Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, October 10, 1912, Image 8

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We offer the most reliable and satisfactory line of merchan
dise suitable for your needs. If by comparison, you will find
goods of equal quality, sold anywhere for less than we ask
for ours, you are privileged to return our gojds and your
money will be cheerfully refunded to you--THAT'S FAIR.
M t fm rtf r t he latest stvles and fabrics, well built
rien s uvercouis Mio;mKv,v Mu( in;ulo witll niint!lrv
liih collars, would svll a ty where at twenty dollars, v arc tf 1 C ff
otVerim: this season r r VV
Children's and Misses' Goats-rilr
son, sizes G to 10 tats; oats were loimerlv sold form six to twelve
;,;:f;";r,;;t;:'::"::u'l'::':::n;::::' $2.50 to $6.00
Children's "Star Brand School Shoes."
All leather, serviceable school shoes, sizes
f 10 !S ("' $1 25 J A better shoe was never
8!L' to 111l (! $150 - made nor sold at
ll'tolM' $175 ) this price.
for November now
on sale.
for the Delienator
Special 12 Years
tor $2 00 Cash
with order.
jOM to Odteia Right ol Way
For Hghways.
Conceded to be the Best
(tit t. w -s the address Thursday night
by V. i.r-hip on "Getting in trie liame."
Krn av'- session was opened by Supt. j
Aldt-rmn ny talk on "Habits." The
tenche s Ti! given many aids to the
Hieh School Notes
The present enrollment is 31.
I School interest is good and aeveral
I school organizations are tioi effected
I this week.
Benjamin H. Cai Suggaitt Stat Con
..ANAM Da..llUl. ft J - .J !
! ...j-,-.. ...... ...,,,....
tli Method For Handling Till Mot
Important Question,
There n- some- feature connected
v.llli tin- "(iiHid romls" question that
tinvi; nut been presented to tile )iittU
mill considered In tlio light of facta
gained by practical experience- In t tit
tK-lil. Thc apply piirtletilnrly to the
in tnn tlnii f good romls In nmun
talnolis district, audi iin In comprised
within Hint I'i'iiiitiriil and extrusive
scope of country known us tin Houtli-
I'm Appalachian region. The dlllleul
, tll'M tO l.O llll't In attempts to I mi 1 hi
: good highways In this region luive
iiuiiiy hm 1 1 1 1 : i ii i,-H perhaps not gener
:illy understood by the dwellers In
titles nnd In populous funning ills
i trlcts where the topography Is tint or
', only slightly rolling lu character, say
Iteiijauilti H. fuse 111 the Southern Cood
I Cntll the ndvent of the modern high
power touring enr there wnn no pur
! titular demand Unit highway through
; the inoiiiithuis should lie constructed of
ii quality much superior to tho;f tluit
lial been hilxirionsly scratched out n
! century or so ago by the grout grand
! f.-. ttiers of the present tnoiintiiln Inhab
! Hants.
' Of hue strong efforts hnve been put
forth by public spirited eltlens to so
cure t!n Im'tdlng of better highways
; In the mi miii t;i Iiin. but these eii'.irts
, hnve been comined In r:ely to em our
; aging the i u mi ii t :i I n popnhitlon to build
' the roads, mid light there lies the i rux
of the slf ti!'tt'i we eudetivor to unfold
When ii siiim y Is undertaken lo se '
cure a h!-Ji way along light grades with
! proper drainage f.nllith-s the tlrst prop-
cisltloii en i unff -rod by the eniineer Is
tin ;n:.rMi,iei t w ith the stniill l:md own
i el" uh'i ob.e ts to tut 1 1 1 K the fn: lo
ieiited where n-tttire intended it should
I be I :iue. ft perhaps It cleave
jhls little eorn pnieli In twain It Is
Eilers Music House
which is the largest musical
institution on the Coast has
a music store in Lakevicw.
very long at a time, because the call is so
great for good pianos that IT SELLS
THEM. The first carload of Pianos
brought here to Lakevicw is nearly all
sold and have wired for more to meet the
Don't fail to get accpaainted with these in
struments. See them in the Store, in the
Homes, in the High School.
The aim of this firm is to satisfy.
Once a customer ulways a customer.
City Superintendent O. MGardncr of the Lnlte
view Htfih School has bought O pianos of this
firm and has only words of appreciation for
quality, prices and terms.
Prices are very reasonable and terms are made
to suit every one.
! forrriHtion oi" nriiOtT hihit imijiip their i
; . Diimeoti science elapses are doirg
Mrs. Campbell gave an interesting
regular wurk now and the cut look for
Educational Meeting outli, e and t ,U on iwcbwg art in the Krettt results U fine
Ever Held In County I grade c.f all B. ho. l.s. A School Orcheetra has been oran-
i Tre i losing eecsion wan one of the I izf'i arid regular practice will begin
next week.
Tne Bookkeeping clas ia one of the
largest classes in the High School.
There 6 re 30 rr.embers ami the pros
pects are fine for an intereating term.
The High 'ctiool room rms quite a
The Teacher's
; mit ii teresimg ami was attend by a
Institute was con- Hr,e l;UIIlU r f prtrcr at d friends of
tinued Thursday morning by an exer-1 elu atimi.
cise on Language by Assistant Supt.! 'I' fc;. meeting a- a general
Carleton,. lie gave many interest ng
methods of usij;k pictures in story
Mrs. Kulkerson's work on Primary
Reading was closely fo'loued hv all
and 5he showed that her work can be
used by all teachers.
Dr. Winship'a ta k on "Jifncitncy
of Education," showed that teacher
and parents as well as the public rrust
strive for tetter results in their work.
Frof. Dunton explained the work of
High Schools arid outlined his work in
toe Lakeview schools. His talk shows
that be is educated, entnusiatic and
that nothing will be left undone to
make his work here as good as tne
Dr. Uinship on "The Fundamentals
of Educattonnl Proeresp,' gave a num
ber of principals to be followed.
One of the best numbers of the in-
ciM Uimi ot meir.ooa of co-operative
means nt werk
Mrs. (). M
' i DUHtnessiiKe appearance an tnere ar-
ing talk i n Doiiie.tic as bhe r.i r)11IlH(, Br,i ... ,nrIt r-Hfiinfr
i i - i j - f
table, bookkeeping and business
intends to teach it hf re this year. !'s tslk t "H ime Wont of I
Puoiis biii Creiiiis ti Le (liven fui
Same, " nhs He i f lt,e iievt of the
The ' otiifi'iitte on rcMilutions Supt.
IJardner, I'r'f IM'-hi-nls and I'rof.
Uevaul, pr-ff ite i i-oni" ineri ted resi;
I ii t u i! H wMch Vr-:e on.iiori.iiurly adopt
ed. The ' ! r-ir cv, ::ir:j,' af the work were
the talks I y Am- rm-i
which ex'1- llei.t.
A subscription was taken in the High
School to raii-e money for nifijazini
with the result thht almost eleven dol
lars werf sulicKribed. The
will be ordered at once.
The drawing work of the schools was
started this week. U'e are expecting
great results this year although ilraw
. r. VVV
A '. ' ' ' -W.-.: .'... .1.1.
; ': ' "'
and Winship 1 1 g 1 ueen in me course neiore.
' j Teacl.ers .i,d ptplis are delighted with
Alder;na i o 1 public r sprjnsibility lne "o"""
for i-cooi work ami Win-hip uniu.-t' Mrs. J. Bowland, of lleno, placed
criticism! of our schools. i spvral sets of the New Practical lief.
This hns bft-., oi e ii' the. bet-t insti- j t renee Library , in ; our town retcnllv
tutes c c held in the c-unty, Hid all and thee worVi will "be"refer """to
who attende l were great, y be rielitted. 0e in Hf.ho, wurk:ThTy'a7eT7a7
.. ... . ..... . .. . . . . i. i ed as works ot great merit and ot great
j atsi!-tnnce to i:ludentt. Prof. CJaniner
1 will furnish sets to ay who may want
! them.
! 1 he High School leys have clcaiud
' up two rooms upstairs in the ld sr hool
buil liner ami these rooms are to bo ua
I ed as atheletic rooms. A basket ball
: ii,i I. lo iir-th' Unit a good
t !'., nee I ho v:ilue of tils
II . 111., kf it lll'll'l' llfl tO
lop If. " hiiM" p.irt of hi.-i
iiiv:i N pii-c.npied ho will i
j team will be organized and prnotice
i :'-r & V'l -!&Xl
r f . . A
will commence at once.
i It is hoped that the town boys will
,' get up a l ull team to match games
with the High School.
to be equal to any
Beer brewed. Bot
tled and on draught
at all leading saloons
Reno Brewing Co. Inc.
It is reported that a sensational
strike was made last week on the
Dandy property at High Grade. This
adiuins the "Alturas" on the south
east and was recently acquired by H
V. Meloy, of Salt Lake City. The ledge
is said to be htrong, in splendidly solid
formation and characteriaiic ' 'y of
good value. (The prospect was untover
ed practically at the surface. On-closing
a Btrong vein ten feit In width, of al
most aolid quartz, with hanging wall
unreached. Surveys for patent have
been completed and application wi I be
made forthwith.
School districts of the second da-'
cannot, borrow money for the purpose
oiiliquidatirg iiideblei!i,et b rortrarteJ
forJthe;f maintenar ce of the diatrict.
ibjaccordu g to an n i lnr ol tre
attorney-general g'vrr- t. H J '.'
turf, presiaent of the id oil no'ir i t
Bend-' Money can be b'i.'owerl by e
d'Htrict oi lv for m n)j. i i f
clioolhoiirtt,jr 1 l ii.g ii i.ei for lt, ii-iiigpurposes.
fond will
lllo'f hi
ni. I li.'ivo ni t.iiit !i crop to inovu. We
!i . 1. I.oui ter, 1 1 ; 1 1 1 y of Uiese peo
ple tit-sire Improved road mid are will
IliK to 1. 1. 1 u l tin- ihinnii-'t'. nnd i-t'n,lf
they ure nut tin- lnw of eiiuiii-iit do-iii.-'iii
will t-ii-.o c:iri' f the problem, so
tlii' plume of ihi- iiii-l!on Is not liiHiir
tuoii!it:'lili . i!i-rcly vexing. It Is usual
ly tliimiuli small bottom farms of this
kind that tin- ri:nl tan In- i lieiip
I.V ami eUi( ir nU.y oust rti led. but IIicmo
cover I. ill Mimil portlotn of the coun
try to bo traversed by n mountain high
way, timl for Hi t-nit- purposes a road
winding up the mountain sides nnd
through the lilh gaps In what the tour
1st most ill -ii i-s
Willi tin- present lnelliclont nnd mill
tpialed road laws, relit s of pioneer
days, the 1'uml.t ami labor a vhIIhIiIi-are
not siiilliieui to maintain the present
road.-t in passable condition. Iti say
nothing of building new road n the
further opening up of the country require-.
'I he slinlent of the gootl road prob
letu is pii-,.li-( to unilerstand why tlm
mountain roads should be ho l.o lilng In
drainage in rancemont.s. brt if be will
not he how t'l-eipienl ly the owner of the
laud through which It passes lias built
u fem e w it 1 1 a base board resting on
the ground a--, near to the wheel track
ns he fim ret It without the fein-e be
ing Ktrtl'-k by the hub perhapH he will
realize that the road nerve:! the pur
pose of n ditch lo keep the heiivy How
fi'oiu rains oil' the land. And. again,
suppose a ditch Is made u lou f the
bank of the roail and a culvert or
oroHsing i tiii.sirii' le-1 to run o(T the ue
cu niilalei tnui-r. why ahould brush
ami stones be bnnld ill) a'f:i:,it-f the
tilt cbi'i'i e V It...' law 'lowa a
light of way of twet tv feel The road
:'iiii.;. t t ' y , i-'ir oirh ii hU foot
.- i. . ; - be
''ri roads are
f -t wide. In
! "! thi'iild
lO'.V IS It pMH-
Atlopted by tho Annual lns itule of
Teachers which met at Lakeview laxt
Whereas the Lnko County TcachcM
have been in Anntuil Institute iihscin
bleti at LhkevieA for three days and
Whereas the people tf t.akevietv
have given us sin h a hearty welcome
and have rhown so much interest In
our work by attemtirg many of our
There fori be it enlvcd : Tliat we
tender our huarty th inks to the citi
zens of I iikevit w for taking us into
thidr tiotuc.s iintl m . k . r g our stsy plt-r-sant.
Kspuvial y would we remember
the members of the I I.'' who ho
splendidly received tin teii.-her t,n
We Inestlay evenirg
He it further Kesolvv 1 : That we a i
preciate 1 the kin. lne-- of iht! Iru-tces
of the Methodist Church for furni-bing
us a cntnf.irtable rni in in which to hold
our evening ecs-does ami also the k in I
ticss of the School Hoard for giving
over to our use the High School build
ing for our ila si -sions.
Hoit further Hesolved: That we
nr greatly indebted to nut Statu Sup
erintendent. I.. Ii. Alderman, who
through his friendship and interest
made it possible t i h.ivt- Willi US, lit.
A. I-!. Win-hii, t.f tl hton, who haa
given us much food lor thought during
Cos meeting.
Commit lee
O. M. (lardncr,
.1. A. KtchurdH,
A. Heviiul.
"Biff September"
"ltig Hepo in n r" the t-ebdirution
hell lit Kt. Hi I. veil li-rt week 19 HSld
to be the in.' Mic-e-iful publii! g.lth
ering ever held in Vndoc county. One
of the mo-it thrilling un l interesting
Hpi-ctMcles t.f the i-u t Vt . leitotnohile
racing on the dry he I of ir e Uptier
Lake. Miss Nina Mct'onnaughy won
the rude belies auto race in
tuioo with Mi -1.1 Ktlr l t'ollrnan of
Cedarville, nnd K. I!. Van Loan's
Stutz cur catrii d nlf tm-i of the nrizes
in the men's race. Cook and Wright
vi ho gave an exhibition at High tirade,
Lakeview Day, won the rock drilling
i -r,
VV. . . I. .
'S . - if
always lmks irrtty. The
vumiUfi .see in it thai iimio
hut irrtty iiii 'mi s hit nliit
vil. Hut l hv plft iin s ilmi't
si on- the iii.ilily. Yiiii must
si'" I In' h.irness itself to Jmlft'
iifthi.t. ('time he, e iiml tin sit.
Von II xt I the he.iuty you
emi tisK tor n,. .in .issurmiee
of h.irness ii;.;,'" c ,-i.s well.
Food for Babies
should have card u I attention They c.-umot as a
rule digest ordinary cow's milk which has not
received special treatment. In
even the most complicated eases
hIx'o; n
IiiiM ie
t.e . hi
wi- ie.
l-o III
I v. e' VI
e th s.
Mfble lo n'-oii, rl Krone I be ei-t 'i
ii in in fi'" Oi'lrllnln ni i
V. "lis i.yc
eoiiHlstlajf nf pure, rii li. crt milk ami
kflculeil eerealH will lc? f.iiiuil n Miitlsfylug;,
uou-lrrltating, e;is,l,v dit-t. d fionl; lltmly
ptiwdered, nnd ready for i nmn-illiito nso by
the addition ni w alec.
Semi for llnnkb t on feeilinn
mnl free trial mi A.ig,.