Lake County examiner. (Lakeview, Lake County, Or.) 1880-1915, March 02, 1911, Image 2

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Two Papers for Less than the Price of One
The management lias made arrangements with
wc can j;ive subscribers the advantage of a gigantic
combination otTer for a limited period. Von can get
a Metropolitan evening paper with all the latest
news from all over the world and all the news of
Lake County and vncinity in the EXAMIXER at
a remarkably low price.
THE EYEXIXG TELEGRAM is the best paper
in the state, market reports unexeeled, Saturday
edition contains a magazine and comic section in
B The Portland Evening Telegram $5 per year
The Lake County Examiner J2 per year
TOTAL - - $7
Both papers through this office
if paid in advance for I year,
on or before February 15, 1911
Lakeview Saddlery
A complete lineol
wagon and buggy
harness, whips,
robes, bits, riates,
spurs, quilts, rose
ettes, etc., etc.
If ' I
Everything in the
line of carriage
and horse furnish
ings, ltepairing
by competent
S. F. AHLSTROM - Proprietor
A Complete Record
We haTe made an entire transcript of all Records In Lake
County which In any way, affect Kt al Property fn the county.
We have a complete Record of every Mortgage and tranafer
ever made In Lake County, and ever Deed given.
Errors Found in Titles
In transcribing the record we have found numerous mort
gages recorded Id the Deed ncord and indexed; acid many
deeds are recorded In the Murrtfaue record anil other hooks.
Hundreds of mortgage anil deed are cot indexed at all, and
most difficult to trace up from the records.
We have notations of all these Errors.
Others annot find i h-1 u have put timidreds of dollars
hunting up these errors and we can fully guarantee our work.
Apples Apples Apples
Keeping Qualities
Planted, Irrigated, Sprayed and Cared for
Price $150 per Acre
One-third down, balance $20 per month
No Taxes, No Interest
Tri-State Land Company
Lakeview, Oregon
Wrltofor Booklet and Information
Famine Districts of China Turned Into a Battlefield
iiokim'.s or ii:sim:k ati: i:ayasi. tiii:
f V
- -. I
w . ,
' '.
, . -., .,'-. . ,'1
. ,
' On fourth of Ornou lit how In
th furfHt roKiTTfu. Stmll thl oiin- -
fourth nf ttin rtntn h amnitt(i t i-rr.i.i. hi
niNtiKtitly from WMnhliiKtoiiT Or InI1 ,"tu
th tNt hn uniui'tliiim to Mjf nlmiit iirir'nur-.
It nn niiiniiiiitf i'lmt U tlm
ipii'Hl inn. I kIihII try to tint tha triikt
I(Ipn Into tho f mi of lm."
Potorsbnry:, VvU. What U pral ically rUal war pi alU
in the plague strUkon dUtrh't of M.inelnirla. TliouainN of
unt'iiiployoil iih-ii have tiiriM-l lanlitH anl are toolln- tillages.
t'hln's- troopM :-iit to stop the plundering hae heeii ilefeat
el repeated!).
Now Reciprocity Treaty
Awakens Curiosity as
to Conditions
W lllnm II. Tuft
I mi" m.mIhm mn
I'd imtitli i I '. k nis
Kt mill 1 1 ii MhiVuIvH
t TM lr ill r J.i . il. II In. mniiti
Aflurtll-V inMM'flll IJI-nrHli " "llnl'"'n
I'limitm.hT Ooiixml . trunk II, Mill luni k
Wi rrlnrjtnl Nvr Oi urn.' Von I., M'r''f
rriry I uliTlor I(lrliarl A lililiiKr
rrmry (il Akrli iillur. . . Jdiiik W llunn
cori'ir)r n t'ominiri 'hrli Nrnj"'!
Dlili-I JimiiiK . Clim-ln K.iwm.l Wlilm
Vi'i mlmi WurtliT, 11. K. Vi naiiiii I oiiiinl.auiiii'l
A. H, Hlrlmriln,.
. , I). H. IjiihI I iiiMiiilliiiirf
lor. rniir
nmntf o Hlln
tt.irnry f HHH'ml
pl. I'll In lo liiKirurtlmi
I'lkirr ml Pihh) Cum.
i), . Hiiii(ori
I'hlrl Jimilea
. OhmiiIiI Wnl
. K . Mr n i i n
'I !. M. Mmf
A. M.I fliitU
I.. It. A iirinn
W. H, IHllllOKt
J W. llllT
JoliDmlimi i n r ii v. J r.
I Urn, h. I limnliiTImn
W. I'. Ilnwl.r
I A. W . Uffcriy
ffRKHK cut HT
II. H. Ilrn
K. A. MtHiro
Fixing of Rates Charged IJy Public Service Cor
poratiens Declared lssenlial--Forests Should
Be Held for States--Tarriif Revision Urged
Ortgoulm: "I Hin lesvirw for
WaBblUKtou ton i Lit in nrdnr Hint 1
may stop in Mm m i a tn.v iIhvs to
visit my inrpnl, " nuiii KeDretienta
tivB tlect Lalierly Ln'ore hi (Jnpart
ure. "My teiiu beuins Mmi'li 4 uud 1
e ball opea my otlice t tbe Cxfiitol on
tbat date. I fctiall alio retain c:y
ictUceiu foitliiud. Citizeua of the
BtNt CHllinR oo me, or writine to i e,
either at Portland or WHHi.iny too.
will have mattem in nhicb thny are
interested promptly looked after.
"My brutbei. Albert Latl'erty. for
tbe past to years a clerk iu ttie Port
land pnstoftice, bas resigned and will
act as mv Portland secretary. Walter
L. Farlierahaw, a youoK lawyer of
WasbiuKtou, IJ. C, ladt auinnicr, and
who bas bad mucL exporienre iu de
partaieutal work, will act temporarily
ac my WasbinKton secretary. 1 bad
offered to Carl S. Kelty the position
as ray perraaoeut private scratary
aud hopu'l t") have bini juin me in
to. Tlii is the lsnne tiftween tbe
'htmi l lattt-rt' and the InnrK'nlH.
When the tariff in reduced, and rates
of in tilio eervii'B corenratious are
tlx cl t,j law, the biwh cot of IItIuk
will I e ut an nrl. Then every man
who woria will te able to support i.'s
family and take a vacation ouce a
year tieHider. The pntdio service cor
poratirniH Hhnuld eerve the putdic.
"llomtst'-aders ehould tie treated
mom liberally in this state. 1 shall
aloo try to K''t a law padned rnpurinu
ureater lit erality in the aduilnihtra
tion of tbe homestead la.
"It is aivu my puipoge to nre the
Oepartmeiit of J nut ice to a more
epee ly (in.M'cnt inn of the land (irant
suit now pending, to compel tbe Ore
uon & Califoruiii liailrdad Company
to sell it a remaining Kranted lauds,
amonntinK to mure than 2 (MKI (H)0
Bcies, to actual cettlerH at HUM an
acre, aa required by the ut of L'on
tirecs Diakinir the uratit. 1 think
Washing. ou. Mr. Kelty declined the j Oreon couiim I should l.e added to
appoiutmnat as the salary all 'i e 1 by 1 the n ecial couui-'-l eeut here ly the
j;of pi naienr. 'I be special counsel
liH.MKiiu i to Ihl-i I'hiiH is tliu lierit to be
ha i in Hie cMintrv, but Oregon. Is
mure inteieNled Iu the outcome than
law to a private secretary in ! -hs tbun
Mr. Kelty is now earning iu lih uews
paper wor'i iu Portland.
"My viena pla :e uie with t: in
eiirueutr. Certaiu nieu and groups of any ot tj- rtate.
men have been en joy lui "peclal (lUl I "M il ! ioi - (,f n.'ri i.f pnldic. lauds
lees under the laa.. They hue bri n in tl.i.s s-' -i i- n i uiinrveyed! I
exploiting t e people and ciea'iuu sMill 'ry in ui t the ii 'ii.iy ii rupri
SKolleu fortunes from the enrnli;(in of , ateil tu i'..u,,. Ie tbenn t-unejH. I). -the
'l onimou terd,' To 'nuriie a lew vidup i eut wiull be yieully tai ilitat
of thvhe groups of mm,' m they ed Iheiclij.
would dPinand in Mirromi I mil ' "1 bjnll nl.Hu eiuleacor to Ki t a law
mention the United Slates Meel ( or ' paa-ed iei(iiiiiii tout in the, future
poratiou, the American llartester expenditure id the irriKuiiou tuod
i 'otripan j, the American Tnbacco any utale Hint ban contributed more
Company, the Ameriau Souar llelln than it Iihh received thai I have a pre
ery tbe VVesreru Union Teletirapb fereuce uul il re i nibuieed. Thia would
Company, the expren com pan i-a bud 'wive (Jriui. suiiie Su.bbUO, IXMJ addi
the railruHii coiupau in". jtioual irnyat inn u-onwy wlihiu tbe
"The tarili' shoi Id be reviaed down i next t'w yearn,
ward witli a vengeance and the ratei j "An a t ehould b paaiied eliiniuat
of railroads, telegraph, telephone aud : i'U from the foreet reserves ull lauds
exjie.-)d cumpanies aud other on bl ic subj.-cl to hoineutead eutry. Tbe act
service corporations should be fixed lot l'.X'li, providing that a settler could
by a publio tribunal created by law! lake a claim on agricultural laud
aud baKed on physical vuluat lous. ' with in a torent reaerve, Iiih proved a
T'o prevent these reforms) thnse en- farce, because it as left disrretiuunry
joying special pi ivileuen ' have been with the ioreht officers tr allow or
bending their energies for years. . diesllow such applications, and they
They have contributed to campaign i al ways see tit to disallow tbem on
funds to help eleot Presidents, snua one pietext or another. 1 shall try
tors aud representatives iu Congress. jtJ get a law passed makiug it umnda
Tliey have tiaretofore been able to tory to allow such tilings,
control legislation iu their favor. "Tbe permanent forest reserve
Tbat time ia about passed. 1 hope I question is a big one. 1 lavor having
the uet Congress will prove to tbe
couulry that It baa passed.
"Publio service corporations shouid
have a reasonable return on their In
vestments and everyone is willing
tbe Federal Uoverukuent retain title
to tbe forest reserves, but tbe work
of attending to these lands should be
turned over to loual uieu, and tbe
proceeds from tbe sale of ripe timber
that tbey should have, but when they .aud grazing privileges should go into
charge tbe publio exorbitant rates, the state treasury. In other words,
fhey abould be regulated by law, the forets that are to be permanent
This is what tbe buplio wants aud It should be turuvd over la trust to tbe
is what tbe special interests object states.
Publio Interest in the pending reci
procity treaty with Cauada leudt
Interest to eome figures just prepared
tiy the Iiureaii of Statistic, Depart
ment of Commerce and Labor, flow
ing the trade of the United Hist n
with Canada during a term of years
and (be principal aiticlrs forming the
trade in trie latest avallnhU year,
lull). The total value of Imports
trum, and exports to Canada at de
cennial years sluce IH.'iO is as folio:
Year Imports Kx ports
is;) i 6,i7'.i.riH) i i.rir,uii
1st') "Jit, 572 71il 2,2,t.;:i,!i:i8
is7o :i:i.:i'it.2i7 21,8:12, -y
18S0 M lHS,tt;i UH.4ti.2f7
1S1HI IU2.H77, 40.2H2 1JH
I'.hhi :u :tr.:i.07t ;5.:n:).,J7o
r.ik ir. 12s .110 'ji.V'.fx.f.'i
Of the JO.I.(HMl,(KHl worth of domes
tic merchandise exported to Canada
from the Culled (States in llHO f'Jl,.
(.KMi.lHH) represented tbe value of food
tutrs; f.') ihk),0(KI crude materials fur
use in manufacturing, fvll.UH) 1(H)
iiianiitactnrea tor fmttier uie iu tnau
ufHi'turlug and t'.Mi.lHKl.iHX) n auufsrt
ures ready for roiiHOinptlnii. The
principal articles forming the Imports
from, ami exports to Cauada In our
trade with that country are shiwo Iu
the .icciiinpauyliig lints:
Tie Principal Articles imported
from Cauadt fur the tlcsnl year I'JIO
were as f dlowk :
Hoards, deals and planks, pulp
wood, hides am skins, cal, copper
Igs, ingots, etc., nickel ore and
matte, seeds wood pulp, chemical.
and drugs, fur and fur skins, house
hold D(1 personal effects, shingles,
timber, paper aud tr. aoufactures of,
lobsters, metals, metal compositions,
etc., ashrHtoa breadstutfs other than
wheat, rye and barley.
The principal articles of domestic
production exported tu Canada from
the L'uiled States, for the fiscal yesr ;
I'JIO, were a f.illows: !
Coal, cotton, steel sheets and j
plates, automoblies, coru, horses, j
hnjks, maps, etc., structural iron and i
tteel, furs aud fur skins, bars or rids
of steel, except wire rods, electrical
appliances, wheat, coke, wire,
oranges cotton manufactures, fruits,
other than oiaoges, iron ore, twine
of hemp or other fitters, plows and
cultivators, pipes and fittings, uu
mauf ictured, tobacco cotton seed oil,
pig Iron, lacks aud hlngea, electrical
uiaublneiy, typewriters, boots aud
shoes, lard, naptbas, aud crude min
eral oil.
iMorlsto JuiiIi'fi ,
1 r, a. itlt
; 11. j l ei
1 II. II. It II
(fa. ;
111 ITS Jl'UlLMI. TII1
i'l'ls" Ili'iirv I, Mrniti
Alluiiii r i. V. kuykvuilall
'llltil Hrlislur 0
II Mi'rrjrinsn
II I' ll. lkimp
in r him
1) a. I.AN l OKU! k.
vrihnr W . Orion
'rod r ( roiieniiiier
. Ki'iHIrr
. KiltO
I'rvsNiirrr '.'.','.'.'.
AMMir , , . , "
n IiihiI eujii
'niniiiiulniifirs J
Counlv iv'li ItiaiMH-inr.
il DIt
F tarn
. . W II Mlll.lrr
F. O A liUimm
A.J. Kilr
H H. Jmimn
,. H. A. Ml.lllrll
I a lii nan
K K An.l. r.ns
.11 I'. iUlli.f
rtrr llailcj
V HnelllliS I
J J. II. m
I B. Allien j
I. a. luo I
H. Hnlilur
i air in' r ' "
I'll IIK'lllllSO
, Kfciinlpr
N-rlar . .
lusiu-i 1'nintnllti.uiati
ikIi, atria,.
rldiliural "
.. .. W. II elllRK
.... K. M. Millrr
. .. V. I. HII. IIIIH
I.. . t uul,
i'. K Hr,.r
. . W. K l ainii
. W. I' II. r) lord
... II. w . Iin iikxl
.. M V. K.hart
hmi'iia llialiiarii-ra Inr Hlrani r.
p i 1
KIKHT MHlllllil-f 1 in'iTiTlvsi'r
VIhmiI at lii in iT' iti hiiiK rverjr Mitiday si
I a. in. Mini ? M p. in. Ki m. nth I .!... rirrr
umlar 'Vi'iili at H I -. I rawi M. . iiiik I liura
'Mi : p. in. i ll Irinr. ilii( at 7: o i.
AM Ki.rv w.. in. ...i., i ;., p
nerjrlMxIjr ror.llally ltii il.-l i.. all n H-.-a
M . T. W IHK. I'a.n.r.
'IM HA I'll.-I I III Kill Hh ..VKKIKW
I'ri'Si'liiiis MTviri. al HAM ainl 1 .m p y on
HI ami ir.l Hun. HimkUv h.'Ih...i ai 0 a M
.mil. .r v, i,.ty at f. m n.,,,,,, vming
l'snile'a I al (i l.l ! mi ,,.), M,il..
eray. r M.'. tiiii, al !:.n' M t,.., ,.ri
oiiix. Kvi ry l..,y l,n it, , ,,, m,. ,,,,
KKV. II. eMiril. I'a.n.r.
Reported by tho Lakeview
Abstract and Title
Tie following transfers of property
were recorded duim the week end
ing Feb. 'S.i, 1011 :
U. S. to Otikar .-. (iiiodin, 8J ol
NW i, Lots ;J and I. f Si c. b, I. :it
H.. it. 17 10.
llenjamin lilHhop to A. II. N utile,
Lot 'J:i. lilk. Ill, (). V. I,. Add.. tf-JOd.
U. H. to Win. II. (Jakes. NKJ Set-.
30. T. ::i H. H. VI V..
Kpliriam . Siet to I'. P. Ilixnn,
awi wic. :i, r. 2:1 h., 1:. x v.., $i".
Kihu M. (jHkin tu Win. II. Oakea,
NKJ ri :!U. T. '2.1 N.. K. 'Jl K.. rid.
KirK II. Sumner to O-born A.
Kimptori. Lot . Uik. WH, (). ,V. L.
Add., KU'i NK!-4 hec. 27, T. M H., K.
2. K, il.
Carl A. Aiiska to Laura Hayes, Lot
27. Hlk. 21'.. (J. V. 1.. Add.. rUH).
A. H. Lavis to K. P. Light, Lot 21.
Hlk. 2S1, O. V. L. Add.. 11.
II. W. Drcnkel to ileleu A. Morrill,
Lot IJ. lilk. 7, Urenkel's First AM.,
175 U. V. L. Co. deeds were ttlao
A Hcvt'i'c at tack on Hi.bool .i iiicltul,
CIiiih. It. Alien, of S,lvanli, (01., is
tliun told by Ii 1 111. "Tor more Hum
throe yciira," ho wrIU'H, "I Hiiffcrcd
iiiilcHciibubli) torture from rlii'uma
tlaiii, liver and Htoiuach trouble and
dlHcuMod kidui-yH, All remodicH failed
till I UHcd Lltclrlc liltters, but four
bottles of this wonderful roinccy
cured mo completely." Such reeullu
are common. TImiuhiuuIh bless them
for curing nLoinacli trouble, fenia o
complaintH, kidney illHi.nicrH, hilloiiH
neriri, uud for new health and vigor.
Try the n. Only 50c at A. L. Thorn-ton'a.
I Arilol.H i HI Hi KVKKV M Sl. V MAMH
ml M.'ll.'.llrtlim at Idn'i lili a. In n,;,,,t
whiHil after lli n.-.n, in.n. Hr.-a
i". MD 'Il AM. O'MAI I I- V. h. J.
KIKM- HAl'IlM I lll ln II U ..imikK I aK(
I New I'lnr i r..'.iir. i,n. 1'r.a. htnii Mr
oi-ea al II A M an. I 7 .4, - M n rai li hnri'tay
if ei'. rv urn, ui, Miminv .-. I,,,., i at lu A M
I'rsy. r.rvli'. i7: ln..n Wr.,-..av . v. nln,
it rai li .'... All an- i nr.lily InntcJ In
ilu-inl i he n rtlrr.
. O. ('. W.-I.AKKVHr. ..him,, T 111
M' lii every . r.iii.i n. inurili ' ut
.alii ininiili, in Mi,...,,),, iuii, tkrura
liaa. IiiiiiiIiikx'Ii. ..M. ; Mm loihiiier r
UKIIKKK OK HONOR I.AKK.-llilKK I- . . . r.
Sn. T7. II. nf II., A.o. I . M,-,.. , , ,,,,(
ililnl i liur.y nl i-h. h inul.i',
Hall: Mary I nn. I '. II j I1..11. . ,
i ii . ; out nil) ii.
lliiiwii, H.'.'.inli r.
i.l I
Aiatiii .Is
f I'l'la I'HTV -nlmilHI ni'liili;
Kt lli.wa llall, al 7; i.) i.'i In. k. Irnni 1 1,- , ,
to 1, an. I at 1.1. i.., k lr..,n .,., 1 ,
w'l.ti inli.'r :,. a. K. 1 In n. v. . 1 1
I'tieiiey, K.'i retnry
. O. O. r. I.AKI.V1KW KM 'AMIVMI' M Si, ,
I . O. O. K., liin u II,,. nr,, KI1, ,,,,r, !,,,.,
(lay evi'iiliiK" n i nch in,, mh m u. 1 , n,,M ,
Hail. lakeview. ;. , Aitimr. 1:. I"., a II'', tj, rll,.'.
H K HKK A II I.OIM.K-I.AK'r.Mhv lni,,i m
t2. I.O. O.K., l.Ki'ta tl,u .,, n. I H,,, 1,,'nnh
Krl'lavanl ra, Ii iniiiilh In 1. 1 K.-l .,w a k,i
V.U.; Mrs. M. II. .i.-c'rw.ary ; Mra Al.,
Hu lit. iik, I ruamircr.
View, Ori'Kiill.-.Meets mi 1 uemlny, 1111 nr 1m.
nre lull 111. ml, mill In .1 weeks tlierenlter I'l
IhkiuiIc II nil, kI 7:;in n'l iiM k .
Vlaillug iiieiiil.era are i nr.lliilly Invlieil
) 'OH N M.I A. A. A I hi I N l M
1 OA I'KH V( ll necrelarv
t I''. t 'nun
Al torney at Law
and Nonry Public
I'l KM K-I'ulv Hi, 11, In,
J !). V KNATdlf
L.-tka' V , IV . Ilnviill
OK II :s.-
Allorney ml Law,
llllll VI It 1 1 '',, Siefiily
-hair Hnllilimi
I. and and Law Olilte
Abstraclor ot Titles
Khliil,lli.lii'. li Jjkkevlew, ors
Attorney at Law
oiflce In (). V. L. Oil's l.uildin
Niirv'j anil KnirlnccrlriK
('tty Ktig;tiiet'r
Suite No. 1 Lakeview
Watson filock Oregon
J. L. LYONS, Ii. D. S.
Office In Watson'a Hlock, Lake
view, Oregon
Blirbt Year's erterleiio In Mlohlssa.
'r art natai of I ulverliT of Mleblsso