Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, December 21, 1911, Image 8

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Friday and Saturday
Regular $17.50 JsSiZZJ?;!.
tf-rsr linl. mate fx"
"l'rrt" f tn
anl Sat ..r ...
Regular $20. 00 J'Jt
VTCA'Q cut in the latent. tne
trial v hut to a .-wk HtJr.
Ql f "TQ ." f U. .mar .ir un
Regular $450
and $5.00
? i ' Suit m a de g a f
fnni f.nifv (. J I I 1
cn-wrurrrw ant Hrrxr J III
n f ... .'a .! 1 UU
J'.lttus an-l 1: utter 11
i:r n. if 4- jear?
lualit Store'
1 Merry Christmas To All
How About the Skating
On Ponds There
a b o u t s ?
Debating: Club Proposed
Wtat'a th matter with ti tr.talli
ceot Dorticn of this community that
thev do not orciz and carrr on a
literair society nd debatn club dcr
ir.g the winter cor.tb? Doc't thev
know that such an organization eoall
be mado a rnoet effective t remoter cf
education cot onlv for the school
children, but for the exewnue as well?
The Blinds of those wio attend and
take oirt ia it ei-jrcUef wou! i not
or. It te orofkablv and &iAsar:tlv en
tertained during the ee&ficM thereof,
but the study cf the sut'i-ts that
would come co for diacuiaic would
keeo them emploved to a good pur
pose d'jrine other evening of the
week. For these members who crfer
to write rather than s Dealt it would
give them an occortunitv : for tcos
who like to recite it would eive them
practice : for those who prefer to de
bate it would not onlv rive practice,
bat would inspire and ecccuraee them
t rtfedv and read do on the subjects
coon which thev desired to make a
exxi isaression sii help them to
win the decision for their tide of the
auestioc under discussion. A ivl for all
of tbete its meetings would be ot great
advantage a social gathering that
would be far more pleasant and profit
able tcan spending the evening in
idleness or wore. Teachers in the
citv schools would find such an organ
ization of valuable assistance in their
school work. It would assist in the
mors! uo-gowth of the remmanitv.
and ought to be promoted bv all who
desire advancement and the promotion
of civic pride and good order amongst
the rising generation. Are not these
things worth the serious thought cf
one and all?
A ccocle cf twrarratN in the I at
week's Alturaa Republican illustratts
tfee iiBDortanc cf avoiding cor.tradic
tKtna when one starts out to eiagcrrate.
In pararrsDh ertitlrd "There ixtnn
to t a difference in climate." the Re
tHjMcan calls attention to tre fact
that at Cedarville. in Surrrie Vallev.
onlv 25 miles awav. a man is errierd
in txittcg uo his supplv cf ke f.r
the winter "which was froten to a
rood thickness just tack of C'edarvilie
in the ranvon." which seems to the
Kepublican scribe to be verv remark
able, because, he savs at Alturss thev
have been "enjovinr almost a summer
climate. Even the leaves on acme cf
the trees in Edward's nurerv are Hill
rreen." A truir remarkable climate
tSev mui have at our neighboring
Uwn f Alturas. to be sure. Oreen
trees in mid winter? isn't that won
derful! And just acruoa the divide in
Surprise VaUev thev are puttir.r uo
their w ner's supoiv of ioe!
Our rood neighbor rmrtit have ma le
bis storv ro but tor the fact that in
the adjoinir.g column, on his local page,
appeared the following caraf rath :
"The vounr folks have bcea having
a roodlr sUre cl smumert of late in
skatirr. Sortie cf the ooods near t n
are frozen over so as to make this
! past time pleasant."
Now one of two things must be trw :
either friend SaarM must have
eribtd that last item from the Cedar
viile nacer without credit, or it refers
to local cendit ior.s. It ia "up to him"
to exoia:n. Where dues tte summer
climate cf Alturas come in?
Suicidal Turkey
Chico. (al.- Mrs. r'annie Hovil.tun.
relir.r on the Hell raprh. l.ur miles
mirth 1 t'hiro. mi the N tl roal. is the
p.rcr cf a 'r.l f 1 1 turkr that
ffrm to have suicidal InrlinatUms. Al thirtv sis of the birds have mm
to a tragic end bv wrmitllng pain
trains to run over them. Watch is le
ing heot on the birds for fear that thev
will all dit)lav sign of at-If detroirig
The Southern Pacific tracks run
through the Hell ranrh. Mrs. Hovds
tun and her reiahtxirs have wiIpcsmnI
a number of turkevs flv straight at the
sidea of a pacing train. The blow
Stuns the bird and in falling i drawn
under the train and. of courwe is killed.
The voluntary death of the birus is
the talk of the neighborhood. Moat
bands of turkevs are scarv and stav
awav from moving objects. Last week
tight of the birds loot their lives in
this manner hile the owner of the
fowls and her friends witnessed the
unheard of action of the birds.
What particular fascination a mov-i-g
train seems to have for the turkevs
is a matter hi-h is causing some
serious thinking among those who have
had time to dicu matters educational.
Leo Hazel, the enterprising shoe
maker, has bad a show window built at
the sooth side cf bis store which be is
using to exhitit some of bis wares.
A Merry Christmas and a Happy
New Year to You AIL Thanks
for Past Favors
Lakview Tailoring Co.
Acting: Governor Olcott
Capital Journal : Secretary of State
Olcott is serving a term as acting gov
ernor of Oregon.
He is in this position as an honor
man. a kind of trutr. bv grace cf
Governor West.
In the absence cf the gcvernor from
the state he becomes acting roverr.or
for a week or so.
There is no doubt but that Governor
West will treat his case with ler.iencv.
sndjnrobablv parole him.
There is no danger of Olcott making
a get-aav. or cf the gnvemor having
to bring him in with a Winchester.
Olcott has talents for the ioc and
has done all the usual stunts cf the
governor's office in the past week.
He has given out newspaper inter
views, granted reouuitions ar.d ex
pressed svmoathv for a poor woman
and per babv.
He has visited the convict ca.T.o. ate
a meal with the prisoners, and boosted
the good roads proposition.
Altogether Olcott has upheld the fag
cf ftste. and kect h r.and on the tiller
and cash box.
Earthquake In Mexico
Mexico was badly shsken up on the
l.'.lb. resulting in the loss of many lives J
and the detruction of much uronertv ,
in ail parts of the country. At Mexico:
Citv the ouake caused a panic but did
no considerable damage. It is reported
that President Maderu laughed as be !
stood at a indow of the caoitul watch- j
ing the petole run in fright when the;
earth began to shake.
A $250,000 Orchard Deal
The largest orchard deal 'n the
Rogue River VaUev has just been con
sumated. Dr. K. C. Page has Suld the
famous Suncrest nn-harJ near Talent
to H. R. Camobell-a capitalist with
large property holdings in Milwaukee
and Minneapolis fur a Quarter of a
million dollars. He will probably sub
divide it as it was planted in that view.
The property contains 31.000 trees
covering 461 acres- of w hich 140 acres
in full bearing is said to b the most
perfectly grown block of trees in the
Pacific Northwest. There are also .'IK)
acres of voung pear trees of which 100
acres have peach fillers.
The euuioment of the property is
ideal having a large ranch house,
two barns, packing house, teams and
a toll line of machinery nocemarv for
ill care. The fall work has been car
ried on consistently and the ranch is
now in perfect shape. The location is
one and a half miles from Talent and
the sloping hillsides gives it not only
perfect soil and air drainage but over
looks the valley for miles.
Patterson ranches, now the Suncrest
orchards- have been known for years
among the greatest producers of agri
cultural products in the vallev. As a
fruit ranch the uncreet orchards is
now and will be in the future one cf
the great show places that will com
mand the attention of the public. JAnh
land Record.
In support of our chinis, wc wixli to oiler for your
inspection and conviction ,
Selling. rtBuluf from $(MH to $.S DO evh. now aelllnr at
COST nd many far lll.l.OW COST. Prke now AtW to
$20 00 enih.
An attractive lot ot Women' 5llk Waist art grouped
for tht sale and ou are sure to he pleased.
$0511 Walt S3.9S
4 25 Walt 2.75
3 50 Nalt 2.25
We hIII nettle your npparel problem, satisfying both
Myle and pocket restriction.
5elling regularly from $15.00 to $40.(O, now telling from
$1050 to $21 CO each. Ihcsc suits are positively unparalled
in price.
Readjustment of At.l. price in the Wearing Apparel I V
partment bring these
$10 5 ) Skirt don to SC. SO
M.OO Skirt down to 5.00
7.00 5klrt down to 4.50
Nice large assortment to from. 5a le Price run
from $J 50 up.
Anna M. Neilon
Woman's Outfitter
Lakeview, Oregon
reuuired to tell the number of tuna of raw sugar were contracted for prior
beets sliced, the cost of extracting to Julv 1. and that the sharp rise in
augar and the price paid for the beet, price during the Summer resulted In
Many member of the special com- , lare profits for the refiners.
mittee. of which Representative liar-
wood, of Georgia, ia chairman, have
expressed the belief that all atocka of ""w
Improved Ranches
Wild Land
Town Lots
O.Y.L. Lots and Tracts
Everv piece of proods satisfactory. Some real bar
gains that will please giver and racipient. The
price is no indication of their value.
Military T'.r'ili.
tt.f'i to -17 )
Hank ure seta.
$::.') to $7-1)0
Jewel l
$1.1)0 to .r,
Snlu'1 Sets.
y: z to $'' i
C'uT iSvttoiix. $1 "1 ui
Mat'h :o.x-h. SJ ijji
Silver Sfi'tfibs,
f':.ip) per set
Souvenir Spoons,
f .. up
Uiamowl r.inir,
$1.'1M) tO H 'tDljl)
(,oll I'.ilfjs.
to MOW
Watch J'ol.s.
1 V) to tvW
Moros Slaughtered
Lanoa. Mindanao. P. I.. Dec. 14.
Fortv-two Moro outlaws were killed
here todav in an engagement with a
detachment cf American scouts. There
were no fatalities cn the American
side. The battle occurred in correction
with the campaign for suDPresaing
organized brigandage among the Moros.
The disarmament of the entire Moro
population of Mindanao and Jc!o was
ordered bv the American militury au
thorities three morths ago following a
number of murderous attacks on Americans.
A large number of people were pre
sent last Saturday afternoon at the
Willis Furniture Company's suction
sale. Many articles have been dis
pcfeed of since the sale started, at ex
ceedingly low prices.
Investigates Sugar Rise !
Washington. Dec. 15. An investi-!
gation to determine why the price of
sugar was increased several rents a '
pound last Summer was begun todav 1
bv the House committee appointed to!
investigate sugar conditions. J
Letters were sent to all the cane and 1
beet refineries in the United States!
requiring sworn statements showing
the cost of refining ter vear for the
last five ears. the cost of each con
signment cf raw sugar purchased this
vear. the amount of raw sugar on hand
Julv 1. lyll. and its cost. The amount
cf raw sugar contracted for and not
delivered Julv 1. 1 y 1 1 . with dates of
aeliverv. ai'd the number of pounds ot
refined sugar in stock or owned bv
the refiners Julv 1.
The beet sugar companies aluo arc
Xmas Goods
You will II 111 1 at uur stun' mie
of the Inrst nml tin litest ilis
pl.ivs of HnllilllV liltH tit It
fmiiitj In tuwn, consist litis of-
w.iT iii:s ami i:ii;s
i:i:.ri:i.i:rs. w.rrn urns
watch 1 'II a i:is
MA.nri:i: sin s
Tnll.l.T si.ts, inc.
Inspection Invited
Hall & Reynolds
Drug Company
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