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Our Complcto Tract Index ,
Insures Accuracy, Promptness ana Reliability
Such no Index is the ONLY RKLI xRLE system from whlefi n
Abstract can he made, showing nil defects of title.
We Also Furnish', J?IVWSSSS
iWm. Wallace, Coroner tor Lake County)
Parlors, next door to Telephone Office
Lakeview Ice, Transfer
and Storage Co
Telephone ro. 161
J. p. DUCKWORTH, Manager
Buss to Meet All Trains. Transfsr
and Drayage. Storage by day,
Week or Month
Goose Lake Valley Meat Market
Ri E. WINCHESTER,IProprietor
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supplied with
5 lbs. Lard, 90c; 10 lbs.$1.80
B0 Your Patronage is Respectfully Solicited "&n
A Complete Record v
We have made an entire transcript of all Records In Lake
County which In any way, affect Ileal Property In the county;
We have a complete Record of every Mortgage and transfer
ever made In Lake County, and ever Deed given.
Errors Found in Titles
In transcribing the records we have found numerous mort
gages recorded In the Deed record and indexed; and many
deeds are recorded la the Mortgage record and other books.
Hundreds of mortgages and deeds are not Indexed at all, and
moat difficult to trace up from the records.
We have notations of all these Errors.
Others .annot find them. We have put buudreds of dollars
banting up these errors, and we can fully guarantee our work.
1 vm
. .
A Butcher That Knows
His Business
never takes advantage of the
inexperience of new liouseLuep
era by giving tliem fioor cuts
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our patronm honorably ami In
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cut them the best of the kiwi
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Meat; Market
CON BREEN, Proprietor
Special Attention to Transient Stock
Horses Boarded by the Day, Week or Month
Always Open Phone 571
! Sale of Right In KvpMiel Immtu
j tinn In Canada, Result In Fine
ami lHHirtntUtn
(Portland Oregonlnn)
That a corterle of unprincipled
men are victimizing many who would
join the Masonic order by taking
what fees they ran collect for admis
sion to a bogus order of Masonry Is
the charge of Grand Secretary Robl
son. of the Grand Lodge of Masons of
Oregon. Mr. Roblson says that this
"confidence game" has been going on
for years. Two members of the or
der, which is styled "American Ma
sonic Federation," Nathan B. Wlne
berg and Joseph Mendel, were fined
$200 each by Magistrate Shaw in
Vancouver, 11. C, last December and
were deported from Canada. The
charge was obtaining money under
false pretenses.
The grand organiier of these
"Clandestine Masons," as they have
been called. Is McRlaln Thompson, of
Salt Lake City, who, according to a
letter from Alfred A. A. Murray,
grand secretary of the grand chapter
of Scotland to Grand Secretary Rob
inson, is an expelled Mason.
The organizers of the American
Federation in Oregon have been A.
E. Lucas and W. H. Lindsay. Lucas
began operations In Portland in 1910
under authority of McBlaln Thomp
son. He had offices in North End,
; where according the Grand Secretary
Robinson, he pretended to confer 3
I degrees of Ancient Craft Masonry on
his victims In the short time of .15
minutes, charging a fee of $35
"After he had made considerable
money peddling his spurious mason-
j ry he transferred the business to V.
H. Lindsay for $400," paid Secretary
! Robison yesterday. "Lindsay operat
ed the business for some time until
he was arrested by the Portland po
lice for contributing to the delin
quency of small boys. He was tried
in Judge McGinn's court, convicted
and paroled. Then he disappeared
and ha:; not been heard of since.
After Lindsay's disappearance the
business of the Ameiican Federation
was transferred to A. J. Court, G. B.
M. -So mmer field, S. H. Haines, J. A.
Wheeler, P. A. Johnson and others,
who are still pretending to organize
lodges and confer Masonic degrees
on anyone that they can prevail upon
to put up the money.
"These self-constituted officials
i pretend to confer any degree of ma
sonry from the first to .the 33d de
gree, and many other degrees not re
cognized by legitimate Masons. As
long as their victims ' have th
money, these impost r& will give
them some kind of degrees and call
it masonry. And of course if any of
these victims come to any of our
lodges we cannot admit them. They
cannot be recognized by any Mason
ic lodge in this country.
"There have been about 20 vic
tims of this bogus Masonry in Port
land. T. C. Hunt, who recently was
admitted to the bar In this ctty, Is
one of them. He sued the organlz
era for securing money under false
pretenses. The case was tried before
Judge Kavanaugh. The jury stood
nine to three for conviction. At a
second trial the organizers were ac
quitted. It was shown by their at
torney that no fraud was intended
In proof whereof he pointed to a sen
tence in small type on the bottom of
the certificate which read: "This
does not give you the right to attend
any other rite."
A stack of letters four inches high
In the possession of Grand Secre
tary Robinson, most of them from
Lucas to Lindsay, and some of them
from Thompson to Lindsay throw
some light on the operations of the
organizers and where a greater part
of the feH Kent.
Following is a letter written by
Grand Secretary Robinson in answer
to an Inquiry made in regard to the
"Clandestine Masons":
"In reply to your question: "What
standing will my friend, Mr.
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Embroidery Work to order. t
Alger Land Co.
Uu nrh es( 'i ty Property Ren t a Is
Tuxes Paid and lUntals
'ollecteii for Noii-residehts
OWce Viifoslte lleryford Hiilltlltig
have in the Masonic fraternity and
will he bo permitted to visit lodges
of the Ancient Free and Accepted
Masons in Oregon if he should Join
a lodge of the American Federation?
I have to inform you that he would
have no standing in, neither will he
be permitted to visit or he recogniz
ed as a Mason by any member of any
lodge of A. F. and A. M. of Oregon
or any other state or country in
the world.
"The 'American Masonic Federa
tion,' like many other imitators of
Masonic bodies, are known and
and branded by all A. F. and A.
Masons as clundeutlnes or fake Ma
sons. "None of the persons you name,
Ito-wlt: McUlaln Thompson, A. J.
Court 0. H. M. Sommerflold' 8. II.
j Haines, J. A. Wheeler or P. A. Johii
I son, have nhy authority from any
' lodge or grand lodge of the A. F. and
A. Masons in this or any other coun
; try to establish lodges or confer Ma-
sonic degrees.
"Any persou joining the 'American
j Federation' expecting that they are
I getting legitimate masonry or expoet-
Ing to be recognized as Masons or
I permitted to visit or ntnilnte with
i the lodges of the A. F. and A. M. will
I be badly disappointed,
j "No, it la not true that the Courts
of Oregon have pronounced the 'Am
j erlcnn Federation' a legitimate body
One of their own victims (F. C.
Hunt) when he found that he lyul
i been buncoed had them arrested and
: tried for 'obtnlnlng money under
I false pretenses.' and they only oscap
! ed conviction on a technicality,
j "On February 16 two of the agents
of the 'American Federation' at
tempted to force their spurious Ma
sonry on some persons in Vancouver,
U. C. They were arrested, tried and
convicted and fined two hundred dol
lars and warned by tho judge that a
repetition of j tho offense would be
more severely dealt with and punish
ed with a prison sentence."
The fraternity of A. F. and A.
j Masons are In no way connected with
or responsible for the claims put
forth by the avove named clandes
tine body calling themselves Masons.
"These clandestine or fake 'Ma
sons' have been exposed so many
times through the public press and
otherwise that it Is astonish In any
Intelligent person can be so shame
fully imposed upon by thorn.
"If you will call atthls office I wilt
show you letters from one of thlr
members to another of their mem-
' kar. uhnra thnv illvlilmt thn IllnneV
obtained from Bome of their victims
and where one of them bought from
another of their agents the (pre
tended right to establish lodges In
"Also I will show you letters from
the Grand Lodge of Scotland denying
that It (the Grand Lodge of Scot
land) ever gave the 'American Ma
sonic Federation' any charter or :ui
thorlty to establish lodges tu Ameri
ca or elsewhere.
"No Masonic Grand Body of Scot
land or any other country can legal
ly form Masonic lodges in America.
"Hoping I have made this so very
plain that It can be understood, I am
fraternally your.
"Grand Secretary Grand Lodge A. F.
and A. M. of Oregon."
Following are extracts from ami
copies of letters from Grand Secre
taries of England and Scotland beat ing
on the standing of McBlal i
Thompson and others connected with
the American Masonic Federation.
Extract from letter of Albert A. A.
Murray to W. H. Lindsay, a member
of the "American Masonic Federa
"Edinburg, Scotland. Feb. 15, 1911.
"W. H. Lindsay: I have received
your letter of January 27
"Fourth Its active members are,
so far as 1 know, of no standing what
"Fifth The Supreme Court Royal
Arch Chapter of Scotland, which is
the only legitimate Royal Arch body
In Scotland, does not recognize the
Council of Rites.
"The latter has no authority what-
fever to confer the Royal Arch de
gree, either in Scotland or out of it.
"In no circumstance will Thomp
son or his confederates, In my opin
ion, be recognized by the Grand Pri
ority" (Knights Templars).
"They have absolutely no right to
confer the degrees. Degrees con
ferred by them or by their authority
will not be recognized by any of the
Templar jurisdictions throughout the
"Neither Spence, Thompson or
Jamison have the thirty-third degree.
"Gxund Secretary Grand Chapter,
Copy of letter from Grand Secre
tary of grand lodge of Scotland:
"Edinburgh, Scotland, Nov. 8, 1912.
James F. Robinson, Grand Secre
tary, Oregon: I have this morning
received your letter of the 24th ult.
making inquiries, in regard to the
authority of McBlaln Thompson to
establish lodges and to confer de
grees within your grand jurisdiction
and that of other grand lodges of
"That person has no authority
from the grand lodge at all. Nor
has he any authority from any regu
lar and recognized Masonic body.
"His nefarious work is engineered
bv himself and a few others of his
wiiiu, aim iiiu auvuuui; i-1 1 i. tic i u-
lies on Is derived from himself.
(Signed) DAVID REED.
"Grand Secretary Grand Lodge of
Copy of letter from A. A, A. Mur
ray, grand secretary, Grand Chapter
of Scotland:
"Edinburgh, Scotland, Nov. , 1912
Jan. F. Robinson, Grand Secretary
I beg to acknowledge your letter of
24th October and I beg to reply of
ficially and categorically as follows:
"The Supremo Grand Royal Arch
Chapter of Scotland never did Issue
any authority to Mathew Mcltlaln
Thompson to organize or confer any
of the degrees under Its authority
conform to Its constitution,
"H did not and doe not now
hold either ns an Individual or ns a
deputy or in any other capacity what
ever, any Huih authority from It tq
confer such degrees In ony part .of
tho world whatever.
"lie does not possess now, and has
never received from any of the bod
ies recognized as legitimate Masonic
bod ion by the grand lodge, or the Su
preme Grand Chapter of Scotland
any authority to confer Masonic de
grees. "(Signed) ALFRKD A. A. MURRAY
"Grand Secretary. -Grand Chapter
This letter Is also of tho date No
vembor. 1912 from Mr. Murray to
Mr. Robinson:
' Nenrly all of .the
descriptions you quote in connection
with Thompson are preverslons of
'the truth. In tho sense that he Is
an wxpelled Mason, and that hn Is
not a member of the recognized Ma
sonic bodies in Scotland bearing the
descriptions quoted by you.
"I think that you should not hesi
tate to publish as widely us possible
the fact of the expulsion."
Copy of letter received from grand
secretary, grand lodge, England:
"London. March 24th. 1914, James
F. Robinson, Grand Secretary: In re
ply to your Inquiry in your" letter of
the 10th Inst. The Grand Lodge of
England knows othlng of the body
styling itself "The American Masonic
Federation, and has never recogniz
ed or exchanged representatives with
"tSlguedl K LKTVII vVOKTH,
"Grand Secretary Grand L .d." K:ig-laud."
Hudson Maxim Has Figure In
Somo Perilous Incidents.
Paisley lick-l
(Chewaucan Press I
Perry Banister sold the ('hum
berhilii ranch consisting of 160 acres
located on the Chewaucan River to
B. F. Cannon, last week.
The rumor has been spread about
that this part of the county must
have a candidate In the field for
County Commissioner Btid as n result
many friends of Zed Harris are coup
ling his name ith the position
The home of Mr. and Mrs. W. L.
Webster was fno scene of a merry
surprise party last Friday evening
when about twenty-five of their
friends and neighbors gathered there
bringing music and a basket lunch.
Lunch was served at twelve and danc
ing was enjoyed up until a late
hour. Everybody "reported a line
C. R. Potts Is making some big
Improvements at the Paisley Lumber
Company mill on Summer Lake
among which Is a long tramway
from the mill to the top of the hill
above the planer, From this point
he is building a chute to the planer
a distance of 3200 feet with a fall
of 800 feet. When completed the
company will use this method of
transporting all their lumber to the
bottom of the hill where It will be
easy to haul away.
Little Arthur Harper, sou of Mr.
and Mrs. J. E. Harper, was badly
bitten about the hand and arm bj
a dog last week. His arm was very
painful for some time and Is still
O. H. McKendree, one of the pro
moters of the Fall River piv cv pro
ject, i'l'i' a resident of Luke was
In Pali-ley attending to business mal
lei n -ast Thursday.
At a meeting of the Chewaucan
wpKon roud committee held May 2.
at which bids for the different divi
sion!' were received It developed that
to complete the road according to
the bids would require an expendi
ture of $3261.25. This was consid
ered excessive and aJl bids were re
jected although some of them were
reaonablo and If the other bids had
hern such that the road could huve
been completed with the money and
work available the contracts would
have been awarded.
Secretary of Agriculture Houston
will call a conference of Western
woolgrowers and wool manufactur
ers of the country to meet at Wash
ington In June.
Chaiiiberlalii's Liniment
This preparation is Intended es
pecially for rheumatism, lame back,
sprains and like ailments. It is a
favorite with people who are well ac
quainted with its upleudld qualities.
Mrs. Charles Tanner, Wabash, Ind.,
says of it, "I have found Chamber
lain's Liniment the best thing for
lame back and sprains I have ever
used. It works llko a charm and re
lieves pain and soreness, It has been
used by others of my family us well
as myself for upwurds of 1. .vonty
years." 25 and 60 cent baM'es lor
sale by all dealers,
On One Qun Tilnfl Oooation Sud
den Impulua to Run, Whloh Ht Obty
d, Was the Maans of Saving Hi
Life A Magazlnt That Got Its 8o-
end Wind.
One of the most t lirlltlntf adventure
In my experience took place at tho gov
ernment proving ground at Sandy
Hook, N. J., when tho United State
government was tehllna iimxlmlle be
fore adopting It.
Near a light frame building in which
I was ailing shells with miiximlte, a
teu Inch gun was being tested. A num
ber of shot bad been llred from tho
big gun. Just a 1 bud concluded my
work nnd started for tho wharf to take
the government tu for New York, the
Igual was sounded for another shot
I via walking alone a stretch of rail
way track directly behind the gun.
At that instant I remembered that
several year lefore. when one of tbee
gun wn being tested, the breechlock
bnd blown out. passed through the
bombproof slid killed six olUcer and
men. but I argued with myself tbst tuo
(bunco was Infinitely remote tbst the
hreechlock would be blowu out of the
present guu on tbl discharge at the
very Instnnt I ws lu rauge. but upon
a Miiddcu Impulse I run with all uiy
The gun vs discharged. I looked
round Just lu time to see the bilge
breechlock pas through building ticnr
the one In which I had been at work.
It came up the track, striking and
breaking one of the rll over which I
bad passed. It ricocheted agulnst the
lop of the old granite fort and gluuced
high Into the air. A shower of atones
and debris fell over a wide areas ud
many fragments struck the ground
close to me'.
I walked back to the scene of the oc
cldcnt and found that the window In
the little building where I bad bi-en
lllling inaxliulte shell were completely
riddled with partly burned c Under of
smokeless powder Unit had been blow n
from the gnu
1 once hud another curious expert
eiK-o ut Sandy if.s.k during some trial
or the .Maxim aiKoinntle machine gun.
Among the severe test ti which the
gun was siiIjIccIimI w:ih one Intended to
simulate w hat iniu-ht occur lu making
a lauding upon the seashore, where the
mechanism of the gun might gel filled
with mii nd. The test Is known a the
sand test "
The guii iH-liig te-ti d at the time w
of the kind il-im: black gunpowder
eiirtiidges. for It was before the Intro
duction of HiuoLcle-e powder. There
was so in uctl energy In the recoil of
the barrel Unit a meat deal of snud
could be thrown Into the mechanism
without Interfering with the woiklug
of the gun.
The couiimindliii: oltlcor did liot ar
rive to see Hie gun llred until after the
hoard In charge hud- completed the test
lie then appeared mid demanded that
the tiling should be continued tor bis
benellt. The liinlrmau of the experi
mental ImmM ilciiiuiTcd. saying that
the uiiu had passed through the test
admirably and that It was too bud to
ire It more than was absolutely neces
sary, with Its mechanism tilled with
Miiud. But the commander insisted.
A schooner was approaching near
(he line of tire. The commuiider said
he only wanted to see n few rounds
tired and that the tiring would be coiu-plc-l
before the schooner would come
within range. Accordingly a belt of
:!.'13 1-0111x1 Was Inserted, and the Bring;
begun. After peiiiups fifty rounds were
fired the command whs given "Cea
filing," but the gnu kept right on. It
afterward proved tliut the trigger wa
blocked by sand, so that It was Impos
sible to stop the gun. The schooner
cume lutu range, iiudMhc bullet flew
over and around her.
My assistant, w ho was tiring the gun,,
did his best to work the trigger andi
stop It. It did not occur to hliu on the
Instant to itulimber the gun uud swing.
It round so as to bring the schooner
out of mime. As Hie gun fired ut the
rute of Triii shots a minute Hie nrLng
was till over Inside half a minute.
Fortunately no damage was done.
When the same gnu was uudei'gbing U
sand test ut Annapolis. Md., 1 CSmn
very near being killed by It.
The gun had passed successfully
through ii severe sand test, but tho
officer lu charge wanted to see wheth
er be could put enough sand Into the
gun to stop it. So lie had the gun box
tilled full. The guu fired about 150
rounds uud then stopped. My assistant
threw down the safe- that Is to say,
locked the trigger, so that It could not
be pulled and Iiclmii clearing tho gun
Thlnkhfc; that the guu was safe, I
was Just about to step round lu front
of It. Suddenly It tired n or
more shot so close to tno that my
clothes were seared by tho powder
One of the tests made at Annapolis
wim to Ire a Maxim gun vertically
Into the nlr. We had find a couple of
hundred shots In this manner, when
Hoilitthinn struck very near us. It
then occurred lo tin olllcer In chargo
that what goes up must necessarily
come down. Flrlmr censed, and we
sotibt corer for a few minutes to
a vol.! the Ir.-ub'i' rain - Hudson Maxim
ill Youth's- Coni;r"iloii.
T'.-'.' !,'if ivm edv for wrongs dons i;i
Is to forget th"iu i'.i i'ini.