Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, February 01, 1912, Image 8

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Printing Must Be Attract
Ive In Order to Ob
tain Good Results
Loving Wife and Mother
Passos On After a
Brief Illness
With the advent of a Railroad in
Lakeview, conditions are changing. Al
ready many of our lines have been re
duced to meet these conditions. Paying
Cash will give you ever advantage.
1 00 lbs Cane
The Royal
We have just receiv
ed a most elaborate
line of woolen samples.
Suits will be made to
j-our individual meas
ure. A fit guaranteed.
Contract Let for Comple
tion of Oregon Eastern
Across the State
One of the most imtxrtant railroad
contracts ever made as far as North
ern Lake Count? it concerned was re
cently signed bv the Oreeon Eastern
Railway with Kiloatrick Brothers, the
well known railroad contractors, for
the completion of the Oreeon Eastern
from Lake Odell or Crescent Post
Office in Northern Klamath County.
cross Klamath into Christmas Lake or !
Peasant Valley near Fremont Post !
Office, tnen eastward throueh the val -
lev and a short distance north the nnat.on candidates, reg.stra
of Fort Rock and on a line to the cen-, tion of voters 8nd 8,1 other thinE8 in
ter of Pleasant Valley, thence east to cident and rUinine to the holdin
the end of that valley, thence throueh of the reSu,ar biennial nominating
he north end of Horse Mountain Val- election, "ball be enforced and effected
ley into Edith Valley, from whence it
will enter Harnev county. The con
tract signed bv Kiloatrick Bros, will
give them the lareest iob ot railroad
construction in the United States at
present as they have the contract to
Davs Mountain in Hrnev county where
their work will meet that being done
bv the Utah Construction Company of
Ogdp.n. who have the contract from
Vale to Davs Mountain. The import
ance of the contract to Lake countv can
be appreciated when it is known that
it will open to transportation directly
with the outside world, an area til ful
ly 600.000 acres of lands that are till
able and adaoted to everv form of
agriculture peculiar to this fertile part
ef the country. The valleys mention
ed until recently were the fartherest
from railroad transportation of any
section of Orceon. but the Oreeon
Trunk being completed to Bend has
brouebt them nearer to the railroad,
and now that the N.-C.-O. Railway is
at Lakeview, thev are in a position
where the manv settlers of that por
tion of the county can be assured of
transportation within the next year or
eo. There are several irrieation pro
jects planned for this part of the
countv. the largest of which is the
Lake Odell Project, which would water
something like 400.000 acres of lands
lvine in theee vallove. thn Silver Lake
Project will also water about thirty
thousand acres, while all of this area
has sufficient rainfall to insure produc
tive croos with the ordinary tillaee. to
sav nothing of "Dry Farming." One
fine feature of the settlement of these
vallevs is that they are close to an
abundance of fuel, good water, school,
stores and manv other evidences of
value. Most of the lands in them can
be taken under the 160 or 320 acre
homestead acts or the desert act and
will prove profitable in either case to
the man who acts quickly and secures
bis land now that a railroad through
them is assured.
Sugar $ 7.50
"Star Brand"
Are made of solid
leather throughout;
styles are the latest;
the lasts comfortable.
The "STAR" on everv
Three Periods This Year,
But Little Interest
Thus Far Shown
Owiner to the presidential election
occurin? in 1912. there will be three
registration periods this vear. The
following, contained in Chanter 5.
Section 2 of the 1911 Session laws of
Oreeon. is self explanatory of this con
dition :
"In the vears when a president and
vice-president of the United States are
to be elected, said Dnmarv nominating
election shall be held on the fortv-fiftb
day before the first Monday in June of
"id year: ,nd " l8WS ""t.inin to
; me name numoer or aavs oeiore me
! first Monday in June that thev were
under the said nominating election law
; immediately before the chanee in the
date of the regular election from the
first Monday in June to the first Tues
day after the first Monday in Novem
ber." j According to the memorandum of
i Election Dates and Laws prepared bv
I the Secretary of the State. Count v
Clerks are authorized to open registra
tion books January '2 and to continue
ooen until April 9, after which time
thev are closed until April 24. this
closed period allowing for the primary
election which will be held on Friday.
'April 19. The books are opened for
registration from April 24 until May 15.
as described in above quotation. The
books are reopened June 4 and continue
so until Oct. 20. before tbe general
election which is set for the 5th day of
November or the first Tuesday after
the first Monday in the month.
While the registration periods are
comparatively long it behooves everv
prospective voter to register at his first
GPLortunitv as this is necessary before
one is entitled to vote at either elec
tion or to sign a candidate's petition,
j Registrations have been somewhat
slow this far. County Cleric Pavne
reporting but 63 registered voters up
to Monday of this week.
Trouble For Burns
The County Court of Harnev has
levied a special tax of three mills for
court house purposes, which act seems
to have aroused the ire of certain tax
pavers. They concede the needs of h
new court house but are of the opinion
that its construction should be delayed
until it is known "where the railroad
is eoine." Burns wanta to take time
bv the forelock and cinch its hold on
the countv seat regardleas of where
the railroad may strike, which it is
generally supposed will be some dis
tance trom that town.
"The Quality Store" g
That the literature to advertise Lake
countv which is to be gotten out bv
the Lakeview Commercial Cluli will
meet with success is assured bv the
promised support of neighboring
towns and commercial organizations.
Secretary Everett has mailed letters
to all neighboring towns ot the countv
and has received word from Silver
Luke to the etTeet that their commer
cial club would P eoge S150 and possibly
more. Return from Valley Falls show
that thev have raised t"5 uo to date.
New Pine Creek has sent in S2f with a
promise of more and Paisley has voiced
her approval of the matter but has not
a aaiciia sil v IIIUI ifr w sad V7l. 1 HIS iliaVK
nut include all the places to be heard
from, and no doubt when all the re
turns have been received it will leave
only a reasonable sum for Lakeview
to subscribe. It would be a great favor
to the secretary of the Lakeview Com
mercial Club if outside places would
advise him their pleasure regarding
this literature.
There is no question about the advan
tage of this nature of advertising over
anv other method as an attractive
booklet renlete with photographs and
short descriptions will command atten
tion, where circular letters and news
paper advertising will not. Lake
oountv is sorely in need of advertis
ing literature containing a con
servative description of the re
sources and possibilities, as everv in
quiry received about this country con
tains a request for literature of this
sort. The results will be obvious and
we hope the Commercia
meet with everv success
this demand.
Plans Are Well Under Way
For Protection Against
Fire In City
Much interest is being taken in the
local fire brigade which is now being
organized. Thirty-eight memters have
signed the petition and the prospect
of several more are in view. The pe
tition will be submitted to the town
council at the next meeting. This body
has already expressed their enthusiasm
in the matter and the petition will no
doubt receive their hearty support.
It is the intention of the promoters of
this laudatle move to ask nothing of
the town other than necessary appara
tus with which to work, nbout three
departments will be organized and
much time will be devoted to drill
practice. The organization wiil be
effected on a club basis and will have
social functions in connection and n
this way public entertainments or
dances can be given which will have a
tendency to keep interest alive and as
sure success of the undertaking. Drills
of the department will be executed at
which it could be arranged to offer a
prize to the division making the Pest
A fire department is a necessary ad
junct to the town of Lakeview and
each citizen owes to himself to give it
everv possible encouragement.
Mr. and Mrs. Mart Hen
derson, of Davis Creek,
Beat It from St. Joe
Davis Creek. Jan. 20. Mr. and Mrs.
Mart Henderson the oldest pioneers 'cf
this vallev. boarded the train for Al
turns Monday. This iB the Hrst time
Mrs. Henderson ever got aboard a car.
She is 84 vears of age. The only ride
that "Uncle Mart." as he is familiar
ly known, ever had was when the road
was completed to Alturas. He rode
from the depot to the river, a distance
of about a mile. Thev have just kept
ahead ot the railroads from St. Joseph.
Mo., crossing the plains ia 1853 and
settled here in Oavis Creek in 1871.
Fire at Prlneville
Fire which broke out in the most
thickly populated district n the night
of Jan. 24, almost totally destroyed
four places of business on Prineville's
main business street with a loss ap
proximately of 25.000. Those who
Buffered loss were: L. Kamstra, jewel
er; F. E. Brosius. saloon; Charles
Fretz. restaurant; A. W. Long, con
fectioner. The fire started either in the
restaurant, or the candy kitchen.
Damage Suit of Porters
Against Goo. Small
Is Dismissed
George H. Small, tho pioneer resi
dent of Northern Lnke County, was
surcersful In a decision of the Supreme
Court handed down on the 23rd Uv of
January. In the two cases of Wesley.
Porter et al. vs. George II. Small and
John C Porter vs. George H. Small,
conv of the opinion in the cases having
iut been received bv W. Lair Thomu
son. attorney for Kir. Small, and thus
ends the first echo of the now famous
litigstion over the waters of Silver
Creek, which is known among the le
gal fraternity as the cane of Hough vs.
Porter. In that case the Circuit Court
for Lake countv decreed to Mr. Small
a prior right to use six hundred and
fifty inches of the water ot Silver
Creek. The heirs of S. A. D. Porter,
deceased, and John C. Porter bv his
I guardian appealed the water suit to the
Supreme Court where the case re
mained for nearly six veara before a
decision was reached, the Supreme
Court then awarding the Purlers a
prior right over Mr. Small and limiting
the water that Small was entitled to
considerable less than six hun 'red
and fifty, inches. Something over a
vear ago the Porters filed two separate
actions against Small for dnmnees ag
gregating $00,000 for having used the
waters of Silver Creek under the de
cree of the lower court until re vernal
thereof bv tho Supreme Court. In the
Circuit Court Mr. Smail'a counsel con
tended that an action for damages
would not lie against a man who did
nothing more than follow the decree of
the Court and Judge Noland so du-
bodies will cided. The Porters appealed to the
in supplying Supreme Court and the case was argu
ed before Oregon's highest judicial
tribunal on the 4th (lav ot January
when Mr. Thompson was in Salem.
The judgment thus handed down bv
the Supreme Court sustains the deci
sion of the Circuit Court for Lake
countv in everv particular, which will
doubtless end the unseeminglv inter
minable litigation over Silver Creek.
Mr. Small is at present in Caifornia.
Sub I act Tn Arrt n nrl
Fine If Car Has Not
a Green Tag
Out of about forty automobiles in
Lakeview up to January 20. but nine
machines have been registered with
Secretary of State Ben W. Olcott.
Preparatory to sending out the lists of
automobiles registered to all the countv
clerks of the state Secretary of State
Olcott is having conies printed which
will be forwarded immediately after
February 1. The entire registration is
sent to each countv clerk to be used
for readv reference in identifying vio
lators of the auto laws and tor other
purposes. Apparently there are some
automobile owner in this who
are subject to arrett and fine because
of non-renewal of their license for the
opening of the present vear. This vear
the color of the tags are green with
black letters for the state and anv
other color or design can bo put down
as bogus. In regard to the enforce
ment of the automobile law of this
state. Secretary Olcott savs:
"The enforcement of the provisions
of the law are vested in the police
officer of anv citv. anv marshal, denutv
marshal or watchman of anv incorpor
ated village, or anv sheriff of anv
countv. or anv constable of anv town
ship, have full power and authority
within the limits of their jurisdiction
to arrest anv person known to rfhen
officer to have violated anv provisions
of the law. and to immediately bring
such offender before anv magistrate
naving lunsuiction as provided in sec
tion 27. All police judgcB or recorders
of any citv or town, or iuHtice of the
peace of the eojntv shall have juris
diction of all violations excepting those
mentioned in section 24. as provided in
section 26.
"Inasmuch, therefore, as the office
of the secretacry of state is not vested
with polioe powers you will readily un
derstand that it is without the provi
sion of that official, or his official fami
ly, to preform other than such duties as
mav be required of him under the pro
visions of this act.
'"All violations of the law should be
promptly reported to the police officers
of vour city whouedutv it is to arrest
the violators and bring them before a
magistrate having iurisdiction under
provisions of this act."
Mrs. Dick Klngslev and son. Maior,
are now visiting in San Francbo. Thev
will make a trip to Southern California
before returning to Lakeview.
Mrs. l ee Emerson died on the morn
ing of Jan. 2Tth. at the family home
10 miles north of Lakevirw. after a
brief Illness, aged 33 vears and 23 duvs.
Deceased was bom Jan. 2. lKT'.l. at
Richmond. Kentucky. Her maiden
name was Mablu Parks. She was mar
ried March 8. 1902. at Hamilton. Mon
tana, and was the mother of four child
ren, the eldest being 9 vears old. three
ot whom survive her. together with her
husband. In eomnanv with her hus
band she immigrated to I.akn county
aomo time since, he taking up a home
stead, unon which thev madn their
home. The funeral toon place from the
Wallace undertaking parlors, at 2
o'clock Friday afternoon, brief religious
service being rendered bv Key. M. T.
Wire, accompanied bv sacred songs
bv the choir of the M. E. church, the
burial leing in the Odd Fellows ceme
tery. Deceased is anuurned because of her
loving disposition, her gentility, meek
ness, purity of character, and those
dualities which make up the life of the
faithful wife, the loving mother, the
true friend.
The undersigned hereby tender their
heartfelt thanks to the mnnv friends
for the manv unsolicited acts of kind
ness rendered on the sad occasion of
the death and burial of our dear de
parted wife and mother, which we will
ever hold In nacred remrmbrance.
Lee Emerson and Children.
Heartily Supports Can
didacy of Thompson,
Snider and Foster
Tiie Chewaucan Press heartilv sup
ports the candidacy of W. Lair Thomp
son and W. II. Snider for State Sena
tor and Sheriff respectively, aa well as
A. J. Foster for Assessor, and rela
tive to their candidacy savs:
W. Lair Thompson, of Lakeview. at
present a member of the state legis-
! lature. is a CBmlidute for htate senator
! from the district formed bv Lake.
Klamath and Crook counties. Mr.
Thompson's record in the legislature ia
a credit to him and to the district
which elected him and for this reason
the Press is for him. first, last and all
the time. It is not exoectod that he
will have anv opposition.
Sheriir Warner Snider is again a
candidate for the office. Thin should
mean his election, for he has been a
thoroughly capable officer. Assessor
Foster has also made good and should
be re-flctte 1 without opposition. The i
Press cares nothing about a man's poli-!
tics; it believes in keeping a good pub
lic servant as long as he does his work
I'ont lnni"l from tirnt iis"
vice-president and general manager ;
W, F. Dunawav. superintendent: M.D.
Hire. asst. sunt. : II. V. McNamara.
traffic! manager ; K. P. Dunbar, auditor:
M. E. Pudden, traveling auditor : W. H.
O'Neil. asBt. traveling munager; Geo.
S. Oliver, cnlef engineer: F. M. I.e
Pert. chief electrician: W. C. Hickev.
suut. bridges and buildings; D. L. Rice,
sunt, steam shovel ; A. Howe, master
mechanic ; C. W. Class la the agent
stationed at Lakeview and W. J Urad
lev has been appointed agent for New
Pine Creek.
The carpenters completed the freight
house and temporary depot at this sta
tion Tuesday of this week and were re
moved to New Pine Creek to begin con
struction of a building at that Place
which is to be an exact duplication of
their house at Davia Creek. Upon
completion of the permanent depot here
the present depot location will be used
for freight offices. The railroad offices
are to he immdiatelv connected bv tele
phone with the up town central office,
which will be a great convenience to
both officials and patrons of the line. A
long distance telephone system willjalso
be established which will enable oae
to sit in their office and tulk to anv
point between here and Including San
Local Agent C. W. Class predicts a
great influx ot peonle to this territory
this season and states that the corres
pondence department is swarnoed with
inguiiics concerning Information re
garding this section.
Walter Over left Monday for Lan-
sing. Mich., where he was called bv the
serious illness of his father. H .
pects to be away about three weeks .ml
during his absence Thos. Barton will
assist in the barber shoo.
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