split among the laborers. All peace
overtures from President Moyer
were rejected and little hope is held
for a compromise between the two
Mrs. U. W. Morris, formerly of
this place but now a resident of
Stockton, Cal., Is here visiting with
her daughter, Mrs. George Fitzger
ald, at their home south of Lake
view. Mrs. MorriB Is mother of U.
K. Morris of the West Side and
Homer Morris of Chewaucan. She
expects to remain here all summer.
Wni. Tallman, of Baker, president
of the Cattle and Horse Breeders'
Association of Orogon, has advised
). M. Plummer, manager 'df-the Pa
cific Northwest Livestock Associa
tion, that an Important meeting of
his society wlU be held In Portland
during the livestock show at the Un
ion Stockyards next Fall. Stork
raisers from all over the Northwest
will be, expected to attend this con
vention. ,
Col. Theodore Roosevelt Is Buf
fering with an affection of the lar
nyx as a direct result of the har
shtps he endured In his recent Bra
zilian trip, which will effectually
prevent him from taking part as
an orator In the political cumpalgn
In tho United States this Fall and
compel him to exercise the great
est rare for soma months to route.
20, ut their home on the eat tilde of
the vulley
Mrs. J. ('has. Smith of the Parls-!
Ian Millinery, Is again able to be up
and attend her duties following a
two weeks' illness.
Last week two car loads of metal
culvert were received for the county
roads from the Ingot Iron Company
of Portland.
Miss Mable Arzner. daughter of
Mrs. K. R. Patch and children ! Mr. an(1 Mr. Jonn Arj,ner ,1B8 gon6
Thursday morning left on their re- to 8.isanvllle on a visit with her un
turn to Chlco, Cal., following a sev- vttdo Snyder
era! days' visit here. " Assmiaor A. J.' Foster last week
Houso Cleaning Time Let Dot- , returned from a trip over the north
rlck repair your stoes while the j ern purt of tno courity on business
hot Bouson Is on. No 'trouble whllo j f(,nncted with his olllee.
the cold season Is on. M 2l-tSt ()n SaturdaV( Jun, 27 the
1. W. Rlee, chief engineer of civic Improvement Society will name
the Coosa Lake Valley Irrigation tno Judges to award the prizes for
Co.. lat week bought the 1912 Dor-1 the best old and new luwns In this
rU unto belonging to Mrs. J. ' ! city. 2t
A dance will be held at the Ant
ler's Club rooms In the Heryford
building next Saturday night. All
members and their ladieit are expect
ed to bo present.
The meeting of the Trl-State Paci
fic Count (jood Roads AsHoclutinn
which was Hct for July 17 and 18
at Medford , has been postponed Uanm Ha lust vear
I (ieorge Stork mann and family are
now occupying their new home In
the Watson Addition, which he re
cently purchaHed from R. A. Van
dervort. On June 13 Park Ranger Momyer
reported at Klamath Falls that 166
visitors had reached Crater Lake
park, compared with Ave at the
until Monday at. 1 Tuesdrty, Ju.y 27
iu.( 28.
R. J. Martin and family arrived In
Lakeview Monday evening from
Kansas City, Mo., und were met by
J. F. Hanson and taken to the Point
Ranch on the West Side where they
will remain this summer.
William II. Freer, new agent (or
the Klamath Indian reservation, has
taken up his duties succeeding Kd
son Watson who has been in charge
of the reservation for the past four
years. Mr. Freer comes from Guth
rie. Oklahoma.
W. M. Harnett and wife of Wasco,
Oregon, spent a few days in this val
ley Inst week, having driven their
cur down accompanying the party of
State Highway olllcials and Judge
Dr. Ida Ilehrendt. optician, arriv
ed in Lakeview Friday from Paisley.
She will remain here until after the
Fourth and Is located at J. A.
King's residence, south of the M. E.
The Snider opera house Is being
remodeled and Improved. .. The In
terior Is being covered with 'beaver
board which will make a very at
tractive finishing. The work (' is In
charge of I. A. Underwood.
At the school election last week
Klamath Falls voted to furnish free
text books to the pupils,, being
among the first places in the state to
adopt this system. Portland ' like
wise voted free text books at a re
cent election. n
Reno Garotte r Colonel Charles
Daly. Mr. Harnett Is Interested In a , HlinilIton( vlce pre8dent of the Ne
i... .. i. i i
vada - California - Oregon Railroad.
bank at Waxco
It all depends upon the patron
age guaranteed, whether Fort Hld
well la to have an up-to-date light
ing system , says the News. Several
enterprising men are behind the
move and have ample funds for the
purpose at their disposal.
left Friday night for his home at
Waco, Texas, having completed his
duties here in connection with the
reorganization of the road.
Owing to the small pox and scarlet
fever epidemic which has been pre-
! vn lent at Cedarville, Cat., the past
Cedarvllie Record: The Misses i several wtrks. the committee on
Georgia Turner and Hallle Gillespie
lert here laHt Friday for Wisconsin
where they go on a visit. George
('. Turner accompanied them as far
as Reno and went on down to San
Francisco on a business trip.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Moore, former
residents of Lakeview but now of
Ashlund, arrived here lust week and
will remain several days visiting with
relatives and friends, having made
tho trip over In their auto. Mr.
Moore Is city attorney of Ashland.
A buhy girl, weight eight and one
liulf pounds, wits born to Mrs.
Johnson, wife of G? W. Johnson as
sistant cashier of the Hank of Lake
view, on June &, at Santa Rosa, Cal.,
where she is visiting her parents,
Mr. und Mrs. W. 1). Woodcock, for
merly of Lakeview.
The Kxamlner erred lust week In
stating that Mrs. A. L. Thornton
and son had returned home with the
party of lodge delegates and others
who went to Portland. They will re
main several weeks visiting with re
latives at Mrs. Thornton's former
home at McMlnvllle.
Lassen Advocate: Geo. Winches
ter Is off on his annual vacation, and
this time he will go as far north
as Paisley, Oregon. He took a com
mercial traveler with him, and will
be gone for two or three weeks. He
Is a brother of R. G. Wlncherter
of the Goose Luke Valley Meat Co.,
of Lakeview.
12. A. lleames and wife and F. II.
Hopkins were here from Medford
last week, Mr. Reames having come
over on a water contest between
the Chewaucan Land & Cattle com
pany and the Brattaln estate. Mr.
Reams was formerly District Attor
ney of this district comprising Lake,
Klamath and Jackson Counties.
The first freight vessel to be tow
ed through the Panama Canal was
the Grace liner, Santa Clara, carry
ing a cargo of Pacific Coast products
90 per cent of which was loaded at
Portland, nearly all of which will
be discharged at. Now York. The
vessell is comparatively new, this
Fourth of July celebration has decid
ed nut to held any cflebr. on there
this year, says the Record.
Mrs. K. H. Clark and son and Mrs.
D. H. Remis returned home Satur
day from a several week's visit with
Mrs. Clark's sister in Portland. They
were met at Klamath Falls by Mr.
Clark and Paul Drenkel, who brought
them back In his automobile.
F. II. Lord spent a few days In
Lakeview last week, having come
up from Reno with Herman Struss
burger, traveling representative ' of
the Southern Pacific. Mr. Lord is
agent for the Grand Trunk Railway
with headquarters in San Francisco.
Darnell's Bund will go to Paisley
next Saturday afternoon to give a
dance. They will go up In auto
mobiles and will stay for the ball
game Sunday afternoon between
Lukevlew and Paisley. There will
likely be a concert In that city on
Saturday evening before the dance.
Comptroller of the Currency Wll
lalms estimates that about $500,
000,000 In national banks through
out the United States is available
tor farm mortgage loans under the
provision of the federal reserve act
making It possible for national
banking associations to lend money
on Improved farms.
Fourteen Progressive candidates
and two Democratic candidates
tied for State Senator and State Re
presentative at the recent election
according to the canvass made ot
the vote by Secretary of State 01
cott. He has notified all of them to
appear before him on the afternoon
of June 25, either personally cr by
Attorney, and draw straws to deter
mine who shall obtain the nomina
tion. A bountiful rain which will do
much toward reviving all grain
crops from the injury they have
suffered from recent frosts has
been falling In this valley almost In
cessantly for the past 4 8 hours.
The rain begau Tuesday night and
up to this time the precipitation will
probably equal two inches or more.
being her third trip to the Pacific , The moisture will also prove a
I great boon to range conditions.
The Ladles Aid of the M. E.
Church will serve refreshments on
July 4th. The place and details to
be announced next week.
Mrs. F. M. Miller arrived Tues
day evening from Berkeley and will
remain here this summer with her
husband and sons.
E. II. Lamb, traveling represen
tative of the Northwestern Railroad
with headquarters at Sacramento,
was In Lakeview the forepart of the
W. C. Hammett, engineer for the
Chewaucan Land & Cattle Co., was
up from San Francisco last week on
business connected with the com
pany's holdings.
Miss Nellie O'Connor, arrived at
this place last week from Barsto,
Cal. and will remain on a few weeks
visit with her brother, Dan E.
With the Inauguration of the
change In passenger service over the
N.-C.-O., It Is announced that the di
vision point will be changed from
Likely to Madeline.
Bid well News: Mrs. J. Darnell
and little brother Harry Ayres, ar
rived Monday from their home at
Lakeview and are the guests ot their
father, Geo. 11. Ayres and family.
A party of lour candidates, com
posed of A. J. Foster, II. O. Kuhl,
W. P. Curtis and D. It. Patterson
left this morning for Klamath Falls
to be initiated into the Elks lodge
Mrs. Winters, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. J. F. Burgess of this city,
arrived here Monday from her home
at Ghakenberg, Nebraska and will
remain on a several days' visit with
her parents.
Adln Argus: James Poore had the
misfortune to get his foot dislocat
ed Thursday morning. He was at
tempting to mount a fractious horse
and' the, animal while bucking fell
with, him with the above result.
, C. H. Brown has been appointed
travelldg freight and passenger
agent for the Southern Pacific Com
pany for this territory taking the
place of H. Straasburger . who has
been transferred to Nevada terri
tory. " I
'Nydenta Tooth Paste cleanses and
polishes., the teeth, prevents discol
oration, .retards decay, benefits the
glims ' and leaves the mouth clean
'and ' healthy. Twenty-five cents the
tube at Snyder & Reynolds Drug
Miss Emily Clark, daughter of Mr.
and Mrs. J. L. Clark of this place,
and who has been In San Francisco
the past three years arrived last
week to spend her vacation. She was
accompanied by her cousin, Mrs.
Phlllis O'Donnel.
George B. Whorton last week re
turned from a trip to Stockton, Cal.,
where Mrs. Whorton and children
spent the winter. His son, Malloy,
returned home with him and Mrs.
Whorton and daughter arrived on
last night's train.
Mrs. W. A. Leonard and daugh
ter, Miss Billie, mother and sister
of Mrs. F. Zini I aldwin of this place
came over frot.i Klamath Falls last
week. Mrs. Leonard returned home
Wednesday, i,ut Miss Ionard vtU
remain here on a several day's visit
with her sister.
Eph Miller has identified himself
with J. B. Auten iu the hardware,
grocery and furniture business, the
business change taking effect the
first of the week. , Mr. Miller was at
one time postmaster of Lakeview,
but for the past few years was man
ager of the Chewaucan Mercantile
Co., of Paisley.
Hair naturally soft and luxuriant
needs careful attention to preserve
its natural beauty and color, while
hair that is thin should be given
constant treatment to make it
abundant and luxuriant. HIRSU
TONE is excellent for either pur
pose. Two sizes 50 cents and $1.00.
For Sale at Snyder & Reynolds
Drug Store. ,
Alturas New Era: The corner
stone of the new court house will
be laid under the auspices of the
Masonic lodge of this place on July
22nd, with appropriate ceremonies.
It is reported that Hon. Wni. T.
Cressler, of Cedarville, and Reuel A.
Laird of this place will be the prin
cipal orators, and the program prom
ises to be an interesting one.
Harney County Nowb: Mr. and
Mrs. V. L. Snelling returned Sunday
morning to their home in Lakeview,
after a visit with their daughter, Mrs.
C. M. Faulkner. Mrs. Snelling had
spent two weeks here and Mr. Snel
ling came last week. Accompanying
them to Lake County were the two
oldest children of Mr. and Mrs.
Faulkner, and their mother will fol
low them In a short time for a sum
mer visit at her old home.
.VA t 4 ih
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