Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, August 21, 1913, Image 1

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NO. 34
Oats Estimated Seventy
Ave Dushels Per Acre
Wheat 30 Bushels.
C. E. Trink, who ( farming tne
John r'lynn place on Cottonwood, waa
In town Monday and left a aampla of
oata and wheat at thla office. Tba
oats are of the Tree variety and while
tbey do not atand quite aa high aa aome
that have been left here, the grain
aeemt to be bcaTier and the stem more
rank than any oata wo have aeen In
tbia valley. The wbeat la a ap'andld
apeclmen of Blue 8 torn Spring grain,
the heads averaging better than four
Incbaa In length. Mr. Trink eatlmatea
that hla oaU will yield 75 buabcla to
the acre, and the wheat to go tatter
that thirty buabela.
He harrowa bla grain in the Spring
after it atoola and aayt be flnda thla
baa a very bcnificlsl effect. By plant
ing the teeth of the harrow back at an
angle of about 45 degrees the ground
ia looaened without destroying but
very little of the grain. Tbia culti
vates the product and keepa the mole
ture at the top of the ground.
Tentative Dates Are Set
For the First Week In
A County Fair Hoard computed of
Harry Bailey, of Lakeview; 8. B.
Cbandler. of Crooked Creek t" and F.
A. Remington, of Lake baa been ap
pointed by the County Court, o have
charge of the Lake County Fair to be
be Id in Lakeview tbia year. No definite
arrangementa have been made aa yet
but tbe tentative time baa been set
for the first week In October.
A school fair, comprised of agricul
tural exhibit and acbool room work,
will be made a feature of tbe fair, as
will likely a livestock exhibit be
made in connection with the agricul
tural aamplea.
The Board will aoon begin In making
all arrangementa and preparing the
premium lists wbich will be published
in tbe Examiner aa soon aa completed.
While it ia not expected that tbe
School r'air can make any extensive
abowing tbia year, owing to not having
prepared for the work, it la expected
that by beginning at thia fair, which
will be made an annual event there
after, a start can be made In estab
lishing permanent farm demonstration
work by the various school districts
over tbe county.
Great Preparations Being
Made For Event on Labor
In the neighborhood of 300 worth
of prizes will be given away on Mon
day, September 1, when the Irish re
sidents of the county will hold their
annual picnic at the Hog Ranch,
Camaa Prairie. Tlio Picnic will be
held under the auspices of the newly
organized local division of the Ancient
Order of Hibernians, and is open to
the public.
The list of sports and the prizes to
be given to the winners lollows:
Horse Race Excellent Llnkvllle Tree
saddle, rope border stamp, turned.
Horse Race Cowboy Bridle, full Span
ish bit and spotted headstall.
Horse Race Cowboy Bridle, with half
breed bit and spotted headstall.
Horse Race Cowboy spurs, brass plat
ed, with silver-spotted spur leathers.
100 yards dash 15 Jewel Elgin gold
filled wateb, bunting case.
220 yards dash Heavy gold-filled link
watch tob, with aafety chain.
440 yards dash Gold-filled watch fob,
with safety chain.
High Jump Gold-filled watch, 16 sue.
Running long jump Set of diamond
cult buttons, tie holder and scarf pin.
Standing high jump Quadruple silver.
Large Attendance Assured
Corps of Efficient Teachers Em
ployed, and New Branches
Will Be Added
Supt. O. M. Gardner, oi our Lake
view Schools, arrived in Lakeview last
Saturday evening and la busy getting
ready for the opening of school, Thurs
day, Sept 11.
Mr. Gardner on hla trip east has
visited many piacea ot Interest and
haa aecured pictures and souvenirs
wbich will te used In tbe school work
tbia year. He has alao visited many
school buildings ard consulted with
U. M. UAIIDMKll.Cltjt KuiHrlntnilfnt
some of the leading educators In re
gard to school work, snd comes back
to oa with great hopes for tbe success
of the Lakeview schools lor tbe com
ing year.
Our High School building la one of
the best arranged buildinga in Oregon,
for successful high school work. The
Assembly Hall in which tbe High
School Studenta will study la a large
hall seated to hold 600. Tbia room
containa tbe stage wbich ia well ar
ranged for school work, and with ita
piano and other equipment tbe room
ia ideal for study and for entertain
ment work. From this room tbe pupils
will pass to their varioua class rooms
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New Postal Regulations
Afford Better Opportuni
ties for Farmers.
An amendment to the parcel poet
regulations which raised the weight
limit of parcels of fourth-class mail
matter for delivery within the first
and second sones from 11 to 20 pounaa
went into effect August IS.
Following is the text of the amend
ment to the parrel post regulations:
On and after August 15, 1913, the
limit of weight of parcels of lourth
class mail for delivery within the first
and second zones ahall be increased
from 11 pounds to 20 pounds. The rate
of postage on parcels exceeding four
ounces in weight shall bo 5 cents for
the first pound aud 1 cent for each ad
ditional two pounds or fraction there
of when intended for local delivery,
and 5 cents for the first pound and 1
cent for each additional pound or frac
tion thereof when Intended for delivery
at other offices within the first and
second - zones.
The pound ratca of pontage in the
first and second tones are as follows :
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. plsted shaving aet.
Tbe list of events will also include
a Fat Men's race, Fat Women's Race,
Three-legged race and others not fully
decided on. Appropriate prizes will
be given for all.
Darnell's Rand will furnish music
for tbe occasion, snd there will be
apeecbea by several of our prominent
men as well ss singing and recitations.
TboBe who come should not forget
to bring along tbelr lunchee--and the
committee will guarantee to U
very good time.
One Month's Sale Records
Over 95,000 In Town
Fairport, Calif.. Aug. 20. (8peclal)
Tbe present season is eatabliahing
fairport aa the favorite summer place
for Northern California, Nevada and
Eastern and Southern Oregon.. Tbe
Fairport Inn, conceded to ke tbe "nest
hotel in this section of California,
has been filled during the paat two
months. Parties from ban Franclaoo,
Oakland, Sacramento, Reno, Alturas.
Laksview aid every other tributary
point, have enjoyed tbe fishing, boating
and bathing in (loose Lake and at tbe
present time many banting parties
are making tbe place headquarters
taking the trip across the lake in
launches to tbe deer territory.
Several ne bungalowa are tinder
construction at the preaent time and
several others will be built during the
present summer snd f sill. It is report
ed thst over 15,000 worth ot lota have
been disposed of aurlng tbe past month
and that many of these will soon be
improved by mordern business build
ings. Several automobile excursions from
Reno, Alturas and other pointa were
booked for the near future and the
Nevada-Callfornia-Oregon railwav haa
made week end ratea to Fairport and
return from all points along the line
of the road.
A. D. Moran, of, New York City,
principal owner of tbe railroad; Colon
el Hamilton, of tbe aame olace came
in Monday evening with Vice Presi
dent and General Manager T. F. Dam
way bv anecial train making a tour
of Inspection. Mr. Moran and (blonel
Hamilton were pleased with; tbe im
provements shown ail along the line
during tbe paat year. Tbey left Tues
day for Reno.
Me'lvln Vernon Dies Of
Wound From .22 Calibre
A fatal accident occurred at the S.
P. Vernon borne a few miles below
town last Friday afternoon when Mel
vln, their four-year old son was ac
cidentally shot with a .22 calibre rifle.
The gun was in the handa of a brother
a few yeara older than the unfortunate
child when the fatal shot occurred.
Tbe boy stepped into a house to pro
cure tbe gun to shoot a hawk. He waa
followed into the building ty little
Melvin, and apparently upon turning
arounnd the gun waa discharged. Tbe
rifle was loaded with a .22 short cart
ridge and the bullet entered the ab
domen and apparently lodged in tbe
muscles of the back.
The child waa given all medical at
tention possible, but without perman
ent results, as on Sunday night the
remaining threada of life were flitted
out and the little soul took its depar
ture into eternity.
The funeral ceremonies, st which
Rev. A. F. Simmons of Lakeview
officiated, were held Monday afternoon
at four o'clock and the bndy waa inter
red in the cemeterv at New Pine
The sudden ending of child life, such
as in this case, is indeed sad, and the
bereaved family have the sincere sym
pathy ot the entire community.
Successful Convention
Today closes tbe present session of
the Central Oregon Development Lea
gue at Klamath Falls and from all re
ports it waa the most successful con
vention of the League ever held. Many
prominent people from over the atate
were in attendance, and Klamath Falls
had arranged an elaborate program for
tbe entertainment of the delegates.
, Those attending Irom Lakeview
were: County Judge B. Daly, Father
P. P. Kern, F. P. Cronemtller and
family. Deputy Sheriff E. E. Rlnebart
and wife and Mrs. J. E. Norln. . The
attendance from here was .not ss large
as first expected, aa many were detain
ed from going because of the present
bosy season, and various t business
cares wbich kept many people at
Beautiful Array of Home
Grown Flowers Put o',n
Dy bolding a Sweet Pea Fair tbe
Ladies Aid of tbe II. C Charcb Inaug
urated a movement in Lakeview that
sboold be made an annual event. Many
unique and elever designs were used
in displaying tbe sweet peas, and until
sarb an arr iy was msde few people
realized th I so many varietiea of tbe
fragrant rTowers were grown here.
" Tbe blooms snowed hardiness and a
healthy growth, and gave evidence
that local soil and climatie conditions
are very favorable for tbe flowers.
Tbe room wss tastefully decorated
with tbe flowers and festooning, and
it not only made a pleasing sight to
tbe eye but gave forth a most fragrant
In addition to the Sweet Pea exhib
ita varioua booths were installed frotn
wbich candies, fruit punch and cooked
foods were sold. These were well
pstronized and tbe ladies realized from
all a net profit of 1 101. 8.1.
Premiums for tbe sweet peas were
awarded aa follows:
Lavender, first Mrs. W. Bernard;
second. Mrs.j H. O. Kubl. White,
first, Mrs. Stone: second, Mrs. C V7.
Combs. Pink, first. Mrs. W. Bernard:
second. Mrs. R. J. Swift. Red, first,
Mrs. Swift; second. Mrs. Cbas. Arthur.
Purple, first, second, Mrs. 'Stone, Mrs.
Chss. Arthur. Vsrigated, first, Mrs. A.
E. Florence: second Miss Mabel Snell
Ing. Mixed, first Miaa Marie McComba ;
second. Post Twins. Special collec
tion, first, Mrs. H. W. Drenkel; sec
ond.. Mlu Corbett. Special Salmon,
Mrs. Swift 'Special ftfbr blooms to
stem, four blooms to stem, first. Miss
Hszel O'Neill. Special pieces, M. E.
Church, first. Mrs. N. Trscy; Doll
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Committee Appointed To
Devise Means for Eradi
cating: Pests.
Portland. Ore.. Aug. IS (Speoial)
The state authorities hsve recently
launched a movement designed to as
sist in the extermination of jackrab
bits wbich have been on the increase
in Central and Eastern Oregon for
years past. So serious bas the rabbit
pest become that Governor West some
time ago appointed a committee to
take charge of the matter and if pos
aible devise means for the relief of
farmers in the afflicted counties. The
meeting wss attended by State Game
Warden Kinley. State Veterinarian W.
H. Lytic. L. A. Lewis, and Prof. H.
W. Hcnshaw, of Washington D.C.,
chief of the biological survey of J the
deparment ot Agiiculture.
Mr. Henrhaw has made a life study
of animals and bas given particular
attention to the rabbit pest in Austral
ia. He save it as his opinion that the
theory of inoculation has little, if any,
practical value. Game Warden Finley
stated that the value of the rabbit
drive had been demonstrated in East
ern Oregon, between 16,000 and 18, WO
having been killed in three drives. It
is said that the great inorease in the
number of rabbita is due to the killing
off ot the covotes. As the coyote force
diminishes that of the rabbit increases
and at the present time they are caus
ing immense dsmage to crops and
Sulzer Impeached
Governor William Sulzer of New
York was Impeached last wees by the
democratic majority in tbe assembly
of the New York legislature. The
vote, 79 to 45 csme after an all-night
session and after the governor's wife
had made an eleventh hour effort' to
aave him at the risk of sacrificing her
own reputation. He was charged of
having appropriated campaign contri
butions to bis privste use and having
made nnder oath false statement as to
bis campaign receipts.
The governor will resist removal
from office and haa refused to recognize
the Lieutenant Governor as acting
governor. The hearing of the charges
were set for September 18.
Institution To Be General
Ready for Occupancy September
15, Under Supervision of
Dr. and Mrs. Russell
Work waa commenced Monday of
thia week on a large addition to tbe
Henry Newell property on West Street,
occupied by Dr. and Mrs. J. Irving
Russell, which will be osed for hos
pital purposes. The work is in charge
of Contractor I. A. Underwood and it
will be ready for use by September
Tbe institution will be known ss the
Lskeview Genersl Hospital, ana while
it will be under the supervision of Dr.
and Mrs. Russell, the latter of whom
ia a graduate nurse, it will be open to
the other physicians of Lskeview
ahonld they desire its use for their pat
ients. It will be constructed to smply
care fur twelve patients at one time,
and trained nnrses will be provided for
their care. Tbe apartmenta will be
furnished throughout with hospital
furnituret and a modernly equipped
surgery will be installed. The rooms
will be plastered and all the interior
finished in white.
Thia property ia considered a good
location for- - (be "purpose, aa while it
ia near the center of town, it ia far
enough out to insure quiet and rest for
A hospital for Lakeview will certain
ly fill a long felt need, and that it will
justify ia attested by the fact that Dr.
Russell, alone, finds that he haa not
sufficient quarters to csre for bis
patients, and by making it an institu
tion accessible to all local physicians,
it will prove a great public benefit in
Dr. Russell ia to be commended upon
taking tbe initative in the establish
ment of a hospital here, as it will pro
vide a necessary adjunct to the town
and community.
Escapes from Asylum for
Criminal Insane; Caught
In Canada.
Harry K. Thaw, who killed Stanford
White on the night of J une 25, 1906,
eacaped from the hospital for criminal
insane at Matteawan, New York last
Sunday morning. He made the escape
by cleverly laid plans. An automobile
was stationed just outside an
open gate, and Thaw dashing by the
only guard in sight, was speeding
away in the machine before the ex
cited guard had time to grasp the sit
uation. The machine kept at break
neck speed beaded for the Conneticut
state line 80 miles distant.
Once beyond tbe state's boundaries
Thaw is free, only that he be adjudged
insane in the state to which be has
tied. The police of United Statea and
Canada are in pursuit. They do not
seek hlra as an escaped lunaticnor as the
slayer of White, but on a warrant issued
charging him with oonspirlng with
the aged keeper and five men who
managed the asylum delivery. Years
of residence at tbe asylum and repeat
ed declarations by Tbaw that he would
never attempt escape, except by legal
means,.' had .established him as a
"trust;," which aided him In making
his sensatlonsl escape. -; . ,
Thaw's flight was cut short Tuesday
wbei) he was arrested at Quebec, Can
ada. ' He cow facea deportation on the
ground that be is an undesirable lien
and extradition on a warrant charging
him with bribery. The warrant has
already been issued in New York on
the conspiracy charge.
Lakeview Won From New
New Pine Creek In One
sided Score.!
By winning the tall game last Sun
day from the New Pine Creek team,
tbe Lakeview boys have eight games
of this season to their credit. wUh but
tbe loss of om which wi won by
Alturas a coops of Sundays ago.
Tbe score of last Soadsy's game which
was played here was 16 to 2.
Tbe Alturas Tigers will come op
next Sunday on an aeorslon train and
endeavor to give tbe Lakeview nine
tbe second walloptsg. The locals are
planning on making a strong effort to
redeem themselves for losing the last
game, and as a result a warm contest
will ensue. It is expected tbst quite
a number of fans will accompany tbe
visiting team. Tbe train is due here
at 10 30 o'clock and all auto owners
wbo can conveniently do so are re
quested to be at tbe depot at that time
to convey the visitors to the hotel or
otter pieces in town wbere they desire
to go.
Paisley Akin to Lakeview '
In Her Sufferings F r o m
The Elements.
... Chewaacan Press : Paisley and vi
cinity was visited by. a severe tbuqder
and rsin storm, Monday soon. It was
of snort duration but while it lasted
tbe rsin fell In torrenU and some of
tbe crashes of thunder were entirely
too close to be comfortable.
There mast hsve been a cloud burst
in the bills not fsr bsck ot the town,
for soon after the rain ceased the
Cbewaucan ran thlek with mud. Trout
were killed by tbe thousands and many
people gathered along tbe banks and
caught them as they floated past. '
Those not slready dead were floating
on tbe surface gasping for brestb and
it was no trick st sll to rske them out,
either by band or with garden rakes.
It is very probable thst sll tbe trout
of any size which were below the place
where the cloud burst occurred, were
killed. The smaller fish seemed to be
atle to withstand the choking effect
of the mud, aa tbey were seen in tbe
water some time after the laiger onea
had floated down stream.
to exterInate .
the rabbit pest
West Side Farmers Have
Called a Meeting: For
This Purpose.
It is desired that ranchmen meet at
Cottonwood Bridges ranch on the West
Side next Sunday morning for a rabbit
drive. We would like to catch about
150 rabbits. It is also desired .that
several ranchmen bring a fit receptac
le to take home several rabbits each,
some of which are to be turned loose
where rabbits are the most abundant
and also hold several at each ranch to
determine tbe virulence of the disease.
Several ranchmen wbo can spare
time should donate a tew hours this
week with Mr. Arthur in building the
Thia rabbit culture was donated by
the Corvallis Agricultursl College as
a test to determine whether it will be
possible to eradicate the rabbit pest
wbich is prevalent in the State of Ore
gon, i
Weat Side Ranchmen.
County Judge Betttie and County
Commissioner Blair of Clackamas '
County were recalled last week at an ,
election at Oregon City In wtcwPm;tocio
en's votes were said to brdcrWcct Uom h.
prominently. Judge T "' Zl '
ensed of iwsbandli ',"- , ' .. '
EUlr we? wdr Nsxt Job Prlntlnc
liquor on Sf
case on recorc ' '
of county ,?
' . s
' ..